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If you're taking requests, because I truly adore how you write, could you ever do something for Sevika and her ex-girlfriend? Maybe they really haven't gotten over each other after a few years and they still bicker and get jealous over each other, maybe something nsfw happens too. If you don't like the request, feel completely free to ignore it ♡
It’s so nice to hear that you like the way I write! 💕 And a perfect way to get me to write your request lol, compliments work really well on me. I’m not sure whether you wanted an Sevika x OC fic or Sevika x reader so I’m gonna go with x reader because that’s what I’m used to writing!
Sorry if it’s not as good as my other works, it’s really hot where I live rn and my brain is a bit foggy. Also somehow I wrote 1.9k instead of the 500 words I was going for. Lucky you.
My request are semi-open, if you have any fun ideas feel free to leave me an ask and I might write something for it if I have the time and inspiration. I'm gonna assume requests are sfw unless specified otherwise!
Tags: nsfw: mdni please. mean Sevika, jealousy, angry sex, fingering (reader receiving).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s one of those days again: cocktail night with all of Silco’s associates. Every once in a while, he rents out a place to invite everyone he wants to keep on his good side. A necessary evil, or so he says. On the surface it seems fun, but look a little closer and it’s all just one big, corrupt power game. If he didn’t insist you’d be there every time, you probably wouldn’t even bother to show up.
The air in the room felt thick with cigarette and cigar smoke, making you feel overwhelmed and disoriented. People surround you as you tried to locate a corner in the room where it was a little less crowded.
“Hey, having a good time? Can I get you a drink?” you suddenly hear a woman’s voice say as you noticed someone had walked up beside you. She had long, black hair, was wearing a tight blue dress and was adorned from tip to toe in fancy jewelry. Her dark brown eyes fixated on yours, she was waiting for a response from you.
Feeling flattered, you smiled and nodded at her.
“I’ll get you something nice. Save a spot at that table for me, would you?” she said flirtingly as she pointed to a table behind you. She winked at you before you watched her make her way to the bar. Like she had asked, you stood at the table and waited for her.
“She is so not your type.” you heard another voice say to your left. One a lot more familiar.
“I think I can decide that for myself, Sev.” you replied, annoyed at the sudden intrusion of the one person you really didn’t feel like chatting with tonight.
“Figures. Being decisive was never your strongest suit.” she taunted. Was she trying to pick a fight?
Sure, your breakup years ago had been messy. No, it wasn’t all her fault. Yes, you lost a good thing you had together, but you always figured you two had never really been meant to last. And yet, it seemed like as long you were in the undercity, you just couldn’t get away from her. In one way or another, you always found her again in the most random of places and situations, often resulting in bickering and petty arguments. Tonight seemed to be no different.
The woman from earlier returned with two drinks, one for herself and one for you. But when she noticed Sevika looming in the corner beside you, she seemed to hesitate.
“Oh.. I’m sorry.. am I interrupt- I think I’ll just..” she said nervously as she glanced back between you and Sevika, who was obviously scaring her off with her death stare.
“No, it’s fine, we’re not together.” you tried to diffuse, but the woman didn’t seem convinced.
“I really don’t want to intrude. Sorry..” she said before quickly making her way to the other side of the room, depriving you of the drink you were actually really looking forward to.
“Great. Thanks.” you said as you turned around and glared at Sevika. “There goes my once chance of having a nice evening. Happy now?”
“Just saving you the trouble. Like I said, she’s not your type.” she scoffed before lighting a cigarillo and blowing a few puffs of smoke your way, which you angrily fanned away.
“Like, what, maybe she’s yours? As far as I’m concerned, you don’t really have a type. It’s always been quantity over quality at the brothel with you.” you grumbled.
“Jealous?” she mocked. “I’ll talk to Babette, see if she’s hiring.”
So fucking annoying. She always knew how to get right under your skin. Eager to get some kind of revenge on her for scaring your flirt away, you considered your options. Empty her drink over her head? No, that’s uncivilized. Violence wasn’t your style either. Instead, in a move that was a whole lot more friendly, you reached your hand out and gestured for Sevika to hand you her cigarillo.
“Fuck you too. Let me have some.” you said as you angrily stared at her.
With surprisingly little hesitation, Sevika took the cigarillo out of her mouth and handed it to you, but not before making you reach for it a bit first. You took a few puffs, maintaining eye contact with her as you did. Even though you were still angry with her, you couldn’t help but feel some of your old feelings for her bubble up to the surface again as you looked at her. Things between you two had been amazing and intense while you were still together. A feeling you really missed from time to time. A feeling that made you doubt whether or not you had tried hard enough to fix it at the time. The constant bickering you went through together now didn’t motivate you to really try and patch things up, though. She was irritating, infuriating even. And yet. You wondered. What if it had worked out?
You took the cigarillo out of your mouth again, twirling it between your fingers for a second before you reached out to hand it back to Sevika again. But instead of handing it to her, you intentionally dropped it right into the drink she was holding.
"Oh. Oops."
Shocked, she dropped the glass right on the floor, shattering the thing into a million pieces and spilling liquor everywhere. And now, Sevika looked fucking furious.
“Alright, you little fucking-“ she growled, but she was cut off by Silco, who had noticed the rising tension and had made his way over to you both.
“That’s enough.” he hissed. “I told you to stay professional.”
Sevika gave him a death glare but didn’t reply, now realizing that she may have fucked up a bit. Silco pointed to a door nearby.
“Outside, now. Come back when you’ve cooled off.” he then turned to face you as well. “You too. Out.”
Not eager to challenge your boss and risk getting on his bad side, you complied and made your way over to the door. Sevika followed closely behind you, heavy footsteps revealing her anger.
“Like fucking schoolkids getting detention.” you grumbled as you pushed open the door. “You’re sure as hell as immature as one, Sev. And you’re- wait, this isn’t..”
“Move.” Sevika groaned as she pushed you forward into the room, almost knocking you over in the process. She quickly realized as well that this door didn’t lead outside.
“Side room.” she ascertained. “Not the exit. Dumbass.”
“No shit, sherlock. And cut it out with the insults.” you snapped.
“That last one was for Silco, not you.”
“For once.”
“So quit assuming everything is about you all the time.”
You sighed in frustration. It wasn’t uncommon for her to be mean to you, but tonight felt a little different from her usual verbal attacks. As if you had really struck a nerve with her.
“Why do you hate me so much?” you asked.
“I could give you a list.” she grumbled as she looked around the room for another exit, to no avail.
“I’m serious, Sev. What the hell happened?”
She sighed. “We’ve been over this. We didn’t work, end of story.”
“You used to like me.” you muttered. “I used to like you. Love you, even. Then it all went to shit and for what? Why?”
You watched Sevika as she was stood with her back towards you. Her shoulders were tense, her whole body looked stiff. The shimmer in her metal arm briefly started to kick in, but went away before it could send her into a frenzy. Then all of a sudden, she turned around and stormed towards you, only stopping when she was right in front of you. She loomed over you like a tower.
“You want me back so bad, is that it?” she hissed.
“I want to know why.” you said quietly, trying desperately to keep back your tears. “You never.. we never talked about why it went to shit. I want to understand.”
“I liked you better when you listened to me.”
“Sev, please, I just..”
She grabbed you by the jaw with her metal hand, squeezing forcefully but not hard enough to really hurt.
“Shut up. You want it to be like the ‘good old days’ again?” she growled, bringing her face close to yours.
Even though you were still angry, the urge to kiss her was greater. But once she noticed you leaning in, she moved her hand from your jaw to the back of your head to grab a fistful of your hair. She pushed you back into the now closed door behind you, effectively immobilizing your head to where her hand was.
“So fucking desperate.” she muttered under her breath as her other hand made it’s way to one of your thighs. “I remember you used to beg for it.”
“Then.. please?”
The look in her eyes still screamed fury, but behind the angry façade you could see that there was more to it. You had gotten to know her well during your time together. You could see something you didn’t quite recognize, not just yet. Lust? Jealousy? Regret?
Her grip on your hair forced you to keep eye contact with her. Without any further hesitation, Sevika moved her hand up from your thigh, straight into your underwear. Knowing there were probably people behind the door Sevika had forced you against, you struggled to keep yourself from moaning out loud.
She effortlessly found your sweet spot like she always did when you were still together. As if you had never broken up in the first place. Her movements were rough but precise, keeping you exactly where she wanted you, touching you exactly where she wanted to.
“Oh, god..” you gasped as you felt one of her fingers brush over your entrance before she roughly shoved it inside you.
“Try not to let the whole room hear you.” she sneered, pushing a second finger inside of you. “Or do. See if I care.”
“Fuck you, Sev.”
“You wish.”
“Oh, you- ah! Fuck.. fuck me.” you moaned as Sevika curled her fingers inside of you, continuing to roughly move in and out of you. Your pleas seemed to motivate her as much as they seemed to be pissing her off.
You gripped her arm tightly as she continued to fuck you against the door, surely making enough noise by now that people on the other side of it could hear something was going on. She kept her eyes on you the whole time, the look of anger mixed with unknown, messy feelings in her eyes unwavering. Maybe it had been the lack of intimacy in your life lately, maybe you had just really missed her despite all the harsh words spoken between you, but she knew exactly how you liked to be touched and she could definitely feel you were getting close. As she slowly but steadily pushed you over the edge, she moved her metal hand from the back of your head to your mouth to muffle your increasingly loud moans as you came.
You felt your legs turn to jelly but Sevika’s hand was still underneath you, keeping you upright. She briefly let you ride it out before she removed her hand from your underwear as quickly as it had found its way in. She leaned back in close you your face, your mouth still covered by her metal hand.
“Whore.” she hissed before removing her metal hand from your face.
She pushed you aside, opened the door and walked out. The door fell shut behind her. Still trying to catch your breath and compose yourself, you rested your back against the closed door again and slowly slid down onto the floor. Your eyes filled with tears as you processed what just happened. You finally got the courage to ask and she didn’t even tell you. Tell you why you ended up like this.
Tumblr media
Notes: angry sex, sure! But I do need to sprinkle some explicit ✨consent✨ in to feel comfortable with it. I feel like this could use a continuation. Anyone interested in that? Let me know. Poor y/n’s having a hard time.
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you accidentally call them mommy/daddy (arcane preference)
a/n: the taglist is downstairs! sorry it took so long, I was having my finals. feel free to like, reblog, and leave a comment. requests are closed, but feel free to send things anyways!
| Jinx
Tumblr media
she's got you on her lap, riding her thigh with your hands tied behind your back
her ministrations are slow and deep, which only makes you frustrated because they lead to nothing
she can see you're getting frustrated, but she's just amused
you can feel tears burning behind your eyes, just wanting her to do something
"please, mommy, please let me-"
you squeak when she suddenly grabs you by your throat
"what did you just call me?"
she doesn't look pissed, just confused
"sorry... mommy?"
well she likes that
unties your hands and puts her hand between your legs
"well done trinket. you did so good. here's your reward"
cue the best orgasm of your life
wants you to call her mommy all the time now, won't shut up about it
will refer to hersef as mommy
i just want her to top me wtf
| Vi
Tumblr media
you're holding on for dear life in the bed rest, hips above Vi's head while her tongue works wonders in your clit
her hands make marks on your ass from how tight she's holding you
you just keep rambling while feeling your orgasm build up
"yes, mommy, just like that-"
you don't even register what you said, just enjoying the moment
afterwards, while holding you close and kissing your neck, she gets a little flushed
"did you call me... mommy? like, i'm not not into it, i just didn't think you were into it"
cue a long pillow talk about all the things you wanted to try with each other
you start to call her by the nickname when you two are alone, not just at sexy times
she likes it, makes her feel comfortable and in a powerful position
will tease you in public, low enough for only you to hear
"don't you wanna do good for mommy, kitty? then behave"
| Caitlyn
Tumblr media
she's teasing you around her office, giving you light touches and kisses and soft name calling
you're starting to get annoyed, as you're there to work, not to flirt
still, she keeps pushing your buttons until you've had enough
"stop it mommy, or you wont see me for a week"
the what now????
turns into a tomato and stutters
a shiver runs down her spine at that
leaves you alone because she is embarassed, and you just decide to turn it against her
when you get to your house, you corner her in a wall
"what now... mommy? you bothered me the whole day, what are you gonna do to me now?"
your 'fuck me' eyes are good, because she just lunges for your face and fucks you silly
next morning she sees the marks in your body and gets even more embarassed
"I won't mind if you call me that again"
| Ekko
Tumblr media
he's pounding you from behind, holding your hair with one hand and spreading your ass with the other
he's going in deep, moving his hips so that his thrusts always hit your g-spot, biting his lips trying not to cum on the spot
your moans start to get louder and he knows you're close
"yeah, just like that daddy-"
oh well
his dirty talk game just goes astronomic
"oh yeah? is daddy pounding you just right? is daddy turning you into a slut?"
you don't expect him to become so dirty, so you clench and when he slaps your ass, you can't hold back anymore
him, on the other hand, can't do anything except hold onto you for dear life
he cleans you up and kisses you sweetly, carrying you to bed
"daddy, huh? i could get used to that"
will like to be called that only in his private chambers
| Silco
Tumblr media
he actually sugested it for you one day
"i know you like experimenting. maybe we could try some name-calling. whenever you're ready"
you give it some thought, but there's a lot happening, so you don't act on it
until one day, when you're both entangled on each other, just enjoying the way your bodies touch
he's in his high chair and you're on his lap, kissing him and rocking yourself very slowly
his fingers brush against your clit slowly while you purr in his ear
"how is this petal?"
"good daddy, so good"
you two don't mention it, but now he refers to himself as daddy during sex, never in front of others
gets a warm feeling in his chest when you say it, and twitches inside of you
| Viktor
Tumblr media
you're sitting in his workbench, legs spread in front of him and skirt rolled up
his hands are working wonders in your slit, touching all the right places
he looks like he's figuring out a hextec piece, a light blush on his cheekss
"is this good?"
you pant a "yes" filled with longing, and he starts kissing your thighs
he keeps going with his ministrations, watching you with gleaming eyes
"just like that daddy, you're doing so fucking good"
his ears go red and he keeps his pace, nipping at your soft flesh
you cum all over his fingers, calling him daddy and gripping his hands
he doesn't let you catch your breath, just goes right back to it, using his mouth next to make you a overstimulated mess
a soft dom for sure
loves it when you call him daddy
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imajinxnation · 7 months ago
Idk why this is so funny to me but how would silco, Vi, Viktor and jinx react to someone walking in on them and their s/o during spicy time
Someone Walks In On You Two - Arcane Preference/Reaction
Warning: Smut and a bit of crack lmao
I love this idea so much, it would be so awkward and weird to be walked in on lmao
Female!Reader, it's just easier for me to write it this way due to me being a girl
Tumblr media
"Oh, god," you huffed out, one of your hands flying to your forehead.
Vi thrusted her fingers roughly into you as she heard you moan out for her. She always loved it when she had control over you in bed. You gasped as you suddenly felt her tongue and lips around your clit, shuddering at the feeling. Vi always knew what she was doing and what buttons to press when it came to things like this. What she didn't know is that she had left the door to your room unlocked. There were footsteps coming down the hall when, suddenly, the door opened, only to reveal Caitlyn talking about how she needed to talk to Vi urgently.
As soon as Caitlyn saw the scene before her, she apologized and left in a hurry. You flushed in embarrassment, while Vi just laughed and reassured you that it was okay and that you could continue later.
Tumblr media
He was stressing the whole day about an attack on the Shimmer shipment, when you asked if you could help in any way, he knew what you were implying and said yes.
So, there you were, him sitting on his chair, behind his desk, while you were down on your knees giving him a stress relieving blowjob. You started going further down on him when you both heard a knock on his office door. It was Sevika, wanting to talk about what happened earlier with the Shimmer shipment. You went to come off of him, but his hand on the back of your head kept your mouth from leaving him, implying that he wanted you to keep going.
Soon enough, their conversation was done, but before Sevika went out the door, she said something that made you burn with embarrassment.
"We'll talk more about this later, Silco. By the way, you're shit at keeping secrets, I know you're here (y/n)," she smirked.
Tumblr media
You always knew Viktor as the type of person to work until he dropped, even if he had a lot on his mind. You could tell he had a lot on his mind by the way he was working and the look on his face, so you decided that he needed a little break, plus you had been missing him ever so much. You pushed him lightly back on his chair, climbing to sit in his lap, careful to avoid putting pressure on his bad leg. He stared up at you with shocked eyes and his face red from embarrassment. You lightly placed your lips on his, but that lightness quickly became very heavy and needy as Viktor got into it more. He placed his hands on your hips, bringing you closer as you slipped your toungue into his mouth.
A minute or two into it, the door opened, Jayce standing there with a book in his hand, just staring at the scene before him. You two were so busy with each other that you didn't notice him come in. Jayce slowly backed out of the room and closed the door slowly, as to not make a noise. While he was scarred for life, ya'll had no idea why Jayce was so awkward being around you two the next day.
Tumblr media
Jinx was feeling in the mood for a whole week when she finally snapped and couldn't hold back from jumping on you. She stomped into your shared room, pushing you backwards onto your bed while she was complaining that you had been teasing her all week. Her hands immediately roamed your body as she dove in for a heated kiss. Her left hand finally landed on your breast and she started squeezing and groping, her right hand on your waist to make you stay still.
It wasn't too long into your session when Silco walked into the room, wanting to ask Jinx about a new mission he had for her. He immediately stopped in his tracks when he saw what was happening. Jinx gave him a warning look, as if to say, get out before I make you.
"Just come to my office when you're done, Jinx," Silco sighed as he walked out of the room, trying to get the image of you two out of his head.
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whirlybirbs · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
HOBBYISTS & FINER THINGS.   ;   silco / reader
summary: perhaps all this trouble is worth it. or, you come into ownership of the lilac lounge and after a business inquiry, find you've earned silco's interest.
word count: 2.1k
pairing: silco / f!reader
a/n: a little something i've been stewing on. enjoy what will undoubtedly become a little series, knowing me. this pretty gif is by @aestheticsicrushon from this set here!
read me on ao3  |  next chapter >
You're beginning to think this whole thing was more trouble than it was worth. By 'thing', you quite candidly mean the fact The Lilac Lounge — one of three brothel's residing along the Lanes' main strip — was now under your ownership.
You'd be lying if you said it hadn't come as surprise.
(The sort of surprise that had riled half the Lanes the next morning — your screams of disbelief had ricocheted down the strip, the squawk sending whatever poor gutter rats and ravens fleeing from their morning meals. WHAT?!)
You and Yeleni — the previous owner — had never really seen eye-to-eye. She was a disgruntled, old courtesan who could rarely admit a single fault, and yet you stuck around. Be it loyalty or stubbornness, you're still not quite sure. You were one of her best girls; you've spent the better half of your life working in that plush, little brothel.
Those rooms have seen your maturity sharpen.
Whatever. Fuckin' Yeleni. She put your fuckin' name on the deed. Then, she up and croaked. Slipped away in her sleep. Not exactly the way you'd imagined her going, but it happened. You always thought there would be more screaming, more clawing — a last, desperate cling to life just like she clung to her vanishing creams smuggled from Topside.
There's a whole pile sitting on your desk back at The Lilac Lounge. You can't seem to get rid of them fast enough. You thought handing off a dead woman's half-used beauty regime would be easier. Turns out it's quite the contrary.
...Perhaps Silco...?
You silence the intrusive quip with a quick flash of your lashes.
You have to admit — you anticipated the man before you to be a bit more... garish. From the way Yeleni had spoken of him, it seemed as if he was a pain to look at. From her stories, every interaction between the two verged on violent. Though, you suppose that eighty-six-year-old whore rarely had any sort of functional relationship with any of her coworkers, patrons, or protection. It was charming... in a twisted way.
His back is to you now. He is in the corner, by the phonograph. There's a cart there with a myriad of pretty little bottles and pretty little spirits. The offer of tea comes as a surprise.
From your place between the two of his enforcers, you shift in your chair. Your cross your legs and rest your knotted hands on your stockinged knee when your coat has parted.
"Sherry," you speak slowly; the point in your words remains pleasant if not professional, "If you have it."
Across the room, Silco takes pause. His own drink is forgotten for a moment — and he's suddenly struck with the fact you are not Yeleni. You're... well, little old Yeleni would have already threatened to castrate him for suggesting he didn't have her tea ready on her arrival.
"Not a fan?"
She'd been a mythic woman. Quite small, but mighty. Respected.
Why she left The Lilac Lounge to you remains to be seen.
He moves, the lip of the crystal tinkering neatly against the glass. He turns back, both drinks in hand.
"No," you explain lightly, "I can never get past the sting of the water."
You get a good look at him then, backlit by the jade windows that suck in the dim light from the Lanes outside. Your chin is held high, posturing rigid as a board. Silco is a bit surprised to see you've kept your coat on. The high collar brushes your cheek.
He offers the sherry and your gloved fingers brush his.
He holds your gaze.
You're a pretty thing. Beautiful, even. Not in a delicate sense, but in a pointed sort of way. Sharp. Perhaps it's the wicked way your eyes narrow ever so slightly when they meet his.
Hm. No, not bad to look at. Not at all, you reason.
His eyes lift and with a wave of his hand, he gestures for his men to wait outside. You watch, sherry raised to your lips, and only sip once the door has clicked shut. When your head swivels back, he's still watching you.
Finally, he leans back and ventures around the center table to his rouge loveseat.
The spirit stings your throat. It's nice.
"You know," comes the slow drawl as he leans and gathers a cigar before dropping down to the sofa, "Your predecessor would have threatened me four times over at this point in our meeting..."
You snort into your drink. Quiet. Lady-like, still. Your voice echoes in the crystal as you hesitate a sip.
"Would you prefer I begin now or later?"
Silco almost laughs. Almost. The corner of his lips tug. You see a flash of intrigue narrow his good eye. The other, burning bright as embers, stares on.
"Hardly," he leans forward, elbows on his knees. Gracefully, he clips the cigar and procures a heavy, gilded lighter from the same box. He snaps it open with a satisfying tink before lighting the expensive piece of tobacco. It's a gesture. Reminding you where you are.
"Yeleni thought highly of you."
It's Silco's turn to snort. "Did she now?"
"No," you cut it down, resting your glass on your knee as you watch him extend back like a cat. He props his arm up and takes a long drag of the cigar; your smile is cunning, "But, she never thought highly of anyone but herself. So, perhaps let me rephrase: she respected you."
Silco lets that settle in the air between the two of you.
"And you?" he asks after a moment.
You swirl the glass. Your gloves are sheer. Dashed with glimmer little bits of woven metal. It flashes silver in the jade light of the office. When you lift your eyes, they inadvertently land on a painting over his shoulder. Your face snaps, a tension breaking, at the sight of—
"A Friedlingmer?"
Silco blinks.
His head turns, following your gaze.
The painting of the idyllic topside pasture has ensnared your attention long enough for Silco follows the trail of your figure. The glitter along your cheekbones catches the light as a stream of light filters in from the afternoon.
"It was a gift," he speaks into his whiskey, ignoring the stroke of admiration that blooms in the wake of your interest.
"It's beautiful," you speak slowly, eyes still trained on the intricate frame holding the painting, "And rare. He only completed eight paintings in his time spent Topside. You're the sole owner of one, it seems."
"...You're an academic, then?" Silco prods, "It's not often I have the pleasure of holding company who can speak on Friedlingmer's residencies."
Your laugh is melodic. Like a diamond. Pretty and rough and rare. "You flatter me, Silco."
His name is honey-sweet on your tongue. It rolls off easier than you mean for it. Silco's lip tugs again.
"It was merely an honest inquiry."
"No, no, I — I'm a hobbyist, if you will," you wave it off, your attention turned back to the man before you, "But, at the end of the day, we all chase the beauty of things we cannot have, don't we?"
Lights alive, you're something.
...He gets it now.
This is dangerous. This little feeling that's nibbling at his heartstrings. This is — fuck.
Silco clears his throat after a long moment.
Stick to business.
"Yeleni and I had an understanding," he speaks carefully as his cigar burns between his fore and middle finger. The smoke rises up, dancing in fine lines of smoke around his face, "I take it you were aware."
"I'm looking to extend the terms of the agreement."
Silco almost chokes.
He smothers his surprise, masking it as a clearing of his throat. He leans forward, a hand falling along a crossed knee. He's a lithe man — but long. Tall. Lean and sharp. Handsome, still. You can't help but feel a bit of a bitterness creep up. Yeleni should have warned you as much.
"Our agreement was extensive—"
"I want security present for twelve hours every other day," you say sharply, as the web of the conversation begins to unravel just as you'd hoped, "For an increase to ten percent of our earnings."
"I don't have the men for that."
"Lying is unbecoming."
Your gazes connect and it's white-hot. Like gasoline on open flame.
Silco almost snarls.
"Twenty percent."
"—As if I'd give you anything more than eleven."
He misses Yeleni.
But, it seems you're not finished — and for yet another time in the ten minutes, he realizes just why Yeleni left The Lilac Lounge to you.
"We're vulnerable. Shimmer puts us in a dangerous position. The work we do is sought after and demand hits a new peak with every month. Protecting us puts good faith in you. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement."
Silco exhales. Then, he takes a long drag of his cigar.
"Ten percent," he affirms after a stretch of contemplation. His yield is granted with a small tip of his head; his eyes are roaming your face, "And I'll give you ten hours, three men, everyday."
Your brow lifts ever-so-slightly.
"...That's kind of you, Silco."
"Consider it good faith," he remarks dryly before lowering his voice, "I... owe Yeleni as much. She... She was a good woman. And I'm sorry for your loss."
His lips quirk when you bark out a laugh. This one is less lady-like. Honest, maybe.
"As I said before," you harp, "Lying is unbecoming."
"Please," comes the rather comedic urge for a shred of composure, "She's dead—"
"Isn't that a blessing?"
Before Silco can split the air with his own dry laughter, you continue.
"We'll settle, then," you offer your hand across the gap, "Eleven percent for ten hours, three men, every day."
A hum of appreciation settles in Silco's chest. Your insistence on a fair settlement is... different from his day-to-day. Based on principle.
He sets his glass down, drops his cigar to the ashtray, and leans. He catches your hand in a warm shake. Firm. Sturdy. The foundation of a great partnership.
He ignores the burn that clings to his skin when you pull away.
"I appreciate your time, Silco."
The sherry is slipped back and finished in a swallow. His eyes follow the gesture.
"You're a busy man — I won't keep you," you explain as you gather yourself up and gently offer the empty crystal glass to him. The rim is stained with the painted color from your lips. Your perfume threatens to drown the office in a delicate femininity that's all but lost on the space. It stokes a frightening sense of longing in him.
He stands quickly and rounds the table.
"Regardless, I appreciate your time, madame," comes the courteous reply, holding more poise than the official title; and while not entirely unwelcome, the title of madam is still one that you're not used to. Madam of The Lilac Lounge. It has quite the ring to it. You're not too sure of the tune, though. Not yet.
Then, a slow reach for your hand. You allow him to take it.
He offers a chaste press of his lips to your knuckles. The sheer material there does little to save your skin from going alight at the heat. His eyes, all the while, bore into you.
Your expression flits into something akin to interest. It's fleeting. It's replaced with a slow kiss of your lashes to your cheek. You bow your head.
"Be well, Silco."
"Until next time, madame."
When — a handful of days later —a carefully wrapped parcel arrives in the arms of two of Silco's men, you find yourself smothering surprise. It's big, and as the two muscle it through the brothel at the earned attention of nearly the whole house of staff, you can't help but hiss and ha at the roughness with which they treat it.
There's a note attached, tucked into the pretty blue twine.
You pull back a torn corner, and then immediately slap it back.
Your head snaps to the doorway of your office, where a gaggle of your workers have gathered. They stare at you owlishly. Your eyes are a mile wide, you reason, because you're met with an excited chatter of gossip. They leer in, rushing forward in a sea of masked, painted-on lovers.
It's a Friedlingmer.
Perhaps this whole thing was all the trouble it was worth.
By 'thing', you quite candidly mean the fact you're now the owner of an original pasture piece by Friedlingmer and The Lilac Lounge.
And apparently the interest of Silco himself.
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cammys-imagines24 · 7 months ago
• Vi Being Jealous •
Tumblr media
First and foremost, the nose scrunches.
You know the ones, where her nostrils flare and her nose becomes lined with wrinkles and if looks could kill everyone would be dead within a hundred mile radius.
The faces she'd pull at any creep who dares to come near you are lethal.
Vi, unlike Jinx, is not a naturally possessive person.
Vi is also incredibly understanding and trusting to those she loves.
As soon as she gives her heart to you and is confident that in return, your heart is hers, well...
She will feel pretty secure in your relationship. It's you two against the world, for better or for worse.
That being said, just because she trusts you, doesn't mean she trusts anyone else.
So, if she sees some guy chatting you up and trying to make a pass at you, he's gonna have to be on the receiving end of a punch that'll send him to the next planet over.
Say you're both at The Last Drop, getting a drink together at the end of a busy day fighting.
Everything will be going just peachy until you go to the bar for another round.
The creep will be there and since you're too nice for your own good, as soon as he starts chatting you up, you wouldn't just walk away.
That's what Vi would do. Pretend he didn't exist. She was very good at not paying dirtbags any time.
She'd give him the middle finger, throw a string of cuss words at him and be on her merry way.
Course, you're not doing that. You cupcake. Too sweet for your short tempered, brawler girlfriend.
Vi would notice how uncomfortable you'd look as the sleazeball leaned too close and dared to put a hand over yours.
Vi would notice that there were glass splinters in her balled up hand now. Oh, she smashed her cup.
The pinkette would be on her feet and be over in a heartbeat to save you.
Truth told, if the creep was smart, she wouldn't have to do much.
So, she'd snake her warm, muscular arm around your hips and pull you close.
She would smile straight daggers at the man and give you a peck on the cheek.
"Hey, sweetie. Is this guy giving you a hard time?"
Miraculously, the prick had a few brain cells and he scurried away like a frightened mouse.
You'd go on about your night like he never existed.
• NSFW •
Course, when you got home it'd be another matter.
Vi isn't mad at you, obviously, so you needn't be punished.
But, she was feeling some repressed hostility from before.
Plus, she had to remind you who you belonged to. Who made you feel so good you saw stars. Who could give you pleasure like no one else.
Vi would tear the clothes from your body, ripping the garments to shreds and toss you onto the bed.
You wouldn't be leaving any time soon.
She'd make you so over stimulated that you'd be begging her for your sweet release. She would be ruthless.
Her expert tongue and rough, calloused fingers making you go insane as you writhed and whimpered and moaned.
Oh, the pinkette loved you like this.
Under the mercy of her touch.
Her hands will mark you up real nice with how tight she holds onto your ass and hips.
There'll be scratches upon your back from when she had you sit on her face. Her holding you still as you convulsed.
Vi was a surprisingly patient lover. She simply got off on her ability to make her partner a wet, begging mess.
As she's seeing you like this, flushed face, naked and squirming, your hands pinned above your head, soaked because of her...
She's all but forgotten the prick from before.
"You're so good to me, cupcake..."
"Say my name..."
"Say what you want me to do. Come on, use your sweet words."
"You like me doing this to you, yeah?"
When the merciless brawler would finally release you after you came so many times you lost count, you were absolutely spent.
You wouldn't be waking up for a long time but when you finally did, those familiar, muscular arms would still be wrapped around you.
A little jealousy never hurt anyone, you thought.
And, besides, when that's your girlfriends reaction, it makes putting up with creeps useless advances worth it.
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silence-burns · 8 months ago
Viktor: asking you out
Fandom: Arcane 
Tumblr media
Viktor was fully aware that the longer he waited with asking you out, the harder it would get. He thought about it multiple times already, tried to find the most fitting words, predict your answer, prepare for the possible rejection and yet - he was still nervous. 
His hands would shake more than usual whenever his mind circled back to what he wanted to do. He'd known you for so long it felt like a lifetime, and by then the lab never felt the same without you somewhere close. He was (almost) sure that the feelings he had for you were mutual. 
So why was it so difficult to just open his mouth and ask?
Jayce would notice his distress and (if you weren't around to hear them) offer to help. Viktor was pretty sure that getting a wingman would make the whole ordeal even more embarrassing than it already felt. Besides, he wanted to make that move himself. He owed it to you.
Viktor would wait until there were only the two of you in a room (Jayce would wink at him before slipping out with some half-assed excuse) before clearing his throat to pick your attention. 
It worked. And he forgot what to say.
With your eyes on him and that soft smile playing on your lips, all the polished words Viktor had prepared went into the void. For a moment that felt like an eternity, he'd just stare at you, desperately trying to remember how to speak. 
He'd stutter and it would take him a few tries to ask the question right. His hands were ice cold when he waited for your reaction. He has never been more grateful for his cane - it made his panicked grip look almost natural, even with his knuckles gone completely white. 
Viktor would be so relieved once you agreed that he'd sway on his legs. He's never felt so happy, despite his throat drying out and his heart skipping a few beats in his chest. 
You'd opted for a walk, which sounded like a good idea in the middle of the day, and more like a rookie mistake once it got dark, cold and slippery. The thin rain that fell during the day turned into a slippery mess once the temperature dropped. Viktor didn't expect that.
What he also didn't expect was your arm sneaking its way around his and securing him on the side where he didn't use his cane. 
You were warm. Or maybe it was hus rapidly beating heart that made him feel like boiling.
You were close enough to secure him whenever Viktor lost his footing. It made the whole walk much more pleasant than Viktor had anticipated. For once he didn't mind the length of the bridges or the uneven stones of the walkways. 
Deep in the conversation, Viktor didn't even realize how fast the time had passed and he almost regretted not taking an even longer path. 
His regrets melted away pretty quickly when you wished him a goodnight with a peck on his cheek and a promise of more walks in the future.
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lavendercodes · 8 months ago
Can we get a fic or a headcanon of Silco and a innocent / shy reader sharing a kiss together for the first time?
if y’all couldn’t tell i’m not good w titles <3 anyways i really love this idea! small fic :)
fluff - no warnings
silco x reader
an explosion almost killing you was definitely not on your bucket list of things to do that day, but despite that it still happened. you were still caught within the warehouse when it happened and you thought you were a goner.
until you woke up on a cot in your home, you looked around and yelped as you tried to sit up. bandages covered your arms and torso, you had no clear recollection of what happened. after you woke up, you noticed a short, blue blur peek behind the wall. once she saw you look at her, she scattered off.
how the hell did a child get into your house?
you moved to push yourself off the cot, “i wouldn’t do that. you’re still healing.” a voice spoke.
“Silco?” you looked up at the tall blur.
this was when you actually took into account that your vision had been affected. you brought a hand up your face and sighed.
“that’s not a good sign.” Silco said.
“it’s fine. at least my vision is somewhat intact.” you laughed lightly.
however, it didn’t seem like Silco was very amused at the situation. you weren’t even supposed to be there. you weren’t much of a fan for the violence, but because you cared about Silco, you were always hanging around him. it was rare to see Silco without you clinging to him like he’s your favorite toy.
“what were you doing there?” he asked.
“answer me first, who’s the child?” you questioned.
Silco looked back at where the little girl previously stood, “her name is…” he hesitated for a moment, “…Jinx.”
you squinted and looked over at her, “what a lovely name.” you said.
“now back to my question, what were you doing there?”
you swallowed hard. this wasn’t the first time that Silco was upset with you, but it was definitely the first time that it was because of something major.
“i was just in the area. thought i saw a few people sneaking in, so i followed them.” you replied, “didn’t expect to end up like this.”
Silco sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. you smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of your neck, looking away from the towering male. it was embarrassing that he knew you couldn’t handle yourself very well.
“i’m sorry, okay?” you mumbled.
you looked down at your lap and balled your hands into fists. it was frustrating feeling so useless all the time. why did Silco even keep you around if you weren’t of any use to him? he crouched down next to you and placed a hand on your head.
“you’re perfect. don’t doubt yourself, that’s how you fall to weakness.” Silco’s fingers slipped under your chin and his thumb lightly brushed over your lips.
a warm feeling rose up your neck and started to burn at your face, you had never felt so…bubbly before. it was an odd feeling. Silco leaned forward and scanned your face, your eyes kept flicking side to side. you could see how close he was, small features that you had never noticed before were now in full view.
the urge to press your lips against his was overwhelming, “m-may i?” you whispered softly.
as soon as those words left your mouth, you could feel Silco kiss you. this wasn’t something either of you really expected. the man was closed off and had very few people he let close.
when he pulled away, he once more used his thumb to trace over your lips. they curled up into a smile and your eyelids fluttered shut.
a blissful moment in a world of darkness.
“yuck!” a small voice screeched.
Silco quickly looked over his shoulder and noticed Jinx standing in the doorway. her face was twisted in disgust after she saw the two of you kiss, you couldn’t help but laugh as Silco began to scold her for eavesdropping.
if only things could stay this beautiful.
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1mxg1ne · 7 months ago
League of Legends/Arcane - Vi NSFW
// here is my girlfriend, I don't know why so many other people request her when we are clearly married but oh well
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex): She gets nervous , worries about having hurt you, will fret over you, are you okay, are you comfortable and when she is done she'll wait for you to tell her how good she was, she wants the praise, for you to tell her how much you love her and how good she fucks you.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s): Arms, it's arms , the moment your hand even brushes her biceps she is flexing ,you can tell even if she tries to play it off casually. As for her partner, this girl is pussy whipped, i just know it, there are definitely other things she likes about you, your lips, your eyes, and she'll spend hours simply telling you, but she is pussy whipped, she'll slide her fingers in you and moan almost as if it hurts her how good tou feel. You could turn her into a yes ma'am purely by not letting her touch you when she is this worked up.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person): I just know that she wants you to cum straight on her face, if she could go out without washing her face after eating you out she absolutely would. The type to casually scratch her nose after fingering you.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs): She'd be absolute game with a roleplaying scene, doesn't want to ask because she is still quite embarrassed and doesn't know how to go about it, but she has definitely thought of you in several scenarios, they are all cheesy but she'd die a happy woman if you just indulged her.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?): She is a virgin, prison didn't let her explore much so the second she is out ,and she has someone she likes, she is ready to pounce, whatever she lacks in experience she makes up for in enthusiasm.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual): She wants to see your face, she wants to be able to look into your eyes , wether you are riding her or she is above you she won’t let you hide away.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc): She can and will absolutely laugh with you, sometimes she can't help it, she'll be trying to look cool, and accidentally hit her head or twist you in a weird position that makes you yelp in pain, and after applogising, you'll both giggle but the mood is definitely not ruined, she'll kiss the spot you were hurt , look at you through her eyelashes and ask for you to let her make it feel better.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.): Doubt she ever cared about shaving, might start trimming if her partner asks, bur nothing more, she'll try shaving or waxing once and complain so much about the pain/itchiness.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…): She is so whipped, she'll encourage you and praise you and coo at you ,she'll plead with you to give her one more orgasm ,how she knows you can take one more baby, she can feel it ,she'll kiss your cheeks and moan against your mouth when you finally cum once more.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon): Did it purely out of frustration and boredom ,but it definitely wasn't something she did out of pleasure.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks); Roleplaying, She also has a thing for stockings and thigh highs and stuff like that, would rather rip a hole through your nice black stockings than have you take them off.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do): Anywhere you'll allow her to have you, she'd be pulling you in some small alley with a cocky grin ,but if you are actually game she gets so flustered, but she won't back down, and even if some poor soul happens by she'll yell at them to fuck off.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going): Anything really after being away for so long. But especially playing with her hair, this small and gentle gesture has her in a puddle honestly. She'll let you drag your nails against her scalp for a bit and then pull your hand off of her head to start kissing your fingers before pulling you for a kiss.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs): Degrade you, anything like putting you down, she can't bring herself to do it and it's also something she wouldn't handle with you doing to her.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc): She could honestly get herself off just with you against her mouth, another big fan of, no no break it it's fine when it comes to face sitting, she'll hold you against her tongue until she gets light headed at which point you have to get up.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.): Fast and rough, she always feels like she has to make up for all the time she spent locked away, so she needs to be guided into something slower, she can definitely do so, her eyes will watch you carefully roll your hips against her ,her hands slowing to grab handfuls of your body.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.): Hell yeah, goes with the fact she feels like she has to make up for lost time.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.): She'll be a bit cautious but if you ask nice enough she is happy to indulge you in anything you come up with.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…): You know she has so much pent up energy, that even after you both cum she is still up to keep fucking you.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?): At first she won't get the point of them , you have her she can do an equally good job, but she is open minded enough to try out things.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease): Not much of a tease ,mostly because she hasn't figured out how to deny you yet, she doesn't feel like doing so though, if she is honest.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make): She is loud, she whimpers and moans and curses and there is a lot of praise and a lot of 'yes princess' 'i love you' 'so fucking good for me' etc.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice): While i think that she absolutely tops ,she would not mind having someone who takes charge once in a while, she'd be staring up at them riding her all breathless lost in the pleasure on their face. Pin her wrists and she won't move them from that spot even when you pull back because she just wants to see you enjoy yourself.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?): This woman has so much pent up sexual tension ,she'd cry the first time you two fuck, after that though she is nonstop ready for you.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards): She'll fall asleep quite fast, i know those prison beds weren't good and she takes any opportunity to sleep in a good comfortable bed ,she snores too ,really loudly //like her dad.
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hamburgerslippers · 2 months ago
Helping You Recover After Bloodwork
Arcane x Chronically Ill! Reader
A/N: Got a blood tests two days in a row and it's been. Hell. They are always murder for me. I always get horrid headaches and I was too weak to even sob much less move. I just need arcane characters to take care of me okay?
Warnings: Needle, Blood, Chronic Illness, Medical stuff, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort? , Slightly Suggestive, Nudity, SFW
Characters: Ekko, Sevika, Silco, Vander, Jinx, Finn, Viktor, Marcus
Word Count: 2478 Words
Tumblr media
Ekko is the kind of guy who will not only take you to the appointment, but also wait outside until you're finished.
If you want/need, he will totally also support you as you head home
Carriage? You are tucked under his arm the whole time
Protects you from stops like a pizza man would a precious order
Walking? I think not, those muscles ain't for show.
You ain't doing NOTHING for the rest of the day, ya hear?
This man pulls out the biggest fucking water bottle
And yes. You're drinking it all.
Makes a big show of picking berries and fruit from the plants in your shared room to help you get your sugars back
Ekko took his time picking the ripest berries, thoroughly inspecting every angle of the plant before deciding. But he plucked with speed and accuracy and before you knew it, the little bowl in his hand was full.
He fixed an imaginary tie around his throat and straightened his spine. With the bowl held on a elegantly angled hand he trotted over to where you laid on your shared cot.
"Your fruit, dearest," A piltie lit to his voice as he fluttered his lashes. A drowsy grin graced your face before you knew it.
"Thank you, my lovely love love. You're too good to me," He presses a kiss sweeter than any fruit to your lips before flopping beside you, gazing lovingly at you as you eat.
Rubs your head as you eat, trying to stave off any headaches
Gets you a cute bandage if yours falls off or if they just taped a cotton ball to your arm
(Kisses over top it after he puts it on you too)
Lays on you to help you stay warm
Also piles so many blankets on top of you both, he wants to be cozy too
Kisses your hands 24/7
...Ya know...to warm them up. Don't want your joints to be sore
Tumblr media
To be honest, She didn't understand your post test symptoms for a long time
She's had to get blood taken (and put in) many times and she's never had such a severe reaction
But once she accepts that your body just isn't as resilient as hers it stresses her out. Bad.
Listen, cut her some slack. She's still figuring out the whole ~softness~ thing in general so its a bit rough around the edges
Practically shoving fruit, cookies, juice, and water down your throat
Gotta get them sugars and fluids back
Will get very flustered if she has to help you eat because you're too weak to lift anything at the moment
But she will help
Sevika's heart almost stopped when you all but collapsed on her once you got home. So you can imagine the way her head whipped towards you when your spoon clinked too hard against the ceramic of your bowl.
"Can't even lift a spoon?" She sneered, but internally she was already thinking the worst, wondering if she should take you to the doc . She couldn't say no to you sad pleading eyes as you gestured to your soup.
"Here, you little jelly limb," She thanked GOD you couldn't see the way her face was flushed the whole time she fed you.
Pet names aren't her forte, okay?
Sev may not be the best all around cook, but lady knows how to make a damn good meat dish (Sorry vegetarians)
Probably starts a roast as soon as she wakes up on the day of your test so it's ready for dinner
Gotta get that protein!!! The iron!!!
She doesn't baby you, but its probably as close to babying as you'll get from her
Its sweet
Thank her by falling asleep on her :-)
You were asleep when she pressed those three really sweet kisses to your forhead and nuzzled you after, YOU WERE NOT!
Tumblr media
Caretaker mode ACTIVATED
Man has a plan of action the moment he knows you have to get blood work
Honestly knows your medical schedule better than you do
Carriage? Called. Alarms? Set. Water? Bottled. Hotel? Trivago.
He. Is. Ready.
If you have Singed do your tests he will come with
And hold your hand if you'd like :3c
If you have a different doctor he will send a guard with you to stand outside the clinic (which will be cleared for you FYI)
When you get back to The Drop he'll make sure the music is quieter than usual or even off if it's early enough in the day
Definitely carries you to the bedroom if he sees you dragging your feet even a little
(He probably will even if you aren't)
Cranks the air filter to max and opens all the windows so you have some airflow
"Have some ice, lovely. You need to re-hydrate,"
We knowww he's got those good ass blankets so you're set if you start getting cold
Which is good cuz this man's body temp is not enough to help you out
He won't be able to stay with you for the whole day
But definitely sticks around for a bit and has Jinx check in on you (and cuddle if you want!)
Ends his work day a little earlier so he can come help you with your night routine
He hummed in acknowledgement, his nails creeping over your spine.
"Will you sin' somethin' please?" You slurred against his chest."
If you insist,"
The song started as nothing more than a rumble in his throat, only peeking out as a whisper. Even still you sank deeper into his hold. The louder he became the more slack you grew in his hold. He had reached a hushed hum by the time you fell asleep
Tumblr media
Takes you to the clinic himself as well
Someone else can hold up the bar until you're done
He won't confine you to bed rest, but the kids are oddly insistent that you hang out on the couch with them for the day
(Definitely made the kids promise to take care of you or at least be chill for the day)
Periodically checks in with snacks and water
Almost every 30 minutes
Vi, Mylo, And Claggor help out upstairs serving food and keeping things stocked so Vander can spend a longer period of time downstairs with you
Powder keeps you nice and warm by curling up into your side and entertained with stories
Vander has someone take over the night shift so he can get the kids to bed himself and let your head to bed early
Helps you shower
(Maybe you don't need help with that but damn if it's not nice to have company)
"Can you wash my shoulders? I can't," you emphasize by lifting your arm as far as it will go, just barely past your chest.
"Sure, darl." Vander turns you around before slipping the cloth from your grasp. Not without lovingly grazing your sides as he passes. "My soap or yours?"
He works his bar into a lather, the smell of him filling the small cubicle, and massaged the lather into your shoulders. Alternating between cloth and hand to sooth your muscles under rough finger tips.
You lean your body weight back against him which he accepts. He moves down to your chest, making soft circles as your eyes fall closed in appreciation. He presses a wet whisker kiss to the side of your face when he pulls you back under the shower stream to rinse off.
Tumblr media
Kiss kiss? You want kiss kiss?
Jinx is gonna smooch you all over to make your forget your pain
She may be tiny but she WILL haul your ass to the couch and not let you get up for the rest of the day (other than bathroom breaks ofc)
Food? She's ON it!!
"Awe sweet-cheeks, you look half dead! No offense." She gasped once you plopped down on the couch.
"I feel half dead." You blew a raspberry and slouched deeper into the cushions. "Did they really need that much?"
Jinx ignored your rhetorical question, or perhaps didn't hear as her head was shoved in her deep freeze. She pulled out various frozen treats as she went. Sherbet, ice cream, shaved ice, popsicles, chilled cake, frozen fruits, you name it.
With arms full she tottered over to where you sat and dropped them on the coffee table.
"Snack time!"
Lord if that is not the most sugary "snack" you've ever had in your life
But it does make your recover more quickly tbh
She also whips out various snacks through out the day
Where on earth does she keep this all?
By the evening your blood has definitely been replenished
And your belly very full
You likely won't even need breakfast tomorrow
Tumblr media
Second chillest out of everyone since blood work is hard on him too (he gives me anemic vibes)
Probably brought your doctor to his apartment so you could get it done somewhere comfortable
You're absolutely SET in this mans place
His fridge is ALWAYS stocked with the best quality fruits he can get his hands on
(He has the money, you think he's not going to spend it as he likes?)
Spends the whole day in bed with you
Practically a purring cat when you curl into his side and trace his tattoos with a lazy hand
Your fingers refused to work with you as you tried to trace your index finger over his "KILL" tattoo. And your arm was so heavy that you could barely lift your wrist so you your hand ended up stroking small circles around the tail of the first "L" of his chest piece. Which just so happend to end just under his left nipple.
"You having fun down there?" He snickered but was unable to supress the blush that rose up his face when you pinched it weakly in retaliation to his teasing.
You hummed once he did not respond, sifting upwards to tuck your head under his chin. The coolness of his jaw piece against your head was soothing the headache you felt brewing.
He pressed his nose to your head in a pseudo kiss before tucking you back under his chin. Content in the silence.
Makes idle chit chat, even if you're too tired to speak or if you're slurring your words
Handles emotional exhaustion crying like a champ
Or if you think you're fine you are still not doing anything for the rest of the day
And if you do, he's definitely following behind
Lowkey mother hen
But heyyy he's got his reasons
"I'm fine" can very quickly go to needing to sit down after standing for 10 minutes
Honestly just ask for a piggyback ride and lead him around the house to make him do your chores for you
He's just happy to show off his strength
Tumblr media
Chillest and Gets It™
Makes sure you have a carriage to get you home asap
You two live on the main floor for a REASON!
Fuck Stairs and Fuck Elevators
This angel already has water in hand when he opens the door for you
Two gather your needs for the day- water (and sweet milk), snacks, fruit, and whatever projects y'all are working on- and retire to the bedroom
"Welcome home, things go well?" Viktor asked leaning heavily on his crutch to make space for you to slip into the apartment.
"Mhm, but it really took it out of me- ha! Out of me. Get it?"
"Yes, lásko má. Very funny," He shook his head, but not without an unquellable smile.
"Come. You should rest. You can joke once you lay down,"
Together Viktor and you gathered your needs and piled them on the dining trolley which you rolled to your bedside.
"Are you feeling well?" Viktor asked settling at your side. You nuzzle against him, eyes falling shut as soon as they touch his soft linen of his shirt.
"I'm just perfect."
The rest of the day is probably spent in bed and in silence
He may get up to work a few times
But mostly just scribbles in his notebook in bed
He doesn't mind the way you snooze against him
Only shifting if you slip into an uncomfortable position for either of you
He probably drifts to sleep too
He was working...but you just looked so sweet while you slept
He wanted to hug you for a little bit
And you were so comfy...your breathing so calming
And he was out like a light
Tumblr media
Ah...I hope you scheduled well because otherwise you're on your own with this guy
Jk. Sort of.
Marcus is a busy man, he usually doesn't get home until just before dinner or later so he won't be around most of the day
But he made sure the house was completely stocked with fruit and other foods to help you recover faster
Tell me why this man bought 20 lemons? Did he expect you to peel and eat them?
(Yes he did. He kind of stressed when he saw that they were all still there on the counter once he got home)
He'd try to set something up with Ren's nanny as well, making sure you would be able to relax for the day
Ren is a very chill kid and would be glad to hang out with you for the day
(probably even bringing you stuffed animals to make you feel better)
Marcus entered the house quietly, force of habit, so his ears easily caught the laughter coming from the drawing room. He carefully snuck to the door, not wanting to interrupt anything. There you lay, drowsy smile on your face as Ren read her new favorite book to you.
"Daddy!" Ren noticed Marcus before you did. She clamored off the couch, almost tumbling over in her excitement.
'Hey sweetheart, how's it going?" He pet her head as she slammed him into a hug.
'Great! Once we got home from taking [Papa/Mama] to the doctor we came home and I had another lesson but I got to be done early! And then I made sure they drank lots of water, then we went outside and I played with Nanna while [Papa/Mama] rested, then we had lunch then-"
Ren went through your entire day all the way until it was bath time, which he relieved the nanny for, letting them head home early.
"You feeling alright?" Marcus asked softly once he had put Ren to bed and leaned on the bed.
"Mhm, Ren could be a doctor when she grows up. She took very good care of me," You pull him to lay down. "But she's an even better story teller."
He hummed in agreement and curled into your side. His hair was slightly damp even though he wasn't the one who bathed. Your fingers raking through his his hair until you drifted off.
Posted on: 16/5/2022
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infamous-light · 8 months ago
Jinx, Vi, and Caitlyn's Reactions To You Wanting To Be Tied Up (NSFW)
Gender Neutral Reader
| Jinx
Tumblr media
Her pink eyes glowed brightly at the admission, a large grin now adorning her face. “I would love to tie you up.” She purrs in a low voice. “You need only ask, toots.”
Jinx is already experienced when it comes to forming intricate ties and knots, so she didn’t hesitate to indulge in your fantasy. She relishes tying you up whenever you’re in the mood for it.
She highly enjoys having you tied up in different positions or having you tied to different pieces of furniture. Her imagination knows no bounds.
Once you’re tied up and at her mercy, Jinx would take her time with you. Edging and teasing you over and over again until you cried and begged for her to let you orgasm.
Jinx is the queen of teasing.
| Vi
Tumblr media
Her eyebrows shot up in surprise at the request but her expression quickly changed, giving you a sly smirk instead. “You want to be tied up, huh?” She stepped closer to you, breathing hotly against the outer shell of your ear. “Say please.”
Vi doesn’t have too much experience with rope except for the basics but she manages.
Her ties and knots are simple but she likes it that way. She enjoys having you spread eagle on the bed the most. Your wrists and ankles are bound to each bedpost so she can have easier access to you.
Vi would leave marks all over your body and delights in the noises you make for her.
She likes having you helpless beneath her as she fucks you in all your favorite ways.
| Caitlyn
Tumblr media
A blush creeps across her face and she clears her throat in a nervous manner. “O-Oh… you w-would like for me to tie you up?” It takes her a moment to compose herself but she gives you a small smile in return. “I wouldn’t mind trying it.”
Caitlyn has the least amount of experience but she is eager to learn just for you.
She fumbled around with all the rope at first but she started to get the hang of it. Caitlyn didn’t anticipate how much she enjoyed seeing you tied up, especially when your wrists were bound together and fastened to the headboard, unable to move too much.
She liked going down on you like this. She wanted to give you the best pleasure you’ve ever had in your life.
By the end of it, Caitlyn was ready to explore more positions. She couldn’t wait to have you tied up again.
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fanficbambiandy · 8 months ago
This has been on my kind for days I've already made like an almost full length story about viktor in my head but I haven't sat down to write it yet. Anyways one scene that I've thought which would be super cute would be when he is running on the docks his s/o is just waiting for him on the other side encouraging him and once he reaches them he just lifts them up in a hug. It's so surprising bc he has been feeling so weak and drained that a lift seemed impossible. He just kisses them.
A/N: Ohh, that's so cute🥺🥺🥺. I'm tinkering on my own story, but I need to learn more lore about the world. I'm a bit rusty after not writing for years, so it may not be the absolute best, but I had fun thinking and creating:)
This fic is written in a gender neutral way, but you can always change the pronouns and certain words to match your own identity.
Tumblr media
𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐬
𝐕𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐱 !𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Viktor tightens his grip around the metal cane. It is scary, trying to let go of something that has always been there for him…but then again, he now has someone else to lean on. Opening his fingers, he lets the cane go, it landing with a clank on the ground.
Viktor was trying to reach his cane. It had slipped out of the inventor’s hand, while he was adjusting the straps on his portfolio and now, he was stuck in an unsavoury position – leaning on the wall, trying to reach the floor, where his cane lied. Considering his tall frame, it was even harder to reach the darn thing. The man was so focused on the cane he didn’t notice a figure coming towards him, until fingers wrapped around the cooling metal.
“Here,” The person smiled at him, their eyes shining warmly, their hand, the one gripping the cane, outstretched towards the man. Viktor reached out and grasped his cane back, finally taking his weight off from the wall, standing straight again.
“Thank you,” Viktor said, his amber eyes studying the person in front of him.
“No worries,” They smiled again, before moving past the inventor, down the corridor.
Viktor takes a deep breath out and in, with his eyebrows pinched. He’s worried, so, so worried. The man tries to empty his mind, looking down at his foot. Slowly lifting it – taking a step, the metal clinking against the ground.
“Okay, now you take a step, and I’ll follow.”
Viktor hadn’t thought much about the encounter they had almost five months ago, but it seemed that the (h/c) haired good doer was making themselves an important part of his life. They had seen Viktor in the cafeteria a bit over a week after the incident and asked if they could sit with him. Viktor was a bit flustered, since the table he was at had papers strewn about, his rushed cursive and different equations all over the paper. But his lunchtime companion didn’t seem to mind, making do with the small space. During that lunch Viktor learned their names was (Y/n), they were a student in the academy – the architecture department. The inventor thought that was a very pretty name, though looking back he would say the person made the name prettier.
And now? Well now (Y/n) was teaching him how to dance. Viktor really didn’t understand the need for it: he had a limp, he wasn’t one for social gatherings, he doubted he would ever actually require this skill – all in all unnecessary. Yet, here he was, (Y/n) holding him close to their body, one of their palms warming Viktor’s, the other on his shoulder. It felt surreal to him, being so close to someone: feeling their warmth near him, their thumb gently stroking his palm, how their fingers pressed into his shoulder, the way he himself could grasp their waist in his palm… Maybe the skill was pointless, but the time he was spending holding them was priceless.
“(Y/n), I really see no nee-” Viktor started, but it seemed his partner was having none of it. The man didn’t want to stop, he wouldn’t have minded holding his friend like this a little longer, but the thought of completely embarrassing himself wasn’t pleasing either.
“Come on, Vik, it will be fun, you’ll see,” Their eyes shone brightly, hopeful… And there it was the classic ‘pwease,’ puppy look on their face. Viktor just looked at them unimpressed, one eyebrow raised, but on the inside he melted, wishing he could frame that look.
“Anise cookies?” They bribed, looking at him in a hilariously overdone sultry way.
“With condensed milk glaze?” He asked, slightly pouting, his amber eyes shining with wish. (Y/n) nodded, grinning, they knew they won this.
“Fine,” Viktor huffed, “So I take a step to the front and then the side, yes?” His finger circled, their waist, the warmth invading the inventor’s fingertips. Viktor tried to memorize the material under his fingertips, the way the cotton shirt wrapped around their frame, the way it was soft…would (Y/n)’s skin be just as soft? He already knew their hands were just as callused as his. It would seem surprising, after all their hands worked with such delicate things and yet… But Viktor enjoyed the roughness of their fingertips, they way (Y/n) would sometimes in a tired gaze start running their fingers through his hair, telling him about what they learnt that day. The fingers that would from time to time bake him something sweet and leave it at his tiny apartment he rented. The finger that now were grasping his hand and shoulder and promised to take it as slow as possible, to take breaks and for Viktor to promise to lean on them. The fingers that later would run over his body, letting Viktor know just how worthy he was of love…
Viktor takes step after step, learning how to walk again it seems, gradually his pace quickening. Once he starts jogging he stumbles slightly, not used to moving as fast. But it doesn’t affect him, his pace quickening. Running. He is running. Viktor couldn’t hold it in anymore, he screams. A painful cry over every time he was mocked, he was hurt, he felt hopeless, worthless…
They had been walking aimlessly around the city, just enjoying the warmth of the late spring sun. It was nice to hold their hand whenever Viktor wanted, it filled his heart with glee. (Y/n) was pointing out different bakeries they could visit after their exams, babbling about different building structures, how certain windows were installed and how some newer doors mimicked a certain style from over fifty years ago. Viktor really did try to listen to them, but they were speaking a mile a minute. He wondered if that’s how he talked about his own passion, though he doubted he looked as adorable: arms flailing around, eyes fired up, cheeks slightly tinted with red, and a big smile stretched on their face. After five minutes of trying to pick out coherent sentences from his companion’s babbling, Viktor settled for just listening to their excited voice, feeling their hand in his.
After they got lunch, they were sitting in the park on a wooden bench, that was perfectly placed for the sun to warm their faces. Having stowed themselves up in a dark and dusty library for almost 10 months, they needed every bit of sunshine they could get. (Y/n) had laid their head down on Viktor’s shoulder, closing their eyes. Viktor had shyly followed their action, settling his own head on (Y/n)’s and wrapping them under his arm, (h/c) hair tickling his cheek.
The tranquillity and quiet of a spring afternoon was interrupted by a high-pitched squeal. The couple immediately jumping up from their peaceful moment and looking around, spotting another couple happily hugging. After a few seconds, the man picked up the woman, spinning her around in the air, both gleefully laughing. Viktor’s heart dropped looking at the couple, the inventor’s fingers slightly digging into his clenched palm. He would never be able to spin them around like that, he would never be able to carry them around, he wouldn’t even be able to protect them… he would always be too weak – not enough.
“Everything okay?” (Y/n) asked, noticing the sudden deflation of their partner, reaching for Viktor’s clenched hand, rubbing their thumb over their lover’s knuckles.
“Mmm,” Viktor nodded, forcing himself to smile and push down the bile of thoughts in his head. Though why try and run away from the truth…
But it seemed he was a more successful inventor than actor. (Y/n) had noticed the shift of his demeanour: looking somewhere off to the side in thought, the corners of his lips turned down in pain, only mumbling curt answers. Even when asked about his favourite book, the one he would usually be able to talk about hours to no end, seemed to only earn a short ‘I believe, I’ve told you everything I know about it.’
Later, when the dark sky was filled with miniscule suns, glimmering over Piltover, the couple was settled in bed: Viktor turned towards the open balcony they would sometimes leave open for more fresh air. ‘A glorious city being overlooked by a weakling,’ he thought.
“Vik?” (Y/n)’s whisper drifted through the room.
“Yes, dove?” Viktor whispered back, his eyes sadly gazing over at the stars above the city. Everything was calm, the city and the sky, even the sounds – everything, but his mind.
“Is- is everything okay?” They asked, their arms slowly making their way to hug their lover’s back.
“I-” What does he say to that? Lie? Or tell them the absurd truth that he’s angry at himself for not being enough? “I- I’m not,” There was no point to hide the truth, they would persist in finding out what’s wrong.
(Y/n) waited for a bit, expecting for Viktor to continue – he didn’t.
“Is it about the park?” The tried again.
A sigh left his lips. “Yes,” he nodded bashfully, his hair falling over his eyes. In turn Viktor felt his lover, tugging him on his back, which wasn’t hard to achieve, he didn’t put much of a fight. Half of their body was now over Viktor’s body, one arm holding them up as to not smother him. (Y/n) took his cheeks in their free hand, caressing the sharp bone lying underneath the skin. Their eyes were connected, having a conversation their ears weren’t meant to hear. Finally (Y/n) bent their face down to one of Viktor’s dark brows, trailing tiny kisses over the arch. The man closed his eyes in return, basking at the care they were giving him. His lover’s kisses travelled to the other side of his face, over the eyebrows, down to his cheekbones, up over his eyelids, pecking his nose, going down to his jaw, kissing his beauty mark and then starting their journey a-new, avoiding the one place Viktor wanted them to be – his lips. At some point their hands had tangled themselves in the man’s hair, gently scraping his scalp earning a moan from him. It seemed like an eternity, the way they mapped his face with their lips, although Viktor wouldn’t mind such an eternity. But everything has a start and an end: (Y/n) rerouting towards their lover’s lips, pressing them against his, both lost in complete bliss of being near each other. The kiss wasn’t rushed, it wasn’t needy. It was, however, filled with passion and patience, something both of them knew well. Viktor’s hands had made themselves at home on (Y/n)’s waist, rubbing tiny circles into them. Gently his palm trailed upwards towards their head, running his finger through their (h/c) hair.
“You know, I don’t need you to lift me up to the stars to feel like I’m amongst them,” (Y/n) whispered against Viktor’s lips. He didn’t reply to it, maybe even ignored it, choosing to continue kissing their jaw. That night (Y/n) mapped out his body with kisses and words of adoration.
He made it. He had made it.
Viktor beds down, his palms on his knees, breathing heavily.
“Not used to running, hun?” (Y/n) gives him a teasing smile, hip popped to the side. The man huffs a smile, before standing up straight and, in a few strides, he is in front of them. Viktor lowers his head, kissing them, slowly. (Y/n)’s own arms wrap around his neck, making him bend down lower, their fingers twirling the inventor’s locks between them. Viktor moves his arms around their waist, his fingers gripping at their hips, before lifting his lover up in the air spinning them around. (Y/n) wasn’t expecting this at all, yelping in surprise, before laughing alongside Viktor. The couple was laughing, giggling, loop-side smiles plastered on their faces, they feel like the world around them doesn’t exist. Gently Viktor sets (Y/n) down, but he doesn’t let go of them, his hands still holding onto their hips, afraid that this happiness could disappear like a dream.
“I can finally lift you up to the stars, dove,” Viktor whispers, brushing their warm cheek with his palm.
“I already told you, Vik, I don’t need the stars when I have the brightest one here,” (Y/n) answers, nuzzling their face in his palm.
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kram6496 · a month ago
Jinx: I would blow up the whole world for you
Y/N: and I’d melt with you in it.
Y/N: what?
Jinx: I’ll set the charges and you get the detonator! Let’s set the whole world on fire!!!
Y/N: sweetheart it’s a figure of speech!
Tumblr media
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caitlinsnicket · 8 months ago
body worshipping them (arcane preference)
a/n: this is nsfw. be warned. feel free to like, reblog and leave a comment!
| Jinx
Tumblr media
you have her pressed up against the bed, just the way she likes it
she expects you to sit on her face or to just go down on her like you usually do
but you take her hands on yours and kiss every finger, every little crevice and patch of skin you can reach
you whisper "angel" and "lovely"
she hates you for it
she hates you for making her feel like this
so much love, for someone like her?
she doesn't deserve it
tries to push you off of her
you just hold her softer, staring in her eyes
"you're perfect. flawless. there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you"
she just starts crying, and then kisses you
it burns her chest, but its a good kind of pain
she loves your love
"thank you"
you keep kissing every little mark and ink in her, and she just purrs
cums in your mouth and immediatly pulls you up to kiss you
holds you close and buries her face in your neck, allowing herself to feel vulnerable
| Vi
Tumblr media
she's used to be the one in charge, the one who does the dirty, the one who does all the work
but when you start kissing her back so gently, and telling her how much you love the things she can do with her muscles, she melts
it's not like she's never had someone appreciate her before, but this is different
this is intimate
you keep praising her body, until she's naked and breathless underneath you, whimpering and moaning
"these arms, this neck. this chest. i fucking love you"
she smirks at you and shows her teeth
"then show me how much you love me"
she keeps her posture, the big dom guiding you throught you eating her out, but you can see the blush on her face
you finger her while staring into her eyes
"you're the most precious little thing i've ever seen. you look so pretty like this"
you whisper her name and she just explodes, clinging to you for dear life
finds out she's a switch
also has a praise kink
| Caitlyn
Tumblr media
she loves making out with you, especially when you're so touchy
you sit her on a table in her bedroom and start kissing her thighs and telling her how good of a girl she is
oh my god wait what
"what- what are you doing?"
you're not usually this vocal
or so praising
or so domINANT
"i'm pampering my girl. my good girl. who's always so good for me and who does so many good deeds. you deserve this. you're so pretty"
she just can't stop her hips from bucking in your face, and repeats your name like a prayer
(might let out a 'mommy' slip out who knows)
"was i... was i good?"
you kiss her shoulders and arms
"you were the best"
blushes for a whole week
| Ekko
Tumblr media
he knows he's cute and cool and all that, and he feels good about his body
but after all he's done, after who he's hurt, it's hard to see himself as someone capable of being good
so when you hold his hands up to your neck and tell him you trust him with your life, he just gets warm
"these hands aren't made for war. they're made for building a future, and they were made to protect. but you weren't. you're just a boy who deserves the world"
then you kiss those world wrecking hands
the same ones that soothe you when you have nightmares
you ride him so slowly, he thinks he's melting
he feels at home
he feels loved
| Silco
Tumblr media
he holds himself as if he feels like the best all the time
but he still gets self conscious from time to time
one night he sees a man flirting with you
but it was a tough week, so he just goes up to his office without saying nothing
you realise something was wrong
you go up there and he's just sitting there looking at nothing
you sit on his lap and hold his face gently
"what is it?"
"you could do better than me"
sitting in silence for a while
you start kissing the scarred side of his face
he sighs, relieved
"you're the best i could ever do. it's you, and its always gonna be you. you're mine, silco"
he purrs, enjoying the attention you're paying to him
just holds you while you kiss him all over the place, gently drawing shapes with his fingers
might moan a little idk
| Viktor
Tumblr media
he's super insecure, there's doubts all over his head
so one day he goes to your house after finishing up in the lab
and you have a nice little dinner set up for both of you
he just gets overwhelmed
why would you be with him? there's no reason why
but you just kiss him and tell him why
"these hands, because they take care of me and they are building the future"
"this face, because it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen"
you start taking off his clothes to see him better, and he just blushes and lets you
"your neck, because it's so sensitive and so pretty"
you bite him and he can't stop the whimpers
"your whole body is so precious to me. let me show you. let me love you, Vik"
cue to the best blowjob and ride of his life
holds you tightly to his chest, enjoying your warmth
has a collar of bite marks all over his neck and chest
shows it proudly
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imajinxnation · 8 months ago
Having a Short S/O - Arcane Preference/Reaction
Just saying this now, the height I am imagining is 5'3 because I'm that height
Warning: fluff
I don't think I put any gender for the reader, but I suppose it is more directed at female readers, but males can still read it if they want
Tumblr media
Honestly thinks it's cute how short you are, of course he'd never admit it, though. I have no idea why I thought of this, but now I just have to say it; he will PICK YOU UP. If you were standing in front of him and he needed to get past, he would pick you the fuck up and move you to the side, he don't care if you don't like it, he gonna do it anyways. Also, I imagine head pats. Like, if you're angry at him and almost to the point of yelling at him, he would just pat your head, like, "Oh yeah, you're SO scary."
Tumblr media
You both kinda help each other; he has a hard time getting things from lower places due to his leg, and you have a hard time getting things from higher places. He always tells you how much he loves your height just in case you get insecure. 100% rests his chin on top of your head when hugging you, and kisses the top of your head while he's at it. Lots of forehead kisses.
Tumblr media
Now, I read somewhere that her official height is 5'3, I have no idea if this is true, but I'm stickin with it. She absolutely loves your height and has mentioned on multiple occasions that you two are "short buddies". Being the same height makes things a lot easier for you both, well, other than high shelves, but I'm sure she'd give you a lift if you needed it. She really doesn't need a lift, but she asks you anyways because she likes your touch. Calls you cute 25/8.
Tumblr media
You cannot tell me this woman doesn't pick you up and twirl you around in a hug! Sometimes she just stares at you with pure love in her eyes, and holds your face in her hands. Because you're short, she feels like she has to protect you all the time, so she does tend to baby you a lil bit. I love the idea of her tilting your face up and slowly leaning down to kiss you.😍
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whirlybirbs · 7 months ago
do u ever plan to write for viktor from arcane? 👀
Tumblr media
✶   —   tinkering   ;   viktor / f!reader
summary: you’re the third founding member of hextech. you and viktor have a working relationship that’s blossomed into something a bit more lovesick.
word count: 1.8k
pairing: viktor / f!reader
a/n: i have been really pining for him these last few days so enjoy work-crush dialed to 1,000 on the mush level ft. jayce being the third wheel bestie we deserve. this gif is by @solidago-sempervirens​‘s beautiful set here!
They're late.
When you spy only one of your two Hextech partners nearing, your jaw falls open slightly.
You don't even finish the question.
Jayce is clearly in a rush; he's just now — as he takes two plush, velvet stairs at a time — rolling down the sleeves to his dress shirt. He offers up his best apologetic look as he juggles his suit jacket. Despite your tiny twinge of annoyance that the two had left you to entertain the ravenously curious guests alone, you cave almost immediately when he peaks around your shoulder and curses at the full meeting hall.
Tucked in a back corner of the gilded, marble ballroom a string quartet plays.
"He's still downstairs," Jayce explains in a slight whisper as guests flow around you both; his warm eyes bounding from you to the guests and back to you; he clears his throat, "Tinkering — you know how he is... "
"Casting stones at glass houses are we?" you joke, exhaling as Jayce struggles into his suit jacket. You reach to smooth down his lapel, "Do I need to go and coax him out?"
"If I'm being honest I don't think he ever had any interest in attending," Jayce supplants between a rushed thank you, "I owe you."
"You do — now go, stakeholders are asking all sorts of questions... Mostly about when you'd show up," you wave him on as a waiter passes. You grab two flutes of champagne in a smooth move and offer your best smile in thanks. You turn back to Jayce, "Piltover's finest seem interested in you, poster-boy."
"Yea, well," Jayce rolls his shoulders and grabs a drink of his own — shedding his skin as an inventor in an uncannily seamless manner. Suddenly, he's giving you the smirk he reserves for the truest moments of camaraderie, "Don’t be long. And do give my love to Viktor."
You give him an unamused glare. The flat narrow of your lashes makes the man laugh into his drink. With a well-practiced eye-roll, you turn on your heel and move to descend the stairs to the main lobby.
"Don't let them eat you alive, Talis," you snark over your shoulder, unable to hide your evident smile.
"Let us pray they do!" he calls back at the sight of it digging into the corner's of your lips, “Don’t take too long!”
The delicate pluck of a violin's strings carries itself through the evening air. Through the courtyard, across the rotunda. You opt to take the long way around, lest you get suckered into another riveting conversation about trade taxation increases with some would-be politician in the lift to the lower floor.
With so many guests meandering around at the symposium above, they've left the lights on.
You balance the flutes of champagne neatly as you move easily towards the wing where Hextech has found refuge in recent months. With the Hexgates set to begin construction in a month's time, late nights in the these labs have become a regular occurrence. You've made this exact trek a thousand times — sometimes well beyond midnight, at the call of a dream; when magic carries a breakthrough on its wings.
Your heels click neatly across the floor — and you can see the glow of the lab alive beneath the heavy door barring entrance.
It's unlocked.
You bump the door open with your hip.
Viktor is — to Jayce's credit — tinkering.
He looks quite handsome.
He's wearing something different from his usual academic attire — something darker, with a wine colored dress shirt and an inky black suit jacket hung over his chair-back.
Immediately, the tinkering ceases. You note the very deliberate stillness of his hands when you poke your head around the door; your earrings sway and twing like bells in the evening air. Viktor's face lifts at your appearance; and for a moment, the schematics are forgotten.
Perhaps he should have gone upstairs.
"I've brought good tidings...?"
It's as if you're asking permission to pull him from his work. As if he'd ever say no.
Your humor eases the throat-catching hitch of his heart enough — and his rasp of a laugh is wholly real. Viktor drops his head, to denote a bit of an apology, as you move from around the door and let it swing shut behind you.
It's then that he gets a good look at your dress — and once more, he nips at his inner self for refuting the invitation to the symposium. He had a habit of doing so. A habit that he's recently begun to oppose. It's as if he can't spend enough time around you. You, his business partner. You, the one soul he spends more time around than Jayce. You're his equal. His friend. His most trusted confidant.
Hell alive, he thinks you're the most beautiful woman in the cosmos.
The gilded jewelry at your throat catches the low, humming blue emittance from the Hexcore as you pass its confinement. Your hand is extended, offering the flute of champagne to him in his seat at his desk.
"I... Time escaped me," Viktor supplies as his amber eyes move across your face, "I apologize."
Viktor takes the champagne with a quiet thank you. You ignore the way his fingers still against yours — and the way shyness curls into your heart at the touch.
"I'm jealous, really," you chide playfully as you lean against the lip of his desk. You peak over your shoulder at the papers on the desk.
Viktor hums out a soft chuckle as he tips the drink back to take a sip. "Should I assume you were looking for a reason to get away, then?"
You watch the movement — stuck on the glimpse of his throat. His tie is loose. Clearly, he and Jayce had been having one of their rather animated back-and-forth's. The sort that always came when you had put your focus forward...
The three of you... Well, Jayce and Viktor are everything to you. Recently, though, things with Viktor have been different.
Even Jayce has seen it.
He's caught onto the sparks that electify the air each time an excited breakthrough breeches the surface — the way you two connect gazes, with eager smiles hanging onto the closeness shared and breaths abated. There are these moments in the flow of work where forlorn looks are cast across the room; always when the other isn't looking. In the haze of ingenuity, where praise spills, where cheeks are split with bashful smiles and lingering hands upon excited hands.
Is this the burn of fondness, then? Slow and steady, as promised as the rise of the run?
His question isn't an easy one.
Quiet slips between you two. Somewhere, outside the large windows, you can still hear the strings winding a long tune.
You look down at your heels and toe the tile. 
“It’s all so boring — stuffy. You know how it is,” you mutter quietly with a sigh, “And if I’m being honest? I’d much rather be down here... With our work, our projects...”
A pause. You move to gently pick up the set of notes he was reading prior to your interuption. It does well to shield the uncertainty in the coming confession.
“...With you.” 
You flash your gaze to him.
Viktor blinks. Suddenly, he’s rushing to stand. His champagne is left to sit on the desk as he reaches for his cane and bears his weight, squaring his posture away to his full height. He’s not small by any means. Tall, elegant. As handsome as he is clever. 
Quickly, he assess the comment — and he finds no humor. At first, it’s entirely distressing. He isn’t sure whether to laugh this off or to hang onto the small, possible promise of affections shared for a moment longer. Outside, the stars glimmer a little brighter at the thought. 
“I — uh... You...?” suddenly, words a little harder than he remembers; the admission comes like a lightning strike on a calm day. He clears his throat as you gently place down the papers and turn your eyes up to him. He levels his voice and his accent makes the question near poetic, “...Do you mean that?” 
This time, you’re the sheepish one. Your attention flicks between his eyes and his mouth. You’re reading his expression, trying to understand the microcosms of emotion brewing there. 
“Lying is unbecoming,” is the slow, chaste remark earned. It’s sheepish. Shy. Sweet. 
Viktor’s laugh is delayed — chased down by the immeasurable rush of affection that blooms in his heart. 
Then, there’s another crawl of quiet between you. 
This one is easy. Warm. Gentle. 
Both of you hold one another’s gazes with bitten smiles. It’s Viktor whose laugh breaks the silence when his grin becomes too big, too tender to keep back — it’s breathless and enarmored. He ducks his head. 
You chew the inside of your lip.
“Well, if I’m being honest,” comes the pointed drawl of his words as his hand reaches for yours, “I was agonizing over just how I’d ask you for a dance...”
It’s your turn to laugh. Your face feels hot now at the center of his attention. Long fingers turn your palm over, admiring the delicate bands of gold along your knuckles. You’ve painted your nails. 
"Though, now I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to ask the most beautiful woman in all of Piltover to dance.” 
Your lips part in a shocked breath. Viktor smiles. His hand leaves yours to drift to the delicate silk of your sleeve, to trace the cut-outs along your arm. His thumb ventures the curve of your shoulder. As if your orbit has latched onto his, you’re drawn in — the palm of your hand meets the sharp contour of his jaw.
“Flattery will get you anywhere—” you muster in a whisper, deflecting the praise that has your head spinning. 
“—Honesty. It’s honesty,” he corrects gently.
And, perhaps this moment would have ended with more than lovesick looks and tenderness passed between touch. Perhaps, Viktor would have kissed you in the quiet of the lab, beneath the glow of the Hexore, to the tender swell of a string qaurtet in the lower gardens. Perhaps, you two would have decided to share a dance here. In private, in heart and hand. 
But, Jayce has a habit of poor timing.
He nearly falls over himself at the sight of his two closest friends entwined, a breath apart — and immediately the door is swinging back to clock him in the side as he trips forward and shouts out a loud apology. The tray of cakes in his hands tumble with him, clattering loudly as he laughs sheepishly and regains his balance. 
Is he? 
You snap away from Viktor, moving to gather up your respective glass and play off the closeness with easy, slinking movements. Your own sheepishness is hidden in a well-played cough. Viktor, however, remains unmoved. Steady. Heavily vested in your small moment.
“I... I wasn’t meaning to interupt—”
“We were just about to join you,” comes Viktor’s easy reply, albeit his eyes are stuck to you the entire time he speaks. He raises a hand and waves Jayce off, “Weren’t we?”
You blink at him. Your lashes flutter. 
Then, you sip your champagne and nod. 
“Of course.”
After all, you owe him a dance.
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cammys-imagines24 · 7 months ago
• NSFW Viktor Headcanons •
Tumblr media
It took Viktor a long time to be comfortable enough being intimate with you.
The scientist being self conscious about his braces, cane and limp, how he isn't as strong as other lovers you could have.
He couldn't ever be the "sweep you off your feet" type of man and that made him feel tentative to go all the way.
He didnt want to disappoint you since he's never viewed himself as particularly dashing.
Viktor views his one asset as his brain, since his ailing body has failed him in so many ways.
He was already seen as a cripple and so he didn't want to undress in front of you, bare his body and soul and for you to only see him as a lanky, debilitated underdog as well.
It took a long time of you reassuring him that you did find him incredibly handsome and it took even longer for him to actually believe you.
But, once this science boy with the sexy accent did finally trust in your genuine attraction towards him...
Then, oh boy, good luck getting his hands off you.
This man is severely touch starved and has longed for a partner to be intimate with for so many years.
And, now that Viktor finally has you then you're going to quickly become the best scientific experiment ever to him.
He will devote so much time to figuring out all the ways he can please you, what types of moans he can elicit from your pretty mouth and how often he can make you scream his name...
Not a fan of quickies. Though Viktor is often busy, he would rather sit in agonizing frustration and wait for the time where he can savor your body properly.
Same reason why he doesn't jerk off. He wasn't a very sexual person before he met you, so why would he wish to take care of his own problem when later he could have the luxury of you doing it for him?
Though Viktor does get hard because of you, a lot. To the point where it becomes problematic.
He could be knee deep in his work, consumed with taking notes but just the arrant thought of you is enough to stop him dead in his tracks.
Be it fantasizing about your lips or how your voice sounded the night prior or when his fingers absently touch the hickey you previously left upon his neck...
He will need a moment to calm down and compose himself.
The most meticulous lover you could ask for. Intent on slow, passionate ministrations that send you into pleasured ecstasy every single time.
He's either a soft dom who praises you, how wet you are for him, how your body makes him feel, how turned on you make him...
Or, a complete sub who loves when you take control. Who whimpers and moans and is so, so needy for you. Who'd let you do anything to him.
Viktor is all about body worship. Your form, your curves, everything about you is like his religion.
If you ever call him "Professor" or "Sir" get ready for a long night. It's definitely one of the easiest ways to turn him on instantly.
Viktor is very big on you pulling at his wispy fawn brown hair when in the moment, the action always elicits shaky whines from him.
He gets so desperate whenever you tease him. You don't even have to do much to make him go absolutely crazy.
Compliment him on his work, run your fingers through his brunette tresses, kiss the beauty marks upon his sculpted face...
Anytime you show him your love, appreciation or how your body reacts to his and he is a goner.
Just imagine that sexy accent of his when he is begging you to touch him, to help him relieve himself, to give him his much needed release...
Will appreciate it more than you know whenever you are happy to go down on him.
He'll never ask you to do it but when you initiate it, he is overcome with love and lust.
"You take me so well, my printsessa. Thank you..."
Often it hurts to have sex in the usual positions, especially when he is on top of you.
So, Viktor is elated whenever you go down on him, he can eat you out or you ride him.
He loves to eat you out. Your taste on his tongue is like an intoxicating delicacy to him.
Viktor rather enjoys the fact that many times he doesn't even need to use what's in his pants to make you come absolutely undone.
Often he'll be more than happy to spend the whole night between your legs, tasting and teasing you; a pillow beneath his bad knee is all he needs.
Despite Viktor's sickly physique, he can go multiple rounds, simply because of how much you excite him.
You know how determined Viktor gets in the lab right? How obsessive he can almost be when figuring out a problem? Well, he is exactly like that when it comes to doing everything he can to bring you pleasure.
He gets tunnel vision in the heat of the moment, with a fervant desire to make you shake, near hyperventilate and see stars.
Very big on aftercare.
Chances are if you're sore, then he is too but doubly so because of his disabilities.
Viktor is so soft and gentle after sex and most times you will take a relaxing, warm bath together before finally going to sleep.
Though while you're quick to doze off, he'll stay awake for a bit.
Sometimes he'll read a book or look over his journal with you snuggly wrapped in his arms.
But, most times, he'll just admire you.
Viktor appreciates you more than you could ever know and the intimacy shared between you two.
He's never had someone to do this with, who he can pleasure and in return who pleasures him back.
It takes a while for sleep to finally take him simply because he is still riding the high of your physical love.
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silence-burns · 8 months ago
Viktor: how he expresses affection
Fandom: Arcane
Tumblr media
Viktor has a difficult take on affection. On one hand, he's completely enamored with you, and the feeling only grows in strength as time goes on and your relationship progresses. And he loves all the small touches you give him, or kind words or those smiles that make him weak.
He'd love to do the same for you. 
But how can he praise you when his voice shakes and his mouth dries out? How can he touch you when his hands are always too cold or too sweaty or covered in dust and oil from working on his newest mechanism? 
Viktor gets flustered very easily whenever he tries to be affectionate and something doesn't go as planned. He laughs nervously both because well, he screwed up again and because he tries to hide his embarrassment.
Things get better the more you convince him it's fine and kiss his reddened cheeks. 
He starts small, trying out extremely small gestures and observing your reactions. Viktor wouldn't keep notes on his observations (or at least never admit to them), but he'd definitely keep a track of what makes you happiest. 
He enjoys sitting close enough to you to almost touch shoulders or legs. When you're so close, it feels natural to speak softly, and even such a small thing as bumping his shoulder into yours whenever you make him laugh feels much more intimate.
Holding your hand is something he wasn't initially used to (especially since he has to hold his cane with the other one) but eventually warmed up to. He feels guilty whenever that makes the one to hold the books or notes.
The sight of you sitting somewhere with your back to him is a bulletproof way of getting Viktor to leave a kiss on your neck or to ruffle your hair when he walks by.
Speaking of which - Viktor doesn't care much about his hair other than brushing it the way he always did. So when you ask if you can do it for him at the end of the day, he doesn't mind.
It feels different when you do it, though. You're careful about the tangles he makes when he runs his hands through the strands in frustration, which happens frequently in the lab or when a particularly annoying equation he's working on just doesn't make any sense.
You take your time detangling every piece while Viktor tries his best to sit still. It feels amazing enough to make him sigh and lean into your touch more. 
He'll melt if you massage his scalp, especially after the stressful day.
Viktor would let you do anything to his hair - he doesn't care much about it after all. But it just happens that he'd keep the short braids or pretty clips you'd put there. He'd often put his head in your lap when he needed someplace quiet to think.
When it comes to hugs, Viktor is a big fan of how comfortable you feel pressed against him. He understands that his bony physique might not be the nicest for you, but once you said it was more than fine, Viktor would plaster himself to you and there would be no turning back after that point.
Are you standing somewhere, minding your own business? Now you have a Viktor pressed against your back, resting his chin on your head or shoulder. 
Are you laying down on a couch or the bed, reading something quietly? It won't take long before a tired Viktor plops down next to you and drapes his long limbs around your midriff.
But as much as Viktor enjoys the physical aspect of affection, he also makes sure to tell you what's on his mind through words. 
Viktor is quick to compliment you and make sure you know how happy and proud he is of your achievements, no matter how small they might feel for you. He might not always find the smoothest words, but he does his best to convey his love for you.
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