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nightmareb1untrotation · a day ago
ATTENTION ARCANE ARTISTS: I need to see Viktor with big booty, big breast and big feet please.
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wolfishwriting · 2 months ago
arcane + how they moan
ft. Vander, Vi, Silco, Jinx, Caitlyn, Viktor, Jayce, Finn, Grayson, Sevika, Marcus, Mel, & Howl
cw: smut, fxf, fem!plus sized reader, subby men, soft!dom, begging, overstimulation
He's more of a growler than anything, he'll something make soft pants and deep grunts and may often struggle to catch his breath because it feels so damn good.
“Darl, please can I cum? ‘Fraid I ain’t gonna last much longer. You really know how to make me work for it. Please, baby, I’m gonna shoot my load if you don’t hurry-ahh!”
You really gotta get her riled up to make any sort of loud noise. But once you get her started, it’s gonna be tough getting her to be quiet. She’ll sing your praises and will be rough with the way she kisses you, nails curving into the fat of your ass to push you harder against her.
“Cupcake, you feel so fuckin’ good. I love it when you fuck me with your cock--good thing we got the vibratin’ one, right? Delicious--fuck! Ahh, fuck, make me cum! Make me cum, babe!”
He’s one to not share his voice unless he’s seriously wound up. You have to take your time with him, make him pliant beneath you--to take what you need from him. Be a service top, work on pulling those noises from him, do your damnedest. 
“Think you can--hnnnghhh, truly work me over so easily? Fuck, I’d like to see you try, my pet. Oh, fuck, just like that kitten.”
She’s not always very loud, it depends on what kind of mood she is in. If you’re domming her, she tends to be a bit more loud begging for you to fuck her hard until she goes cross-eyed with her tongue falling out of kiss-bitten lips.
“Fuck, toots, you’re going to fuck me raw at this point but shit, darl-- I ain’t fuckin’ complaining. Feels’ so fuckin’ good, ah, ah, ah~!” 
Her moans are soft and very pretty, like the gentle chiming of bells echoing through the hall. She can definitely be a bit louder than she is but if her family is home, she doesn’t exactly want to scream about how well you’re fucking her even if she really, really wants to praise you. She’ll just have to do so quietly but the moment her parents are gone; she’s screaming. 
“That’s it, pretty kitty. You’re making me feel so good, that’s it, sweet thing. Eat my cunt out like your life depends on it.”
It really depends on the mood that’s set, on nights where he’s more rough he’s dirty-talking your ear off grumbling to himself about “what a naughty girl you are” and “how well you take him” inside that pretty pink cunt of yours. When you actually assertively top him, he’s a cute whiny baby with pretty amber doe-like eyes that he definitely knows how to use. 
“My love, I fear my heart may burst from my chest if you keep this up! My head feels as though it’s swimming. Pl-please, may I cum? Ah~! You take me so well, fuck, so good.”
He can be very, very loud. Letting out unabashed moans to the high heavens. Borderline fuckin’ porn star. By the end of the night his throat is always sore from all of his yelling and whimpering and he’s so exhausted despite his cock still being painfully erect.
“Baby, mm, please!” A choked cry pinched off with a whimper. His voice is cracking, tears streaming down his face. “Please, may I cum for you? I’ve been a good boy.”
He’s so fucking loud and vulgar--why do you think you have to muzzle him so often? He’s moaning from the moment he pulls out his hard cock to sink into your dripping cunt to the final moments where his balls are slapping against your ass and flooding you full.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! You’re so fuckin’ good, babe, can’t think straight not with the way you’re clenchin’ on my cock--fuckkk, fuck!”
She’s on the quieter side, mumbling words of praise while she strokes your cheek with tender care. Her accent will be much thicker the closer she gets and she remains ever the sweet and attentive partner.
“That’s it, my love. Slowly, slow. That’s it--oh, there, shh, you’re doing so well. Yes, I’m close, my dear.”
Another one who isn’t very loud. You’ll have to tune in how her breathing increases and echoes off the walls. Sevika may pitch in tone when she cums but for the most part she’s pretty stoic, even if she is softer when she’s with you.
“Such a good girl, you know how to unravel me so easily, don’t you? Keep going then. If you’re so determined to make me cum, prove it.”
She makes the prettiest little keens and sighs. Gets pretty out of breath. She’s pretty assertive so isn’t afraid to speak her mind and let you know what she wants and what feels good or what doesn’t. 
“That’s it, my darling. You’re doing so well. That’s the spot, keep using that pretty, talented little tongue of yours. My pretty girl.”
The tough-guy thing is all an act. He’s very much a desperate little sub who will beg you to let him cum if he promises to be good. If you let him cum, he’ll be so good for you he swears!!
“Please, princess, this is torture. I feel as though I’m gonna burst--oh, fuck-- Please, won’t you let me cum? I want to cum for you.”
This man, his moans are beautiful. Absolutely erotic and he gets louder the more you edge and overstimulate him-- especially if you're pegging him. His moans are so choked, whiny, with pretty tears shining in his eyes and he's begging you to let him cum. He promises to be good!
“Ahh-baby--fuck!!” A deep inhale followed by a sob as cerulean tears cascade down warm tanned cheeks. Such a pretty boy. “Gonna cum, gonna cum-- gonna shoot my fuckin’ load-- I can’t hold back, baby. Fuck, c’mere, let me kiss you--please!”
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angelltheninth · 2 months ago
First time hds with Jinx, Vi, Sevika, Jayce, Viktor, Silco and Ambessa?
Oh wow, I think that's the most characters I've ever gotten for a single request. I'm happy to oblige Anon.
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Sevika, Jayce, Viktor, Silco and Ambessa (separately) x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, first time, kissing, dirty talk, blowjobs, handjobs, cunnilingus, fingering, power play, rough sex, gentle sex
A/N: This took a while to write lol! But it was so much fun!
Tumblr media
Jinx is very excited to get started but she won't push you into anything too quickly if you aren't ready for it
She will however tease you relentlessly and will want to watch your every nervous move with great interest and care
She will be slow and gentle at first but it doesn't take her long to change her tune, not in a way that she hurts you too badly but enough to let everyone else know who fucked you first
Excited to explore all your kinks in the future
Encourages and praises you a lot, and loves to be praised
Tumblr media
You can't ask for a more caring partner for your first time
Vi always puts your comfort above all, despite her talk of all the ways she can make you come
She eases you into it, kissing a path down your body, enjoying your little sounds and shivers before putting her mouth on you
Loves to make you come with her mouth and hands, but doesn't do it too many times for your first time, it's important you pace yourself after all
She hugs you close when she knows you're about to come, whispering to let go, she's got you, she's not going anywhere
Tumblr media
She finds it funny that you're still a virgin. A pretty, little thing like you? Were your previous partners blind?
No matter, it only means that she gets to be the first one to make you scream in pleasure at the top of your lungs
She makes you grind on her leg, while using her hand to make you so horny you beg her to just fuck you already
She likes seeing you desperate for her, a dynamic she's excited to explore more in the future
This is your first time so she'll make it very memorable, she'll fuck you until you can't walk the next morning and will leave as many marks on you as she can
Tumblr media
Honestly a little nervous to be your first
He wants to make it a good experience for you
Jayce takes his sweet time worshiping your naked body, showering you with praise and affection
He knows he's a little big so he's slow and gentle when he's sliding in the first time and gives you time to adjust to his size
He keeps his hands firmly on your hips as he fucks you nice and slow, until you ask him to go faster
You wanna ride his cock? Go ahead, as much as you want. You wanna give him blowjobs? He'll whimper and moan the whole way, but of course mindful not to make you hurt yourself and to remind you to breathe
He loves telling you how good you feel around him, how nice you make him feel, how much he wants to come inside you
Tumblr media
He makes sure to map and memorize all the different ways his touch makes you moan, he'll repeat those many times in an effort to make you come as many times as you can handle
Viktor is doesn't have a lot of stamina himself but even if he comes first it's very important to him that you come as well
Lucky for him he's very skilled with his hands and fingers
Viktor is great at dirty talk and loves to see you blush from his words
He's very interested to learn all the different ways he can make you come for him
Tumblr media
Silco loves the thought of being your first, being the one to bring you that kind of pleasure for the first time
He loves how enthusiastic you are about sucking his cock despite the fact that you have no experience beforehand, not to worry, he's a patient man, he'll guide you
He leaves a lot of scratches on your body
He loves fucking your mouth until you're whimpering for him
Silco won't be too harsh but he won't be gentle either
He likes that he can make your eyes roll back while you're taking his dick like a good girl/boy
Tumblr media
If you didn't already have a degradation/name calling kink she will unlock it for you very quickly
She would pin you down under her, grinning down at you and drinking in every detail of your body
You're very sloppy when she rides your face and makes you eat her out but you've got the enthusiasm and she likes that
Wants to fuck you so much you forget your own name
Not very gentle, loves to see bruises on you, but will kiss them better later if you do a good enough job
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honeydazai · 3 months ago
perverted things the Arcane characters do
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Jinx, Ekko, Mel, Marcus
warnings: nsfw content, masturbating, dry humping + more
requested?: yes! | reblogs appreciated!
Tumblr media
VIKTOR knows you're rather concerned about his wellbeing, which is why it only comes as a mild surprise when you offer him to take a quick nap while leaning onto your body. He's an opportunist at heart — his head is soon resting on your chest, his cheek against your soft skin, and he's not actually sleeping, not when his dick is straining hard against his trousers with how close his face is to your tits, but you either don't seem to notice or to care. Besides, he's so exhausted, so surely you'd never ask him to back off, right?
Another thing that he always enjoys is teasing you; it doesn't matter about what, really, as long as your face flushes with a lovely blush, your cheeks suddenly hot, and, god, if only he'd get to see that embarrassed expression while you're bouncing on his dick or kneeling between his legs.
“Are you quite sure you're alright with this, love? Ah—, well, then I must thank you. I could truly use a quick nap. Thank you for looking out for me. I appreciate it, I really do.”
Tumblr media
JAYCE has the unfair advantage of his height, so whenever he glances down at you, he's got a perfect view on your cleavage. He can't help but stare at your tits, especially when there's some lace from your bra showing. The sight alone has his dick twitching in arousal, and even though you've caught him staring a few times, you don't seem to mind it much.
It's not often that you and Jayce do sleepovers anymore, especially since he's a Councillor now, which is both a blessing and a curse for him, and also makes this one night a lot more special. He kind of missed the way he used to grind against you while you were asleep; it's not even on purpose, he's just too needy to control himself, and if your ass is pressing so nicely against his dick — really, he's sure no one would be able to resist.
“Haha, very funny, really. I wasn't staring at you — and especially not at your tits. You're just short, it's inevitable that I look down on you.”
Tumblr media
SILCO's lips quirk into a smirk when he 'accidentally' pushes an important document off the edge of his office desk. At this point, he doesn't even have to ask you to get it for him anymore — you bend over willingly, panties peeking out beneath your skirt, and for a moment he entertains the thought of you doing this on purpose to tease him.
He also enjoys making you beg for, well, anything, really; your whiny voice and your pouty lips get him hard almost immediately, his dick straining uncomfortably against his trousers. Whether it's for a raise or for his attention, Silco simply loves hearing you whimper and whine.
“What is it, dear? Ah, I see. So you're of the opinion you deserve a raise, hm? Honestly, I'm not quite convinced. Why don't you ask me again? Nicely this time. Mind your manners, will you?”
Tumblr media
The first time it happened was an accident, and that you were wearing a white blouse had been bad luck, but now VANDER has to be careful not to spill water onto your shirt too often — that'd simply be suspicious, even though he doubts you'd become wary of him that easily. The sight of your bra showing through your nearly translucent shirt is almost too much to bear for him, though.
One day, when he was looking for you and quickly glanced into your room during his search, he spotted a pair of your panties on your bed and, god, he didn't actually want to do it, but he couldn't help but take them. Now, he regularly jerks off with them in his hands, the delicate fabric wet with his precum as he grinds against it.
“So sorry 'bout that, doll, didn't see ya there. But hey, it's only water. No stain. Just wait here, I'll get you a towel — or do you want one of my shirts?”
Tumblr media
When VI suggests you exercise with her, you happily accept, though her offer isn't out of entirely pure intentions — she enjoys watching your tits jiggle while you're both out on a run, or seeing your ass in tight trousers when you force yourself to do another squat, despite how much you're already shaking.
She also loves the way you smell — whether your signature perfume is a rather floral or a musky scent, she's enamoured with it. Whenever you hug, she buries her head in your neck, and she even bought the perfume you use one day. Now, she regularly sprays it onto her pillow whenever she gets herself off — it simply reminds her so much of you, it's almost like you're there, laying next to her.
“Hey, come on, babe — you can go a little lower than that, can't you? Your squats need some more work, that's for sure. Lucky for you I don't mind keepin' an eye on you while you practice.”
Tumblr media
JINX is rather short, so, if you're taller than her, she uses this to her advantage and lays her head onto your tits while you're hugging. The gesture looks innocent enough, and it's perfect for her to inhale your scent, whether it's your natural smell or a signature perfume.
Whenever you're talking to her while focusing on something else, Jinx can't help but occasionally touch herself to the sound of your voice. While you're saying something completely innocent like what the weather is like, she's curling two fingers inside of her, another one drawing circles around her clit while you mention how your new coworker totally sucks.
“Hm? What did ya say, sugar? Ah—, sorry, 'm just a lil distracted by your voice, fuck. No, no, continue, darl. Go on. Wanna hear you talk more.”
Tumblr media
EKKO feels disgusted by himself when he slides a hand into his trousers to grasp at his already hard dick, precum leaking onto the fabric. His gaze is on your sleeping form, your expression so so peaceful, and his fingers close around his cock at the sight, almost making him moan. He simply can't help but jerk off while you're asleep, and it really isn't his fault that you're so intent on cuddling close to him, your ass against his hips.
Whenever you two playfully wrestle, he pins you down with one hand pinning both of your wrists to the ground, a smirk on his lips. It's not his fault that heat curls in his stomach at the sight of your flushed face and wide eyes, your hair splayed out around your head like a halo and your lips opened just a little.
“You're so easy to defeat. You really need to practice some more to make this exciting, you know? Or, wait—, now you're starting to make me think that maybe you just like having me on top of you.”
Tumblr media
It's no secret that MEL enjoys buying you things you want — though she also can't deny that she, more often than not, picks the skirts, dresses and trousers she buys you a size too small, if only to see the fabric stretch tightly over your chest and hips, accidentally drawing more attention to the area. When you keep tugging at the cloth, self-conscious, she chuckles while complimenting you — even if your top is sheer enough to clearly show your bra.
Similarly, Mel enjoys watching you change; no matter if you're elegantly stripping yourself of your clothes or if you're awkwardly fumbling with the zipper. It's the intimacy of the act that has her wetting her lips with her tongue as her eyes roam over your form.
“There's no need to be shy, baby. You look as beautiful as always; I can guarantee that all gazes will be on you tonight, so quit worrying your pretty little head and trust me, alright?”
Tumblr media
MARCUS claims that he wants to walk behind rather than in front of you for safety reasons, though he honestly just wants to steal a glance at your panties underneath your skirt. If you're more prone to wearing trousers, the view is just as good — especially since the fabric stretches nicely to hug your curves.
Despite being embarrassed by it, he also picked up the habit of watching you shower. He's not trying to be creepy, seriously, and he respects your privacy — well, or at least that's what Marcus tells himself while he stares at your naked form, your face flushed because of the hot water, steam obscuring his view. One of his hands grasps at his own cock through his trousers and, fuck, he really should leave, but you are showering at his house, in his bathroom, he's not stalking you, and that makes it a lot less weird, right?
“What? The only reason I insist on walking behind you is that I care for your safety. You should know that by now — I told you often enough that I don't want to risk anything happening to you.”
Tumblr media
notes: reminder that you can still request some Arcane drabbles for Valentine's Day! also first Marcus post! fun!
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caitlinsnicket · 3 months ago
you have huge/small boobs (arcane preference)
a/n: I had to put everything under the cut because this is fucking huge, and also was super fun to write. If you'd like to support my writing, here's my ko-fi. Feel free to interact with it as you wish!
| Jinx
> huge
"nice bazoonkers toots!"
comes up with a new nickname every day for your boobs
stares at them shamelessly
asks if you need help holding them up
if your back hurts she'll hold them for you
wild smile on her face when you wear something revealing
if you're taller than her, she'll just pull your shirt up and bury her face between them, imagining she's in a soft cloud
if you're shorter, she always as a arm around your shoulders, and before you know it her hand is sneaking into your bra
she uses them as pillows
prepare yourself for a lot of hickeys and love bites
sometimes she'll completely forget that she was going to go down on you because she got distracted by your tits
sucks on them without breaking eye contact
plays with your nipples until they're swollen
when she's away for a while, she hugs your boobs instead of you
"I missed the girls"
a pervert, yes, but a cute pervert
> small
"they look just like mine!"
keeps saying you're a hotter version of her
talks to them as if they're puppies
"where are the girls? where are they? oh there they are! I think they want some kisses"
holds you by your waist and pulls her boobs against yours, staring down
"look, they are hugging"
rubs them together until you're moaning
asks you to not wear a bra, even if it's not practical, because she likes the way your nipples look against the fabric
is happy that she can fit your whole tit in her mouth
sneaks her hand under your shirt and rests her hands there without anyone noticing
pushes them together and licks both at once
uses two fingers to hold your nipple and rubs it around, biting her lip
thinks it's super hot when you borrow her clothes, even prefers to share them with you
loves to sleep against your chest because she can hear your heartbeat loud and clear, and that shuts off all the voices in her head
| Vi
> huge
uses your boobs as resting pillows for her swollen hands
has this sly look on her face when watching you walk because they bounce
teases you a lot about it, but not in a mean way
"why don't you bring those here so I can show you a good time"
if you wear something with cleavange, she'll forget everything and focus only on that patch of skin
if you're ever in pain, she offers to massage them, both because she just loves your boobs but also because she hates to see you in pain
sleeps like the dead when you let her on top of you
subconciously compares her boob to yours, but before she can get too into it you distract her
buys tops for you so you are more comfortable in your day-to-day life
because her tits are also kind of big, so she understands the struggle
you two share tips on how to get rid of the back pain
"they're just so big, kitty"
compliments compliments compliments
suggests that you put piercings on so she can pull them with her teeth
> small
heart eyes all the time
develops a size kink with time because even if you're taller than her, she considers you a tiny little thing
she just wants to break you
if you're ever with low self esteem because of the size of them, she'll go right to pulling your shirt up and licking you until you forget your own name
likes it when you sleep on her back and press them against her
can't really look you in the eye when your nipples show against your shirt
splays her hand in the middle of your chest while eating you out to feel your quick heartbeat
teases you as well but in a flirty way
specially in the begining of your relationship
"you think I can fit your whole boob in my mouth?"
"you think I can squeeze both of them with one hand?"
reassures you all the time
thinks you're fucking gorgeous
blushes if you compliment her boobs and tries to take the attention off of her by biting you
also a dork
"squishy squishy" while squeezing them
all that with a concentrated look on her face as if she's discovering something amazing
you are
you are amazing
| Caitlyn
> huge
tries very hard not to stare
but fails
isn't as bold as everybody else with her touching, but will eat you with her eyes
makes a mental note to ask you to hand her stuff as she sits down so she can be eye level with them
"you look lovely in that blouse, dear"
subconciously compares sizes, but in a more self-conscious way, wondering if she's pretty enough
has a thing for your side and under boobs
whenever she gets a peek of them, she becomes a horny teenager
speaking of which, if you ever press your chest in her arm as you two do anything together, next thing you'll know she'll have pushed you against a wall
forgets how to speak when they're on display
whenever she's stressed, she'll politely ask to play with them like stress balls
loves to watch the way they bounce as you walk by her
buys you clothes that are flattering to you and your chest, just to watch you with them
is into boob worshipp 100%
> small
will hold her hands just under your boobs, right above your ribcage just so she can feel your breathing
also the outline of your chest
also buys you clothing, but the ones that have a huge neckline so she can stare at your figure
likes the feeling of your nipples against her bare skin
loses her breath when you wear something revealing, from a shirt without a bra to a full lingerie
likes to match outfits
will rest a hand on them as you two are cuddling
her mommy kink just goes to the roof when she realises how much smaller than her you are
likes to rub her face on them because of how warm they are
will ask you if you ever thought about nipple piercings while blushing a lot
calls you cute a lot
will keep them in her mouth while you ride her thigh
| Ekko
> huge
one word to describe this boy: horny
so you got some big tatas?
will stare at them as if trying to comprehend the reason for existence
will absolutely offer himself to massage them if you ever have pain or feel uncomfortable
will lend you his shirts even though they barely fit you, just because it pushes them up
it's the only thing he thinks about after the first time you two try it out
now, don't get me wrong, he still loves you above your body, it's not like he's using you or something like that
but he's just so fascinated by the way you feel, that he doesn't really wanna stop
will make sure your fighting clothes are both comfortable and supportive
"these are my pillows now. deal with it"
has this fantasy where he holds your tits in front of everybody
will never tell you about it
> small
still horny!
he remarks your figure all the time, maing sure you understand how much he appreciates and wants you
loves seeing you in his tank tops, makes him feel at home
also they make your tits look amazing
makes you feel super sexy because of how much he mentions your chest
likes that they fit perfectly in his hand, and loves how soft they feel
asks you to sleep on your belly so he can sleep with his head on your back
sleeps soundly because he knows it's not hurting you
steals your clothes and feels damn good with your tank tops
tight, breathtaking, desperate hugs that seem like will never end
splays his hand in the middle of your chest while balls-deep in you, so he can both have a better angle and to feel how fast your heart is beating
nuzzles your neck and chest while cuddling, holding you very tightly
he says that he's trying to take your breath away, just like you take his
| Silco
> huge
acts super cool about it
like "oh, these? I didn't even notice them, I was busy staring into your eyes"
but you notice how he grabs them when you two are fucking, or how he devours them with his eyes as you bounce on his lap
buys you the best clothing in the region, and only things that will accentuate your figure
stands behind you, his touch feather light, barely there, brushing against your ribcage and then on the soft skin of your breasts while whispering things in your ear until you're trembling
if you're into exibicionism, he'll absolutely help you fullfil your fantasies
sits you on his lap and plays with them as a meeting is happening, squeezing until there's red marks all over them
tells you in a super cool voice that you should put your tits to good use while pulling his cock out
makes his scientists develop a stronger medicine for back pain, and pays other people to design a more supportive bra for you
massages your back!
subtle glances to your cleavange when in public
soft smiles when you hug him and his chest gets warmer (both from being in love and from your tits)
marks a hidden spot in your chest so no one will see it, but you'll know it's there
calls you beatiful all the time
> small
"there you go dear, take my vest"
has hidden your clothes so you have to take his instead, and will do it again
also has you sitting on his lap, with his hands reaching for your chest from your sides
loves it when you show your skin, the way the lights in the room make shadows appear in all the right places, and he can't take his eyes off
orders the most expensive stuff from piltover and farther so you can feel apreciated
enjoys it when you wear things that are more baggy, so he can sneak his hand under your shirt
caresses your skin so lovingly, you think you're gonna explode
butterfly kisses and whatnot
spends at least half of sex time sucking on your tits and teasing you until you're a blushing mess
wouldn't be against you getting nipple piercings, actually asks you what you think about them once
dies if you take off your shirt and he sees you don't have underwear on
cuddles are very cozy and sensual
has pressed you against a glass wall so your tits would be in display to pedestrians, smirks when he sees how much you like it
| Viktor
> huge
only notices it when jayce mentions it to him
he's not the type of guy to focus only in one aspect of you
that being said
will absolutely ravish you with his eyes once he notices how flustered you get
asks you to take a peek at his projects just so he can get a peek
will suggest that you rest your boobs on his shoulders when he's sitting down, both to give your back a break and to warm his ears
loves to bury his face between them oh god
will either act real cool and demanding about them during sex or will become a stuttering mess
will start a research on how to make better supporting clothes for you, even if it's not his area of expertise
loves the heat of your body against his cold skin, will absolutely ask you to sleep on top of him
even if it hurts in the morning, he doesn't care
hextec bra
adoring eyes all over the place
wants to bite and mark you but is too nervous to do it, so pls tell him it's okay to do it
> small
after he notices that you have a body, he'll burn his stare in your skin
you're gonna be in his lab, just looking at things or reading, and he'll ask for a cuddle in the couch
hearing your heartbeat and peppering kisses across your chest is his favorite game
his suctions during sex are so gentle, yet so persistent, he leaves you a moaning mess every time
often pulls your nipples as you ride him to see your reaction
extremely blunt or super shy about having your boobs in his mouth, no in-between
hugs hugs hugs hugs
sharing clothes is his favorite thing
likes it when people notice you're wearing one of his shirts, makes him feel wanted and loved
slow dances around the lab with your chests glued together
hextec nipple clips
loses it if you ever wear lingerie for him
hands shaking eyes blown wide and a tent in his pants
basically a boob-wipped man completely in love with you
Tumblr media
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sarawolfbite · 4 months ago
please don't need it
Tumblr media
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sunricecake · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
💭 pussydrunk vi is such a menace. (and i have evidence to back that up. remember that scene where she's fresh from the prison and eats undercity food for the first time in a while? yeah.) she's loud, she hums, slurps, spits, groans, and talks against your pussy, loving the way your body shivers from the vibrations of her voice. she shakes her head and dives into your cunt like it's the last thing she'll ever have, rubs her nose against your clit and teases her tongue in and out your hole the way she knows you like. she's all about pleasing you, coaxing the prettiest sounds from you and watching your body writhe and tremble. because to vi, seeing you unfold beneath her, gush against her tongue and yell out her name in pure pleasure, is more than enough to make her cum too. she gets lost in the way you moan unabashedly, all inhibitions thrown out the window as you take in all the pleasure she's giving you. vi is a messy eater, and she won't stop until she has your arousal squirting all over the both of you and onto the sheets, glistening on your stomach and dripping down her chest. and oh is she a sight when she gets up from between your thighs as you come down from your mutiple highs, tongue slightly out in a pant when she's done ravaging you, her abs becoming prominent as she sucks in air, biceps flexing as she pushes her hair away from her face and wipes her sweat.
Tumblr media
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s1lcoslt · 5 months ago
silco w/ a breeding kink
warnings: nsfw, breeding kink, praise, degradation
this is my first time writing a smut like an entire fic, might be bleh
the thought of a little bump in your belly, the thought of undercity’s little heir ruling over undercity .. the legacy .. the power, god, it made pressure grow in his pants. the thought got him a little too excited, he went up from the couch, his gaze diverting to your feminine figure washing the dishes, like an obedient little housewife.
you would be his pretty little wife .. pretty wife carrying his children. 
silco takes slow steps, striding towards you. he presses his masculine frame against your backside, lips connecting to your neck to press butterfly kisses along your neck. 
“what seems to be the matter?” you ask, a train of giggles slipping past your lips at the ticklish sensation. it was a bit odd of your always busy husband to be the one to show affection, let alone to be the first one to reach out.
“can’t i show my pretty girl some love? her man has been busy, and her patience is remarkable. it wouldn’t be fair if i didn’t reward her now, would it?” a smug grin tugs on the ends of his lips, taking in your scent. despite how dirty and filthy this city was, you somehow smelled like .. baby flowers. 
he loved it.
“right here? we can settle on the be-” 
silco didn’t even want to hear it. his rough, calloused hand pushing you against the wooden surface. “silco!-” you called out to him, but he was having none of it. he presses his torso against your backside once again, left hand unbuckling his belt, whilst the other restrained yours above your ass.
“this is your reward, just be quiet and take it like an obedient slut.” 
silco slides your white, satin dress off of your feminine figure, showing off his pearly whites in his smug grin. he was so lucky to have you, so lucky ...
moments later, the head of his cock prodding at your slick entrance. “already wet? i just kissed your neck, how desperate are you? how embarrassing ..” 
it was shameful of you how his degrading words made you even wetter. you could only whimper in the wood, a hoarse chuckle leaving silco’s throat. slowly, he begins to sheath himself inside of your pussy, groans escaping his lips, while you let out small hushed whimpers and moans. your gummy walls clasp around his girthy length, it feels so good ..
“gods, you feel so tight, so warm ..”
after a few moments, he buries his head in your neck whilst his hips slowly start to smack against your asscheeks, the sounds of skin slapping noises echoing throughout the room. “just like that .. take it, like a good girl.” 
you could feel his girthy length reach the parts where your fingers could never, the head of his cock kissing your cervix. silco couldn't help but let out rough groans, you were so tight, your pussy was sucking him in .. the feeling was blissful. your pussy was shaped for his girthy cock.
you, too, felt like you ascended to cloud nine. his length thrusting in and out of your sloppy hole, his rough, calloused hands restraining them just above your bare ass .. gods, it felt so good. a series of pleasured noises slip past your lips, taking his cock like his pretty little slut.
his hips rut, teeth chewing on his bottom lip. he buries his head in your neck, leaning close to your ear. "have you ever .. imagined us with .. ngh, children?" he managed to whisper.
the sudden question surprised you, was this why he wanted to fuck you on the counter? to fuck his seed into your womb? to put a child?
"wouldn't it be lovely.." he continued, hips ramming at your soppy cunt at a fast pace. it was evident, it all showed in how desperate he was to release his seed into you.
"lords, going to-" you managed to call out, before feeling your gummy walls tightly clasp onto his cock, releasing your love juices along with him. he leans his head backwards, finally releasing his seed into your womb, painting your walls white.
heavy breaths leave your lips, sweat beads rolling across your smooth skin. you couldn't even think straight ...
not like he was planning to give you time to recover.
out of the blue, you feel his cock slide in and out of your hole once again, as you let out surprised gasps and high-pitched moans, the overstimulation getting the best of you. it was too much ..
"shhh .. it's okay." he hushed, pushing you against the counter once more.
"gotta make sure that i knocked you up real good."
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1mxg1ne · 5 months ago
League of Legends/Arcane - Vi NSFW
// here is my girlfriend, I don't know why so many other people request her when we are clearly married but oh well
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex): She gets nervous , worries about having hurt you, will fret over you, are you okay, are you comfortable and when she is done she'll wait for you to tell her how good she was, she wants the praise, for you to tell her how much you love her and how good she fucks you.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s): Arms, it's arms , the moment your hand even brushes her biceps she is flexing ,you can tell even if she tries to play it off casually. As for her partner, this girl is pussy whipped, i just know it, there are definitely other things she likes about you, your lips, your eyes, and she'll spend hours simply telling you, but she is pussy whipped, she'll slide her fingers in you and moan almost as if it hurts her how good tou feel. You could turn her into a yes ma'am purely by not letting her touch you when she is this worked up.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person): I just know that she wants you to cum straight on her face, if she could go out without washing her face after eating you out she absolutely would. The type to casually scratch her nose after fingering you.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs): She'd be absolute game with a roleplaying scene, doesn't want to ask because she is still quite embarrassed and doesn't know how to go about it, but she has definitely thought of you in several scenarios, they are all cheesy but she'd die a happy woman if you just indulged her.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?): She is a virgin, prison didn't let her explore much so the second she is out ,and she has someone she likes, she is ready to pounce, whatever she lacks in experience she makes up for in enthusiasm.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual): She wants to see your face, she wants to be able to look into your eyes , wether you are riding her or she is above you she won’t let you hide away.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc): She can and will absolutely laugh with you, sometimes she can't help it, she'll be trying to look cool, and accidentally hit her head or twist you in a weird position that makes you yelp in pain, and after applogising, you'll both giggle but the mood is definitely not ruined, she'll kiss the spot you were hurt , look at you through her eyelashes and ask for you to let her make it feel better.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.): Doubt she ever cared about shaving, might start trimming if her partner asks, bur nothing more, she'll try shaving or waxing once and complain so much about the pain/itchiness.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…): She is so whipped, she'll encourage you and praise you and coo at you ,she'll plead with you to give her one more orgasm ,how she knows you can take one more baby, she can feel it ,she'll kiss your cheeks and moan against your mouth when you finally cum once more.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon): Did it purely out of frustration and boredom ,but it definitely wasn't something she did out of pleasure.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks); Roleplaying, She also has a thing for stockings and thigh highs and stuff like that, would rather rip a hole through your nice black stockings than have you take them off.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do): Anywhere you'll allow her to have you, she'd be pulling you in some small alley with a cocky grin ,but if you are actually game she gets so flustered, but she won't back down, and even if some poor soul happens by she'll yell at them to fuck off.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going): Anything really after being away for so long. But especially playing with her hair, this small and gentle gesture has her in a puddle honestly. She'll let you drag your nails against her scalp for a bit and then pull your hand off of her head to start kissing your fingers before pulling you for a kiss.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs): Degrade you, anything like putting you down, she can't bring herself to do it and it's also something she wouldn't handle with you doing to her.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc): She could honestly get herself off just with you against her mouth, another big fan of, no no break it it's fine when it comes to face sitting, she'll hold you against her tongue until she gets light headed at which point you have to get up.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.): Fast and rough, she always feels like she has to make up for all the time she spent locked away, so she needs to be guided into something slower, she can definitely do so, her eyes will watch you carefully roll your hips against her ,her hands slowing to grab handfuls of your body.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.): Hell yeah, goes with the fact she feels like she has to make up for lost time.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.): She'll be a bit cautious but if you ask nice enough she is happy to indulge you in anything you come up with.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…): You know she has so much pent up energy, that even after you both cum she is still up to keep fucking you.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?): At first she won't get the point of them , you have her she can do an equally good job, but she is open minded enough to try out things.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease): Not much of a tease ,mostly because she hasn't figured out how to deny you yet, she doesn't feel like doing so though, if she is honest.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make): She is loud, she whimpers and moans and curses and there is a lot of praise and a lot of 'yes princess' 'i love you' 'so fucking good for me' etc.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice): While i think that she absolutely tops ,she would not mind having someone who takes charge once in a while, she'd be staring up at them riding her all breathless lost in the pleasure on their face. Pin her wrists and she won't move them from that spot even when you pull back because she just wants to see you enjoy yourself.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?): This woman has so much pent up sexual tension ,she'd cry the first time you two fuck, after that though she is nonstop ready for you.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards): She'll fall asleep quite fast, i know those prison beds weren't good and she takes any opportunity to sleep in a good comfortable bed ,she snores too ,really loudly //like her dad.
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laylaswriting · 5 months ago
Under the Stars
my masterlist | how to request
Pairing: Viktor x afab!reader Word count: 3.5k (~700 plot, rest is smut) Warnings: NSFW, Smut, +18. Minors do not interact with this piece! 🔪 Tags: smut, (soft)dom!Viktor, established relationship, smut with slight plot, fingering, oral (both parties recieving), vaginal sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk (I think that's all lemme know if I missed something) Request by anon: Can I order NFSW with Viktor... Well, there isn't that scene where he's running on the docks after injecting the serum... Well and if the reader was with him at the time supporting him, maybe things get heated between them. A/N: This is my first actual smut ever! 🤧 I hope you enjoy it, please do let me know if you find any mistakes or have any feedback, but I do hope you will love it! Y'all made my Viktor NSFW alphabet my most liked post so here you go you thirsty little animals (affectionate, self included)! Love yous! If you like it I can write more in the future! 👀❤
Tumblr media
Your heart was racing in your chest as you approached the docks. When you got home earlier today a note was waiting for you on your desk, you immediately recognized Viktor’s rushed cursive on the tiny piece of paper. Meet me at the harbor tonight. Don’t be late. It said. It was not like him to communicate to you this way, but you felt like he was a bit more secretive recently than usual. The stars were shimmering beautifully on the clear night sky as you fastened your pace, nervous about this unusual attitude of your lover. As you came closer to your destination you saw him standing alone, slightly leaning on his cane. His figure seemed tense and your stomach did a somersault at the sight. He was somehow different.
‘Viktor?’ You called out to him as you approached him. He immediately turned towards you, his soft gaze locking on your eyes, his eyebrows furrowed slightly. He looked happy and worried at the same time. ‘Is something wrong?’ You asked, putting your hand on his cheek, caressing lightly as you searched for something in his eyes. You couldn’t read him.
‘I want to show you something.’ He straightened his back as he touched your hand on his face, leaning into it with closed eyes. You two had a hard time in the past months as Viktor’s condition seemingly got worse each passing day. It was in the back of your mind constantly, but you tried to keep the thoughts away. You both had so much to live for, you couldn’t dwell on the inevitable. He took your wrist in his hand as he pulled you closer into a kiss, his other hand held onto his cane and pulled you closer to him by your waist. ‘I love you.’ He said as he let go.
‘I love you too.’ You breathed and crossed your arms in front of your chest, because you couldn’t quite figure out what to do with them now that you couldn’t hold Viktor.
He turned his back on you, looking at the ground. He clenched his grip on his crutch so much that his knuckles turned white before he let go of it completely. It landed on the ground with a deafening sound. A shocked look spread across your face and you had to fight every urge in your body to hold the yelp back in your throat. Every nerve in your body was on high alert, not having the slightest idea about what he wanted to show you.
Then he took a step. You heard a loud thump as he did, and the sound felt weird in your ears. It was not a sound you would associate with someone taking a step. It almost sounded like – metal? Then another one. Your heart was racing in your chest, fingers digging into your own forearm to calm your nerves as you saw him walk. He looked more confident with each step, but you couldn’t pry your eyes away from his form.
After a few steps he started jogging, and your brain couldn’t handle what it saw. It was happy, scared and unsure at the same time. As you tried to figure out what was going on you saw him trip and you immediately started to run towards him only to stop after a few steps because by that time he was running. It felt like the most natural thing ever, the way he put his long legs after the other, sometimes emphasized his motions with his arms, it was like if he flew through the air. Your heart burst with joy as tears started to sting your eyes, the emotions bursting in your chest as the significance of the situation settled in your brain. His shout snapped you out of your thoughts and you started running towards him, laughing, tears falling from your face. You could only catch up to him because he stopped at the other end of the docks, turning back to you, running a hand through his hair. He was laughing and so were you.
When you finally caught up you wrapped your arms around his neck, but what you didn’t expect was him to hug you around your waist and lift you up into the air. You gasped as you buried your face into the crook of his neck, smelling his skin. You had no idea how this was possible. You felt his hug tighten on you as he put you back onto the ground, his hands immediately moving up to cup your face as he pressed his soft lips onto yours. His kiss was eager, he wasted no time exploring your lips and you happily obliged the nudging of his tongue against your mouth. Everything felt so surreal, your brain couldn’t catch up with what just happened. After a few minutes you broke the kiss to grasp some air, your (and his) lips were swollen from all the kisses and bites.
“How?” You whispered, looking at him, your gaze darting between his eyes and lips as you weren’t sure if you really want to hear the answer or just continue to devour the tall man in front of you.
“I’ll tell you on the way home.” He smiled, leaning down to you and kissing you again.
And he did. He told you about the experiments with the Hexcore, how it reacts to biological matter and so on. You didn’t pretend to fully grasp the scientific aspect of it, all you had to know is that it could save Viktor’s life.
You closed the door of your shared apartment lost in your thoughts when you felt his lean frame press against you, his arms caging you between his body and the door. You turned slowly and looked up at him. His breathing was heavy, his pupils blown wide as he looked down at you, like a hungry wolf at its prey. You felt your heartbeat crawl up to your throat as every inch of your body started tingling. His amber eyes were beautiful in the dim light of the room, and despite your brain knew he was sick, his hungry gaze made him look stronger than ever.
His lips met yours as his hand sneaked up onto your cheek, kissing you with a passion of a starved man. With his motion he pushed you towards the door even more, his whole body pressed against yours. You let out a soft whimper as he settled one of his legs between yours and continued his ministrations on your lip. You felt the heat flood your body, your mind blank, only thinking about his warm touch on your face, the heat of his body against yours.
His hand moved from your cheek and traveled to your waist, under your shirt where he drew lazy circles on your skin, the sensation sent a burning feeling through your body, straight into your core. You knew he loved to tease, but your heart was bursting, your nerves fired up against him. You felt light headed as need washed over your body.
“Viktor” You moaned his name against his lips which made a smirk appear on them. His eyes were glowing with lust as he broke the kiss and removed his hand from you. Always the tease.
“What is it, love?” He said under his breath, moving his lips from yours to your ear, his breath on your neck sent a shiver down your spine. His hands started roaming your body again, this time hovering over your thigh, making you hold your breath in anticipation. He pressed soft kisses to your neck, nibbing and sucking the soft flesh, experimenting, watching your reactions. You moaned when he bit down lightly on the crook of your neck and he smiled to himself, taking mental notes of your reaction before he repeated the motion. His hand caressed your inner thigh dangerously close to where you wanted him most, but never there. He hummed against your skin.
“Cat got your tongue?” He smiled against your neck, while he hovered his fingers above your heated core. You knew exactly what he wanted from you, but you weren’t sure if you could give it to him yet. On one part, your brain was covered in a lustful haze, not being able to form sentences, on the other hand, you just loved seeing him like this. You decided to shook your head as an answer, to which he responded with a dark chuckle. He moved his head from your neck to meet your gaze.
“Use your words, love.” He whispered, his amber eyes piercing into yours. You let out a small whine and threw your head back against the door, closing your eyes as the floodgates opened inside you.
“Viktor, please, please…” you breathed out, his eyes still locked on your face, your eyes still shut. “Touch me.”
The second the words left your mouth his lips were on yours again, and his fingers met your still clothed core. Even such an indirect contact made a moan fall from your lips, which he happily swallowed. He didn’t waste a second and sneaked his long fingers under your clothes, he slowly caressed your folds, avoiding your sweetest spot. You whined under his touch when you felt his other hand on your chin, making you look at him. Your hooded eyes met with his gaze and you felt yourself clench around nothing - a painful reminder that you wanted him so bad it almost hurt.
“All this for me?” He cooed, looking down to where his hand was buried in your underwear. “So wet only from my words?” He grinned at you; his fingers stopped their movement entirely. You cried out in frustration, you needed him so bad. “Come with me.” He said and grabbed your wrist, pulling you with him towards your shared bedroom. When you reached the side of the bed, he gently pushed you back on it, kneeling on top of you, pressing hot kisses on your skin everywhere he could reach.
He slowly started to unbutton your shirt and his lips moved down your chest with his every movement. He started with your neck, then collarbone until his lips reached your breasts. He hummed in appreciation as he raised his head to look at you, and you arched your back towards him in loss. He gripped your waist firmly with one of his hands, pushing you down to the bed. You whined in anticipation, unsure of how long can you take his teasing.
You almost cried out when you felt his thumb run across your nipple, your hips bucking against his grip out of your control. Eyes shut, head thrown against the pillow, you were almost sure you could come undone only from this. But the fire in your body reminded you that it needed more – so much more. His lips found their way to your other nipple, kissing it, sucking on it, swirling his tongue around it and it made you see stars as another wave of arousal dampened your underwear. Your skin was burning, a lustful haze clouding your head. There was only one thought in there – his name on repeat. Viktor, Viktor, Viktor. He smirked against your skin and that was when you realized you moaned his name again. He just couldn’t get enough of the way his name fallen from your lips like a plea.
He wasted no more time as he pushed your shirt from your shoulders and hooked his finger into your pants and underwear to pull both of them down in one swift motion. You helped him, wiggled your hips and legs to make his job easier. His lips never left your skin and you were extremely grateful for that. He raised his head to kiss your mouth again, lips hungrily devouring yours, tongues pressed against each other, small hums and groans vibrated against your lips. His left hand was still continuing its ministrations against your breast, but you felt his other hand snaking down on your now completely naked body. Each of his touches ignited a spark in you, spreading through your veins, making your toes curl.
His fingers ran over your drenched folds again, making you whimper under the sensation. You finally pulled yourself together enough to start undoing Viktor’s tie and shirt, pulling it off his shoulders swiftly and throwing them beside the bed. You ran your hands against his back in a soft caress, going over his back brace and pulling him closer to you. His fingers stopped teasing as he finally pressed his now wet thumb over your clit, drawing slow and perfect circles on it as he kissed you. You moaned against his mouth, bucking your hips against his finger, a motion he didn’t stop now.
“So eager, aren’t you love?” He said as he lowered himself on your body, pressing sweet kisses along the way, on your clavicle, breasts and your abdomen. He then continued to kiss and nibble the flesh of your inner thighs, so close yet so far from where you wanted his soft lips the most. His thumb only stopped working on you when he moved his hand to align his middle finger with your entrance, only pushing in the slightest bit. Teasing.
“Tell me.” He said, leaving a pause. “What do you want.” He looked up at you, his heart full of love and adoration as you laid in front of him, so hungry for his touch. You let out a short whine before you spoke.
“Yes, my love?” He questioned, his lips hovering over your clit and the little blow of air made your head spin and your skin crawl.
“I want you to fuck me.” You finally breathed out and that was all he needed. To hear how much you wanted him. His lips and tongue were on you immediately as his lean finger pressed inside you, and he curled it to hit your sweet spot. There was no room for teasing anymore and he knew it – one more second without his touch would make you explode. The feeling, despite being anticipated for so long felt sudden and you cried out in pleasure when his soft tongue pressed against your clit, gently licking and swirling around it. Your hand found its way into his hair, gripping onto him tightly as he devoured you, his finger pumping a steady rhythm inside, which you met with your hips. Your breathing was heavier every second as he took his sweet time with you before adding a second finger. Your legs trembled as the sweet sensation started to take over you. Low curses and moans filled the air as his mouth and fingers did wonders to you. The tension in your abdomen started to grow as he licked slow stripes on you from where his fingers entered you to your clit. He felt you clench around his fingers and he picked up his pace until you felt your body snap, bliss washing over you as you came on his fingers and mouth.
You needed a second to recover from your orgasm, leaving time for Viktor to climb on top of you and kiss you with insane hunger. You returned the kiss, arms wrapping around his neck as you tasted yourself on his tongue. With his body this close to yours you felt his erection pressing against you, still trapped in his pants. In a swift motion you turned the both of you around, Viktor now lying on the mattress under you, looking up at you in awe.
It was your time to kiss every inch of his body, nipping and sucking on his skin as you palmed his member through his pants. He threw his head back as he groaned. A small smile danced on your lips as you started to unbutton his pants and pushed them down with his underwear. He helped you to get rid of the fabric with a few kicks and he was finally just as naked as you were. Your attention was drawn to his right leg, which was now not covered by his pale skin, but it looked like the perfect fusion of human muscle and metal. You caressed his leg with your fingers, it felt cold under your touch.
Worry ran across Viktor’s face as he looked at you studying his leg. You leaned down and pressed a kiss on his thigh, then shifting your attention to his fully erect member. Just the sight in front of you sent another wave of arousal down your thighs. You licked it slowly from the bottom to the tip, taking your sweet time as he did with you. He hissed at the sensation, gripping the sheet under him with one hand, your hair with the other.
“You’re perfect.” You whispered against him before you kissed and licked his tip with just enough force to make him twitch. You started to pump him slowly as you started bobbing your head, your other hand resting on his abdomen. He tensed under your touch, sharp breaths and moans falling from his lips together with your name. He rolled his hips against your face from time to time as his hand tangled in your hair, tugging on it lightly, guiding you and your pace. Every now and then he would push too hard into your throat which made tears prickle your eyes, but rip a moan from your lungs at the same time. You wanted to make him feel good, loved, wanted. You wanted to know how much you loved him, cared about him. How perfect he was for you, and nothing ever changed that. You suddenly felt a sharp sensation at the back of your head as he pulled you off of him by your hair. You looked at him in confusion, his eyes now locked on you, pupils dark from lust.
“I can’t-, I don’t…” He panted, and you knew exactly what he meant. You climbed on top of him to press a kiss to his lips, then straddled him, trapping his erection between his body and yourself as you started to slowly grind against him. He gripped your hips to stop your movement, eyes piercing yours with need. He lifted you up and aligned himself against your entrance. You leaned down to kiss him as you lowered yourself onto him, letting his cock fill and stretch you inch by inch. The feeling was indescribable even after all these times. Your mouth fell open from the delicious stretch. As he bottomed out, he kept you still for a second, fingers digging into your ass before he nudged you to start moving. Loud moans escaped his lips as you started to ride him, slowly lifting yourself before coming down again. He hissed through gritted teeth, his hands never leaving your hips.
“Fuck.”He growled and he moved one of his hands to your neck, pulling you down for a kiss. You never stopped your movements, riding him so good it made both of you see stars. “So good for me.” He whispered against your lips and you let out a whimper. His other hand crawled across your belly and his thumb swiped across your swollen clit which made you shudder with pleasure, your walls tightening around him which ripped a moan from his lungs. He started to draw slow circles with his finger, driving you crazy. His movements never faltered, he pushed into you like he never wanted to stop. You felt the tension building up in your body.
“So tight.” He whispered against your ear. “Taking me so well, love.” He continued as he picked up his pace, feeling that you’re approaching your high. His words spread across your thoughts like poison, every inch of your body lighting up as he thrusted into you while he pressed sloppy kisses on your lips.
“Viktor, I-“ you breathed out, which made him tighten his grasp in your hair.
“Come for me.” He growled, and as if that was all you needed, the tension in your body snapped, pleasure washing over you as you cried out into his mouth, your muscles clenching around his cock as you came, which gave the last push that he needed to reach his own high. His movements became sloppy as he pushed inside you a few times before stopping, now both hands on your face pulling you into a kiss. You felt him twitch inside you as you leaned against his chest while he caressed your hair, his chest rising and falling in a fast pace.
You climbed off of him and his absence was agonizing already. You cuddled against his chest with your legs tangled together, the cold touch of his leg sent a shiver down your spine. You nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck, not wanting to leave this moment ever again. He held you close to his body as he kissed your forehead and pulled the covers on top of you.
“I love you.” He whispered. “I will never leave you.” He continued before he leaned down to kiss you.
“I love you too.” You replied and you rested your face against his neck, embracing the peaceful moment of the afterglow.
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simpscripts · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Working Hard (Viktor x Reader)
Warnings: 18+, Nsfw
Prompt: You absolute love how flushed and embarrassed your boyfriend can get. You decided to push it to the limit by giving him a blowjob under his work desk when Jayce happens to show up.
Viktor got such a cute shade of red every-time you managed to fluster him, leaving you with the devilish craving to do it as often as possible. Little pinches to his ass in public, moving his hand onto your thigh under tables, and many dirty little secrets whispered into his ear just before he was going to talk to someone. His breath got uneven so quickly, face flushing, and a quivering shutter as he spoke. God he was fucking adorable and you just wanted to push him as far as you could.
Which is how you now find yourself kneeling under his desk, looking up with him with sin spilling from your eyes, and caressing his thighs forcing them to spread wider for you.
“Darling anybody could walk in and I am trying to work.” His voice was already taking on a slight lilt of a needy whine. He was looking at you eyes lost for words and you leaned in to it.
Unzipping his pants, you kept steady eye contact with him, taking your precious time and making a show out of your own facial expressions. Biting your lip, extending your breath so it exaggerates your chest movements, pulling your eyes away just brief enough to glance at how much he was straining in his briefs. You just can’t help the smile that breaks over your face.
Your staring up at him through your eyelashes as you work to remove him from his briefs. His breath is shaking and as you go to lick up his length he quickly brings a hand forward to curl into your head.
“Fuck” He is whispering out little curses all ready, so much pleasure building already with the added height of fear of being caught.
“Love, Fuck!” He was never one to be quiet during sex, always so touched starved. “Dear what about my work or” His sentenced is cut off with a gasp from him as you take him all the way down and hold him there. His hand grips tighter and he relaxes his body back, leaning his head back over the chair.
From this new angle his eyes make contact with the door to see the knob starting to turn. He snaps upwards immediately, hand pulling you off him, and tries scooting more into his desk.
“Viktor! Just the man I wanted to see” You could hear Jayce’s booming voice echo throughout the room as he announces his arrival. Now is where the real fun begins.
You sit back for a minute, giving Viktor a short breather, all the while luring him into a feeling of security that you would hold off in the presence of not only another person but your friend.
“Ahh Jayce, I was expecting you would be out with councilor Medarda?” You try to suppress your giggles as you listen to him try his damned hardest to sound normal and not like a shaking flustered mess.
“Hey you all right there buddy? You look a little flushed.” You could hear the larger mans footsteps drawing closer to the desk. With baited breath you start prepping to jump back in at the perfect moment.
“Oh no I am fine I promise, just very distracted by... work.. is all” You can see him sneaking a peak down at you, his eyes pleading for mercy.
“I am worried about you Viktor, you work yourself too hard.” Bingo, you take him back in your hands to suckle on the tip lightly. Running your tongue along the heads edge, torturing the bundles of nerves.
“Ah” He gasps out quickly before coughing to cover it up. “I appreciate it my friend but I promise I am quite all right.”
You refuse to hold back now, taking him as far down as you can, sucking every inch. You swiped your tongue along the veins and full let yourself enjoy his taste beading onto your tongue. You should applaud Viktor, sure he is a trembling mess huffing out like he just ran a marathon, but he has managed to keep the screams you know are bubbling in his throat down.
“You really don’t sound too good, why don’t I get you some soup or something? It’s the least I can do.” Jayce was begging, concern evident in his tone.
“Please” You honestly aren’t sure if his words were directed at you or Jayce but you carried on your rhythm up.
“Yea yea of course, just wait right here!” Jayces footsteps jogged out of the room.
With the slamming of the door Viktor quickly pushed back his chair, pulling your mouth of his cock with a pop.
You can’t help but grin at him as you watch him heave for breaths, glaring you down in his stare.
“You vicious little void creature.” You beamed under the nickname. “Well you started this mess, you might as well come over here and finish the job”
He was trying to take control, to feel some semblance of keeping it together but the second your tongue reached him again he was lost. Curses and praises alike spill from his lips as he surrenders to your ministrations. You thought he might have a stroke as you sucked his spit covered balls into your mouth, rolling them around as softly as you can as your hand stroked him in randomized paces.
“I will get you back for this darling.” His words are panted out in between heavy breaths.
Removing yourself briefly you lock eyes with him. “Is that a threat?” You lightly scrape your teeth just on the cluster of nerves along the head and looking back up at him with a devilish grin.
“Its a fucking promise” his hand laced back into your hair pushing you back down on his length.
You can tell he is starting to get close and once more take him down, feeling his heartbeat pump along your tongue as he empties himself down your throat. You let him finish out his high before pulling back slightly, giving little kitten licks all around to clean up every little bit of cum still attached.
“Umm I am just going to set the soup down here” Both of your heads snap over at the door watching Jayce’s body quickly retreat back out the door. Both of your faces burned bright red as you slowly looked back at each other.
“So.... soup?”
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eyecandyeoz · 5 months ago
Fallible Creatures🌅
Tumblr media
Pairing: Viktor x Reader
Warnings:(18+) fluff, gentle smut, established relationship with SO reader, female oral receiving, PinV, biting, creampie.
Summary: It's the morning after the first of many eventful nights with this esteemed scientist. You're not an early bird but Viktor is a person of habit. He wakes you up with a plan to reenact all his favorite reveries from the last few hours, craving you every waking moment.
My Kofi✨
The creeping warmth of the dawn is slowly blanketed across your form as Viktor gradually pushes the curtains to the side while humming lightly to himself; a songbird in your midst. His alluring presence works wonders to pull you out of your slumber. As consciousness is regained, so are your senses. A spiced, herbal aroma fills the air and you deduce it as Viktor’s signature blend of tea, freshly brewed to perfection. You're reluctant to move, savoring the nest fashioned out of the mountainous pillows and comforters that surround you.
“Mmmm...” you groan, stretching out the tension from last night’s engagement, hip and knee joints popping back into place. You chuckle to yourself as Viktor sets a steaming cup on the end table before taking a rest beside you.
“Oooh. Big stretch.” he praises with a smile, emphasizing the trill in his unique Hollywood Russian accent that creates music for your ears. Completely unnoticed until now, your mug had already been sitting there before Viktor made a second trip to retrieve his own, always putting you first even when you’re not awake. Transitioning to a seated position, you rest your back against the headboard and Viktor hands you the splendid drink. Sipping, head on his shoulder, Viktor puts his arm around you, nuzzling back into the coziness of the bed.“How did you sleep?” he asks, resting his head on yours.
“After last night? Like the dead...” you reply with enthusiasm while sensing the tender soreness in your muscles, a physical window into the past events that aided your relaxation. Viktor sets his mug down and begins to shift his focus, climbing over you instead. Taken by surprise at his sudden movements, you raise the tea in front of your face thinking you could hide behind its chalice.
“Oh really now.” He leans in fast to line your jaw in kisses, making you afraid to spill this precious beverage all over yourself but intent on receiving every single one. “Are you... still tired?” His breath tickles your ear, forcing a ripple of chills to run down your spine.
You set your cup next to his after taking a broad gulp of brew. Viktor sighs at the connection he feels every time your hands rest upon his skin, closing his eyes. He loves the way your thumbs trace over his beauty marks, one at the crest of his cheekbone and the other caddy corner from his lips. He looks upon you with those cognac zircon eyes, mind already reeling with ways to brighten your morning even more than he already has.
“I could maybe... use a wake-up call.” you playfully retort, opening your legs to allow Viktor to scoot even closer. Bringing your guard down, his trail of kisses dip past your collar bone, suckling on your chest. Your chin catches the fringe of his copper hair as it wisps against you, dampened with the evidence of a recent shower. He more than understands your request, going above and beyond to comfortably ease you into this morning’s agenda.
Viktor vanishes beneath the covers with enticing mystery. You can feel every single caress but with no direction as to where his eager mouth will land next. Throwing your head back, you moan his name and the feather-light brushing of his lips evolve into slightly aggressive bites. It forces an upward inflection of expressions, turning them into stifled shrieks. His muffled giggles sound off from under the blanket and you feel him make contact with your center, dragging his tongue along the length of your slit before finally latching onto the bud that lies within. The sensitivity has you gasping for air but Viktor fights against it with a firm grasp of your hips to pin you down, aiming to wring out a tasteful release from betwixt your thighs.
It’s electrifying, the suspension of bliss from his meticulous ministrations send you into a frenzy, grounding yourself on anything and everything within reach. Trying to conceal your voice becomes a lost cause as you scream to the heavens on a plateau of elation. Viktor manages to meld more than one orgasmic experience into a steady stream of consolidation before allowing you to descend. You rip the sheets back with bated breath to reveal his disheveled state in likeness to your own, eyes silently begging for him to close the distance.
Viktor lunges, prying your mouth open to invade it with his tongue. The sharpness blends perfectly with his saliva and you feel his hardened and exposed member knock against you. He grinds with purpose, painting himself up in preparation to take what you're so willing to give him. Your hands travel down his form, thankful he’s comfortable enough for you to bear witness to his intricate, supportive braces. The sleek ingenuity made them practically unnoticeable as it fortified his body above you.
You line him up with ease and Viktor breaches inch by glorious inch, gasps getting heavier and heavier with the depth he reaches. It begins slow at first, gradually gaining a rhythmic momentum that leaves you seeing stars. He snarls from the way your walls grip him so tightly, lowering his head to graze his teeth against your neck in reciprocation, reviving the marks he left last night. He’s dangerously close, faltering between each measured collection of thrusts. You’re still riding a buzz from the prior burst of climaxes, now being further accentuated by his efforts.
Viktor pauses, raising his head just enough so that your noses touch. That narrowing focus remains unbroken as his pupils dilate, fluttering to resemble his quivering actions. With a gruff whine, he rasps your name in reply to your wanton moans from earlier. A familiar, heated swelling is present that you’ve longed for since first breaking out of your dreamful state. Viktor’s face contorts through a plethora of appearances, all love-drunk and mesmerized with relief. Pulling him in, you flicker your eyelashes across his face; a ritual he’s adopted and fallen for since knowing you. It’s a way to softly deepen the connection after such passionate endeavors. The first time you did it, he never wanted to go a day without imagining sweet butterflies landing atop his features. The glimmer of softness inherently present within your kind nature always had him thankful for shoving past his self-doubt to take a brave chance at you; at love.
Viktor’s bashful grin has your heart in thrilled hysterics. “How is that for a wake-up call?” he laughs in reference to your witty quip.
“You did far more than wake me up.” Viktor’s eyes widen at your insinuating reply before sliding himself out with care, always so considerate as you hiss from the displacement. He reaches for your unfinished drink and places it back into your hands, giving you one last kiss before getting up from the bed, taking careful steps towards the nearby bathroom, au naturel.
“Well, it's a good thing I'm not going anywhere.” He winks, departing to run a bath with the intent of pampering you after these taxing affairs. Smitten while drinking the surprisingly still warm tea, you're grinning from ear to ear at the many ways he's kindly shown his irrefutable desire.
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seviks · 15 days ago
- Arcane headcanons ; How do they act when they are jealous?
Tumblr media
Warnings: Jealousy, Gn!Reader, established relationships.
A/N: Since I could find some of my old stuff I’m reposting it, I also edited it lol. Likes/shares/comments are SO appreciated I miss my old acc sm
Tumblr media
He may act all high and mighty, way to regal for such mundane feelings, even his appearance keeps up with this, what a bastard. Ice cold persona even when some weakling gets way too flirty with you at the Last Drop, however, that doesn’t mean he isn’t burning red with pure rage inside, he doesn’t like when someone puts their filthy hands on what’s his, you noticed that of course, you know him too well to know that the incessant tapping on his fingers on the counter mean, you are kind enough to not say it out loud but still you make a show of it when you get close to him to nuzzle on his neck and he gently puts one of his arms around your waist, he isn’t that big on PDA but suddenly he wants it more than anything. The poor man in front of you looks like he is about to crumb as green and red pierce trough his soul, Silco smirks at him as you try to keep talking just to mess with your partner, the eye squeezes your waist making you squeak.
“Oh pet, don’t mind me and keep talking with your friend, thought i think nothing really useful will come out of that fools mouth.”
Sevika it’s tough to decipher, even she has a hard time trying to understand her own emotions, specially those that make heer feel vulnerable, weak. When she is jealous everyone and their moms will know about it, an even deeper scowl adorning her features. She doesn’t appreciate the newbie barista giving you puppy dog eyes, they are so touchy and flirty and they are clearly making you uncomfortable, it’s just natural she snaps. Suddenly you go from sitting on one of the barstools to sitting on her lap, your back to the barista as you are looking at her and only her. You know Sevika so well you do nothing but make sure she knows you love her as you softly kiss her with complete devotion. The poor barista gets the clue and backs out and your girlfriend’s chest puffs a little with pride, you are right where you belong and that’s it.
“Why don’t we go out darl, i don’t want this jackass watching your ass and i very much prefer not getting dirt on my daggers today”
Be careful! Jinx always has pow-pow and fishbones with her so she will literally blow someone up if they do so much as look at you twice...kidding...kinda. Jinx is not really the most confident girl there is, after all that she is been through she needs nothing but constant reassurance you want her, craziness and all. Watching someone gets close to you with second intentions makes her doubt about herself and the relationship between you two, she will hear those voices in her head of how you would look so good with someone else and she will start to distance herself from you, they would be better for Reader, they are not a jinx. When you see that cloudy and troubled look in her eyes for the love of god just pull her into a tight hug and tell her how much she means to you, she will go back to her bubbly self and stick her tongue out to however tried to take away her sweetheart, someone needs to put this girl back together and if you can do it, then so be it.
“Hey toots! why the sudden hug hmm? oh...oh i love you to, i really really reaaally do!! can we- can we kiss now?”
When Vi saw some enforcer bastard trying to get way too close to you the pout on her lips was inmediate, who do they think they are? she is not insecure because theres a reason of why you chose her, this doen’t mean that she can’t get jealous tho, she will stand her ground and defend what’s rightfully hers even more if she notices you are uncomfortable. After a lifetime of having nothing to call her own Vi will fight heaven and hell if that means you are going to stay with her and this enforcer weakling no match for her. She gets close and puts an arm around the shoulders of your new “friend” and starts to compliment you too just to say at the end “and you know what’s best man? they are all fucking mine” her arm gets just a little tight o the mans neck “do we understand?” the enforcer quickly nods and just goes with some stupid excuse, you can help but giggle and kiss her nose as a thanks.
“Come on kitty, they were obvious you can’t blame me. Cute? do you think my “jealousy” is cute, come here you brat”
Ekko can’t help but roll his eyes when someone gets too flirty with you, are they really that blind? He swears he will have to collar you up or something just to make a statement that you are his. He can’t blame them, you are the most wonderful creature he has ever come across, but still you are his and everyone specially his subordinates should be aware of it. He knows better than step in the middle of you and the other person to annoy you, he doesn’t want to sleep in the couch, specially not when you are so warm and soft. But when the airhead of a flirter finally goes after giving you his number on a paper, his hands go to your waist to pick you up and go to his place, quickly taking away the paper and trowing it somewhere. He is so childish but you love it, specially when he starts to pepper your face in tiny pecks while still pouting, he knows he is with you and you don’t have eyes for somebody else but that doesn’t stop the ugly feeling in his gut, give him kisses too, he deserves them.
“Mine, mine, mine mine. Say, baby would you mind to stay here for the rest of the day? we can cuddleand nap, fuck ‘em all.”
The scientist may act all confident and cocky but he has insecurities too, Viktor needs a lot of reassurance, more than he cares to admit. Almost everyday you kiss him softly and you tell him how much he means to you, he appreciates it, he feels wanted and important; when he gets jealous he will show it, narrowing his eyes to however is trying to even look at you with the wrong intentions, his first reaction is to be aggressive and protective but then he will show you how insecure he got, what if you got away? He couldn’t handle such future. After Viktor got all defensive and mean to the shy intern who was asking you out, you take his face into your hands, tell him how little everyone else means to you “because he is first in your life”
“My beloved-” you kiss him “my-“ then again “im-“ again “mkay you win, I love you too my dearest”
My golden retriever boy! my smart jock! my pookie spunky- ok i’ll stop. Jayce is such a puppy boy, always behind you with lovestruck eyes a lot of energy and strength he doesn’t know how to use and the biggest emotions ever, he is not really insecure of your relationship with him all he processes is that you love him and that’s enough but he still gets jealousy over people trying to get your attention, you are his !! he is yours !! no one else is supposed to interfere period. When he sees someone getting way too close to you in a manner no one but a lover would his blood boils, he grita his teeth and his judgement clouds. Trying to keep the perfectly good persona he strives to be is hard when he gets such a sight but expects the golden boy to be at his very best at all times. Jayce tries not to show his clear anger and instead in a really mature manner he hugs you close to him and chomps (lovingly) your neck glaring at the person that was trying to touch you and then turning to you with the biggest puppy dog eyes, he did nothing wrong, now go and kiss him in front of that fool.
“Come on babe it was just a little love bite, im-im NOT sleeping on the couch i’ll bite you again. waIT- BABY-“
Mel doesn’t know jealousy, she is gorgeous, smart and so much more and most important she trusts you wholeheartedly, when she sees someone getting all lovey-dovey with you across one of the fancy parties you to attend to she lets you be, she watches the scene on display, she feels infatuated by it because you hold your ground and look at the fool with eyes as cold as ice and simply ignore them giving an overly dramatic twirl as you make your way to your girlfriend. You make it a show as you get close to Mel, swaying your hips and acting as the most lovesick partner making sure however tried to flirt with you gets the message you wouldn’t even look at them twice with Mel as your girlfriend.
“Yes darling I did see you. Don’t pout like that I saw you were handling yourself just right, now now would you mind going somewhere private? I wanna chat with my love”
The enforcer is not one to easily open up about her emotions, she wears them on her sleeve but this doesn’t mean she knows how to properly express them, sometimes Caitlyn feels too much and that’s also the case of her jealousy. When she is jealous she won’t tell you and she will try not to express it, she doesn’t want to feel like a burden, however, you pick up on this as you know her so well, instead of trying to talk about it (she will do it herself when she is ready) you try to make her feel loved trought your actions, hold her hand in public and kiss her softly, whisper all you love about her and she will easily let her negative emotions die down. Even if you have to ignore the presence of the other person in front of you to make Cait feel okay, you will, you would give this girl the whole world and still feel like it’s not enough, she deserves so much.
“Bunny, can you hold me closer? i feel so loved when im with you, thank you”
She doesn’t. She just doesn’t get jealous or insecure about your relationship, this doesn’t mean she won’t stand up when she sees someone trying to hit on you. One day you try to bring Grayson some homemade lunch to her office but of course some dude enforcer with his head up on his ass way to confident to notice you are not paying attention to his words is blocking the door, he is going on and on about how he is so strong and that he would very much appreciate if you could check out his “pistol” you are about to start trowing punches but thats when you see her, Grayson not-so-gently pushes the man off the way and smiles and you while she invites you in and you very much obligue so; don’t mind if you are suddenly sitting on her lap while she works.
“Oh don’t leave now dove, everyone here seems to enjoy your company a lot, such a shame for them that i am the one your heart beats for”
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wolfishwriting · 2 months ago
Heya! I was wondering if you could do arcane + having their first experience with multiple orgasms?
arcane + multiple orgasms
ft. Vander, Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Silco, Viktor, Jayce, & Finn
cw: smut, fxf, fem! plus sized reader, multiple orgasms, edging, riding, soft dom, toy use, squirting, dacryphilia, subby men, overstimulation, creampies, ahegao face, bondage, kitty play, puppy play, after care, puppy!jayce (mentions of breeding kink and pups), squirting, muzzle/bondage (finn's), chair sex
Nearly knocks the wind on him the moment he cums for the third time that night. His cock is still leaking profusely thanks to the cock ring sitting so securely around his length and the vibrating egg strapped to the head of his cock surely wasn't helping. His massive thighs quaked in protest as the tremors of another orgasm rips through him.
"I d-dunno--," he pauses to swallow the saliva building in his mouth, blinking back tears in the same action. "If I can take much more of this, pretty girl. I-I'm pretty pent up and you--you haven't cum y-yet. How's about it? Wha-what do you mean one more? You said this was the last-- Wait oh fuckkkkkk."
His head throws back, deep snarl of your name rumbling in his throat. Cum dribbles down his thick cock, over the tiny egg vibrator. His balls a swollen red and pulsating as his fourth orgasm washes over him. He trembles as you gently remove the toys and turn them off, tossing them into the sink for cleaning later. Vander is barely coherent when you actually begin to run the bath for him but his muscles will thank you for it later.
The only sign she's actually flustered after her first orgasm is her labored breathing, her skin covered in a delicate shine of sweat, and the way her hand covers her mouth. By the second she's rolling her hips into yours eager to accept more that you have to offer.
Her eyes roll back the moment you press the vibrator against her clit and she's cumming hard and moving a bit slower now. And finally by the third, she's calling your name out to the high heavens, riding your silicone dick for all it's worth moaning as you praise her for taking the strap so well. She won't ever admit it but she loves receiving praise, it warms her heart and right now-- her cunt, too.
"Fuck, baby, you really have me on the edge of my seat. Barely holdin' on, feels so fucking good." Vi pants, words slurring slightly. Sweat drips off her brow as she increases speed, eager to cum on your strap once more. "One more, just one more." she moans, arching her back as the strap kisses her cervix and has her squirting. You remove yourself from her gently and opt to clean her off with a warm towel and dress her in an oversized shirt. The two of you could bathe in the morning. She looked like she could use the sleep first.
It took time for him to come around to the idea of being the bottom, especially to be milked for all he's worth. He's not sure he'll ever be used to having you ride him like the unhinged lustful being you are, especially not when you make him cum rather easily--more easily than he'd admit. And how he's steadily climbing to his next orgasm in the comfort of your shared space. Even if it is at his bedroom desk.
His hips ache with each powerful thrust he gives. He's grateful for you to allow him some semblance of sway during this, having you bent over his desk is his favorite position. This might have been your idea to overstimulate him even if agreed to it and he is still fucking into you without abandon--this is a way for him to feel in control despite the fact he isn't. Not this time. Cum drips down your thighs forming a puddle down onto the floor.
Silco doesn't want to admit how muddled his brain has gotten even as he nears his third orgasm of the evening. If anything, his speed increases despite the protests of his joints. His nails dig into your hips and his teeth sink into your shoulder as he slams home, cum coating your walls white and spilling onto the floor. The poor crime lord barely thinks when he collapses back into his chair, thighs shaking as cum beads down his tip.
"You shall be my undoing, my love." He speaks to you in such a soft way, eyes watching as you gently clean up the mess from his body and return his clothing to him. You mention you'll run a bath and kiss his forehead.
She wanted to try it, she had to say the word and you would stop. Jinx refused to give in to this new challenge. Taking a plug up her ass wasn't anything new nor was riding a strap on. To have a double-vibrating strap buried within her cunt, a vibrating plug in her ass, and a tiny vibe strapped to her clit and you sucking and licking at her neck was much more different; she wasn't going to last long. No way in hell.
"B-bunny," she rasps, nearing her third orgasm of the evening. Lips red and raw, hickies decorated her pale skin. "P-please, fuck me harder! G-gotta go as deep as you caaaan--oh, fuck! Ah, ah, ah~!" She moans, eyes crossing for a brief moment before she goes slack in your embrace.
Your fingers card through her hair softly, for once not in their usual braids. You lift her up in your arms, carrying her with ease to the bathroom. She waits at the edge of the large circular tub for the water to fill and soon you're helping her in and climbing in after her. Jinx settles against you, cheek pressed to your chest.
The way her moans bounce off the walls of her bedroom should be against the law. Caitlyn always did look the prettiest sprawled out like a starfish on her mattress, moaning your name in high praises as you fuck into her cunt with your favorite navy strap on. Her thighs are littered in lovely little bite marks, some in various states of healing, and some quite fresh.
Her tits bounce with each and every thrust, it's hypnotizing. She always takes the strap so well. Her voice is lovely, back arched above the sheets the moment the vibrator kisses her clit and she's spiraling into her second orgasm. You fuck her through the waves, slowing down for a moment to let her catch her breath. She gazes up at you with steely night sky eyes and a pretty smile.
"Anymore and I feel as if I may burst!" She giggles a little breathless. That was your tell that Caitlyn was done for the evening. You shut off the toy and set about undoing the strap from your hips. You set the toys aside and cuddle into her side, the cool night air rolling in from the open window. You wrap your arms around each other, lying naked above the sheets.
Your touch is gentle with the way you play with her hair. She leans down to kiss you, you return it. "Are you alright?" She asks, almost as if she's been unphased by cumming twice so close together. You chuckle to yourself and nod, leaning down to kiss her nose that makes her giggle. "Good, I'm glad!"
You almost feel a bit mean making him cum over and over again, but it'll just have to be called payback for all the times he's teased and edged you and wouldn't let you cum for hours. He looked so cute in his little kitty ears and tail plug. And he looked especially precious wearing your white Academy skirt and marked from head to toe in your signature lipstick color. His knuckles are white from how hard he grasps the sheets as you once again drop down against his cock, headed throwing back as he mewls pathetically.
He leans into your touch the moment you hold his face in your hands, whispering to him about how well he's doing for you and how pretty he looks. The words seem to spark a fire within and he's eagerly pistoning his leaking cock in and out of your cunt, letting out tiny yelps and squeaks when you press the vibrating wand between you two, allowing stimulation for his cock and your clit.
"S-so eager for my c-cum, hmm? Ah, fuck, oh gods... Shit!" He breaks off into more curses as his third orgasm takes him. He gives lazy rolls of his hips and tears leak from his eyes. You carefully get off of him, cleaning him up with a warm cloth you'd kept nearby all the while placing gentle kisses along his skin.
"I-I'm alright, my love. I promise, it wasn't too m-much. N-need you catch my breath. T-that was amazing, I--" he breathes deep. "You are sure to be my undoing. So kind to make sure I'm okay. And what about you, you must be sore as well. Come here, my lovely darling." He coos, leaning into your touch when you help clean him off and help him slip his sleep shirt on while he shimmies on his boxers. He exchanges the favor soon after.
After checking to make sure the leash and collar weren't too tight around his neck, you give his leash a gentle tug. The rest is history. Jayce is above you, plowing into your cunt like it's the only thing worth living for anymore. The cock ring sends pleasurable jolts up your spine every time the base of his cock connects with your pussy lips.
The tail plug deep within his ass sways with every thrust he gives and he keeps thrusting himself into you, even after he's cum twice. He can't think about anything else but your velvet walls and the poor, dumb puppy can only think about chasing his third orgasm and stuffing you full of his cum.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck! Wanna breed you full of pups! You feel so good, pussy so good." He cries, slamming his hips back into yours. His words are a jumbled mix of blissed-out pleasure and he only has one instinct now: to breed.
Jayce cums for the fourth time with a choked moan. It tapers off into a whine and you carefully remove yourself from him followed by the toys, giving him gentle kisses and just lying beside him, stroking his hair. You retrieve a towel from the bathroom and clean off your boyfriend, smiling as he chases the warmth of your touch. "Are you okay too?" He asks when you remove the final peace, the ear headband, from his head. You confirm that you are and kiss his nose, his eyes crinkle with a smile.
The bondage was his idea, the muzzle was yours. It was becoming commonplace to muzzle him any time your sex grew kinky or trickled into BDSM-territory. You always did tease him for being a loudmouth but he knew there wasn't any malice to it, and he did talk a lot when he was with you.
With his arms bound around the back of the chair, Finn could only watch with helpless, saccharine eyes as you teased him with the vibrator. You ran the toy up and along his girth, enjoying how the muscles in his thighs tightened and how his cock jolted when the slight stimulation rippled down his core. He could only groan into the muzzle, silver bar clenched between pearly white teeth as cum slowly began to bead down his cock.
What he wasn't expecting was for you to take him to the base immediately in your deliciously warm cunt while keeping the vibrator pressed at his balls. It quickly erupted him into his first orgasm, but he would be a fool to think you would just allow him the one and be done. Not until his fifth, were you satisfied.
"You really fuckin' know how to take it outta me, huh, princess?" Finn purrs the moment you remove the muzzle and trace your fingers where the straps had bit into his skin. You kissed the marks and quickly set about untying him. He was quick to scoop you up into his arms, nuzzling his face into yours. "I love you so much, babe! Who knew my little Piltie could be so fuckin' wild."
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honeydazai · 4 months ago
when their s/o wears lingerie for them
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Caitlyn, Mel, Sevika, Jinx
warnings: nsfw content, thigh riding, praise, dirty talk, pet names
Tumblr media
The moment you decide to surprise VIKTOR by showing him your new set of lingerie, his cheeks flush slightly, a smile curling his lips. He's absolutely smitten by you — not only by your beauty, but by your whole presence and by the fact that you've bought lingerie while thinking about him.
He's actually quite good at complimenting you and he truly does his best to keep up a gentlemanly composure, but he soon finds himself unable to keep his hands off of you — not that you want him to do that, either.
Viktor has you lying on your back with him between your legs, from where he slowly kisses his way up your thighs; honestly, he just wants to worship you. You're squirming and mewling beneath him, the thin fabric of your panties drenched as you press against him with need, and he's soon thrusting into you, because he's secretly just as impatient as you are — how could he not be when you're beneath him, looking picture perfect with lace draped over the curve of your hips and tits? Oh, and also, the fantasy of you wearing lingerie beneath your normal clothes to the lab now never leaves his mind anymore.
“Your beauty knows no bounds, dear. You look truly ethereal right now; especially when you're spread open on my cock like this, mewling like a slut. Ah, apologies, I didn't mean to be crude — even though you seemed to like that name given how you just clenched around me.”
Tumblr media
Honestly, JAYCE is absolutely in love with everything you do — and this is no exception. The second you join him in bed while wearing some skimpy lingerie, he's a blushing mess and stumbles over his words as he tries to compliment you. It's not that he's particularly embarrassed; he's simply so enthusiastic that his mind works faster than his mouth does.
He's on you immediately; pinning you to the bed with one of his big hands holding both of your wrists together, and, god, he can barely contain himself — he grinds his hips against yours, already impatient and needy and obviously excited if his hard-on is anything to go by.
Only a few moments later he's thrusting into you, so so eager, and he can't stop staring at your gorgeous body as you moan and writhe beneath him, your head thrown back and your nails digging into his back. He's not particularly possessive — well, most of the time at least, because right now he's sucking hickeys into your skin and littering your throat in bite marks to show everyone you're his.
“God, I can't believe how pretty you are, princess. So gorgeous, I'm so glad I can call you mine. You're the prettiest thing I've ever seen, really; 'm gonna make you feel so good. Gonna mark you up so no one thinks they'd ever have a chance with you.”
Tumblr media
The second you enter his office wearing a huge coat, SILCO knows something's up. He simply raises his eyebrows in question and, as soon as you open the coat to reveal your body clad in nothing but tiny lingerie, hums in appreciation. His gaze is intense as it's fixed on you from his position on his office chair, and he's not opposed to you doing a little twirl to show your outfit off.
Then, he beckons you forward and you're soon propped up on his lap, one of his thighs between yours as you grind down against it, tiny needy whimpers leaving your throat.
It's evident in the frantic way you move that you want more, though Silco only chuckles at your impatience. His hands guide you to rub your cunt against his thigh again, and by the mischievous glint in his eyes you already know it'll take a while until you finally get to have him inside of you.
“Ah, this is certainly a surprise, dear. Did you come all the way to my office looking like this? How very naughty of you. Really, just imagine if someone saw you in these skimpy panties, especially when we both know only I get to look at you this way.”
Tumblr media
VANDER isn't shy to immediately rip your clothes off of you the second he sees the lace of garter belts peek out beneath your skirt — though he tries to be careful if you complain to him about your destroyed clothes. It's not his fault he's this excited, really; he just wants to touch you so bad.
His hands are on your ass, shamelessly groping your soft skin through the fabric, and even though he's the one who's dick is straining against his trousers just because of how pretty you are, he huffs out a teasing laugh as you gasp against his lips.
He doesn't even bother taking the lingerie off — honestly, the fine hooks on your tights are too delicate for his big fingers anyway — and instead just pushes your panties to the side so you're able to ride him.
“Fuck, baby, you're so god damn gorgeous. If I wasn't this hard I'd have you sit on my face right now — god, you're so hot. 'm so lucky you're mine, hope you know that.”
Tumblr media
VI gives an appreciative whistle as you drape yourself over her lap, all dressed up in pretty pink lingerie that wraps around your body. She can't help herself; her hands start wandering almost immediately, even though she had just been focusing on something else a moment ago.
Calloused hands grope your tits through the fabric of your nearly translucent bra, kneading soft skin until you're moaning and grinding against her, your eyes fluttering closed at the sudden pleasure.
Vi quickly scoops you up in her arms and carries you over to your shared bed, spreading your legs for her as she pulls your panties down your thighs. Her warm breath fans against your wet folds, making you whimper — and her laugh. Still, she doesn't feel like teasing you right now and instead swirls her tongue around your clit until you're squirming.
“Damn, doll, all dressed up for me? You shouldn't have. Joking, of course. You should do this way more, like, just look at how good your tits look in this! Fuck, c'mere, baby. Lemme touch you. I'll be damned if I don't eat you out while you're looking this pretty for me.”
Tumblr media
When CAITLYN spots you wearing some lingerie she's never seen before, she's excited and doesn't hesitate to tell you just how pretty you are immediately. When your cheeks flush a lovely red, she chuckles and presses a kiss to your lips.
She's definitely not opposed to go lingerie shopping with you now that she knows you enjoy wearing it — and you could even get matching colours, too!
Caitlyn is quick to move this over to her bed where she positions herself between your legs, a teasing smile on her face as her fingers rub over the already slightly damp fabric of your panties, making you squirm.
“You're so pretty like this, dear. I had no idea you enjoyed getting all dolled up. If only you had said something, we could have done this sooner. Well, anyway — I better show you just how gorgeous I think you are right now, hm? Come on, spread your legs a little wider, love.”
Tumblr media
The moment you enter the bedroom with nothing but sheer lace and frills covering your body, MEL smirks, her expression equally as curious as intense. She's already sitting on the bed, her back against the headpiece, and all you have to do is lay down between her legs to already be in the position you want to be in.
Though Mel doesn't let you get away this easily — she's quick to order you to lay down on your back and takes her sweet time appreciating your pretty underwear and your gorgeous body. She definitely insists on buying you more lingerie in the future.
Her lithe fingers push into your panties to rub tiny circles around your clit, her lips first meeting yours in a kiss before she bends down lower to close them around your nipple, revelling in your whiny mewl.
“You're so pretty, baby. Ah, I how about we go and look for a new set of lingerie for you together tomorrow, hm? What do you think? Because, honestly, I won't go around making promises that this one is going to survive this night.”
Tumblr media
SEVIKA is another one to wolf whistle as soon as she sees you, her eyebrows raised as she smirks. She immediately grabs your hips and lazily pulls you down into her lap, her hands roaming over your body and curiously touching the fine fabric that's draped over your hips and chest.
She's usually not overly fond of lingerie — lace rips way too easily, especially under her mechanic arm —, but she does appreciate it when you get all dressed up for her.
Her lips quickly find your neck as she sucks a visible hickey into your skin, too high to cover it up with any clothing, and two of her fingers move underneath your thin panties and slowly push into you, making you squirm at the stretch, even though you're wet enough for it not to hurt. Quite the opposite — it's simply not enough for your greedy hole, and Sevika huffs out a laugh at how desperate you already are.
“You know, 'm not usually a fan of these fancy topside lingerie sets, but you look as delectable as ever. Hm? Wanna ride my fingers, baby? Come on then, show me how desperate you are.”
Tumblr media
When JINX looks up from her tinkering to glance at you, she can't help but raise her eyebrows in surprise. Then she's smiling and quickly moving towards you, already cooing at you about how pretty you look right now.
She wraps her arms around your body and pulls you closer, her body pressing against yours, and only a few moments later you're both kneeling on the bed, one of her hands fondling with your breast and one teasingly rubbing along your wet folds. She's good at multi-tasking with her hands, and even better at making you whine and whimper beneath her touch.
Jinx might want to add some colour to your lingerie though; it's just so horribly topside-like and boring with it's pastel colour — by the way, are you up for some sexual body painting sessions?
“You're so gorgeous, darl! I love that look on you! Where did ya get it? Ah, come on, you didn't even cum once yet, sugar. I bet you can still answer me properly. Try again, yeah? For me? Then I'll even show you that new toy I've been working on, promise!”
Tumblr media
notes: i've started playing Twisted Wonderland and they're all hot
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tags: @my-awakened-ghost , @afidiofobia , @helloyellowsheeps , @yuuotosaka3, @sccarymonster @satoruislove @pastelsbaby @artsyxabbyx @cyan-skulls @arboranimus @marina-and-the-memes @vislovelywife
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Hello, so I was wondering if you could either write a more 🍋-ish fanfic, if that’s your kinda thing, for Viktor or Silco, if you don’t write those kinda things emotionally sensitive reader with them???
Its one of the many reasonsI Viktor
Note: Im really had at writing gender netural readers when it comes to smuts. So Im just gonna be generic and make it a female reader sorry
Reader: female
Warnings: Generic seggs, soft seggs, oral (reader receiving), cockblocking-
Here's the dump ♧♧ Arcane Masterlist
Tumblr media
Y/n sighed walking into the lab.
"Night Y/n." Jayce called out making his way out
"Night Jayce." She replied seeing Viktor still working.
She sighed walking up behind him, her hands quickly covering his eyes. He chuckled softly.
"Hello my dove." He spoke grabbing her wrist and bringing her hand to his lips, kissing her palm softly tasting sugar on them, "baking again love?"
Y/n smiled arms drapping around his shoulders and hands playing with his tie.
"You know it." Y/n smiled, kissing his temple nuzzling into the crook of his neck.
Viktor smiled looking at the ring on her finger.
"Thats new." He responded.
"Mhm..." she spoke, "My brother made it, he's thinking of starting a bussniess. Don't worry. Im still yours jealous boy."
Viktor chuckled kissing her wrist this time, Y/n spinning him around in the stool.
"For now." She teased.
"For now?" He questioned, she chuckling.
"Yeah. Who knows? Maybe some...tall,pale, lean, brown haired hottie with come and steal a kiss from me," Y/n smiled, "with hazel eyes that shine in the name of science."
He smiled at her, it was obvious she was praising him.
"He'll look up at me while sitting, holding my waist. We'll be in a lab just like this one." Y/n contuined, "he'll have that cute smile I love so much."
"What will his name be?" Viktor questioned.
"Hmmm." Y/n thought, "bob."
"Bob?" Viktor chuckled, "such an orginal name."
Y/n chuckled in return, leaning down kissing him happily he kissing back, pulling away softly.
"Mhm" he spoke, "bob will be angry."
Y/n broke into laughter "you think so?"
"Oh extremely."
They laughed together happy in each other's arms, kissing again smiles on there lips, it took a turn, a happy kiss melted in a much slower kiss, heads tilting slightly.
Viktor's hands tried pulling her down into his lap but she pulled away from the kiss.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." Viktor apologized, "I shouldn't-"
"No. No you didn't." Y/n protested, "at how long we've been together I'd love to sit on your lap. I. I just don't want to hurt your leg."
Viktor rubbed a thumb over her jaw line.
"You won't I promise."
Y/n looked at him nervously, "its okay." He reassured.
Y/n nodded, slolwy taking a seat on his lap, she nervously sat down.
"See." Viktor smiled, "nothing to- Ow! OW!"
"Im sorry! I'm-"
She rushed off his lap, Viktor started laughing as she scoffed, "I really thought I hurt you!"
"You're fine my dove. I Promise." He smiled kissing her cheek softly, pulling her back into his lap, "see. Nothing to worry about."
"You're such a goof sometimes." Y/n smiled kissing him softly, "and you be happy I have the humor to take such a joke."
"How lucky, Aren't I?"
She shook her head lightly, "what am I gonna do with you?"
"Kiss me?"
"I like that idea."
Kissing each other once more Y/n intangled her fingers in his hair, he holding the small of her back rubbing circles, her shirt slowly riding up as she shivered into the kiss. His hand carefully slipping up the back of her shirt rubbing her back lovingly.
"Am I intrupting something?"
The two pulled away quickly all together. Y/n fixing her shirt and Viktor clearing his throat and pulling at his tie.
"Uh. No sir." Y/n spoke, "not at all."
Viktor rubbed the back of his neck his back turned to the professor embarrassed.
"What can we do for you Professor Heimerdinger?" Y/n questioned.
"I am looking for Jayce."
"Just left sir." Viktor commented, "Just before Y/n got here sir."
"Very well. Then Y/n I require your assistance."
"Oh. Uh." Y/n spoke, "of course yes sir. Have a good night Viktor."
"Good night Y/n."
"Please do try and sleep tonight? You need rest."
"Yes of course thank you."
After that Y/n left with the Professor, leaving the two filled with tension and embarssment. Viktor returned to there shared apartment. Y/n rushing home after her last assignments, ready to contuine with what they were doing before horribly cockblocked.
Making her way inside she quickly hung up her bag and coat.
"Y/n? Is that you?" Viktor called from there room.
Walking towards the room she started to unbutton her shirt, standing in the open door way she smiled at him, he sitting on the edge of the bed.
"Please don't tell me you've been unbuttoning your shirt since you left the labs."
Y/n chuckled as he smiled, "No. I just walked in the door."
He started to unbutton his vest, Y/n pulling off her shirt the rest of the way tossing it on the floor, his vest following as she walked her way over, he scooting back his legs onto the bed as she climbed over him.
"You look so good under me." She whispered to him leaning down she kissed his lips softly.
His arms wrapped around her, his hands on her bare skin. Y/n contuined kissing him, hands running through his hair a careful hold on the back of his head. His fingers pulled at her bra clasp, he gasping in success as he unclasped her bra.
Y/n sat up her knees used to hold her up as she pulled her bra off. He nudged her shoulder with his hand, she falling to the bed and he climbing between her legs, returning to kissing her. Kisses were heavy and full of longing, his hand cupped her breast making her moan softly into the kiss, skillfully with one hand she unbuttoned his dress shirt, he helped her pull if off as they sat up.
"Would you like your braces off for tonight?' Y/n questioned, a finger rubbing over the brace on his chest.
"If you don't mind."
"Not at all."
Y/n kissed him softly, helping his removed the brace of his chest kissing his shoulder softly along with his chest, he sighing in relief as she put it on the floor carefully, she moving down to his leg removing the brace with the same care and setting it on the floor as well.
Y/n smiled leaning up and kissing his lips again, Viktor running a hand through the back of her hair, fingers pressed up against her scalp. It was both sweet and sexy, longing filled each kiss with a happy tone.
Viktor pulled away, leaning down and kissing her collar bone. Y/n hummed happily, her hand running through his hair as he lowered with each kiss.
Groaning softly Y/n bit her lip, Viktor taking her bud into his mouth. She leaned back slightly, he taking her other breast into his hand, pressing his thumb to her bud softly. Moaning Y/n closed her eyes revelating in the soft touch. He switched buds, massaging her other breast softly.
"Viktor..." she called softly, he lifting his head in response, his hazel eyes filled with love.
"My love. Let me please you tonight." Victor spoke, slowly pushing her to the bed, and climbing above her, most weight on his good knee and arms.
"Are you sure?" Y/n spoke, hand raising up to carass his face, "I don't mind if you're-"
He chuckled, "My love. I promise. Please."
Y/n nodded, rubbing Viktors cheek, he leaning down and kissing her softly, it was a short kiss, the next one placed on her chin, and they slolwy dragged down, stopping at the hem of her slacks, unbuttoning them he slowly inched them off, her panties hooked on his fingers as well, she lifted up her hips he pulling her shoes off easily along with the pants and panties she once wore.
"Beatiful as ever my dove." Viktor praised kissing her thigh, pushing them apart from one another.
He contuined his kisses from where he left off, kissing downward, she shivered slightly, his head finding it's final place nuzzled between her legs
He ate at her softly, his hands holding her inner thighs keeping them spread. Groaning she rested an arm over her eyes.
"Viktor...please..." she pleaded.
The feeling was indescribable, she soft yet worked hard at her dripping cunt, only pulling away for a soft breathe just to dive back into her.
"You taste so sweet my love..." he praised softly.
Y/n meweled softly feeling his tounage invading her insides her hand ran through his soft brown hair only tugging on it slightly in response to the pleasure he'd been giving her.
The knot that had been formed since the small incident in the lab tightened more and more. Her breathes shallow as her moans followed, she on edge. Yet he pulled away wipping his mouth with the back of hid hand of any of her slick that dripped down his lips and chin.
She removed her arm from her eyes and looked up at Viktor who chuckled up at her.
"You just love teasin don't you?" She spoke out of breathe.
"What? Tease you? No." Viktor played dumb as Y/n pouted he chuckling as he leaned down kissing her softly, she kissing back.
They pulled away softly, heads resting on one another as one of her hands fell between them, her fingers working at unbuttoning and unzipping his slacks, he helping in pulling the rest of his chlothing down and off all the way.
There was a comfortable tense silence as they looked at each other, his deep dark hazel eyes filled with love and the longing to please her.
"I can get lost in those eyes forever..." Y/n spoke, his hands guiding her legs to spread apart more.
He took in a sharp breathe, his forehead pressed against her's.
"I suppose I should come find you." Viktor told her, "it'll be a shame to loose you."
"Come find me then?"
He nodded.
Y/n gasped feeling her insides slolwy being filled, he groaned softly, he slolwy sliding in her as she moaned softly the deeper he pushed.
"Viktor..." she called, "Viktor please..."
She let her head fall back softly moans falling from her touange. Fully inside her he slolwy pulled his hips back, rutting back into her softly. He leaving a moaning and arched mess of Y/n as he fucked her slow and soft.
Knots in his shoulders from working seemingly melted as he groaned softly, hips moving back at forth.
"How beatiful my love." He praised hand running from her hip up her body, earing a soft mewel in response.
He leaned down kissing her lips softly, she kissing back with a shiver.
"Mhm...Viktor..." she moaned into the kiss, hand running through his hair as his hips slowly sped up, "D.don't hurt yourself for me.."
"Do not worry my love-ah- I...mh..."
Viktor simply pulled her into another kiss, her hand running through his hair as he groaned into the kiss. His hips thrusting a final time before both melted. Both moaning loudly into the kiss as they finsihed togetger.
"F...fu...by all creation..." Y/n groaned, falling flat on the bed, Viktor still deep in her as he leaned down kissing her collar bone, slowly pulling out of her and falling besides her carefully.
Turning her head she seen him smiling at her, she only smiled back leaning over kissing him with a soft giggle.
He carassed her face with a few fingers in a smile, she nuzzling into his hand.
"You're the most beatiful thing I've ever seen." Viktor spoke, she smiling as he played with a strand of her hair.
She let a hand run through his hair, smiles never breaking from either of there faces.
"I'll run us a bath." Y/n spoke sitting up, but he tugged on her hand to keep her down.
"Just stay here my love." Viktor spoke softly, looking up at her leaned down form.
Smiling Y/n kissed him softly, "Mhm. I don't know. Bob may be angry when he finds me laying with another man."
Viktor laughed as Y/n rubbed a thumb over his hip bone.
"You're jokes know no end do they?" Viktor questioned.
"It's why you love me." Y/n smiled.
Viktor smiled, "Its one of the many reasons."
Y/n flushed softly kissing his cheek.
"I love you."
"I love you too my dove."
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maries-gallery · 3 months ago
genre : nsfw, mdni
warnings : thigh riding, praise kink, mentions of overstimulation, marking, mentions of dacryphilia, female bodied reader
If there is one thing Vi can’t get enough of, it’s taking care of you. But can you blame her when you always look so sweet riding her thigh ? 
So desperate and needy for her touch as you grind down on her leg, wanton moans falling from your parted lips and panting her name in the sweetest of voices. 
“G’nna cum for me, cupcake ?” She asks, grey eyes observing your pleasure ridden features, brows drawn together and teeth clumping down on your lower lip to stifle a whine. Your head tilted back, smooth nape all for her to mark. 
You nod, a shiver running up your spine as her hands fall on your hips, guiding you up and down her thigh, bouncing her leg on the ball of her feet. Just the extra stimulation you needed for your thoughts to blur and words to melt into blabbers.
“Yeah ? G’nna cum on my thigh and stain these trousers ?” She says, and she knows you’re in no condition to answer as you drag your puffy clit against the rough fabric of her trousers, leaving a wet smudge of arousal for her to salivate at. 
“Look at you, so fucking pretty.” She praises in a groan, leaning in and suckling purple marks on the supple skin of your chest. “My pretty, pretty girl. Always so good for me, mh ?”
A whine of her name escapes your throat as her she nips at your pert nipple, a hand leaving your hip to cup your naked cunt, fingers playing with your sensitive bundle of nerves to steal a gasp from you.
“Come on, cupcake, give it t’me. You’ so close.” She encourages as your hips buck against her palm. Her words the only invitation you needed for your release to ripple through you, jolts of sweet electricity flooding your veins and coil in your stomach snapping.
“There we go,” She soothes, guiding you through your high with quick flickers of her fingers on your clit. “You needed that, eh ? Was so needy for me, sweets.”
She is not done though, bouncing you on her lap again, well intent on having you melting for her all over again, having you crying and moaning out croaked whispers of her name.
But she is so gentle as she kisses your brow, a loving smile on her lips and eyes so soft you might cry from the sheer affection showered over you.
“Now let’s get you cleaned up, mh ?”
@levi-my-beloved @peace-for-levi
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theblandwriter · 2 months ago
Drunk confessions. 18+
Tumblr media
Summery: a drunken night leads to some realizations and hurtful words, but you make it up to Vi.
Pairing: Vi x fem!reader.
Warnings: angst. Smut. Drinking. Oral and fingering, reader giving.
A/N: some more Vi for you.
It was any other day in Zaun. The thick night air causing a haze over everything. And because it was the weekend you and Vi had met up at her place to drink and relax from your normally busy weekdays.
But tonight something in her changed.
Not right of the bat. She was her normal self at first. Teasing you and making jokes. It was simple with her, there was no reason to keep up a shield. She had saved your ass too many times for you to count, and you trusted her. Most people you meet in Zaun have alternative motives, but Vi wasn’t like that.
She liked the comfort of having someone she could trust, and so did you. It was like a mutual agreement, you had each others back and kept it light hearted.
You were so used to her presence it was almost like you knew what she was about to say, but sometimes she surprised you. And the next words out of her mouth did exactly that.
“I love you,” she said with a laugh, bringing her drink up to her lips, but she stopped. Her eyes grew wide.
“What?” You meant to just think it, but the light buzz you had slowed the thinking part of you brain.
You cough, trying to save face as you thought of something else to say. Anything.
“I, uh, I mean you’re great to be around,” she said with a nervous laugh.
This wasn’t like her. She exudes confidence and composure, but that just went out the window.
And it wasn’t like you to shy away from answers when you wanted them. Especially not when you had alcohol in your system.
“You love me?” you asked, eyes glued to her.
Sure, you loved her. As a friend.
Wrong. And that realization hit you like a train. Suddenly and surprisingly. You forced yourself to push that thought aside. Love? For you? Not here and not now. Not after your last ‘lover.’
She forced out a laugh, “it’s not that serious.”
“Not that serious? You don’t take love seriously?” you questioned.
“You know that’s not what I mean. I’m not like-“
“Don’t say his name,” you said, cutting her off. Your voice was harsh, like a warning.
Her eyes finally met yours. A silent apology written on her face. But the thought of him just pissed you off. Or maybe it was the thought of love. That stupid, dangerous, pointless feeling. Either way, your mood just soured.
“Just because I opened up to you once while drunk doesn’t mean you know me.”
You didn’t mean it like you made it sound, you didn’t mean to be so rude. But it happened, and you didn’t feel like explaining yourself.
Her eyes moved away, like she was stuck in thought. She had set her drink down, and the hand that was holding it was now running down her face.
“I didn’t mean to bring him up,” she said after a long silent minute.
You snapped back, “but you did.”
Why were you being so mean? So resistant? So distant?
And then suddenly she wasn’t herself. Her eyes went cold, like she just put up layer after layer of walls.
You started to regret what you said after a few minutes went by. You wanted to apologize, maybe change the subject. Try to laugh it off if you thought that would work, but you knew it wouldn’t.
When you look at her she’s not there. Not mentally.
Her distant gaze brings up emotions in you you didn’t know you could feel anymore. It takes everything in you not to run over to her. Not to take her face in your hands. Not to kiss her hard and take her breath away.
Stop. What the hell where you thinking?
With a deep breath you calm your thoughts, thinking through the best way to play this out.
You care about her, you want her, you… love her? Like actually, whole heartedly loved her?
Oh fuck.
You hadn’t realized- hadn’t let yourself realize- you’d fallen for her. It felt like a blade through your heart once you realized, and it was scary.
Sure, you’ve been in love. But not like this. This wasn’t puppy love, it wasn’t playful and fun and temporary. And this wasn’t unrequited love, painful and scarring and heartbreaking. This was ferocious and needy and real. The woman in front of you was peeling back your layers, and all you could repay her with was resistance. You don’t want to resist anymore, you don’t want to fight it. You can’t fight it.
“Vi,” you said, breathy and nervous.
Is that it? Oh my god brain, please say something else.
Her eyes meet yours, but they don’t change. It’s like she’s looking through you. “Hmm?”
“Come back,” you practically begged.
“I’m right here.” She had no emotion behind her words, and it hurt. Not long ago she was laughing with you, making jokes and having a good time. But she brought up something you had pushed down so deep it hurt to bring to the surface, but that wasn’t her fault.
You shake your head, standing and walking over to sit beside her, “you know that’s not what I mean. Come back to me. Right here, right now.”
Her eyes changed in a way you couldn’t quite put a word to, but promptly went back to emotionless. She was scared to say the wrong thing.
You crawled into her lap to straddle her. A position you had been in a few times, either to patch up a cut on her face or when you could convince her to let you do her makeup. Your arms snaked around her neck, slowly. Slow enough that she could tell you to stop if she wanted to, but she didn’t.
You hadn’t realized how tense she was until she started to relax inside your arms. And once she relaxed you did too.
This felt right. Felt comfortable. It felt like home. It was a surprise you hadn’t felt it before, hadn’t let yourself feel it before. Or maybe you had felt it, you just didn’t realize that’s what this was.
“Vi,” you said against her neck. She shivered, giving you enough confidence to continue. “I love you too.”
She let out a happy sigh and wrapped her arms around your torso, pulling you closer to her.
“You don’t have to pity me,” she laughed, “I can take rejection.”
You kissed her neck in response, causing her head to fall back. She just gave you better access to leave a trail of kisses over her neck and that’s exactly what you did. You peppered kisses all over, and gently nibbled at her neck as you went.
Her hands went to your hips and tightly held on to you, like she was grounding herself. “Careful,” she said, “or you’re going to turn me on.”
You smiled as you lifted your head to look at her, “who says I don’t want to do that?”
Her hands quickly went from your hips to the back of your head before pulling you in for a kiss. A gentle and slow kiss at first, but Vi was hungry.
Soon you two were a mess, pulling at each other and trying to get closer. All you could think about was how badly you wanted to make her come, to make her legs shake and fill her with bliss.
You pulled away, meeting her needy eyes.
How had you not seen it before? Felt it? You loved her so deeply, and it scared you in a good way.
“I need you,” you breathed out.
She smiled, knowing what you meant. She nodded as you slowly made your way off of her and between her legs. She quickly pulled off her pants, and those were shortly followed by her panties.
You devoured her with your eyes, taking in the sight before you. She was already soaked and glistening, like a silent invitation.
You slowly dipped your head between her thighs, her taste overtaking your senses as you slowly licked up her slit.
She is heavenly.
You wanted her to use you, ride your face, to come undone all over you, but she didn’t make any moves to make you think she would. Her legs were starting to shake, and you didn’t know if it was anticipation or fear of letting go.
You slowed, giving gentle little licks before stopping completely and looking up at her. Her eyes were screwed shut tight, arms tense to her side. Was she scared?
“Vi, don’t hide yourself from me,” you said from between her thighs, “I want you.”
Her eyes blinked open, looking down at you, “you’re sure you know what you mean by that?”
You knew her, and she stopped hiding herself from you a long time ago. She was passionate and protective. And dominant.
You gave her a smirk, and nodded.
Her hand found a fistful of your hair, and you let her lead your head back between her thighs. Your tongue made quick work to circle her clit.
Her legs instinctively spread farther apart, giving you more access. You pushed yourself closer to her, feeling her wetness soak your chin.
Vi’s fist tightened its hold on your hair as you continued to circle your tongue around her clit.
She let out a quiet moan as she pulled you closer to her, and you gladly let her. Her taste was filling up your senses and it made you incredibly hungry. You wanted to do more. Give her more.
One of your hands went up to push her leg farther out, while the other went to her entrance. You slowly pushed a finger in as your tongue continued to lick over her clit.
Vi let out a loud gasp and a slew of curse words fell from her lips. It was like music, and the song wasn’t over yet.
You pushed in another finger, and relished in the feeing of her tightening around you. You pumped your fingers in her, letting the pads of your fingers brush over her sweet spot.
“Don’t stop,” she said breathless, both of her hands now entangled in your hair. Her hips were instinctively moving, grinding against you as you quickened your pace.
Her legs were shaking more now, and you knew she was close. She had a death grip on your hair, like she wouldn’t let you stop, couldn’t. And you didn’t want to stop.
You wanted to eat her out until she couldn’t feel her body. Bring her orgasm after orgasm until she begged you to stop, but for now one was plenty until you both had talked about what you were comfortable with.
You slipped another finger in, filling her up as you rhythmically thrusted them into her. Your tongue hadn’t slowed, keeping a steady pace, bringing her closer to what you both wanted. Needed.
She let out a loud moan as she came undone, your name slipping off her tongue. You carried her through it, only slowing when her grip on your hair loosened, before stopping completely. You slowly pulled your fingers out and licked them clean.
You’re eyes landed on her face as you gently ran your hands over her thighs, trying to help ease her shaking legs. She smiled down at you, her eyes now hooded and tired.
Her hand went back to your hair, and you fully expected her to pull you back between her legs. To come on your face again.
But instead she gently tugged you up to her face, bringing you back into her lap, before pulling you in for a gentle kiss. This time it was sensual and slow and sweet, and you liked it. This tender side of her you’ve rarely seen was filling you with a warm feeling you loved.
You love her. It was about time you realized it too.
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queer-charming · 25 days ago
This started as a warmup fic, but then it turned into this so I figured I'd post it. NSFW content under the cut.
Tumblr media
Title: Fun and Games
Rating: Explicit
Words: 4.1k
Content Warnings: Teasing, Blow jobs, Dirty talk, A little bit of a size kink, Light editing (Sorry)
Authors Notes: Not sure if I'll do a part two for this, but if you guys want one, I can see if I can put a part 2 together.
Frustration didn’t even begin to describe what you were feeling right now. It had been weeks, literal weeks of Viktor’s constant teasing. His light touches, his voice in your ear, his knowing looks. There was no way he didn’t know what he was doing to you. There was no way he didn’t know the way he spoke to you made you so worked up you had to take a breather, or the way touched you made your panties uncomfortably wet. How did this even start? This teasing game. It hadn’t been going on for very long, it started after a party, it was a gala thrown in honor of Hextech and you had shown up to show support for the boys.
You had looked amazing that night, a dress that hugged your body just right, that showed off just enough skin to be tempting, but kept you covered enough to leave plenty to the imagination. You saw the way the men at the party looked at you, even Jayce threw you an impressed glance. Would you ever seriously fuck Jayce? Probably not, but having his eyes on you definitely did a little something for your ego, and you’d be lying if you said the images of what it might feel like to have his hands on you didn’t come to mind for at least a moment.
At first you thought that Viktor wasn't going to be there, you knew he didn't really like these public gatherings, they were loud and crowded and he had more important work to do, so when you saw him standing near Jayce, a deep red dress shirt, a dark navy blue vest fitted tightly over his thin torso, he'd skipped the tie that night, instead opting for leaving the first couple of buttons of his shirt undone, showing off his clavicle, and you had confidently say that that was the first time you have been turned on by a fucking bone. He had a glass of champaign in his hand, but it was clear that he hadn't drank anything from, he probably only had it to keep the traveling wait staff from asking him if he'd like a drink. Viktor looked at you that night the same way he always did, if he was at all attracted to your dress, he did a very good job of not showing it. Part of you had been disappointed by this, there was certainly a part of you that wanted to know what Viktor looked like when he wanted someone, but considering what you knew of the scientist, you were almost certain this man didn't even feel lust. Lucky bastard.
You'd seen Jayce take plenty of lovers, bed warmers for the night or a fling for the week, but Viktor never seemed interested, completely driven by work, no time for pleasures of the flesh. On some nights, when you were a little tipsy or perhaps feeling confident in the privacy of your own home, you wondered if he ever took himself in hand, and if he did, what did he think about? Did he feel those urges? Did he want that release the same way you did, the same way Jayce did every time he took a new lover? He had to right? At least once, he was a scientist after all, even if it wasn't driven by lust, you imagined Viktor would have experimented with it at some point. The thought of Viktor, alone in his house, lights off or maybe dimmed, breathing a little ragged, hand wrapped around himself, experimenting with what felt good, it put an odd feeling in your stomach, a heat in your veins that you'd rather never have sex again than admit to it.
You had a hard time keeping your eyes off of Viktor for most of the night, anytime he was turned away from you, you would let your gaze rake over him, over his lean body, his long legs, his long slender fingers around the champaign flute. As the night went on, you started to wonder how much effort it would take to mess up his perfectly combed hair, what it would feel like to tangle your fingers through it. All in all, you ended up drinking more than you probably should have, eventually the night became a haze, a blur and next thing you knew, you were waking up in your bed in your home, no idea how you got there until you discovered the glass of water and note on your beside table, the note was simple, just a reminder to drink all of the water, it was signed Viktor.
After that, after you'd presumably drank enough to black out at the party, and Viktor got you home safe, it started, Viktor's insatiable need to fluster you. He started putting himself a little closer to you, letting his hands linger a little longer than he used to, but what really did it was his damned voice, and the way he'd lean down to whisper something to you, just loud enough for your to hear, letting his breath cascade over the shell of your ear, sending your senses into overdrive, making it just a little harder to breathe, all just to tell you something he certainly could have said out loud.
There was no way he didn't know what he was doing, somehow he'd found out about your attraction to him, because you absolutely were, attracted to him that is. How could you not be, with is angular features, tall stature and lean body, his intelligence alone had been enough to grab your attention when you first met him, the fact that he was handsome was just a bonus. You'd be incredibly annoyed at his actions if you weren't so god damned turned on by it.
Now it was time for your next question. Was he doing it because he was actually attracted to you, or was he doing it because he was conducting some weird experiment? Which sure, that last one sounded mean, but knowing him, knowing his curiosity, you wouldn't put it past him. Of course he'd never do it in a cruel way, you knew for a fact that if you told him to stop, he'd do it, abandon whatever hypothesis he was forming and move on, but the thing was you didn't want him to stop, you wanted him to keep doing it, go further even.
So here you were, sitting in the lab, attempting to get any semblance of work done while the very man of your desires also occupied the room, though so far he'd managed to behave himself. That, of course, did not stop you from looking at him though, eyes raking over his form as he faced away from you. He was casual today, vest forgone for just a simple dress shirt, only buttoned up until the top three buttons, which were left popped open, his sleeves were rolled just under his elbows, allowing him room to tinker with the prototype in front of him, hands buried to the wrist.
Currently you were pretending, rather poorly, to read the book in front of you while simultaneously grading papers that Heimerdinger had asked you to help him with. You have not made much progress. "(Y/n)." Viktor's voice tore you from your thoughts, he had yet to turn to look at you. "Come here." You stared at his back for a moment.
"Got a please somewhere in there?" You quipped, but you were already standing to make your way over to him.
"...Please." Viktor finally said, you could tell he was trying to sound annoyed, but you also heard the smile in his voice. When you reached him, Viktor finally turned to address you, looking down to meet your eyes. He held hand out to you. "Give me your hand." You looked at him incredulously for a moment before hesitantly handing him your hand, which he took and used to pull you closer, effectively eliminating the safe distance you'd put between the two of you. Viktor's hands were rough and callused, they showed the signs of years of tinkering and inventing, his hands were much larger than yours, nearly covering them completely as he inspected them, a look of focus on his face.
You could stare at Viktor all day and be content, but you had a particular love of watching him when he worked, the his brows furrowed, his eyes sharp and focused, his jaw set as he worked through impossible equations in his head. He was beautiful.
"You'll work." He said suddenly, his eyes flashing back to yours, breaking you of your staring.
"For what, might I ask?" You let him lead you over to the prototype he'd been working on. It was tall, a small opening on the front most side where you could see wires and bolts, plates of steel being held together by soldering.
Viktor pointed to a place deep in the machine, past a wall of wires and stability bars. He stood behind you, one hand on the edge of the opening, the other firmly planted on your waist, the touch felt hot, burning even over the fabric of your clothes. Viktor pulled your attention back to him with a movement of his hand near the machine. "Look inside there." He said right next to your ear, sending a shiver down your spine at the way you could feel his breath on your ear. You did as you were told, looking through the small opening.
"What am I looking at?" You asked.
"There is a screw that needs tightening in the back," Viktor started, never once stepping back from you. "I cannot reach it, but" He moved his hand from his machine to your hand at your side, holding it again, the same way he'd done earlier. "I think your hands may be small enough to reach." Next thing you knew, Viktor was handing you a screwdriver.
"This thing won't like... Electrocute me, right?" You asked, looking into the small opening, searching for the screw he was talking about. You found it eventually, hidden away behind two tightly placed stability beams.
"Of course not," Viktor said, pulling his hand out of view. "The prototype is unpowered." At that, his hand found its way to your other hip, nearly making you drop the screwdriver in your hand at the sudden contact, you had hoped Viktor hadn't noticed, but of course. "Are you okay?" His voice chimed, a very clear amusement noted in it, one that put the heat of both arousal and annoyance in your veins.
"Yep." You said quickly before sliding your hand into the opening. Viktor was right, you hand was just small enough to fit. This was a job that should have taken only a few seconds, just tighten the screw and pull your hand out, but right as your hand reached the screw, Viktor decided that was the time to get adventurous. You nearly yelped when you felt his index fingers slip under your shirt, just enough to touch your skin, but not enough to actually slide your shirt up. This was new, he was starting to branch into new territory. He was testing his limits, testing to see how far you would let him go before you stopped him. You steeled yourself, finally managing to get the screw tightened without dropping the screwdriver, but you didn't pull your hand back yet, because when you did, Viktor would inevitably pull away, and you couldn't think of anything you wanted less as you savored the feel of his body heat behind you, his fingers on your hips, you knew if you canted your hips back, you'd probably brush against him, you wondered what he'd do if you did.
Instead, after far too long had passed for such a simple task, you pulled your hand back, handing the screwdriver back to Viktor, who as you expected, pulled away from you, his hands separating from you, leaving you feeling far too cold. You almost told him to come back, but managed to hold your tongue, just barely.
"Thank you." Viktor said, placing the screwdriver back with the rest of his tools. You took a chance to glance back at him, and what you saw put a special kind of heat in your belly. To the average onlooker, Viktor looked completely normal, but you didn't miss the pink coloring on his cheekbones, the way he held his spine a little straighter, the slight tremble of his hands as he organized his tools, probably less because it needed to be done and more to just do something with his hands. You didn't know what Viktor looked like when he was attracted to someone, had never experienced that version of him before, but right now, looking at him, you imagined this was very close to what he'd look like, and it put a confidence in you. You felt a plan forming, however, looking at the clock, you didn't have time to initiate it, tomorrow though, tomorrow would be perfect.
You knew what you'd seen, and it answered a few questions, 1.) While Viktor may still have been conducting an experiment, he was almost certainly attracted to you. 2.) He did in fact get flustered, and you desperately wanted to see it again. Your plan was simple, you'd spent the walk from the lab all the way back to Heimerdinger's classroom, where you were expected to give a tutoring class, fleshing it out. You always wondered what Viktor looked like in the throws of pleasure, tomorrow, you would be sure to find out.
There were several factors to your plan, first and foremost would be what you would wear. You wanted to wear something that wouldn't get any strange looks from Jayce, but you wanted something Viktor wouldn't be able to take his eyes off of. The skirt you chose was short, long enough to cover all the important bits, but short enough to show off a significant portion of your thighs, your blouse was only buttoned up partially, leaving the top few buttons unbuttoned, providing just the slightest peak at the tops of your breasts, it was perfect. You were nervous as you made your way to the lab, but you were giddy too, you couldn't wait to see Viktor's reaction to your plan, but you had to play it perfectly, or you'd get caught, and you couldn't have that.
The words fell from your lips the second you entered the lab. "Jayce Heimerdinger is looking for you." You said. You felt a little bad for lying, Heimerdinger wasn't even at the academy that day, not that anyone but you knew that. You needed Jayce out of the lab, if only for 20 minutes.
"For what?" Jayce looked up from his notes.
"No idea." You replied as you watched Jayce stand. If Jayce noticed your attire, he made no comment on it as he strode past you. The second he left the lab you started counting down. You had 20 minutes, 30 if you were lucky, to play your game, time to get started.
Viktor had turned to look at you when you entered, his face perfectly schooled as he gazed at you, but you didn't miss the way his eyes dropped to your skirt before quickly snapping back up to your face.
"Good morning, (y/n)." Viktor said, turning back to his notes, though looking at the pen in his hand, you noticed his fingers were a little tighter around it than they usually were. Good. You waited until you were right behind him to respond, laying your hands flat on either of his shoulders before leaning down, whispering a calm good morning in his ear. He visibly tensed, and you were tempted to ask him how it felt to be on the other end of the teasing.
"What are you working on?" You asked, tossing a glance at the clock on the wall.
"Just comparing notes from yesterday." His voice was even, and far too calm for your liking. As much as you wanted to tease him a little more, see all the ways you could make him squirm, you didn't have the time, nor the patience for that.
"Sounds boring." Viktor made an indignant sound at that, you spoke again before he could respond. "I have a better idea." Viktor paused for only a moment before he set down his pen, turning his attention to you, hands on either armrest of his chair.
"And what would that be?" He was delibrately keeping his gaze trained at your face. That was fine. Without answering him, you stepped forward, using your leg to spread his, before sinking to your knees in front of him. The sound Viktor made at your actions was a combination of surprise and disbelief, and it made you vibrate with excitement. Your hands found either of his thighs, keeping his legs spread as you looked up at him. He seemed to rack his brain for a response, anything to say to you, finally something came to mind.
"Is Heimerdinger actually looking for Jayce?" He asked. You smiled.
"No." You said, your hands gliding up from his thighs to the buckle of his belt, tugging at it until it came free. His hands were gripping the armrests so tightly his knuckles were white as you moved on to the button of his pants, taking your time in pulling it open. You looked up from your hands to meet his eyes again, and what you saw in them made you pause, staring back at you, was a look of pure, unadulturated want, then a smug smirk found it's way to his lips.
"I was wondering how long it would take you to break." Viktor said as you pulled the zipper of his pants free. "Was worried you'd remain stubborn forever."
"So you were doing it on purpose." You supplied, pausing in your movements again.
"Of course I was doing it on purpose." Viktor said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "After what you said that night of the Hextech gala, I wanted to see just how far I could push you."
Your eyes snapped to his. "What did I say?" Viktor pinned you with a look, a look that said, 'I know something you don't' and it was driving you insane. He wasn't supposed to have the upper hand here, that was the entire point of your plan.
"All in good time," Viktor said, one hand letting go of the armrest, finding its way to your cheek, then to cup your jaw, his thumb coming up to graze over your lower lip. "Shouldn't you be occupying your mouth with something else right now?" You couldn't hide the shudder those words sent through you, the way you could feel how wet your panties already were at just those words. You didn't say anything else as you pulled down his pants and underwear, just enough to free his cock and fuck, he wasn't just big, he was intimidating.
You looked up at the clock, 15 minutes. With shaky hands, you wrapped your fingers aroudn the base of him, mesmerized at how big he looked in your small hands. Looking up at him, you found him in a similar state, it brought a whole new sense of confidence as you shot him a grin before leaning forward, placing the barest of kisses to his tip, savoring the hiss that came from above you. You took your time, dragging your tongue from the base of his cock to the tip, licking over the slit, already tasting precum.
"Been a while?" You asked breathily, close enough that you knew he felt your breath on his cock. He swallowed hard.
"Longer than I'd like to admit." The hand that had been cupping your jaw moved to your hair, pulling it out of your face and eyes so he could see you properly. You took only a moment to look up at him, meet his eyes as you took him into your mouth, just the head at first, laving your tongue over it, your eyes never leaving his as you felt his hand tighten in your hair. You gave a light moan at the way he pulled before sinking down lower.
While you were confident in your ability to give a mind melting blow job, you'd never worked with someone of quite his size before. You got three quarters of the way down his shaft before you had to bull back up, slowly, making sure he felt the press of your tongue over every inch. You made up for what you couldn't reach with your hand, pumping him slowly, using the slickness of your saliva on him to ease your movements.
You sank down slowly one more time before you sped up, finally starting to bob your head, taking him deeper on every down stroke. You heard him curse under his breath as his other hand found your hair too, pulling roughly, forcing a moan from your throat and gasping when it vibrated around his cock. You pulled off of him with an obscene pop, you hand making up for the loss of your mouth, pumping him in long fast strokes as you caught your breath.
"Had I known," Viktor started before he was inturrupted by his own groan. "That you were so skilled with your mouth, I would have pushed you to your knees much sooner." You let out a shuddering breath at his words, giving another wordless lick to his head as you took him into your mouth again. "You like that don't you, knowing what I would do to you."
You hummed around his cock, his responding moan accompanied by a rough tug to your hair as he pushed your head down just that much farther, making you take more of him. He was getting close, you could feel it in the barely there thrust of his hips, the grip of his hands in your hair and the rapidness of his breathing above you. You wanted to get him there, wanted to make him cum. Your eyes shot back to his, he swallowed hard at the eye contact. You were aching for him, soaking your panties enough to feel the slick on your thighs, you were tempted to reach down and push two fingers into yourself, you were sure he wouldn't mind the show, but you needed to focus, you didn't have enough time for that.
"Fuck," Viktor gasps, the slight movement of his hips becoming less coordinated as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. "If this is how good your mouth feels," He paused to take a staggered breath. "Then your cunt must feel amazing." You whined. You actually whined as you pressed your thighs together, bobbing your head just a little faster, hollowing your cheeks around him. "(y/n)." Was all he said before he came, filling your mouth and down your throat as you continued to take him. You didn't stop until he pulled you off of him by your hair, his softening cock slipping from your mouth with an obscenely slick noise. You looked up at him as you swallowed, seeing the way his eyes widened and his cock twitched with interest.
You helped him clean up, tucking himself away and straighten out his appearance. "You will be the death of me." He said, his voice was lax and hushed. You stood, leaning back against Viktor's desk.
"So what did I say to you that night?" You asked. Viktor just met your eyes, there was something new in them now, a look you had only just started to notice. Attraction. It was unhidden now, there was no long a need to hide it. He gave you a smug grin.
"Come to my apartment this evening and I'll tell you." He said. He was making an offer, one that, if you accepted it, it would change things between you forever, there would be no going back if you did it, it was either jump in, enact every fantasy you'd ever had of him and risk things maybe not working out in the end, or reject it and stay where you are, frustrated and wanting for a man you knew wanted you just as bad. It really wasn't much of a choice, was it?
"What time?" You asked as the doors to the lab opened and Jayce came walking through, a confused look on his face.
"7." Was all Viktor said before returning to his work, or at least, making a good show of pretending to.
"I couldn't find Heimerdinger." Jayce said as you started walking toward the doors of the lab.
"Hm, weird. I'm sure he'll find you." You said as you made your hasty exit. You had a date to get ready for.
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1mxg1ne · 5 months ago
League of Legends/Arcane - Vander NSFW
//brain fried from exams ,so here is a dilf to warm our hearts and insides
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex):
He'll ask if you need anything and then pull you over him to cuddle, one hand on the small of your back the other under his head, and as much as he genuinely would love to small talk, he always ends up falling asleep right after.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s):
Arms, straight up arms, he was and is a beast of a man he won't admit it but sometimes he flexes in the mirror just to see if he still got it (he does). On his partner he'd probably say something cheesy like their eyes, which is partially true, how prettily they shine when they are struggling to take him ,but also he is for sure a thigh guy, at any idle moment he and his partner have sitting at the bar or something he'll simply rest a strong hand on their thigh rubbing short circles while going along with any conversation he has to around him as if nothing is happening. Totally an ass slapper too, when you pass by him guard your back.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person):
Breeding kink, i am calling it, he fucks as if he is on a mission and that mission is to breed his partner as possible or impossible as it is for them to get pregnant.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs):
He has definitely stolen a pair of his partner's underwear keeping them in his back pocket, for the days they are not around, keeping their scent close to him.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?):
He has experience, if you ask him he'll simply chuckle, saying something about it being so long ago, but that man knows what he is doing, its almost scary how quickly he can find those spots that make his partner see stars.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual):
Anything that helps him get deep and anything that has him pressed as close to them as possible like, the cuddler and sidewinder for example.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc):
It depends on the mood, this man can do it all , sometimes he will tickle you to feel you tighten around him when you laugh, other times he is so intense his gaze makes you want to cower from him as he holds your jaw and stares you down after an argument, his other hand guiding your hand to his cock.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.):
Doesn't really shave or anything, probably really really hairy, but he tends to use whatever fruity shampoo or soap his partner brings so he smells good.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…):
Again he can do it all, he'll bring out an especially fancy wine he had been hiding after everyone left his bar, maybe play some romantic music and slowly help you strip layer by layer while kissing his way down your body.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon):
Before the kids came into his life he probably did it more often, fucking into his fist when he didn't have anyone next to him, after the kids though he tends to forget about taking care of himself in more ways than one, looking out mostly for them.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks):
Breeding, very minor roleplaying (would not be opposed to a daddy here and there, but expect to be called mommy in return, and expect him wanting to make you a mommy at some point if you know what i mean).
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do):
Before the kids, anywhere in the undercity, anywhere he could get his hands on his partner, after the kids come into his life though, the options are limited, not that he minds it much, he still gets the urge to simply bend his partner over the bar's counter, but he holds it in, most of the time.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going):
It could be anything really, its the simple things that rile him up, a particularly passionate argument, wearing his clothes, domesticity etc, he is a simple man, having someone long term does the trick really.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs):
Probably share his partner, he gets surprisingly jealous, especially if it’s someone younger, he'll joke about it ,but from the clench of his fists and the way he encourages you to be louder than usual, it definitely bothered him.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc):
He eats out like he is a starving man, strong hands keeping his partner's hips still as he dives in and won't get up until his partner's thighs are shaking around his head, only then will he step away right before they cum because his greatest pleasure is having then cum around his cock.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.):
Usually he will go for a slower pace, his cock going as deep as possible before pulling back and then back in again slowly keeping his partner close to his body, but if his partner asks or if he is riled up he'll simply pull their legs over his shoulders/arms and fuck the breath out of them.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.):
As much as he'd love to simply take his time, he knows someone will come looking for him, if its not the kids its someone from the Lanes, he simply had to get used to them, its fine really, he can simply lift up his partner and bounce then on his cock while kissing their fofehead urging them to cum quickly before anyone comes looking for them.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.):
Not as much anymore, there is so much to take into account nowadays he just finds it harder to be as adventurous as he used to be.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…):
He can last a long time ,grabbing the base of his cock and taking a deep breath whenever he feels himself losing control. If he has a goal in mind he's nothing but resilient.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?):
He'd rather get the job done himself in bed, kind of old fashioned in that sense.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease):
He doesn't have it in him to be too much of a tease, he can be rough, fuck you till tears run down your cheeks, but teasing is just not his thing, if its begging you wanna do he has other ways to get you there.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make):
He grunts ,these deep guttural grunts, he also talks a lot, curses and praises his partner calling them every variation of beautiful he can come up with and telling them how good they are to him, how wonderful they are doing and how beautiful they are.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice):
As much as he prefers giving oral, one of his main fantasies when he jerks off is his partner on their knees lips wrapped around his cock as he guides them slowly down to the base, feeling their throat squeeze the head as they swallow around his cock, he just wants to be taken care of , that's all.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words):
Oh lord, saying he is big is an understatement, he is big and especially thick, has some prominent veins that can really be felt when he is stretching his partner out .
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?):
Used to be quite high, but he had calmed down for a bit, once he has someone in his life again though, that fire is ignited again and suddenly it seems he is making up for those years he had to care for the kids.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards):
Once he is sure you are okay he just drops dead, and he 100% snores, like these long loud ass dad snores.
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