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ARCANE | Council Chamber 3D Environment | Simon Magnan
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bloodraven55 7 months ago
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No but Arcane has such a good range of female characters like everyone involved in these designs understood the assignment for real 馃槱馃檹
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ARCANE + Character Prologues
鈥淥ne thing you鈥檒l notice is that nearly all episodes have a flashback in the beginning of the episode. This marks the character who聽鈥渙wns鈥 the episode and will make a significant step forward in their story.鈥 - Christian Linke
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artmadval 7 months ago
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citizens of piltover and zaun and their connections 馃馃馃 bonus +
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threi 4 months ago
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Local bisexual is too excited help
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Tag yourself!!! Tag your friends!!! Commit treason!!! That was a joke!! Tag your mutuals!!
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Mel by CansuAkn
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zheynazed 2 months ago
Arcane characters with a gamer/streamer s/o
Kind of messed up and posted the draft so now I can't use the answer part but trust me, it was an ask. I'm so sorry to the person who asked, that was my bad.
Gender neutral reader, fluff, modern au ig
"Oh cool! You stream too?"
Jayce would be ecstatic to hear that you were a fellow streamer. It was the the highlight of your conversation.
Collaborations were a must. He even suggests that you two start a different channel just for the two of you to stream on.
Would 100% introduce you as his partner at the start of every stream and his chat would always go, "We know, Jayce. You've told us already."
Speaking of chat, once you were introduced, Jayce was put on the back burner under claims that you were more entertaining.
Would probably sulk about it and whine that you've taken over his channel but he really doesn't mind. He loves seeing you play and entertain his fans (they're honestly all yours now).
He's not a stranger to PDA. He'd go an entire stream having you sit on his lap or the other way around. (Much to the dismay of all the single peeps who watch his streams.)
Quick kisses before, during and after a game. Maybe a little extra when he losses and gets all bummed about it.
Uses pet names like baby, babe, honey.
Probably says, "THEY HAVE A BOYFRIEND." or "I'M RIGHT HERE." If ever someone asks you if you're single.
"That's wonderful. I'm happy that you've found something that you're passionate about."
He treats it like any other hobby of yours and is honestly really chill and supportive.
Would probably bring you snacks and drinks while also hiding from the camera. He would also just lounge around the room, maybe even reading a book while you stream or just watching the stream in general.
A bit sassy on the comments whenever you lose a game and would probably tease you about it.
He doesn't appear on camera that often and he's a bit hesitant to join you at first. People weren't exactly his 'thing' but he'll try.
The first time he appeared on camera was the most nerve wracking experience he's had to date. It felt like everyone was looking at him and judging. You assured him that it was fine though and told chat to behave.
He's extremely camera shy, however. Even after he's appeared on your channel a bunch of times, he still tends to lean out of frame or hide behind you.
Not a fan of any public affection so he keeps it to light and small touches and holding your hand out of frame.
Would probably call you my love, darling, lyubov/lyobov moya or other endearments in his native language.
Least to say, he prefers to support you from behind the camera. Or under the desk.
"I can't say that I know much about gaming, but I do have a keen eye for management."
Exactly how it sounds. She was there when you picked up the idea of streaming in the first place and offered to be your manager.
She's great at it too.
The calm, collected instructions on when the best times to stream are, conversations of your audience and what they like and dislike as well as what games are popular at the moment, all of it mixed in with the love of a partner who'd support you no matter what.
She can both be strict at how you manage your media accompanied with your health. Both mental and physical.
She wouldn't hesitate to scold you even while you're streaming after she told you to take a break. Your chat has taken to calling her gold mama.
She doesn't appear on camera a lot but when she does, she usually tends to speak to chat or watch as you play. Video games weren't exactly her thing.
Make up and fashion streams. That's it. If both of your schedules allow it, she'd be more than happy to dress you up and have a little fashion show stream.
PDA wasn't a big deal for her. Kisses, touches, hugs, whatever. She wouldn't mind.
Takes to calling you honey, love, sweetheart
"Really? We should stream together sometime."
Loves that you two get to share similar hobbies and interests.
Would introduce you to their chat as a 'visitor' or 'friend' at first if you aren't comfortable with making your relationship public, but if you don't mind she'd just outright say it...a bit awkwardly.
Chat member: Are you two dating? Caitlyn: Us? Dating? *Pauses to see your reaction* Yeah. Yeah, we are.
She prefers playing first person shooter games but if you prefer more relaxing, less killing ones, then she'd go out of her way to do so.
Gets a bit flustered when displaying public affection. You initiate it most of the time, seeing her face turn a light pink was adorable.
Don't overdo it though, you might get more than what you bargained for.
Pet names usually used are sweetheart, baby, love
"Wanna play CoD?"
Another streamer of the ecstatic and loud type.
Trash talking to the max. There are no exemptions, not even you.
If you're a complete beginner expect to be absolutely t-bagged on. If you're actually really good, she would purposefully call you bad when you miss one time.
Your teammates aren't even safe from the absolute hell she unleashes out of her mouth. It's both extremely funny and borderline insanity inducing.
She will tone things down if you ask her to and she'd revert to light, teasing comments rather than her outrageous offenses.
Great at any games that involve guns and shooting people.
PDA in a form of clinging on to you which makes playing a hard task and/or showering you with kisses when she wins a game.
Nicknames are either bunny, bubs/bubba or literally anything that crosses her mind. She called you lil bug one time.
"Okay...what's that exactly?"
Look. He's old. But he's trying.
Although he doesn't get a full grasp of what streaming is exactly, he supports you no matter what.
He tries getting into your hobbies by watching other streamers or searching games up online. He likes to think that he's got a good grasp on the thing but then words like "KEK" and "Pogchamp" get thrown around and he's lost.
Would prefer to just hang around and watch you stream off camera. Maybe he'd even be a moderator if he understands what buttons to push.
Probably hands you some snacks while you stream and asks about how the stream is going.
Chat just absolutely explodes at the sound of his voice. Thank god you had a good moderation team. Daddy? Sorry. Daddy? Sorry. Daddy? Sorry. Do you need a dog? I can bark. Awooga!!!
He finds it amusing and would probably use that knowledge to get a rise out of you.
When he finally agrees to do a face reveal, you can't exactly remember how many people your mods had banned.
Pet names are usually dove, beautiful and my darling.
"Cool. Are you going to eat that?"
She doesn't exactly stream but who cares, watching you do what you do best is way better in her opinion.
She'd occasionally hop on to play some games with you and whatnot. It's a great way of curing her boredom and with chat in the mix, it was a great day to be alive.
She tend to over share on some details and would promptly shut up when you ask her to. Well, when she decides to listen to you.
Your relationship was something she tended to flex on all the lonely losers out there who can't get a partner.
When you do something particularly good, she'd erupt into shouts of praise and encouragement, a wide grin on her face as she faces the camera.
"You see that right there? That was all them. They did that. I'm so lucky to have you as my partner."
Cheeky little shit, stealing kisses, purposefully flirting and basically pulling you to her and attaching you to her side.
Pet Names include Honeybun, sugarplum and plain old sugar.
She isn't exactly into those kinds of things but she isn't ignorant to the streaming platform.
Tech savvy Sevika? Hell yeah.
She'll help you get your setup all ready, help you build your pc and even get your wires and cables all straightened out. She says that paying someone else to do that would be a total waste of money.
She honestly doesn't care about being seen on camera or not. She just pretends that chat doesn't exist and goes about her conversation with you like every other day.
Workout streams? Good luck on feeling anything on your body tomorrow. She'll beat you to a pulp. (In a loving way of course.)
She wouldn't hesitate to pick you up from your chair and just leave the stream running while forcing you into bed or for some cuddles alone time.
Would probably threaten people from chat if they say anything particularly mean to you. Which inevitably put your channel at risk for being banned.
PDA is basically having an arm around you at all times.
Pet names are usually bun, dumbass and darlin'
Again, so sorry to the person who asked. Hopefully you get to see this.
I'm actually thinking of writing domestic Arcane characters next...would anyone be interested in seeing that?
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trashyn00b 6 months ago
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In this house we:
believe in bi and polyam jayce
respect mel
support daddy viktor
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getting strapped by powerful women. Thats the post.
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ARCANE | Mel Texturing & Concept Art | Evan Monteiro
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heliophil1aa 5 months ago
arcane | how they show affection | GN reader
Tumblr media
contains ; jayce , viktor , marcus , mel , vi
warnings ; none , its fluff
word count ; n/a , its headcanons
SUMMARY ; after a long day of work or not spending enough time with you , they show their affection in their own ways
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the moment he see鈥檚 you, he鈥檚 fallen in love all over again
not a moment where he鈥檚 not touching you. some form of body contact has to be made
holds your hand to the kitchen, swaying you around by the waist, lots of hugs and kisses
鈥渋 missed you so much.鈥 鈥渏ayce, it鈥檚 only been a day at work.鈥
鈥測ou鈥檙e so breathtaking, how can i ever turn away from this every morning?鈥
takes every chance he could get to have you lay on top of him
a human heater, he鈥檚 just so warm.
hands grasp for yours while in bed, no words escaping jayce鈥檚 mouth. his thumb brushed against your knuckles, the sweet nothings being shown. slowly, he鈥檇 pull you closer to him until you鈥檙e fully tangled around him. 鈥攖his is his happiness. being able to touch you, ravish you in ways no one else can, he cherishes every second of just hugging you until he falls asleep. he almost regrets leaving everyday.
you鈥檙e his catharsis, his addiction that he needs on a basis
the moment he sets foot back into the house, he makes his way to the shared bed and nuzzles himself into your hold
but being a little spoon doesn鈥檛 always last long; he ends up holding you on top of him as he grasps for a book to read
his way of showing affection? sharing his hobbies with you. and reading is on top of the shelf.
he reads to you, shares you his mind like an open book, introduces many things he likes to enjoy. he shares himself with you
he gives you apart of his mind because you are his other half
鈥渨e鈥檙e two halves of a whole soul, you my darling, are my soulmate.鈥 鈥渧iktor, you鈥檙e going to make me cry.鈥
a light hum emitted from viktor, his index trailing along the creases of your back鈥攈e traced works of art and scenery of what he imagined in the book, each word he spoke causing a different motion of his finger鈥攁t times, he鈥檇 squeeze you against him with a moment a silence before continuing.
ren is asleep, it鈥檚 quiet downstairs with light barely illuminating the room. this is when he takes the chance
while you walk out the kitchen, trying to head upstairs to sleep. marcus would grab you by the hand
no music, just subtle conversation shared as he pulls you into a waltz
he would sway you around the room and place kisses on you here and there
his love language is physical activity.
sometimes he鈥檇 paint you while you aimlessly cook breakfast or capture a picture in his mind to remember
鈥渓et me paint your body red, let me ravish you until your flushed and feeling the springs bloom in your heart.鈥 鈥渇or a sheriff, you鈥檙e rather artistic; you know that?鈥
kisses on the fingertips !!!
a tired mind trying to walk upstairs, marcus would suddenly catch you in his hold. his calloused hand would be gentle when holding yours, suddenly sway you both around the room. never once has his eyes wandered elsewhere, they stayed on your form unless he came down to kiss your shoulders. no music needs to play for him to pull you into dances in the room, because your his muse.
she stares at you for minutes on end until you notice. she鈥檚 been rather quiet since her arrival back
not much of a physical affection type of gal, but she has her way with words.
compliments you on end, her hand gracing under your jaw for just a moment.
physical touch is on a different level of passion
鈥渓ooking stunning as ever, sweetheart.鈥 a kiss on the cheek then she just rests against you for the time being
her words speaker louder than her actions
you can always hear the love in her tone when she speaks to you
鈥渓ove, can you pass me my brush?鈥 mel spoke, her tone lacing with a hum. when your fingers brushed against each other, she couldn鈥檛 help but let a smile tug on her lips; her face scrunching up ever so slightly. 鈥渉ow did i get so lucky to have you in my life?鈥
; VI
arms immediately around your waist, no escape out
big time physical attention. hugging you and having you in your hold at all times
loves taking you out and showing you off
鈥測eah, that鈥檚 my partner. why wouldn鈥檛 i show them off?鈥 鈥渧i, you don鈥檛 need to feel threatened.鈥
even if it鈥檚 been a long day, she鈥檒l probably walk to a nearby park with you. she loves showing you off to everyone
really proud if a kiss on the cheek is received
she enjoys just being around you as a whole. every now and then, she tries being you with her to places she needs to be
rarely zaun, but there are times she does.
an arm wrapped around or a hand hold the entire time though
she would snake her arm around your waist and continue walking; her thumb brushing against your side. with her head leaned against your shoulder, whether beside you or behind, she can鈥檛 help but hold a small smile the entire time. vi would walk into random stores and buy you random stuff honestly.
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sevikasmainwhore 3 months ago
Overstimulation w/ Arcane Women
How they act when they overstimulate you.
tw: dub-con
Tumblr media
鉂わ笍 Vi would notice how shaky and twitchy you get and either make it worse by not stopping until she feels like you had enough or will let you ride it out and start the whole process of after care. There's never an in between with her.
馃挋 Caitlyn was like the devil when it came to overstimulation. She would whisper sweet words in your ear but have no intentions of slowing down or stopping any time soon. She鈥檇 only really show signs of stopping if you you started crying.
馃挍 Mel would be exactly like Caitlyn. Only she would stop when her hand gets tired. She鈥檇 kiss away your tears and remind you of how beautiful you look shaking and whimpering for her. Her aftercare would include her kissing you down there and just treating you as if you鈥檒l break again.
馃А If Grayson overstimulated you, its purely out of anger. Like punishment, she wouldn鈥檛 let you cum either so your just writhing in pain and crying and just asking, pleading for grayson to let you cum. When she gives in and finally lets you, she鈥檚 reassuring you of how well you and telling you that she won鈥檛 be so nice next time.
馃 Ambessa treats overstimulation as pushing past your limits. When it happens, she鈥檒l slow down from time to time but ask if you could give her one more. Your shaking and whimpering in between her legs and she鈥檚 just shushing you, telling you how good your being, how you鈥檙e taking her so well.
馃挏Sevikas favorite thing to do was overstimulate you. You鈥檇 be crying and trying to get away from her because it鈥檚 too much. She鈥檇 ask 鈥淲here you going?鈥 and grab you by your legs just to bring you closer. When she was done she鈥檇 apologize and just kiss all over you, telling you good you were for her.
馃挓 Renata loves to overstimulate you. The way your crying and begging for her to let you go just does something to her. She could go on for hours but she knows you can鈥檛 so she鈥檒l let you off. Once she鈥檚 done she鈥檒l caress up and down you鈥檙e body while softly kissing your tear stained cheeks.
馃 Cassandra knows you鈥檙e in pain. She knows you probably can鈥檛 give her one more. But it doesn鈥檛 matter, she鈥檚 doing what she wants and if you can鈥檛 give her what she wants then too bad. Of course, she鈥檒l always apologize to you for pushing your limits and won鈥檛 let you leave for anything.
Tumblr media
note: another post to keep everyone busy while i work on more request. this was also in my drafts for a while just collecting dust.
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ARCANE / Mel Medarda
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i will paint it all in gold 鉁ㄢ湪
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馃挍Mel medarda馃挍
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Mel by聽Ramgunom
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critically-nerdy 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Fun fact: The sole reason I found arcane is because I saw a pretty lady Mel in a screen shot and though聽鈥渙h, I gotta watch this for the聽鈥榗ontent鈥欌
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