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#arcane vi
jen-iii · 2 days ago
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The bedroom scene has me by the throat and I like to think that they had a well deserved nap together afterwards
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terrapia · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Punch first, ask questions while punching!
Vi + that jump before delivering a punch
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piltovers-gayest · 23 hours ago
Vi: *is carrying all the grocies*
Caitlyn: *holds out hand to help*
Vi: *aggressively moves all the groceries to one hand to hold Caitlyn's hand*
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tsuki-kuro · 2 days ago
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Twitter: @anninosj
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deadly-flourish · a day ago
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You and Vi share a bath...
Fandom: Arcane (League of Legends)
Pairing: Vi x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Fluff with implied smut at the end, some swearing, mentions of nudity, blood and bruises
Word Count: 2,700~
Notes: Something mostly fluffy with our favorite misfit because I haven't written her in a little bit and the idea seemed cute 🤭 It was going to be smut at first but for now it's fluff but if you guys want I can write a continuation ~ 😈 Thank you for reading ❤️
The door to your work-shop creaked open and pulled your attention away from an old, musty book on engines and mechanics that you had been studying lately, trying to learn how to fix a gauntlet that your rebellious lover had left you with after an unpleasant fight with Silco's right-hand.
You had been trying to fix that weapon for days but found that no matter how many pierced and burnt pieces you exchanged for new ones, it just wouldn't glow that powerful blue you had seen in its opposite and you had no idea how to solve it without access to the hextech Jayce had used.
Turning away again from the metal glove you saw Vi stumble awkwardly around the small room for a few moments, searching for something among the many shelves littered with shiny trinkets and tools, metal and bronze scrap, decorative pieces from all over Piltover, jars of oil and more stinky books.
You could only see the misfit's back but noticed the dark stains all over her clothing, a slight limp on one of her legs and the way arm was curved, a palm touching ribs; all which you assumed were signs she had gotten into trouble after sneaking back top-side to try and rob hextech for you.
Sighing, you knew exactly what she was looking for and before she knocked something off and made a mess, you joined her side, popping the small door to the cabinet open to reveal bottles of cheap alcohol, some half-empty, others almost gone but all of them strong enough for Violet.
"I thought I told you to be careful…", you saw her quickly snatch a bottle and fumble with the cork, using teeth to pop it open and taking a swig of the alcohol before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, turning away to avoid your staring.
"I was…", Vi grumbled, dancing against the cabinet each time you tried to get a better look at the state she was in, obviously hiding from you.
"You got into a fight…", you sighed, moving faster to trap her against the shelves, arms on each side of her head. Then you could clearly see the dried blood around her nose, the dark bruise next to her cheek and clothing covered in blood and mud.
Vi looked away from your scolding gaze and tried to drink some more but you took the bottle away, earning a scoff from her. She pouted and crossed her arms, waiting for you to let her go but you kept an arm next to her, narrowing eyes at the other.
"I didn't...some dick-heads followed me as soon as I came back. Probably thought I had somethin' on me worth stealing…", she gave you a shrug.
"Well, do you?", eyebrows were raised, your eyes studying her hands -- completely empty. It seemed like the hit was a bust, though you expected that after the latest incidents in Piltover, security would be doubled and hextech would be kept hidden.
Vi bit her bottom lip, shaking her head up at you and though it wasn't that evident on her face, you could tell from the slight drop of shoulders and the flare of a nostril that she was rather frustrated.
"At least you're safe.", you reassured her, setting the bottle down to hug her softly, waiting for arms to wrap around you before holding her tighter for a brief moment before the smell of dirt and sewage reached your nose and made you pull away.
"Dear lord, you smell like shit…", you held your nose and cringed. She laughed, opening her arms and stepping forwards, trying to hug you again.
"Oh, c' didn't even give me a 'welcome back' kiss…", Vi pursed her lips and chased you around the room, making kissing noises at you.
You held a palm up, stopping her in the middle of your small office, peeking from between fingers at the pink-haired woman with a frown as she sighed and raised her hands in defeat, giving you space.
"No kisses, no nothing until you stop smelling like a rotting carcass. I'm going to run you a bath and then wash those clothes…", you said firmly before taking a hold of her wrist, pulling Vi upstairs into the quaint but functional bathroom. "Gods, did you fall into a ditch?", you cringed all the way towards the bath-tub, releasing her after closing the door.
Vi looked at you with an amused expression, peeking over her shoulder towards the closed door and then at you kneeling next to the tub to turn faucets and letting water start to run. Hot water in the undercity was a bit of a luxury and despite the other knowing this, she had never been the most eager when it came to bathing.
"I'm not gonna run away, y'know…", she pointed at the door with her thumb, "Yer making it seem like I'm goin' to ditch bath-time.", she chuckled.
You snorted, "Wouldn't be the first time…"
She started to undo the dirty bandages around her hands, tossing them into the sink, turning back to you with a grin. "That was before 'ya fixed the hot water! I hadn't had my ass blasted with cold that badly since I came out of prison…", she spoke, a hint of amusement in her tone as she got closer to kneel next to you, dipping hand into the water.
"Are 'ya going to hop in with me?", Vi asked, a familiar mischievous glint behind her eyes.
You felt your cheeks grow a bit warmer, turning head towards the faucet to avoid the piercing blue eyes from your girlfriend. "...yes but only if you promise to behave.", not that you wouldn't like to mess around with her but not when she stunk.
Vi smirked, brushing fingertips along the edge of the tub towards your arm, "I always behave.", she chuckled, finding your pout incredibly adorable.
"Fine! I'll behave…", she smiled, "... for now.", that last part was whispered but you caught it, pinching the skin of her palm, making her jerk it away.
"No funny business!", you pointed at her, standing up and starting to undress but stopping when she simply sat there and watched you with a smile.
"Violet…", your tone was stern but the wrinkles near your eyes betrayed you. You found Vi so stupidly endearing without even having to try that it was impossible to be upset at her for long.
She laughed softly and got up, taking the pink jacket off with a bit of effort, showing signs that she was sore. You gave her some time, watching as she undid the boots and removed her pants, not wanting to treat her like a child...but when she struggled with the hoodie and hissed, you took a step closer and took the fabric into your hands.
"Here, let me…", you offered a faint smile.
Vi nodded, letting you help her, a faint blush on your face making her eyes shine. She took care of the rest, peeking at you as you slowly undressed, none of it meant to be sexy but still so intimate that it made both of your hearts start to race.
"You're so hot…", she smiled, genuine affection underneath the mischief in her eyes as she took a good look up and down, enjoying your bare body.
You felt a bit timid under her gaze, though you knew you had been staring too and despite seeing her naked before, the sight of her muscular body covered in scars and tattoos still made you feel as warm as when you first saw her. She felt the same and knowing she was still so smitten made you full with a happiness you had never experienced.
"You should look in the mirror.", you teased, the small grin on her face making you forget what you were supposed to be doing. "G-get in…", you said, shaking yourself out of your little day-dreaming to grab a bar of soap and gather some towels.
The misfit slipped into the bath, giving you a perfect view of her toned back full of ink and her round rear which she shook intentionally, making you laugh softly before sinking into the hot water with a sigh. You followed and took a seat behind her, wrapping your arms around her waist to pull Vi towards you, resting back against your soft chest as you relaxed against the porcelain tub.
"I'm so glad only your clothes stink…", you hummed, brushing fingertips against her sides.
Vi raised an eyebrow, touching your arms with her marred hands underwater. "Why?", she asked.
"So I can do this…", you squeezed her closer and nuzzled the back of her head, earning a soft laugh from the pink-haired as she slid down a bit to lean against you better, resting head on your shoulder.
"This is...nice…", Vi mumbled.
It was -- a hot bath with the person you loved, being naked without any second intentions, just holding her close and letting her relax. It made you wonder why doing this never crossed your mind more often. Maybe you should take more breaks to just soak in the tub in general, though it never felt as nice as when you were with Vi. She added an extra layer of comfort that made you not want to leave until you two looked like human raisins.
"Yeah…", you smiled, looking down at her.
She smirked and closed her eyes, enjoying the few minutes of just being held while you gently caressed the skin on her sides and hips. You could stay like this forever...but the water would turn cold and you still needed to wash some of that smell and dirt off of her before you froze.
"Can I wash your hair?", you were already reaching for the soap, knowing her answer.
Vi sat up, lowering her head a bit so you could reach better. It was a bit old but you had a plastic mug next to the tub you could use to help wet her hair, collecting water and pouring over her head until the pink strands were flat against the back of her neck. You admired the way the drops of water caressed their way down her muscular back covered in tattoos, gears and clouds and rough edges to match the faint lines of scars from years of fighting and countless beatings in Stillwater.
You moved wet hairs away and leaned down to press a kiss to the back of her neck, tracing ink to shoulders, a kiss on each side. She made a small noise of surprise and you felt the muscles twitch against your lips before she relaxed with a little hum. You gave her a hug and then took the soap, carefully brushing against pink hair and using your hands to spread the bubbles, scratching lightly at the shaved part and combing through the longer.
"Oh, that feels great…", Vi chased your hand with her head, enjoying the way your fingers brushed against her scalp, humming softly. You thought it was cute how she did that and indulged her with some scratches before telling her to lean back and close her eyes so you could rinse the soap out.
Vi blinked up at you, offering a little smile, cheeks faintly pink from what you assumed was the heat of the water and the steam in the room...or maybe it was from you taking care of her. Either way, the misfit looked completely adorable -- staring up at you with those tender blue eyes, wide goofy smile and a light blush over her freckled cheeks. You felt your own cheeks grow a bit warmer, enamored by the way she looked at you so affectionately…
"You know, really are something...", you took a hold of her cheeks, caressing them with your thumbs, feeling her lean into your palm.
"You manage to look so cute and innocent at times that I completely forget how much of an imp you really are…", chuckling lightly, you let go of her face and took the soap, waving it in your hand.
"We were having a moment…", Vi scoffed.
"We can have a moment later.", you said with a snort, seeing her eyes light up and her lips curve into a wide grin, feeling her palms travel down your thighs. You squeaked, "Wait, no...not like that…!", and grabbed her hands, squeezing.
She pouted, "You're no fun…"
"I'm plenty of fun... just...not in the tub.", you cleared your throat, watching hope reach her face again. "S-so behave so I can get you all squeaky clean and then I'll consider…", you mumbled.
"Consider lettin' me misbehave?", she smirked.
You pretended to think for a second, not wanting to seem like you had made up your mind about how the night would end the moment you saw her undress. "... I'll let you misbehave.", you smiled at her and brought her hands up, giving each a kiss.
"Ye won't regret it…", Vi teased.
"Don't think I ever have…", the hint of lust in your eyes made her smile falter and you felt her switch positions, turning around to face you. You were a bit too flushed for your own liking but you couldn't help it -- just the thought of spending the night tangled up in her arms made you feel extra hot.
"Seeing you like this…", the misfit caressed your cheek with the back of her fingers, "You know it does things to me…", her tone was a bit deeper, darker...and it hit you right between the thighs.
Vi took your hand and pressed it between her breasts, squeezing your wrist gently. "Get to it then. 'Ya know I'm not very patient…", she let go of you and lowered her arms, watching your eyes glance down at what was in front of you now.
Collarbones, freckled skin, soft breasts barely hidden by the water and bubbles...your arm shook a bit as you started to work the soap against her, letting the bar travel between her breasts to her sides and then down, dunking it underwater.
She watched you with something other than innocent affection and her stare made your mind draw blanks. You saw her knees rise from the water slightly as she slid herself closer, resting legs over yours, the skin to skin contact making you bite your bottom lip to silence a little moan.
"Babygirl…", she took your chin and made you raise your head, blue eyes meeting yours in an intense stare that made you squeeze the soap so hard it slipped out of your hand into the water.
"I want to kiss you…", she purred.
Your eyes widened, not at the words she spoke but at the fact she wasn't just jumping on you and stealing a kiss already. It was weird but hearing Vi say that instead of simply kissing you made your heart skip a beat and put butterflies in your belly.
"Y-you can…", you offered a timid grin.
Vi pressed even closer, chest to chest, took your warm cheeks into her hands and leaned forwards, closing eyes and brushing lips against yours. The softness of her mouth made you hum and eagerly returned the kiss with a small moan, hands on her shoulders, tilting head to deepen the gesture.
You felt her teeth on your bottom lip, pulling on it to make you part your mouth, allowing her tongue to slip inside. She tasted like the liquor from your cabinet with the faintest hint of iron. You enjoyed the way her lips molded against yours and stole your breath away, leaving you panting slightly.
The pink-haired pulled away with a smirk, letting hands travel down the sides of your neck to your shoulders, caressing arms and stopping on your hips, pulling you closer, tighter against her warm skin as she held you for a long, long moment.
Water eventually turned cooler and made you sigh, having to break away to finish washing up before eventually leaving the tub. She wrapped a towel around you and stepped closer, trapping you between her and the cloth, her eyes studying your still flushed expression and your soft, moist lips.
You could tell what Vi wanted from the way she looked at you...that familiar blue growing thinner with the dilation of her pupils, eyes staring at your mouth, her lip caught between her teeth, pouting, waiting for you to let her make a move and you couldn't deny that you wanted to give her what she wanted.
So with a kiss to the corner of her mouth and your hips pressing against hers, you gave her the signal to start... misbehaving...
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violet-power · 22 hours ago
Do I read all the fics that are set between Vi and Caitlyn’s conversation on her bed and them seeing the Council ?? Yeah. Are like 75% smut? Also yes and I love it. Do I actually think they had sex? No.
I think absolutely nothing sexual happened. I think they laid there on that bed together, barely even talking. I think Vi hadn’t been comfortable ever since she tried to save her father figure like 10 years ago and is finally able to sit for a moment because she knows Caitlyn’s got her. That moment where she held Cait’s hand to her face is pretty much the first time in literally years where she was able to control who touched her. And I think Caitlyn knew how important that was and didn’t even try to dig into Vi’s past or anything else like she could have.
So yeah, I think they just napped.
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icedhoney-stuff · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They are so gonna be end game. Can't wait for the kiss scene, take all the time you need Riot and Fortiche. Make it happen or else
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myselfsquared · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jumping on the Arcane bandwagon because holy hell this show is GOOD and Vi is... uh 👀 nice. good. very good.
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redborowski · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
At first I wanted to draw smth sweet, but I ended up drawing smth horny instead ... oh well
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starborn-fae-queen · 2 days ago
I was wondering how Jinx’s hair got so long and went down a hilarious and adorable rabbit hole. So, we know when Powder and Vi were very young they both had short hair, and Vi has always kept her hair short. So it’s safe to say that Vi doesn’t know how to brush, braid and maintenance long hair, or even care to. But Powder’s hair is longer than Vi’s in act 1. And I think this is because Vander has been brushing and braiding Powder’s hair for her, because she preferred it long. So, when she eventually ended up in Silco’s care she would have asked him to do the same, and in the beginning maybe he would have refused. But then she’d start crying and saying that Vander always did her hair for her. And Silco instantly goes into jealous father mode. So he becomes increasingly dedicated in caring for Powder’s hair, which is how it got so long. All out of spite, so he can tell himself that he is in fact better than Vander at completing at least one fatherly duty.
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vi-is-badass · a day ago
I love that Caitlyn met Vi for the first time in prison, learned that she was beaten on a regular basis, and then decides that she is gonna protect Vi from then on.
Vi’s beaten daily in jail? Get her released. Vi’s bleeding to death from getting stabbed? Trade her rifle for medicine. Thinks Vi is getting tortured by the firelights? Try to bargain for Vi’s release and stay behind. Vi needs help stopping Silco who wants her dead? Goes before the council to argue for intervention. Vi is tied to a chair by her sister and has Silco trying to convince Jinx to get rid of Vi? Gets free and tries to protect her from Jinx and Silco.
(I know the situations are way more complex than this but it’s kind of funny thinking about it like this and how quickly Caitlyn took to Vi and decided that Vi must be protected)
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