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art-of-arcane · a day ago
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ARCANE | Silco’s Lab 3D Environment | Florian Pasquier
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valentinainat1 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Timebomb <3
Prints https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/valentina/je/
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fict1onallyobsessed · a day ago
Minor Memories
Sevika x Reader
Tumblr media
The request: Hello! I was wondering if I could request a sevika x fem reader fic where reader has a really hard time remembering simple things and they have always been yelled at for it. Reader forgets to do something very simple before Sevika gets home from work and reader gets scared that she will yell at her too. This is really specific and if you’re not comfortable writing this please don’t even worry about it. :) thank you and I love you’re writing :) @mvddison99
Your heart pounded in your chest when you heard the keys in the door turn. Sevika’s heavy boots came next, banging against the wooden floor of her apartment before you heard the keys being dropped onto the table in the living room.
You’d forgotten to do that thing she asked you to do. It was only delivering some package to some guy, but you’d forgotten to do it.
Who knew how Sevika would react. She had every right to be, right? You’d forgotten to do something important and now she could yell at you all she wanted. That’s what everyone had done since forever, so as much as you didn’t want to be shouted at, you were ready.
You stood up from the bed and ran into the kitchen, watching as Sevika took off her jacket off and placed it intro one of the chairs by the table.
She raised her eyebrows when she saw you stand in her way of the table, leaning your back against it covering the package you were meant to deliver today.
“Sev, I’m so sorry.” You stopped her, eyes wide in terror. She took note of how shaky your hands were, immediately questioning if you were injured. “I forgot about the package, I swear I’ll do it as soon as you want me to. I just- I didn’t remember and now- I’m sorry. I won’t forget again-”
Her face looked even more confused when she went to stand in front of you to cup your face, successfully shutting you up. Unfortunately it just made her away of how teary your eyes had gotten.
“It’s alright, I’ll do it with you tomorrow.” She stroked her thumbs across your cheeks, rubbing away any tears that fell down your skin. “I’m not mad.”
She was still super confused as to why you were so nervously twitching around her. Her eyes relaxed and brows returned back to their place, realisation covering her face.
“Who shouted at you?” Her voice was stern but her touch was still gentle, determination all across her face as she stared down at your expression.
“No- Back when I was smaller maybe but-” you sighed to get yourself together, trying to calm your nerves instead of agitating them more by stressing. “My parents and siblings.”
“Anyone else?” Her brow raised at her question.
“Some guy at the last drop.”
You gave her the best description you could, but remembering was obviously not your strongest suit. You thankfully heard his name when someone called out for him after he finished screaming at you, so you could give her that.
“His name was Ace or something.”
She smiled, kissed your cheek and grabbed her jacket again, telling you she’d be back soon unless you wanted to go with her. You just nodded, getting your shoes and walking with her, her arm over your shoulder to show people who you belonged to.
Safe to say the Ace guy got a beating.
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demigoddessqueens · 20 hours ago
Arcane Affections
Tumblr media
I wrote one similar like this for CR, and i wanted to write HC’s aside from my arcane fics
Jayce - absolutely physical touch!! And then next best is any small or big task at hand
Vi - quality time and words of affirmation. Please do, she’s lost so much
Caitlyn - definitely gifts and quality time
Jinx - all five!! She’s been so tormented in life and deserves all good things
Ekko - physical touch, gifts (he deserves them), and quality time
Vander - physical touch (bear hugs) and words of affirmation (he tries/tried his best), doesn’t mind doing stuff for you too
Mel - definitely words of affirmation and physical touch, also some gifts too
Silco - gifts, your time and though he won’t admit it, your gentle touch
Viktor - words of affirmation (mostly, pls, from some insecurities), and
Sevika - quality time all the way
Marcus - touch starved and down for physical touch and quality time, likes to do stuff for you too
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thehoundwrites · 5 hours ago
I imagine touching myself in front of a tied up Sevika.
Nsfw 18+ minors don't interact
Tw: Shibari, rope, nsfw, no reader genitals mentioned, mirror sex, Brat Sevika, Punishment sorta, Dom/sub, gn!reader
Notes: honestly I have nothing to say for myself this time, I just wanna fuck Sevika rn okay
Words: 1000+
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She hated it, being so out of control. Tied up at your mercy, she hated feeling powerless. Yet it was so exciting, knowing you, the gorgeous person she dedicated everything could for, able to do whatever you pleased to her.
You thought maroon would be her color the one that tinted her signature cape. If she gave you a reason why that was "her color" she'd say "the color of blood doll." With a stupid wink like that was the funniest shit. So edgy...
Then you tried gold, and as beautiful as she looked tied up in gold, Royal blue was her color, it brought out the glistening in her scars, the ones that revealed your lovers heart even through her attempts to hide it.
You had her tied up in front of a mirror legs spread and still, no matter if she squirmed or not. You had her entire body on display and how you loved doing this to her, she had to love her body as much as you did. Her hands were tied behind her back, and black strands of hair stuck to her sweat slicked skin.
You always took your time, as much as you'd love to tease her you'd always make sure she was thoroughly fucked first. You scanned her body, as you stood behind her in perfect view of the mirror in front of the two of you.
Her shoulders leaned on your shins as she looked up at you from below, blue rope in her mouth the keep her from speaking. Because "how can she be such a dick when she's tied up like a bitch. You'd have to gag her every time, but now you know better you gag her first.
Wide grey eyes watched you from below, your fingers working so slowly messaging every thing as you decided, the way you wanted.
You could hear mumbles coming from the sub at your feet, then whines before she began struggling. You stepped on the rope that held her wrists, which stopped most of the movement she could do to get away.
Sevika grunted, her eyes watching you as you touched yourself for her, showing off, moaning her name you watched her body react in the mirror her thighs trembling. And her pussy clenching in need of your touch.
You moved from behind her to kneel in front of her on the floor. You left a quick kiss on her forehead, then let you lips trail down her scarred cheek. You could feel her chest heaving and her nostrils flaring your hands found their way to every scar you could reach you felt her perfect muscles spasm from ghosting your finger tips across such insecure spots.
Whimpers fell from her throat as your finger traced lower and lower before cupping the curve of her. Massaging her clit lightly with your palm you let your middle finger circle around her entrance a sharp gasp escaped her as she tried her best to keep herself up with her hands tied.
"I'd love to see your buddies reaction if they ever found out what a fucking slut you are Sev" you smiled licking your lips looking down at her.
She mumbled something that you recognized so clearly, coming from her mouth. Her defiant "fuck you" as if to instigate you or something.
"you're so cute, now you have to watch me cum instead"
She began to argue through the rope when you sat Infront of her began to fuck yourself right in front of her. She keeps thinking misbehaving is gonna get her what she wants. It's cute.
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arcanebrainrotforever · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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sapphictemple · 8 hours ago
*rubbing hands together mischievously*
I have found more pictures of Sevika
I am unstoppable
The thirst shall R I S E
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raven-by-the-sea · 2 months ago
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A little art nouveau 🌷🧁
Please no reposts, referencing, reusing, or edits, please feel free to reblog ❤️ Click for best resolution!
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lazifyre · 7 months ago
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@cirilee posted an AU where shimmer and the last drop are competing fast food joints and I’ve had it on my mind since I saw it. I imagine the Academy would be a prestigious culinary school that sees fast food restaurants as falling short of culinary excellence. Caitlyn drops by when she needs a break from classes to eat good food and definitely not just to see the hot waitress. Also head chef Jayce and his kitchen partner Viktor 🥂
Tumblr media
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fire-of-the-sun · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I can’t believe, on top of everything else, his own crutch falls and hits him...
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ghostlysleuth · 2 months ago
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various caitvi doodles from my patreon
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art-of-arcane · a day ago
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ARCANE | Council Chamber 3D Environment | Simon Magnan
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inheaven-mad · 5 months ago
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I needed to draw a proper kiss bye
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bluedaddysgirl · 7 months ago
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My one meme review of Arcane's act III
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daevier · 7 months ago
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Jayce hiding under a desk: Mel, come pick me up scared.
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terrapia · 7 months ago
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my fav characters from arcane
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girlbossmel · 7 months ago
Jayce, finally calling for peace, getting the council to agree to, and vote for a peace deal:
Jinx with the cannon: Alright epic gamers, here’s what’s called a pro gamer move.
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justalittleb1tcrazy · 7 months ago
This was a test.
here, in this clip, Jinx was testing Vi.
To see how Vi would react, just how out of touch she thought her sister really was. And the way she reacted, Jinx found out that Vi would never accept her; their relationship would never be the same.
That Vi would choose to believe what others say about Jinx over trusting her own sister.
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vinnytotherescue · 7 months ago
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I’m sorry you can’t change my mind Viktor is the definition of a mad scientist and I’m here for it🤣
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lemonpiestory · 6 months ago
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