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#arcane brainrot
jadetea-writing · 17 days ago
I made a mistake and had like *counts fingers* three coffees today, and that doesn't sound like a lot, but i usually avoid caffeine and usually cut my consumption off early (which i didn't)
Re-watched the end scene of episode 6
Vi first notices something is off with Powder bc Powder almost shoots her
There's been some interpretation that Vi is shocked by the kind of violence Powder can enact. I think that's part of it, but I think the real horror is that Vi now realizes how bad Powder's psychosis has become
I originally thought Vi didn't quite realize that Powder was hearing/seeing things (until the "wasn't talking to you moment", anyways), but re-watching Vi's reaction to Jinx asking if she's real:
"Yes, of course. It's me, Vi, your sister."
Makes it sound like Vi has some experience reminding Jinx of who she is (where she is?). Powder called her "Vi" moments before—so why would Vi worry that Powder didn't recognize her?
Unless Powder has a history of "forgetting" people in the moment—in other words, losing touch with reality.
Vi also doesn't seem surprised or confused when Jinx tells the air to shut up—she goes very still, in contrast to Caitlyn's open confusion. I'm on my phone, and idk how to appease the netflix gods into obliging me with a screenshot, but Vi's expression looks…like she's recognizing something familiar and doesn't like it
Vi also acts pretty calm for someone with a minigun pointed at her. That could be bc she knows it takes time to spin up, or that she trusts Powder not to hurt her, but it's possible that Powder has pointed weapons at Vi many times before—during previous episodes or general emotional outbursts
Last, after Powder starts spinning up her gun, Vi doesn't try to grab Powder—she just tries to touch her, gently. It could be a general "hey I'm here for you" comforting touch, but I almost see it as Vi knowing that Powder calms down when (trusted) people touched her—because then she would know those people were real
I got a little sidetracked, but there are some hints that Vi is aware that Powder sometimes sees/hears things that aren't there, however, this could be the first time Vi has seen Powder so deep in psychosis that she doesn't even see Vi
I've read some comments like "Vi is horrified because she's lost her sister" and yeah, I agree with that—but Vi isn't afraid that she's lost Powder to violence. They grew up surrounded by violence, and Vi is smart enough to understand that as much as she tries to protect her sister, Powder would have to dive into that one day.
The thing that horrifies Vi is that she's lost Powder to Powder's own mind
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snailwizards · 17 days ago
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bawdza · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
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Dump as I run away from my responsibilities
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climky · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
I will literally become a better person for this man. 
and that’s asking a lot. 
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piltoverlesbians · 15 days ago
gonna track how many times i watch arcane this week (aka how quickly my mental health is deteriorating)
e1: 5 times / e2: 4 times / e3: 4 times / e4: 7 times / e5: 7 times / e6: 7 times / e7: 2 times / e8: 2 times / e9: 1 time
about 29 hours and 15 min of screen time
now, week 2:
e7: 1 / e8: 2 / e9: 1
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jorviousdoesstuff · 20 hours ago
Literally cannot get arcane off my mind rn.
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trashpocket · 16 days ago
Enforcer? May i report two women who stole my heart 😭💕
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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deadly-flourish · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
You and Vi share a steamy moment...
Fandom: Arcane (League of Legends)
Pairing: Vi x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Smut, mature content, fingering, oral, body worship, swearing, mentions of blood and bruises
Word Count: 3,300~
Notes: It's my first time writing Vi and I haven't written in almost a year so I might be a little rusty! Pardon any grammar mistakes or weird edits because I'm on mobile 😓 Hopefully you enjoy this and if you think I'm doing okay then I might write for her again! I thank you all for taking the time to read this! ❤️
The faint glow of colorful neon from outside slipped through the old, glass-cracked windows of the small house you two had found safety in after a not-so pretty encounter with some goons.
Just a few hours back in the undercity and Vi managed to start a fight with someone and forced you to carry half of her weight through rotting streets and alleyways into some decomposing building before more trouble came your way.
The pink-haired had won the fight and sported a proud smirk she was shamelessly flashing your way, bloodied lips and teeth aimed at your face twisting with concern.
"C'mon! I kicked all that ass and I don't even get a word from you the whole way here?", Vi teased with a light chuckle and a nudge of a bruised elbow against your sore side, hoping to lighten the mood.
You sighed and pushed her elbow away, patting the sore spot on your ribs with a little hiss. "I'm amazed at how little self-control you got. You couldn't go an hour without trying to beat the shit out of someone? Forty minutes? Shit...fifteen minutes, even?", your tone wasn't nice but it had no malice either -- you were just tired and sore and you didn't enjoy seeing her hurt even though you knew she had been through much worse.
Vi pursed her lips, tilted her head in thought and glanced at your illuminated form standing above her as she nursed a bruised jaw. "That was at least, uhm...eight minutes without a fight.", her tongue clicked and she chuckled again and this time managed to pull a slight smile from you.
"A new record…", you laughed and dropped down to sit at her side, both backs against a wall full of abstract grafitti. "Let's aim for double digits next time, yeah?", you grinned and slapped her thigh.
You couldn't see her that well but there was enough light for you to notice Vi glancing down at where you had let your hand rest -- over her thigh.
You noticed the way she bit on her bottom lip and seemed to swallow the air stuck in her throat, her bright blue eyes studying the length of your fingers and arm, distracted by your chest heaving from the slowly dwindling adrenaline, to your jaw and parted lips. She let her eyes linger for a few moments before moving closer with a smirk that made your insides do flips. But this one wasn't like before… It wasn't playful… It felt raw and...dirty…
Maybe you were distracted by her sultry look and didn't mean to, maybe it was on purpose and you wanted to encourage her further but you squeezed her thigh and that was when she pounced…
Vi's lips crashed against yours, hungry and needy and rough and everything you expected from the pink-haired. You felt how she touched your left wrist and heard movement, how the skin of your hand met the cold wall and how the other hand did the same. She was nimble and swift and in a split second had your arms pinned, the weight of her body over your lap, her skin so hot with the salty scent of sweat and the pungent smell of copper.
You wanted to tell her she was hurt and should be careful but her lips were so relentless that all you could do was moan against her needy mouth, ball your hands into fists and surrender yourself to the shape of her lips; to the faint taste of blood on her tongue that made you flush and shiver with each swipe against yours.
Vi pulled away for a short moment, catching her breath and resting warm forehead against yours, the hold on your wrists loosening just enough for you to know that if you wanted to escape, to end this between you two, that you would be able to.
You looked up to find a hesitant Vi with her beautiful blue eyes staring down at you, her head a couple of inches away, chewing on her bottom lip as she waited for certainty from you.
It was cute -- you thought -- how she could be a brute and a hard-head and still seem so timid and almost innocent, something that you don't think she allowed herself to be around the fact she let you see a bit of vulnerability meant a lot to you and filled your chest with courage.
You saw her mouth open as if to say something but quickly close at your amused smile as you leaned forwards and closed the gap between you both with a tender kiss to the scar on her upper lip before drifting downwards to engulf her in a kiss that emboldened her to tighten the grip on your wrists and push herself closer, chest on chest, her body trapping you against the painted bricks.
With her so close you could feel her heart pounding behind thin layers of clothing, feel her hot cheeks, feel the stray pink hairs tickle your face, feel her breath on your skin. She could feel your flushed face radiate warmth, your lashes touch her skin, your heart beating back with a force that drove her to move her palms down your wrists, caressing the flesh until her fingertips met with fabric and you felt her snarl into the kiss.
Vi licked your bottom lip before she pulled away with a huff, hands shooting for the front of your coat, fumbling with the buttons. A small giggle left you and her attention snapped up at you, the smile on your face so adorable she had to kiss you some more, grinning against your lips as the thick coat was pushed off your shoulders.
"You're so fucking cute, you know that? You ever been told that you got the face of an angel?", Vi mumbled between kisses to the side of your jaw, tracing a path down to the side of your neck to lick and suck on. Hands busied themselves with the front of your pants, undoing belts and slipping under a thin shirt, eager to explore your body.
"An angel?", you hummed and closed your eyes to the feeling of marred fingertips caressing the lines of your hips, squeezing them, moving to the skin of your belly. Her mouth worked a mark onto your neck, a nice and purple one, deep enough to last a good while. She smiled proudly at you, hands inching up second by second, pushing shirt up with them, fingers resting below your breasts.
"Gonna make you see heaven, babygirl…", Vi purred with a swipe of her thumbs over the thin layer of cloth that made you gasp lightly. She pulled it down to reveal your chest and you felt the cool air bite at your exposed skin, quickly replaced by the warmth of her palm covering your tits.
You let out a dragged out sigh and bit on your bottom lip, looking down at blue eyes glued to the flesh peeking through her fingers. She seemed so mesmerized, whispering about how soft you were, squishing and running fingers over the hardening peaks, playing with them with a pleased smile.
"Having fun?", you teased, flushed features glowing under the neon lights. Vi smirked up at you and nodded, groping your breast with a little hum, pulling a giggle out of you. Your amusement quickly left when you saw her head dip and felt her lips wrap around your nipple, tongue slipping out to give it a teasing lick, making you squeak.
"Oh, sensitive little thing, aren't you?", Vi hummed against your chest, placing kisses around the hard nub, letting her lips faintly brush against it but not quite giving it the attention you wanted. You could feel yourself pout and a curse bubbling inside your throat but the sound died when her warm and wet mouth took hold of your nipple, sucking, kissing, licking and feeling teeth graze it ever so gently.
You tried to squeeze your legs, feeling yourself growing wet with the doting Vi put on your chest, switching to your other breast, toying with that nipple with her mouth, fingers with the other. A moan slipped past your lips, eyes closing for a moment, the buzzing of the neon outside mixed with your breathing and the pink-haired's hums.
"Vi…", you let out a whine at the slight rocking of her lower-half against your thighs. "Let me touch you…", words fell on deaf ears, her attention on the in-between of your tits, kissing and licking a line down in the direction of your belly, leaving wet kisses where the waistband of your loosened pants started and the bits of warm skin ended.
"...let me touch you…", you repeated, knowing she could hear you just fine but pretended not to. You could see the kind of game she was playing and you really didn't want to give her the satisfaction of begging. Not when she had that stupid smirk on her face, looking up at you as if to challenge.
"Where are 'ya manners?", Vi cooed and slowly pulled your waistband down and with a little bit of wiggling from you, pushed it towards your boots, letting the fabric hang around them. "You that pretty voice of yours if you want something…", she chuckled, mouth latching onto your hipbone, kissing towards the other and then the front of your underwear, eyes watching your reaction.
You chewed on the inside of your cheek, eager for her to continue but prideful enough not to break so easily. She thought it was fun how you tried to act tough, biting and pulling on the thin fabric of your panties, lips curving into a pleased smile when a breath was taken. You stared at her with a blush on your cheeks, pink bathed by the green from a sign that gave you enough light to see she too had a flushed expression...and color on her jawline.
"You sure you can do anything with that sore jaw of yours?", you snorted at the offended look she gave you, teeth releasing the waistband of your underwear. "Wouldn't want you to strain it…", a small laugh left you at her frown, knowing she'd take everything you had said as a challenge.
How the tables had turned…
Though with her warm mouth attaching itself to your right thigh, you weren't sure you really had the upper-hand here. But you liked seeing her so determined to prove you that a sore jaw wouldn't stand in the way of her taking care of you…
Vi kissed and swiped her tongue over your flesh, giving it the attention it had given your neck to get a colorful mark to appear. You ran your fingers through her hair, combing loose strands into place, touching where hair was shorter on the side of her head, caressing over the metal on her ear to the back of her neck. Carefully you pushed a hand under the bright jacket, scratching the skin up to thin hairs and then back down again, trying to give her the hint to ditch that annoying jacket.
"Hmm, didn't ask nicely yet…", the pink-haired grin grinned against your bruised thigh, turning her attention to the other one, kissing towards the thin cloth covering you, fingertips pushing it aside just a little for you to feel her lips so close to your folds.
You held on for a bit longer, still refusing to beg...but when she leaned forwards and pressed her hot tongue against your front, licking you through a thin pair of panties, your brain short-fused and a quiet "please" left your lips. You felt a rumble against your core, heard her chuckle and glance up at you with a shit-eating grin.
"Good girl...wasn't that hard, uh?", Vi teased and pulled away, earning a whine from you. "Patience, babygirl…", she huffed at you, brows furrowed in a stern frown. You closed your mouth, watching her toss the jacket away, sitting in front of you in that sleeveless hoodie, muscular arms covered in dark tattoos glistening from sweat under the neon.
Your eyes studied them for a while, oblivious to the proud smirk on her face. Without hesitation you reached forwards and touched them, giving them a squeeze, caressing up and down, letting your fingertips trace the shape of the gears.
"Like them that much, uh?", Vi spoke up, getting your attention back. "You want me to flex for you, pretty thing?", she smirked at your shy nod and flexed, muscles bulging under your warm palms, fingertips squeezing the meat in pure delight.
"... you're so hot, Vi…", you murmured.
She smiled, "You haven't seen anything. Be a good girl and I'll take this off.", she pointed at the hoodie with her thumb, grinning. "Spread your legs nice and wide and let me have a taste.", her command was laced with hunger and it sent a shiver down your spine, forcing your legs open.
"That easy, uh? Just gotta tell 'ya what to do to get you like this?", her palm cupped your front, tips of slender fingers poking playfully at the wet spot in your panties. Blue eyes studied your face, warm with a blush and a little pout. She gave your lips a peck and lowered herself between your thighs and with a quick glance up at you, pulled your panties down.
"Vi…", you hissed at the feeling of her lips kissing over your warm folds, tongue darting out to push against your clit. Your thighs were pulled over her shoulders, a hand shooting for her head, careful in clutching pink hair as the other slipped under your shirt to toy with your own breasts.
Vi moved her tongue downwards, licking a line towards your dripping cunt and then back up, wrapping lips around the sensitive, pulsating nub that made you squirm and moan. She hummed, the vibrations making your thighs shake.
"Holy shit…", you moaned at the kissing and the licking and the sucking of your clit. It felt so good and overwhelming and made your body feel nice and warm and like your bones were made of goo as if you were melting under her eager mouth.
And dear lord she was eager…
The pink-haired moaned loudly against your pussy, made sounds so obscene they were fitting of a brothel, ate you out with a hunger that made you forget everything around you. Her fingers dug into the meat of your thigh, keeping it open with an almost bossy push when you tried to close your legs. Other hand disappeared between your thighs and you felt her rub circles on your clit while her tongue dipped lower, licking and prodding at your wet cunt, feeling hot breath against it when she growled up at your trembling form.
"Want 'ya to cum all over my tongue and my fingers…I want you to make a mess…", Vi nibbled on your inner-thigh, hard enough to hurt but with her fingertips playing with your clit, the sensations mixed and it felt good as well. "In that order…", she smirked before pressing her mouth back between your legs, licking stripes up and down your pussy, kissing folds, flicking tongue against your clit, attention everywhere and anywhere in a pace so erratic you couldn't predict her actions…
So when the tip of her hot tongue dipped into your dribbling cunt and her fingers started their circular motion on your raw, sensitive button, you threw your head back and let out a dragged out moan.
Vi hummed in pleasure at your fingers pulling on her hair, the moment of pleasure she had been building up washing you over like a wave...and when you thought she'd give you a break to take in some air, her tongue was replaced by a finger, stretching you in such a delicious way you arched your back off the wall and moaned her name.
Her mouth covered your clit and she curled her finger inside of you, fingertip grazing soft walls and she started a slow and rhythmic back and forth that made your juices drip down her hand and had you seeing stars. Vi kissed your clit and watched how your eyes closed tight and your jaw hung open with each labored breath coming out in a faint cloud that dissolved in the cool air. She was proud. She was so proud of herself for making you feel good, making you look like a hot mess…
Another curl from her digit inside of you with her hard-working lips and tongue on your clit and you knew your body wouldn't be able to handle much more. Your thighs squeezed her head in place, a lewd moan left you and you felt your walls squish her slender finger. You heard her moan softly and whisper praise against your gushing, twitching cunt, giving it one last, long and tedious lick.
"Vi, fuck...holy fuck…", you needed a moment to collect yourself, to breathe in some air, to let your body stop shaking all over. Vi watched your chest move up and down with each struggled breath, an arrogant smirk on her face. She touched your lips with her messy fingers and you didn't even need to think about it -- you licked her long finger clean, half-lidded eyes meeting hers hooded by lust.
"Such a good girl…", she caressed your bottom lip and smiled, a foreign tenderness reaching her for a split second. "Let's aim for double digits next time, uh?", Vi snorted and you moved her hand away, pouting like a child but cracking soon after and letting out a soft laugh that made her smile.
"You're horrible and I hate you…", you teased.
Vi cleaned her mouth with the back of her hand and faked a gasp. "You can't hate me after I made you cum…", the pink-haired leaned forwards to rest her chin on your chest, looking up at you.
" make it hard to hate when you look at me like that.", you smiled and she grinned, reaching up to kiss you. You tasted yourself on her tongue and it made your stomach start to heat up again.
"Like what?", Vi kissed your chin.
"You know…", you trailed off, "Like a kid on their birth-name…", your fingers combed through her hair and she hummed against your chin, blue eyes glancing up at yours with a fondness you never thought you would see in the other woman.
"Because I made my girl feel all good? Yeah, I'm happy…", Vi pursed her lips, realizing what she had just said. My girl. So you were her girl…?
"Well…", you could sense she felt a little awkward and tried to avoid your stare. You decided to lighten the mood. For now, at least. Maybe another time you'd ask her if she meant that, if she actually wanted you to be her girl...girlfriend...
"How about I make you feel good too?", you gave her a timid smile, "I remember you saying you'd take this off…?", you pulled on the hoodie and she chuckled, pushing herself back to study your face, still flushed and sweaty but with an eager smile.
"Are you sure about that? Wouldn't want 'ya to strain yourself…", Vi mocked your earlier comment and you snorted, reaching towards her head to give it a rough tug, hearing her moan softly and then hiss, regarding you with a look between pissed, surprised and excited.
"I owe you…", you purred.
Vi bit on her bottom lip when you released her hair and when you palmed her breasts through the hoodie, accepting you wanted to return the favor without much complaint. Though if you thought you'd get away with trying to be in-control, that was a lesson she would be quick to teach you.
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jadetea-writing · 7 days ago
26 Nov 2021
Arcane brainrot - are we still sisters?
"Nothing is ever going to change that"
My pea brain isn't cooperating with me well, but what a tragedy that Vi doesn't know that her words—meant to reassure Powder that Vi will always care about her—are going to be heard as permission by Jinx
Jinx has had a decade of Silco telling her that she's perfect, she's strong, she can do no wrong. Her idea of unconditional love is unconditional permission! Jinx can't tell the difference between "i love you but i need to set this boundary" and rejection.
Like i posted a dumb chat post about Jinx going "challenge accepted!", but really what else would she do? Vi just promised her something, but Jinx doesn't trust Vi, so of course she has to test that promise.
Jinx has trouble telling what's real and what's not—she can't even trust reality, how tf is she going to trust this person who has (in her own perception) betrayed her twice already?
(leaving her as a child, "replacing" her with Cait)
So Jinx puts that love to the test—"you said we're always going to be sisters? Well?? What about now??"
Obviously there are some other motivations in play, and she was probably planning on using Fishbones anyways, but like… this facet of the dinner party got me fucked up
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snailwizards · 14 days ago
so im rewatching arcane episode 5 and the scene where jinx/powder goes back to their old hideout and beats up the boxing thing vi used to practice on? she uses the name "pow" under it even tho 4 letters can fit for "jinx". that makes me even more confident that the whole jinx vs powder thing is even more about insanity vs innocence.
when jinx/powder have those hallucinations, i think powder becomes a manifestation of her guilt and jinx is the resulting coping mechanism. when she's messing with the refined and stabilised hextech crystal and creates a beam of light, she gets flashbacks akin to ptsd; however, my main focus was how she reacted afterwards. the fear terror that brings her to say "It was an accident" is powder trying to absolve herself of the consequences her actions had.
"Powder fell down a well" is distinctly phrased to forfeit any blame. the vague nature of the event creates a swirl of questions—how did powder fall? was she pushed? did she trip?—but none of the questions matter. Jinx as a person is inherently devoid of any feelings of guilt because it was always other people's fault. Jinx didn't kill those enforcers, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jinx didn't ruin the smuggling mission because the Fireflights showed up unexpectedly and she just was doing her job. What stops Jinx in that scene isn't the fact that she was shooting at allies; it's the fact that she thought she found Vi.
Vi, a reminder of her innocence.
Vi, her sister who swore to protect her.
Vi, the person who put the blame of what happened to Vander and their family on her. On Powder.
"Powder fell down a well" is the perfect result of Jinx needing to get rid of any possible threads of guilt tying her to love or vulnerability without blaming anyone's actions because if she blamed someone it would acknowledge that she played a role leading to the well. Powder may have fallen down a well from mysterious reasons, but Powder was the one who went to the well in the first place.
Writing her name as "Pow" instead of "Jinx" proves that she had yet to let go of the subconscious acknowledgement that she was guilty, but "It was a mistake" inherently places the person of action on her and only her. At this point, Jinx doesn't see herself as Jinx. She still sees herself as a kid pretending to be exactly what she was always told to be: a jinx.
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thescreaminghat · 17 days ago
so the hexcore can “learn” and is “alive,” and was created from jayce’s hextech gemstone fusing with viktor’s blood/DNA in a sequence that is juxtaposed with jayce and mel having sex
the hexcore is basically jayce’s and viktor’s baby 
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nuadha-airgeadlamh · 3 days ago
I’m in love with how many scenes in Arcane parallel each other. baby Viktor trying to keep up with his little toy boat rushing down the stream, but he can’t run fast enough and trips; Viktor after experimenting on his leg, putting down his cane and running down the pier, screaming as he keeps up with the boats in the background. Vander making Powder a glass of something with a little straw in it at the bar to cheer her up; Jinx years later going up to the same bar and getting the same glass with the same little straw. Vi leaning her head on Vander, Jinx leaning her head on Silco; Viktor unwittingly saving Jayce from committing suicide, Jayce unwittingly saving Viktor. it’s so good! now this is poetic cinema!
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strawbellyx3 · 3 days ago
Caitlyn: I'm angry with you
Vi: I'm angry with you, too
Caitlyn: Let's give each other some space
Vi: Good idea
Caitlyn: *gets off Vi's lap to sit next to her on the couch, they're still holding hands*
Ekko: Is this a joke?!
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