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Things you do for Sevika that she loves
(*¯ ³¯*)♡
Tumblr media
After a long day making rounds for Silco, Sev is pretty beat. She opens the front door to her hole-in-the-wall apartment and trudges in, her boots lightly dragging on the wooden floorboards. Her right hand tugs at her red cape, the buttons proving to be too much of a task to complete at this moment. Any resistance is met with a huff and a harder tug, resulting in buttons shooting towards the floor. A problem for later. Further trudging leads her to you, normally sitting on the couch at this time of night.
She plucks the book from your hands and throws it in a general direction. Another item to be picked up with the buttons later on. You complain but only lightly because by now you have learned it isn’t worth telling her different. She manages to kick her boots off and without making it fully around the couch, she falls on top of you. The sudden weight leaves you a little breathless but you’re quick to embrace her, undo her pony tail, and massage her head. She nuzzles her head deeper into you if possible, a thank you mumbled into your skin.
This can last for a while and you never seem to mind helping her relax. If she does manage to pull herself up into a sitting position, you follow her lead. Your hands make quick work of her shirt, throwing yet another item on the ground. “I know what you want but love I’m too tired” Your fingers immediately begin to massage the area where her metal left arm meets skin and muscle. This usually emits a light moan from her because the area can get so sore and tender after prolonged use. Sometimes you’ll stand behind her and run your hands over her neck. The back yes, but also the front which she seems to love more. Her fall plops onto the soft couch and your hands being rubbing the area. This can lead to her actually falling asleep, but on occasion she will keep her eyes open because the view she gets is quite pleasing (the tatas).
If Sev knew how to find the words, she would let you know how much she appreciates being taken care of in this way. But until that day, it’s kinder looks than she gives most people and soft kisses and on occasion an all nighter of her making an absolute mess of you.
Letting her do your hair:
You would never have guessed this was something she loved but it was. On the rare days that you both find a gap of time unfilled with work, you spend it practically twisted around one another. No not that way. Not always anyway. But the thing she loved to was play with your hair. Not just brushing her fingers through it but actually making a hairstyle.
It started with her randomly asking how to braid hair. Why she asked, she wouldn’t tell you but you continued on explaining how to do it. You proceeded to show her which led to her trying it out. You held your breath as she gathered the hair, admittedly afraid she might ‘man handle’ it and hurt your scalp. Instead, you watched in the nearby mirror as she gently tried to apply what you taught her. After a few minutes you realized that she was so deathly afraid of hurting you, she was almost too gentle and made a rather loose braid. Your giggle broke her focus and you informed her that even you were a little harsher with your hair.
After a while though, Sev became quite good at turning your hair into something that even you would have struggled to do alone. One day, whilst figuring out how to make hair flowers, you prodded her on why she liked doing this sort of thing. She never seemed the type to bother considering her own hair was short and thrown into a pony tail day in day out. Without missing a beat, she replied.
“It’s you.”
That answer alone was enough to make your cheeks flush and belly erupt with butterflies, but it was still vague.
“Go on…” you pushed. She chuckled, her eyes never leaving your hair.
“I’ve watched you do your hair countless times and that alone was soothing but I’ve always wanted to try it myself. Now, I find that doing your hair is soothing and I get to look at you the whole time.”
Man oh man was that a straight arrow to the heart. You almost want to squeal in delight. Your hands gently touch hers, signaling to pause briefly as you stand up and give her a kiss. If you knew any better you would almost say she was surprised to receive affection for her response. Her arms wrap around you, a smile plastered on her face as she stares at you.
Fucking her:
Yea. Obviously. The woman knows what she likes and before you, there were regular visits to the brothel. It was a physical way of venting frustrations that the day had built up.
On the nights when Sev wasn’t overly tired and barely making it through the door, she was opening the door quietly. Something assumed to be impossible because the place wasn’t exactly in top-notch shape, yet she managed to do it. You could be found in various parts of the apartment either cooking, doodling, reading, etc. Perhaps you should’ve known better than to let your guard down (this was Zaun afterall) but after some time, you chose to let your guard down because there was always a 50% chance she was going to grab you up and head to the bedroom and you knew it.
She would take her boots off at the door, gently lay her cape on the couch, and make her way over to you. One fowl swoop and you where off the ground and soon being thrown onto the bed. Bouts of giggles and greetings are quickly cut short as her mouth meets yours, a hunger quickly growing in both your bodies. (Any resistance shown would immediately halt things, and she never minded holding you for a change to talk about what might be keeping you down).
These nights usually went on for a while, she has quite a lot of frustration, moans bouncing off the walls and wafting into the night air. Once satisfied on both sides, she’d pull you close, her lips pressing soft kisses to whatever part of you was near. The silence of the night now filled with soft whispers of love and devotion. You had helped to break down her walls and give her vulnerability stretch after being caged in for so long. Knowing this meant your being extra sincere in the reassuring words you told her. And while it was normally tough to receive verbal praise from her for such a thing, in this moment she was quick to say thank you and bask in the warmth of your love.
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Soft mornings in Zaun
Silco x gn!reader (SFW)
A/N: None!
It was always warm in his overly plush bed. He had the kind of mattress that made you want to sink through the floor at the best of times that was chased with a monster of a back ache in the mornings. ‘How the hell does he rest in this thing’ you question to yourself. A feather light touch on your wrist brings you back to the reality of the dreary, smog thick air of a zaun morning. Or really time in zaun if you think about it. 
“What rattles around in that mind of yours, Lovely?” 
You tilt your head away from the crook of his neck in order to get a better look at his tired mixed eyes. His left eye- forced to be eternally observant of the world around him, while the right is offered the luxury of choice.  That never changes the fact that he chooses sight over ignorance to the life he’s cultivated for himself. 
“Nothing, ‘m just tired still,” you mumble. “Why do you ask?”
“Because I can hear the cogs spinning from here,” he whispers teasingly as he works his hand up your arm to cradle your body closer to his. Warmth spreads through your skin as he pulls the silken sheets over your shoulders from when you had wiggled them off in the night. He gets himself comfortable once more, then pulls you impossibly close. You can feel his warm breath float past your ear, “and avoidance is not becoming on you first thing in the morning Dove.”
You glance up to him as you breathe a sigh. “Nothing is wrong. Can’t someone enjoy being in the arms of their partner?” you chuckle, a dopey smile to accompany it. Silco echos your sigh with a bit more force for dramatic effect, then returns to you a smile so soft that most would consider him to be incapable of knowing, much less expressing. Your light laughter bubbles as he presses a peck to your forehead. If someone had told you that you would one day be giggling in the arms of the king of Zaun as a child, you rightfully would have assumed them drunk, but life has a way of surprising. 
You truly do bring out the impossible in him.
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j-art-2d2 · a day ago
possible jinx x reader fic prompt ? should i continue or what pls lmk
okok here it goes
the day you realized you were drowning isn’t actually the day you realized you were drowning. it was the day that you realized that maybe someone like you and someone like her were meant to crash into each other. that maybe the line that separated you from her wasn’t as bold as you first expected. that maybe you weren’t even drowning in the first place. that the water filling your gut was actually butterflies. and in all reality you’re not sinking, you’re floating, being enveloped in a sea of blue.
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Between Sleep (Oneshot)
Tumblr media
Had that fluff-Friday feel going for me today, so here. Some unapologetic sleepy, secretary-simping, fluff that warmed my own heart and made me tired, ENJOY!
Be it a reality or a figment of the brain’s tired imagination, at the very least, you knew you wouldn't get fired for this. 
Silco's permission had been groggy, but a product of reality, that much had been certain - from his voice underlined in exhaustion, and in your hearing, impacted by similar tiredness - but it had been coherent enough that you didn't immediately fear repercussions. 
And so with that, you promptly grabbed Silco's coat from its nearby hanger, cared naught for causing wrinkles as you swung it over your shoulders, pulled tight for warmth, and flopped face-down onto the couch. 
"Aren't you in charge of the Underground?" A questioning hum, more like a grunt than anything elegant sounded. You decided to turn your head from where it was buried in the couch to repeat the question into the open air, where it could be heard. "If you're in charge, can't order someone else to do the paperwork?" 
"Why do you think I hired you?" 
“...My good looks?" 
You imagined the sound Silco made would've been a laugh at any other time. But after several hours tolling at papers, drafts, treaties, ledgers and those damn reports, without break, it sounded more like a croak. 
"I hired you for your brain, actually... however, I fear it will be overtaxed and be rendered fairly useless if I dare suggest we continue, and then where would you be?" Eyelids heavy, you watched through slits as Silco stood in his long sleeved shirt - tie and vest long since discarded as the night dragged on. Visibly wincing as he raised his arm overhead with a stretch, the sounds his back made were just as concerning for you, as they were a cathartic-release for him, if Silco's relieved, albeit trembling sigh was anything to go by. 
Then he glanced at your direction, and his eyes softened. 
Perhaps you were even more tired than you thought - Silco, softening at the sight of you. Laughable. 
"You look concerned."
“And you look ready to pass-on from this world. Rest isn’t only for the wicked, you know.”
You hum in response, not overly impressed at the rather unnecessary metaphors at this time,as your eyes blinked slowly and shallowly. And long enough that, when your heavy-eyes finally cracked back open, Silco was right in front of you - elbow propped on a knee, fist beneath chin as he studied you, and came to a surprisingly thoughtful, and extremely obvious conclusion, “You’re exhausted. You can sleep, I can be...” A flicker of green and red goes over to his coat of red, black and gold, draped over your body. “... accommodating, this one time.”
“It’s appreciated,” You mumble around a yawn, embarrassed enough to try and hide it within the couch-cushion beneath your face. Judging by the way his breath catches on the following exhale, in a suspiciously humored-fashion, you imagine you’re unsuccessful in the attempt. “Doubt you’re any better...”
“No, but i’m not actively trying to fall asleep in the presence of my employer,” A pause. “Well, employee, in these circumstances.” 
“You told me I could...”
“That I did.” With sleep-leeching at your very senses, it’s unknown if the quiet tone of his voice is what is in actuality, or if your mind is already so-adrift it’s simply imagining your employer's voice taking on a tender tone with you. True, you’re not one of his henchmen, who are often dealt harsher words than one would expect even Silco to use against his secretary, but it’s still Silco.
Not cold, and not incapable of emotion, as you’ve come to find out during your time under his employment. But he wouldn’t show such warmth, such capability of compassion to you.
That’s why what you blink your eyes open to next, is a mere impossibility.
Fingers are weak in the way they tighten along the coat draped, and now tucked around you. It’s warm, but not nearly as warm as the surface your head now rests against. You breathe out slowly, eyes fluttering but not nearly strong enough to open, especially not when both sleep, and the repetitive strokes of fingers along your hair, seem fully-intent to drag you back into peaceful darkness.
You heard yourself murmur in fading echoes, your mind once more beginning to lose itself in the depths of unconsciousness, "Am I dreaming?" 
The long-fingers pause briefly along your hair - they pause a second too long, you're already mourning the lost-sensation with a faint whine before they return a moment later, carting and soothing along your scalp. "I hope not," Silco's voice admits among the murkiness of your awareness, his own voice sounding hoarse with exhaustion to your ears. "I much prefer this reality with you, over any dream..." 
A hum rumbles weakly in your throat, and you turn, shuffling and nudging against the warm beneath you. It jerks, and there's a brief moment where the fingers tighten within your hair. Barely, and not even enough to be confirmed as fact or figment, but the grip relaxes almost instantly to smooth away any potential ache. 
It's all so intimate, and tender, that you know it's a dream. But even with the imaginary version of Silco, you can't resist whispering out in rebuke of his underlying statement, "I'm not worth any dream of yours, Silco." 
"You are." He says, immediately, long digit catching a rebellious lock, and tucking it behind your ear as you sigh in sleepy bliss. "You are."
What you are, without a doubt now, is dreaming. But debating with this imaginary concoction of Silco is not one of the objectives you are even close enough to consciously consider, so you allow your barely-opened eyes to slip shut fully, and bask in this fantasy.
It’s not a bad one, certainly. 
For all that Silco is a slim, wiry man, your head resting on his lap is certainly a position that’s comfortable, if not outright lulling you with senses of security and, daresay, warmth from a man who oftentimes seems to display anything but.
Except now, when Silco seems incapable of displaying anything short of gentleness, in the way his hand passes over in calm repetivity along your head, fingers tracing the hairline along your temple as he murmurs, “You may forget this in the morning, and I could accept that, knowing at least of of us will remember...” There’s another catch of his breath as you let out a low, questioning hum, which changes to something more blissful as his nails gently scratch behind your ear, earning another quiet chuckle from him. “... forget this later. Rest now.”
“With you?”
“Yes. Now sleep.”
It’s hard to disobey that order, not just because of who is giving it, but also because you are very, very tired. Extremely so, if the fantasy of falling asleep within the far-too intimate proximity, and gentle caresses of Silco’s touch, is anything to go by...
Even if it’s a dream, you try to cling on to such a fantasy for as long as possible, before even the dream is consumed by the darkness of slumber.
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sxlco · 5 months ago
Eros | Silco x Reader
Pairing: Silco x Female Reader
Word count: 7.9k+
Warnings: Smut (18+ ONLY minors begone), drug use, non-consensual drug use, sex pollen, oral sex (f and m receiving), vaginal fingering, p in v sex, dirty talk, mild degrading, brief mention of blood and violence, feelings 
Summary: There’s an unknown drug going around The Lanes that’s eating into Silco’s shimmer profits. While confronting a rival Chem Baron about the situation, he is hit with a concentrated dose of the drug which has...strange effects.
Note: This is my first smut fic and I am but a humble simp, I know nothing about League of Legends. Please be kind <3 You can also read on AO3
Tumblr media
Silco had grown increasingly frustrated with whatever drug was now on the streets of The Undercity that was encroaching on his shimmer market. Although the profits remained steady, enough people were getting their fix from this alternative source that it was noticeable on the ledgers.
It took weeks to figure out what it was. People weren’t as open about it as they were with shimmer, but maybe it was because shimmer was everywhere and this drug was still relatively new.
Some of Silco’s lackeys had tracked the source to a manufacturing facility owned by the flashy and juvenile Finn, a rival Chem Baron that Silco loathed. He always maintained that Finn was greedy and entitled because his upbringing in Zaun wasn’t a constant fight to survive like Silco’s had been decades ago. 
You didn't much care for Finn either. You had been just as displeased as Silco when you were informed that the new drug, which was referred to as Eros on the streets, was one of Finn’s creations - no doubt an attempt to undermine Silco’s monopoly over Zaun’s feeble economy.
Silco, never one to ignore a challenge, had sent Sevika to invite Finn to The Last Drop to have a friendly chat about Finn’s newest business venture and to remind him that there was a reason Silco was the sole boss of The Undercity.
That was where you found yourself now, on the upper level of the club standing outside of Silco’s office as he and Finn conversed on the other side of the door. The floorboards creaked as you shifted from foot to foot and shifted your eyes between revelers among the colourful strobe lights on the dancefloor down below and the other two goons who stood near you guarding the Silco’s intricately designed office door. Eavesdropping was hopeless due to the deafening music with a pulsating bass line that was blaring through the club’s speakers.
You hoped things were going well in there. And by well, you meant you hoped Silco was getting his point across that he was not to be messed with. The other Chem Barons had gotten too comfortable lately with challenging his authority and he’d had to remind them more than once who was in charge. 
Silco could be terrifyingly ruthless when he wanted to be. If you were smart, you would be frightened of him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to be. Since you had come under his employ as his advisor and negotiator, he had always treated you with respect and fairness. Normally you would be in the room with him for a conversation like this, but he had wanted to handle this one alone.
“Not that I do not value your sage advice,” he had informed you earlier. “But this particular conversation may require some...unpleasantness on my part that I do not wish you to bear witness to.”
A little voice in your head told you he was doing this to protect you from his deadly temper, but your rational thinking told you that trustworthy employees were in short supply these days and he didn’t want you to scurry away if you saw him at his worst.
Not that you would. You liked Silco, more than you let yourself admit. He was dashingly attractive despite his maimed left eye and the scarring that covered half of his face. It frightened most people, but you always found it captivating. It was one of the many things about him you allowed yourself to ponder in the depths of night when you were alone in your bed. There had been many times you had laid among your cool sheets imagining the sound of Silco’s smooth voice crooning in your ear, the sight of his lithe body underneath those perfectly tailored clothes, the feel of his skin against yours…
The sight of Silco’s office door opening cast you out of your reverie. Finn exited the room with a smug look on his tattooed face and turned his attention towards you as he quickly closed the door.
You had expected him to look less...well...proud of himself at the conclusion of this meeting. You expected him to be humbled, not triumphant.
Finn moved towards you, giving you that sickening smile accented by the golden jaw piece he wore before leaning forward and speaking in your ear, practically yelling over the loud music.
“Have fun with him. Should wear off in a few hours.”
You were too stunned and confused to ask what the hell he meant before he stalked off, flicking his gold lighter on and off in his hand as he descended the stairs and exited the club.
The goons outside of the door eyed you curiously. Ignoring them, you approached the office door and knocked lightly. If the meeting had gone in Finn’s favour, you knew Silco would be in a piss poor mood and would likely want to be left alone. However, given Finn’s strange words before he departed, you thought it best to check on him.
Silence met your ears, so you knocked again and called out through the wooden door.
“Boss, is everything alright?”
You strained your ears to hear any sign of life on the other side of the door, but there was nothing. You rapped on the surface again, harder this time.
“Let me be!” He snapped. Your breath caught in your chest, he didn’t sound angry but rather...distressed. He never spoke to you like that.
Something was wrong.
“I’m coming in,” you called through the door, trying to keep your voice as light as possible so as not to aggravate him further if he really was just in a shitty mood.
You turned the doorknob and slipped inside the room, being careful not to open the door too wide and closing it quickly so the goons outside wouldn’t be able to see him if he was in a state of distress. Silco wouldn’t want to appear as weak, especially to his own men.
The door clicked shut and you turned towards the open room to face Silco’s desk. The golden light from dusk shone delicately through the patterned circular window, casting the room in a faint shadowy glow with dust particles dancing through the rays of light. The booming music from below was now pleasantly muffled, and his office smelled faintly of cigar smoke and whiskey, laced with another scent you knew too well that you could only describe as Silco. Sharp, musky, and utterly seductive.
Silco’s ornate desk chair was turned away from you and the desk to face the window. Even from this angle, you could see his slender hands gripping the leather arms of his chair and you could tell he was breathing heavily. The floorboards creaked as you tentatively took a step forward.
“What’s wrong?”
He didn’t reply right away and seemed to take a moment to collect himself. Then you heard him grit out, “You need to leave. Now.”
The normally controlled timbre of his voice sounded strained. You took another step towards his desk.
“Did something happen with Finn?”
No response, just the sound of his rapid breathing and the thumping of the club down below. You tried again. “Silco-”
He abruptly spun around in his chair to face you. The sight that greeted you caused a small gasp to escape between your lips.
Silco, always the picture of composure and ease, looked absolutely unhinged before you.
Teeth bared, his usually tidy hair was disheveled, dark strands hanging in his face. A sheen of sweat made his pale skin glisten and there was a wild look in his eye you had never seen before. He had taken off his cream-coloured tie and undone the top buttons of his dress shirt, exposing his collarbones to the still air of the room.
“You. Need. To. Leave.”
Your eyes continued to scan him, concerned, until they landed on his crotch.
There was a noticeable bulge in his pants that made your mouth go dry. Despite the thoughts careening through your brain right now at the sight before you, you knew something was seriously wrong.
You looked at his face again to find him still eyeing you with that animalistic expression and crossed the room so you were now standing beside his desk. Silco followed your every step with his eyes but did not move his head to look at you as you neared his chair.
“Silco, what did Finn do to you?” You questioned, concern edging your voice. You hoped whatever it was that there was a way to help him, and quickly.
“The meeting was going fine,” he breathed out, clearly struggling to put a coherent thought together. He still didn’t look at you, in fact he now laid his head on his forearms on the surface of his desk.
“Then that…weasel pulled out a bottle and sprayed me with something. Said I needed to experience it to understand.”
Experience it?
Oh gods, he was talking about the Eros drug. 
“He- he drugged you?!” You could not believe Finn had the balls to drug the most powerful crime lord in Zaun who could easily have him killed without lifting a finger.. What the hell was he thinking?
“With a concentrated airborne dose, it seems,” Silco muttered, still with his head down.
Your mind began whirring as you put the pieces together. Finn had come to this meeting with the intent to make Silco feel the effects of Eros in hopes that Silco would want to keep it on the street. Or just to fuck with him. Likely the latter. Eros usually came in the form of a pill taken orally, which meant that Finn had gone to special trouble just to create an airborne form of the drug to spray in Silco’s face. And if he had sprayed a concentrated dose like Silco said…
“Eros is an aphrodisiac...” you murmured, not quite believing the situation you were in.
“That it is.”
Which meant that Silco’s current affliction was that he was insanely horny. 
Well, shit. That explained the bulge in his pants.
An unsolicited thought entered your mind.
There are ways you could help him, you know.
Absolutely not. There was no way you could take advantage of him in this state. Maybe he could sleep it off?
Taking the final step towards his chair, your steps muted by the rug beneath your feet, you laid a hand on his shoulder and inquired gently, “what can I do to help?”
As soon as your fingers made contact with him, he shot up in his chair like lightning and inhaled sharply through gritted teeth. Recoiling your hand immediately, you took a step back.
“I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” 
Silco exhaled shakily before speaking in a clipped tone, “no, just...sensitive.” After a moment he repeated, “you need to go.”
“I’m not leaving you like this-”
Silco turned to face you fully now, and the dark look in his eyes made your core feel like molten lava. When he spoke, his voice was deeper, huskier, more sensual than you had ever heard it.
“If you stay here I may do something that I will very much regret when this damn drug wears off. It’s all I can do right now just to look at you.”
You paused. It felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room and Silco looked like he was ready to pounce. He wanted you.
It’s because of the drug, you reminded yourself, but you still spoke before you could think better of it. 
“I could help.”
Silco narrowed his eyebrows. “What.”
You took a step forward, and against your better judgment, moved a strand of graying hair out of his face and combed it back onto his head. You were so focused on the feeling of how soft his hair was between your fingers that you didn’t notice right away that Silco had closed his eyes and relaxed his tensed muscles. You spoke in a more hushed tone now.
“I could help you, if you want. I don’t mind. I just don’t want to take advantage of you when you’re like this.”
Silco’s eyes popped open and he looked up at you where you still stood above him with your fingers absentmindedly combing through his hair.
“Take advantage? Of me?”
“You’re under the influence, you don’t know what you’re saying-”
“I know exactly what I am saying.”
“But you don’t really want me, it’s the drug talking-”
In a flash, Silco’s hand reached up to grasp your wrist to stop your movements in his hair. Your eyes widened and your heart began to race, not sure what he was going to do next. You were sure he wouldn’t hurt you, but the heat of his hand and his body only a foot from your own was starting to affect you regardless of any Eros particles still floating around the room. The wetness growing between your legs wasn’t from any drug either. It was from him and the undeniable effect he had on you.
“You think I don’t want you?” He growled, eyes boring into your own. “You think I haven’t wanted you from the first moment you walked into this very room?”
You were stunned and didn’t know what to say, so you just stared at him, lips parted and eyes wide. You were so caught off guard that you didn’t notice Silco was moving until he had already stood up and picked you up by the waist, perching you on top of the map on his desk with a snarl. You gasped and he leaned forward, caging you in with his arms. His face was only inches from yours and you could feel the heat radiating off of him and smell his intoxicating cologne weaving its way into your consciousness.
“Do you really think,” he growled and grabbed one of your hands, moving it so that you were cupping his bulge. His much larger hand pressed your smaller one onto his clothed length. “That this isn’t all for you?”
Your head was spinning. You let out a whine as you felt him beneath your palm, hard and thick even through the fabric of his pants.
“But- but the drug-”
“Ah yes, but the drug only does so much. Where do you think my mind wanders when my cock gets hard, hm?”
“Silco,” you moaned then. His smooth voice was enough to stoke the embers of desire inside you, but him saying such filthy things to you in that voice made you burn from the inside out. 
Looking directly into his eyes, you gave him an experimental squeeze. He hissed, eyes slamming shut as his forehead met yours.
“If it’s okay with you, I’d still like to help you,” you whispered. You could feel the gentle puffs of air on your lips now, he was so close.
“Do it,” he breathed.
You removed your hand off his cock and he let out a strangled noise of protest until you brought both of your hands up to rest against his chest. You could feel the hard muscle beneath the fine material of his vest and idly wondered, not for the first time, how his bare skin would feel against your own. You slid your hands up his shoulders and twined them around his neck, pulling him in closer to you.
Tilting your face up towards his, you did what you had only ever fantasized about and kissed Silco.
The moment your lips made contact he groaned and brought his hands up to your waist. His grip on your body was strong, and he pulled you flush against him as his mouth moved against yours. He was standing in between your legs now, and with you still sitting on the desk, it was the perfect position for him to grind himself against you.
It didn’t take long for him to take control of the kiss. Silco was all tongue and teeth and he was making your head spin. What had started as gently molding your lips together turned into a passionate dance of your tongues as Silco slipped his inside your mouth, leaving you moaning and caressing his back with your hands. Occasionally he would pull away only slightly to nip at your bottom lip with his teeth before diving back in and claiming your mouth once again.
To your surprise, Silco was making his own delightful noises. You weren’t sure what you had expected, but the various moans and groans and growls coming from deep within his chest only made you wetter for him and want to please him more. The combination of his own sounds, the sound of your lips against each other, and the feeling of his erection against your core was overwhelming.
He was still grinding his clothed cock against you when you decided it was time to give him some reprieve from the effects of the Eros. You pulled away from his kiss, and let out a small chuckle as he chased your lips and pouted when he saw you begin to stand.
“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere,” you cooed, cupping his cheek and brushing your fingers along the scarred side of his face. He watched you intently, and his eyes widened when you placed your hands on his chest and pushed him back so he fell into his leather cushioned chair once again.
You took a brief moment to look at him like this. Completely disheveled, guard down, legs spread in his chair as he looked up at you simultaneously with wonder and animalistic desire. His face was illuminated by the evening sun and - not for the first time - you realized he was beautiful.
You smiled at him as you moved to stand between his legs and sank to your knees.
“Oh, fuck…” Silco breathed out to no one in particular. He was mesmerized, chest heaving as he watched you fiddle with the flaps on his pants before pulling them down and freeing his cock from the confines of his underwear.
Fuck, he was big.
Despite his slender frame, Silco’s cock was long and heavy. For a moment you wondered if you would be able to fit him all in your mouth, but you were going to try. The competitive part of you wanted to ensure you were the best he ever had.
Looking up at him through your lashes, you took his cock in your hand and brought your tongue to the red tip and licked at the slit where beads of precum had already begun to gather. 
Silco let out a loud groan and threw his head back against the chair, squeezing his eyes shut. He gripped the arms of the chair with white knuckles as you began to give his head kitten licks and drag your tongue along the underside of the tip.
Gathering spit in your mouth, you let it dribble out between your lips and travel down his shaft to give you some lubrication as you began stroking him. After teasing him with small licks and kisses, you finally took the tip of his cock on your mouth, sealed your lips around it, and sucked.
“Oh, gods, darling, that’s it,” Silco sighed above you. The sound of his wrecked voice caused you to moan as you bobbed up and down his shaft. Absently, you squeezed your thighs together to give yourself some friction as your other hand was now occupied with fondling Silco’s balls.
He pried his eyes open, and the sight that greeted him as he looked down nearly made him cum right then and there.
You, on your knees, looking up at him with innocent, pretty doe eyes with his cock between your lips. He unclenched one of his hands from the arm of his chair and began to softly stroke your face, wiping the tears that began to fall from your eyes as you took him deeper and deeper.
“Pretty girl,” he muttered absentmindedly. You made a sound in your throat in response that vibrated up his shaft, causing him to curse under his breath. He moved his hand to begin stroking at your hair as he watched you go to work on him in awe.
You decided to be bold and flattened your tongue and pushed yourself further onto his cock, taking him into your throat. Silco made a choking noise above you and you felt a twinge of pain on your scalp as he gripped your hair, but you didn’t mind. In fact, the feeling sent a pleasant tingle of pleasure down your spine to your core. He was beginning to lose control of himself, you could tell. Your hands, which were now placed on his thighs, could feel the muscles tighten as he approached his peak.
“I’m close,” he ground out. You flicked your eyes up and saw him watching you, slack jawed with half-lidded eyes and his hair mussed once again. Gods, he was stunning like this.
You pulled off of him and Silco began to protest. “What-”
“Fuck my face,” you croaked, your voice sounding hoarse from his cock hitting the back of your throat repeatedly. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”
You thought Silco might actually die right there based on the look on his face.
Before he could react, you took him in your mouth again, and clearly he heard what you said because he gripped your hair with one hand and the back of your head with the other, and began to thrust into your mouth.
“You’re such a dirty thing, aren’t you? Wanting me to fuck your face like this, you like that?”
You made a garbled noise in response and Silco chuckled darkly.
“Yes you do, such a good girl.”
His thrusts became erratic, and he grumbled out a warning before throwing his head back and making a guttural noise as he finished inside your mouth. You felt hot ropes of his cum fill your throat, and Silco stopped moving as you swallowed around him. 
You didn’t stop until you had taken every last drop, and when he was done, only then did you pull off him with a pop and sit back on your haunches to admire your handiwork.
Silco was wrecked.
He was slumped in his chair, breathing heavily, his hair disheveled with strands hanging in his face and looking at you with an utterly ruined expression on his face.
“Feel better?” You asked. You sounded cheeky, but you were genuinely still concerned about the effects of the Eros.
Silco made a huffing noise that sounded like a disbelieving laugh as he tucked his cock back into his pants, but still looked at you with the same hunger he had minutes ago.
“I need to taste you,” he responded matter-of-factly. His silky voice was like music to your ears, calling you to him.
You shuddered and stood up, walking towards him as he watched you like a predator watches prey.
“Take off your clothes,” he commanded.
Never one to question his orders, you began to strip, first removing your shirt and then your boots and pants until you were left only in your underthings. Silco’s eyes heated your skin as they roved over your body, watching intently as you unclasped your bra and tossed it to the side.
“Beautiful,” he murmured to no one but himself as his eyes widened slightly as he took in the sight of your exposed chest. You were about to shimmy out of your panties until he held up a hand and instructed, “leave those on. On the desk.”
You obeyed and returned to your original seat on his desk. Still eyeing your body, he stood up and closed the gap between you with one swift stride. He placed his warm hands on your thighs and spread them apart as he stepped between them. Leaning over your body and laying you down across the wooden surface, he nipped your earlobe before his gravelly voice filled your head.
“I’m going to devour you.”
You let out a whimper and before you know it, Silco was sliding your lacy panties down your legs and tossing them aside and sinking to his knees.
There was something thrilling about having Silco, the most powerful crime lord in Zaun, kneeling before you fully clothed as you lay naked on his desk. Anyone could walk in at any moment, you hadn’t locked the door, and the walls were thin, not that anybody would be able to hear you over the club’s music anyway.
He positioned himself between your legs and was about to taste you when he paused and a wicked smile crossed his face.
“My, my, what’s all this?”
He dragged one of his fingers through your folds teasingly, causing you to keen at his teasing touch. He brought his index finger up to show you the undeniable wetness glistening in the fading light. 
“All this for me, darling?”
You nodded, making an ‘mhm’ noise and Silco gave you an utterly sinful grin before diving into your folds.
There was no teasing you as you had done with him, the Eros drug was clearly still affecting him. He lapped at your wetness and groaned like a man starved.
You writhed on the desk as he eagerly licked between your folds. The feeling of his hot tongue on your most sensitive parts was overwhelming and so much better than you had imagined in your late night fantasies. He put his whole body into it, wrapping his arms around your thighs to hold you in place as he feasted on your cunt.
The noises he was making were primal, moans and groans that only increased your own arousal as he licked at your entrance. His nose was brushing deliciously against your clit and you began to grind up into his face to increase the friction. You had just started moving your hips when Silco moved off you and tutted at you, causing you to whine.
“Now, now, be a good girl. Let daddy have his meal.”
Oh, fuck.
You must have said that out loud because Silco chuckled darkly before returning to his task. His eyes continued to bore into yours, however, watching you intently as he wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked.
You covered your mouth with your hand as you moaned and arched off the desk, sparks of pleasure dancing up your spine. Your eyes were now screwed shut so you didn’t even notice when Silco grabbed your hand and pulled it away from your mouth.
“None of that. I want to hear you,” he chastised. 
You looked down at him and nodded. After giving you a warning look, he returned his mouth to your clit and slipped a finger inside you. His other hand was now splayed across your stomach to hold you down as you squirmed beneath his assault on your cunt.
He soon added a second finger and began to pump them in and out of you as his tongue continued to dance on your clit. It was so fucking good, he was so good at this, playing your pussy like an instrument. Your whimpers and moans grew louder as the coil in your stomach tightened, and Silco’s tongue on your clit moved faster as he could feel you begin to clench around his fingers.
When he angled them upwards and found the spot inside you that made you see stars, you shattered.
You screamed his name and arched off the desk as your orgasm ripped through you. Despite his warning earlier, you grasped his head with both of your hands and moved your hips against his face. He didn’t seem to mind though, he continued to groan and lick you through your orgasm until you came down from your high.
Utterly dazed, you watched as he pulled off your cunt, removed his fingers from inside you, and looked you dead in the eyes as he licked them clean. He was wicked, looking at you with hooded eyes and his chin glistening with your juices. Unable to do anything else, you let out a small whimper as you watched him continue to feed on your sweet nectar.
“Exquisite,” he murmured.
Your breathing slowed as you came back down to the present, you were now covered in a sheen of sweat with a pleasant tingling traveling throughout your body. Silco was still standing over you, breathing heavily, and you reached out your hand for him.
He took it and allowed himself to be guided over to you. You sat up and pressed yourself closer to him, and looked up at him with a pleasantly satisfied expression on your face. Silco’s own expression was one of amusement as his mismatched eyes took in your disheveled state, confirming that he had done his job well.
Feeling utterly euphoric, you gave him a kiss and wrapped your arms around his waist. 
“How are you feeling now?” You asked against his lips.
“Ravenous,” he hummed, and before you could enquire further, you felt his hardness pushing up against your body again.
You made small noises of pleasure as Silco began to kiss the underside of your jaw, and then your neck, and back up to the spot behind your ear that had you keening in his arms as he began to suck, marking you as his.
“I need more,” he ground out. You could feel the vibrations of the gravelly timbre of his voice in his chest and began to feel your own arousal building again.
“I need to be inside you,” Silco whispered in your ear, causing you to shudder.
“Please,” you breathed out in return, clutching him even tighter to you as if he would disappear at any moment and you would wake up from this lovely dream.
Suddenly he was picking you up, your legs wrapped around his waist, as he carried you towards a door on the far wall of his office that presumably led to his bedroom.
You had never seen the room where Silco slept, let alone been inside of it. He opened and closed the door with ease, placing you on the silk sheets of his bed and allowing you to lay back as he stood before you.
The sheets felt heavenly against your skin and smelled like him. The room was surprisingly modest, but you weren’t exactly focused on the decor at the moment.
You lay back on your elbows, eyeing Silco’s frame towering over you at the edge of the bed. He did indeed look ravenous. That hungry, dark look in his eye had not dissipated at all despite your activities in the office.
The way he was eyeing you now would feed your fantasies for months. Wanting to make yourself look as enticing as possible, you shifted your body on the bed, cocked your head at him, and bit your lip.
“You,” you started, bringing your bare foot up to caress the bulge once again straining against his pants, “are wearing far too many clothes.”
Silco made a low noise you couldn’t describe as his eyes darkened even further. 
Never breaking your gaze, he began to undo the intricate gold buttons to free himself of his vest. Once he had tossed that aside, he undid the cuffs of his crimson dress shirt and began to work on the buttons down the front. One by one, his long fingers freed the buttons, allowing more and more of his skin to be exposed as he went further down. When he had undone them all and his shirt was only hanging off his shoulders, he let it fall to the floor and allowed you to look your fill.
Gods, he was gorgeous.
Despite being quite slender, the hard planes of muscle beneath Silco’s pale skin were evident. His chest was covered with a fine sprinkling of dark, graying hairs that turned into a pleasant trail leading down into his pants, accentuated by a delicious V-line at his hips. Your mouth watered as you took him in, the hard planes of his abdomen and defined muscles of his chest causing the liquid heat to pool in your stomach once again. 
“Silco,” you couldn't help but moan as you continued to take him in. You began to squirm on the bed as he removed his pants, until finally he stood before you in just his underwear.
“Please, I want to see you. All of you,” you breathed.
Silco seemed to be transfixed by the sight of you lying naked in his bed, begging him to ravish you. It wasn’t often that he took lovers, and never had he trusted any enough to bring them to his own bed. A part of him knew it wasn’t just the Eros, it was because he felt something for you he hadn’t felt for anyone.
Deciding to take matters into your own hands, you sat up on your knees and slid your thumbs under the waistband of his briefs, silently requesting permission to remove them. When he looked down at you and gave you a single nod, you pressed a kiss to his collarbone and slid them off.
You lay back again as Silco kicked them off, and took in the sight of him naked before you.
“You’re beautiful,” you murmured, echoing his words from earlier. Yes, you had his cock in your mouth less than an hour ago, but seeing his entire body on display for you felt like a privilege. He was putting himself in an intimate, vulnerable position for you.
A hint of a smile tugged at Silco’s lips before he finally climbed on top of you on the bed. You looked up at him reverently and moved some strands of hair out of his face.
This - whatever this was - was more than sex to take the edge off.
You would ponder that later.
Silco began to kiss you again and lowered his body to press against yours. You slipped your tongue into his mouth as you explored his body with your hands, roaming over his biceps, shoulders, and down the hard muscles of his back.
The feeling of his warm skin against yours was nothing short of heavenly. 
Detaching himself from your lips, he began to kiss down your neck and chest, his hot mouth leaving a trail of fire until he reached your breasts. His eyes bore into yours as he licked carefully over your nipple before taking it into his mouth and sucking gently.
“Gods, Silco,” you arched into his mouth, tangling your fingers into his hair once again. He groaned in response and began to rock his hips into you. He was still rock hard and trying to get some friction, the Eros was still coursing through his veins, he needed something, anything-
Silco hadn’t noticed that he had completely ceased his attention to your breasts and instead buried his head into your chest as he ground his cock against you, moaning at the sensation.
It was your voice that gained his attention back, your soft cooing of his name that caused him to look up at you and pay attention to the next words out of your mouth.
“I need you inside of me, Silco.”
As if you needed him as much as he clearly needed you right now, this damn Eros was making him grind against you like a horny teenager.
But nonetheless, Silco came back up to your face and pressed his forehead against yours before taking his cock in his hand and positioning himself at your entrance. He looked into your eyes and you nodded with a smile, signaling for him to continue.
Silco’s eyes remained locked with yours as he pressed the tip in, causing you both to gasp in unison.
You moaned his name, one of your hands gripping his bicep and the other fisting the sheets as the blunt head of his cock entered you. Despite the Eros amplifying his most primal urges, he controlled himself so you could adjust to him and he could savour the stretch of your walls around him. Slowly, he slid in, gritting his teeth as your warm wetness engulfed his length. 
“You’re so big,” you whined, and you felt him twitch inside of you in response. He wasn’t used to receiving compliments, especially not of that nature, but fuck if it didn’t make him even painfully harder than he already was.
He pushed in bit by bit and rubbed lazy circles around your clit with his thumb to try to relax you. “That’s my good girl, taking me so well,” he crooned in your ear.
When he was in as far as he could go, he dropped his head to your shoulder and tried to focus on his breathing. The Eros felt like it was trying to burn its way out of his body now, his skin was on fire every place you touched it, and he felt like he might die from the euphoric sensation of your tight cunt squeezing his cock. He couldn’t even form a coherent thought in his head right now.
“Perfect,” he whispered over and over into your shoulder.
You both stayed like that for a few moments so you could get used to his length, and when you felt you were ready, you began to move your hips against his.
Silco shuddered and moved so that he was hovering over you now, watching you intently as he began to thrust in and out of you. Your face was the portrait of bliss, he thought. He could listen to the little noises that escaped you forever as he fucked you.
“You like this? You like the feel of my cock inside of you?” His dirty talking in that voice of his was driving you wild, and you could only moan in response. You now had one hand splayed over his back and the other on the back of his neck as you clung to him.
“Been wanting to do this for so long,” he continued rambling, his eyes now fixating on the spot where your bodies were joined. He watched himself slip in and out of your pussy, his cock slick with your juices.
“I’ve always wanted you,” you managed to respond weakly. Silco tore his eyes away from watching himself fuck you and flicked them up to your face, which was still twisted in pleasure. “Since I first saw you, Silco, I’ve wanted you like this.”
“Why didn’t you - ah fuck,” his words were puncuated by his thrusts, which were now harder and deeper and lighting a fire in your belly. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t think you felt the same-” you  were cut off by a high pitched whimper you made when Silco thrust into you particularly deep.
“How could I not? You’re the subject of all my fantasies, darling.”
The room was filled with the sounds of your moans and whimpers and Silco’s guttural groans, and the lewd sound of skin against skin. Your eyes remained locked on his own, his mysterious left eye swirling, watching you as his cock drove into you over and over again.
A wicked idea entered your mind then, and as Silco continued to pound into you, you leaned up and licked the scarred left side of his face.
“Tell me your fantasies, Silco. Tell me how you imagine me when you’re touching yourself when I’m not there,” you purred in his ear.
If Silco was ravenous before, he was now positively feral.
He growled as he pulled out of you and flipped you over so you were on your hands and knees and roughly pulled you by your hips to slot against him. He entered you again in one deep stroke, causing you to cry out in pleasure as this new angle allowed him to fit the entirety of his length inside of you. You wanted to put on a show for him, so you arched your back as much as you could and looked over your shoulder at him, your mouth forming an “O” as Silco fucked into you.
“You want to know how I imagine you, dirty girl?” His thrusts were animalistic now, he was chasing the high of his release just as he was chasing the Eros out of his body. “I imagine you sitting on my lap in my desk chair riding my cock because you just couldn’t wait any longer,” his voice was completely wrecked, you could tell he was getting closer as his words became more filthy. You were too, the coil in your lower belly tightening more and more with every word he spoke.
“I imagine taking you in the elevator before one of those damn Chem Baron meetings, and you walking into that meeting with my cum still dripping out of you.”
You moaned at that, the thought of being claimed by him so primally had you clenching around his cock as he continued to pound into you.
“Oh you would like that, wouldn’t you? I feel you squeezing me, you cruel, dirty little thing.”
Silco reached around and began to furiously rub your clit. He knew you were close, he could feel your walls clenching around him and just before you snapped, he pulled out and turned you over again so you were once again underneath him, his tall frame caging you in.
“Want to watch when you come, darling,” he said, his voice softer than it had been only seconds ago. You reached around his neck to pull him closer to you and kissed him deeply.
He entered you again and it only took a few more rolls of his hips before you came undone in his arms. You arched into his body and cried out his name as electricity surged through every nerve ending in your body, and he rocked into you and held you through it all. His own thrusts became erratic as you squeezed him, and he whispered in your ear, 
“Inside, I’m safe. Inside me, please,” you breathed, clutching his heated body to your own. Silco buried his face in your shoulder again and sank his teeth into your skin as he came inside you with a sharp cry, his seed filling you as he shuddered above you.
You both stayed like that for a while, desperately clutching on to each other with the only sound in the room being your heavy breathing. Silco was the first to come up for air, examining you with a clarity in his eye that hadn’t been there before.
“Are you alright?” He inquired in his usual, even timbre.
You nodded dreamily, having gone completely cockdumb and now being incapable of words. 
His eyes fell from your own and landed on the angry bite mark he had left on your shoulder when he finished. He gently traced it with his finger as he spoke again.
“I shouldn’t have been so rough with you, I’m sorry if I-”
You pressed a finger to his lips to cut him off.
“It was wonderful. You are wonderful.”
A small smile tugged at Silco’s lips. You remembered the situation that had brought you to this point, with his cock now softening inside you and him watching you with a gentle expression you had never seen before.
“How are you feeling now?” You asked, your hand now gently caressing the scarred side of his face.
“Better. Almost normal, I suppose,” he replied as he pulled out of you with a small hiss and laid down beside you.
You watched Silco lying there, staring at the ceiling, and wondered for a moment if he regretted any of it. 
However, your fears quickly evaporated when he allowed you to curl your body against him and lay on his chest as he pulled you closer to him. It was all too easy to allow yourself to close your eyes and be lulled into a slumber in your post-sex haze with a warm body next to you. But before sleep could claim you, you had to ask, “almost normal, you say?”
“We could both use a bath,” Silco mumbled, fatigue beginning to creep into his voice as well.
You let out a small giggle, and he kissed the crown of your head before he shifted and stood up, padding over to the attached room to run the water.
After a warm bath, a quick snack, and more kissing, you and Silco were curled up in bed once again, and you thought to yourself that nobody, not even the Topsiders or any of the other scummy Chem Barons could take this Silco, your Silco, away from you. 
A week later, you saw Finn drinking at the bar in The Last Drop. 
Raw, primal fury ignited in your gut and you ignored Sevika’s warnings as you stalked over to him, no doubt with murderous rage written across your face. He had a lot of fucking nerve showing up here after what he did.
The day after the incident, you and Silco had informed Sevika that Finn had drugged him but didn’t go into details for obvious reasons. Deciding it would be better to maintain the peace for the time being, Silco had ordered you and Sevika to leave him alive. For now. His time would come.
That didn’t mean you couldn’t send a message though.
Finn saw you approaching and fixed you with a knowing smirk that made you want to break both his real and ornamental golden jaws.
“Well, did you two have fun? You’re welcome by the way, it’s about time he got laid-”
Your dagger was at Finn’s throat before he could even finish his sentence.
“If you ever. Do something like that to him again. Or anyone. I will cut your throat and feed you to the rats. Understood?”
Finn held his hands up in surrender and stuttered his reply.
“Sure, I mean yeah. Won’t happen again.”
You fixed him with a warning look, lowered your blade, and began to walk away.
“Must have worked though, if you’re this protective over him.”
You turned and slashed in the blink of an eye.
Finn cried out as a red slice on his cheekbone began to ooze blood. 
“Hope that doesn’t mess up your tattoo too much, asshole,” you spat. You sheathed your dagger and walked away, ignoring Sevika shaking her head as you passed her. The patrons of The Last Drop hadn’t even noticed your alternation, but you could feel eyes on you as you approached the stairs leading to the upper level.
You looked up to the second floor, and sure enough the shadowed silhouette of a man in the corner watched you as you climbed the stairs and moved towards him.
“What did I tell you about causing a scene, darling?” Silco crooned, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you into the shadows with him.
“I needed him to know he can’t ever pull that shit on you ever again.”
Silco hummed in your ear as he nuzzled his nose into your hair. “So violent on my behalf.”
“You would do the same for me.”
“No, my dear, I would do much, much worse,” he replied with a hint of amusement, but you knew he was dead serious. He would kill for you.
Putting the incident with Finn behind you, you pulled Silco in closer to you and kissed him deeply, savouring the pleased rumble in his chest as his lips met yours.
Silco, the feared crime lord of Zaun, was many things. But right now, in a shadowy corner of The Last Drop, away from prying eyes, he was your Silco, and there was nothing else he’d rather be.
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bexbaxx · 5 months ago
Viktor/Silco with a reader who's super affectionate? Like they love giving nice big hugs and kissing them all over their faces, (I just find it cute, you know? The boys deserve love)
(I loved writing this one! Thank you so much for this ask!)
Tumblr media
• Viktor absolutely adores your displays of affection towards him
• If he's with someone whose love language is physical touch, he'll definitely reciprocate
• His favourite acts from you are when you play with his hair, or hug him from behind to surprise him, or cuddle with him while he's reading
• He isn't huge on PDA, but he'll hold your hand and other small things like that
• If you two live together, he's always anticipating a big hug when he comes home, and will do the same for you if you're out later than he is
• When it's just you two, he's very comfortable, and he really likes playing with your hair when you fall asleep together
• If you kiss him in public he goes extremely red and won't be able to function properly for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
• Silco is a very touchy person himself, but exclusively only when the two of you are completely alone
• He won't reciprocate if you try any PDA, the most he'd do is have his hand on the small of your back
• He probably doesn't initiate hugs very often, but will gladly accept them from you
• He most enjoys when you peck his face with kisses, or sit on his lap and give him a hug, or rest your head on his chest
• He's comfortable with physical affirmations from you, but verbal affirmations are a whole different story
• Whisper in his ear sweetly and he might actually freeze up, unsure of what to even do with himself
• He likes to wake up in the morning with you cuddling him
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daphnedirose · 4 months ago
Just Call My Name
Viktor x gn!reader | NSFW +18 | wc: 2.2k| After an exhausting day and a glass of wine, Viktor decides to relieve himself to the thought of you.
A/N: I BLAME @arcanescribbles FOR THIS BECAUSE IT'S INSPIRED BY THEIR ART (aka the fucking masterpiece below... and all of their paintings). Anyway, enjoy in horny jail <3
Tumblr media
The door closed behind Viktor as he leaned back against it, a heavy sigh leaving his lips, exhausted. It was a tiring day and the lack of sleep he gathered throughout the entire week wasn't helping much, but he knew he couldn't pull another all-nighter in the lab if he wanted his brain to function properly.
He didn't bother turning the apartment's lights on and went straight to the kitchen, guided by the faint silver moonlight that slipped through the windows of the place. Initially, he intended to pour a mug of sweet milk and lay in bed soon after, hoping to get the proper sleep his body so desperately needed; even if he knew all hopes would be useless. He might be tired but, when trying to rest, his body opposed his wishes as his mind began scheming ideas of possible inventions or uses for the Hextech Gemstones. However, he remembered he kept a fancy bottle of wine you once gifted him inside the kitchen's drawers.
"I know you don't drink, but maybe a glass can help you sleep better." Was what you told him after giving him the bottle, a kind expectant smile on your face as you did.
Viktor chuckled before opening the drawer where he had it hidden, taking it out along with a glass to pour it in. He didn't drink much, you were correct, but he had nothing to lose by trying just once. In the worst-case scenario, it'll be another sleepless night for him.
He stepped into the living room, glass in hand, and laid his body down on the large couch next to the window, resting his head on one of the comfortable armrests it had. He held the glass of red wine —filled more than it should have been— before his eyes, which were adorned with a curious look before taking a generous sip of the drink. Both its scent and taste were not as strong as others he had drunk before, it was rather sweet, addictive once given a taste of. For some reason, it reminded him of you, especially the aura you projected in the lab today while working on the blueprints for the Hexclaw: that concentrated gaze focused on the papers, eyes glowing by the thoughts that flowed inside your mind as you wrote them down, biting your lower lip until it blushed as red as the wine...
No, his mind was wandering again on thoughts that shouldn't be keeping him awake. He chugged down the remaining wine before he could regret it, expecting the dizzy effect to strike him soon due to his lightweight persona. He moved a little on the couch, but the friction between the furniture and the tightness of his attire wasn't very pleasant, resulting in him undoing his tie, which fell discreetly to the floor before unbuttoning both his vest and shirt. He took off the vest and it soon accompanied the tie, but he felt adequate to leave his red shirt on, completely opened and exposing his chest to the cool air that filled the room, giving him subtle goosebumps but adjusting quickly to the room's temperature.
He was doubtful about unzipping his pants, but who cared anyway? He was at his place, alone, and it's not like anyone could see easily through the windows. His hands reached for the zipper and lowered it open. His body felt lighter, freed from the pressure from the clothing, and maybe it was the wine acting, but he felt more relieved than he should have now that clothes were off.
The couch was cozy and soft enough for one to fall asleep on, but once again his mind turned its back on him when he tried to fulfill the task. His eyes became stuck looking at the ceiling as his thoughts began to wander again: The Atlas Gauntlets' blueprints he and Jayce were working on, the number of miscalculations that he could possibly find on them tomorrow morning, the Hexclaw you were working on... He closed his eyes shut as he placed the back of his hand on his forehead, trying somehow to cover his thoughts.
Maybe it was the lack of sleep that made him so distracted and lazy-minded today. Even when he tried to focus on his blueprints and prototypes, he couldn't help but look your way while you were working: so concentrated and passionate about what you were doing, a crooked smile appearing on your face when your calculations were correct; Viktor was observant even when he didn't mean to, so he couldn't help but admire the way your hands gracefully worked on the prototype, so meticulously and delicate at the same time. For a second, he wondered how the touch of your fingers would feel like against his skin: probably soft, tender.
He felt his cheeks starting to burn, and a warm feeling began to take over his body. It's probably the wine, he told himself. However, unconsciously, his fingertips began to travel slowly down his neck to his chest, leaving a tingling sensation behind every brushing movement on his skin. It's the wine, it must be. But it didn't matter, not when the fingers tracing his body weren't his anymore.
His eyes closed dizzily, remembering what else happened a few hours ago.
He recalls how his heart almost dropped to the floor when you caught him staring at you mesmerized. Those siren-like eyes he so much adored were finally staring at him, but he didn't decide whether it was a perk or a disadvantage; if there was something Viktor loved about you it was your eyes, even when he felt you could see right through him. You stood up and went over to his desk, hands in your pockets as you walked like you owned the place, forcing him to quickly turn back to the blueprints, although his lost expression gave him away.
"Need any help, Vik?" You asked him, your velvety voice messing up with any possible coherent thought he had formed before.
"Ehm, well-"
His body tensed up when he felt your hands softly being placed over his shoulders, squeezing softly before your body leaned over one of them to peek at the blueprints. If he was tense before, he was now completely stiff. Your face was right next to him, close enough to notice the scent of your perfume: a freshly sweet scent he became fond of long ago.
"Seems like you're struggling, Professor." You mocked him playfully like you usually did since he told you he sometimes substituted for Heimerdinger, unaware of the effect that simple word caused on him.
There, on the couch, Viktor could still feel how the word left your mouth so assertively, giving him a false sense of dominance when you were the one holding the ropes. The tone of your voice, softer and lower specifically to tease him. Fuck. The hand that rested on his forehead began to softly play with his hair as you sometimes did to him when bored, while the fingers that danced on his chest continued their way lower, dangerously close to the waistband from his underwear as his mind continued remembering, too lost in thoughts to mind a certain pressure on his lower half.
You grabbed the pencil he was holding and began correcting the blueprints over his shoulder, close enough for him to notice the steady rhythm of your heartbeat against his back. Why were you so calm when he was nervous by your proximity? He looked at your face through the corner of his eye once again, and there you were, softly biting your lower lip as you amended some of the most noticeable mistakes written in the papers.
What would it feel like to kiss you?
When you finished with the blueprint, you gave Viktor back the pencil with a victorious smile glowing on your face. "Call my name if you need me, Vik." And with that, you returned to your desk, while his eyes couldn't stop looking at you for a few more seconds.
His lips started tingling but he couldn't blame the wine anymore, not when those memories already caused a reaction that left his entire body burning. His hand stopped playing with his hair and his fingertips softly brushed his lips, which fancied to touch yours for longer than he could tell. He had no doubt your lips would taste sweeter than the wine he just drank, starting pressing them against his while your hands clenched to his hair, wanting him closer and closer as seconds flew by. You'd probably drag your fingertips down the sides of his neck, he could even picture the cocky smile appearing on your face when you notice his neck was one of his weak spots, right before leaving open mouth kisses as the warmth of your tongue clouded his mind and made him tilt his head to the side, sighs escaping his lips while your lips and teeth left marks that claimed him yours.
It was useless to keep those thoughts away, so he decided to take care of the growing erection that hardened in his underwear, taking it out and softly wrapping his right hand around the tip that was already dripping wet, beginning a calm up and down motion as his head rested back on the armrest, making his sharp Adam's apple stand out, an unconscious lazy grin matching his blushing cheeks as his mind was messed up with thoughts of you.
He imagined you on top of him, sitting on his lap, the moonlight contrasting on your skin while those siren eyes would be focused on him, and only him. He could feel the delicious heat of your body against his, both naked, vulnerable to each other's touch. His hands would trace a path from your back to your waist, taking the necessary time to enjoy your feathery skin against his palms, feeling and hearing you react to his caresses. The thought of your voice, which often came out in a justified confident tone, melted into faint moans as he kissed the crook of your neck, enjoying your intoxicating scent mixed with sweat and desire made him hasten the pace his hand marked on his dick.
Call my name if you need me, Vik.
"Y/n..." Your name left his lips coated in needy delight, picturing the hand that jerked him off belonged to you.
Oh, how your touch would feel on his dick. You'd love to torture him by slowing down your pace when you perceived his orgasm coming close, probably a sarcastic comment would come out of your mouth that included the word Professor in it, followed by pure praise and worship as you rubbed your hips against his length, driving him to the edge as another kiss was placed on his lips.
Viktor's groans and heavy panting filled the room, calling your name as he drowned in the pleasure your image provided him. Some locks of messy hair that fell on his forehead were coated in a thin layer of sweat, so he lazily pulled them back, noticing the rest of his hair was damp as well. A husky chuckle peeked out in between whimpers, he couldn't believe the effect you had over him even when you weren't in the room.
But damn he wished you were.
He was a mess, the unbuttoned red shirt all wrinkled by his moves, drenched in sweat just as the rest of his body was. Burning hot body and flustered red cheeks, but the lazy dreamy smile never left his face while his hand continued to please him along with his undeniable hunger for your taste. He was close, he knew, but he wasn't letting his fantasies fade away so quickly. If that's how he was when lost to desire, what would you look like while the same burning passion flowed through your body? Blushed red cheeks as you moved your hips on his lap, looking for the contact he was denying you but longing to give you...
Just the ghost sound of your voice moaning his name in desperation turned him on completely. You, his assertive and brilliant lab partner all lost in sensation because of him and his touch, your grip slipping from the control you were used to having and begging him to fuck you, those siren eyes barely opening to stare at him: a lustful masterpiece he was the only beholder of. He'd slide inside you with ease and he almost came to the thought of your walls tightening against him. You'd tried to take control back ridding him, rocking your hips masterfully on top of him while he was hypnotized by the view of your every move, bouncing faster on his cock as your orgasm formed inside. He'd help you, of course, thrusting right in your sweet spot while letting you lead the way. His hand couldn't compare to you, nothing could.
Picturing you moaning his name before coming undone on top of him was enough to cause the same effect on him, bitting a bit harshly his lower lip as the divine dreams of you made him cum on his hand. He tried to even his breathing, but how could he? His mind just gave him the most pleasing images he never felt able to fantasize about until now, leaving him yearning for you, all of you, every part of you being marked by a path of his kisses. Being his completely.
A soft laughter left his lips as a satisfactory smile appeared on them. Fuck, he had no clue how he was gonna face you tomorrow, but all he knew was that, for the first time in weeks, he'd be able to get some proper sleep.
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cammys-imagines24 · 4 months ago
• NSFW Viktor Headcanons •
Tumblr media
It took Viktor a long time to be comfortable enough being intimate with you.
The scientist being self conscious about his braces, cane and limp, how he isn't as strong as other lovers you could have.
He couldn't ever be the "sweep you off your feet" type of man and that made him feel tentative to go all the way.
He didnt want to disappoint you since he's never viewed himself as particularly dashing.
Viktor views his one asset as his brain, since his ailing body has failed him in so many ways.
He was already seen as a cripple and so he didn't want to undress in front of you, bare his body and soul and for you to only see him as a lanky, debilitated underdog as well.
It took a long time of you reassuring him that you did find him incredibly handsome and it took even longer for him to actually believe you.
But, once this science boy with the sexy accent did finally trust in your genuine attraction towards him...
Then, oh boy, good luck getting his hands off you.
This man is severely touch starved and has longed for a partner to be intimate with for so many years.
And, now that Viktor finally has you then you're going to quickly become the best scientific experiment ever to him.
He will devote so much time to figuring out all the ways he can please you, what types of moans he can elicit from your pretty mouth and how often he can make you scream his name...
Not a fan of quickies. Though Viktor is often busy, he would rather sit in agonizing frustration and wait for the time where he can savor your body properly.
Same reason why he doesn't jerk off. He wasn't a very sexual person before he met you, so why would he wish to take care of his own problem when later he could have the luxury of you doing it for him?
Though Viktor does get hard because of you, a lot. To the point where it becomes problematic.
He could be knee deep in his work, consumed with taking notes but just the arrant thought of you is enough to stop him dead in his tracks.
Be it fantasizing about your lips or how your voice sounded the night prior or when his fingers absently touch the hickey you previously left upon his neck...
He will need a moment to calm down and compose himself.
The most meticulous lover you could ask for. Intent on slow, passionate ministrations that send you into pleasured ecstasy every single time.
He's either a soft dom who praises you, how wet you are for him, how your body makes him feel, how turned on you make him...
Or, a complete sub who loves when you take control. Who whimpers and moans and is so, so needy for you. Who'd let you do anything to him.
Viktor is all about body worship. Your form, your curves, everything about you is like his religion.
If you ever call him "Professor" or "Sir" get ready for a long night. It's definitely one of the easiest ways to turn him on instantly.
Viktor is very big on you pulling at his wispy fawn brown hair when in the moment, the action always elicits shaky whines from him.
He gets so desperate whenever you tease him. You don't even have to do much to make him go absolutely crazy.
Compliment him on his work, run your fingers through his brunette tresses, kiss the beauty marks upon his sculpted face...
Anytime you show him your love, appreciation or how your body reacts to his and he is a goner.
Just imagine that sexy accent of his when he is begging you to touch him, to help him relieve himself, to give him his much needed release...
Will appreciate it more than you know whenever you are happy to go down on him.
He'll never ask you to do it but when you initiate it, he is overcome with love and lust.
"You take me so well, my printsessa. Thank you..."
Often it hurts to have sex in the usual positions, especially when he is on top of you.
So, Viktor is elated whenever you go down on him, he can eat you out or you ride him.
He loves to eat you out. Your taste on his tongue is like an intoxicating delicacy to him.
Viktor rather enjoys the fact that many times he doesn't even need to use what's in his pants to make you come absolutely undone.
Often he'll be more than happy to spend the whole night between your legs, tasting and teasing you; a pillow beneath his bad knee is all he needs.
Despite Viktor's sickly physique, he can go multiple rounds, simply because of how much you excite him.
You know how determined Viktor gets in the lab right? How obsessive he can almost be when figuring out a problem? Well, he is exactly like that when it comes to doing everything he can to bring you pleasure.
He gets tunnel vision in the heat of the moment, with a fervant desire to make you shake, near hyperventilate and see stars.
Very big on aftercare.
Chances are if you're sore, then he is too but doubly so because of his disabilities.
Viktor is so soft and gentle after sex and most times you will take a relaxing, warm bath together before finally going to sleep.
Though while you're quick to doze off, he'll stay awake for a bit.
Sometimes he'll read a book or look over his journal with you snuggly wrapped in his arms.
But, most times, he'll just admire you.
Viktor appreciates you more than you could ever know and the intimacy shared between you two.
He's never had someone to do this with, who he can pleasure and in return who pleasures him back.
It takes a while for sleep to finally take him simply because he is still riding the high of your physical love.
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coffee-with-bucky · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Unnamed and undefined, you don’t know where your relationship with Viktor stands. But, when you mention that Viktor’s moles are signs of where his past lover would kiss him in his past life, you two slowly push your relationship across that threshold and put an official description.
Pairing: Viktor x Reader
Words: 1.6K
Genre: Fluff
GIF Credit: @solidago-sempervirens​
A/N: I’m so down bad for Viktor lmao. Anyways, I had fun writing this! (Reader is kept gender-neutral)
To others, the glances were mere looks – nothing more.
But deep down in your heart, you knew what they meant. And Viktor knew just as well.
There was no label as to what this was.
Friendship? It was much more.
A romantic relationship? No official stamp of approval. It was in limbo.
But what you did know was the connection that you and Viktor forged was unspoken. Fleeting glimpses with glints in his golden eyes, which practically glowed when the sun’s rays hit them.
It was when no one was looking – the lightest of touches upon the tips of fingertips brushing across hands and arms. Sometimes your hands would find themselves trailing up to his shoulder, a gentle squeeze that you swore made all the tension in Viktor’s body dissolve. 
You treaded on a fine line – your hands itched to drift higher, wanting to linger on the sides of his neck, maybe even place a kiss where his pulse point laid.
And that was the bigger issue – you wanted to kiss him. Kiss every inch of skin he would allow. Those sharp cheekbones, his forehead where those baby hairs rested, those lips that spoke of scientific theories and ideas of hextech inventions, but more notably, the two moles that speckled his skin.
One under his right eye, the other above the corner of his left lip. You found yourself gazing at those moles almost as much as admiring his stunning eyes. A desire to kiss those moles consumed your thoughts to the point where you would get so distracted –
“…Hello? Eh, are you still with me, duck?”
Brought back to reality, the handle of Viktor’s cane waved in front of your face. Viktor smirked as you blinked, heat rising to your cheeks. You were supposed to be listening to Viktor’s explanation of the new hexgates that were in development since you asked him.
Well, half of that was true. You did want to learn about the hexgates but, it was also an excuse to spend more time with him and temporarily ditch your duties as Heimerdinger’s assistant. It was a slow day and you had justified to yourself that you could slack off for one day.
You narrowed your eyes at him, sitting up straighter in your stool, “Will you stop calling me that?”
Viktor laughed, an almost baritone quality blended into his tone, “Never.”
“Why do you call me that again? You could have given me a cuter nickname instead, you know, like dove.” You huffed.
Viktor leaned forward from his stool with a gleam in his eye, “It’s only because you pout like a duck.” As your brows furrowed, you intuitively pouted your lips, “See!”
Crossing your arms, you stuck your tongue out at him.
Viktor playfully rolled his eyes, “You never cease to amuse me, my duck.”
A bashful grin laced your face. As much as you pretended to be annoyed at Viktor’s nickname for you, it secretly made your heart race.
“Besides, a duck is cute. Therefore, a cute nickname… For a cute individual.”
You swore your heart was going to combust inside your chest.
“Now about your attention span…” Viktor hummed. Holding the middle of his cane, he softly tapped the handle of his cane to your forehead.
A gentle bonk.
“It appears something is causing a hindrance to your concentration.”
You rubbed the back of your neck with a sheepish smile, “Yeah, something like that.” Your eyes flickered to the mole above the corner of his lip.
“What’s distracting you?” Viktor tilted his head as he nudged your knee with his.
You sighed, “I was looking at the moles on your face.”
Viktor’s eyebrows raised, “Oh? And what about them?”
You smiled, remembering the myth your friends and family relayed to you many, many years ago.
“They reminded me about a myth I learned about growing up. I was told that the moles and birthmarks on your skin were indicators to where your lover from your past life kissed you the most.” You nudged his knee back.
A light flush sprinkled his cheeks. Viktor hummed, leaning his cane against the workbench, “And… You believe it?”
“Mhm, yes. But also no.”
“How so?”
You tapped your chin, “I find the sentiment behind it adorable, sure. But I think it makes the reason to kiss someone all the sweeter for the next lover in the next life.”
Viktor nodded. Pulling his chair closer to yours, his knees now brushed against yours.
“So, you’re telling me, a lover from my past life liked to kiss me… Here and here.” Viktor pointed to the moles on his face.
You smiled and nodded back, softened eyes flickering to his moles, “I think your lover knew what they were doing.” Viktor raised a brow. “I theorize that the lover from your past life kissed you here,” You softly tapped the mole under his eye with a finger, “And here,” You tapped the one above the corner of his mouth, “Because they were the most optimal spots for kisses.”
“That’s certainly a… bold theory.” Viktor smugly smiled, eyes darting to your lips briefly. “Maybe… You could test your theory?”
Your eyes widened, a quiet gasp catching in your throat at the mere image of you kissing his cheek. 
“I-I mean yes, I could, theoretically.” You bit your lip before shrugging. “But... I’m going to need a participant.”
Resting his elbows on his knees, Viktor leaned forward so much that his face was just inches away from yours.
“You have a prime contender right here.”
You cleared your throat, “Well, as the researcher, I’m going to need to ask the participant for verbal consent, which coincides with ethics, confidentiality and confirms that they want to participate in the study–“
“Yes. I consent. Now will you stop stalling, my duck?” Viktor chuckled.
You gave a single nod, biting the insides of your cheeks in an attempt to stop smiling. Taking in a gentle breath, your fingers floated under his chin, hooking it between your index finger and thumb. Leaning forward, you planted a soft kiss under his eye, letting your lips linger for a few moments. You heard Viktor’s breath hitch as your thumb grazed against his skin.
Gravitating towards his other mole, you kissed it with just as soft of a touch. Your lips were dangerously close to the corner of his lip – if you had moved just a hair-width below, you would have met a sliver of his mouth.
Pulling back, you chuckled at the sight before you. Viktor’s cheeks were drenched in pink, the tips of his ears turning almost as red as his tie.
“So as the main participant in this study,” You smiled as you stood up and sat at the edge of the lab table, “Is my theory correct?”
Slightly loosening the tie around his neck, Viktor chuckled with a widened grin, “W-Well, you’re going to have to note that I will certainly have a bias in the results,” Viktor smirked up at you, “But you’re correct. My lover from my past life knew where I liked to be kissed… except I think they forgot a crucial one.”
Before you could deliver a question, you realized that Viktor’s golden eyes burned with something behind them as he stood up. You didn’t have time to react as Viktor placed his arms beside you, caging you in as he leaned against the table. Cupping your cheek, he brought his lips to yours.
You sat there frozen, your mind short-circuiting at the feeling of Viktor’s lips on yours. Fluttering your eyes closed, you pressed back tenderly, slowly, and gently, moving your lips against his. Your lips perked into a tiny grin against Viktor’s mouth, reaching up to gently hold Viktor’s wrist as he caressed against your cheek.  
When you two pulled away, Viktor stammered, “I-I apologize if I overstepped–“
You cut him off by grabbing his tie, lightly tugging him forward so you could kiss him again.
“Oh.” Viktor chuckled, stumbling slightly as you kissed him with more passion, one hand still holding his tie while the other snaked into his hair. Viktor stood in between your legs, his hands landing on your waist while a quiet sigh emitted from the back of his throat. The hand in his hair soon traveled down, you gently held the side of his neck as your thumb caressed the side of his jaw.
A mischievous thought passed your mind. You lightly gave a playful bite to his lower lip, making Viktor’s breath hitch. His hands at your waist tightened, his lips pressing firmer and more feverish than ever, making you sigh into the kiss.
Pulling away, Viktor pressed his forehead to yours, deep breaths mingling as smiles reached both of your faces. Viktor let out a giddy laugh, the corners of his eyes crinkling in delight as he brushed the tip of your nose with his.
“So…” Viktor sighed, languidly rubbing circles with his thumbs at your waist, “I forgot to ask, do you think my moles are optimal placements for kisses?”
With a big smile, you cupped his cheeks and kissed his moles again.
“Does that answer your question?” You laughed, running your thumbs across his cheekbones.
“Yes, it quite does,” Viktor closed his eyes briefly, leaning into your touch, “One last question.”
Sliding your hands down, you draped your arms over his shoulders, “Shoot.”
“You also said that my moles give a reason for the… next lover to continue those kisses,” Viktor avoided your eyes as the flush on his cheeks deepened, “So I ask, will you be that person? My… lover?”
Warmth bloomed in your chest, diffusing across your body, and traveled up to your face. Your face felt like it was set ablaze, particularly in your cheeks.
For the longest time there was no label. And now with his kisses and touch burned into your mind, imagining your relationship to be officially defined–
“I would love to.”
Viktor grinned, capturing your lips once more.
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quacksonbarnes · 5 months ago
Fight or Flight (2.)
Pairing: Viktor x Childhood Friend! Reader
Warnings: Angst, fluff, NSFW, soft dom!Viktor, shower sex (this is my first time attempting full on smut help)
Word Count: 4.6k
Requested: Part 2 of the first request!
Viktor examines the injuries you sustained during the fight whilst reprimanding you (A/N: Readers apartment is a room within the Academy!)
Tumblr media
Your limbs ached with every step you took, your body screaming with exhaustion. The flickering light ahead of you providing just enough exposure to know where you were going. The bridge was always bittersweet to cross, knowing how much bloodshed had occurred over the piece of architecture. A symbol of sorts, bridging two sides of completely different coins.
Stumbling forward, a dull throbbing between your temples caused your vision to blur slightly. Focusing on holding the makeshift ice-pack to your cheek, which once was pressed to your split lip.
The corner of your lip twitched at the thought that once returning to your apartment you could rest easy. Bastian was going to provide the funds for another few weeks due to your victory tonight, and that meant your sister would have food on the table. However, not an education... just yet. 
Gripping the railing of the bridge, your knuckles almost turned white at the force. You needed sleep desperately, and some pain killers. Your free hand fell to your bag that was slung over your shoulder, the one that Bastian had reminded you to grab before you left. You may have kept some in there, the only problem was you had no hydration to keep them down, apart from your own saliva.
Your mind wandered as you tried to distract yourself from the physical toll the fought took on you. You wondered if Viktor was still tinkering in the lab, working tirelessly for the price of progress. He was like that ever since he was a little kid, selflessly caring for others instead of himself. You reminisced on the time he'd shown you his mechanical boat he’d made, as you both ran after it. You had helped him up after he’d tumbled to the ground, losing his invention in the process. 
A couple days later, he showed up with it once again, however he never disclosed to you how he got it back. 
You smiled fondly as you remembered yet another memory. He’d organized an entire picnic for your birthday, attempting to prepare restaurant level food to prove to you that his culinary skills had improved. You thought he was taking a jab at your inability to cook as you’d never learnt whilst growing up.
He’d informed you that his mother had taught him, although he didn’t consider it a hobby. Once she passed, he’d stopped.
Your gaze fell to the cement below you... If only he’d seen you in this state, you couldn’t begin to imagine his distaste. His disappointment. 
You’d gone out of your way to cover up the yellow-brown bruises that decorated your body after each fight, not wanting Viktor to comment on them. The grazes were harder to cover up, so you lied, blaming them on your clumsy nature. He didn’t take much notice of it or so you’d thought. 
It must’ve been past midnight when you finally made it back to the Academy. Roaming through the eerily empty, not to mention dimly lit halls. A tension had risen in your chest, almost suffocating you. Afraid that if you breathed too harshly, something or most likely someone would jump out at you. 
As you continued forward, your attention was brought to the lab and subsequently, Viktor's room. Passing the door, you halted, internally fighting with yourself to check up on him. It’s not like he’d be able to see your injuries in this lighting anyway, but there was always a slight possibility. 
Allowing your hand to hover over the handle, you tried to convince yourself to leave it. Ultimately failing, you winced as the door creaked loudly at your intrusion. You scanned the room briefly, noting how the blue hue of the hex crystals lit the area in a spectacular fashion. Viktor, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen. 
You shook your head, he must’ve been so exhausted that he forgot to lock the door. Frowning slightly, you backtracked and pulled the door shut. Not forgetting the bag slung around your shoulder, you dipped your hand into it. Rummaging around you pulled out a set of keys. Squinting, you attempted to choose the right one by feeling around the tip of the key with your fingers. You’d memorized the grooves within the keys and which door they unlocked, it was a skill you prided yourself on. Pressing the golden key into the snug lock, you turned it, hearing a satisfying click. 
“That’s better.” You commented softly to yourself before turning away. Staggering forward a few more steps with a slight limp, you took the next right. Your apartment should be a little further down. Recognising the gold trim on the door, you halted in front of it. Shoving the first key on the chain into the lock, you opened it with haste. 
Stepping forward into the familiar room, you immediately threw your bag onto the quilt covered mattress. Shortly collapsing onto the bed with a huff, you opened one of your eyes, finding yourself staring between the slightly open door of your bathroom. A shower would be real nice right now.
Letting out an annoyed sigh, you rose to your feet. Your hands crossed over one another as you reached for the hem of your singlet, tugging it off in one swoop. Throwing the material onto the ground, you hooked your thumb under the elastic of your tights to pull them down. Inconveniently, they clung to your feet causing you to repeatedly lift your legs so the material would release. 
“I’m too tired for this shit.” You remarked as you stepped forward, pushing the door open and reaching for the light switches on the side of the wall. The light was almost blinding, stunning you for a moment as your vision adjusted. 
The mirror in front of you reflected your reaction, causing you to let out a small laugh at how wrecked you looked. Underneath your eyes were tinted a purple-blue colour, similar to the variety of bruises that decorated your torso and upper arms. Luckily, the makeshift icepack Bastian had gifted you had caused the swelling of your cheek to go down. Your lip however was still puffy, your fingertips traced over it slightly, feeling it tingle underneath the gentle touch. No wonder why Viktor had asked if you’d recently slept, you looked no better than he did. 
Leaning your arms on the marble counter, you hung your head trying not to let your eyelids flutter shut. A slight tapping noise caught your attention for a split second, glancing over your shoulder towards your room. Brow raised, you shook your head. You were probably just hearing things, it wouldn’t be the first time. 
Glancing toward the open shower, you reached your hand behind your back, stretching it uncomfortably to unlatch the hook of your bra. Allowing it to fall to the floor, you softly tugged down your panties and stepped out of them. 
You stumbled right, behind the wall that separated the shower head from the rest of bathroom. Leaning forward, your fingers brushed against the rigid handle forcing it upward to allow for the water to soothe your aching muscles. Closing your eyes, darkness engulfed your vision as you felt the scalding water hit your skin. Turning around on the spot, you tilted your head backward, attempting to run your fingers through your hair. 
“I know where you disappear to now.” 
You slightly jumped, recognizing the accented voice immediately. He sounded close, but not too close. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you poked your head around the wall. His back was leaning against the door frame, using the cane as leverage as he glanced towards your room to avoid eye contact. 
You calmly exhaled, turning back around to lean your arms up against the wall of the shower, “How’d you get in here?”
“Did you forget?” He paused momentarily, ”you gave me an extra key.”
“For emergencies only,” You reiterated, slight annoyance in the tone of your voice. You felt on edge at his presence, along with the fact that you were standing in the shower fully undressed. You knew he had the modesty not to peak.
“You don’t consider this an emergency?” Viktor’s question caused your train of thought to completely cease. This was just further confirmation that he knew what you’d been trying so desperately to cover up. 
You pressed your forehead against the chilling tiles, furrowing your brows and letting out a pained sigh. You didn’t know how to respond, your chest was tightening with every small intake of breath. No matter how this ended, it wasn’t pretty. 
“Let me see,” He demanded, followed by a soft, “please.” 
You crumbled, mumbling a brief ‘okay’. He placed his cane against the wall, hesitating slightly before stepping into the shower. He exhaled slowly, the humidity of the steam caused his breathing to feel uncharacteristically shallow. 
You, on the other hand, held your breath as you felt his presence behind you, refusing to turn around. You didn’t want to see the expression that decorated his features in this very moment. 
“You can breathe you know?” He stated light-heartedly, which caused you to let out a slight chuckle at his attempt to disburse the tension. His bashful awkwardness was endearing. 
Goosebumps began to breakout along your skin as he stepped closer, the water doing nothing to mask your back from him. You felt his warm breath fan against your shoulder as you focused on the tiles beneath you. The pads of his finger tips gently traced over a yellow-brown bruise that decorated your back. You could feel his analytical gaze trailing over your figure, he frowned at each discoloured mark that laid upon your skin. One of his hands ghosted the curve of your waist, aching to touch it but he refrained himself. 
“Why do you do this to yourself?” He whispered softly into your ear, causing you to clench your jaw unable to process his proximity to you in this state. Pushing past the fact that your best friend was seeing your bare body for the first time since you were children, you began to relax under his touch. 
“It’s to support my sister,” You admitted, unconsciously leaning back towards him, following his body heat along with the steaming water. He continued pressing his fingers against your back, softly massaging the bruised area with caution. 
“I thought you said she was alright and safe,” He commented, worry evident in his voice as he continued to work on you. 
“She is...it’s just financial issues with the adoptive family.” You informed him, twisting your head over your shoulder to make eye contact with him as you spoke. His brows furrowed, the corner of his lips threatening to downturn at the information. 
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” You didn’t miss the frustration within his tone, which caused you to shrink underneath him. Forcing your eyes shut, you braced yourself for the reprimanding you were about to get. 
“I didn’t want to burden you with all my family troubles."
He scoffed at your remark, shaking his head slightly. You felt his hand press against the bottom of your spine, causing you to let out a pained hiss at the contact. He’d touched the exact part you had landed on tonight. Viktor immediately retracted his hands whilst mumbling, “Sorry, I didn’t realise you were that tender.”
“It’s alright,” You responded, slightly missing the feel of his soft hands kneading your aching muscles. He took your reassurance as an indication to continue, moving your soaking hair over your shoulder with one finger. 
“This doesn’t excuse the fact you have to look after yourself better,” He whispered softly, pushing his thumb in an upward motion from the base of your shoulder to your neck. You attempted to stifle a whimper, face flushing from the embarrassment. 
You leant your head back, resting it against his shoulder as he basically held you up. You realised he was still wearing his vest, his clothes now soaking due to the water. He didn’t seem to mind, focused on you relaxing underneath his touch.
You let out a soft sigh, “Only if you do it first." 
“An ultimatum?”
You nodded breathlessly, smiling slightly at the humour within his rhetorical question. 
“I can work with that.”
The soft smile on your face began to drop, chewing nervously on your lip as you came to your senses, “Viktor, what are we doing?” 
“I’m showing you how much appreciation you deserve,” He stated nonchalantly, “Turn around.”
You obeyed his command, mouth slightly parting as he stepped closer. Water droplets falling from his shaggy brunette hair that now stuck to his face. You were enamoured by the desire in his gaze. His amber eyes burning into yours. 
You ignored the stinging sensation of the water against the cuts that decorated your cheek, your eyes flickering from his amber ones down to his lips briefly. The corner of his lip twitched at your slip up.
He raised his hand, cupping your jaw softly as he brushed his thumb against the new injuries. You nuzzled into his palm, following after the warmth as he smirked.
“You split your lip.” He remarked as if it was the most obvious thing ever. His comment caused you to unconsciously dart your tongue out to wet your bottom lip. The simplicity of the action made him physically react. 
Surging forward, he pressed his clothed body against your undressed one. The material of his vest brushing against you in the nicest way possible. His lips pressed against yours with fervour, his hand latching comfortably around your hip.
The coolness of the tiles against your bare back allowed a surprised squeak to escape your lips at his abrupt actions. All those years of pent up frustration and tension were being released in this very moment, and it felt perfect. 
You melted underneath him, hands finding themselves pulling at his soaking vest. You swiped your tongue against his bottom lip, coaxing it open to deepen the kiss. He followed your direction before breaking away, allowing you to unbutton the wet material that clung to his torso.
You rested your forehead against his as he helped, ripping off the vest and beginning to pull off his white undershirt that was now see-through.
"Someone's eager," It was your turn to tease, smiling fondly up at the scientist. His gaze softened at your grin, his thumb brushing against your cheek once again before responding, "It's hard not to be around you."
His response caused a blush to rise to your cheeks, becoming almost bashful. However, he couldn’t recognize the physical reaction due to the steam of the shower already making your face flushed. Your arms trailed down the sides of his torso before hooking into his belt, pulling him closer as you unbuckled it. 
His palm cupped your breast, kneading it softly before running a thumb around your nipple. You faltered, a whine escaping your lips as you focused on his repeated motion. 
“So responsive,” He hummed, intently watching your expression change at his exploration of your body. He’d imagined this moment so many times but it was incomparable with reality. He couldn’t comprehend that you were falling apart under his touch. 
In retaliation to his comment, you pressed your hand against his length. Cupping him through the fabric of his boxers in such a way that it made him sharply inhale. You caught your bottom lip between your teeth at his reaction, gazing up at him through your lashes.
His hand gripped your wrist, causing confusion to spread across your face. Shaking his head, he reiterated, “This is meant to be about you.”
A disappointed huff left you at his comment, causing him to respond with, “Next time.” You nodded, excitement coursing through your body at the promise of a next time. His grip on your wrist tightened as he lifted your arm, holding it above you against the tiles. You busied your other hand by placing it on his shoulder. 
His head dipped down to enclose his mouth around your nipple, causing you to let out a pleasured sigh at the sensation. Your impatience was getting the better of you. He swirled his tongue in such a way it nearly made your knees buckle. 
His name fell from your lips like a mantra, something he’d never get tired of hearing. You took it as an opportunity to run your fingers through his dripping hair, brushing it back out of his face. He obviously appreciated the gesture as his hand ghosted between your thighs, almost making you close them together in a desperate attempt for friction. 
Awkwardly, he attempted to get onto his knees without causing his leg any extra discomfort. You held you hands out toward him to use them as leverage, scared he’d hurt himself, especially in the shower. 
Once comfortable, he hooked his hands around the underside of your thighs to pull you closer to him. You sharply exhaled at the sight in front of you. The man you’d been pining over for years, eagerly on his knees for you. 
He teasingly trailed his fingers up the inner side of your thigh, you let out a whine of frustration at his hesitance. Internally, you felt like you were a second away from spontaneously combusting. 
“Viktor, If you don't hurry up-,” Your plea was cut short as he leant forward, pressing his thumb against your clit. He began slowly moving it in figure eight motions, processing the expressions on your face whilst doing so. 
“What were you saying?” He questioned smugly, gazing up at you as he began to tease your dripping entrance with his nimble fingers. Calculatingly, he ran two of them between your folds. You hummed encouragingly whilst gazing down at him, biting your lip to prevent a whine from escaping. 
“I didn’t think you’d be this much of a tease,” You breathily sighed as he continued to glance up at you, a soft smile decorating his features. As a response, he sunk the two fingers into your cunt until they were knuckle deep. Your whimper was cut short by your breath hitching. He began scissoring his fingers in such a way that it caused your shoulders to slump forward. Your fingers found their way into his soaking brunette hair, attempting to use it as motivation to coax him further. He became rougher with his motions, continuing to experiment and observe the way your body reacted to him. 
Your lips parted, allowing a moan to escape as he sped up his ministrations on your clit. The overall stimulation sent your head reeling. Curling his fingers in an almost ‘come hither’ motion, they grazed against your sweet spot. You swore you nearly came undone right then and there. Your head abruptly hit the tiles behind you, wincing slightly at the accidental jerk. 
“Don’t go hurting yourself again,” He huskily remarked, humour in the tone of his voice before leaning forward and replacing his thumb with his tongue. The contact with your clit sent a shiver up your spine, face heating up due to the lewd sounds of your own wetness. It caught you by surprise how attuned he was with your body. Sucking softly on your clit, he looked up at you with hooded eyes. 
He continued to devour you, pushing you to the edge as his fingers repeatedly curled. Heightened by the way he was lapping up the mess you made. You let out a high-pitched whine as your body began to tremble at his touch. Your abdomen clenched as he felt the way you squeezed his fingers so greedily, making a growl leave his lips which vibrated against your cunt. Your release washed over you in waves. 
“Viktor.” You pleaded, the overstimulation almost hurting as he continued to graze his fingers against your sweet spot. Switching back, he placed his thumb on your abused clit before completely abandoning the idea and replacing it with his nose. 
Tugging his hair slightly to pull his face away from your cunt, he maintained eye contact with you. His chin glistened with your wetness as he darted his tongue out to lick you off his lips. Completely and utterly blissed out, you leant back against the wall, “Where did you learn that?”
He smiled at your question, refusing to answer. Slowly rising to his feet with slight difficulty, he used your torso as a stabiliser. Not allowing yourself a moment to rest, you surged forward, pressing your lips against his swollen ones with relentless passion. 
His arms wrapped around your waist, hiking one of your legs around his waist at the motion. You could still taste the remnants of yourself on his lips. Het let out a soft pant as you pressed yourself further into him.
Pulling back, you latched your lips onto the side of his neck. Suckling softly until you heard him let out a breathy moan. His hand reached out to grab your ass, squeezing it in response. You mumbled against him, “I need you Vik,”
He leant forward, grazing your earlobe with his lips as he responded with, “Then take me.”
His demand spurred you on, hooking your fingers underneath the elastic of his boxers, you tugged them down. 
Your eyes widened as you took in the size of him, admiring how swollen the tip was and the precum that dripped down it. Although, you weren’t sure he was going to fit. 
You stepped forward once again, enclosing your fist around his length. He hissed at the contact as you began pumping him in rhythmic motions. Running your fingers over the tip teasingly, he let out a stuttered moan. Pressing you against the wall, his hot breath fanned against your neck before placing soft kisses against it. Focusing on rolling his hips against you for some sort of friction. 
You used your hand to guide him to your entrance, lining him up and letting out a nervous sigh. Viktor pulled away when he heard the sigh that fell from your lips, analysing it immediately.  
His thumb and forefinger caught your chin, observing your wrinkled forehead and furrowed brows. He lifted your head upward so you’d make eye contact with him. 
“I’ll be gentle,” He hushed with sincerity, his amber eyes sparkling with another emotion you couldn’t decipher. He cupped the underside of your jaw, brushing his thumb against your skin reassuringly. In response, you pressed a kiss to his palm. 
He dipped his head, making sure you were alright with continuing before guiding himself into you. You exhaled sharply at the intrusion, mouth parting as he stretched you. You let your forehead fall onto his shoulder to hide the expression you were making. 
The sounds spilling from your mouth made him want to swallow them up. He pushed himself further into you, coaxing more sweet noises from you. The sensory stimulation caused your body to pulse against him. 
You dug your nails into the supple skin of his back as you adjusted to every inch you took, noticing how his skin was hot to the touch. He was filling you perfectly, causing you to feel slightly light-headed. 
“You’re doing so well.” He mumbled, pressing a kiss to your wet hair as you nodded against him. One of his hands gripped the underside of your thigh as your leg pressed him further into you until he completely bottomed out. His stance slightly faltered, causing your brows to furrow. 
“Don’t overexert yourself.” You reminded him, afraid that this was too much pressure on his leg. Although he didn’t seem bothered and continued to rut against you. He dislodged one of your arms from gripping onto his back and instead intertwined his fingers with yours. Pressing your hand up against the wall again, he squeezed your hand reassuringly.  
Pulling nearly all the way out, he teased you by easing in particularly slow. Feeling him drag against your walls, you moaned against his throat. He punctuating his teasing with rough thrusts immediately after, the erratic rhythm causing you to clench around him. The sound of skin on skin contact filled the bathroom, adding to both the pleasure and embarrassment you were currently feeling. 
You pressed your swollen lips against his in an almost teeth shattering kiss, tilting your head to the side as you dipped your tongue into his mouth. Tasting him as well as stray water droplets from the showerhead. He returned the kiss, licking into your mouth as a fight for dominance. Although this time, you ended up winning. 
You arched your back, rolling your hips against his as he continued to rut into you at a consistent pace. The position allowed him to reach deeper inside you, ultimately making you let out a shameless cry as your body shook with bliss. His hand dropped, thumb pressed snugly against your clit as he began to rub it in tantalizing circles. Your hands gripped his biceps to steady yourself. 
“You’re so fucking tight.” His praise sent your head reeling, body tingling at the way the words rolled off his tongue. It took you completely off guard, usually he was so composed. You smiled, knowing that it was your cunt that degraded him to the point of swearing. 
“Viktor, I c-can’t...” You stuttered, nose brushing against his as you maintained eye contact with him. He nodded, pressing his forehead against you in mutual understanding. Goosebumps littered your skin as you felt the coil in your abdomen tightening to the breaking point. His ministrations on your clit continued to fasten as you felt his hips begin to stutter. 
Your lips parted, forming a silent ‘O’ shape as your body convulsed against his. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you further into him as you both climaxed. 
He released inside of you, filling you to the brim with his cum. The warmth travelled from your core to throughout your body. He halted as you nuzzled your head between his neck and shoulder, embarrassed from being unable to control your spasming body. 
You breathed slowly as he slumped forward against you. Using you as a stabilizer of sorts as he regained his energy. Your core ached as he slid out of you, watching intently as his cum dripped onto the shower floor. It began to wash away due to the water. 
He took in your appearance, face flushed, lips swollen and a blissfully dazed expression decorating your features. You looked beautiful in this state, he wanted to see it more. 
“I didn’t even get to wash my hair,” You let out a humoured chuckle at your sudden realisation. Stepping forward slightly, you realised your legs were still shaking from the aftershocks of your orgasm. His hands comfortably found a place on your hips which caused you to smile softly up at him. The newfound intimacy made butterflies erupt in your stomach. 
“Let me.” He offered to which you attempted to decline, crossing your arms over your chest. You shook your head in defiance as he began to step back, turning your body around and inching you backwards into water and further towards him. The heat of the water took you by surprise, gasping and running your hands over your face to rid it of the droplets. Your body temperature immediately dipped once in contact with the cold, yet humid air. 
“You’ve done enough.” You insisted sincerely, a slight frown gracing your features as you followed his movements. He chuckled slightly at your reaction to the water. Patting you on the hip reassuringly, he responded with, “I insist.”
Viktor reached for the purple bottle of shampoo that sat comfortably inside the indentation of the wall. Squirting the liquid on his hands, he began to lather them together. 
He pressed a soft kiss to your shoulder as he massaged your head, protecting your eyes from the suds. You nearly collapsed from exhaustion.
“Your water bill is going to be through the roof.” He muttered disapprovingly.
“And whose fault is that?” You remarked, almost feeling him roll his eyes at your comment. Totally worth it.
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viktwhore · 5 months ago
Coming Soon
Fake It ‘Til You Make It | Viktor x Reader
Zaunian!Reader was never taught how to read which is ironic for someone employed at the Academy. You’ve gotten by for months now without any mishaps until Professor Heimerdinger assigns you to work for the Hexcore scientists. 
Last Hope | Viktor x Reader
Mage!Reader is a scientist working at the Academy when you overhear how sick Viktor has gotten. Ignoring all past cautions to keep your magic hidden from everyone, you try to get close enough to heal Viktor with your magic while having to keep your powers hidden from him, which isn’t exactly an easy task when you need to have physical contact with him to heal him.
jealousy, jealousy | Viktor x Reader
You can see how hard Sky is crushing on your boyfriend, Viktor, and you can’t help the self doubt creeping in. Viktor makes sure you won’t forget that you’re the only one that he wants.
Boom | Silco x Reader
After the destruction of her family, Jinx (Powder) takes comfort in one of the only people left in Zaun that she cares about: you. Day after day, Jinx visits you in your workshop, learning how to tinker and perfect her bombs. One day, Silco follows her to find out what on earth she gets up to while he’s not around and totally not because he wants to make sure she’s safe and ok. He sees you mentoring and caring for Jinx like she’s your own and instantly falls in love.
Oral Fixation | Viktor x Reader
You have a bad habit of biting and licking things while you’re deep in focus. Unfortunately, for your fellow scientists, it’s a very distracting habit.
Irony | Viktor x Reader
After meeting Heimerdinger after the bridge attack and learning about his assistants illness, Ekko knows the perfect person who can help Viktor. Unfortunately, you’re the one thing they’ve tried so hard to keep out of Piltover for all these years.
My asks are OPEN, so if you have any requests or something you’d like to see written for any Arcane characters (especially Viktor, Silco, and Jinx) feel free to send them in!
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viktorstittytank · 6 days ago
Girls night (NSFW)
Everyone’s reaction to reader coming back from a girls night tipsy and horny
I thought this idea was wayyy too funny
18+ minors DNI
Tumblr media
Probably was at the girl’s night with you.
If you smack Mel you’re losing access to your hands and they will be pinned.
She completely understands getting caught up in the moment but she isn’t the one to slap. It’ll just be used as an excuse to steal your soul.
This girls got gadgets you’ve never even heard of and they’re all gonna be working at their highest setting tonight.
Accidentally traumatizing Jayce and waking up to enough noise complaints you could swim in them.
Tumblr media
At first she’s a pouty puppy. Hasn’t even noticed that you’re tipsy and hella horny. She’s too caught up in feeling bad for herself that you left her at home to spend time with your girls.
She has to get a good look at you before she realizes what’s going on and smirks.
Handsy, hot and bothered, she’s liking this side of you.
But then her pants are coming off, and wow you taste like hard liquor and when did you get her top off?
As soon as she realizes you’re moving a little too fast for her she panics.
Locked herself in the bathroom and sat in the tub till you passed out by the door.
Tumblr media
At first he’s excited to see you. He’s ready to hear about all the places you’ve been and what you guys talked about until he sees this carnivores look in your eye he’s never seen before.
You pretty much jump his bones.
You’re going to break the man. You’re squishing his face and he’s fighting to breathe while you’re having some of the best sex the two of you have ever had.
Moans in confused and a little scared cus what the fuck is going on.
He’s half out of his mind while you’re bouncing on him and only really comes back to earth once the two of you are done.
Littered in bite marks and can’t look you in the eye in the morning. Doesn’t even know who you are anymore. This is going in his journal.
Tumblr media
Babes can do more than handle you. You’ve met your match with this one. She doesn’t really care if you’re gripping her hair hard if anything it makes her work harder.
Bite her she’ll bite back harder.
She’s gonna chuckle into your mound while you grind yourself against her face. Usually you’d never even think about sitting on her face because you’ve said it before you’re too scared you’ll suffocate her. It’s hard to believe the words ever left your mouth at the sight of the two of you.
When the strap comes out if you get wild she’s just gonna enjoy the show. Completely ignores you when you try smacking her. Only really cares about the faces you’re making cus you look cute.
Sevika can take a couple of hits this is a piece of cake.
Tumblr media
Someone missed you while you were gone as much as he hates to say it. He tried distracting himself with work but couldn’t help thinking about you and how cold you’d left his presence.
He waits for you at the door so once you come stumbling in he’s getting mowed down immediately.
Congratulations you’ve caught the king off guard and wow this is definitely a new position, have you always been this flexible? What are you doing to his body?
@thesinoflust1103 @htmlbitxh @redflamesbaku @illicittete @mochi-clouds @bilesxbilinskixlahey @sparrow-rise @freementallyillkid @just-a-sewer-goblin
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viktorshands · 2 months ago
Arcane Characters x Glasses-Wearing Reader
Characters included: Jinx, Viktor, Jayce, Sky, Caitlyn, Silco. (If there is a character you want added, send me an ask!)
Tumblr media
Jinx, curious as a cat, would snatch them off of your face the first chance she got.
“So, you can’t see without these?” She asks, eyes wide with interest.
“No, I can see, just not well.” You reply, your voice laden with sarcasm.
“Oooooh.” Jinx said, placing the frames on her face. 
Funny enough, she looks great with them on, because - of course she does.
“It’s all blurry, I’m going cross-eyed here!” She feigned dizziness, making large movements with her arms and wobbling.
Taking the glasses back from her and setting them properly back on yourself, you reply, “That’s because you have perfect vision, unlike me.” You booped her nose, making her scrunch up her face in cute disgust.
“I have a great idea!” She jumped in place and grabbed your glasses once more. 
You had no chance to react as she swiftly ran away with the glasses in hand, no doubt to give them a Jinx-ified paint job, her azure braids trailing in the wind behind her.
The astute observer would notice immediately.
“I believe I would be correct in saying this is why you always had headaches before, hm? Because you need to wear these.” He added.
“You are, as always.” You smirked at him, feeling the blush on your cheeks mirroring his.
“May I?” He asked, holding one hand out to you.
Silently you took the glasses off and handed them to him.
“I noticed the right side was tilted slightly,” he paused, tilting his head to the side with his eyes narrowed in concentration, “I’m just going to tighten this screw here.”
After he fixed the screw with a little screwdriver, he handed them back to you and you put them back on.
“Better?” He quirked his brow, anticipating your response.
“I guess so.” You grinned, trying not to laugh.
He had a confused look on his face and asked, “What’s so funny?”
“It’s just, I can’t tell the difference, but it was very sweet of you to fix them for me.” You teased lightly.
“Don’t patronize me, Y/N, I was just trying to be helpful.” He said, pretending to be offended.
You couldn’t help but laugh, making Viktor chuckle as well.
Jayce, being the goofball that he is, would beg to try them on as soon as he saw you with your new glasses.
Upon trying them on he said, “How do you even see out of these things?”
All you could do was watch in horror as his thick head bowed out the frames.
He gingerly held them out to you, rubbing his temples as you placed them back on your face - only to have them slide right off. 
“Ugh, JAYCE.” You exaggerated his name and flung your arms out. 
Recognizing your dismay, he sheepishly held his hand out to you, his eyes like a guilty puppy dog. 
He led you to his lab so he could find a teeny screwdriver to tighten the frames back to normal again.
“There,” he says with a wink, placing them as gently as he could back on your face, “just as perfect as ever.”
Sky would be practically jumping for joy upon seeing your frames resting upon your face.
“Oh, Y/N, your glasses look so nice!” She said fondly.
Her cheeks lit up with a warm, rosey blush as the two of you walked up the steps of the Academy building together.
A clap of thunder jolted the two of you, just as raindrops started to fall from the grey clouds above.
You ran up the steps together and caught your breath in the doorway, both of you giggling.
Sky looked at you with her brows drawn together, “Do you mind?” She pointed at your glasses.
“Oh, um, okay, no I don’t mind.” You took your frames off and handed them to her. 
Sky used the hem of her cotton shirt to clean the raindrops that had fallen on your glasses.
“There we go, good as new.” She beamed.
You smiled back at her, thankful for her sweetness.
“Come in.” Caitlyn called from behind the closed doors of her bedroom.
You opened the door gently and waltzed in, beaming with delight.
As usual, Caitlyn was sidetracked, head buried in a new case she was working on. But, as soon as she looked over to you she sighed softly.
Standing from her chair she held her hand out to you, taking yours she spun you in a circle, “Look at you, love.”
She cupped your face with her soft hand, her dainty fingertips gently caressing your cheek.
“They truly look wonderful on you. Tell me, what drew you to this color?” She touched the frame carefully, so not as to smudge the glass.
“I wanted something to remind myself of you, that’s why I went with the dark blue, it’s the shade of your hair.” You answered her bashfully, blushing as she kissed your forehead in response.
“Did you think I wouldn’t notice?” Silco’s velvety voice sent a shiver up your spine.
“What?” You stopped polishing the glass in your hand, a confused look on your face. Just like him to be cryptic in his questioning.
“Your glasses.” He said plainly, leaning slightly over the bar to get a better look. “They look nice on you.”
At this point you weren’t sure if it was a compliment or not, and you shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other.
He drummed his fingers on the bar top, “But, they make you look too smart.”
“Is that a dig?” Now you were irritated, closing down the bar was no longer your priority as slapping the man in front of you started to look more appealing.
“No, you silly thing. Just an observation.”
His hand reached up, almost hesitant, to graze the side of your cheek below where your glasses sat. He adjusted the frames ever so slightly up the bridge of your nose, as they had slid down a bit while you were hunched over polishing glassware.
He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. Instead, he drew himself back and turned on his heel, footsteps trailing away as you stood frozen from the intimate contact.
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deadly-flourish · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
After a hot bath, things get even hotter...
Fandom: Arcane (League of Legends)
Pairing: Vi x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Smut, mature content, swearing, body worship, oral, fingering, tribbing, overstimulation
Word Count: 3,300~
Notes: The second part to my previous story where Vi and the Reader took a bath and things become rather naughty in this one! 🤭 Hope you enjoy reading ❤️
A warm and muscular body full of elaborate ink pressed against yours eagerly as soon as you allowed it; pushing hips, stomach and chest closer, searching for more contact, marred hands hurrying to caress smooth skin and squeeze you tighter, closer.
Your hungry mouth was on hers in an instant then and soft lips moved against yours, excitement building between you both in each beat of your hearts. It was fast and hard and pumped heat up and down your body, leaving a shade darker on your cheeks, making you forget the towel on the bathroom floor so palms could explore the woman's still wet skin.
Fingers squeezed at her arms, feeling the taut muscle harden beneath them, softer hands brushing up to wide shoulders and arms wrapping around her neck, keeping you grounded as you let your head tilt to deepen the kiss, parting lips as an invitation for her tongue to come out and play. With a swipe you felt it against yours, tasting the flavor of her earlier fight and the swig of alcohol on yours -- coppery and strong, addictive and everything you needed.
Pulling on the little hairs behind Vi's head earned you a faint moan and a roll of her hips, something that made your legs shake. Loosening the hold on pink strands, you caressed your way down her neck, squeezing shoulders, exploring strong arms with the lightest of scratches from your nails and then her sides to where they would dig carefully into her hip-bones.
She slipped a sculpted thigh between yours, bare skin brushing up against your warm, tingling flesh, making you moan into the kiss and legs shake again. Her powerful arms kept you safe and guided you around the room, your closed eyes snapping open when your warm back met with the cold of the wooden door, a surprised gasp swallowed by her needy mouth as she kissed you once more with tongue and teeth and a mess of lips viciously molding against each other.
Your wrists were pinned against the door by scarred hands, all of Vi's weight pressing down on you, letting you feel every trained muscle and bone, the squish of her soft breasts, the tickle of curly, pink hairs and the racing of her heart as she rolled her strong hips again and again until you let out a loud whine and balled your fists, back arching away from the wood in search of more contact, more friction, more pleasure.
"I want you so bad…", the misfit growled, warm mouth latching onto the side of your neck, licking, sucking and biting, working hard to leave a mark there.
You squirmed under her powerful grasp, unable to do anything but let Vi claim another spot on your neck and keep moving her hips against yours, making you feel like you were burning from the inside out.
"Vi, fuck…", you hissed at the stinging sensation from the bruised skin as she kissed up along your throat to nip at your chin before stealing another heated kiss that left you breathless and weak.
Her thigh slipped between yours and you felt a knee brush up against your folds, sending shivers down your spine. You watched Vi chew on her bottom lip as you panted lightly, those wide pupils hypnotized you, so intense and full of desire that it made your whole body flush. She looked starved, ready to take a bite out of you and by Gods, you wanted nothing more than for her to destroy you.
"You're so hot…", she praised you, her hands sliding down your wrists until she was hunched just enough to taste the droplets of water on the skin between your breasts. Heavy blue eyes on your feature and the slight curve of her lips into a smirk made you inhale sharply, studying the pink of her tongue lick a path to the side and down, to where a hard nipple was and the cooling air in the room disappeared, replaced by her hot mouth.
You moaned when her tongue brushed against the taut peak, louder when lips sucked on it in a way that made your pussy twitch. She released it with a noisy pop and latched lips onto the skin beneath and then at the side before switching to your other breast, leaving hickeys all over your chest for you to remember this night the next couple of days.
"Please, Vi…", it was a plea, desperate for her to touch you properly. She knew you were growing needy from the way you tried to sway your waist to chase after the knee that pulled back to leave you feeling crazy from lack of attention to your sex.
Vi gazed up at you, growled and showed you the whites of her teeth brushing against your nipple, the faintest of bites making a little moan escape you. "What do you want? I want to hear 'ya…loud and clear.", her muscular body slid downwards so she was kneeling, lips following behind, showering your stomach in kisses and lips, marking hips and stopping just below the belly-button, palms moving the same -- caressing down your sides, squeezing your waist and thighs, keeping a hold on them.
Maybe in another situation where your body wasn't on fire and you weren't such a horny mess you would have stood your ground and not given into her so easily but who fucking cares? You had to be touched, you needed her to touch you, somewhere, anywhere, everywhere -- you just wanted her to do something, anything with you.
"Please, please fuck me, please!", you begged.
"You sound so cute when you beg…", Vi's smile was pressed against your thigh, leaving kisses on the soft skin as lips brushed towards where you needed them most. "How do 'ya want it? Want me to play with your pretty lil' pussy with my fingers or do 'ya want my mouth first?", she teased you with the lightest of caresses from her fingertips against your folds, staring up at your trembling form.
Which one?! Was she seriously expecting you to choose? How could you when you wanted both?
"M-mouth…", you saw how close her head was to your cunt so it seemed obvious, though you hoped she would still use her fingers too. "Please…", you asked timidly, shaking fingers moving strands of wet pink hair away from her forehead, caressing her damp skin with your soft thumb and palm.
"That's my girl...your so sweet when 'ye ask nicely.", she nuzzled your sex with her nose and chuckled at the slight shake from your thighs.
"Bet you taste just as sweet…", without warning she hooked her strong arms under your leg and pulled it over her shoulder, making you scramble to press against the door and hold onto her head for support and let out a little squeak of surprise.
"Vi…damn…", with your thigh raised you felt completely exposed to her hungry eyes and embarrassed at just how wet you had gotten.
She hummed against your inner-thigh, peering up at you with a playful bite of her bottom lip and then a slow lick from her tongue over it, pressing a kiss to your leg and brushing hand up the other one to stop next to your dripping folds, using two fingers to spread your folds, caressing lightly around your clit, avoiding the little nub just to drive you crazy.
"Fuck…p-please!", you hissed, the feeling of her skillful fingers toying with the flesh near your clit just enough to keep you alight but you still wanted more. You needed more. But she enjoyed teasing you like this sometimes -- it made you all the more eager and desperate and willing to beg which was awesome for her ego. Making you a needy mess, hearing you break and plea and then giving you exactly what you needed because she was just that good at fucking you in the way you needed.
"I thought 'ya didn't want no funny business...but here you are now…", she slid those two fingers down to dip them slightly into your pussy, making your walls twitch and the muscles on your thighs give tiny tremors. "Nice 'n' wet and shakin' all over, so willin' to let me fuck you...", her mouth pressed a kiss to the damp skin next to your folds and then she showed you mercy -- brushing lips against the sensitive nub that made your hips jerk forwards.
"There! Please!", you let out a loud whine, pushing back against the wooden door to support yourself, fingers curling into pink strands to pull head closer to where you needed it, earning a groan from the misfit as she finally tasted your clit with a slow lick from her hot tongue, making you feel a bit dizzy.
Vi's tongue brushed up against your little spot in a series of short, quick licks, scarred fingers digging into your thigh to keep you spread open for her to as she pleased, exploring dripping flesh with time and care, slowing down when your breathing got too rapid and speeding up when the hold you had on her head started to loosen. All that attention to your clit was overwhelming and tightened the knot on your stomach rather fast, forcing hips to move so you could rub your cunt against her mouth in a desperate chase for more friction from her lips.
You called her name, lost in your little world of pleasure, letting body move by itself, uncaring of the mess you could make of her face. She kissed and sucked on your clit with fervor and with a push of her fingertips into you, barely moving deep, you released a shameful moan and tensed, gripping hairs with a tight hold that made her groan loudly.
"F-fuck, Vi…", you felt warm tongue lick next to her wet fingers before brushing up and your leg be hoisted further up, locked between a strong arm and her side as she began to stand, that one hand still between your thighs cupping your pussy.
"Shit, 'yer so fucking sensitive…", Vi groaned into your ear, pressing body against yours to trap you again, fingertips rubbing tedious circles over your still tingling clit, slowly building you up without any pause, keeping all of your senses on edge.
"V-Violet…", you groaned lightly at the feeling of the pit of your stomach filling with warmth once more and your hips trying to follow the agonizing movement of her two fingers as she slid them down to your messy cunt, pushing them in with ease and stretching you out, making you moan.
"This okay with 'ya?", she curled her fingers, the tips of them brushing up against your soft walls in a way that made you see stars. Twitching around them you felt the fullness of those digits inside of you, comfortable and delicious, making you feel whole and warm and fuzzy from head to toe.
"Holy fuck, yes…", you gasped, bending leg as much as you could to pull her body closer, back arching off the door, squeezing chest against hers, dragging your nails down her tattooed back, hard enough for the misfit to hiss from the stinging.
Vi nipped at your earlobe, kissing down to the corner of your parted mouth, the stick from your juices on her skin making you mumble her name, moving head to the side to press lips against hers in a sloppy kiss, tasting yourself on her tongue.
Her fingers worked eagerly between your legs, curling and stretching, scissoring you and pushing back and forth in a rhythm you found difficult to follow at first and from the smirk pressed to your chin it seemed intentional, to make you desperate and having you beg her just like she wanted and to cement that goal her fingers stopped moving.
"Fuck y-you…", you cursed, hearing her laugh softly at your frustrated humping and pissed-off tone. "Ass…", the hiss you released only made her smile wider, licking a wet line up to your ear.
"You gon' beg for me to make you cum?", the misfit teased with a mischievous grin, pressing her warm palm down on your sensitive clit to give you some contact, knowing it wouldn't be enough and it was only a matter of time until you succumbed to her teasing and ended up begging some more.
You chewed on your bottom lip and narrowed your glazed eyes at her, trying to stand your ground for a moment but when those slippery fingers started moving again, curling into you and that little bit of friction on your clit from her palm made your hips jerk forwards, you realized you had no choice than to stroke the misfit's ego and hope she gave you what you needed without teasing you too much.
Your body was far too sensitive and your brain far too gone for you to be able to endure her whims without feeling like you would go insane. She was having the time of her life, however -- watching the way your needy body chased after her hand when she pulled it away, the way your flushed features went from annoyed to desperate and the way you looked at her with a hopeful glint in your eyes.
"Please...make me cum…", part of you hated how easily you broke but seeing her blue eyes shine with pride and a stupid grin form on her face made you a bit more willing to accept that you would let her boss you around a bit just because she looked so happy with the effect she always had on you.
"Fuck yeah, sweet thing…" Vi seemed quite giddy with your plea, bouncing slightly in place as she offered your warm cheek a kiss. "I love hearin' you beg in that pretty voice of yours…", lips brushed against the corner of your mouth and you leaned to kiss her, letting her swallow your sigh of relief when fingertips caressed your soft inner-walls.
You felt a rhythmic stretching of your cunt that you were able to follow, pushing hips against her hand, the motion from her strong arm and your shaking body creating that friction you needed on your clit for your stomach to grow hot and heavy. She kept up a merciless pace that left you panting, fucking you nice and hard with her expert fingsrs until you were dragging nails down her shoulderblade and digging them into skin covered in intricate ink.
"That's it, baby…", the misfit purred, nuzzling your warm cheek, squeezing your leg tight against her side to make sure you were secure. "Cum for me, pretty thing…", little kisses were pressed against your jawline, pink hairs sticking to your skin when she aimed for your throat to suck a mark on it, all the sensations all over your body mixing together to make you a sweaty mess against her hot body.
A curl from Vi's fingers to caress a spot inside of you she had memorized far too well made your hips falter and body tremble, little spasms followed by a loud whine and stuttered breaths that pulled a moan from her. Wet fingers slowed their pace but continued to fuck you, pushing you through your orgasm and keeping everything burning, making you push on her shoulder to give your aching body a break, feeling the need to close legs before you lost all of your breath with how hard you panted.
"Babygirl…I know 'ya got more in you…", her voice was deeper, laced with lust and greed and you felt her shift against you, picking you up with a chuckle. You dug your nails into her arms, trying to calm your breathing, opening teary eyes to the sound of the door unlocking, then her lips crashed against yours and when you came to your senses after a hungry, sloppy kiss, you were in bed with the muscular woman hovering above you...
"Violet…", your chest continued to heave and you tried to squeeze your legs shut but felt something block them. Blinking the moisture collecting at the corner of your eyes away, you looked at the wide thigh between yours and the body attached to it.
Vi was flushed completely, red in the face up to her ears, freckled skin sweaty and still damp from the bath too, gazing down at you with dark eyes and a focused expression, pouting and frowning as she searched for the perfect position to roll her hips against you, brushing pussy against yours.
Realization hit you with the rub of hot, dripping flesh against yours, hearing the moan she let out even through the pounding of your heart in your ears. You were so sensitive, it felt good and was a bit uncomfortable at first at the same time but with each movement from her, that feeling turned into an overwhelming pleasure that left you gripping at the bed-sheets until your knuckles became pale.
"Oh Gods, Vi…", the back of your head sunk into the mattress and your body arched off of it, every inch of you feeling like it was melting. You closed your eyes and pulled on the sheets, feeling a rush of sensations all over your body that you had no idea how to handle. It was a lot...too much... made you whine and moan and choke up, producing all sorts of sobs and gasps as you lost yourself in the noisy rub of wet on wet and Vi's pitched groans.
"Fuck! Your pussy feels sooo fuckin' good…", the misfit moaned and purred praises, drowning your mind in far too much and something snapped and you felt it wash over you from the tips of your hair to the curling of your toes as you shook and then sobbed out her name, cumming under the other.
Vi rutted against your gushing cunt despite your loud cries, fueled by them and the added slip from your juices until her grip on your leg tightened and strong body went tense. You heard her curse and moan your name before a hot body covered yours, skin sticking to yours, mouth brushing against your cheek, offering little kisses up to your eyelids.
"Shh, baby…", the pink-haired purred gently, kissing away the trails of wet rolling down your cheeks, moving to the side to pull you into her arms to embrace you, whispering about how good you were and how good you made her feel.
You didn't even notice you were crying until her thumb brushed against the corner of your eye and you blinked at her through the dampness…You supposed your body just had no idea how to react after being overwhelmed like that but it was oddly relieving and you felt incredibly tired but satisfied.
"Vi…", you murmured her name, sliding closer to her chest, brushing lips against her chin. "I can't feel my legs…", you giggled softly and felt arms squeezing you, pressing her chest against yours so you could feel heart beating through the skin.
"Hmm, means I did a good job…", Vi smiled, pressing a soft kiss to your sweaty forehead.
"You always do…", you sighed into the crook of her neck, caressing muscular arm before letting your palm rest on her hip. "You're the only one who can make me feel like this…", offering a kiss to the inked gear on her neck, you sighed softly.
"I love you, Violet. So much", you whispered.
"...you gettin' sappy all of a sudden?", she teased, pinching your side and making you squeak.
"Don't ruin the moment, jackass…", you groaned, pulling your head away to narrow eyes at her.
Vi grinned, leaned forwards and pecked your lips, earning a little sigh from you and a smile, finding yourself growing cozy and ready for some rest.
"I love 'ya too…", her flushed features softened from playful to genuine and your heart filled with warmth and affection. "You mean the world to me and I want to treat 'ya right...my beautiful girl.", she gave your nose a kiss and sunk back into the bed, pulling you closer so you could cuddle up to her.
Filled with a comfortable sense of peace, you let your eyes close as your cheek rested on her soft chest, falling asleep to the sound of her heart...
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seviks · 15 days ago
- Arcane headcanons ; How do they act when they are jealous?
Tumblr media
Warnings: Jealousy, Gn!Reader, established relationships.
A/N: Since I could find some of my old stuff I’m reposting it, I also edited it lol. Likes/shares/comments are SO appreciated I miss my old acc sm
Tumblr media
He may act all high and mighty, way to regal for such mundane feelings, even his appearance keeps up with this, what a bastard. Ice cold persona even when some weakling gets way too flirty with you at the Last Drop, however, that doesn’t mean he isn’t burning red with pure rage inside, he doesn’t like when someone puts their filthy hands on what’s his, you noticed that of course, you know him too well to know that the incessant tapping on his fingers on the counter mean, you are kind enough to not say it out loud but still you make a show of it when you get close to him to nuzzle on his neck and he gently puts one of his arms around your waist, he isn’t that big on PDA but suddenly he wants it more than anything. The poor man in front of you looks like he is about to crumb as green and red pierce trough his soul, Silco smirks at him as you try to keep talking just to mess with your partner, the eye squeezes your waist making you squeak.
“Oh pet, don’t mind me and keep talking with your friend, thought i think nothing really useful will come out of that fools mouth.”
Sevika it’s tough to decipher, even she has a hard time trying to understand her own emotions, specially those that make heer feel vulnerable, weak. When she is jealous everyone and their moms will know about it, an even deeper scowl adorning her features. She doesn’t appreciate the newbie barista giving you puppy dog eyes, they are so touchy and flirty and they are clearly making you uncomfortable, it’s just natural she snaps. Suddenly you go from sitting on one of the barstools to sitting on her lap, your back to the barista as you are looking at her and only her. You know Sevika so well you do nothing but make sure she knows you love her as you softly kiss her with complete devotion. The poor barista gets the clue and backs out and your girlfriend’s chest puffs a little with pride, you are right where you belong and that’s it.
“Why don’t we go out darl, i don’t want this jackass watching your ass and i very much prefer not getting dirt on my daggers today”
Be careful! Jinx always has pow-pow and fishbones with her so she will literally blow someone up if they do so much as look at you twice...kidding...kinda. Jinx is not really the most confident girl there is, after all that she is been through she needs nothing but constant reassurance you want her, craziness and all. Watching someone gets close to you with second intentions makes her doubt about herself and the relationship between you two, she will hear those voices in her head of how you would look so good with someone else and she will start to distance herself from you, they would be better for Reader, they are not a jinx. When you see that cloudy and troubled look in her eyes for the love of god just pull her into a tight hug and tell her how much she means to you, she will go back to her bubbly self and stick her tongue out to however tried to take away her sweetheart, someone needs to put this girl back together and if you can do it, then so be it.
“Hey toots! why the sudden hug hmm? oh...oh i love you to, i really really reaaally do!! can we- can we kiss now?”
When Vi saw some enforcer bastard trying to get way too close to you the pout on her lips was inmediate, who do they think they are? she is not insecure because theres a reason of why you chose her, this doen’t mean that she can’t get jealous tho, she will stand her ground and defend what’s rightfully hers even more if she notices you are uncomfortable. After a lifetime of having nothing to call her own Vi will fight heaven and hell if that means you are going to stay with her and this enforcer weakling no match for her. She gets close and puts an arm around the shoulders of your new “friend” and starts to compliment you too just to say at the end “and you know what’s best man? they are all fucking mine” her arm gets just a little tight o the mans neck “do we understand?” the enforcer quickly nods and just goes with some stupid excuse, you can help but giggle and kiss her nose as a thanks.
“Come on kitty, they were obvious you can’t blame me. Cute? do you think my “jealousy” is cute, come here you brat”
Ekko can’t help but roll his eyes when someone gets too flirty with you, are they really that blind? He swears he will have to collar you up or something just to make a statement that you are his. He can’t blame them, you are the most wonderful creature he has ever come across, but still you are his and everyone specially his subordinates should be aware of it. He knows better than step in the middle of you and the other person to annoy you, he doesn’t want to sleep in the couch, specially not when you are so warm and soft. But when the airhead of a flirter finally goes after giving you his number on a paper, his hands go to your waist to pick you up and go to his place, quickly taking away the paper and trowing it somewhere. He is so childish but you love it, specially when he starts to pepper your face in tiny pecks while still pouting, he knows he is with you and you don’t have eyes for somebody else but that doesn’t stop the ugly feeling in his gut, give him kisses too, he deserves them.
“Mine, mine, mine mine. Say, baby would you mind to stay here for the rest of the day? we can cuddleand nap, fuck ‘em all.”
The scientist may act all confident and cocky but he has insecurities too, Viktor needs a lot of reassurance, more than he cares to admit. Almost everyday you kiss him softly and you tell him how much he means to you, he appreciates it, he feels wanted and important; when he gets jealous he will show it, narrowing his eyes to however is trying to even look at you with the wrong intentions, his first reaction is to be aggressive and protective but then he will show you how insecure he got, what if you got away? He couldn’t handle such future. After Viktor got all defensive and mean to the shy intern who was asking you out, you take his face into your hands, tell him how little everyone else means to you “because he is first in your life”
“My beloved-” you kiss him “my-“ then again “im-“ again “mkay you win, I love you too my dearest”
My golden retriever boy! my smart jock! my pookie spunky- ok i’ll stop. Jayce is such a puppy boy, always behind you with lovestruck eyes a lot of energy and strength he doesn’t know how to use and the biggest emotions ever, he is not really insecure of your relationship with him all he processes is that you love him and that’s enough but he still gets jealousy over people trying to get your attention, you are his !! he is yours !! no one else is supposed to interfere period. When he sees someone getting way too close to you in a manner no one but a lover would his blood boils, he grita his teeth and his judgement clouds. Trying to keep the perfectly good persona he strives to be is hard when he gets such a sight but expects the golden boy to be at his very best at all times. Jayce tries not to show his clear anger and instead in a really mature manner he hugs you close to him and chomps (lovingly) your neck glaring at the person that was trying to touch you and then turning to you with the biggest puppy dog eyes, he did nothing wrong, now go and kiss him in front of that fool.
“Come on babe it was just a little love bite, im-im NOT sleeping on the couch i’ll bite you again. waIT- BABY-“
Mel doesn’t know jealousy, she is gorgeous, smart and so much more and most important she trusts you wholeheartedly, when she sees someone getting all lovey-dovey with you across one of the fancy parties you to attend to she lets you be, she watches the scene on display, she feels infatuated by it because you hold your ground and look at the fool with eyes as cold as ice and simply ignore them giving an overly dramatic twirl as you make your way to your girlfriend. You make it a show as you get close to Mel, swaying your hips and acting as the most lovesick partner making sure however tried to flirt with you gets the message you wouldn’t even look at them twice with Mel as your girlfriend.
“Yes darling I did see you. Don’t pout like that I saw you were handling yourself just right, now now would you mind going somewhere private? I wanna chat with my love”
The enforcer is not one to easily open up about her emotions, she wears them on her sleeve but this doesn’t mean she knows how to properly express them, sometimes Caitlyn feels too much and that’s also the case of her jealousy. When she is jealous she won’t tell you and she will try not to express it, she doesn’t want to feel like a burden, however, you pick up on this as you know her so well, instead of trying to talk about it (she will do it herself when she is ready) you try to make her feel loved trought your actions, hold her hand in public and kiss her softly, whisper all you love about her and she will easily let her negative emotions die down. Even if you have to ignore the presence of the other person in front of you to make Cait feel okay, you will, you would give this girl the whole world and still feel like it’s not enough, she deserves so much.
“Bunny, can you hold me closer? i feel so loved when im with you, thank you”
She doesn’t. She just doesn’t get jealous or insecure about your relationship, this doesn’t mean she won’t stand up when she sees someone trying to hit on you. One day you try to bring Grayson some homemade lunch to her office but of course some dude enforcer with his head up on his ass way to confident to notice you are not paying attention to his words is blocking the door, he is going on and on about how he is so strong and that he would very much appreciate if you could check out his “pistol” you are about to start trowing punches but thats when you see her, Grayson not-so-gently pushes the man off the way and smiles and you while she invites you in and you very much obligue so; don’t mind if you are suddenly sitting on her lap while she works.
“Oh don’t leave now dove, everyone here seems to enjoy your company a lot, such a shame for them that i am the one your heart beats for”
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fanficbambiandy · 5 months ago
hi i have a suggestion for a viktor oneshot
the reader could be one of his aquaintances from when he was a child and they meet eachother again
(sorry about my spelling)
A/N: To anyone who is writing to me and worried about spelling, don't be. I'm not a native English speaker either, so simply trying to write, speak and/or read in it is a huge thing. Your spelling is okay, don't worry:) I didn't want this to turn into a basic 'I had a crush on you years ago,' so decided to try something out.
This fic is written in a gender neutral way, but you can always change the pronouns and certain words to match your own identity.
Summary: Someone has been breaking into the academy and stealing valuables. Many believe that the HexTech laboratory will be the next target and are getting more measures in order to protect it. But extra protection didn't stop the thief...
To those who don't know Vytia is a nickname from Easter Europe. It's pronounced Veetia.
Tumblr media
𝐎𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬
𝐕𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐱 !𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
It had happened again: officers unconscious on the ground – snoring, two grenade shells lying on the floor and the formerly locked door open, it’s latch cut through. And just as always, the laboratory looked hauntingly intact: furniture right where it had been left, the cabinets and drawers shut tightly, the papers stacked neater than any scientist would put them… Everything placed precisely as to the thieves needs, the cleaner it looked, the harder it would be to notice what it was they took.
Viktor, alongside Jayce, Professor Heimerdinger, councillor Medarda, sheriff Marcus, some enforcers and doctor Braum were overlooking the remains of the latest break-in. The thief was climbing their way up from the lower, schooling levels, to the actual laboratories, getting increasingly gutsier – closer to HexTech quarters. Doctor Baum’s office was just a couple of doors away from Viktor and Jayce’s lab, and no doubt, the next time the perpetrator shows up, it will be for the real prize.
“Sheriff, what have you gathered about the intruder?” The councillor asked the man in blue beside her, some of his enforcers entering the room to look over, if it’s safe to go in.
“We believe that it’s someone from the Undercity. Most likely they sell off the objects in the black market,” sheriff Markus answered.
“And is there a reason your enforcers fall asleep during the job?” The professor spoke up, rather irritated at what has been happening to his university.
“Our tests concluded that the grenades contain a certain chemical compound that acts as a sedative,” Jayce explained, cutting off the sheriff before he could defend his team.
“It is actually a very sophisticated drug, works in a matter of seconds,” Viktor added, eyebrows scrunched. While he did not enjoy the prospects of their research being stolen, the thief was clearly smart, calculating. Not only did they find a way to immobilize at least twenty fully grown men, but also to get through an iron door without making a noise by- by cutting it? It was astonishing, really.
“I want extra protection around HexTech laboratories, sheriff,” Jayce’s jaw was set. If the thief would get HexTech to the black market no one knows what consequences could follow.
“Of course, master Tallis,” The sheriff nodded, before going inside doctor Braum’s office to look at it himself.
As they were making their way towards their own laboratory, Viktor looked to Jayce, “I believe, we should think about taking personal precautions.”
“What do you suggest?”
“We could install a silent alarm that would signal the enforcers of an intrusion,” Viktor proposed, looking over at his friend.
“Well then, we should better get to work,” Jayce smiled over at his partner.
A couple of months had passed, no break-ins happening during the time, the robber seeming to know that their next visit wouldn’t be so easy. Viktor and Jayce had perfected their alarm system – it was powered by HexTech: after leaving, one of them would type in a code into an unsuspicious looking calculator, which remotely controlled the mechanism. Once triggered, if not turned off in 2 minutes, it would silently inform the on-site enforcers, specifically working this case. Most nights Viktor would stay in the lab, so there was no need for them to really activate it. But considering the fact that the criminal seemed to know everyone’s schedule and to this point only struck when most of the scientists were out of the academy, they couldn’t take any chances.
Viktor was strolling back home. It was an autumn night, stars gently sparkling over the city of progress, the wind reminding of time passing, and how soon they will enter into the next season. He tucked his nose a bit more into a scarf Sky had gifted him on his name day a year or so ago. Jayce had gotten him a ‘lifetime’ supply of sweet milk cookies… apparently a lifetime for Viktor was three months.
As the inventor was lost in thought about life and some equations, he and Jayce had tried to solve during that week, a shadowy figure was hopping from roof to roof, over the sleeping city – the heist had begun.
Roof from roof, they had slung themselves all the way to the academy’s building. It was truly a magnificent architectural piece, but not exactly of any value if it couldn’t fit into a bag. Jumping down from the roof, the criminal landed on one of the lower-level tops. Unclipping a rope from their hip, they flung a metal claw towards the higher-level rooftop, the hook latching onto one of the window railings. In silent rapidness they rose up the towers. Once they reached the second top layer, they took out a little box, adhering it to the glass, before pulling out of it a slim rod. Pressing a button, it started cutting through the glass, making a perfect circle. The glass fell forward making a crashing sound.
“Perfect,” they muttered, stepping inside the building, hiding behind one of the pillars, taking a couple of rough-looking metal spheres. As they heard people rushing up the steps, they smirked under their mask.
Just as the first guard entered the passage, they pulled out a pin from the ball, throwing it towards the entrance; the gas slowly filling up the chamber and the guards falling one by one. Not waiting for every one of them to show, the thief made their way upwards, going straight to the prize – HexTech laboratories. Another gadget found its way into their hands. Clicking a button a red glow emitted from it, the criminal not wasting any second, cutting through the door’s locks. Pushing the iron door open, they rushed inside. This was their last raid, their most important one in fact and the goal was not only to steal but make fun of those pilties. The thief made their way around the lab, stuffing anything and everything that looked of value in their bag: gears, tools, some sort of mechanisms all of it could be valuable on the market, if they said it was from the HexTech creators themselves. As they made their way further into the space, they found a section of drawers that wouldn’t budge. And one thing that every thief knew well, if it’s locked, it’s valuable. Snatching their cutting device, they swiped it through the gap, it popping open and a blue glow emitted from the drawer.
“Ka-ching,” The robber smirked, the sum already rolling into at least the thousands. Pulling the bag closer, they grabbed handfuls of the glowing orbs throwing as many as possible into the bag. However, something felt off, in fact, this entire raid seemed to be going too smoothly for something that should have been the most important part of the academy. They couldn’t name what exactly wasn’t okay, it was just a gut feeling. Picking up the pace they decided not to stick around, gut or no gut, time was priceless.
The enforcers silently made their way up the stairs, stumbling over their peers, quickly checking their pulse to make sure, the criminal didn’t use anything stronger. Continuing their way up, the saw the big HexTech marked door ajar. The leader gave his group a signal – move in.
Bursting through the entrance, guns up and aiming at anything stirring. The only thing shuffling, or rather a figure, was already atop of an open window with a glowing bag on their shoulder. Giving them a two-finger salute, they jumped off from the ledge – bolting.
A chase of a lifetime was happening in the sleeping city: enforcers sprinting down the streets after a gleaming bag, their boots echoing from the white brick walls. The thief cursed out with a huff. ‘Shit. I didn’t expect this to be so heavy,’ they thought, gripping the bag harder; no way are they loosing this. Whirling a sharp corner, they hoped to lose at least half of their pursuers. Turn after turn, they pushed themselves as hard as they could, their thighs burning, lungs begging for a proper gulp of air.
“STOP!” A rogue enforcer jumped in front; a gun trained on them. They skidded to a stop. Shit, shit, shit. But the enforcer didn’t call out for back-up as he came forward towards, what he thought – was his captured prey. ‘He has yet to call for the others,’ the thief thought, a smirk passed their lips, ‘somebody wants the glory.’ He started patting down the robber, starting from their shoulders, going towards their legs. Big mistake. A solid kick to the face, bought enough time for the thief to grip their trophy, again tearing through the streets.
“They ran that way!” The criminal heard a muffled shout, from what they could only guess was now the broken nose enforcer.
Turning the corner again, there were already four officers blocking one of the passages. Turning around the thief looked over another alleyway, knowing if they made a bolt, they could reach a ladder and in turn the rooftops – their playground. But the enforcers were more than ever working as a team, another four caging the criminal between a dead-end and their last chance. Ripping their way towards the street, another pair of officers blocked it. Fuck.
“You have nowhere to run! Hands up!” The supposed leader of the chase called out to them.
“I guess you wouldn’t believe me, if I said that Snowdown came early this year?” They joked.
“Hands!” The officer growled at them. Their brain kicked into overdrive thinking of possible routes out of here and still keeping at least half of, now, their valuables; the thief didn’t put up much of a fight, they needed time, not a bullet wound.
This time six enforcers had their guns aimed straight at the criminal’s head – no way for them to repeat the earlier trick. After the patting was done, and their gadgets were confiscated, a pair of cuffs were slapped onto their wrists, the goods hauled by some other officers.
“You’re a fucking snitch, hope you know that,” The felon hissed at the man with the swollen and bloodied nose.
The criminal was now stuck in a plain, grey interrogation room, feet obnoxiously on the table, leaning back on their chair. The officer in front of them was slumped over in his chair, a cup of coffee near him. Their hands of course were cuffed (rather tightly they might add), hitting a finger on their forearm in rhythm with the annoying ticking of the clock; early hours of the morning, noted.
“Can I get some coffee?” The thief spoke up. The officer threw them a nasty glare, obviously stationed here to wait for someone else to take over, “Fine, I’ll just have some of yours then.” A clang of the wooden chair hitting the stone floors, followed by a quick sloshing of the coffee. Their companion didn’t even have enough time to react before they spoke up again, “I usually like my coffee with more sugar and a splash of milk,” They smiled, continuing with sipping their beverage.
“That’s my coffee,” he growled.
“You aren’t the one drinking it, buddy,” The robber answered, going back to their original position. The enforcer was scowling at them, but before he could voice his disdain, the door opened, three men occupying the entrance.
“Chase, you can go,” The one in the front said, he was wearing that damned blue uniform every piltie bitch had on. “Mister Tallis,” He nodded at the taller of the two men behind him. The pair walked in, the door closing behind them.
The taller of the two made his way in front of the thief, looking down on the criminal, pointedly not sitting down. “Who do you work for?” He demanded, jaw set, shoulders tensed.
He didn’t get a response, well not a verbal one at least. The person in front of them making a loud, over-exaggerated slurp with their drink. Jayce slammed his open palms on the table, almost snarling at the figure in front of him, a ringing silence in the room. “I asked – who do you work for?” The inventor punctuated every word.
“My stomach,” The person grinned swinging their legs back down on the floor.
“You think this is funny? Thousands could get hurt because of what you have stolen over the year,” Jayce continued. Viktor decided to stay quiet, choosing to see how it would play out, before acting.
“Thousands are hurt because of Piltover,” The person smirked, completely unfazed by the accusations. They want to play the morality game? Bring it on.
“You really don’t care, do you?” Jayce asked, shocked and disgust washing over his face.
“Look, fancy-pants,” The thief leaned in, towards the still standing man, “you can try to guilt-trip me all you want, but the only wrong thing I’ve ever done is being born on the wrong side of the city,” a beat of silence, “though, it seems your friend got out of it. How’s the sun been treating you on the uppside, Vytia?”
Viktor frowned, only one person has ever called him that, but they would never…right?
“(Y/n)?” He asked shocked.
“Oh, you still remember lil’ ol’ me? How sweet!” Though the words spoken should have sounded delightful, they were laced with acid, “Can you believe we used to make toys together?” The question was directed at Jayce, a feign dreaminess conveyed on the criminal’s face as they leaned on their palm.
“(Y/n), what are you doing her-?” Viktor asked, still looking confused, but he got interrupted.
“Well, if you’d follow along, you would have known that I was caught by enforcer’s, Vytia.” The nickname they once uttered in adoration, was now a venomous jab.
“I know that,” Viktor snapped back. “I meant, what are you doing stealing valuable parts from the academy?”
“Well, babe, not all of us are so fortunate to live here,” (Y/n) answered with just as much spite.
“So, you resort to stealing?” Jayce cuts in.
“Listen, buddy, I get that you’re used to being Mr. Macho around here, but this ain’t piltie business, it’s between us. Got it?” (Y/n) snarled at the man. Jayce didn’t want to back down of course, but did he really have a choice? It was clear their thief wasn’t going to talk to anyone from Piltover. He sighed backing off, their eyes following his movements. Even in chains they resembled a predator.
“Ashe says hi,” (Y/n) turned they focus back on the shorter of the two, a cold grin atop of their lips. Viktor looked away, a pang of guilt crossing his eyes. Before forcing himself back to their (e/c) eyes.
“So, you’re doing this for her? She wouldn’t want this for you!”
“She’s pregnant, Vytia.”
Viktor’s face went through many emotions: surprise, confusion, worry, guilt…
“She-” Viktor couldn’t even finish the sentence.
“She’s pregnant. Found herself a nice guy. They got married last spring, we sent you a wedding invite, but you never responded…” (Y/n)’s eye that were sharply trained to the inventor’s face before, started looking somewhere far away. “He died. Grey-pox.”
“How-how is she doing?”
“How do you think she’s doing? Her husband died; the father of her kid is dead. She’s out of a job, all I can get are rusted over washers. Life down there is shit, Vytia,” (Y/n) snapped, it was easier for those two to see a villain, than a person. “And you left us.”
Viktor was stunned into silence. They were right, he did leave, but he was doing it for the right reasons… right? He was helping people. He had helped people.
Jayce watched the interaction in silence: it was sobering to hear a person from the Underground sharing their life.
“Go on then, arrest me, I ain’t snitchin’ on anyone,” Their cold voice echoed.
Gears were turning in Viktor’s head, he couldn’t let this happen, not now. The amber eyes turned to look at his partner, asking for help. Jayce gently nudged his head towards the door. A pair or perceptive (e/c) eyes followed them out.
“Jayce, I cannot let them go to jail. They- they have a sister, they have to take care of her,” Viktor explained the moment the door latched close.
“I understand, Viktor. I- I can try to speak with councillor Medarda, maybe she can advise us what to do on this situation.” Jayce promised, holding his partner’s shoulder.
Hours had passed in that stone cell, (Y/n) thinking of happy past childhood memories, a smile would grace their features once in a while. When the clock struck 5PM the interrogation room’s doors swung open: Mr. Macho, Viktor and a graceful woman walking through it. (Y/n) didn’t spare them a second glance, going back to trailing unseen patterns on the table.
“Master Tallis and his partner informed me that you are the thief that has been breaking into the academy,” The woman spoke up. No response. “You realize that you have committed serious felonies.” At this the thief lazily turned their eyes to the woman, “So?” They slurred.
“You can be sentenced to Still Water Hold for at least 35 years,” The woman explained, her nose slightly wrinkling. The thief just pursed their lips and raised their eyebrows.
“(Y/n), we are not the villains here,” The woman sighed. At this (Y/n) scoffed, “Oh believe me, everyone knows that, you people, are saints.”
“(Y/n),” Viktor spoke up, walking towards the seat across from the figure, “we want to offer you a way to avoid jail.” But the thief looked unimpressed, bored even. “To help Ashe,” Viktor tried again, hitting where it truly would pique interest. And though they didn’t say anything, their eyes twinkled with curiosity.
“As we understand you completely refuse to help us track down the black-market shoppers,” Jayce joined in, hoping that maybe? But one raised eyebrow said everything they needed to know, no one was going to learn anything new about the illegal marketplace. “So, considering you have broken into the academy successfully 28 times, we propose a deal of your expertise to help us improve our security measures,” Jayce finished.
A couple of seconds passed before (Y/n) mumbled, “32.”
“What?” Viktor inquired.
“I broke in 32 times, not 28,” they grinned. They looked up from their table, straightening their slouched posture, “will I get paid for it?”
“Yes, plenty, but only after a probation period. We can’t have you running away without helping us first,” The woman explained. The person in front of them pursed their lips, thinking, weighing their options.
“Do I get to bring someone here?” (Y/n) asked again. This was the most important question in taking the deal.
“Of course, but only after the probation period,” The woman explained again.
“Counci-” Viktor started to protest.
“This isn’t debatable, Viktor, I am already pulling a lot of strings for you,” The, now, councillor cut him off.
“And I get my own place?” (Y/n) continued.
“You will be staying with me for the time being. Till the month is over,” he rushed to add. “After that you will be able to rent out your own flat,” Viktor explained, a slight redness on his pale cheeks.
“And all I have to do is tell you how much you suck?” (Y/n) inquired again, though truthfully, they were already sold on the idea.
“How we can improve our security measures, yes,” The councillor rephrased.
(E/c) eyes clashed with gold surrounded hazel ones, “Deal.”
“I tried to clean up as much as I could during that brief time, but…” Viktor explained as he picked up random books and papers lying around his flat. It wasn’t dirty in any sense of the word: it was a three-room residence – a kitchen that was connected to the living room, a bedroom, and a washroom. Besides the scattered notes, the apartment was clean, if not looking slightly uninhabited.
“Viktor really you don’t have to fuss over this, it’s fine,” (Y/n) said.
“I just –” The man began before cutting himself off and starting again, “I’m sorry, (Y/n) …for leaving.”
“Well, you’ve done a pretty good job at making up for it,” They conclude, their exterior still rough. The new head security checker sighed. “Vytia,” they called out to him, for it seemed the first time since childhood, in a caring voice, “Look, I was pissed. The first three years, I was livid, okay? I didn’t understand, wanted to rip you a new one,” they chuckled. “I was hurt…I missed my best-friend,” (Y/n) shrugged their shoulders. “But then I remembered everything you were able to achieve down there, and I just thought ‘If he can do this shit here, what the hell will he come up with up there.” Viktor looked up at them, his amber eyes meeting their (e/c) ones. “I forgave you years ago, Vytia. Once a friend, forever friends or some kiddie thing, I’m too old for,” A grin came up on their face, one that the man returned.
“You probably wish to rest now, considering the night you’ve had,” Viktor asked, turning around to take his own covers over to the couch.
“Just a bit.”
When Viktor turned back to his couch, he saw them splayed out on it, already half-asleep.
“Oh no, no, I’ll be taking the couch, you take the bed. It’s already made,” The inventor rushed over to the person, who was dozing off by the second, shaking their shoulder.
“Vytia, I’m fine on the couch really,” They mumbled.
“Please, I insist,” He persisted. With a grumbled ‘fine’ they made their way towards his bed, collapsing face thirst into the plush pillows and falling into dreamland. Viktor’s eyes widened when he saw a Piltoverian tag on their shirt. They’ll have to work on that.
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juvenile-j1nx · 5 months ago
Y/n: "Ya, I really like Jinx. She's so pretty."
Cait: "She's fucking pychotic?!"
Y/n: "So Pretty."
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meliapis · 6 months ago
just a respectful reminder to all the new writers joining the arcane fandom: if you’re doing a character x OC PLEASE don’t tag it as character x reader!!! reader inserts are meant to be inserts for a reason as they are not supposed to be named!!! nicknames are A-okay, but if your reader is named and has characteristics and described features, please stay out of the x reader tags.
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cammys-imagines24 · 5 months ago
•Taking Care of Injured Vi•
Tumblr media
Now, if this was you who were injured, oh boy, would you be getting an earful.
Vi would have her crabby face on full force.
Her nonstop litany of you being stupid to endanger yourself would be more painful than the injury itself.
But, since this is Vi who's injured, everything is fine.
"It's no big deal", "it's just a scratch", "it's worse than it looks", are her favorites phrases.
Phrases you have never bought when it's so obvious when her literal stab wound is not "I just fell over, don't worry about it".
And, since Vi gets into fights a lot you've learned how to play nurse really well.
Even though your patient is stubborn, pigheaded, defiant and doesn't know what's good for her.
It is definitely not the easiest of tasks getting Vi to be compliant in being tended to.
What makes it worse is that she is far, far stronger than you.
So, you can't just force her on the bed and tie her up till she gets better.
You tried that once and even though the pinkette was all too willing to be on the bed with you... that night you never got a chance to attend to her bloody knuckles at all.
It seemed that whenever you did want her to lie down or get some rest, to her that meant sex.
Not that you minded, obviously, but she needed to get her priorities right.
When she's bleeding out it is so not the time for her to want you to sit on her face.
Vi will complain the whole time you are scrubbing her cuts clean and pulling out shrapnel from her skin.
She'll wince from the alcohol you'd have to pour over her battered flesh to disinfect it.
"You should see the other guy."
She'll tell you through gritted teeth as you stitch her up.
"I swear, cupcake, I barely feel it."
She'll reassure you, as that's what comes naturally to her. Being the strong one. The one needing to be strong for others.
But, Vi could never lie to you. And, you were her home. She could let her walls down around you.
You knew all about her past. You knew all the hurt she's faced. How she had to keep on standing up no matter how many times she was knocked down.
You also knew of her time in prison, how the wardens and her fellow inmates used to get a sick kick out of ganging up on her.
You knew she had her bad days where her previously injured shoulder from when she was a kid was acting up.
Deep down, Vi knew she couldn't be tough around you. You saw right through her pretenses and nonchalant words.
Vi knew that you knew her better than anyone else and it damn near made her cry.
She hated worrying you, that's why she pretended to be better than she was but what was the point when you saw the truth?
Vi felt weak when she got hurt and if she's not strong enough to protect herself then how can she properly protect you and what's the point of anything if she can't protect you?
She trains so much, she shouldn't be getting hurt in the first place.
She should feel secure that nothings gonna harm you so long as she's here.
But, Vi makes mistakes. She uses her fists first and head second sometimes.
And, because of this she's upset you more times than she wishes to tally up.
She's even made you breakdown from some of the more severe damages she's taken over the years.
"I'm sorry, sweet. Don't cry for me."
She'd say, all bandaged up, pulling you close and not caring about the sting your body pressed against hers caused.
You'd try to shove her away, knowing that she must be in pain with your form against her hurt muscular one.
Vi wouldn't give a damn. She'd embrace the sting of her raw wounds so long as you remained in her arms.
"I swear, babygirl. I'll try to be more careful."
"Good, because you have to live for me, Vi."
You'd tell her, kissing the scar upon her sweet, full lips.
Vi would melt.
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bexbaxx · 5 months ago
Hello! I absolutely love your Arcane Imagines posts 💖 I was wondering if you'd do one for Viktor and Silco reacting to adoring affection (hugs, holding, praise, etc) from their S/O after an exhausting day? Thank you!
(Aghh I'm so happy to hear you're liking them!! That's too sweet! I got another similar ask to this one, so I'll focus moreso on Viktor and Silco having a super bad day at work!)
Tumblr media
• Viktor spent the entire day in the lab, stuck on a project he just couldn't wrap his mind around
• When he eventually gives up, he's not feeling great about it at all, and needs to take his mind off of it or he'll go crazy
• Will rant about it to you while you make him some tea. He'd like something with a calming scent, something herbal
• When you tell him he'll figure it out eventually, he pouts a bit, because he wants to figure it out now
• Indulge him a bit, call him a genius, or tell him he looks handsome when he pouts, and he's putty in your hands
• He absolutely loves it when you sit beside (or on) him and tangle your fingers in his hair
• He'd definitely appreciate a massage while you're there
• He sighs into your touch, and whispers, "Darling, you have too much control over me..."
• He likes it, though
Tumblr media
• He's a very quiet grumpy person, but if you know him well enough, you'll be able to tell
• His shoulders get extremely tense and he's more snappy than he usually is
• If you ask him how work was, he'll just grumble, "I don't want to talk about it."
• Is very much in need of a hug, or some kind of physical contact
• He really loves it when you play around with his tie, and give small kisses around his face and neck. You can also gently massage his shoulders to ease the tension
• Don't think about messing up his hair, though, because he's already in a bad mood
• If you pour him his favourite drink, he'll actually thank you
• Light his cigar for him and you've got his complete attention
• If you offer a more intimate way to take his mind off of work, he will gladly indulge himself
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