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lady-griffin · 2 days ago
I kind of just realized that Silco had to have found out about what Jinx did on Progress Day Night and thus had to remain completely neutral, and use every single bit of muscle control he had to not give away the fact Jinx went completely rogue.
Silco: Jinx was following my orders. We needed to make a statement against the topsiders. They need to fear us and if you’re not on board with that, perhaps you’re not as loyal to our cause as you claim to be.
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vancityas · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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gingerrocketeer · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Jinx: I hate Caitlyn
Vi: then why do you keep breaking into her house
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bloodraven55 · 17 hours ago
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jmprime · 22 hours ago
So I was bored and…
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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decydoodles · a day ago
Tumblr media
Zootopia AU with Silco and his gremlin daughter.
It was nice experimenting with textures with this piece.
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haiseembroidery · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I have started a new embroidery piece ! One of the most complicated I ever done ! I Hope it will turn out good 🥺
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angelltheninth · 22 hours ago
Morning hds with Viktor and Silco please. I love your writing sm!
Thank you! I enjoy writing these as much as you enjoy reading.
Morning Headcanons with Viktor and Silco x Gn!Reader
Tumblr media
Viktor is an early bird
A habit he's had since he was little
However that means that gets to see you sleeping soundly, smiling as you dream
It also means that he gets to wake you up with gentle kisses and whispering in your ear
Viktor takes a little time to get ready due to his disability, however it's no longer something that he dislikes as much because it just means he gets to spend a little extra time with you
Both of you make the bed together, Viktor likes to have it neat and tidy when he gets home
He likes to wash up together, eat breakfast, if a little bit quickly because he's rushing to get to work, walk together hand in hand
If it's a really beautiful day he'll comment on it and take a few moments to admire it with you
He kisses your cheek every time you part ways and greets you back just the same
Tumblr media
Silco used to hate mornings
The pain from his scar and eye often hits him when he wakes up so it was one of his least favorite parts of the day
But he can hardly complain so much when the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes is you laying on his chest, when he hears your even breathing, when he knows you're still there
As the boss of Zaun he has a lot of responsibilities naturally, but that also means that he can get to his office as late as he wants, no one would dare complain to him about being late
He wakes you up by brushing the back of his hand against your face, lightly touching you and waiting patiently for you to open your eyes
You swear you see his eye shine every time your eyes meet like that
Silco loves to kiss you first thing in the morning before slipping out of bed
He loves kissing your neck as you get dressed, both of you laughing softly trough the whole thing
Next he has to take care of his scar and eye, he lets you help out, something he only does for people he trusts most
Of course he also has to check up on Jinx before he leaves and has started to bring you along as your relationship got more and more serious
He never leaves without giving you a deep kiss, promising more when he gets done with work
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xi-xi-chen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jinx / Lux
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lisasstars · 2 days ago
Arcane’s father representation.
Tumblr media
Each different.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
All loving. ♥️
Tumblr media
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divinegrey · 2 days ago
ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴋʏ / ᴊɪɴx x ꜰ!ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
just a simple thank you is all i have to say.
arcane masterlist
prompt: you and jinx go stargazing and end up having a frankly deep discussion about something you never really thought too much about before.
words: 902
warnings: mentions of death
Tumblr media
“Do you ever just… look up at the sky and wonder when everything might end?”
“Shut up,” you say, a snort coming out of your mouth as you shake your head from side to side. Beside you, laying the opposite way so your heads are close to each other is your girlfriend, Jinx. You two ventured to some random grassy knoll in the middle of the night— she couldn’t sleep, and when she can’t sleep, she leaves to burn off energy. Only problem with that is you can’t sleep without her.
So, obviously, you decided to go impromptu stargazing. What better way to stave off sleeplessness by going outside and admiring the stars? Took less than a minute to wrap up in thick hoodies and sweats before venturing outside to Jinx’s truck and high-tailing it to the nearest stargazing spot.
Which brings you to here; Jinx is apparently in an existential mood, and usually when she gets like that, it’s because she’s thinking about how the foster system fucked her over as a kid and the supposed guilt of being the reason her older sister got sent to juvie and prison.
None of which is true. You know that for a fact.
With a small sigh, you say, “Babe, the earth is fucking gigantic. We’re tiny little people on a massive rock floating in the middle of space. The question of “when will it end?” is relative because even when we’re long fucking gone, the galaxy is still gonna go on without us, ya know?”
Beside you, Jinx huffs. “Fuck, you’re right. Smartypants.”
She sits up. You come to expect it easily, the way Jinx just naturally falls into whatever comfortable position on top of you, but you don’t mind it. The cold air and the slight breeze make for rather refreshing sobriety that only comes from the extremes of midnight and a full moon. Plus, when Jinx finally settles in a position she likes, her head tucked into the crook of your neck and her legs over your waist, you feel more at peace.
“Hey,” you say. She hums into your neck, pressing a kiss there. You talk through a grin, “I don’t think everything will end. It’s an odd thing to think about, but… we never truly say goodbye. We always continue existing. Even when we die. People out there remember us. And even when those people die too, and just when you think there’s no one alive that remembers you… the Earth does. Mother Nature, I guess. You get put in the ground. She remembers you forever.”
You wrap your arms around Jinx, kissing the side of her head.
“I’ll always remember you,” you say, finishing your tangent. “No matter what.”
“Even if I die?” Jinx asks. You roll your eyes.
“Morbid, but yes. I’d visit your grave every day,” you say, brushing some of the stray hair out of her face before turning back to admire the stars. Each little white dot is something, and even all the black space in between is something too. You just can’t see it. Isn’t that neat?
“Even if we break up?”
“Jinx,” you say, laughing softly. “I could become an amnesiac, and I’m positive I would never forget you. You’re my everything. For fuck’s sake, I’m wearing your blood around my neck. We’re that kind of couple, you know that, right?”
“Don’t diss the blood, it’s fucking cool,” Jinx says, pulling her head back to get a better look at you. You flicker your eyes to hers and smile when you see the softness in her face, the slight rosy tint in her cheeks. She gets cold easily. You’re essentially her space heater, but you’ll never complain.
You rest your hand on her cheek and she leans into it immediately.
“I love you,” you say. “All day, all night, every single second that I exist, I love you.” You peck her forehead. “The only time I’ll ever, ever say goodbye and truly mean it is… I don’t know when. Goodbyes are weird. I’ll always exist to you, the same way you’ll always exist to me. You’ll linger in the back of my mind forever.”
Jinx’s eyes glaze over. “You huge fucking sap.”
“Hey, at least I’m consistent,” you remark.
“I love you, asshole,” Jinx says. She kisses you like she did the first time, passionate and loving, but with the constant dangerous edge peacefully existing nearby. You whisper your mirrored reply into her mouth and she grins, pressing her forehead against yours.
Jinx kisses you on the rolling hills, sliding her hands into yours and pressing them on the ground. You didn’t have ‘impromptu makeout session at two in the morning in the middle of a field’ on your to-do list, but hey, if it’s happening, then why stop it? It’s a perfect symbiosis that occurs between you two— it snapped in on day one and since then, you’ve never doubted your choice to be hers for a moment.
Goodbyes are a temporary thing, really. You might say it in passing… but… you’ll always be there. You don’t go away. Not even if Jinx wanted you to. You’re hers, she’s yours. Goodbyes aren’t exactly a thing you worry about. Even if you don’t see her for days, weeks, months since her job is wonky, she’s always there. The same thing goes for you. You might say goodbye, but you’re always there. Always.
A/N: posting an announcement later. keep an eye out for it!
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lady-griffin · 2 days ago
Arcane Alternative Ending
Silco agrees to Jayce’s deal to give up Jinx for the Nation of Zaun.
But oh no, she seems to have gone missing and is probably dead now. Oh well, we can’t do anything about that, let’s quickly move on with independence and forget all about that part of the treaty.
Also, completely out of nowhere and totally not related at all, Vander’s youngest Powder is back from the dead. Isn’t that such good news for Caitlyn’s new girlfriend, Vi? 
Just focus on how wonderful it is for Caitlyn to have a sister-in-law, who absolutely does not want to murder her.
What?!? Of course, that isn’t Jinx. Don’t be ridiculous, that’s Powder, a completely different person.
I can understand your confusion. But Jinx had blue eyes, but clearly as you can see Powder has pink eyes, which she's always had. That’s not a new thing for her at all. 
Also, blue-haired girls who happen to be sharpshooters and explosive enthusiasts are not exactly rare in Zaun. Completely common in fact. The norm really.
Then you just have Silco being in complete pain, with absolute disgust in his voice, having to say -
That isn’t my daughter. I have no love for her. That’s my sworn enemy Vander’s child, that’s his baby girl. 
She’s not my precious little chaos demon and the only thing that gives this bleak existence we know as life any kind of light or joy for me. Nope. She means nothing to me.
Ignore Silco crying, he just hates Vander’s youngest so much it brings him to tears.
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ace-bookdragon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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esli-thoughts · 13 hours ago
Little Jinx: Silco is gonna give me a tiny pet! And I'm gonna raise it to attack people!
Sevika: Kitties don't attack people
Little Jinx: Who said a kitty? No, I'm getting a scorpion!
Silco: But.. loyalty?
Sevika: I don't give a shit about loyalty anymore. I'm out.
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pinkyswifey · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
note — kisses, cuddles, fluff as always,l!
characters — jinx & ekko
drabble + headcanon
Tumblr media
୨୧ baby acts so damn brave saying how ‘i never get scared’ ‘you’re being a scaredy cat’ yeah okay💀
— when you both are sitting in the couch, the living room dark and only the tv illuminating you both and everything around. you both are under a blanket with snacks on either sides of you and you’re just cuddled to his side
— a marathon you guys have when guys are free and you would just sit there and binge watch a couple of scary movies. not a couple i mean a lot, my apologies.
— when a jump scare would get to you m, you would always shove your face into his chest or lap…bad decision
— muthafucka would look down at you with a smirk and nuff said because you already know why he is smirking
“oh come babe, we are supposed to be watching the movie~
*cough, cough*—PUSSY! *cough—sneeze*
— he is such a damn LIAR TOO! you are still watching the movie and all of a sudden he jumps because of what popped up in the screen. you looked up at him but he’s gulping loud as hell not wanting to show that he just got scared
“hell you looking at?”
“look at the tv, not me, you damn..JUST look at the movie, woman!”
— you ask him what’s wrong and he immediately answers saying that he’s completely fine…he is not fine at all😒
— there was this one time where a jump scare came out and it was so unexpected, and let me tell you why was his scream was louder then yours🤨
— you looked at him so quick and he pointed a stern finger at you saying “why’d you scream so loud” WHAT?!? YOU’RE OVER HERE SCREAMING LIKE A BANSHEE
— he kept saying you were the one the screamed the loudest and you both were going back and forth until a loud sound came from the tv scaring your boyfriend
— you look at him in shock and he got up from the couch. he looked at you like he pissed himself and just walked away into the bedroom
— he groans as he hears you laughing your ass off and he’s just sitting in the bed with the pillow on his head in embarrassment
— girl LOVES scary movies!! the excimer that comes with the jump scares, the anticipation— it just has her at the edge of her seat!
— one thing i know is that she hates cheesy movies. y’know.. tripping over air and struggling to put the key in the lock and not joint to check out the sound…those cheesy movies😭
— I know Jinx has her favourite scary movie posters up in her ceiling or the wall behind her bed.
— though jinx didn’t like those cheesy movies, she does laugh at them a lot and hearing her laugh is just 🤌🏾 it’s so PRETTY MANN
— she will act so brave and does for real but she teases you sum-times when you get scared
“awwwe don’t worry, sweet cheeks, ‘m right here!”
— PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GODS GREEN EARTH!! do not take her to a movie theatre with people around, please i beg you
— this woman will laugh out loud at someone they get scared and you just be sitting there trying not to laugh as well but telling her to shush it 💀
— though she is cute when watching movies. when you are trying not to flinch or jump out and she’s sees you trying not to get scared and will hold your hand and squeeze it while giving you a reassuring smile.
— either way and overall, watching movies with her is fun!
Tumblr media
pinkyswifey © 2021 all right reserved.
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cutestflwr · 2 days ago
Did anyone notice that when Jinx shoots her mini gun she hold her arm up like it’s a flare?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Like it’s the flare Vi have her, and she’s still wanting to be found)
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vi-is-badass · a day ago
I haven’t seen anything on here about it so I’m going to make the post myself. Claggor is honestly a pretty sweet brother to Powder in the few moments we get of them together.
When she’s scared of jumping across rooftops at the beginning Claggor offers to go get her and he doesn’t sound mad about it or like he sees Powder as a burden like Mylo does. He seems to actually want to help her across. This is further proven by how he stays up above and helps Powder onto the balcony minutes later when they are breaking into Jayce’s place.
Tumblr media
When Mylo is complaining in episode two Claggor immediately quips “What’s the matter Mylo? Afraid Powder’s gonna beat you again?” He’s teasing Mylo sure but he knows that Powder is leagues better than Mylo at this game and it’s the only praise Powder gets in act one outside of Vi. He’s complementing Powder while taking Mylo down a peg. He’s pointing out that Mylo, who is constantly on Powder’s case for not keeping up, is better than Mylo in certain areas.
In conclusion, Claggor is a good big brother. He isn’t the best at standing up for Powder but based on everything we see Claggor is fairly soft-spoken and wants to avoid conflict and he doesn’t seem good at standing up for himself either. He only really fights when he has to have his family’s back. I kind of wish we got more of Claggor because he seemed like such a kind person.
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artist-ele · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Arcane as Art - stylish daddy
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etherealsaul · a day ago
Tumblr media
✨💙 Jinx 💙✨
This painting is for sale here!
★ My Etsy ★ My Patreon ★ My Ko-Fi ★
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arcane-temp-fandomblog · a day ago
Arcane plotlines / Fissures, illness & mines
Tumblr media
One of the most disjointed narrative lines in Arcane is the air and the mines in the fissures. So I guess season 2 setup? Or is it window dressing? Because nearly every character is connected to it
This is not first time fissures are mentioned but Silco's story is most put together so I'll start with that. And I think it connects to reasons for rebellion he and Vander wanted to do against Piltover.
Tumblr media
So Silco came from the mines., Vander did too (Sevika maybe didn't? she needs breathing aid). This must have been the economic situation in the undercity pre-rebellion. We know that since Vander even had hanged the mining gloves in Last Drop. But the chembarons can't handle the air.
Look at the glee of this self made working-class man, Silco is an aspirational figure some of the time. I'd be Silco.
So since Powder's and Vi's parents joined the rebellion, they must have been in similar circumstances to Vander & Silco, right?
Tumblr media
Then there is the disaster man himself, Jayce and his not-sister's not-girlfriend. Which is first mention of fissure mining and the story starts like this:
Tumblr media
Ah, the good old times right? I really wonder if 'mining colonies' is not like idyllic version going around Piltover of what was happening, looking at Silco, Vander & Vi's parents all deciding to rebel against their city-state. Vi and Powder probably don't remember it thou. But good old days Arcane wise. Everything seemed so simple.
It continues like this: I'm not sure Jayce has right idea where Viktor's illness comes from 'coz I don't trust Jayce asks people before jumping to conclusions.
Tumblr media
and that's how it ends. And one maybe small thing - both of them can kind of breath there. So maybe the air has improved. Maybe not? I think this is also the moment the idea how 'mining colonies' work dies alongside the Hextech dream plans. And Piltover's idea of Progress. If I assume correctly 'Snakes' is Jayce's pov/context song.
Then there is connecting piece in council archives because I think Council Archives are for now accessible only till time they're introduced. So aside from Jayce's, all of them cover the time skip. For Caitlyn, it's infuriatingly all from time she's still an enforcer - so she believes enforcers are good and right. So we can't trust her notes. But it's the In Plain Sight chapter.
It starts with a young girl missing from Zaun report to the enforcers.
[Edit: And since the name must be a spoiler, the only young girl in LoL Lore that matches that description is Amaranthine from Jayce's short story - since we know it's more popular in Zaun to name children after colours or terms: Sky, Powder Blue, Violet, etc. - so Amaranthine could fit right in. Caitlyn's "The Grand Conspiracy" everyone, it's real. We're going there in this post LoL Lore and Arcane are same universe, most PvZ LoL Lore bios (+ short stories w/o author or not in 1st person) = Arcane - Council Archives that is censorship so Piltover keeps being the city of Progress. You play as the archivist exploring The council archives, and at the end this is your message 'But alas, our ongoing efforts to protect Piltover must be kept secret. There are those that wish to destroy the very foundations that make our city of progress, well... progress!'. Yes... I probably sound just as insane as Caitlyn to Jayce.]
Anyway, on saner plain of mind, a lot of files are written by Marcus, so even more confusing since he covers up stuff. But most importantly these 3 pieces. It's about a hospital - of sorts. I'll colour what imo. is important:
REJECTED BY ORDER OF CAPTAIN MARCUS ██████████PILTOVER ENFORCER DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE Abduction Ring in the Undercity On ██████, a Piltover enforcer on a routine patrol was alerted to strange noises coming from the sewage tracks running between the Fissures and the streets above. Backup was deemed unnecessary, and the enforcer proceeded to investigate the disturbances. Entering the pipes, the enforcer followed the noise - a sort of mechanical whirring (ADD THAT HE HEARD CRYING, TOO). The enforcer gave a verbal warning that he was marching forward. There was no response. The enforcer continued deeper down into the lanes. They reached a wall obstructed by a large metal gate. The enforcer brute-forced the gate open and proceeded down a dark passage in the waste-management system. Some time down the path, the enforcer was alerted to a bright light coming through a crack in the wall. Moving several bricks aside, they entered into what appeared to be a make-shift hospital. In the hospital, several children were sat at (CHANGE TO STRAPPED TO) beds and hooked up to machinery. Syringes at the arms, legs, and neck injected a greyish-green liquid into their squirming bodies. At this time, the Piltover Enforcers suspect that the children were part of scientific experiments. Upon safe return to Piltover, one child was identified as ██████████, a missing child reported over a month ago. They were reunited with their mother, a citizen of Zaun. The other children have yet to be identified. The illegal operation has been shutdown and all equipment confiscated for examination by Piltover Enforcement. Any potential leads should be reported to authorities.
So firstly this is the rejected version of Piltover Press release, was it silenced by Marcus forever or just rewritten to be published, we don't know. We also - from the edits - can't be sure if the story was already changed. We know that enforcers usually make very grand claims about resourcefulness and bravery on their part from the funeral of dead enforcer's scene with Marcus. So how the enforcer stumbled upon it, we don't know - seems implausible.
These are Caitlyn notes:
Were the children there voluntarily? Why was it shutdown? How did the officer just stumble on the hospital? Tipped off? WHO IS RUNNING THE OPERATION?!
The second piece comes from what allegedly was happening from child that was admitted to the 'hospital', interviewed by the enforcer (but we should already know from Viktor's lore that children aren't best witnesses):
LOCATION: OFFICE OF PILTOVER ENFORCEMENT PURSUANT TO CASE #4435 (...) ENFORCER Good. If you cooperate with the enforcers, that's how we can help you. BGWI know. ENFORCER You seem like a smart kid. ENFORCER Start at the beginning. BGW I have trouble breathing. A lot of kids in the Fissures do. BGW They, um, they offered me a chance to be healthier. ENFORCER ██████████ BGW ██████████ ENFORCER ██████████ BGW ██████████ BGW *coughing* ENFORCER So you're saying that they lied? ENFORCER The chemicals… What did they do? BGW I don't know. ENFORCER Was it shimmer? BGW Not like any shimmer I'd seen before. ENFORCER How was it different? BGW It powered their machines. ENFORCER These illegal experiments. BGW...Yes. ENFORCER And did you ever catch a glimpse of who was running things? BGW She wore a suit- UNKNOWN Officer, stop the recording.
I think the unknown voice is Marcus who recognises it's Renni. But that in a second.
The 'not shimmer' shimmer can only be either still in development chemtech or the 'orange substance' that is also in Jinx's weapons. But I think the orange one is the variant of shimmer that Singed developed later for Warwick (since there are more than one). Chemtech seems to be powering machines like the suits in the mines and firelights' boards. Can't wait to see if it's a moral issue for Ekko that he chose chemtech over shimmer, not knowing that's how it was 'developed'.
Then we also get that many children in the fissures develop breathing problems, which loops back to Viktor. And they may agree to for example very unfortunate experiments to alleviate those health issues from very shady 'hospitals'.
If anyone ever doubted why Hexcore "healing magic" may be actually important to the plot and not only Viktor's one man quest to heal himself. I'm pretty sure that story-plotline would look much different if the technology development was happening in Zaun.
Unless these illegal hospital experiments are something Viktor was involved, which idk - maybe? One never knows, the archive for now is redacted. That's the thing - since Marcus is the person compiling that file, we can't be sure if it's not ie. some errant organisation or a hospital run by firelights. But much more probable that Marcus was gathering dirt on all of the undercity's chembarons - just like he kept Vi in prison just in case. A security.
Anyway, then there's connecting 'evidence':
Tumblr media
And this suit looks eerily familiar to one from Jayce and Vi fight, but the second piece of evidence has note it was manufactured for Renni. Which would make sense since her child was a "shift overseer" - mask and all. Family business (no that doesn't make his death better, lol, just everyone has to work in Zaun).
But that may mean it wasn't a shimmer mine, shimmer was there to give children strength to do 'chemtech' mining. Maybe? Like with Jayce and Vi - it's the issue of blind leading blind. He was in the undercity last time around the same time as Vi. It was probably Renni's mine, not Silco's.
[Edit: I forgot to add what started this whole post - Caityn's LoL Lore bio since I was playing with Caitlyn's "The Grand Conspiracy" theory - the truth staring her in the face. From bio: In just a few years, she made a name for herself as someone who could help with matters mundane and… more esoteric. After a particularly traumatic case involving a missing hextech device and a series of child abductions, Caitlyn was summoned by the Wardens. She had been recommended by one of their number who had also developed something of an affinity for stranger cases—and their battle with a host of rogue chimerics in the employ of a lunatic chem-researcher driven mad by his own concoctions led to her being offered a formal position as a sheriff. ] That must be Jinx' one time or the other stealing stuff from Jayce's lab and the other must be the case In plain sight. Which made me think this case must be connected to some wider plot - and since she ends up as a sheriff at the very end - makes it feel suspicious in the light of Arcane. Yep, I don't blame Jayce calling it "The Grand Conspiracy".
Anyway, now much more of conjecture link, from Powder's journal of what happened to all the children at the hospital that someone didn't issue 'Missing person' report. Or the one that did.
Tumblr media
Entry #4
Lined up all the little duckies in a row
Why did they look so sad?
They'll be together after
Wherever people after go
Entry #5
There has to be an after
Vi and I will go there
Entry #8
They stared at me
I closed their eyes
But I still see them
I'm really not sure if that's connected, but seems like some sorts of cover-up. Either for 'hospital' children or the one that had family that could start spreading rumours in the undercity about the 'hospital' experiments. Anyway something Jinx witnessed and drew in that timeskip span.
So now the last bits and pieces, Viktor:
Tumblr media
Who most probably has the same issue as the child interviewed by the enforcers, from the 'hospital', because he grew up in fissures. Maybe, that's the root of his illness - if that's information they spoke about with Jayce it was infuriatingly in that timeskip part which Jayce's journal doesn't cover since it was published before timeskip.
But I assume yes.
And then finally this connected part maybe:
Tumblr media
It kind of points that Singed's daughter he speaks to Silco about when Jinx may die, and for which he most probably started research into Shimmer for, is Orianna (as resemblance in the locket). Since this poor girl had to undergo a lot of painful surgeries and augments, which shimmer would allow to survive. And Orianna in lore:
News of disaster in the undercity of Zaun made its way to their shop. An explosion had ruptured a chemical line, venting clouds of poisonous gas. Orianna insisted they help the victims, but Corin forbade it. Zaun was far too dangerous. So, with as many supplies as she could carry, Orianna snuck away in the night and rode the hexdraulic descender into the depths. The devastation was overwhelming. Debris still filled the streets, and Zaunites walked through the toxic haze, faces covered with little more than oily rags. Night after night, Orianna repaired respirators and installed esophilters. She even gave her own mask to a child who could scarcely breathe. Her father was furious, but soon after her return, Orianna fell gravely ill. Her lungs were ravaged past all hope of recovery. Refusing to accept this, Corin threw himself into his most ambitious project yet: a fully functional set of artificial lungs
Which if it is Orianna, it will be very interesting, because that Piltovian girl went to help people in the undercity and died for it in a manner of speaking. That is why congregation of the 'Gloriously evolved' is aligned with the Grey Lady - matching Orianna's new body appearance.
And him and Orianna both working on body augments trying to save her life, would be the thing against Piltover's ethos that Singed parted ways with Heimerdinger for.
And probably how he crossed pathways with Silco.
Tumblr media
Singed why you speak in riddles, if it's 'love & legacy' vs 'Progress', then if your daughter is Orianna - you're the 'love & legacy' part of the equation, and you weren't ready to sacrifice that for Progress. Between you and Heimerdinger that is. Is that your issue with Piltover? They were unhappy with you not letting your daughter waste away due to chemspill in the undercity? Was you both trying to save her against ethos too? Is that how you ended up in Zaun, saving all random daughters like Jinx and Vi with your shimmer invention?
That would be a funny twist, wouldn't it?
Anyway, a lot of disjointed plot along most characters is connected to this few points - mines, fissures, lung illness caused by pollution. And I guess all of that was somehow connected to the first rebellion we see.
Also mandatory, hexcore is evil and under any circumstances shouldn't be researched. Heimerdinger said so.
“Piltover the land of progress, equality, innovation.” What did you do that your own people rebelled against you?
Edit: Continuation of this theory: Arcane Symbols of change / Firelights, Crow, Butterfly and the “Bastion of Enlightenment” that is beacon to all the Moths
Is this plotline why we don't have Caitlyn and Viktor talking to each other whole season? or why Caitlyn and Vi separate because Cait would know it's Renni's mine?
Other posts by me - Arcane meta analysis posts - mostly politics, tech and character parallels
How the fuck am I supposed to tag this, that's most of the cast.
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