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Literally what even was this scene:
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✨When the cupcake comes to you ✨😏👌
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can’t work, too much caitvi brainrot
follow if you wanna see more brainrot
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*caitlyn has sent a picture* tap to open💋
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Cause of death: I didn't realize VI holds her hand back
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🕯️🕯️Manifesting bedroom scene parallel in S2🕯️🕯️
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Someone said Vi is too feminine to be a stud and that makes me laugh, because they've clearly forgotten what the term Lesbian means.
Lesbian does not mean man disguising as a woman to fall in love with another woman. Lesbian means woman love woman. She's supposed to have feminine traits. She's female!
This doesn't mean studs with little to no feminine traits aren't lesbians. It just means that it shouldn't be strange at all that a girl acts like, aw geez I don't know, a girl!
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A Piltover’s Finest comic, just in time for Valentine’s Day!
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Caitlyn: *is drowning*
Jinx: I would save her, but who am I to play god?
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🔺Caitlyn x Vi🔺
„man or woman?“ 😏💕
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y'all there must be intergalactic powers holding me back right now from re-watching this show a 3rd time
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Vi: Fuck you.
Cait: Fuck you!
Mel, just wanting to get her work done: JUST FUCK EACHOTHER
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𝘓𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘰𝘳 𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘨 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘢𝘷𝘦🧵
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Vi: I kinda like someone but I'm not sure how tell them, like what if it ruins what we have right now?
Jinx: Rip it off like a bandaid!
Vi: It's Caitlyn
Jinx: Put the bandaid back on!
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Vi: Not trying to brag or anything, but I can wake up without an alarm clock now simply due to my crippling and overwhelming anxiety, so...
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What Makes Us Different
Chapter Twenty
Jinx x Sister!Best-Friend!Reader
Ekko x Reader
Work Count : 4.3k (prob closer to 5k idk)
Chapter Summary: You and Ekko do… things
A/N - This good majority of this chapter is 18+ (NSFt) so like there’s that, it’s not super kinky or anything. Also this is my first time writing smut if any of you laugh at me i will combust. This def got away from me but idc I kinda like it.
Ch. 1
The workshop at the hideout was actually really quiet compared to yours and Jinx’s, even with the tools clanging together and the rhythmic sounds of you sliding the parts of your gun back into place. But that was to be expected considering you and Jinx are constantly blowing things apart. “Do you guys listen to music here? At all?” You ask, turning around and pointing the tool in your hand at the girl who now appears to be working on one of the FIrelight masks.
Because if you’re being honest, the silence was starting to drive you up the wall. You liked the warm comfortable quiet of Silco’s office, the smell of his cigars and the paper he wrote on. You didn’t like this kind of quiet, it’s unfamiliar, even with the kids playing outside with Jinx and the distant chatter of the hideout it was unnerving.
“Uh, there’s a radio over there-” she says, pointing to a crate being used as a side table, and before she can finish her sentence you’re making your way towards it. Picking up the record options and fanning through them before sliding one in and flipping the switch to turn it on. You turn the volume up, not enough to hear outside but definitely enough for the room to be filled with the rock music that you recognized from the bar. Silco let you and Jinx pick the new music for the jukebox yourselves after taking over The Last Drop, more specifically he asked to see the records of music that you two had for yourselves.
You walk back to your place at the table and put your gun back on its holster. You jump up on the table, groaning as you feel the pressure from the moving push up your leg and through your wound. You move your hand to feel for the stitches through the fabric, only to find that you haven’t ripped them like you’d thought earlier. You lay back on the work table closing your eyes as you feel the tools digging into your back, but you couldn’t care less, the pain in your legs becoming exhausting even after the Shimmer you’d taken earlier.
When the door to the workshop slams open you sit up quickly, mostly expecting it to be Jinx coming to tell you something she’s randomly thought about, or show you something cool she’d found outside on the ground, or to come and grab something out of the bag that was now laying haphazardly on the floor under the workshop desk.
What you didn’t expect, however, was for it to be Ekko barging in like a man on a mission. You look over to the girl on the opposite side of the room questioningly and she shrugs her shoulders and stands up, quickly making her way towards the door with what looks like a small knowing smile on her face as Ekko sets his board on the wall, the reaction alone makes your eyebrows come together, what is she smiling about?
The second the door shuts and you and Ekko are alone in the room the only noise is the music and the sound of his footsteps coming towards you before he ungulfs you in a surprisingly gentle hug, considering how intimidating his whole get up could be to the average person.
For the first few seconds of the hug you’re frozen on the spot, you only partially understood why he was hugging you. Yeah, you knew that he’d spent the better part of an entire day looking for you, and you knew that he was a little… worried. But you just didn’t expect this reaction to him seeing you.
When you finally realize that his arms are still wrapped around you you bring your arms up and pull them around his shoulders, the movement being made easier by the fact that you were on the table. His breathing slows down the feeling of your arms settling on his shoulders, but his hold doesn't lax even a little bit, if anything it gets a bit tighter.
“It’s okay, Ekko. ‘M not goin’ anywhere.” You say worriedly. He hasn’t said a word since he’s come in the room and it was kind of freaking you out. Ekko pulls back from the hug and your hands fall into the space between the two of you. He doesn't go far, doesn’t even step back from his place between your thighs as he pulls his mask off, followed by his gloves then finally his jacket, setting the items on the table.
He then proceeds to place both of his hands on the table on the outside of your legs, his head falling as his arms flex with the effort to hold his weight. Your eyes wander to his hair, suddenly distracted by the small rings that sit in his hair. He’s saying something but you don’t really hear it as you bring your hand up to inspect the symbol on one of the rings.
His hand wraps around your wrist softly just as your fingers are about to make contact with the metal “Did you hear anything I just said?” He asks, exasperated. “Uhm… yes? Is that the right answer?” You joke, making eye contact with him as he brings his head up, leaning back on the palm of your hands. “I’m taking that as a no.” He sighs, dropping your wrist and setting his hand back on the table. His arms relax slightly but stay in their place by your legs as he stands up fully.
“Sorry,” but the apology doesn't get very far, it didn't even leave the first word before he interrupts you “It’s fine.” He sighs again. “I- I was just worried, that can’t happen again.” He whispers, pulling you into a second hug, this hug isn’t as long, you don’t even have time to process it before he’s pulling back. This time when he pulls back one of his hands stays at your waist as the other comes back to the table beside your leg.
The warm feeling from when Scar told you Ekko had been looking for you from earlier is back, and it makes a shiver go up your spine as you watch Ekko’s chest rise and fall quickly. Your eyes scan back up to his face to see that his eyes are flickering back and forth from your own eyes then back to your lips and your heart jumps to your throat as you bite your lip, trying not to smile.
“You can, y’know… if ya want.” And that’s all it takes before his lips are on yours. The hand on your waist turns into his arm being wrapped around you as he presses his chest into yours, trying to get as close as possible, trying to feel you as close as he possibly can.
You can feel him trying to slip his tongue into your mouth and you let him, moaning softly as his tongue moves against yours. His lips are soft, incredibly so compared to the way yours are cracked and abused from years of anxious picking and biting.
You fumble to grab his hand that’s still planted on the table, needing something to hold on to to ground yourself as your mouth moves against his. You settle for wrapping your hand around his forearm, nails gently digging into the warm flesh there. His arm that’s wrapped around your waist pulls you impossibly closer, pressing himself into you like you might disappear if he doesn’t hold onto you as tight as he humanly can.
He pulls back, catching his breath as he lets his head fall to your shoulder. Your head falls back as you do the same, your chest burning from the lack of oxygen, “Who taught ya that?” You laugh lightly, you hand on his forearms loosening and falling to his wrist. He chuckles and presses a kiss against your neck, his arm moving from around your waist to settle on your knees so he can continue to plant open mouth kisses against your neck and throat.
“Don’t get too carried away there, our friends are probably wondering what’s taking so long.” You sigh, but don't stop him as he pauses to say “they’ll be fine,” another kiss, “I told ‘em I needed to talk to you.” Another “and Jinx is having so much fun with the kids she’s probably not thinking about anything else.” He laughs against your neck.
“Yeah we’re sure doin’ a lot of talking, aren’t we?” You smile. How this took such an intimate turn is beyond you, but you don’t hate it. He doesn’t answer and instead decides to lay a soft kiss to the hollow of your throat. You tighten your hold on his wrist to bring his hand to your lips, kissing the palm of his hand.
Something in him must’ve snapped because the next thing you know the hand on your knee is on your hip squeezing tightly and the hand that you were previously holding onto is now caressing the side of your neck and pulling you into another kiss. You barely pause for a second before you’re back to it, your tongue diving into his mouth.
Just as he’s about to push his hand under your shirt he pauses “Can I? Please?” He asks, almost desperately. You smile against his mouth “Did you lock the door?” He smiles and gives you a peck on the lips before quickly making his way over to the door and locking it before coming back to his original position in between your legs.
“Now?” He whispers against your mouth, his hands on your hips. “Go for it.” You answer, pressing your lips against his, sucking his bottom lip into your mouth as his hands slide up your shirt, his touches featherlight against you. The muscles of your abdomen twitch at the feeling of his warm hands fanning across your skin.
“Why are your hands so warm?” You ask, pulling back from the kiss to take a breath. “I don’t know, maybe you’re just cold.” He retorts, kissing along your jaw. “Yeah, maybe.” You sigh as he kisses the area just below your ear. “That’s alright, ‘m gonna warm you up, okay?” He whispers against your skin, making heat pool in your stomach. You make a noise of acknowledgement, nodding your head and letting your eyes fall shut as he lifts your shirt over your breasts.
His left hand snakes around to your back, aiming for the clasp on your bra. When he finally gets it undone his hand comes back around to your front, but instead of resting at your side it slides under your loosened bra, cupping your tit and brushing his thumb over your nipple. His other hand falls to your belt, “You’re sure?” He asks sincerely. You nod your head quickly, “Use your words, baby.” He says, pinching your nipple gently between his thumb and forefinger.
“Yes, I’m sure,” you say breathlessly, trying not to moan at the feeling of his fingers fondling you. “So fucking sure.” You say quieter as his hand leaves you to join the other at your waist, working to unbuckle your weapons belt, then moving down to unbuckle it from your thigh. He sets it aside just as your hands come together at your own waist to unbuckle your studded belt, setting it on the table with your other one.
His hands pause on the way to unbutton your pants as you go to pull your shirt and bra off at the same time, made easier by the fact that it was already unclamped. As you’re pulling the clothing over your head and throwing them on the desk his hands travel up your torso, pulling your chest to his face and taking one of your nipples into his mouth, a shocked moan spilling from your lips as he swirls his tongue around the hardened bud before pulling back and leaving a gentle kiss there, a string of spit the only thing still connecting his mouth to you.
Ekko moves his head to your other tit, sucking you into his mouth, toying with your nipple between his teeth. “Ekko,” you start, moaning softly as his tongue flicks over your nipple and bringing your hand up to take the scarf from his neck, interrupting him for just a moment before bringing your hand to the back of his head, gently scratching over his scalp.
He removes his mouth from your nipple and kisses his way up your chest, pausing to suck on your collarbone before making his way to your lips. He kisses you softly as brings his hands back to your pants, unbuttoning them. “Yes?” He asks, finally responding to you moaning his name. “Couch.” You start again, “This table’s starting to hurt my ass.” You mumble against his lips. He smiles and removes his hands from your pants buttons, sliding them around your thighs to lift you up.
You stop him right before he’s about to pick you up “Careful there strong guy, my legs kinda wonky right now.” “What do you mean wonky? What happened?” “Enforcer got a shot off right after I made it back.” “You got shot?!” He questions rather loudly, his face pulling away from yours in shock. “Keep your voice down, hot stuff. Someone might hear you.” You respond, sliding your hands from the back of his head and to the straps on his shoulders, pushing them down his shoulders. “ ‘S not fair that I’m the only one topless, y’know.” You say, looking him in the eyes and biting your lip, not trying all that hard to hide the smile that crosses your face.
Ekko finishes sliding the straps of his overalls down quickly before pulling his shirt off, leaving his chest bare and his lower half with the top of his overalls barely hanging at his waist. He wraps his arm back around your waist, the other hand grabs your uninjured thigh and he lifts you off the table, your bodies pressed together tightly. You wrap your arms around his neck, your lips connecting to his as you’re carried to the couch.
He lays you down on the couch, your head resting against the worn cushions as he settles on the couch between your legs, careful not to put weight on your leg. He pulls away from the kiss to take your boots off, then brings his hands up to the waistband of your pants and pulls them down gently, tugging them from your ankles when they get caught. Your face suddenly gets hot as his eyes scan up your body “Ekko, stop staring and get back up here.” You laugh and not even a second later is Ekko’s face buried in your neck, sucking at the skin there softly. You can feel your panties dampening the longer he stays there and you moan softly into his ear, bringing your hand up to caress the back of his head.
One of your hands slides down his torso and underneath the waistband of his overalls and boxers, wrapping your hand around his now hard length. He lets out a choked sound as your hand strokes him, your thumb collecting the bead of precum that leaks out and spreading it around his tip. You let out a sound of amusement as he tries to stifle his moans, kissing along your jawline. You pull your hand out of his pants and he whimpers, bringing his head back to see why you’ve stopped only to watch you bring your thumb to your lips, sucking the precum off of it before pulling him back down to kiss you.
His tongue dives into your mouth as his hand that isn’t propping him up slides down your abdomen, stopping for a moment to tweak one of your nipples before continuing down to the edge of your panties. He slides his hand past the barrier and dips a finger into your core, just up to the first knuckle, collecting the wetness there before bringing it up to your clit, rubbing slow circles around you.
Your breathing hitches at his movements as you pull back and throw your arm over your eyes, your face heating up at the feeling of his finger inside of you. “Jeez, Ekko, got me all flustered over here.” You laugh lightly before swallowing, moaning as he dips back into you, adding a second finger and going deeper than he had last time, his fingers moving rhythmically against that soft spot inside of you as his palm brushes against your clit.
“C’mon, I wanna see your face.” He says as he leans back slightly, get leverage to hold himself up as he brings his arm that’s propping himself up to grab your hand, removing your arm from over your eyes and lacing his fingers into yours and pressing your hand back into the couch over your head. Your other hand comes to wrap itself around his forearm that’s flexing as he works his fingers inside of you.
“Ekko,” You moan his name quietly “Ekko, ‘m gonna,” “I know- I know, you can let go, cum on my fingers baby.” He interrupts, watching as your eyes glaze over in pleasure just before they fall shut, your eyebrows coming together and you bite your lip, trying to stifle what was probably going to be a relatively loud moan as you gush around his fingers. Your back arches as you come undone underneath him, your nails digging into his arm as your chest heaves and he slowly strokes your walls, coaxing you down from your high.
Once you’ve calmed down you open your eyes and Ekko removes his fingers from you. He doesn’t let go of your hand as he brings his other hand up by your head, your fingers still wrapped around his forearm.
“Ekko, I need you inside me. Right now.” You finally say, making him laugh. His head drops to your chest as his shoulders shake, “I’m so serious, please Ekko, I know you want to.” You’re practically begging at this point, removing your hands from his and wrapping your arms around his neck as he comes up to kiss you.
He plants his knee into the cushion of the couch and brings his hands down to slip your panties off, sliding them down your legs and off your ankles. He pulls back from the kiss to watch the way your folds glisten with your own wetness as he spreads your legs. “Dude you have a crazy staring problem.” You laugh, your head lifting from the couch as you lean up on your elbows, watching his face as he watches you. “Can’t help it, you’re just too pretty.” He says as he pulls his pants and underwear down just enough for his dick to spring out. Heat pools in your stomach at the sudden complement and you can’t do much more than smile.
He places his hands on the backs of your knees and holds you open as he watches himself enter you. It doesn't take you much time at all to adjust to his size considering previous events, but he’s slow at first anyways. Your elbows slip out from under you and your head falls back into the cushions of the couch, going dizzy with pleasure as he pushes inside of you.
“Deeper, Ekko, please go deeper.” And that’s all it takes before he’s leaning over you and his face is buried in your neck, soft moans leaving his lips as he breathes against your skin. His hips move against yours, slowly but surely moving against you. Your hands come up to grasp at the skin on his shoulders and back, letting out heavy moans as his cock strokes deep inside of you, still sensitive from your first orgasm.
You bring your legs up to hook around his back, not caring a about the pain in your thigh as Ekko lifts himself from your neck to kiss at your chest. One of his hands moves down from where he’s propped up and he pushes himself up onto his knee, never taking his cock out of you as he moves back, one of his boots still steady against the floor to use as leverage.
“Wait, I wanna get on top,” you start breathlessly. “Wanna ride you.” You say sitting up and placing you hand on his chest, pushing him back to the other end of the couch so his head and upper shoulders are leaning against the arm of it. The movement makes him slip out of you. “Be careful, you’re gonna rip your stitches.” He warns, placing a hand on your hip as you move on top of him, his other hand wrapped around the base of his cock to steady himself.
His breath hitches as your wetness helps ease the way as you sink down onto him, and he removes his hand from his own length to bring it to your other hip and you fully settle. You rest your hands on his chest, using him as leverage to roll your hips back and forth. He’s hands are gripping your hips tightly as you move on top of him, definitely going to leave bruises in their wake, not that you care.
You’re moaning his name like a mantra as you slide forward, one hand still on his chest, fingernails digging into his skin, and the other coming forward to dig into the fabric of the couch beside his head. Ekko’s hands slide up your body, leaving your hips to feel up your chest before one of them comes back down to play with your clit.
A choked sound leaves your throat as he rubs circles around you for the second time, your eyes falling shut and your hands digging harder into his chest. He hisses at the feeling and you loosen your grip on him “Sorry, sorry I di-”. He shushes you as his hand leaves your breast to lay at your waist. “Its’s alright, I know.” He says and you lean down, burrying your face in his neck. You can feel a familiar burn in your lower abdomen as he continues to circle your clit.
He can feel you tighten around him and and he eggs you on, trying to bring you to your second orgasm.“You gonna cum again, baby? Gonna cum on my dick? Huh?” He taunts, “C’mon, you can do it, I know you can.” He says softly, the hand on your waist coming up to your cheek, pulling you into a deep kiss as the coil in your lower belly snaps. Your hands move quickly to his shoulders, nails digging into his skin harshly as you come for the second time, his hand moving away from your clit to flatten against your back, holding you closely as you come down from your high, your body shaking from the slight overstimulation.
As soon as you get your bearing you realize that he still hasn’t come, so you pull back from the kiss and sit up, your chest heaving. “Where are you going?” You don’t answer as you adjust yourself, letting him slip out of you and moving back slightly to sit on his thighs. You wrap your hand around him slowly, watching as more precum dribbles out of his tip. Collecting spit in your mouth you let it slowly drip from your lips and into his cock, stroking him slowly.
Your hand collects the precum and spit as you move your hand, making your movements even more fluid as his his hand come to rest gently on your thighs. You bite your lip and look at him through your eyelashes before pressing your thumb firmly along the prominent vein on the underside of his cock, watching as his eyes fall half closed and his breathing stutters.
Your movements continue as you move back and lean forward, his hands slipping from your thighs and find place in the back of your head, gripping your hair softly as you wrap your lips around him. You suck his tip into your mouth, keeping them there as you stroke him slowly, tighten your grip around his cock when his hips stutter and more precum drips into your mouth. “Shit, I’m gonna cum.” He moans, attempting to pull you off of him by wrapping his hand around your braid.
You remove your hand from him and take him deeper into your mouth at the words, his tip hitting the base of your throat as you ignore your gag reflex. You move your hand up his torso to feel his abs flex against your fingers. He spills into your mouth and you slowly bob your head, coaxing him through his orgasm. He finally pulls you off when he’s had enough, bringing you to him for another kiss, tasting himself on your lips.
You stand up together and pull your underwear and pants on and button them. Ekko had already tucked himself away and pulled his shirt back on by the time you sat back down to pull your boots on. Your leg aches but you don’t care as you walk up to Ekko and pull him into a kiss.
He smiles against your lips as his hands come up to cup your breasts. “Perv.” You laugh as you pull back from the kiss. “Am not.” He whispers against your mouth, pecking you one more time before letting you go to put your shirt and bra back on. You walk over to the sink and wash your hands before remembering what you’d come here for.
“Oh shit!” You say as you move over to the desk where the bag resides underneath. “What? You okay?” Ekko asks rushing over to you and you look up at him, momentarily confused as you stand up and show him the bag in your hand. “Yeah, I just forgot to show you what me and Jinx picked up in Piltover. This stuff is for the cold, the little trinkets and things we picked up are for the small ones.” You say excitedly, setting it on the table and opening it.
You pull out the trinkets and the art supplies, along with the bandages and medicine that you’d brought, setting everything on the table before looking over at Ekko, bringing your hand up to your lower lip anxiously without thinking. Before you know it you’re being pulled into his chest, his arms caging you against his body.
You rest your hands on his back and wait for him to pull away, curious about the sudden reaction. When he finally backs away he picks up one of the small gadgets on the table, eyeing it before setting it back down. “Thank you, the kids are really gonna like this stuff.” He whispers.
“Speaking of the kids, Jinx is probably wondering what the fuck is going on by now.” You laugh, picking up the now empty bookbag and throwing it on then putting both of your belts back on and straightening out your shirt, trying to make it seem like you hadn’t just got fucked on the Firelight’s workshop couch because wow that would be an crazy conversation. It’s not like it’ll work though, Jinx has a crazy way of knowing things, or maybe you’re just so obvious to her. Either way she’s probably gonna know.
You make a guilty face as you look at Ekko’s shoulders, the parts that aren’t covered by his tank top have nail marks embedded in them. “Sorry about that.” You say, picking up your hand and grazing a finger over the marks, but then you smile, bringing your bottom lip between your teeth at the thought of his friends seeing him with your nail marks on him. “What’s so funny?” He asks suspiciously.
“Nothin’, swear.” You say pulling your hand back, “‘Nothin’ my ass.” He says smiling. “So… are you my boyfriend now, or what?” You ask boredly, because obviously he likes you and you like him, regardless of what the label is. “I was gonna ask you that.” He groans, “You were gonna ask me if I’m your boyfriend now?” You ask jokingly. “You know what I meant.” He deadpans. “Yeah, sure.”
“Anyways, I need to go before Silco sends a search party this way, me and Jinx have been here for like two and a half hours and after yesterday's party he might actually lose it if we don’t make it back soon.” You say, pecking him on the lips as you make your way towards the door. “Wait.” He says, as he grabs your hand and pulls you back to him. He pulls you against his chest and holds your face in his hands, pulling you into a deep kiss. “I know you’re not gonna let us take you and Jinx home, so be safe on your way back.” He says as he pulls back. “I know you guys are gonna follow us there. No need to act like you’re not.
“Whatever, get outta here.” He says smiling and rolling his eyes and pushing you towards that door.
You find Jinx and start making your way towards the exit of the hideout, being led through the tunnels by the Firelight who was on watch duty. They escort you out safely before shutting the exit and you and Jinx make your way home. “So, what’s you guys spend forty-five minutes talkin’ about?” Jinx asks, a knowing smile on her face.
“Jinx, don’t start.” You respond trying not to smile. “Knew it.” She says quickly, dodging the bag that you swing off your shoulder and at her. “Don’t act like you weren't practically groping Scar when they were taking us to Piltover yesterday.” “Was not!” “Yeah, okay.” You laugh.
“Is that why you’re walkin’ all funny?” She asks, feigning innocence. “I’ll have you know that I was shot, thank you very much.” You respond, remembering that you’d never actually told her. “Shot?!” “That’s what I said.” “Did ya see who it was?” “Jinx, we're not going on a revenge mission to kill one Enforcer.” “Why not?” She grumbles, folding her arms over her chest. “Because next time we go over there, we’re takin’ out the first group we see.” She unfolds her arms and smiles, knocking her shoulder against your lazily.
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yourfriendlygaymer · 3 months ago
Now that I know Caitlyn is canonically a Seraphine fan, imagine her dragging Vi to a K/DA x Seraphine concert and then learning that Vi met Akali once because Akali is friends with Ekko.
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Okay okay hear me out: Vi with Scorpia's Princess Prom dress!
Tumblr media
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