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art-of-arcane · a month ago
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ARCANE | Councilor Shoola Texturing | Maéna Paillet
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sedlex · 6 months ago
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Why were they all posing to receive an update???
Tumblr media
Same energy.
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arcane-rarepair-week · a month ago
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melmedardasworld · 6 months ago
Okay but Shoola's jewelry is really cool
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sevikasgf · 3 months ago
Shoola x reader
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There you sat in the warm house alone again. It was very warm but it wasnt the warmth you were looking for. You knew the consequences of having a partner who was a councilor but you still couldnt bare it. The clock seemed as if it kept going slower and slower, but your eyes were getting droopier and droopier as you were sucked into a slumber.
You were awaken by the warmth you've yearned for. Shoola's hand softly ran across your cheek and kissed your forehead. She had watched your eyes slowly open and look at the beauty that was her.
"I've told you its not healthy or comfortable to sleep on this couch."
Shoola picked you up in her strong arms, the fatigue never left you. They couldn't help but smile as you looked up at her with adoration in your eyes. Shoola set you down onto the bed so carefully like she would break you. Then all of a sudden she walked away, you could feel yourself missing her already. Sitting up and looking around you see the bathroom light on. It couldve been seconds, minutes, or hours but you stayed there staring at it.
Shoola came out of the bathroom and saw you waiting, she gave you a soft smile and walked over. They got into their side of the bed and pulled you into their chest. A featherlight kiss was pressed to your lips as you both fell into a slumber.
Tumblr media
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tbiatc · 6 months ago
Talking about the more minor council members now, mostly about their designs, because I learned their names and I refuse to shut up about it.
Bolbok isn't just a robot, they actually bothered to build a design, they didn't just stick metal on a human skull and called it a day, the took advantage of the freedom of a non human silhouette and just pushed the signifiers of authority all the way; the long face, and neck, the high cheekbones, tall and wide shoulders. He's an uncanny exaggeration of features that are usually respected, but his character still doesn't look incomplete. All of this, and with the subtlest hints of steampunk.
Shoola is so sharp looking. Her face, her golden claws, her gaze. Imo her fashion is the most interesting of them all. Her neck piece never fails to blow my mind, and the fact that it moves just adds so much. I love that she's so slightly similar to with their cool attitudes and golden accents on their designs, but still such obviously different personalities. Another aspect of the wonderful depth the women in this show have.
Cassandra is so strict looking. Her design perfectly conveys her classic upperclass aesthetics, her strictness. I love how her hair is slightly geometric, her cheekbones are straight and her shoulders are sharp. Except for her blue eyes and earrings, her colour pallette is pretty toned down. Still, she doesn't blend in or fade out.
And Hoskel.
Salo has a royal motif. He's well put together, every hair slicked back, collar popped, red coat and a white suit, gold accents but not in jewelry, in buttons/cuffs/whatnot.
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edomeilair · a month ago
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there are 3 kinds of fan predictions for the fate of mel medarda in the s2 premiere...
all credit to the meljay discord
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desmyblank · 11 days ago
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Eeeeeeh, another one based on a fic 👉👈 This one is from chapter 1 of the fic Breaths We Dare To Take, by @void-spells
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a-gal-with-taste · 3 months ago
BEFORE THE BEGINNING — three sentences (or more) about something that happened before the plot of my current project
May have a lil' something up my sleeves here, nothing too major, just a little-
You were not as popular, nor influential as Medarda. That was a fact, and yet, your arm had only just began to ache from it's firm, unyielding position under the bright light signaling your confirmation, before a second slowly, hesitantly rose up. You didn't have time to acknowledge whose, for a third, than a fourth, was soon to slowly follow. There seemed to be a collective intake of breath, released in the rush when, incredibly impossible, the fifth rose up in majority.
Majority. A free vote, in majority. And with, much glares and a muttered rebuke under breath, the following three raised their hands in confirmation of their, though begrudging, agreement of the unheard of proposal. If only to prevent being the odd ones out, and dragging this out longer than necessary.
The man standing at center of the council seats, one eye wide while the other blazed, looked like he would collapse at the sight before him. Through sheer willpower and lifelong Zaunite stubbornness, he managed to stay properly upright even as disbelief filled his features, as he heard words he'd wanted to hear, had never expected to, and would never, ever forget.
Just like, with his gaze locking on yours as the words rung through the Council Chamber, he would also never, ever forget, that it had been you to the first to cast the vote that changed everything.
"Representative Silco, your proposal is in... tentative, but unanimous agreement. The Nation of Zaun, formally known as the Undercity of Piltover, will be granted it's independence."
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arcane-sideblog · 5 months ago
Who will die on the council
Tumblr media
(ID: A picture of the council during the last episode of season 1 of Arcane. All the members and Viktor are visible. All pictures are still from this episode.)
Alright, so the end of season one of arcane was phenomenal, in my opinion, and I can’t wait to see how the plot will continue. In the meantime, I love to speculate. So here are my thoughts about which council members will survive and which members will die and what ramifications their fate could have for the plot of the show.
(Note that I have only passing knowledge of League lore and may remember some of it wrongly).
Hoskel, Bolbok, Shoola, Salo
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(ID 1: A picture of Hoskel, Bolbok and Salo sitting next to eachother at the table of the council. ID 2: A picture of Shoola seated at the council, Cassandra Kiramman sits in the background.)
Alright, I'm putting all of the council members which are minor characters in this category. Their survival for me is kinda a matter of a coin toss. Any of them could be upped to secondary characters in season 2, but we know so little about them right now that it really could be anyone. I think that a few of them will die to leave space for new characters. But who, I don't really have an opinion on that, honestly.
Tumblr media
(ID: A picture of Mel Medarda sitting on a council chair, looking to the left.)
From what I’ve seen, people seem to be pretty split on Mel’s fate. I've seen good arguments on both sides. While I tend to believe that she will survive – also, I want her to survive because I find her character incredibly compelling – I want to make a few arguments for her death.
On a pure narrative standpoint, Mel’s death would be a tragic conclusion of her character arc. Arcane is not shy on tragedy and Mel’s arc could theoretically end here. During the first season, she has been shown to wrestle with her past, culminating with her decision to leave Noxus behind and support the peace in Piltover. And at that precise moment, she gets killed. Because she didn’t listen to her mother’s warnings. A fitting tragic end.
Her death would also have strong ramifications on the plot. First, Mel has been shown in season one to be the most politically adept member of the council. During many of the crucial decisions of the council (Heimerdingers ousting, Zauns independence, even Jayce's trial), the other council members were shown to follow her lead. Additionally, her anti-war stance made her the most robust safeguard for peace. If she were to die, that political vacuum would have to be filled – either directly by someone taking her place in the council or indirectly by someone influencing the politicians from the outside like she was shown to do in season one. In any case, it could pave the way for a new power player in Piltovan politics.
There are two people in season 1 who I could see fill the political vacuum left by Mel’s death. It would be Ambessa , Mel’s mother, and Jayce. Ambessa, having now lost two children, could push even harder for Hextech weapons and lead Piltover towards total war. I would find it interesting if she was to play a more prominent role in season 2. Jayce on the other hand, would obviously be emotionally devastated by Mel’s death. Also, because he relied so heavily (and to a fault) on Mel’s opinion in season 1, it would be interesting to see the course of his actions in the next season.
I personnally think and hope that she will survive. I think Mel is one of the most interesting characters and the possibilities with her in season 2 are multiple.
She could become more of a villain. Arcane loves a tragedy and I could see a tragic arc for Mel, where the attack is not the end but a turning point. Her political intelligence would make her a formidable foe. She wanted to leave the warring tendencies of her noxian family behind but the attack prompts her to push for Hextech weapons, to protect Piltover. And then, she could advocate for the use of these weapons, to protect Piltover. It could be a slow descend into more and more warring tendencies, until she realizes that she became what she never wanted to be: her mother.
Or she could go the route of a true pacifist. Trying to push for peace, her political abilities could be tested. There is potential for tragedy here too, if all of her efforts end up being vain. It could leave to a narrative about the failures of politics. It could lead to a true confrontation with her mother. There is a lot of potential here too.
Tumblr media
(ID: A picture of Jayce Talis looking directly at the camera.)
Alright, I think it's pretty certain that Jayce is going to survive the attack. He is a main character, he comes from the League of Legends game. However, if you would indulge me, I want to shortly argue for the killing of Jayce. Because, although I enjoy Jayce's character and his relationships with Mel and Viktor, I think that his death would be interesting for the plot.
First of all, on a meta-level, it would show that canonical league characters can, in fact, die. Having played league before and knowing most of these characters, I came into this story kind off already knowing who would die and who would survive. Killing a canonical league character right at the beginning of season 2 would raise the stakes for the other league characters significantly. It would also be a clear departure from League lore and leave the door open for all matter of deviation of the cannon.
On a purely narrative level, I think it would be a fitting end to Jayce's arc. Just like with Mel, his death would be the direct result of his (countless) mistakes. During the entirety of season 1, he is shown to be easily manipulated and basically always going with whatever the last person he talked to wanted. In tragic irony, the moment he decides to finally take a decision for himself is the moment of his death. His naivety having directly led to his demise.
His death would also have interesting ramifications for Mel and Viktor. Though in what direction, I'm not sure. I could give Mel the reason for arcs such as I described above. Jayce being the only one willing and able to destroy the Hexcore could doom Viktor. In addition to the emotional hurt it would leave Viktor. I think there would be interesting plot-lines to explore here too.
However, I still think it's very unlikely that Jayce will die. What his character arc is going to be in the second season, I don't really know. Will he flip again after the attack? Endorsing the construction of Hextech weapons, leading to his fallout with Viktor? Will he be against retaliation towards Zaun? Trying (and probably failling) to maintain control over Hextech?
Tumblr media
(ID: A picture of Viktor sitting on a council chair and holding his crutch. He is looking directly at the camera.)
Viktor, too, is almost guaranteed to survive the attack. On a pure narrative level, his character arc isn’t really finished and there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the Hexcore with which he is (literally) tied. So yeah, I think he will survive, and I'm really looking forward to him in season 2.
Cassandra Kiramman
Tumblr media
(ID: A picture of Cassandra Kiramman sitting on a council chair, looking to her left.)
Another controversial one. Until now, Caitlyn's mother has only played a minor role in the story: She is mainly a foil to Caitlyn.
I suspect that she will die or at least be removed from the story for most of season. She had always been an inhibiting force against her daugther, removing her would leave Cait with more freedom. Additionally, I suspect Caitlyn’s character arc to revolve around her wish for revenge on Jinx in season 2. Her mother’s death would form a clear basis for that motive.
Where she to survive, it could be interesting if she became a more prominent foil to Caitlyn. Maybe supporting retaliation against Zaun. Maybe Caitlyn's kidnapping would tighten her grip on her daughter. Because we haven’t seen her a lot outside of her familial context, it could be interesting if she received more development outside of these relationships.
In conclusion / TL,DR
Here are my (completely subjective) opinions.
Mel: I’d like her to survive
Jayce: He will survive, would be interesting if he died
Viktor: He will survive
Cassandra Kiramman: She’ll die
The others: Them may live, they may die
What do you think?
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pixie-mask · 6 months ago
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She’s so pretty
..I seriously don’t like her neckpiece though, but I’ve come down from hating it
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art-of-arcane · 3 months ago
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ARCANE | Councilor Shoola Texturing & Concept Art | Evan Monteiro
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sedlex · 7 months ago
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mythvoiced · 6 months ago
-. Jay.ce seems to be the type of person to catch feelings so fricking easily, Vik tells him he’s actually onto something, Ja.yce, mere seconds later “OUR hextech” and then “hE’s My nEW pArTNeR”, Mel lets him get away with breaking and entering with his ✨ new partner ✨ and he makes a face as if 'mummy? sorry, i mean, mummy? sorry, i mean, mummy? sorry, i mean-’
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melmedardasworld · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Look at these two. ❤❤❤
The lack of Shoola content because she had such a minor role. I can't even remember her full outfit/design. Just her neck brace thing and the pointed rings on her fingers.
I love the way the color gold is just perfect on Mel and Shoola.
In my headcanon they're definitely girl friends outside all of politics and council work.
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bluedaddysgirl · 22 days ago
Arcane Bloopers
Tomorrow, Netflix Geeked will feature new Arcane content of... unknown nature. My silly ass would love for it to be bloopers.
I want to see Vander and Silco get awkward in the chocking scene in episode 3. They try to hold it in but Silco bursts a fat laugh in Vander's face.
I want to see Marcus forgetting his lines and losing his cool, because Silco keeps making faces at him but you can't see it from the camera's angle.
I want to see Jinx fall from the blade of her lair on mat below.
I want to see Sevika headbutt Vi for real by mistake and they both go OW OW! Bitch!
I want to see Powder riding Mek's shoulders through the set, pulling on his ears to give directions.
I want to see Jayce do nervous vocal warm up exercises and shyly admit to the behind-the-scenes cameraman that he struggles with the confident Jayce persona because he's so shy. Viktor rushes by just then and pinches his butt and Jayce is like "AAH!" in a nice high voice.
I want to see Cait kiss Vi's nose in the Kabedon scene and hear laughs from behind the camera while Vi goes 😳
I wanna see Silco be like "You're making a mess" in that one scene. But Sevika forgets her line and goes "Sir—" trying to summon the rest...
So Silco just goes "You're ruining the carpet!"
I want Singed drinking a boba tea in his actor chair and when asked a question, just answers in his VA's pure, undiluted Australian accent.
I want kid Viktor, Powder and Ekko riding Rio in the background while her handler explains how long she's trained her for and how many films she's in.
I want Ekko, Viktor, Jayce and Jinx to take their child actors out for a photoshoot. Do clothes swap, or dress in the same clothes. I want Silco turning to the camera in extra close up and say "They didn't do a child version of me, because I'd be too F##ing cute."
Vander in the background : "You f##ing wish!"
Silco, turning around, waving an unfinished kebab: "What did you say you—"
I want Mel answering questions about the filming process outside her trailer and full armour Ambessa beeline to them and say "WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO MY DAUGHTER" — She isn't Mel's mom though of course, but brags about Mel like she is for the entire shoot.
I want Ren to squeak a desperate "Daddy, help!" in the middle of the scene with Silco and his goons at his flat, making both him and Marcus freak out. Dustin and Ran set her up to do it.
I want Deckard and Deckard's swole body double doing a little dance routine that ends up in DBZ's fusion dance while Vi makes an ugly snorting sound, slapping her thigh like it's the funniest thing she's ever seen.
I want to see Claggor and Mylo do a super intricate 30scd long choreographed handshake. Mylo jokes that he's glad it'll make it to the DVD and Claggor nods like "we can't believe they wouldn't let us use it in the show!"
I want Cait and Jayce mock up the argument scene in her room and devolve into squeaking "mee mee mee!" at each other.
I want Shoola caught picking her nose with one of her gold finger claw prop and be like ∑(ΦдΦlll
I want Heimer falling down some stairs doing soft little puppy sounds at every bump and half the set rush in even though he's perfectly fine.
I want to see Mel and Sevika sharing a trailer and playing at insulting each other in character while they get their makeup done.
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arcanescribbles · 5 months ago
Chembaron Steve:
Professor Heimerdinger:
Gimp Yorlde:
Firelight Eve:
Firelight Scar:
Shrimp prop:
Viktor's Shimmer syringe:
Finn's Lighter:
Councilor Shoola:
Jinx's Fishbones:
Ekko as the Firelight Leader:
(young vi) https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zDPYrd
Mel's art supplies:
Uncolored Firelight Leader:
The Princess:
Pretty Boy:
More Arcane props:
None 3d
Jinx's Workspace:
Caitlyn's Room:
Singed Lab:
JSAJSJSD IM SORRY ITS A LOT BUT I HOPE THESE CAN HELP!! (also sorry i kept on accidentally clicking the unfollow button im on my laptop and couldnt control my excitement 😫)
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edomeilair · 4 days ago
mel medarda x jayce talis, (i'm) yours 💝
...and i wasn't trying to melt this heart of iron but the way you hold me makes the old me pass away...
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witchypandamonium · 3 months ago
Background characters
Artega Holt—Chem-Baron, known for being promiscuous, rival of Saito Takeda
Tumblr media
Babette—Yordle, owner of exclusive brothel
Tumblr media
Bolbok—aristocrat of unknown clan & Councilmember, Ionian of unknown race
Tumblr media
Camille Ferros (the Gray Lady)—Principal Intelligencer of Clan Ferros, highly cybernetically modified, ensures clan’s business runs smoothly (negotiations, but also intimidation & assassinations)
Tumblr media
Cassandra Kiramman—aristocrat of the Kiramman Clan & Councilmember
Tumblr media
Chross—Chem-Baron from Piltover, boss of Hush Company: network of informants and fences
Tumblr media
Corina Veraza—Chem-Baron, one of Piltover’s most wanted criminals, cultivates rare and deadly plants (but also created flower that feeds on Zaun Gray)
Crimson—Chem-Baron, owns the most expensive, high-grade Chemtech technology (their blueprints, means of production, & distribution?)
Tumblr media
Elora—Councilor Mel Medarda’s assistant
Tumblr media
Eramis—Chem-Baron, purveyor of fine culture from & to both Piltover & Zaun
Tumblr media
Finn—Chem-Baron, Ionian, boss of Slickjaws: network of assassins & mercenaries
Tumblr media
Grayson—Piltover Enforcer and Sheriff
Tumblr media
Hoskel—aristocrat of unknown clan & Councilmember, easily influenced by Mel Medarda, smuggles illegal Noxian spirits
Tumblr media
Huck—trader (information? technology?)
Tumblr media
Jericho —Vastaayan street food vendor (honestly I’m not sure what tf he is, Vastaayan is my best guess)
Karvyq—Chem-Baron, owns particularly sophisticated Chemtech, has vendetta against Piltovian House Tariost
Tumblr media
Lock—massive tattooed henchman of Silco
Tumblr media
Margot—Chem-Baron, owner of Vyx: network of brothels
Petrok Grime—Chem-Baron, owner of one of the most popular Chemtech blends in Zaun (moonshine?)
Tumblr media
Ran—Ionian henchman of Silco (she/they)
Tumblr media
Renata Glasc—Chem-Baron, owner of Glasc Industries: weapon, prosthetics & perfume producers
Tumblr media
Renni—Chem-Baron, owner of Sludgerunners: manufacturers of Chemtech devices & Shimmer
Saito Takeda—Chem-Baron, Ionian, rival of Artega Holt, developer of war technology
Tumblr media
Salo—aristocrat of unknown clan & Councilmember, prefers to be on Hoskel’s good side, smuggles illegal Noxian spirits
Tumblr media
Shoola—aristocrat of unknown clan & Councilmember
Tumblr media
Smeech—Chem-Baron, Yordle, owner of Scrap Hackers: specialists in cybernetic modification
Tumblr media
Thieram(/Chuck)—bartender of Last Drop
Tumblr media
Tobias Kiramman—husband of Councilor Cassandra Kiramman & father to Caitlyn Kiramman
Tumblr media
Ximena Talis—mother of Jayce Talis
Velveteen Lenare—Chem-Baron, deals & researches in golem technology
Voss—Chem-Baroness, warden of Dredge: Chemtech prison mine
Wencher Spindlaw—Chem-Baron, purveyor in murder & mayhem, allied to (under) Renata Glasc
Arcane/League of Legends resource masterlist
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a-gal-with-taste · 3 months ago
hii, i love your writings !! i just got that idea, what about arcane characters (one-shots or anything/anyone to your liking) x counsellor reader?
[Finishes reading Impossible Colors by @iseutz for the XXXth time] ... yes.
Warnings: Shortly after Act 1, AU, power-dynamics, flirting as politics/politics as flirting, Reader-surname, pining, so much eye-fucking oh my god-
"It seems we have been caught in sight of the Eye, Councilor Kesare." Councilor Medarda mused, just as you brought the thin tube of sparkling champagne to your lips. "I venture we not be the first to look away. He might perceive that as weakness."
"Or as a declaration of war," You comment back after taking a sip, tilting your chin up as you stared across the garden courtyard. "Representative Silco seems to pounce at any sign of a challenge."
The Nation of Zaun was still a concept many in higher-power struggled to grasp, even with it's leader standing amongst them. Or rather, standing out. In inky blacks and blood reds, colors accented in gold, the representation for the ex-Undercity (now sovereign nation) made a severe impression in the line of Piltover's council.
Visually, and by the ferocity he exhibited just by looking at you.
Undaunted, you smile and lift your glass slightly in acknowledgment, his own remaining untouched as it's swirled in his hand. "Still debating if your act of provocation is wise," Mel murmured beneath her breath, also studying the man who wasn't even pretending to listen to Heimerdinger's attempts at conversation. "Because if we're going to discuss pouncing..."
The gold-freckled woman blinked, her eyes glinting. "On the opportunities, Councilor. You have to admit, he's been gunning to you for a conversation ever since you were the first to vote him into his position." A thoughtful hum, but that cheek and sharp calculating mind was glowing behind the façade of mirth. "Be wise to watch out. Cassandra seems ready to but a divider up between your two seats. Or, if you're feeling bold..."
A tilt of your head, and you glanced your eyes over. In a span of a minute, the Yordle professor had given up on his attempts to pry further into Zaun's well-kept secrets of chem-tech, leaving Representative Silco to slowly, languishing stride towards you.
"You could meet him halfway," Mel finished, an innocent look on her face, but you knew better.
The Council of Piltover, a united force, was divided into factions that were as clear as day.
Cassandra, Bolbok and Heimerdinger fancied themselves as the brilliant, and the wise, Salo had latched himself as discreetly as possible to the guiding hand of Shoola the moment of his elevation, and depending on the number of drinks he had, Hoskel could be friends with just about anyone.
Mel Medarda was a faction of her own, with her being it's sole-leader and member. Others in her single-party were merely guests - honored, and valued when she needed them, but guests.
That left you, and now Representative Silco, as lone parties.
And everyone, especially Medarda, was keeping a keen eye as to whether one of you would stay in place, move back a step into one of the better-known factions, or team up. As what kind of team, was uncertain, but no one forgot for a moment that the first hand to rise, after the motion of sovereignty for Zaun was introduced, had been yours.
Least of all Silco, who finally came to a stop before the two of you.
Though one was technically a newly-designated king, no one in the trio bowed. Instead, Mel extended her hand and without skipping a beat, Silco gave her a chaste, charming brush on her knuckles, after raising it to mouth-level. The one he gave you burned, his lips as much as his eye when he refused to look away, pulling back only when Mel started speaking. "I trust that the Professor wasn't left too disgruntled. I know how terribly interested he is to dissect the technology of the Undercity."
"It's primitive to him, I believe he's simply more fascinated to see how we've managed to survive this long under such primitive mechanics," The scarred man said smoothly. "I'm sure he's also eager to get a hold of the sample you promised," The Noxian said, teeth flashing as she raised her glass to her lips again. "I believe we all are."
"I'll reach out to my lead scientist to see how that sample is coming along... though, we're not looking to rush it, Shimmer is rather uncontrollable if not carefully regulated, even for a simple sample." There was a glint of teeth as well from Silco, Zaunite imperfection and grit clearly visible underneath the façade in his chipped teeth. "We only want the best for Piltover, after all. I would so hate to give you a bad batch."
"Hm." It was technically polite, but Medarda narrowed her eyes, trying to pierce through the enigma that was Silco of Zaun, and finding yet another layer to work through. "Best of luck, Representative. I know we all look forward to seeing the relationship between Piltover and Zaun grow... Kesare." You took the farewell for what it was, and nodded as the Noxian took her leave in grace, and in thought.
Leaving you alone with Silco.
"I do believe she despises me," The man hummed casually as he slipped into the vacant space beside you, placing a palm on the railing so he could lean. It wasn't so much casual, as it was a position that made him look like it was all beneath him, the pomp and circumstance, cunning and politics...
But you saw the way he looked at you, and offered a smile in kind under his unyielding gaze. "Only your excuses, and by extension, making her wait. I don't think she appreciates having her premature plans derailed, when you give her such little material in the first place."
The Zaunite leader hummed, looking over over the balcony with gloved nails tapping on the polished marble. "She has my condolences... I personally know the pain of having your plan go awry."
A simple nod in confirmation is all he offers, before, subtly, he tips his hand and jerks his hand out, dumping the trumpet of light liquor out over the balcony, not a drop of the offered Piltover-drink even tasted. He politely sets the now-empty glass on the balcony, before the King of Zaun offers his arm to you, and who are you to disregard such a polite offer of companionship with a man of such high station?
"Recent plans have been set off-kilter. Not that the result is unfavorable, but regardless, I ponder often about what could've been."
"Dare I ask what you ponder?"
Silco smiles, a disarming thing, as the two of you walk around a bubbling fountain. Not only out of earshot, but also out of immediate sight from others, with lower-tones muted in compared to the rush of artistically flowing water.
When one becomes a councilor, you start to notice these kind of things.
"I ponder how a war with Topside could have gone," He says, brushing away nonexistent dust off the marble ledge before sitting down, regally as befitting his station, but also casually, like it's an office chair. "Me and mine were fully equipped for it. I'd spent a large part of my life waiting for the opportunity, yet here I am. Everything I've worked for, without a drop shed."
Any other Councilor would be more than slightly alarmed; Cassandra would already be breaking the terms of the brand new Piltover-Zaun Accordance and calling for an arrest.
You are only curious though. "You expected a war. Did you truly expect to win?" It's not admonishing, but the black-red eye flicks to you in displeasure nonetheless, although his tone is simple.
"I expected to scare them."
You raise the glass to your lips, along with a brow, but you hold his gaze in the silence as you slowly took a delicate sip. You don't believe you see any of the three complete eyes blink, until the champagne smooths down your throat, and you lower the glass from your lips. "I don't know if you've forgotten, but I believe I officially consist as one of them, Representative."
"I would prefer hearing you use my name. Silco," It's smooth, and automatic, as the man leans back slightly. The gold accent of his vest, curiously freshly mended but still a faint, aged smell of smoke in the air when the breeze picks up, glints in the sunlight as he watches you study him. "And I think you've proven yourself to be something quite... other, than the rest of the members of your position, Councilor."
"I prefer hearing you say my first-name," You corrected him, only a bit coy when you see his teal-eye hood slightly as you offer it. "And I believe I know why you would think that. My first impression was rather unique to you, I can imagine."
"A Topsider giving everything I've ever worked for, all with a single raise of a hand... yes. A very unique, and quite memorable introduction to one another, I believe." A beat, then you see a smouldering flicker in both the hellfire eye, and the other. "Why?"
For a moment, you allow yourself to get scorched by his rawly searching gaze. Undercity citizens, now known as Zaunites, were not a breed of people that you had much interaction with, and the bluntness that Silco exhibited from his life underground was oddly refreshing. You wanted to lean forward to catch every sudden, sharp and defined word, drag your gaze to catch the loose, but prepared body-language that hinted he was ready for everything and anything.
And he still composed himself with grace, with regality. Things you'd dealt with before but, as ridiculous and juvenile as the thought was, you couldn't help but appreciate the stark difference Silco brought to it.
And you couldn't help but lean in, with your desire to experience more.
"Can we be honest with one another, Silco?" Your low murmur had him smoothly leaning closer to you, to the point where you could almost outline the faint, yellowing bruises of fingers on the exposed part of his neck the collar didn't cover. "I think I would enjoy having a Councilor be wholly, completely honest with me."
"Just as I would enjoy having a King be honest with me," You counter smoothly, and see a curl on thin lips when he accepts the offer, dipping his chin. "The council had no plans for the undercity. I doubt they ever would've found it in them to care to make some, or develop relations beyond what's already there," You shrug, and elegantly flick your eyes away from him to bring glass to your lips, murmuring over it. "Seems a bit of a waste, to claim ownership of a city you want no part with, besides the cheap labor it offers, scapegoats and entertainment for our officers."
"It wasn't called the Playground without reason," Silco coincides, eyes flicking down to watch you set the now empty-champange glass down. He's slow to return his eyes to his, observing you fold your hands atop your lap, the relaxed roll of your shoulders before finally reaffirming the heated eye-contact that could've sparked a fire between you. "So you raised your hand to rid Piltover of a toy they didn't want anymore?"
"I raised my hand to give the Undercity the opportunity to escape Piltover's shadow," You counter, and then smile. "And, in goodwill. For I can imagine relations between Zaun and Piltover will improve from this, greatly."
"Ah, cross-nation relations." He seems intrigued by the notion. "Yes, I do believe I will enjoy watching those improve. Perhaps with additional participation?"
"Careful," You muse under your breath, eyes going hooded. "You're still new to politics, Silco. Don't ask for too much without making any offers." He hums at that for a beat, giving a casual look around the luscious, beautiful courtyard, that he obviously thought little of. You also found it hard to admire the fountains and prized flora, when you saw his cheek poke out slightly from his tongue pressing within.
"Than allow me to offer you an opportunity of my own," He finally says, glancing back at you, eyes causing sparks within you. "Zaun has it's own brand of... beauty and elegance, when one knows where to look. I feel like I would be sufficient enough as a sort of guide."
A tour of a kingdom? Silco must've seen your brow quirk at that, and he smirked right back at you for your dubiousness. "A method of improving relations with Piltover and Zaun... a Councilor and a King spending time outside official cross-nation meetings, would be a worthy start to such a momentous venture, don't you think?"
"I thought we agreed to be honest with one another, Silco. You could just outright ask me," You muse. "Very well," The King of the Underground only grows his smirk, and you taste smoke on your tongue at the same time as his eyes burn right through you, and he leans close... too close.
The exposed, dark and jagged scars are nearly brushing your cheek as he leans past it, breathing past your ear as he whispers, "Shall we work together to improve cross-nations relations, Councilor Kesare?"
It appears, you and Silco were no longer lone parties, in this grand scheme of politics within this new era of seperate-nations.
"I think I would enjoy that development very much so, Representative Silco."
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