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#arcane series
bexbaxx · 2 days ago
Okaay, so I just got this idea; Imagine if reader is doing something and spots a spider or some bug but is deathly afraid to move it/kill it and calls Silco/Viktor to the rescue!! I feel like this could be fun thing to write. Also id love to see it how our knights in shining armour would react to the call. 😳
(This one made me seriously laugh out loud... I love it. Hope you enjoy this!)
Tumblr media
• Viktor knows a lot about bugs, he used to study them as a child for fun
• When he sees the spider, he straight away knows its technical name
• "Ah... the Parasteatoda tepidariorum! How nice of you to visit."
• Will definitely launch into an explanation about the species' habits, as well as other spider facts you certainly didn't want to know
• You plead with him to get rid of it as quickly as possible, and he tries not to laugh at you, because he thinks your reaction is cute
• He'll really play up the whole thing, too. "Stay back, beast!"
• He gently captures it with his bare hands, which almost makes you faint
• When you beg him to be careful, he'll try to reassure you. "Don't worry, dearest, this little one's venom isn't strong enough to harm humans."
• He'll delicately let it outside, might even talk to it a bit
• He will gently tease you about it, and wrap you up in a hug as he does so
Tumblr media
• Silco rushes into the room when you call for him because you sound so scared, and is extremely frustrated when he finds out why
• "I thought you were dying. It's a spider. Step on it."
• He's about to walk away when you call for him again, and you genuinely sound scared when you plead for him to get rid of it
• He rolls up a nearby newspaper, and swats it dead
• "I can't protect you from all the bugs in the world. You're killing the next one."
• But when the next time comes around, he'll give in again and help you
• He might make a little joke out of it before he helps you, like, "You know, I've always wanted to keep a spider as a pet. What do you think?"
• If you go in for a hug afterwards, he'll very lightly brush his fingers along your hips or arms, trying to freak you out
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killkuma · 18 hours ago
— general vi + jinx dating headcanons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
she’s a natural flirt obviously but she can get flustered quite easily and sucks at hiding it
all you need is to flirt back after she makes her move
she loves to be big and little spoon, after stillwater she’s been touch starved and likes being held
her version of dates is taking you to get favourite hide outs all over the undercity and even some places on the topside
she pretty neutral on pda, she loves you and is proud
she at least likes to hold your hand whenever you go plays together
vi gives you plenty of kisses, mainly because she likes them also because she likes to give you surprise kisses as a way to tease you
whenever you’re allow and she gets to kiss you her kisses are a bit rough and desperate because she likes to take the lead, you hands find a way to her hair slightly tugging on the ends, earning a moan from her before she pulls away
“someone’s feisty today” she joked
“and someone is eager” you replied before pulling her down to met you lips in yet another tantalizing kiss
you’re jinx approved, jinx actually thinks you’re really fun and hangs out with you over vi sometimes
jinx tells vi you’re “the pretty sister she never had” to piss her, she had the fake tears and everything
wall pinning is one of vi’s favourite thing to do to you just because she loves your reaction, especially whenever you look flustered and shy (or whenever you’re trying to scold her she finds it so hot)
you guys get matching tattoos after dating for over a year, something small and simple like a butterfly with slightly asymmetrical wings with your nicknames in the wings
vi has a never ending list of pet names she calls you angelcakes, kitty, bunny, sweet/hot stuff
jinx is a good lover, very caring and generous for her s/o
her love language is probably physical touch and gift giving so you better expect a unique bombs she made for u
she loves hugs and pda is to be expected, she wants everyone to know you’re hers
she makes you guys matching necklaces, out of pieces of her monkey bomb
her kisses are usually a bit passionate but gentle, she basks in the intimate moment with you and wraps her arms around your neck to slowly pull you closer and to deepen you kiss
“you taste like strawberries, did you have a milkshake without me.” she questioned pulling away making you pout.
“yes, i’ll make you one after this.” you bargained as you lips were itching to kiss hers again
“sounds like a deal,” she grinned before pressed her lips against yours
she likes to take you on her missions silco sends her on and surprisingly you’re not a distraction
she likes to show off whenever you’re with her so fucking up isn’t a option when you’re around
silco actually likes you, at first he was worried you saw right through him but you didn’t at first so he let her be around you because it was convenient
vi thinks you’re a bit of a bad influence but doesn’t hate you
you guys pull pranks on marcus together
the only person she’ll come to during a manic episode is you because instead being terrified like everyone has or would be, you embrace her tightly and let her know that you’re there and you’re not leaving her
jinx calls you a lot of pet names, her top 5 are trinket, toots, pookie, sweet face and angel
Tumblr media
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myselfsquared · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jumping on the Arcane bandwagon because holy hell this show is GOOD and Vi is... uh 👀 nice. good. very good.
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starborn-fae-queen · 2 days ago
I was wondering how Jinx’s hair got so long and went down a hilarious and adorable rabbit hole. So, we know when Powder and Vi were very young they both had short hair, and Vi has always kept her hair short. So it’s safe to say that Vi doesn’t know how to brush, braid and maintenance long hair, or even care to. But Powder’s hair is longer than Vi’s in act 1. And I think this is because Vander has been brushing and braiding Powder’s hair for her, because she preferred it long. So, when she eventually ended up in Silco’s care she would have asked him to do the same, and in the beginning maybe he would have refused. But then she’d start crying and saying that Vander always did her hair for her. And Silco instantly goes into jealous father mode. So he becomes increasingly dedicated in caring for Powder’s hair, which is how it got so long. All out of spite, so he can tell himself that he is in fact better than Vander at completing at least one fatherly duty.
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terrapia · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Punch first, ask questions while punching!
Vi + that jump before delivering a punch
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fanficbambiandy · 22 hours ago
This has been on my kind for days I've already made like an almost full length story about viktor in my head but I haven't sat down to write it yet. Anyways one scene that I've thought which would be super cute would be when he is running on the docks his s/o is just waiting for him on the other side encouraging him and once he reaches them he just lifts them up in a hug. It's so surprising bc he has been feeling so weak and drained that a lift seemed impossible. He just kisses them.
A/N: Ohh, that's so cute🥺🥺🥺. I'm tinkering on my own story, but I need to learn more lore about the world. I'm a bit rusty after not writing for years, so it may not be the absolute best, but I had fun thinking and creating:)
This fic is written in a gender neutral way, but you can always change the pronouns and certain words to match your own identity.
Tumblr media
𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐬
𝐕𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐱 !𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Viktor tightens his grip around the metal cane. It is scary, trying to let go of something that has always been there for him…but then again, he now has someone else to lean on. Opening his fingers, he lets the cane go, it landing with a clank on the ground.
Viktor was trying to reach his cane. It had slipped out of the inventor’s hand, while he was adjusting the straps on his portfolio and now, he was stuck in an unsavoury position – leaning on the wall, trying to reach the floor, where his cane lied. Considering his tall frame, it was even harder to reach the darn thing. The man was so focused on the cane he didn’t notice a figure coming towards him, until fingers wrapped around the cooling metal.
“Here,” The person smiled at him, their eyes shining warmly, their hand, the one gripping the cane, outstretched towards the man. Viktor reached out and grasped his cane back, finally taking his weight off from the wall, standing straight again.
“Thank you,” Viktor said, his amber eyes studying the person in front of him.
“No worries,” They smiled again, before moving past the inventor, down the corridor.
Viktor takes a deep breath out and in, with his eyebrows pinched. He’s worried, so, so worried. The man tries to empty his mind, looking down at his foot. Slowly lifting it – taking a step, the metal clinking against the ground.
“Okay, now you take a step, and I’ll follow.”
Viktor hadn’t thought much about the encounter they had almost five months ago, but it seemed that the (h/c) haired good doer was making themselves an important part of his life. They had seen Viktor in the cafeteria a bit over a week after the incident and asked if they could sit with him. Viktor was a bit flustered, since the table he was at had papers strewn about, his rushed cursive and different equations all over the paper. But his lunchtime companion didn’t seem to mind, making do with the small space. During that lunch Viktor learned their names was (Y/n), they were a student in the academy – the architecture department. The inventor thought that was a very pretty name, though looking back he would say the person made the name prettier.
And now? Well now (Y/n) was teaching him how to dance. Viktor really didn’t understand the need for it: he had a limp, he wasn’t one for social gatherings, he doubted he would ever actually require this skill – all in all unnecessary. Yet, here he was, (Y/n) holding him close to their body, one of their palms warming Viktor’s, the other on his shoulder. It felt surreal to him, being so close to someone: feeling their warmth near him, their thumb gently stroking his palm, how their fingers pressed into his shoulder, the way he himself could grasp their waist in his palm… Maybe the skill was pointless, but the time he was spending holding them was priceless.
“(Y/n), I really see no nee-” Viktor started, but it seemed his partner was having none of it. The man didn’t want to stop, he wouldn’t have minded holding his friend like this a little longer, but the thought of completely embarrassing himself wasn’t pleasing either.
“Come on, Vik, it will be fun, you’ll see,” Their eyes shone brightly, hopeful… And there it was the classic ‘pwease,’ puppy look on their face. Viktor just looked at them unimpressed, one eyebrow raised, but on the inside he melted, wishing he could frame that look.
“Anise cookies?” They bribed, looking at him in a hilariously overdone sultry way.
“With condensed milk glaze?” He asked, slightly pouting, his amber eyes shining with wish. (Y/n) nodded, grinning, they knew they won this.
“Fine,” Viktor huffed, “So I take a step to the front and then the side, yes?” His finger circled, their waist, the warmth invading the inventor’s fingertips. Viktor tried to memorize the material under his fingertips, the way the cotton shirt wrapped around their frame, the way it was soft…would (Y/n)’s skin be just as soft? He already knew their hands were just as callused as his. It would seem surprising, after all their hands worked with such delicate things and yet… But Viktor enjoyed the roughness of their fingertips, they way (Y/n) would sometimes in a tired gaze start running their fingers through his hair, telling him about what they learnt that day. The fingers that would from time to time bake him something sweet and leave it at his tiny apartment he rented. The finger that now were grasping his hand and shoulder and promised to take it as slow as possible, to take breaks and for Viktor to promise to lean on them. The fingers that later would run over his body, letting Viktor know just how worthy he was of love…
Viktor takes step after step, learning how to walk again it seems, gradually his pace quickening. Once he starts jogging he stumbles slightly, not used to moving as fast. But it doesn’t affect him, his pace quickening. Running. He is running. Viktor couldn’t hold it in anymore, he screams. A painful cry over every time he was mocked, he was hurt, he felt hopeless, worthless…
They had been walking aimlessly around the city, just enjoying the warmth of the late spring sun. It was nice to hold their hand whenever Viktor wanted, it filled his heart with glee. (Y/n) was pointing out different bakeries they could visit after their exams, babbling about different building structures, how certain windows were installed and how some newer doors mimicked a certain style from over fifty years ago. Viktor really did try to listen to them, but they were speaking a mile a minute. He wondered if that’s how he talked about his own passion, though he doubted he looked as adorable: arms flailing around, eyes fired up, cheeks slightly tinted with red, and a big smile stretched on their face. After five minutes of trying to pick out coherent sentences from his companion’s babbling, Viktor settled for just listening to their excited voice, feeling their hand in his.
After they got lunch, they were sitting in the park on a wooden bench, that was perfectly placed for the sun to warm their faces. Having stowed themselves up in a dark and dusty library for almost 10 months, they needed every bit of sunshine they could get. (Y/n) had laid their head down on Viktor’s shoulder, closing their eyes. Viktor had shyly followed their action, settling his own head on (Y/n)’s and wrapping them under his arm, (h/c) hair tickling his cheek.
The tranquillity and quiet of a spring afternoon was interrupted by a high-pitched squeal. The couple immediately jumping up from their peaceful moment and looking around, spotting another couple happily hugging. After a few seconds, the man picked up the woman, spinning her around in the air, both gleefully laughing. Viktor’s heart dropped looking at the couple, the inventor’s fingers slightly digging into his clenched palm. He would never be able to spin them around like that, he would never be able to carry them around, he wouldn’t even be able to protect them… he would always be too weak – not enough.
“Everything okay?” (Y/n) asked, noticing the sudden deflation of their partner, reaching for Viktor’s clenched hand, rubbing their thumb over their lover’s knuckles.
“Mmm,” Viktor nodded, forcing himself to smile and push down the bile of thoughts in his head. Though why try and run away from the truth…
But it seemed he was a more successful inventor than actor. (Y/n) had noticed the shift of his demeanour: looking somewhere off to the side in thought, the corners of his lips turned down in pain, only mumbling curt answers. Even when asked about his favourite book, the one he would usually be able to talk about hours to no end, seemed to only earn a short ‘I believe, I’ve told you everything I know about it.’
Later, when the dark sky was filled with miniscule suns, glimmering over Piltover, the couple was settled in bed: Viktor turned towards the open balcony they would sometimes leave open for more fresh air. ‘A glorious city being overlooked by a weakling,’ he thought.
“Vik?” (Y/n)’s whisper drifted through the room.
“Yes, dove?” Viktor whispered back, his eyes sadly gazing over at the stars above the city. Everything was calm, the city and the sky, even the sounds – everything, but his mind.
“Is- is everything okay?” They asked, their arms slowly making their way to hug their lover’s back.
“I-” What does he say to that? Lie? Or tell them the absurd truth that he’s angry at himself for not being enough? “I- I’m not,” There was no point to hide the truth, they would persist in finding out what’s wrong.
(Y/n) waited for a bit, expecting for Viktor to continue – he didn’t.
“Is it about the park?” The tried again.
A sigh left his lips. “Yes,” he nodded bashfully, his hair falling over his eyes. In turn Viktor felt his lover, tugging him on his back, which wasn’t hard to achieve, he didn’t put much of a fight. Half of their body was now over Viktor’s body, one arm holding them up as to not smother him. (Y/n) took his cheeks in their free hand, caressing the sharp bone lying underneath the skin. Their eyes were connected, having a conversation their ears weren’t meant to hear. Finally (Y/n) bent their face down to one of Viktor’s dark brows, trailing tiny kisses over the arch. The man closed his eyes in return, basking at the care they were giving him. His lover’s kisses travelled to the other side of his face, over the eyebrows, down to his cheekbones, up over his eyelids, pecking his nose, going down to his jaw, kissing his beauty mark and then starting their journey a-new, avoiding the one place Viktor wanted them to be – his lips. At some point their hands had tangled themselves in the man’s hair, gently scraping his scalp earning a moan from him. It seemed like an eternity, the way they mapped his face with their lips, although Viktor wouldn’t mind such an eternity. But everything has a start and an end: (Y/n) rerouting towards their lover’s lips, pressing them against his, both lost in complete bliss of being near each other. The kiss wasn’t rushed, it wasn’t needy. It was, however, filled with passion and patience, something both of them knew well. Viktor’s hands had made themselves at home on (Y/n)’s waist, rubbing tiny circles into them. Gently his palm trailed upwards towards their head, running his finger through their (h/c) hair.
“You know, I don’t need you to lift me up to the stars to feel like I’m amongst them,” (Y/n) whispered against Viktor’s lips. He didn’t reply to it, maybe even ignored it, choosing to continue kissing their jaw. That night (Y/n) mapped out his body with kisses and words of adoration.
He made it. He had made it.
Viktor beds down, his palms on his knees, breathing heavily.
“Not used to running, hun?” (Y/n) gives him a teasing smile, hip popped to the side. The man huffs a smile, before standing up straight and, in a few strides, he is in front of them. Viktor lowers his head, kissing them, slowly. (Y/n)’s own arms wrap around his neck, making him bend down lower, their fingers twirling the inventor’s locks between them. Viktor moves his arms around their waist, his fingers gripping at their hips, before lifting his lover up in the air spinning them around. (Y/n) wasn’t expecting this at all, yelping in surprise, before laughing alongside Viktor. The couple was laughing, giggling, loop-side smiles plastered on their faces, they feel like the world around them doesn’t exist. Gently Viktor sets (Y/n) down, but he doesn’t let go of them, his hands still holding onto their hips, afraid that this happiness could disappear like a dream.
“I can finally lift you up to the stars, dove,” Viktor whispers, brushing their warm cheek with his palm.
“I already told you, Vik, I don’t need the stars when I have the brightest one here,” (Y/n) answers, nuzzling their face in his palm.
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miss-occult · 2 days ago
Could I ask for some Jinx x Fem Reader with Wings headcanons? Reader has massive black wings that look as if they’ve been permanently streaked with gold, and they are HUGE to! (Reader’s wings are always like 6x the size of their height. Because of this, even if a person is short, their wings are still going to tower over most people)
And here’s some more info, because I just love Wing Asks. (And am hyper fixated on the idea and want to blab about some of the stuff I thought of)
- Readers wings are literally indestructible, their feathers naturally have a protective layer of feathers that are dagger sharp, and that cover the vulnerable soft feathers underneath! (Reader will allow Jinx to feel them if she promises to be careful, as the razor sharp feathers are still very much there even if Reader gently shifts them aside so Jinx can pet Readers soft feathers)
- Reader’s eyes dilate into slits whenever they’re hunting something, getting excited, or just really stressed out and feeling aggressive. (*Cough* Or aroused *Cough*)
- Reader likes to show off their feathers instinctively, and will preen around Jinx right after they’ve finished molting to show off their beautiful new feathers! (Spoiler alert, these are very pretty, and Reader’s feelings will be hurt if Jinx doesn’t at least look appreciatively at them!)
- Reader can’t sleep on their back comfortably because of their wings, but they do like to belly flop on their bed and completely spread out till the tips of their wings are draping across the floor (If Jinx is underneath Reader when they do this, she can have a nice cozy blanket that feels divine to snuggle under with, and also have the knowledge that the blanket is also bulletproof! <33)
Ooooooohhhh that a pretty interesting idea uwu I will try my best !!!
Part 2 : here
Jinx x Female!reader who has wings
Tumblr media
When you two were meeting, Jinx was testing a new gun that she built, and she tried to shoot you because she taught you were a bird
But when she saw that you were human, that you had wings AND that they were bulletproof, she was confused as fuck
Jinx very curious about your condition, she couldn't stopped asking you questions
She was amazed by you
She love watching you focusing on something, just to seeing your eyes being dilate
You protected Jinx from attacks with your wings
Jinx can't stop touching your wings, telling non-stop about how beautiful they are !
When you lose feathers, she take one of them and use it as a fan
At night, she asks you to wrap her with your wings, because she is feeling secure and it's so warm and comfy
When she saw you fighting with your feathers, she lost her mind
Sometimes, she ask you to take her flying with you, she would be very happy to see the sky with you
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bexbaxx · a day ago
Viktor/Silco with a reader who's super affectionate? Like they love giving nice big hugs and kissing them all over their faces, (I just find it cute, you know? The boys deserve love)
(I loved writing this one! Thank you so much for this ask!)
Tumblr media
• Viktor absolutely adores your displays of affection towards him
• If he's with someone whose love language is physical touch, he'll definitely reciprocate
• His favourite acts from you are when you play with his hair, or hug him from behind to surprise him, or cuddle with him while he's reading
• He isn't huge on PDA, but he'll hold your hand and other small things like that
• If you two live together, he's always anticipating a big hug when he comes home, and will do the same for you if you're out later than he is
• When it's just you two, he's very comfortable, and he really likes playing with your hair when you fall asleep together
• If you kiss him in public he goes extremely red and won't be able to function properly for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
• Silco is a very touchy person himself, but exclusively only when the two of you are completely alone
• He won't reciprocate if you try any PDA, the most he'd do is have his hand on the small of your back
• He probably doesn't initiate hugs very often, but will gladly accept them from you
• He most enjoys when you peck his face with kisses, or sit on his lap and give him a hug, or rest your head on his chest
• He's comfortable with physical affirmations from you, but verbal affirmations are a whole different story
• Whisper in his ear sweetly and he might actually freeze up, unsure of what to even do with himself
• He likes to wake up in the morning with you cuddling him
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