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Vander x Reader-Morning
For the amazing @barbersjoy for my A-Z Writing Challenge!
This week has been so hectic so I'm sorry this story is short!
I hope you all enjoy this though! 💛
Requests are still open for my A-Z challenge if you want to take part or request a fic! 💛
Tumblr media
Vander was drifting peacefully between being awake and asleep; he knew he had to get up soon with Y/n and get the kids up, fed and ready for the day and then open the bar upstairs. 
But right now all he wanted to savour this time with his wife. It wasn’t often he got quiet moments like this with his her now; having four kids to look after was no easy task and normally one of them would be up already causing chaos as children do. 
Today was different though; there was no noise echoing through their home, instead the only thing that Vander could hear were the small little snores that were coming from his wife, who was sleeping peacefully in his arms, snuggled into his chest. 
He felt his heart swell with love  as he looked down at her; his mind wandering off to how they first met, all those years ago, when they were both young and so different to how they are now. 
When they first met, they hated each other. 
He was the Hound of the Underground,  headstrong, full of anger and hatred for the people of Piltover. That’s why he led the uprising with Silco..but Y/n was different to him and most people in the Lanes, she didn’t want to fight.
In fact, more often than not, she would argue with both him and Silco constantly about why their plan was a huge mistake, right up until the day it happened. 
And of course, Vander would bite back, with harsh words about why she was wrong.
He didn’t listen to her though…and that was his biggest mistake. 
Because she ended up being right. 
When he came back to the Lanes with what was left of the uprising, he was expecting her to be arrogant like he had been so many times during their arguments.
He was expecting her to gloat about how she was right. It’s what he would’ve done. 
But much to his own surprise, she didn’t. 
Instead she just hugged him. Y/n wasn’t a tall person, she made him look like a giant. 
So when she hugged him her head only came up to just above his stomach and her arms only made it halfway up his back.
And he couldn’t help but melt into her arms, the exhaustion and the grief finally catching up with him as he fell to his knees, letting the tears he’d been holding back fall from his eyes.
That night was the beginning of a new chapter for both him and Y/n; they both saw a different side to each other than the ones they’d seen prior; and that was how their love story began.
“You do know it’s rude to stare,” Y/n mumbled, a quiet chuckle slipping from her lips, her sleepy y/e/c slowly fluttering open as her words dragged Vander out of his thoughts. 
“Good morning to you too, sweetheart,” Vander whispered, placing a kiss on the top of her head. 
“What time is it?” Y/n asked, shifting in bed slightly so that her head was now resting on his shoulder. 
“Early enough that the kids aren’t awake yet,” Vander replied simply, raising his hand to her face, caressing small circles onto her cheek.
“But late enough that I should probably get them up soon,” he continued.
“Stay,” Y/n whispered into his ear as she wrapped her arms around his chest, attempting to pin him down and stop him from leaving.
Vander didn’t need anymore persuading; he was more than happy to stay like this with Y/n for the rest of the morning until the kids awoke. 
He felt her warm, calming breath on his neck and he couldn’t help but think about how lucky he was to have her in his life as they both drifted back off to sleep.
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Can u do the nsfw hcs for poly w sevika and silco? Please?
A/N: Sure thing! Thank you so much for the request anon, and enjoy! Forewarning that this is kinda all over the place lol
Warnings: 18+ MDNI!!! smutty smut smut- choking, hitting, bondage, DP, exhibitionism, aftercare, free use?, Silco's voice is warning enough, and Dirty talk. I think I got everything but let me know if I missed anything!
Headcanons on what I imagine being in a poly relationship with Silco and Sevika would be like (NSF-W):
I feel like it may be an obvious statement, but I definitely agree with the fandom’s consensus of them both being kinky mofos.
I definitely feel like they would enjoy the midrange kinks such as choking, bondage, and various styles of hitting.
Ok but just imagine Sevika’s metal claws around your throat while Silco is going down on you.
Just think about the light slaps you get to your cheek to bring you back to the reality of  Silco’s cock down your throat while Sevkia plows into you from behind.
But I also think that they would enjoy the soft stuff too. Bring on the feather-light touches after a long strenuous day of work. Bring on the gentle kisses with you sandwiched in between them.
I personally think that Silco would never shut the fuck up during sex. He can monologue up and down outside of the bedroom, so just imagine the dirty talk this man can spin (much to Sevika’s amusement and interest. You can’t tell me this woman doesn’t like to hear her partners dirty talk in any way shape or form.)
I just know Sevika has big strap game. It is a hill I will fucking die on.
You down to DP? They’re down to DP for sure babes. I bet they’d both get a kick out of seeing you take them both at the same time like a good little toy just for them.
I think Silco would hate flavored lube on principle (and it's not safe anyways) and Sevika would hate it because she tasted it once and promptly was disgusted and has hated it ever since.
Sevika would absolutely have you warm her strap during a card game if you were comfortable with it. I can picture her chastising you when you wiggle to try and get some more pleasure from it. 
Silco would love to watch you and Sevika together. I can easily see him getting off to the thought of it in his office when he is particularly frustrated. 
Speaking of which: his go-to fantasy is Sevika sucking him off while you caress him and dirty talk them both in that pretty little piece you look so so good in. You know the one.
 Sevika’s go-to fantasy is one where you sit on her face while Silco fucks her. She enjoys the thought of pleasing and getting pleased at the same time.
These two are fucking menaces. Period. They will tease you from dusk till dawn and revel in every little noise you make in the process. 
Sevika is not above flashing a tit at you from behind someone when you're talking with them. You don't do anything but blush because no one would believe you if you told them.
Silco knows you like it when he uses his "Boss voice" and so he makes you sit in on a few of his meetings every now and again just so he can watch you get flustered in the corner.
If you're down for it, they would both love to tie you to the headboard for the day and just come in to do as they please with you whenever they want.
They'd of course take care of you during that time, and the aftercare would be even more attentive than usual. They would go the full nine yards to ensure that you feel safe and content with what happened that day and what they can do differently for the next time you want to do something like that again if you do.
Sevika would make light threats if you ever said you'd tell anyone but Silco about this, but she loves a good glass of wine and a bath with candles after sex when it was an intense night. But she loves it even more if you and Silco join her in the enormous bathtub that Silco had imported from Ionia.
That's all for now, but let me know if you'd like me to elaborate on anything in here! ;)
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kodalacar · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Jinx's plans for 14th February
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hunterwritings · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
you get injured
summary: arcane characters reacting to you getting hurt
pairing(s): jinx x reader | silco x reader | viktor x reader | ekko x reader
warnings: mention of injury + blood, cursing
Tumblr media
when coming back from a supply run, you had an incident with the firelights and had gotten injured.
you sighed as you held your side, red staining both your shirt and your hand
you mumbled curses to yourself as you pushed open the metal door as you slowly walked into jinx's hideout
jinx was humming to herself as she was reading a magazine and blasted her music.
The second that her eyes drifted over to you, her head shot up and she dropped her magazine. "Y/n!" She said as she stood up and rushed to your side. "Wha-what happened?!" She asked frantically as she laid her hands on your injured side.
"I'm okay jinx, really." You tried to reassure her but you could see the worry in her eyes as she laid her other hand on the side of you face. "I just need to get this cleaned up, okay?" You told her as she nodded quickly.
You winced as you pressed a cotton ball with alcohol on it to your side. You sat on the couch in jinx's hideout as you cleaned up your wound. Jinx sat on the floor next to you, with her forehead pressed to her knees and her arms wrapped around her legs. She felt guilty for letting you get hurt and put the blame on herself.
"jinx, honey" you moved over on the couch to sit on the sofa behind jinx. You liad your hand on her back as she kept her head in her knees. "I should've been with you." Jinx breathed out as she held her head up by her hand. "I already told you I'm fine." You said as you kneeled down next to jinx on the floor. "None of this was your fault." You reassured her as you held her cheek in your hand and wiped her cheek with your thumb. She sniffles as she smiles at you as you pressed your forehead against hers.
"Next time I'm going with you." She states as you chuckle.
Tumblr media
you winced as silco helped stich up your wounded shoulder. You sat on his lap while both of you were in his office.
"You have to be more careful next time, darling." He advised as he pressed harshly against your shoulder.
You chuckled as he looked sternly up at you, clearly not joking. "So I was bit clumsy, but I'm fine." You tried to reassure him with a stupid smile. Your mood quickly changed as he pulled tightly on the cord he was stiching on your wound and cuts the end of it. "Clumsy?" He says as he sets down the needle and thread. "What happens next time when you're clumsy? Hm?" He asks as he holds your face between his fingers gently.
He sighed as he let go of your face and pressed his head to the back of his chair as he stared at the ceiling. "Next time you're out you'll run and trip on your own knife." He closed his eyes with his head up. You chuckled as you moved your legs so that they were on either side of his legs. "Luckily enough for you, I'm not that much of an idiot." You joked as you finally saw a hint of a smile on his face as he opened his eyes to look at you.
He moved his hands from his lap and onto your thighs as he sighed. "I'll be more careful next time, I promise." You reassured him as he kept his gaze on you. "Good." He breathed out as he reached his hand behind your neck and pulled his head up to press his lips against yours.
Tumblr media
one day, you were running late for work at the academy and as you were running up a flight of stairs you had tripped and fell down a couple steps. Luckily nothing was broken but your legs were scratched up and even started bleeding a bit.
without even thinking, you had slowly walked into viktor's lab and tried to start your work.
Once viktor had saw you, he was immediately worried. "Y/n! What happened to your legs?!" He asked anxiously as he saw blood coming through your pants and he tried to quickly walk over to you. "Oh, I'm okay I just tripped." You tried to laugh it off but viktor was obviously still worried for you.
"Your legs need to be cleaned up before we do anything." He stated.
Even though you tried to protest, viktor told you to sit on the couch and roll up your pant legs and he saw multiple cuts on your legs. "All this because you didn't want to be late?" He chuckled as he prepared some medical supplies. "I guess I could've been a bit more careful." You said as he looked up at you with a smile.
You winced as he pressed alcohol to one of your cuts. "Sorry." He whispered as his eyebrows furrowed together.
He finished cleaning up your cuts by putting some bandages on your legs. "Thank you very much viktor." You smiled as you pecked him on the cheek, slowly watching his face turn red as he nervously chuckled. "Maybe next time you could walk with me, you definitely won't trip then." He said jokingly as you laughed in response.
Tumblr media
you were riding around on your hoverboard when patrolling for the firefights when you had a malfunction in your hoverboard and fell a couple stories onto concrete and ended up breaking your arm.
Ekko saw you and immediately flew down to be by your side. "Holy shit y/n, are you okay?" He asked, his mask making his voice sound deeper and more robotic. "Shit, it hurts. I-I think it's broken." You told him, feeling tears well up in your eyes from the pain. "You can't fly anymore, we're going to have to walk back to camp, it's not so far." He said as he helped you stand up. You kept your arm close to your body as Ekko had his arms around your body as he walked you bac to the hideout.
As you made your way back to the hideout, ekko had immediately called for a medic who told you that your arm was broken and they had to apply a cast.
You were sitting on a couch with ekko standing up and looking down at the firelights, both of you had taken your masks off to see each other. "The medic said I wouldn't be able to take this off for another 8 weeks or so." You explained as ekko hummed as he turned away. "I'm sorry I'll be out of the fight for so long." You said as he turned back around to face you. "You shouldn't be apologizing, you didn't mean to fall like that." He said. "I should've had that board checked anyway." Ekko said as his eyebrows furrowed closely together, almost feeling angry to himself.
"On the bright side-" You started, trying to change the subject. "- You get to sign my cast." You stood up and walked over to him, holding a marker that you had picked up from the table across from the couch. He scoffed as he looked down at your cast and back up at you. "You're not taking this seriously are you?" He rhetorically asked as you gave him a sly grin. "Well, what else am I supposed to do? Cry about it all the time?" You joke as he shakes his head with a smile.
He reluctantly grabs the marker from your fingers and takes off the cap. He holds onto your cast as he shakily writes his name onto your cast. "Could've been a bit neater." You joked as his scoffed at you. He laid his hand on your waist and pulled you close to him. "You're really looking for trouble today, aren't you?" He spoke with a sly grin. You chuckled as you looked into his eyes. "Well, you've gotta make light of the situation, right?" You smile as he leaned forward to press his lips against your own, smiling into the kiss.
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cyan-skulls-writing · 3 months ago
I loved the morning after hc! It was so wholesome 🥲
I'll just ask for one more scenario if it's no trouble? Can you do the arcane characters when the reader smacks their ass as they pass by and says something flirty? You don't need to do this if you're not comfortable writing it!
No trouble at all! Sorry this is late, I’ve had midterms. Here they are!
Arcane Characters + Reader Smacking their Ass
implied sex but sfw
with: Viktor, Jayce, Silco, Vander, Ekko, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika and Mel
gender/body neutral
Viktor will never admit that he yelped, but he did, like you stepped on a cat’s tail. He is bright cherry red, up to his ears and stretching to under his collar. You know from experience he blushes down to his chest. If you’re at home he mostly just laughs and brushes it aloof, if you’re in public he will just fucking die. He will pass away.
“Hello my love, I— ah! What— ah, um. Haha, alright then.”
No matter where you are, Jayce is kinda mad. No talk he, he angy. If you’re at home, he wants more, if you’re in public, he’s worried about his reputation. He isn’t uncomfortable with it, but he does think it’s a little juvenile I guess? There are other ways to get his attention which he prefers. If you notice he’s particularly needy that day, well, that doesn’t mean anything.
“Oh hey, you— hey! Ugh, you’re so immature— I am not blushing! Cut it out!”
You can’t do this to Silco and get away with it. He will pay you back, and you won’t like it when he does (in a sexy way where you actually will). He’s super not chill about it. In private he might let it slide, but do it in public and you’re in a fucking lot of trouble. He tries to recover by rolling his eyes and coughing but it doesn’t work, he’s so pale you can see him flushing from miles off.
“You think you’re so fucking cute— just you wait. I’ll make you eat those words.”
It’s less fun to do this to Vander because he just barely reacts. He might like chuckle or make some comment to his friends if they’re around. He genuinely doesn’t mind, he thinks its cute and its mostly harmless. If you make a truly raunchy comment he may blush a little but he mostly doesn’t mind. He won’t smack your ass in return but he may pinch it; he’s a grabber not a slapper.
“No, hey, I’m— ah, see, this one keeps me in line. Hi there, darl.”
Ekko thinks this is so funny. He will laugh his ass off and then try to get you back. It’s turned into a game between you on who can say the stupidest thing/who can catch the other the most off guard. A bunch of the other Firelights are keeping score for you, it’s a thing. He likes to check in with you sometimes to make sure you’re still comfortable with it, which is when he’s most vulnerable for a strike. >:)
“Hey honey, what’s— FUCK. Gods damn it, you got me. You caught me unprepared this time, never again.”
Jinx will also laugh, and she will hit you back, without mercy. The trouble is her hands are really fucking bony so it usually ends up hurting even if she doesn’t mean it to. She usually finds it funny or likes that you’re like publicly displaying your relationship, it makes her happy. She only hates it if her dad is around, and honestly, death by Silco isn’t super high on your list of desires.
“Hiii sugar, how are ya-ah! Hehehehe, hello to you too.”
See, Vi does this to you all the time, so if you do it back she will just. Freeze. And look at you in total shock, her mouth dropped open in a disbelieving smile. It’s honestly so funny how long she just looks at you like she just won the lottery. She’s oddly proud if you do it in public, She likes you showing other people you’re together.
“Woah! Holy shit. I love you so much, cupcake, seriously.”
The moment your hand meets ass, Caitlyn is a blushing, stuttering mess. Poor thing just doesn’t even know how to react. She gets so embarrassed, even if you’re at home alone. She doesn’t dislike it’s just not something shes ever even considered before. She hates if you do it in public, though, she’s supposed to be composed, damn it!
“Hello, dear, I— oh! Oh, I— you, um—that is, you— ah— no, I, I’m alright I just, um. That was… unexpected.”
Sevika does not react, at all. She does this to you as a greeting, so if you do it back she just carries on as if you had just said hello to her. Literally she just doesn’t give a shit. If you go super hard she’ll just hit you back just as hard (if not harder, she’s beefy) and carry on. If you want to get a reaction out of her you have to do some wild shit like grab her titty.
“But I fucking told him, I said— oh, hi baby— so I said to him—“
Mel doesn’t dislike it? But she thinks its kind of immature. She raises one eyebrow and gives you that look that just pierces your soul. In private she might give you a smirk, but in public she will honest to god cluck her tongue at you, and at that point, you’re the one embarrassed. She has to deflect it on you so no one will look closely enough to see her blushing.
“Really, darling? If you need something you know you can just tell me.”
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rosevela · 7 months ago
Dad's mug
Tumblr media
Idk if it had been pointed out yet but whenever we see Silco at his desk we can see a few things that Jinx made, including something that looks awfully lot like a mug. Just imagine little Jinx making her dad a mug and painting it and he is like "...yes, thank you child" and then this is the only mug he uses for the rest of his life.
Tumblr media
She painted his ashtray too
Tumblr media
Also this toy?? She could have randomly left it at his desk and he kept it or she purposefully made it for him. We all know Jinx's fondness for creating potential weapons and dangerous items but it doesn't look like a bomb, just a toy she created and was proud of so she gave it to Silco OR specifically didnt make it a bomb so it wouldn't hurt him (episode 3 goes brrr, she doesn't want another person who cares about her to be hurt and leave her or die as a result).
Tumblr media
Literally in all scenes in Silco's office we can see these items, always on display for others and himself to see. He is a proud dad guys.
(P.s. God forbid anything happens to the arts and crafts his daughter made, he will go feral)
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abitchnamedtia · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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its-just-one-big-fuckup · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
how they kiss you
characters -> vi, jinx, ekko, viktor, sevika
genre -> fluff, a teeny weeny bit suggestive
Tumblr media
- with that smug smirk on her face. she’s just so proud that you’re all hers, that you’re willing to stick by her through all her fights, rough days, when she wakes you up with her nightmares, her wild adventures: you’re all hers and no one else’s, and she loves to brag about it.
“hey cupcake?”
you turn to vi with a smile, and step back when you realise how close she is, but a hand on your back stops you. “…yeah?”
that signature smirk of hers grows as she moves closer to your face, bumping you against the counter you were leaning on. “vi? i’m trying to wash the dish-”
you’re cut off with chapped lips against yours, and you squeak in surprise. vi pulls back to chuckle, and moves in closer to you with her hand pushing you flat against her chest.
“you know i love you right?”
“i know, i know-”
- desperately. jinx has lost so many people along the way, and she’s not about to lose you too, so every kiss she give you is like it’s your last. she’s just so terrified that one day, it really will be your last kiss from her, so she always pours as much emotion as she can into every peck on your lips.
you took a step into your girlfriend’s ’evil lair’ with a smile on your face, holding a box of scraps you found that could help her. old hunks of metal, some batteries, glass containers- anything you found while listening to some of the music jinx recommended to you.
“hey trouble, i’m back!” you called out, strolling along the platform to jinx’s desk, eventually plopping the heavy box on the floor next to her chair. a small thunk behind you made you grin and whirl around with open arms. “hey baby- woah!”
jinx flew into your arms, and you tipped over onto the metal ground, letting out an oof as she crawled onto your lip and cupped your neck in her hands. with a soft smile, you tipped your chin down and jinx swooped up.
her lips were cold and then moved against yours feverishly- not in a sexual way, but she missed you- you could tell by the way she gripped onto your sides with a slight tremor. you pulled away with a smile.
“missed me?”
- seriously, which is so odd. well, his kisses always start out serious, but you smooth your hands over his tense shoulders and he melts into you like butter. he spends all day running the firelights and making sure everyone is still alive: and when they’re not, he’s the one to break the news and usually take responsibility for it. so he’s always wound up, stressed and just so serious, but he always appreciates how you manage to calm down his stiff kisses.
“hey you- rough day?”
ekko didn’t answer, just grunted and tossed his hoverboard on one of the seats in the room. he moved to sit next to you, slinging an arm over your shoulder and peeking at the book you’re reading.
“that nerd stuff again?”
“you love reading, we both know it,” you coo and turn to plant a kiss on ekko’s lips. he stiffens and his eyes widen, making you chuckle and pull back. he chases after you and gets flustered when he sees your gaze, mumbling for you to shut up.
you do. you smoothed your hand over his chest with a grin, and moved up to kiss him again, this time he melted into you with his own smile forming. it was nice kissing ekko when he was smiling, it was adorable.
“you’re pretty.”
“you’re prettier.”
- hesitantly. even after being with you for so long and kissing you so many times, viktor is still shy and hesitant when he kisses you. he cups your neck and stops for a second, searching your eyes and waiting for you to nod before softly kissing your lips. the actual kisses are still a bit hesitant, like he doesn’t want to go full force, scared he’ll hurt you and he treats you like fine china.
“hello, love,” viktor greeted, not looking up from his work. you rolled your eyes and moved over to his desk with a grin, leaning against it until he peered up at you with a smile and a cocked brow.
“you’re pretty when you’re working.”
a small blush settled on his cheeks. viktor huffed out a laugh and smoothed a hand over your hip, leaning up to meet you as you leant down. “can i kiss you?” you asked, moving a hand to the back of his neck to fiddle with his hair.
viktor moved up to meet your lips first, still ghosting over your hip carefully. his kiss was light and slow, like the kisses he often gives when he’s half-asleep in the morning. he’s just so caring, and it makes your heart swell as you pull away to gaze at him.
“go on, stop letting me distract you.”
he chuckles and nods, moving in his seat a bit as you pull up a stool to watch him in a peaceful silence.
- hungry. sevika is always there to remind everyone around you, that youre hers :). don’t worry, she knows that you’re aware who you belong to- but sometimes people get a bit too brave in trying to chat you up, so she wastes no time in reminding them you’re dating silco’s right hand man, by smashing her mouth against yours and pulling you in by your hair.
you placed the drinks down on the table with a smile, grinning as the men cheered in glee while you moved to perch back on sevika’s knee.
“ha! you got a good one there- don’t let ‘em go, for our sake!” everyone around the table jostled and flashes you a thumbs up, or raised their pint to you. you just chuckled and leaned back into your girlfriend who flashed you a small side-smile.
“yeah, they’re not gonna get away that easily,” she said lowly and placed a finger under your chin, laying her cards down on your thigh as she smashed her lips against yours.
with a squeak of delight, you wound your arms around her thick shoulders and held onto her like she the last thing there, ignoring the cheers from the people around you.
sevika pulled away with a wolfish grin, moving to stare at her gambling opponents. “stop staring and continue the game then, huh? some of you should consider getting your own lucky charm if you don’t want to keep losing to me and y/n.”
Tumblr media
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sinners-saintsandsaviors · 6 months ago
Shout out to the;
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Milfs and Dilfs
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And the people who don't give a fuck
Tumblr media
(This trend but with my arcane muses)
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cammys-imagines24 · 5 months ago
• NSFW Viktor Headcanons •
Tumblr media
It took Viktor a long time to be comfortable enough being intimate with you.
The scientist being self conscious about his braces, cane and limp, how he isn't as strong as other lovers you could have.
He couldn't ever be the "sweep you off your feet" type of man and that made him feel tentative to go all the way.
He didnt want to disappoint you since he's never viewed himself as particularly dashing.
Viktor views his one asset as his brain, since his ailing body has failed him in so many ways.
He was already seen as a cripple and so he didn't want to undress in front of you, bare his body and soul and for you to only see him as a lanky, debilitated underdog as well.
It took a long time of you reassuring him that you did find him incredibly handsome and it took even longer for him to actually believe you.
But, once this science boy with the sexy accent did finally trust in your genuine attraction towards him...
Then, oh boy, good luck getting his hands off you.
This man is severely touch starved and has longed for a partner to be intimate with for so many years.
And, now that Viktor finally has you then you're going to quickly become the best scientific experiment ever to him.
He will devote so much time to figuring out all the ways he can please you, what types of moans he can elicit from your pretty mouth and how often he can make you scream his name...
Not a fan of quickies. Though Viktor is often busy, he would rather sit in agonizing frustration and wait for the time where he can savor your body properly.
Same reason why he doesn't jerk off. He wasn't a very sexual person before he met you, so why would he wish to take care of his own problem when later he could have the luxury of you doing it for him?
Though Viktor does get hard because of you, a lot. To the point where it becomes problematic.
He could be knee deep in his work, consumed with taking notes but just the arrant thought of you is enough to stop him dead in his tracks.
Be it fantasizing about your lips or how your voice sounded the night prior or when his fingers absently touch the hickey you previously left upon his neck...
He will need a moment to calm down and compose himself.
The most meticulous lover you could ask for. Intent on slow, passionate ministrations that send you into pleasured ecstasy every single time.
He's either a soft dom who praises you, how wet you are for him, how your body makes him feel, how turned on you make him...
Or, a complete sub who loves when you take control. Who whimpers and moans and is so, so needy for you. Who'd let you do anything to him.
Viktor is all about body worship. Your form, your curves, everything about you is like his religion.
If you ever call him "Professor" or "Sir" get ready for a long night. It's definitely one of the easiest ways to turn him on instantly.
Viktor is very big on you pulling at his wispy fawn brown hair when in the moment, the action always elicits shaky whines from him.
He gets so desperate whenever you tease him. You don't even have to do much to make him go absolutely crazy.
Compliment him on his work, run your fingers through his brunette tresses, kiss the beauty marks upon his sculpted face...
Anytime you show him your love, appreciation or how your body reacts to his and he is a goner.
Just imagine that sexy accent of his when he is begging you to touch him, to help him relieve himself, to give him his much needed release...
Will appreciate it more than you know whenever you are happy to go down on him.
He'll never ask you to do it but when you initiate it, he is overcome with love and lust.
"You take me so well, my printsessa. Thank you..."
Often it hurts to have sex in the usual positions, especially when he is on top of you.
So, Viktor is elated whenever you go down on him, he can eat you out or you ride him.
He loves to eat you out. Your taste on his tongue is like an intoxicating delicacy to him.
Viktor rather enjoys the fact that many times he doesn't even need to use what's in his pants to make you come absolutely undone.
Often he'll be more than happy to spend the whole night between your legs, tasting and teasing you; a pillow beneath his bad knee is all he needs.
Despite Viktor's sickly physique, he can go multiple rounds, simply because of how much you excite him.
You know how determined Viktor gets in the lab right? How obsessive he can almost be when figuring out a problem? Well, he is exactly like that when it comes to doing everything he can to bring you pleasure.
He gets tunnel vision in the heat of the moment, with a fervant desire to make you shake, near hyperventilate and see stars.
Very big on aftercare.
Chances are if you're sore, then he is too but doubly so because of his disabilities.
Viktor is so soft and gentle after sex and most times you will take a relaxing, warm bath together before finally going to sleep.
Though while you're quick to doze off, he'll stay awake for a bit.
Sometimes he'll read a book or look over his journal with you snuggly wrapped in his arms.
But, most times, he'll just admire you.
Viktor appreciates you more than you could ever know and the intimacy shared between you two.
He's never had someone to do this with, who he can pleasure and in return who pleasures him back.
It takes a while for sleep to finally take him simply because he is still riding the high of your physical love.
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viktorshands · 4 months ago
Soft Viktor Headcanons
Tumblr media
𝓗𝓲𝓼 𝓮𝔂𝓮𝓼
Viktor has the most perfect, luminous, golden eyes. They are like honey, pools of sweetness.
His gaze is always sincere, with curious intent. He loves to watch every move you make and takes mental notes of your cute expressions.
His eyes capture you in an instant. You’re unable to break eye contact and he simply won’t look away either. 
He closes his eyes when he kisses you. (The only downside to kissing him - not being able to stare into those eyes for a time.)
𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓪 𝓫𝓮𝓭 𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓱𝓲𝓶
Providing that Viktor doesn’t sleep in the lab, his favorite place is next to you in your bed.
He is a relatively cold person (think cold fingers and toes 24/7) so he likes to have lots of blankets.
He’s either a side or a stomach sleeper, and absolutely has to be covered with blankets. No exposed limbs or feet - ever.    
If you’re a light sleeper and he gets back late from the lab, you’ll wake up the second he walks in the door - much to his dismay because he would do his absolute best not to wake you.
However, he would do his best to quickly soothe you back to sleep with soft kisses to your nose and forehead.
If sleep was still eluding you at this point, Viktor would wrap you in his arms and pull you close to cuddle you until the two of you quickly fall asleep together.
If you’re a heavy sleeper he would want to gently wake you, but not too much, with soft pecks of his lips on your face. Not enough to wake you, just enough so you know he is there.
You spooning him would just make him feel so at peace. He would drift off to sleep quickly and rest so soundly for the entire night. (You cannot tell me this man doesn’t love being spooned. He is touch starved just like all of us.)
If he was spooning you though, he would trail his hand over your exposed skin on your neck, moving down your arm and your side, eventually finding your thigh to give you a squeeze. 
He loves when you play with his hair. Running your fingers through it, gentle scratches on his scalp, he instantly melts. He lets out soft little sounds of content.
He likes to hug his pillow when you’re not there - although even the softest of pillows could never replace you.
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sad-endings-suck · 6 months ago
I was wondering how Jinx’s hair got so long and went down a hilarious and adorable rabbit hole. So, we know when Powder and Vi were very young they both had short hair, and Vi has always kept her hair short. So it’s safe to say that Vi doesn’t know how to brush, braid and maintenance long hair, or even care to. But Powder’s hair is longer than Vi’s in act 1. And I think this is because Vander has been brushing and braiding Powder’s hair for her, because she preferred it long. So, when she eventually ended up in Silco’s care she would have asked him to do the same, and in the beginning maybe he would have refused. But then she’d start crying and saying that Vander always did her hair for her. And Silco instantly goes into jealous father mode. So he becomes increasingly dedicated in caring for Powder’s hair, which is how it got so long. All out of spite, so he can tell himself that he is in fact better than Vander at completing at least one fatherly duty.
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sketchyspirit · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You showed them.
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kodalacar · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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vikdrain · 5 months ago
viktor x sleepy!reader hcs
[ vik lives in my mind rent-free and i would do anything for this white man ANYWAYS- ]
Tumblr media
+ whenever he's working in the lab (basically 24/7), you come in and pass out on the couch, you're actually the reason why there's a couch there, it would be cruel of him to let you keep sleeping in uncomfortable chairs
+ the sounds of his pencils scratching his notebooks and the sparks and clangs of his tinkering are like lullabies, he used to try to be as quiet as possible whenever you fell asleep in his lab but you insisted that the background noise was nice
+ nah bc this man would be trying so hard to hammer nails or use blowtorches in slow motion as if that would make it quieter
+ when you get closer in your relationship, you spend less time laying on the couch and more time on his lap ayOOOO
+ he says you're distracting him from his work but if you dare try to get off of him he will pull you back down at the speed of light (he's so touch starved but you probably are too LMAO)
+ leaves little kisses on your temples and absolutely adores your light snores, sometimes pauses whatever he's doing just to admire how peaceful you look
+ he appreciates when you stay awake to listen to him talk about his observations and discoveries and mindless rambling, you rarely understand what he's talking about but you enjoy hearing him talk nonetheless
+ he thinks it's kind of perfect how low-maintenance you are, all he needs to do is let you relax in his lap and narrate his actions in that beautiful smooth czech accent of his in your ears and you're happy AND he can still get his work done (work is his spouse, you're the side hoe who gets free asmr)
+ when he (an extremely rare occurrence) finally takes breaks, you pull him onto the couch and force him to take a nap with you, this man truly needs it- have you SEEN his eyes
+ most of the time he's the big spoon bc he's most likely taller than you and it's more comfortable- but also because it makes it easier for him to escape your grasp if he needs to get back to work even though it pains him to do so
+ hold him sometimes tho, he needs it
+ jayce will sometimes walk in to talk to viktor but immediately halts in his tracks if he sees you two sleeping peacefully, he's grateful that his fellow hextech partner has someone like you to take care of him
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cyan-skulls-writing · 4 months ago
Howdy! If it's no trouble can you do arcane characters x reader morning after and waking up to reader next to them? Fluff or nsfw whichever you'd prefer 😌
Of course babe! I hope you like it!
Arcane + Waking Up Next to You
implied sex, but sfw
With: Viktor, Jayce, Silco, Vander, Ekko, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika, Mel
gender neutral as always, go nuts
When Viktor wakes up, at first, he thinks last night must have been some incredible dream, but then he turns and sees you laying next to him. He smiles, his amber eyes crinkling as he takes in your form, illuminated in the early morning sun, like a golden idol. He leans over, unable to resist running his hands over you, reverently, his personal sunbeam, come format he sky to bathe him in warmth.
“Ah, good morning, solnishko. I’m sorry to wake you, you just looked so gorgeous over there. I know you’re still tired, that’s alright, just let me—eh—hold you, please? We can sleep in a little longer. I love you, darling.”
Jayce actually wakes up after you, you’re sitting up, stretching luxuriously, arms over your head and back curling back. He can’t help himself, he has to kiss you. You taste like sleep, like tenderness and sunrise and love. His strong arms wrap around you, pulling you into his chest and leaning back into the bed. You pillow your face against his neck, feeling loved and protected and safe.
“Good morning, baby. How are you? Still sore? Ha, that’s fine, pookie, just let me hold you. We don’t have to get up yet. Mmm, you’re so warm. Kiss me again, baby?”
As always, Silco wakes up long before you. Usually he gets right up and to work, but today he takes a moment just to look at you. You look so peaceful, so serene, he couldn’t possibly disturb you. But he can’t stand to leave you in an empty bed, not today. His eyes trace your form, blanketed in the eerie green glow from the window. He watches you until you wake.
He sits at the edge of the bed, lighting up a cigar as he watches you. Taking in the sight of you, breathing, alive, and he feels at peace. How a man like him has such a gentle, lovely creature in his bed he’ll never understand. He loves you. Even in your sleep, you know.
Vander wakes up to see you peeking at him from the pillow of your arms. He isn’t sure how long you’ve been waiting, but he opens up his arms and you burrow into them easily. He doesn’t miss the small hiss of your discomfort, and he winces. He knew he took it too far last night. Although, you don’t seem to be complaining. In the dim of your room, he cradles you, pressing kisses to the top of your head.
“Good morning, darl’, how long have you been starin’ like that? Get over here, yeah? It’s gettin cold without you. Ah, I’m sorry little bird, didn’t mean to give you the aches. I’ll draw you a bath in a bit, does that sound good?”
The Firelights don’t have much. Ekko wakes up and the first thing on his mind is getting back to work. Resources are running thin, he needs to go out and make some moves. He stops when he hears you leaning up, and the events of last night come flooding back. He leans back down to kiss you, to hold your face in his hands for a moment and look at you how you smile at him, half asleep. You don’t have much, but in this moment, you have enough.
“Oh, hey honey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up. yeah, I’ve uh, got to go soon, but I love you, ok? I’m serious, you mean everything to me. Ok! Ok! I’m just making sure. I’ll see you later, firebug.”
You and Jinx wake up almost at the same time. As you lean up, rubbing sleep out of your eyes, you turn to look at each other, and matching silly grins light up your faces. You reach for each other and collapse back into each other’s arms, giggling and tangling your legs together. She looks at you like you hung the moon, like you’re a new project of endless fascination to her, like there is nothing more precious to her in all of Zaun than you.
“Awe good mornin’ sugar, how are you? I am personally doing incredible. Hehehe, you’re so cute, trinket, do you wanna kiss? Yeah? Well come over here! I’m not dodging, you just have bad aim!”
Vi wakes up and immediately she remembers what you did last night. You’re sleeping, cuddled in her arms, looking so cute. She smiles, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. You make the most adorable noise when you lift your head to look at her, smiling at her with your eyes still heavy with sleep. When you demand more kisses, she laughingly obliges.
“Oh, good morning, cupcake, how do you feel? Yeah? I’m glad to hear that. Aw, shit, darlin’ when you look at me like that… I just wanna keep you here forever. No, you’re too cute to let you loose.”
Caitlyn wakes gently, slowly rising from the gentle cradle of sleep to see you sleeping peacefully by her side. You’re smiling so softly, and she wonders what you’re dreaming of. When she wakes you she has two cups of tea and some breakfast waiting for you. The smile you give her is grateful and sincere, and she smiles back just as kindly. It’s moments like this that remind her what she’s protecting.
“Good morning, love. You’re looking utterly luminous this morning. You’re so pretty sweetheart. Oh, of course, it’s the least I could do after all that. Well, you’re very welcome.”
You technically woke up before Sevika, but you’ve learned that if you pretend to be asleep she’ll kiss you so gently before she has to leave for work. She (unfortunately) caught you this time, but she (mercifully) decided to kiss you anyway. She kisses you once, then twice, then three times, and she may end up being a little late, but you think The Last Drop can survive without her for another 10 minutes.
“Good morning, mouse. Hey, nuh-uh, don’t pull that shit with me, I know you’re just pretending to sleep so I’ll kiss you. Yeah, fine ok. Just this once though! Yeah, I love you too, honey.”
Mel wakes up to you peppering her skin in kisses, already worshipping her like she’s a young goddess in your bed, instead of your wife. Of course, she doesn’t mind, but expect her to return the favor later. She peers at you from under her lashes, amused as you redouble your efforts, knowing she’s now awake to appreciate them. She decides she can afford to miss out on this morning’s meeting. And perhaps this afternoon’s, and this evening’s.
“Ah, good morning, starlight. Did you sleep well? Haha, you’re so sweet, dear, really. Ah, you’re in such a tender mood this morning! Hmm, I think I’ll take a day off. Ah, no, there shouldn’t be any fires today. Piltover can need me tomorrow.
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miss-occult · 7 months ago
Jinx, Vi and Sevika (separately) seeing you in your underwears for the first time (female!reader)
WARNINGS : Mention of underwears/lingerie, slight mention of sex, slight mentions of alcohol
Tumblr media
She was finishing to work and decided to go to bed
She takes a shower and wears her pajamas, then goes to her bed
But when she arrived, she saw you on her bed, reading something, but most important : you were only wearing your f/c underwears and an open shirt
Jinx just stopped and look at you, blushing
She didn't see that coming
You didn't noticed her yet
She had a little goofy smiled then sneaked up to you and hug you, her head in your chest
You finally noticed her and blushed, then smiled
Y/n : Sorry I didn't find any clothes to sleep, so I decided to sleep like that
Jinx : Please wear it all the time !! You so hot like this !
She kissed you and hugged you on top of you
She hides her face into your boobs, because it was warm and comfy
After a moment, she decided to play with your boobs, just for teasing you
You blushed and look at her, she continues with a goofy smiled and giggle
You let her doing it and play with her hairs, making her giggles again
Jinx didn't think about making love with you this day first, but next time, she will definitively do it
Tumblr media
This day, Vi was visiting you late in the evening because she was busy
When she entered in your bedroom through your window, you came out of your personal bathroom, and you were wearing pastel pink underwears
"Sorry kitty, I was-... busy" She burst of blushing when she noticed you, and she couldn't hide it
You were god damn hot
You tell her that It's okay and let her the bathroom If she needed
You walked over to your cabinet, and she watched you walk, like she was hypnotized
She shake her head and takes a quick shower, and wears night clothes and came out, you were still in underwears, looking for what you can wear for sleep
Vi bites her lips then pin you against your cabinet, caught you by surprise, you turn yourself to look at her and you saw her red face
You asked If she is okay, and she kissed you roughly
Vi couldn't resist to you, seeing you like this was like a dream to her
"Fuck Y/n, you are so beautiful like this..." She said catching her breath
She take you in her arms and goes to the bed, and she couldn't resist to caress you, kiss you and make other things to you all the night (I mean she fucked you)
Sevika (hello @deadly-flourish 👀)
Tumblr media
It was after work, Sevika was doing small repairs to her mechanical arm in her bedroom
You were in the bathroom, Sevika didn't know what you were doing
Then, you came back and put a glass of alcohol next to her on the table, she look at your hand then look at you to thank you
And she saw you wearing an open shirt and black lace underwears, you were smiling
Her jaw dropped slightly
Did you just wears it just for her ? Damn, that was cute
She smirked
"Wow look at you darling... you are wearing this just for me, huh ?" She said, amused while she is smoking
She patted her laps, inviting you to sit on it and that's what you did
Sevika sneaked a hand on your back and look at you
"You are really beautiful like this"
You blushed and giggle, caressing her hairs while she is drinking and finished her cigars
When she finished her drink, she caress your lap and look at you, then she kissed you
Sevika : Let's go to bed, okay ?
Y/n : Do you really want to sleep now ?
Sevika : No, but I want to show you how beautiful you are
You smiled and you goes to bed with her, and she really show you how beautiful you are (SHE FUCKED YOU ALL THE NIGHT FEJSQHF)
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honey-tongued-devil · 21 days ago
↞drinking with [arcane preferences]↠
Tumblr media
▶Drinking with [Jayce, Viktor, Silco, Ekko, Sevika, Vi, Cassandra]
Nda: the letter [G] indicates the generic headcanon while the letter [R] indicates the romantic part so as to allow both a flirty and a friendly versions. -No use of y/n -english is not my first language, feel free to correct me ^^
↠If you have any requests, ask the devil.↞
First of all, this man can’t hold his liquor.
absolutely a sad drunk, you’d probably find him out of nowhere biting his lower lip to push back tears without a context.
the odds that you end up watching a movie crying, one leaning against the other, are so high that it’s practically a certainty.
overprotective. Do you have to go to the bathroom? Are you okay? Do you have to throw up? Do I help you get up? A glass of water?
dissociate standing with the glass in his hand as a sport.
he’d do damage at every step. If there is something made of glass in the house you can be sure that he will break without noticing it and then spend the evening trying to recoil it.
plot twist, if you need help to stand up he needs it almost more than you.
He’d get comfortable with his head on your lap resting, whining when you move.
would fall asleep after a few minutes clinging to you. Absolutely an overgrown Koala.
in case he can hold on without falling asleep, get ready for a long session of kissing and praising.
you have few certainties in life but be sure that he would cup your face with his hands and explain how absolutely gorgeous you are and how much he wants to kiss you from the first time you greeted him.
Of course, he wouldn’t remember anything in the morning, and if you woke up in the same bed, he’d be embarrassed like a teeneger, even if it is clear nothing happened.
A good-morning kiss would absolutely help him to remember.
This bastard can handle anything. 
not a heavy drinker.
he does not like straight liqueurs, they are way too bitter to him. He prefers milk based liqueurs or something with a little juice.
you should not underestimate his sassy and sardonic attitude, you can be sure that if you embarrass yourself in some way he will have a way to remember it to you.
maybe with that typical mocking-but-serious tone, just nodding with his head as if it were a very serious matter.
he always brings a notebook because he thinks that a good drink can open new perspectives.
responsible enough to make you eat cereal, bread, or something dry before drinking.
he’s the one who, when you slump lifeless over the couch, sighs and brings you an aspirin.
"Hmm, you know, you wouldn’t need it if you listened to me and ate a little before you started drinking like a sponge."
Look at him, this man loves to tease you.
Are you trying to flirt? He’ll proceed making his voice sweeter, speaking cinnamon words.
He’d come close, whisper even the stupidest things in the recess of your neck lingering near your lips and then move away when you try to reach them, letting you just fall forward.
You can rest assured that his hand would be resting on your leg, caressing it while talking to others without ever giving you a nod to want to go further.
The point is that he would provoke you, but he would never do anything, not even a kiss, knowing you were drunk or even tipsy.
in the morning would make sure to get you a glass of water, something for headaches and a dry food to help you with nausea 
bonus, "last night was quite... unforgettable, I would say" said just to leave you panicking about having forgotten some important details.
Only fine liqueurs, aged and strictly straight.
Drinking with him would be a torture if it weren’t for a single glass of his best whiskey to make you literally hear the colors.
This man drinks with his little finger up, turning the alcohol in the glass before each sip.
Seen from the outside must be one of the best scenes you can imagine: you loose in the chair in front of his desk, your legs look almost boneless and hair is a complete mess, while he sits elegantly with a crossed leg, his back erect.
It must be said that you would probably be able to maintain a minimum of dignity, but just because he would refuse to pour you more. 
not out of pity for you, but because he is a supporter of "having to taste a good glass of a fine Whiskey" and you are absolutely not in the conditions
The fact that you aren’t going to remember anything would lighten the situation.
He’s a gentleman, he’d probably put on good music, and with a nod he’d invite you to dance, obviously all this in his office where no one will ever know.
That slow, elegant dance would be your little secret, something that you’re sure belongs only to you two. 
if you insist that you want to smoke, he will take your face and blow a thick cloud of smoke between your lips; if you insist that you want to drink again he will simply grab you by the chin and pass a small amount of alcohol from his lips to yours.
"good girl" when you swallow without a word.
He’d rather have a limb amputated than admit it, but that slight red color from alcohol drives him crazy.
if you collapse in his office he will cover you with his coat and go back to work, calling Sevika to take you out when it gets too late.
This man does not like to drink, mostly because Zaun is very difficult to find the kind of drinks that can please him.
Ekko does not have refined tastes but does not like too strong alcohol, if he can choose, he’d prefer a cocktail.
offer him something with bits of tropical fruit and you will have totally conquered him.
doesn’t hold very much nor doesn’t get totally drunk, he always stays in a semi vigilant condition. Just the habit.
He’s the type to stand up to mimic whatever he’s telling you. He tells you about a fight? He punches you in the air. He tells you about a robbery? A flip and then look around cautiously. 
He is magnetic, that’s it.
Drinking with Ekko means forgetting all the evils of the world.
This man knows how to win you over, and alcohol only serves as an accessory to make the atmosphere lighter.
he would make you laugh. Heck, he would make you laugh so much that you would fall in love with the same sound of your laugh. 
He is going to flirt, make jokes, stage situations, maybe even make fun of Piltover’s gallantry in a way stupid enough to make you choke on your drink.
If you sit down close enough to him, he will make sure to make you stay with one leg on his.
while talking he makes the calloused fingers run on your skin. It’s more of a mechanical gesture, to feel constantly close
He’ll take you to see the firelights, the night won’t end if you don’t kiss under the moon.
heavy drinker. She makes no particular distinction, as long as it is a dignified drink and not too sweet, she’s gonna drink it.
there are only two realities: in one this woman is fighting, in the other she has a glass in her hand.
Drinking with her must be… an experience, being always on call for her boss would mean always drinking along with other henchmen.
And if you can’t hold your liquor, you can be sure that she will threaten to cut off the hand of the first person who tries to touch, annoy or approach you.
Sevika would turn up her nose at the umpteenth glass you order but she would not stop you, rather she would ask if you are really sure that this is a good idea since you are already in a pitiful condition.
And, to be honest, her ask is kinda legit.
Your chair? Her leg. Wide and muscular enough to provide you a comfortable seat.
would hold a hand around your waist as she continues to play, just holding a roll or the inside of your thigh when she is busy thinking about what cards to pull.
If you are alones she would go for tequila salt and lemon just to lick the salt from your neck and take the lemon from your lips.
but if you are in the company she is not going to give a show, she would just give you her glass. She trusts you.
If someone looks at you just a single look from her side is enough for the person to change their mind and leave the table.
Do you get up for literally any reason? Only one certainty: her gaze will follow the movement of your hips.
100% she is going to spend a capital just to watch you go back and forth from the bar to get drinks.
you read it in her eyes, one thought as she takes another sip of absinthe: your legs would look so damn good around her cheeks
She can hold her liquor well but not too much.
When the alcohol comes down, she curls her nose and wipes her mouth with her sleeve.
she has a habit of filling glasses, first yours and then hers, and without noticing you’re out of bottles.
She likes alcohol straight and strong because she likes the burning sensation in her throat.
Vi doesn’t love to drink because she feels incredibly vulnerable, but the muffled sensation that alcohol gives her gives her peace.
Are you drinking together? Rest assured that she will always make you stand next to her, so if you feel bad she can help you and can intervene if you exaggerate.
If someone makes a comment or looks at you for too long, be sure that she will flip the table before you say anything.
Less controlled and more quarrelsome.
absolutely the sweetest person ever
She would just come up and look at you, in love, to tell you how much she couldn’t handle how someone like her could have something as beautiful as you in her life.
Not exactly a person that would be easy to drink with, on the one hand the night could end with her kissing every inches of your skin whispering how much she love every single portion of you
on the other hand, this girl has a problem with self-sabotage and drinking would not help.
probably the kind of person who thinks too much
she would leave because she is sure that you deserve better.
Vi would bite her lips and push back the tears but she would rise with an excuse because seriously convinced that she is a limit for you.
please, cover her face in kisses
This woman will never drink in public.
The only alcohol she allows herself to drink when not alone is that of glasses at receptions; in order to make a nice drink with her you absolutely need a free tavern or the house just for you.
She is a composed woman, accustomed to high society, for her to take a break from rules would mean doing little things like crossing her legs or leaning her face against her hand.
laughs. This woman is a sun. 
100% she  would cover the mouth with her fingers, a little out of politeness, a little to hide the signs of age that would become accentuated.
He’d offer you booze from her private, old, spicy stash, apologizing if it’s not up to it.
in public? Washed out Champagne. In private? The best Gin Plymouth.
The woman herself isn’t too touchy, but she’d put her hand on your thigh just to feel a bit closer to you
This woman is the description of a girlboss, the confidence does not miss.
There is also to say that she is an old-fashioned woman, so she would not hit the ground running but would shorten the distances with small tricks: fix a rebellious tuft of your, fill your glass, touch your fingers with hers…
this woman smokes in secret. She’d offer you a cigarillo just to get yours turned on by hers, in a gesture that would send the tension between you two to an incredible level.
probably she would quote the fact that she never kissed a woman after a few too many drinks: did she like or used to like women? Yes. But kissing them? It was wrong. Or at least, that’s what they taught her.
"Do you want to try? C’mon, close your eyes"
It’s useless to deny that alcohol would help to dissolve some tension, to forget that for once it is not Councilwoman Cassandra Kiramman from Piltover but a simple woman.
Cassandra Kiramman is identical to the alcohol she offers you, the first taste is strong, the second is spicy and addicting, the third makes every single fiber of your body vibrate.
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darklcy · 15 days ago
Hola!Can I request an arcane headcanon where the reader who has a habit of playing with their own hair?And what would be the arcane characters reaction to it?Ty!
.: arcane masterlist :.
𝐟𝐭 -> 𝐯𝐢, 𝐣𝐢𝐧𝐱, 𝐜𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐲𝐧, 𝐞𝐤𝐤𝐨, 𝐯𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐫
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
my heart. as we all know, she’s not accustomed to physical affection as much as she should be, seeing how the only physicality that flew her way for the past few years had been a series of beatings.
and being so stubborn, she absolutely denies being touch starved
so the first time you touched her hair she just. froze
she’d been at the kitchen table wrapping her arms up when you found her, giving her a sleepy grin and moving to stand behind her chair to watch
“hey there,” she grinned at you.
you hummed. “g’morning.”
nonchalantly, your fingers grazed through the pink strands in the direction the spiked bangs laid, eyes staring off in thought
vi instantly looked up. she didn’t say anything at first, initially expecting you to stop
but you just kept going
she awkwardly clears her throat. “uh, whatcha’ doin there…?”
you blink a few times. “oh sorry. force of habit..”
your fingers stop their movements and she frowns.
“oh.. well, i mean…if you wanna keep doing it, i mean..you can.”
you grin again and continue the action, earning a deep sigh from her.
this becomes a regular occurrence from then on between you two. either vi will lay herself on your lap or rest her head on your chest, but always you running your fingers through her scalp.
and almost every single time she drifts to sleep. and then you do, too
Tumblr media
on the complete opposite side, it didn’t take long for you to realize jinx was not opposed to affection at all.
in fact, she was usually the one initiating it! with koala-bear embraces or poking your shoulder or bumping your head with hers, etc etc.
so you didn’t really think too much of it when you played with her hair the first time
you approached her at her work desk with a happy smile, jinx throwing back her head to greet you before going back to whatever it was she was messing with
“what are you working on?”
“hmm.. just some stuff. you knoww.”
before she could go further into detail your hands sifted up and down her braids, twirling the ends around the tips of your fingers
when she felt the slight tugging sensation she paused and lifted her goggles to peer at you.
you were too in your thoughts to notice her giggling.
“having fun there, tink?”
“what was that?”
she raised a brow and looked at her braid laying in your hand which caused you to laugh.
“ah, my bad. it’s a habit of mine.”
she giggles again and goes back to her desk. she’s not like vi where she absolutely adores the feeling, it’s kind of more just a thing that happens every now and then that she goes along with
Tumblr media
no because how can you resist he’s got the coolest hair ever
i picture him as pretty introverted when it comes to affection, it takes a lot of trust and time to open up to someone seeing how he’s lost a lot in his life
it’d have to be pretty long into the relationship before he ever drops his full guard around you, and when he finally grows accustomed to pda is when you touched his hair for the first time
“hey. they said they’ll be ready to head out in 10.” you called out to him from the doorway.
ekko gave you a brief glance and grunted. “got it. just gotta finish this up.”
you trudged over to where he was sat on his mattress, an open journal and pencil in hand.
“what are you doing?”
“..journaling. writing down thoughts about tomorrow, and the future. it helps clear my head.”
you hummed while sitting on your knees beside him, fingers moving to twist the ends of his dreads.
he chuckled. “what are YOU doing?”
you paused. “ah. it’s a habit, i do it without thinking sometimes.”
he closes his journal and bashfully looks away.
“well, it’s…not a bad habit.”
very sweet about it, and gets super embarrassed about it every time you compliment or care for his hair afterwards
Tumblr media Tumblr media
as we transition to topside, caitlyn i feel has experienced tender affections before
maybe not so much now as an adult, but growing up her mother would style or brush her hair every now and then, and she didn’t realize how much she missed the feeling until you did it to her
her hair was a bit tangled after a day’s work, you noticed, after laying in bed with her for a couple minutes
she was preoccupied with reading a new novel, while you stared at the blue locks framing her face
“how’s your book going?”
she scoffed. “pretty interesting, actually. the knight has just torn up the city searching for his soon-to-be-bride, but the bride’s actually the one who ran away from him in the first place.”
she lightly shook her head. “sometimes these characters are so dramatic, but still entertaining.”
you laughed while raising a finger to brush a strand of hair behind her ear, the tip of your finger lingering in her scalp a bit longer
caitlyn peered at you through the corner of her eye.
“are you staring..?”
you blinked a few times and grinned. “maybe. but it’s also a habit of mine to play with hair, sorry bout that.”
she cleared her throat. “no need to apologize.. it felt nice, actually.”
your grin grew wider as you sat up to play with her hair more properly. as the night stretched on, caitlyn felt herself leaning more and more into your touch.
every now and then, you’ll experience the more tender, soft moments with her like this one, and they always leave the most impact in your heart
Tumblr media
sweet, sweet, man
so touch starved and deprived of love he wants to be held so bad i just know it
of course, the moments he desperately craves breaths of release and relief is when he’s overworked in his lab
dark circles under his eyes, notes scattered on the desk, body aching
one night he didn’t come home at the usual time, hence the reason for you stumbling into his lab unannounced
he was barely awake in his chair, upper body leaning on the desk and eyes starting to close
“i think it’s time for bed, hun.” you calmly spoke while weaving your fingers through his messy hair
he sighed at the feeling while sitting back up. “..you might be right about that.”
you smiled as you stared at his notes, mindlessly reading them all. you didn’t notice the way viktor leaned his weight onto your hands caressing his scalp, eyes closed yet again
your fingers stilled. “oh, sorry, i didn’t realize i was still doing that.”
he shook his head.
“no, i enjoy it..feels nice after a day like today.”
it took a while for you to get him to leave the lab following the interaction
viktor refused to fall asleep without you playing with his hair first after that night. even if it’s to relax for just a couple minutes, he comes to you for the relief of stress
A/N: for some reason, every time i typed this request out on my computer it kept deleting, so i wrote this on my phone so hopefully the layout isn’t too weird!! hope you enjoyed :)
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viktorstittytank · a month ago
Girls night (NSFW)
Everyone’s reaction to reader coming back from a girls night tipsy and horny
I thought this idea was wayyy too funny
18+ minors DNI
Tumblr media
Probably was at the girl’s night with you.
If you smack Mel you’re losing access to your hands and they will be pinned.
She completely understands getting caught up in the moment but she isn’t the one to slap. It’ll just be used as an excuse to steal your soul.
This girls got gadgets you’ve never even heard of and they’re all gonna be working at their highest setting tonight.
Accidentally traumatizing Jayce and waking up to enough noise complaints you could swim in them.
Tumblr media
At first she’s a pouty puppy. Hasn’t even noticed that you’re tipsy and hella horny. She’s too caught up in feeling bad for herself that you left her at home to spend time with your girls.
She has to get a good look at you before she realizes what’s going on and smirks.
Handsy, hot and bothered, she’s liking this side of you.
But then her pants are coming off, and wow you taste like hard liquor and when did you get her top off?
As soon as she realizes you’re moving a little too fast for her she panics.
Locked herself in the bathroom and sat in the tub till you passed out by the door.
Tumblr media
At first he’s excited to see you. He’s ready to hear about all the places you’ve been and what you guys talked about until he sees this carnivores look in your eye he’s never seen before.
You pretty much jump his bones.
You’re going to break the man. You’re squishing his face and he’s fighting to breathe while you’re having some of the best sex the two of you have ever had.
Moans in confused and a little scared cus what the fuck is going on.
He’s half out of his mind while you’re bouncing on him and only really comes back to earth once the two of you are done.
Littered in bite marks and can’t look you in the eye in the morning. Doesn’t even know who you are anymore. This is going in his journal.
Tumblr media
Babes can do more than handle you. You’ve met your match with this one. She doesn’t really care if you’re gripping her hair hard if anything it makes her work harder.
Bite her she’ll bite back harder.
She’s gonna chuckle into your mound while you grind yourself against her face. Usually you’d never even think about sitting on her face because you’ve said it before you’re too scared you’ll suffocate her. It’s hard to believe the words ever left your mouth at the sight of the two of you.
When the strap comes out if you get wild she’s just gonna enjoy the show. Completely ignores you when you try smacking her. Only really cares about the faces you’re making cus you look cute.
Sevika can take a couple of hits this is a piece of cake.
Tumblr media
Someone missed you while you were gone as much as he hates to say it. He tried distracting himself with work but couldn’t help thinking about you and how cold you’d left his presence.
He waits for you at the door so once you come stumbling in he’s getting mowed down immediately.
Congratulations you’ve caught the king off guard and wow this is definitely a new position, have you always been this flexible? What are you doing to his body?
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