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craftydabitch · a day ago
Jayce: Would you slap your best friend in the face for a million bucks?
Caitlyn: I’d roundhouse kick you in the face for free.
Jayce, tearing up: I’m your best friend?
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tem-the-rat · 13 hours ago
Viktor screaming at Jayce at the top of his lungs: You filthy traiter! I trusted you and you betrayed me! I will never forgive you! I am going to tear the entirety of pilltover down!
Sky walking into the lab: What happened?
Jayce cowering under the table: I accidentally knocked over his sweetmilk-
Viktor: you will burn in the firey pits of hell!
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moon-spirit-yue · a day ago
Vi, pouting: standing next to sunflowers always makes me feel weak like “look at this flower. This flower is taller than I am. This flower is winning and I’m losing”
Caitlyn, putting a hand on her shoulder: oh darling, you are not ready to hear about trees
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toastylynx · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Jayce posted cringe 😬
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kodalacar · 3 months ago
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Jinx's plans for 14th February
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impala67-aka-baby · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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counting-stars-alone · 6 months ago
Y’all could have fucking told me Arcane was gonna screw me up, but no. You lured me in with your gay shit, and I got traumatized sisters.
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threi · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
family memies arcane fart
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fatheruno · 5 months ago
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incorrect-jayvik-quotes · 5 months ago
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this is how i imagine drunk Viktor tbh
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gloriousevolutionviktor · 4 months ago
jayce: I’m sorry, I just have a lot on my plate right now
viktor, who has literally just been hospitalised and diagnosed with a fatal terminal illness:
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necromantictales · 5 months ago
I forgot to post the meme I made tbh the series emitted this energy
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vistattoos · 5 months ago
me everyday for no reason at all:
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girlbossmel · 5 months ago
Jayce, finally calling for peace, getting the council to agree to, and vote for a peace deal:
Jinx with the cannon: Alright epic gamers, here’s what’s called a pro gamer move.
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rosbourg · 5 months ago
They are going to make Viktor die even faster...
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gaybybirth · 5 months ago
a theory - pt three
Viktor x Fem!Reader (NSFW)
Arcane Masterlist
Synopsis: You have to kill some time before you can meet up with Viktor. And after getting your hands back on Viktor's journal, you know exactly how you're going to spend it.
Warnings: nsfw content, fluff, angst if you squint; viktor's notes and they're a tad spicy, dirty talk and teasing, finally getting to viktor's room, some embarrassment cause it's been a while for viktor and he has to take it slow, nipple play, oral (both receiving), fingering, unprotected sex, reader riding vitkor
Word Count: 7.2k
A/N: Sorry if this doesn't compare to the other two parts. I am still sick, but I really wanted to write this part for y'all. I hope you like it, and thank you all for all of the love and support you've shown this series.
Disclaimer: In some Viktor fics, they have Viktor living at his own place outside of the academy. I'm having Viktor live on campus for convenience purposes. (And you can't tell me he wouldn't wanna live as close to the lab as possible since he already spends so much time there anyway).
Tumblr media
You stood in the kitchen long enough for the steam to dissipate from your coffee. The liquid was cold by the time you dumped it into the sink with shaky hands. You walked on weak knees, body still processing Viktor’s warmth, the friction between your legs, and the sudden loss of it. The way he eyed you, gaze dripping with hunger. A flicker of amusement. A dash of teasing. You were so close. Embarrassingly close, and whether he knew or not, all you could do was stand there when he left. You hadn’t even cum; you had to recover from him.
Because I want to know if you’re as sweet as I imagine you are.
You repeated his words so much you’d lost count. Each time elicited a different reaction. A sigh, a quiet moan or groan, a shiver and shudder. A moment with closed eyes, leaning against the counter, replaying the kiss. The touches. His thigh between your legs.
You pinched the bridge of your nose. There was too much to focus on. His words. Needing to be at his bedroom at midnight--or, more like half-past if you were being realistic; Viktor never got out of the lab on time. Him remembering the couch incident. The note he had on it. The note you both really wanted to read and to never, ever look at. A real conundrum, that one. And the fact that your mind kept circling back to Viktor’s comment.
He’s thought about you. He’s thought about what you tasted like. And from there, it was rapid-fire images of what Viktor might be doing when he thought about that. When his gaze would occasionally linger on you randomly. Or maybe when he’s in the lab late at night, mind fried from tinkering, and it just drifts off into the recesses of his thoughts. Perhaps when he’s alone in his room, head thrown back against his pillow, hand snaking down his abdomen-
“Get it together.” You smacked your face gently. “You still have a couple of hours to kill. You’re going to lose it if you don’t get it together.”
And for some frustrating reason, you honed in on the journal. You’d had it in your grasp and you’d only managed to read three entries. It made you vibrate. You wanted to read more. Very specifically, the couch entry, even if the idea made embarrassment churn in your stomach. But it wasn’t like Viktor was just going to hand the book back over to you. He had practically just taken it from you. There was no way you were getting it back. And going back to the lab was out of the question. That meant you’d see Viktor. And you couldn’t see Viktor. Not until midnight. Not until you were outside his room waiting for him to show up.
That of which took an agonizingly long time to reach. More time was spent in the kitchen than you’d admit to yourself, let alone to Viktor. Regaining your composure wasn’t an easy job, especially shutting down the endless thoughts about the man. Then you paced the building, the library, even stopped by the dining hall before it closed. Despite the determination to not return to the lab, you seemed to want to tease yourself as your path accidentally brought you past the place more than once. You could hear Viktor and Jayce talking through the door, each indistinguishable word making your anticipation grow.
The fourth time you passed it, when you were deliberating going back to the library to throw yourself into some academic texts--surely studying would help you pass the time--the door cracked open. You froze as Jayce looked at you with bewilderment before he crossed his arms and smiled.
“Can I help you, (Y/N)?”
“I can’t sleep.” It wasn’t a lie. But you also weren’t trying. You certainly weren’t about to tell Jayce you were killing time before going to Viktor’s room. Your eyes narrowed and you peeked into the empty lab. “No Viktor?”
“No, he went to get a second cup of coffee. The first wasn’t doing much for him apparently.”
Excitement lit a flame beneath your feet, but you held still. You had to play this carefully. Viktor’s notebook was most likely still in the lab. You could work this to your advantage. You totally could. All Viktor had to do was leave it out in the open. Jayce hadn’t seen you give the notebook back, so you were in the clear. You grinned and Jayce eyed you with amusement.
“What?” He asked, leaning against the doorframe.
“I’m out of reading material. Would you guys mind sparing a book for the night?”
Jayce studied you for a moment before stepping aside. “Always.”
You weren’t sure how much time you had before Viktor would be back, so you made quick work of pretending to look at the scattered books they had about. Flipping through some academic texts, some of their fully-filled journals tossed aside. But you couldn’t find it, and hope was steadily dwindling. Stuck having to pick something, you opted for some of Jayce’s original notes on magic. You always enjoyed reading those, seeing how far he and Viktor have come with Hextech.
Jayce’s voice rang out in the room just as you were about to lift it.
“Looking for anything in particular?”
“No-” you started to answer, turning halfway to face him. Your words caught in your throat as Jayce held up Viktor’s journal. That journal. Your eyes met his. If he’d read any of it, you and Viktor were very much not in the clear. Jayce shrugged and held it out.
“I noticed you reading it earlier.” He leaned back against a workstation as you hesitantly took the book. “I’ve been banned from reading it--Heimerdinger, too. ‘These are for something else I’m working on, my eyes only.’ But if he let you read it earlier, I see no problem with letting you finish it.”
You rolled your shoulders and eyed the journal in your hands. So he hadn’t read it. That was a relief. A major one.
“Thank you.” You raise it in recognition. “It’s a...compelling read.”
“It’s Viktor’s notes; of that I have no doubt.” Jayce’s laugh echoed in the vast room and you stuffed the book under your arm.
“Alright, I’ll let you return to your scientific studies,” you raised your hands and wiggled your fingers and Jayce laughed once more. “Make sure you aren’t up too late. Viktor, too. Get some rest for once.”
You started towards the door and nearly tripped over yourself as Jayce spoke.
“Oh, don’t worry, Viktor’s already said he has to bow out at midnight. So perhaps he’ll actually get a decent night’s sleep for once.”
You closed the door with a gentle click behind you. If the night was going in the direction you were hoping, Viktor wouldn’t be getting much sleep. And neither would you. But first, you had a journal entry to read.
You skimmed a few others as you sat in the lounge area on Viktor’s floor. Each floor had them and, as if the universe and fate were on your side, it was only a few doors down from Viktor’s room. It was comprised of two couches, four chairs, a coffee table, and a side area with a few tables to sit and work at. You sat on a couch, eying the hallway as you skipped through the journal, too nervous to get totally comfortable.
None of the entries stood out. Some had the same observations as before. You sneaking glances that you didn’t think Viktor had noticed. Hands lingering whenever you helped him with something, or how you seemed to grow nervous if his even dared to rest on you a second longer than socially acceptable. And then, after a solid hour of skimming, you got to the couch entry. You took a slow breath as you started reading.
It was dated two weeks after the snack entry. The as sweet as I imagine she is entry.
She fell asleep on me. First, my shoulder. Then my lap. I must admit I sort of guided her there. She seemed vastly uncomfortable with her head on my shoulder. We were on the couch in the lab, sitting dangerously close to each other. Pointlessly, if I think about it, other than to give away that I enjoyed being near her. There was much more room on the couch for us. But I’ve always sat near the center, so I decided to stick with that. It brought me directly next to her and neither of us moved. Each time our elbows touched, her eyes flickered with something that might be read as mischievous or something else I cannot quite pinpoint. I found myself accidentally nudging her as much as she was doing it to me.
Shortly after, she fell asleep, and the desire seemed to transfer from her to me. The next thing I knew, I was adjusting my position so that the both of us could rest. I fell asleep almost instantly. Any attempts at continuing to read were futile with her on top of me.
It was one of the best naps I’ve ever had. But that’s beside the point.
Your heart skipped a beat. Most of what you remembered from that afternoon was what occurred after waking up, but the more you thought about it, the more you hadn’t wanted to wake up. It’d been so nice, his arm around your waist, him beneath you. Maybe those feelings were more reciprocated than you’d realized. But that wasn’t something you could dwell on at the moment.
You turned the page and your brows rose; it was a long entry.
I awoke around the same time she had. I’d felt her shifting above me and it became clear that she was trying to figure out how to get off of me without waking me. In an attempt to rectify the situation, to let her know that I was, in fact, awake, I found her in a state that can only be described with the word flustered. Hair a tad askew, eyes wide, bottom lip trapped between her teeth. Her breathing was erratic, and her back--at least from my position--appeared to be arched. I shifted beneath her and I discovered what had put her in such a state. One cannot control where their legs end up while they sleep, especially in such a narrow sleeping area.
Her eyes locked on mine. Her pupils were dilated. I knew she was going to bolt before she even moved.
I have another theory. One that is far more...interesting than my last.
One that I cannot help but be hopeful for, even if it might be inappropriate between colleagues. But I have to test my first theory, first. Otherwise, this theory is just based on misread observations. And although I may not be the most knowledgeable on what a person may look like when they enjoy something beyond the realms of, for lack of a better term, platonic enjoyment, she seemed to look at me after waking with the same hunger I’ve imagined she’d look at someone she’s interested in.
Frustratingly, I fear this afternoon will remain with me for far longer than it should. It’s hard to put aside such memories when she’s in them. When she’s looking at me like fire’s flickering behind her eyes, a flame so hot it spreads to me with even the briefest touch.
I am hoping both of my theories are correct. But I don’t believe I will be that fortunate.
You swallowed back an onslaught of thoughts. Where were you even supposed to begin? Viktor enjoyed sitting so close to you? He’d cared about how comfortable you were when sleeping so he brought your head to his lap? He had the best nap he’d ever had while you were sleeping on top of him? How he knew you were flustered, why you were flustered, and if his words could be interpreted as such, knew how much you desired more of him? And the fact that he wanted you just as bad as you wanted him?
Your time together in the kitchen settled like a spark in water, shooting out through your entire body. He’d already answered some of those questions then, but reading his thoughts leading up to it, seeing how he thought about you, it was just fanning the uncontrollable flames that were spreading across your face. Your leg bounced as you aimlessly scanned the entry. You reread it once, twice, going back to read the previous three before you noticed there were two new entries.
One from last night that was one line: My theory was correct. And one with today’s date. You scoffed. The bastard had already written about the kitchen. Yet, as you started to read, it seemed to be more like a journal entry. More personal than observational. And it was not short.
I was right, on both counts. She came into the kitchen around the same time I’d decided I needed a burst of energy. I’d been distracted in the lab until then; I needed a breather. It seemed fate had decided to pluck her from my thoughts and place her right in front of me. She seemed just as excited to see me. Nervous in a way that drew her near to me. I expected her to put distance between us after what happened last night, but she seemed quite happy to be beside me.
We made small talk. It didn’t last long. How could it when she looked like she wanted to...devour me? The feeling was reciprocated. Especially after she’d read the prototype entry. I must guiltily admit the idea of...devouring her hadn’t left my mind since she’d left the lab. So I broached the topic. She responded by bringing her mouth to mine. And it was like all thoughts had left my mind. All I could focus on was her.
She pulled me to her, hard. Like she couldn’t get enough of me.
Things happened in a haze then. She tugged my hair as she held me close, kissed me as if she wasn’t going to see me again, and she sighed even when all I did was lower my hands. My desire to test my second theory grew exponentially, so I indicated for her to sit on the counter. Unhygienic given where we were, but I wasn’t about to pause the moment simply to leave the kitchen. Neither of our rooms were close and I feared if I let the moment slip, I might not get another opportunity. She seemed eager to listen when she hopped up immediately. It made my heart race.
I’d planned on dropping to my knees as soon as I’d gotten her coat off. But the sounds she was making whenever I kissed her jaw were too intoxicating. So I savored it. I wanted to know exactly what made her eyes close and those sighs leave her lips. And then she pointed out a rather important aspect: the kitchen door was still wide open. And she did not seem interested in me stepping away from her to close it. So I told her to keep quiet. She didn’t seem happy with that request, given its one-sided nature and very quickly proved that we both needed to keep a watch on our volume.
The open door meant I was limited on where the moment would lead. And as badly as I wanted to find myself beneath her skirt, it didn’t seem appropriate when someone could walk by and see. Although, the way her heart seemed to race under my lips when I kissed her neck, she didn’t seem to mind the potential nature of getting caught.
So I decided on a different option. One that came when my thoughts began to return. She’d said she’d only read three entries: “Drunk Jayce,” the prototype, and the one of our time in the kitchen yesterday. I felt obligated to remind her of another moment, one of an entry I’m sure she would’ve enjoyed reading. One that sparked a second theory that, until recently, I hadn’t any hope of being proven true.
It was a sight. Her trying to control herself. As I’ve mentioned before, I am not the most astute when it comes to activities such as this. But I can say with confidence that she wanted more. And I must admit I acted rather rudely, pulling away suddenly. But the idea of leaving her...wanting...when I never thought she’d ever think of me in such a way, it was, in a way, bittersweet. I wanted to save it. When I could have her alone, in a space where we could both be vulnerable. When I could savor every second of it. I knew she was interested in coming to my bedroom later in the evening, but after that, I had no idea.
Perhaps I must work to observe and formulate a third theory.
But first, however, I must survive the night. I fear time cannot pass fast enough. I cannot wait to see if she tastes as sweet as I’ve imagined she does. And she seems just as eager for me to find out.
“Remind me to tell Jayce that you are also banned from reading my notes.” Viktor’s soft voice drifted in from the doorway. He looked disheveled, leaning his weight on his cane, eyeing the notebook in your hand with a heated gaze.
“It’s early,” you said as you glanced at a wall clock. Thirty minutes early. “You’re early.”
“That,” he took a step towards you, “is what I was going to say to you.”
You closed the book before he could see which entry you were reading, and he cocked a brow in response.
“I didn’t exactly have anything to do.” You bit your lip as you skated your eyes over him once more. You wanted to take him right on the couch. “My apologies.”
“Come,” he whispered as he turned, and the single word made you shiver. You’d hoped you’d hear him say that later, in a different context. He paused when you didn’t immediately follow him. “Unless you’ve changed your mind.”
“I haven’t,” you blurted out. You were on your feet instantly, following quickly behind him.
You walked in silence to his room, the sound of his cane echoing down the vast hallway with each step. His clothes were rumpled, shoulders slightly slumped, and the bags under his eyes a tad darker and puffier than they were earlier. You bit your lip once more as he fumbled with his keys.
“Vik, if you’re too tired-”
His door unlocked and swung open. He stole a glance at you, acting as if he was trying to read something around your words and on your face. Then he smiled an almost goofy grin. It would’ve been had hunger not made his eyes so fiery and sharp.
“I could never be too tired for you. So please, if you wish to come in, then please, do so.”
He held the door open for you, and you only hesitated a moment before entering. Your heart was going to beat out of your chest as you realized you were in Viktor’s dorm. Everything seemed to swallow you at once. It was a strange mixture of messiness and tidiness. His bed was made, but he had clothes thrown askew near his wardrobe. Papers were scattered and took up every possible space on his desk, but his pencils and pens were neatly put away in a cup on the corner. Books were stacked on various surfaces and all over the floors with random papers poking out, yet the quaint bathroom he had attached was near spotless. A few spare canes were also scattered around randomly, some taller than the others, with a support beam to rest under his arm.
“Not what you imagined?” He stepped around you as he spoke, heading directly to his bedroom. You weren’t sure if you were supposed to follow. What was the protocol for finishing what you’d started hours before?
“It’s exactly how I pictured it, actually.” You nodded towards the covered desk. “Your scientific efforts not stopping even once you leave the lab.”
Viktor shrugged. You’d heard the I want to make the world a better place line enough times that it’d become just a look from him. A do I even need to say it look. He stood in front of a mirror hung on his wall as he undid his tie, finger-combed his hair, and stripped himself of his vest. He looked completely comfortable with having someone in his room with him while he did this and it made a strange jealousy bubble in your stomach. It would’ve overtaken the nerves had they not been so potent that they’d soldered you in place.
“Which entries did you read?”
You dropped your gaze down to his journal. You opened it and flicked through the pages. It felt personal to tell him. Even if they were his personal thoughts.
“The couch,” you croaked out, voice strained and hoarse, “and the one you managed to write for tonight.”
Viktor’s hands twitched as he folded his tie. He peered your way and narrowed his eyes. It seemed you weren’t supposed to read that one. Guilt started to kick in as Viktor contemplated what he was going to say.
“You read that one, hm?”
You knew he wasn’t talking about the couch one.
“I was surprised you’d managed to write one for it already.” You cleared your throat as Viktor undid the top few buttons of his shirt. “I had only intended to read the couch entry, if I’m honest, but then I noticed the new one and my curiosity got the best of me. I’m sorry if I overstepped.”
You expected him to frown and berate you for reading the journal after he’d already taken it from you. But, as it seemed, Viktor was determined to continue throwing your expectations through a loop, just as he'd been doing the past few days.
“And was I right?”
“What?” You breathed the word out, barely able to hold eye contact with Viktor as his hands fell by his side.
“Are you just as eager for me to see how sweet you taste as I am?”
The way he stared you down meant he expected an answer. Your hold on the book tightened until your fingers hurt. Part of you regretted taking the journal. You wouldn’t have been subjected to a gaze that rendered you motionless, speechless, and thoughtless. But seeing such fervor in his gold eyes was well worth it. Your cheeks burned hot when you finally spoke.
“I am.”
You felt weightless as Viktor visibly relaxed. How he had any doubt that you wanted him was beyond you. It felt like every part of you was screaming for him to touch you. It seemed impossible for Viktor to not notice that. Your knees nearly gave out when Viktor spoke once more.
“Then come here.”
You, rather embarrassingly, dropped the book. It slipped from your grasp as you processed Viktor’s command. And it took every ounce of control to pry your feet up from the floor and take careful, controlled steps into his bedroom. He stuffed his hands in his pockets when you stopped short, a few feet away, unsure of what he wanted you to do. Were you supposed to kiss? Make this into the romantic tryst you secretly wanted it to be? Or were you just supposed to sit on the edge of his bed, pull your skirt up, and let him approach it like a damn science experiment?
You wished you were back in the lab or the kitchen, where it had happened so naturally. There was no second-guessing or overthinking there. Your heart still felt like it was going to beat out of your chest, sure, but now it was for a solely different reason. You had no idea how to play this. And it seemed Viktor didn’t either. Until you remembered his entry from earlier.
I wanted to save it. When I could have her alone, in a space where we could both be vulnerable. When I could savor every second of it. I knew she was interested in coming to my bedroom later in the evening, but after that, I had no idea.
He was just as lost as you were. He’d taken enough initiative to invite you into his room--both the dorm itself and his literal bedroom--so you could take the next step. Another literal one, as you closed the gap between you, and brought your mouth to his.
Your hands undid the nice combing his had done to his hair and you held him close. He still tasted like coffee, and a bit of something sweet. It made a hint of amused laughter bubble in your throat but you held it back as Viktor reached out to steady himself on your waist. The way he switched between confidence and uncertainty was fascinating. But he matched the hunger of the kiss with a high level of certainty, tilting your head back as you gasped and taking a bit of control back. But his hands still seemed to tremble as they inched their way up over your ribs.
They stilled beneath your breasts, and he broke the kiss as your tongues brushed. Forehead falling and nudging your nose, he peered down at your blouse that felt more and more restricting with each rapid breath. His fingers twitched and you could practically hear his internal debate. So you did the only thing you could think of as desperation took root in your core, you brought your mouth to his ear and begged.
“Please,” you whined. “Touch me, Vik. Please.”
At first, all Viktor did was close his eyes and sigh. His hands twitched a bit more before he finally brought them from your ribs to your chest, where he undid each button painfully slow. You tried to control your breathing as the cold air pumping through the vents hit your skin. But it was lost as soon as your shirt fell open and Viktor groaned. You didn’t have to beg again. As soon as he was done admiring you--which made your breath lodge itself in your throat--he brought his hands to your chest.
It was nothing special, just a burgundy bra that was a tad faded in color, but Viktor looked at you like you were wearing the fanciest lingerie in all of Piltover. He kissed you again. Hungrier. Needier. Guiding you back towards his bed, he undid the back clasp with more ease than you’d expected from his shaking fingers. When you fell back onto the soft mattress at the same time your bra fell from your shoulders, Viktor looked ready to burst into flames. And you were very quickly following.
Another line from his notes popped into your head as he crawled onto the bed, his thin frame managing to pin you on your back. His mouth was back on yours for a second before a hand snaked itself up to your chest.
As I’ve mentioned before, I am not the most astute when it comes to activities such as this.
It was nearly wiped from your mind as he ran his thumb over a hardened nipple. Your mind honed in on that one quick touch as he kissed across your jaw and nipped at your skin. You whined and he repeated it. Circled it, swiped it, pinched and tweaked it. Experimenting. Studying. Memorizing. It drove you absolutely wild. He shifted, kissing down your chest until he was hovering over your chest and peering up at you through his lashes. He brought his mouth down and closed it around your other nipple and that was your undoing. He swirled his tongue in a way that went directly between your legs, making sure to repeat that exact motion in between little grazes of his teeth.
“May not be astute my ass,” you moaned out as he sucked at the same time he tweaked your other nipple.
“Hm?” He hummed against you and it made his entire body vibrate. He nudged your knees apart as he shifted and made sure to press his body weight between your legs. He seemed to know exactly what you were talking about. “I am not.”
“Bullshit.” Your hands were in his hair again, holding him against you. It felt too good. Too damn good. It’d been so long since someone had touched you like this. And it being Viktor? You were sure if he kept this up you’d lose it from this alone. “You’re fucking great at it.”
“I think,” he murmured against you, “you might be biased.”
He started to kiss down your stomach and it tightened with anticipation. He paused when he got to the top of your skirt. He frowned as his eyes danced over the article of clothing before he flicked the hook on the side, pulled down the zipper, and tapped your hips. A silent instruction for you to lift them. You did so without question, fighting the feeling of vulnerability as he pulled the skirt down your legs.
“I was contemplating letting you keep it on,” he muttered matter of factly as he dropped it to the floor. “But I must admit I would prefer to see all of you as soon as possible. I am rather impatient in that regard.”
His eyes met yours as his hands came up to your underwear. For the first time in ages, you managed to match your underwear to your bra. But it didn’t seem to matter given one was already on the floor. Still, Viktor paused and scanned the burgundy fabric. His fingers brushed your thighs before he brought them to hover above you. Two curled around the waistband and you didn’t need to be told to lift your hips. You were doing it before he even started to pull them down.
He cursed under his breath as he dropped your underwear to the floor. You were sure you could cook an egg on your face with how hot it felt. It certainly didn’t help when Viktor slid off the bed and pushed your legs wide open and bit his lip. You could feel how wet you were and all you wanted to do was bury your face into one of his pillows. You couldn’t stand his gaze, that observant bastard.
You closed your eyes, only to jerk them open when he ran a finger between your folds before spreading them.
“Were you this...ready earlier?” His breath was warm as he leaned forward, hovering above where you desperately wanted him. “In the lab and kitchen?”
How could he expect you to answer that? Yet he sat there waiting for a response.
“Vik,” you groaned out as he blew on your clit. “How could I not be when you’re the one touching me?”
He peered up at you, something new lit behind his eyes. He narrowed his eyes slightly and you could see him replaying your last few encounters together. Your legs were starting to shake as his fingers were so close to touching you where you were practically throbbing. You wanted this, you wanted him so badly. You threw your head back against the mattress and groaned. He was going to be the death of you and he hadn’t even touched you.
“Viktor, please, I can’t take it anymore.” You gave him a pleading look. “I need you to touch me.”
The words seemed to kick him back into gear and only a second went by between your words and when his mouth dropped to your cunt. It was so abrupt that you cried out, grabbing onto Viktor’s hair for support as his tongue circled your clit. Your eyes clamped shut and your back arched as you pushed yourself against him, craving more. But Viktor was taking his time. After all, he’d wanted to savor you. And he was going to do so, taking his sweet time.
You reached a hand behind you and grabbed onto his comforter. Your hips moved on their own as Viktor sucked gently on your clit. You could feel him watching you as he switched to slow licks, his shoulders--and fingers--keeping every part of you spread. He said nothing as you ground against his mouth, evening going as far as to hum when you tugged him closer.
And then, when you were mid-breath, lost in your impending orgasm as your abdomen started to tighten, you felt a finger slide into you. You’d meant to say fuck, or maybe just let out a throat-hurting groan, but all you’d managed to say was his name. And that turned out to be the best option as he slid another finger in and curled them. He was exploring, you could tell, but it all felt good when you were grinding against his mouth.
Until his fingers grazed your sweet spot and an involuntary moan left you. Viktor paused for a brief moment before he repeated the exact motion, sighing when he felt you tighten around his fingers. Before you could blink, his mouth was back on your clit and his fingers were picking up a steady rhythm that was absolute torture. This wasn’t supposed to be how first times like this go. They’re sloppy, they’re explorative. They’re not Viktor managing to bring you to the edge during his first attempt at oral with you, let alone figuring out exactly how to finger you.
“Don’t stop,” you breathed. Practically pleaded. Begged.
Your grip tightened on his hair and his comforter as you felt yourself stretch thin. From your head all the way to the tips of your toes, like an old rubber band ready to snap. You closed your legs around Viktor’s shoulders as much as they would allow as you came. Shattered into a million pieces. Glass on the tile floor of the lab. Every muscle in your body tightened as a strangled groan pushed past your lips and you came over his fingers.
Viktor only stopped when you tugged lightly on his hair and whispered his name. But he was already looking at you when you dared a glance at him. You had a few options here. All the two of you had discussed doing was him...seeing if you were as sweet as he imagined. He’d done that. Technically, he checked that box the moment he brought his mouth to your cunt. He’d gone the extra mile by making you cum. The extra, extra mile. So now you could either call it a night, get dressed, and go your separate ways, crawl down onto the floor and give Viktor the same treatment he’d just given you, or tug him onto the bed and hope he wanted you to ride him as much as you wanted to.
The bittersweet urge to ask if this was all he wanted to do stung your chest and the words stopped in your mouth. You should ask them. It was the polite thing to do. But Viktor spoke first.
“Even sweeter,” he said, voice huskier than you could’ve thought possible of him. He smiled as he licked his fingers. A sight that answered your own dilemma.
You grabbed a fistful of his shirt and yanked him onto the bed. He let out a quiet oof as you positioned him to sit against his headboard, tasting yourself on his lips as you kissed him. He gave no protest as you unbuttoned his shirt, grinding yourself against his prominent erection. He looked strained in his pants, and what little muscles he had on his body were all tensed as you threw his shirt aside and shifted to start on his pants.
Viktor grabbed your wrist as you unzipped his zipper and started to pull his pants down his hips. You had to tear your eyes up from the tent in his white boxers. The uncertainty in Viktor’s eyes was like an ice pick pressing against your chest. You were a tad embarrassed as you stared down at Viktor’s legs, remembering whose bed you were in. But the nagging feeling that Viktor was just as embarrassed poked at you.
You lowered yourself down until you were propped up on your elbows. You searched his face as you palmed him through his boxers. Kissed his tip through the thin fabric, eyeing the damp spot that darkened the material. A hand found your shoulder before it traveled up your neck and caressed your cheek. You pulled down the waistband of his boxers and held back the urge to groan at how thick and hard he was.
Your hand closed around his shaft and pumped slowly. Viktor looked like he was in pure bliss from that alone. You smiled as you brought your mouth down and traveled the same line your hand had, careful to lick the tip with just enough pressure to make him mutter a curse. As you closed your mouth around him, hand taking what you couldn’t fit, and started to push his pants and boxers down his thighs with your free hand.
“Every inch of you,” you said as you paused bobbing your head, “is perfect, Viktor.”
He ran his thumb over your cheek, capturing your bottom lip and dragging it down, and closed his eyes as you pumped his shaft. He seemed to melt under your touch. Under your words.
“Every inch,” you repeated as you pushed his pants down to his knees. That was as far as you could get them when you had your mouth around his cock, and Viktor took the hint and managed to kick them off the rest of the way.
You didn’t stop once his pants were off, though, you were enjoying the hissing he was letting out through his teeth too much. His thighs flexed beneath you and you hummed happily. Viktor’s hand was quick to leave your cheek and grab your hair. For a moment you thought he was going to guide you, or even fuck your face, but he pulled you off and held up a trembling hand. He took three deep breaths before he spoke.
“I need a moment, if you wish to continue, otherwise…” His cheeks burned a red that matched your underwear. “I’m so-”
You stifled his words with your lips, caressing his cheeks just as gently as he had yours moments ago. Viktor sighed and dropped his forehead to yours. An action you could get addicted to. He matched your position, bringing his hands up to your jaw and nipping at your lips.
“Never apologize, not for that,” you murmured, kissing his cheek, chest pressing and dragging along his. You felt Viktor’s abdomen tense, and his head fell back. All he could do was nod, so you kissed his cheek again, and then down his neck, leaving little love bites that would’ve been wiser not to leave.
“I have a question.” You broke the silence as Viktor’s hands ran up and down your back; you peppered kisses on his clavicle.
“Hm?” He took a slow breath, clearly curious what you were going to ask him. You took your time kissing each inch of his collarbone, trying to give Viktor as much time as he needed.
“You’d mentioned in your notes that sometimes our more...interesting,” you purposefully chose his word and Viktor caught it, laughing quietly beneath you, “interactions stick with you.”
“That is not a question, (Y/N).”
“If you’d let me finish.” You traveled back up his neck. “Did they stick with you when you were here?”
Viktor cocked his head to the side and you could see him figuring out what you meant. His already dark blush traveled down his neck. His cock twitched against you and you already knew the answer. He muttered the quietest perhaps you’d ever heard and a grin tugged at your lips. That was more than enough to drive you wild. You shifted over his lap, reaching down and lining himself up with your entrance. When he didn’t ask for pause, and he nodded once more, you sunk down just barely onto his cock.
Your mouth fell open as he stretched you. Viktor sat up and wrapped his arms around you, holding you close as you gingerly took every inch of him. His teeth sunk into your shoulder, the pain mixing with the pleasure, as he bottomed out. His breath tickled your skin as he muttered a strained apology and kissed the indentations in your skin. But you were too distracted to pay it any mind. Viktor stretched and filled you so fucking well that, for a breath, you thought you were dreaming.
“Did you imagine this?” You slowly lifted yourself before coming back down. Confidence bubbled within you. “Me riding you?”
“P-Perhaps.” Viktor kissed your neck, voice quiet. He paused as you started a slow rhythm of riding his cock. “Did you?”
“Yes,” you sighed. “But my fingers didn’t do you justice.”
Viktor’s nails dug into you as he groaned and you bounced a little faster, hands finding his shoulders for support. Silence fell between you and the sounds of labored breathing and skin against skin filled his room. He felt so good, perfect, even. It didn’t take long to lose yourself; losing rhythm as you bounced hard on his cock, and Viktor dropped a hand between you, rubbing your clit as best as he could as you rode him.
“So tight,” he groaned. “I don’t want to...before you do…but I'm...”
But you weren’t hearing him. You were chasing your high as Viktor’s tip slammed into you, tightening the coil that was getting ready to spiral free. You grabbed a fistful of his hair as you fell forward, doing your best to maintain your rhythm as Viktor’s thumb sped up on your clit and you practically combusted. You muffled your cry against the side of his head as your entire body tightened, electricity coursed through you, and you came over his cock. Viktor made up for your stuttering hips, helping you ride out your high, until you felt him stall. He groaned your name as he buried his face in the crook of your neck, and came in you.
You both fell back onto the bed, your legs splaying out over Viktor, foreheads coming to rest against each other. You both were fighting to catch your breath. Viktor sighed as you pulled yourself off of him and nudged his nose with yours. You were honest with your words earlier. Every inch of him was perfect. And you weren’t about to let that slip through your fingers.
“Let me spare you the creation and contemplation of a third theory,” you whispered against his lips and he cocked a brow at you. “I like you. A lot. I want to do this, I want this to be more than a one-night thing.”
You hadn’t realized how tense Viktor was until his entire body relaxed. He kissed you slow and gentle, tender and determined. He said everything he needed to with the kiss. As do I came across as he caressed your cheek. So badly sounded in how he sighed against your mouth. I want you flickered in his golden gaze as he broke the kiss and skated a hand down his back. He gave you a crooked smile and nodded.
“I take it back. You are allowed to read my notes.”
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Jayce and Viktor after becoming partners:
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