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Y/N: look at what the cat dragged in.
Vi: oh screw you!
Y/N: I wish you would.
Vi: you’re incorrigible. C’mere!
Vi grabs Y/N and yanks them into the nearest room.
Caitlyn: well that’s one way to keep love alive. I-I think that was my room.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
so true
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Better Boyfriend
Vi x f!Reader | Modern AU | NSFW +18 | wc: 3.8k | After your current boyfriend cheats on you, Vi decides to leave the party with you and keep you all to herself for the night, doing all the things he never sufficed to complete.
Warnings: mention of smoking, alcohol, fingering, oral, thigh riding, praising, back-scratching, hickeys.
A/N: FINALLY WROTE SOMETHING FOR VI. I love her okay? And 'boyfriend' by Dove Cameron made me do this. I'll post something for Viktor next week. Anyway, enjoy in horny jail <3
Tumblr media
It would be a lie to say you didn't see it coming. You were a magnet for jerks, too many heartbreaks leading on fantasizing about the bare minimum anyone could do for you. This time seemed a bit different, not because you didn't expect a break-up, but because he wasn't the one you wanted to hold dear.
You didn't notice it at first, but someone else sure did.
No heartbreak shook you, just the empty feeling of disloyalty and betrayal implanted deep inside your chest. Fidelity and devotion were qualities you valued: broken trust meant cutting ties.
Music echoed through the wall you laid against, volume loud enough for you to listen clearly from the second floor of the house. You would be down there, dancing and having the time of your life if you hadn't caught your boyfriend shoving his hands down another girl's skirt, making out on the dancefloor.
You chuckled in irony, amused by your intuition predicting how things would pan out. However, that empty feeling stayed, and you hated it.
You didn't smoke often, yet it was the only distraction you could come up with. Cigarette between your fingers while searching in your pockets for a lighter, disappointed by not finding any. Your now-ex didn't have one either, he never did anyway, and you didn't intend on going back to the first floor to borrow one.
Your disappointed sigh got lost by the music as you rested your head back on the wall and placed the cig between your lips, eyes closed while trying to send your thoughts away.
Somehow, you successfully stopped thinking about him when you felt someone leaning beside you.
"Hey cupcake, need a light?"
An unconscious smile appeared on your lips when you heard her voice, finding her closer than you thought when your eyes opened. The flame from the light glowing on her icy iris as she smirked. You replied with a knowing look, leaning until the cigarette's tip touched the fire, eyes never leaving hers as you inhaled a bit of smoke.
"Thanks, Vi."
Vi was sure something, catching your eye in the university's hallways more times than you'd admit. You met through mutual friends, yet the subtle glances you shared never seemed to be noticed by anyone but you; although neither could do much about it since whenever she was single, you were already dating someone and vice-versa. Regardless, you got to know the other better, fun complicity blossoming between you both.
She saw you take another puff before speaking again.
"Mind sharing?"
You arched a brow. "I thought you didn't like smoking. What changed your mind?"
She shrugged as her hand reached for the cig.
"There's a first time for everything."
You never saw her smoke before, but the unbothered look on her face as smoke escaped her mouth became one of your favorites. She tapped the ashes when finished like she'd done it before, locking eyes with you again.
"Yeah, this shit is not for me," the lightly disgusted grin she made sure was new for you as well.
"Then give it back!" you laughed as she handed you the cig, mimicking your laugh.
Her hair shook a bit when she scanned the room, confused.
"Where's this boyfriend of yours anyway? He's always glued to you."
Her eyes gave you a worried look when you didn't reply, nervously fidgeting with the cigarette between your fingers before breathing it in again. She knew you enough to guess what had happened.
"He's down there, isn't he?" You were caught off guard by the anger hidden in her voice, an irked tone underneath each word. Her bandaged hands turned to fists by instinct. "Come with me."
You would've asked where if she hadn't dragged you down back to the first floor, almost sprinting. Her hand intertwined with yours guided both through the thick sea of people dancing until your ex appeared in sight, making Vi curse under her breath when she saw him still kissing this other girl. She didn't waste any time and pulled him back by the shoulder, punching him right in the nose before he could complain, slamming him to the floor.
"Vi!" you yelled above the music as she shook a bit of blood off her knuckles. Everyone present couldn't help but giggle and whisper how good of a punch that was. You nervously chuckled along, glad everyone agreed he deserved it.
Vi turned back to face you, the grip on your hand softly tightening. You expected a cold gaze from what just happened, but the playful smile she gave you was enough to take your breath away.
"Wanna leave this place?" A mischievous spark lit inside her eyes, playfully captivating to yours.
Your eyes replied with the same emotion. "You don't even have to ask."
Her smirk made you smile back, ready to go to the door.
"Where the hell do you think you're going with my girlfriend?"
Her thick eyebrows frowned as she turned back, looking down at your wounded ex, who bluntly wiped the blood from his nose. She would have laid another punch aimed to his eye, but tonight time was worth more than gold.
"You lost the pleasure to call her yours, asshole."
You saw her motorcycle parked right in front of the house. Vi sat on its seat and threw you the only helmet she had, which almost slipped from your hands when you caught it.
"Are you sobber?" you asked her while accommodating the helmet on your head, it fitting quite loose.
The bike roared along her smirk appeared. "Completely, angel. So, am I taking you to your place?"
"No!" perhaps it was the lonely feeling inside your chest that made your tone almost beg, so you regained the lost composture. "I... forgot my keys."
Bulshit, you just needed an excuse to stay near her. She saw through your lies but kept a quiet smile; she knew you better than you gave her credit for and didn't plan on leaving you alone tonight.
"My place then?"
You nodded as you walked towards her, sitting right behind her. You planned to hold onto the back of the motorbike, but your plans changed when Vi grabbed your wrists from behind her, wrapping them around her waist.
Her cocky smirk appeared as your arms pulled you to her, the leather from her red jacket warmingly welcoming your touch.
"You might wanna hold on tight, angel," she warned, leaning towards the handle as the motor roared harder.
"What do you mean by tha—"
A high-pitched yell scraped your throat when Vi drove off at full speed, her laughter echoing on the empty streets and fading amidst the night as she felt your arms hugging her for dear life. You weren't used to experiencing adrenaline, not because you hated it, but because the chance to didn't strike often; but your heart racing alongside hers and the shot of joy spreading from your veins and showing in the form of cheerful howl as the street lights passed by in a blur... Damn, it was addictive.
Her apartment wasn't far from the party, so you arrived within minutes. The place was rather small, enough for a college student to live in, but cozier and warmer than imagined.
"Wanna wait for me in my room? I tell you, the couch is not comfortable," she said as she unraveled her bloody bandages.
The bedroom door was right in front of the kitchen, so you had no problem finding it. A lamp lit the room from the nightstand as you sat right at the edge of the bed, surprised at how soft the black bedspread was. Through the door, you saw her hands stretching at twitching once the bandages were off, which made you frown.
"You got hurt?"
"From throwing a punch? I'm not that weak, angel." She cocked a brow in your direction as she opened one of the kitchen cabinets. "Down for a drink?" She approached you and sat next to you, tequila bottle in hand and two shot glasses in the other.
You chuckled. "You don't drink at parties but here, huh?"
She poured the two glasses full, icy eyes piercing yours kindly as she grinned proudly.
"Well, I only do when my companion is worth the shot."
You grabbed the shot from her hand, eyes still locked while you chugged it down, blaming the burning feeling of your cheeks on the alcohol and not on her words. She seconded you and refilled both glasses again.
"So, wanna talk about what happened back there?" She looked concerned, knowing what getting cheated on felt like from past relationships.
You adored the warmth inside her eyes as she asked. She genuinely cared about how you felt, making your heart heavy.
"Is there anything left?" Your fingers carefully played around the shot in your hand, eyes glued to the floor. "You saw it yourself, sorry for making you cause a scene."
She chuckled at your response, "To be fair, I wanted to punch the bastard long ago."
Your frowned, confused. Vi didn't know him at all and never really got to talk to him at campus, just rolled her eyes whenever she saw you two together.
She discreetly scratched the back of her neck, no reply coming from her mouth as she chugged her drink down instead.
"Are you hurt?" She still avoided your question.
"Disappointed, not hurt tho. I'm aware he wasn't big of a deal."
Her icy eyes beamed intrigued, raising her scared brow as her hand carefully reached for yours, her warm familiar touch was softer than you remembered. When was the last time you held hands?
"Then why did you keep dating him?"
Yeah, why did you keep dating him?
Maybe because Vi was already dating someone else —who she broke up with a week after, perhaps you hoped her reactions when she saw you two together existed out of jealousy, or you just wanted the feelings for her to go away since you couldn't have her.
However, you just drank another shot. No reply came from your lips, just a sufficient smile that left Vi's mind wandering.
"Was he at least a good lay?" She mockingly asked.
"Oh, fuck no." You laughed under your breath, not realizing how fast you answered. "He's just like the rest of the people I've dated."
That seemed to pique Vi's interest, especially after your hand kindly stroked hers and your head fell atop her shoulder. Having you right next to her sure was making her mind a mess. She put both your hands on her lap, rubbing the back of yours with her thumb.
"So, none of your partners ever made you cum, cupcake?"
You shook your head, aware you would probably regret getting all talkative after drinking. "All of them cared more about their own pleasure, they forgot mine was also important." You left out a heavy sigh, subtly rubbing your cheek on her red jacket. "The good part is I become a master at faking it."
"That's not how it's supposed to be, (Y/N)."
Her voice was low but assertive, the mention of your real name took you by surprise since Vi had a fixation on calling you by different nicknames.
Pet names, almost.
Her hand grabbed your chin, making your face her. Blue eyes scanned your face as she pulled you close. Your foreheads touched just enough for you to appreciate all of her features: from the scar on her eyebrow to the tattoos on her face and neck... and that damn scar decorating her upper lip.
She gave you time to pull away, to escape if you wanted. But it was Vi, you would never pull away if it came to her.
"Wanna hear a secret, cupcake?" Her thumb traveled from your chin to your lower lip, gently pressing it down as you nodded, unable to speak. "I could be a better boyfriend than him."
Her lips almost brushing yours were all you could think about, eyes darkened looking right at yours, catching your view on her lips.
"Fuck, I could be better than all of those fuckers. I'd do the shit they never did." Her nose nuzzled yours, smiling when she noticed your breathing getting heavier. "I wouldn't quit until I had you begging for more, sure, that's if you let me."
Your eyes glued to hers, daring and honest, expecting for your consent to proceed. The all-mighty Vi, who did whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, awaiting permission from the girl that drove her insane since day one.
"You think you have enough stamina for that?" you teasingly asked, aware of the answer.
"I think I can handle you, hot stuff. I'm a boxer..." Her hand dropped to the back of your neck, playing with the hair he could reach. "My fists aren't the only thing I know how to use."
"Then show me."
Anyone would have laughed if you told them Vi followed someone's orders, you would have even. But any possible laugh died on her lips as she devoured yours. She tasted like tequila and danger, you noticed it from her smug smile whenever your lips parted, just collide them back together. It was roughly soft, something you both were dying to taste for longer than you could put into words.
She froze for a second when you took control of the situation, sitting on her lap and hugging her waist with your thighs, letting her witness the heat that burned inside your body from beneath your skirt; but she didn't fall far behind. A dense gasp left your mouth when her teeth grazed your lower lip, generously bitting it after.
"What's the hurry, angel?" Her hands slipped under your shirt, the temperature difference delightedly contrasting on the skin of your back as her fingertips and nails skimmed it up and down, glad to notice you weren't wearing a bra. "I thought I'd be the impatient one."
"That wouldn't be new."
Your fingertips traveled from the side of her face to her neck, tracing the tattoos that continued down her back and arms, hidden by her clothes. You got to view them shortly once at the gym and wondered what the big picture would look like ever since.
"Wanna see the rest?" Her eyes yearned for your all, impatient as she's always been whit the things she desired.
You replied by sliding her jacket down her arms, throwing it to a corner of the room to follow the paths of tattoos down her arms. All those hours she spent practicing and competing at the ring sure paid off.
Her smug smile appeared as she helped you remove her white shirt as well, revealing more of the black ink and a chest covered in bandages just like her hands were before. You would have unraveled them if Vi didn't switch positions, hands on your hips as she turned your back to the bed, calmly crawling atop your physique.
"Trust me, (Y/N). I'd love you to undress me completely. But tonight is about you and only you." Her nose brushed the crook of your neck before a kiss in the spot made you shiver. "We'll have another night for me later. okay?"
No time for a reply was allowed when she took your shirt off, almost ripping it from your body, followed by her pants, leaving her in underwear and bandages only. Her eyes wandered all over your exposed torso, admiring every single part of you: the way your uneven breathing made your breast tremble, the wet path of kisses glistening on your neck down to your collarbone, how your still-on skirt hugged your wist as it rode up your thighs...
"You're beautiful," she whispered breathless, one hand right beside your face as the other helped her take off your skirt and remaining clothing. Such tenderness never showed inside her eyes until now, hypnotized by the sight of your now naked self underneath her, "I mean it, every part of you."
Your hand caressed her cheek as she lowered her face to yours, brushing her 'VI' tattoo with your thumb. "You'll make me fall deeper for you."
She guided your hand to her lips, placing a kiss on your palm, then the inside of your wrist. "I better, (Y/N). I fell long ago."
Her lips took possession of your flesh once again, kissing and sucking every part they found, leaving red marks on your neck down your cleavage that screamed you were hers. Her mouth stopped on one of your breasts, tongue circling your nipple as her hand fondled the other, her big palm from fighting and callous fingers from fighting, somehow soft going over your flesh, stroking it as she enjoyed the faltering panting you tried to keep to yourself.
Yet she wanted to set them free.
Her free hands brushed your belly and slid slowly between your thighs, flattered to find you dripping wet by her caresses. Your cheeks burned when you noticed, you didn't remember anyone who could get such a reaction from your body, but Vi's touch felt like burning heaven.
"Pretty receptive, I see." She smiled proudly, her fringers generously tempting your entrance.
A whimper escaped your lips as she continued her teasing, barely grazing your pussy for a couple of seconds before inserting one finger, taking advantage of how lubricated you were already, followed by another finger curling up inside you. It felt nothing like touching yourself, it was livelier, more intense. You couldn't help but moan to her touch, hands clenching to the sheets as your legs opened slowly to give her more access.
"You sound so sweet," Vi teased.
"Shut up."
Make me was the response you expected, but her mind plotted something different. You wanted her mouth shut? As you wish. Mischief bloomed in her eyes as she carefully put your legs over her shoulders and buried her mouth in your dripping cunt.
Your brain stopped functioning there.
She knew what she was doing, fuck. She really did.
Her mouth ate you out masterfully, tongue swirling around your pussy, sucking onto your clit while her fingers fucked you skilled, taking a fancy on hitting and curling them on that soft sweet spot that drove you crazy.
Your eyes rolled blank and your back arched to her pace, toes curling as she continued. She loved the view you gifted her, all control lost out of the window while your hands clutched to her hair and your thighs trembled around her head, mouth ajar, 'more' being the only coherent word you could form in between panting and whining delighted by her attention.
Your reactions were getting to her, aroused like never before, and Vi promised herself you both could enjoy many other nights you could return the pleasure she was giving you.
"Vi, please. I'm close," you cried, yearning for the orgasm that trained up inside you, waiting to be released.
"Keep calling my name, (Y/N)." Her words vibrated on your clit before she withdrew her mouth from you, replacing her tongue with her tumb, delighted by your louder begging. "I wanna hear you."
Your arms wrapped around her neck, pulling her to you as her fingers hustled inside, her lips barely brushing yours.
"Vi," you moaned, planning to keep going before her lips covered yours briefly. The sight of your eyes darkened by desire drove her mad.
"Cum for me."
Your body obeyed instantly, coming undone on her fingers, mumbling her name again. Vi hissed delighted by the sudden scratching on her back as you climaxed, right above her bandages; she didn't take you for one to enjoy it but smirked at the confirmation, kissing your forehead and waiting for your breathing to even as you still enjoyed the shadow of your orgasm.
Fuck, she was better than anyone.
She sat down and helped your —now— weak self get on top, her strong thigh in between your legs. The lovely overwhelming warmth of your skin atop hers provided comfort neither of you experimented often, but gladly could make it a habit.
"Tired already, angel?" she asked, cupping your face with her hand. You shook your head, sure you could continue for a while. "Then is your turn to take action."
Her thigh made you shiver as she brushed your already stimulated cunt, hands on your waist to help you move and grind as you pleased.
"You have no idea how many times I wished you were mine," she whispered as your hips move, your face hidden on the crook of her neck where your moaning died as you kissed all over it, "how I wanted to steal you from him, kiss you. God, you were all I could think about."
Your hips riding her thigh, constantly rubbing your most perceptive spots as she praised you made your mind hazy, only able to think about how good you were feeling from everything she gave you.
Vi didn't stand behind: your image lost in the thrill as you rubbed and moved your hips on it was more than enough to please her.
"I'm here now," you let out, arms around her neck and kindly scratching down her back as you continued, "yours completely."
You didn't notice the subtle blush on her cheeks, but the sound of her gentle laugh drove you to the edge. She noticed, of course, by your movements getting faster and your uneven gasps,
So you found her voice alluring, huh?.
"You're doing so good." her grip tightened around your waist, following the pace you marked. "You can't imagine how much I adore you."
You bit her neck and sucked gently when the orgasm overcame you, causing a hickey you knew you'd wear proudly, legs around her waist as she hugged you back, reminding you how good you were for her. You kissed her lips once again before your eyes started closing.
Vi chuckled. "Don't worry, cupcake. We'll work on your stamina later."
You woke up inside her muscular arms as her head rested on your chest. You never saw her as calm as when she slept, the though facade vanishing, physically exposing her kind heart in her sleep. Carefully, you escaped her embrace and got out of bed, looking for some clothes to put on in the mess you made in her room. You found your underwear, but none of your clothes was near to be found.
But Vi's red jacket was, and curiosity took the best of you.
You put it on quickly, staring at your reflection on the full-length mirror she had in her room. The scent of leather completely overshadowed by her own perfume on top. It felt good, comfortable even, just like the embrace you got out of.
Luckily you felt her strong arms wrapping you from behind as her chin rested on your shoulder, admiring your reflection wearing his favorite piece of clothing.
"Morning, cupcake. Told you my clothes would fit."
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abadbitvh · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Y’all— idk wtf were they trying to do with this, but ik it did something to me 🛐
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luvmei · a month ago
easily flustered
vi x f!reader hcs゛ ⿻
Tumblr media
pair → vi x femme reader, friendly & bashful
cw → fluff, nsfw, not proofread, rushed
✦、i needed to post something, man i really need more determination to finish things.. i'll try have trembling out asap * ₊ ・
vi takes pride in the fact her bare voice can make you shy away, but she'd never take advantage of you with that
you're referred to as things like vi's lamb because of your sheepish persona
she finds you adorable and melts at the way you're so friendly, in zaun kindness is extremely rare — not to mention stillwater. you're like a diamond from the bottom of the sea to the pinkette
people may find the pair strange, a headstrong woman with a sensitive and polite lady. some bystanders may insult you two but vi always just covers your ears, "don't listen to them. i love you no matter what, we're okay."
she makes sure not to be too gruesome or violent when beating their faces in as to not scare you. they couldn't just walk around freely and go unpunished now, could they?
has a tendency to zone out on your face (especially your cheeks) and watch it deepen into a rosary pigment, nearly matching her hair
you find vi so beautiful that keeping eye contact is extremely difficult. her flirtatiousness doesn't help at all — constantly burying your face into books or palms in attempts to hide. that pretty little head of yours always ends up in her hands though, "oh, no no please don't hide. let me see that pretty smile.."
when vi had introduced you to caitlyn anxiety began to bubble up within you. cait was neat, proper, and very composed — polar opposites.
the thoughts kept flooding in and your smile had faded moments ago, vi noticed the shift of atmosphere. she never failed to reassure and comfort you, "you are everything to me y/n, that bashfulness is a part of you; it's special and charming. even if that changed i would still love you continuously."
strange as it may sound, because of excessive blushing you resemble a hand body? warmer. vi runs very warm and finds the fact you're warmer extremely comforting. some days she just needs a break and takes deep naps with you in her arms or vice versa
this girl is so head over heels for you. all she's known is to toughen up and be on guard, yet your carefree and welcoming personality is so refreshing. you're her reminder that it's okay to not be so strong. any second spent with you is euphoric to her. the rabbit hole of love has her so deep that she see's you as an angel in disguise
"so perfect.." yes, most of the time she's a sap but the sly part of her tends to outshine that display of adoration. straight knees were placed beside yours, toned arms laid against your head, pinning you to the seat. in this position vi could see every feature of yours, "you're so cute like this. i wonder though, what kind of expressions would you make in bed?"
that happens quite often..
sometimes people just hand things to you since you're too afraid to ask, but vi wants to hear your voice no matter what. she constantly teases and encourages you to speak more, "come on angel. don't be afraid, what do you want?
being shy can be stressful. vi did research with caitlyn about people who are often anxious and learned it causes tension in the body. expect some nightly massages
orders food for you and never leaves your side when trading with merchants. okay okay w
god, why is she so hot
if you ever decide to try and mute yourself with a pillow just know it'll be tossed to the side eventually. don't even try use your hands to hide yourself because they'll soon be pinned above your head
she takes great care of you, in many ways. peppers kisses from your jawline down to the neck and shoulders as a distraction for the hands between your legs
vi wants to see, feel, and taste all of you. she simply doesn't let you try and 'hover' over her. no way. her face will be your throne whether you like it or not
you try and repay her, yet most of the she just denies it and says, "don't worry about it cupcake. your pleasure is mine." she actually gets off to you feeling good, but there's no way you're just gonna sit around being a pillow princess 24/7
when she does let you repay her though you're showered with praises, she tears up slightly the first time. nobody had treated her so gently, "god you're doing so well.. ah! fuck. i love you i love you i love you."
bought a clear strap with sparkles to not "scare you" the first time (?) it was awfully cute
many people were intrigued by your friendliness and kindness, they tried to flirt or take advantage of you but luckily there were always priorities to save you. now that vi is here, she helped you realize what everybody had been doing; by taking you home herself though.
you told vi you were anxious at first about how she'd react to your body, that very same day she cherished you, slowly removing every piece of clothing with an affirmation. litters kisses on every part of your skin and kisses your tears of happiness away.
the pinkette slowly lowered the straps of your dress, "you're so beautiful. did you know that?" "you tell me everyday.." hands trailed up from the small of your back up to your temples softly, "and i mean it every single time." her lips met your collarbone and slipped off the rest of your garments lovingly yet oh so slowly; watery eyes began to form from the amount of love you were receiving. vi kissed away the tears that were trailing down your cheek. "if i had met you sooner my love, i would spend every single second i had giving you the good things you were deprived of. " the moon shone so perfectly on your skin. "i wouldn't mind dying to the sight of this." vi shamelessly thought. she took care of you in that same pace, lovingly, painfully slow. you're her angel — you deserve it all.
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cammys-imagines24 · 6 months ago
•Taking Care of Injured Vi•
Tumblr media
Now, if this was you who were injured, oh boy, would you be getting an earful.
Vi would have her crabby face on full force.
Her nonstop litany of you being stupid to endanger yourself would be more painful than the injury itself.
But, since this is Vi who's injured, everything is fine.
"It's no big deal", "it's just a scratch", "it's worse than it looks", are her favorites phrases.
Phrases you have never bought when it's so obvious when her literal stab wound is not "I just fell over, don't worry about it".
And, since Vi gets into fights a lot you've learned how to play nurse really well.
Even though your patient is stubborn, pigheaded, defiant and doesn't know what's good for her.
It is definitely not the easiest of tasks getting Vi to be compliant in being tended to.
What makes it worse is that she is far, far stronger than you.
So, you can't just force her on the bed and tie her up till she gets better.
You tried that once and even though the pinkette was all too willing to be on the bed with you... that night you never got a chance to attend to her bloody knuckles at all.
It seemed that whenever you did want her to lie down or get some rest, to her that meant sex.
Not that you minded, obviously, but she needed to get her priorities right.
When she's bleeding out it is so not the time for her to want you to sit on her face.
Vi will complain the whole time you are scrubbing her cuts clean and pulling out shrapnel from her skin.
She'll wince from the alcohol you'd have to pour over her battered flesh to disinfect it.
"You should see the other guy."
She'll tell you through gritted teeth as you stitch her up.
"I swear, cupcake, I barely feel it."
She'll reassure you, as that's what comes naturally to her. Being the strong one. The one needing to be strong for others.
But, Vi could never lie to you. And, you were her home. She could let her walls down around you.
You knew all about her past. You knew all the hurt she's faced. How she had to keep on standing up no matter how many times she was knocked down.
You also knew of her time in prison, how the wardens and her fellow inmates used to get a sick kick out of ganging up on her.
You knew she had her bad days where her previously injured shoulder from when she was a kid was acting up.
Deep down, Vi knew she couldn't be tough around you. You saw right through her pretenses and nonchalant words.
Vi knew that you knew her better than anyone else and it damn near made her cry.
She hated worrying you, that's why she pretended to be better than she was but what was the point when you saw the truth?
Vi felt weak when she got hurt and if she's not strong enough to protect herself then how can she properly protect you and what's the point of anything if she can't protect you?
She trains so much, she shouldn't be getting hurt in the first place.
She should feel secure that nothings gonna harm you so long as she's here.
But, Vi makes mistakes. She uses her fists first and head second sometimes.
And, because of this she's upset you more times than she wishes to tally up.
She's even made you breakdown from some of the more severe damages she's taken over the years.
"I'm sorry, sweet. Don't cry for me."
She'd say, all bandaged up, pulling you close and not caring about the sting your body pressed against hers caused.
You'd try to shove her away, knowing that she must be in pain with your form against her hurt muscular one.
Vi wouldn't give a damn. She'd embrace the sting of her raw wounds so long as you remained in her arms.
"I swear, babygirl. I'll try to be more careful."
"Good, because you have to live for me, Vi."
You'd tell her, kissing the scar upon her sweet, full lips.
Vi would melt.
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maries-gallery · 3 months ago
Could you write an Arcane x fem!reader scenario where they're about to have sex together for the first time and they figure out reader is wearing a full set of lingerie under their clothes?? Please and thanks (ps, love to see people finally writing for Caitlyn 🤤 you're doing the lord's work)
Please Caitlyn is so underrated and yet she has such enormous potential.
characters : vi, jinx, caitlyn
genre : nsfw, mdni
warnings : dirty talk, use of sex toy, overstimulation, praise kink, oral sex (reader receiving), dacryphilia, female bodied reader
Saying that Vi was excited for your first time would be an understatement. She's been thinking about holding you and feeling your skin against hers for so long, she can't hide the blush dusting her cheeks as you stand before her, heart hammering in her chest at the thought of finally getting to see all of you. 
And for a moment she forgets how to breathe, mouth gone dry, unblinking as she takes in the sight before her.
You always look gorgeous in her opinion, but the sight of you in this lace lingerie set, pert nipples peeking through the thin fabric... knowing that you chose it for her...
She wants nothing more than to worship you, drink you in and have her fill. 
Her head is buried between your thighs, your legs perched on her shoulders as she pushes you against her mouth. Her eager tongue lapping at your heated core and fingers digging in the plush skin of your thighs as she she keeps you in place, pulling you in for more.
She moans against you, spurred on by your hands raking through her pink hair, pulling on the strands to bring her closer, a sweet sound between a whine and a plea escaping you. Your back arching off the bed and features scrunching up in pleasure as you ride the edge of your release. 
"mmmh'm... fuck... you taste so sweet, cupcake... so pretty for me..." She praises, kissing your puffy clit, a loving smile curving her lips at your whimpers of her name. You're so close. So so close to your release, and she'd be damned if she made you wait any longer. "Come on, cum for me, sweetheart. Cum on my tongue, yeah ? Wanna make you feel good, so... so good..."
If you thought Jinx would be like anything else than a child in a candy store, you were wrong. She can't wait to see all the different expressions you make for her, can't wait to tear moans of her name from your throat and can't wait to have you crying out in pleasure.
She has so many toys to try too and so many ideas of how she could make you unravel for her!
So the moment she sees you in that black lace set she is dead set on having you cry her name by the end of the night, overwhelmed by pleasure and dizzy from the amount of releases she’s pulled from you. 
Her eyes glim with wild passion and excitement as she steps closer to you and pushes you down on the bed.  
“Got all dressed up for me, toots ? Shame am gonna have to take these off to fuck you though.” She says with a grin, fingers already hooked under the hem of your panties and sliding them down your legs, hand cupping your throbbing heat, a smirk curving her lips. “Am gonna take good care of ya, ‘kay ? Make ya feel so so good, muffin.”
And she does, your thoughts an incoherent jumble as she pushes her strap inside of your still pulsating cunt for another round. Tears prick at the corners of your eyes as you choke on your own sobbing calls of her name, her hips rolling against yours and plastic cock prodding at your sweetest spot. Edging you towards another release with every drag over your plush walls. 
“Another one ? I know you’ve got it in ya, muffin. Look at you, ‘s too good right ? Cock feels too good ?” She asks, a thumb wiping away the tears rolling down your cheek, “Oh you’re crying! How cute!’
Caitlyn wants to make your first time memorable for you, something you’ll remember forever. And she had everything planned out, flower petals on the bed, lit candles in your room, a nice bubble bath ready for the two of you once done...  She wanted this to be perfect for you.
It takes a moment for her to recover from the sight of you clad in pure white lingerie, shyly fidgeting on your feet as you ask her if she likes it. And she can’t believe her silence made you insecure, because have you looked at yourself ? You are divine!
She shakes her head, hand gently cupping your cheek as she moulds her lips against yours for a sweet kiss. “It’s perfect, love. You’re absolutely perfect.” She assures with a smile.
She takes her time with you, slowly stripping you, hands and mouth on your soft skin, leaving a trail of adoring kisses in her wake, drinking in your gasps as her fingers part your folds to dip in your dripping warmth.
You shudder underneath her as her digits caress your inner walls, pulling wanton moans from you with every stroke to your spongey spot, every grind of her palm against your core, her thumb drawing tight circles on your sweet pearl. 
“Shhh, I’ve got you, love. Part your legs a bit more for me, okay ?” She instructs, whispering against your lips, helping you by nudging your thighs apart for you, “Right, just like that. Doing so well for me, love.”
@levi-my-beloved @pockcock (when I say that you need to watch this series)
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darklcy · 16 days ago
Hola!Can I request an arcane headcanon where the reader who has a habit of playing with their own hair?And what would be the arcane characters reaction to it?Ty!
.: arcane masterlist :.
𝐟𝐭 -> 𝐯𝐢, 𝐣𝐢𝐧𝐱, 𝐜𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐲𝐧, 𝐞𝐤𝐤𝐨, 𝐯𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐫
°𝐀𝐑𝐂𝐀𝐍𝐄: 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐚 𝐬/𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐨 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐫 °
Tumblr media Tumblr media
my heart. as we all know, she’s not accustomed to physical affection as much as she should be, seeing how the only physicality that flew her way for the past few years had been a series of beatings.
and being so stubborn, she absolutely denies being touch starved
so the first time you touched her hair she just. froze
she’d been at the kitchen table wrapping her arms up when you found her, giving her a sleepy grin and moving to stand behind her chair to watch
“hey there,” she grinned at you.
you hummed. “g’morning.”
nonchalantly, your fingers grazed through the pink strands in the direction the spiked bangs laid, eyes staring off in thought
vi instantly looked up. she didn’t say anything at first, initially expecting you to stop
but you just kept going
she awkwardly clears her throat. “uh, whatcha’ doin there…?”
you blink a few times. “oh sorry. force of habit..”
your fingers stop their movements and she frowns.
“oh.. well, i mean…if you wanna keep doing it, i mean..you can.”
you grin again and continue the action, earning a deep sigh from her.
this becomes a regular occurrence from then on between you two. either vi will lay herself on your lap or rest her head on your chest, but always you running your fingers through her scalp.
and almost every single time she drifts to sleep. and then you do, too
Tumblr media
on the complete opposite side, it didn’t take long for you to realize jinx was not opposed to affection at all.
in fact, she was usually the one initiating it! with koala-bear embraces or poking your shoulder or bumping your head with hers, etc etc.
so you didn’t really think too much of it when you played with her hair the first time
you approached her at her work desk with a happy smile, jinx throwing back her head to greet you before going back to whatever it was she was messing with
“what are you working on?”
“hmm.. just some stuff. you knoww.”
before she could go further into detail your hands sifted up and down her braids, twirling the ends around the tips of your fingers
when she felt the slight tugging sensation she paused and lifted her goggles to peer at you.
you were too in your thoughts to notice her giggling.
“having fun there, tink?”
“what was that?”
she raised a brow and looked at her braid laying in your hand which caused you to laugh.
“ah, my bad. it’s a habit of mine.”
she giggles again and goes back to her desk. she’s not like vi where she absolutely adores the feeling, it’s kind of more just a thing that happens every now and then that she goes along with
Tumblr media
no because how can you resist he’s got the coolest hair ever
i picture him as pretty introverted when it comes to affection, it takes a lot of trust and time to open up to someone seeing how he’s lost a lot in his life
it’d have to be pretty long into the relationship before he ever drops his full guard around you, and when he finally grows accustomed to pda is when you touched his hair for the first time
“hey. they said they’ll be ready to head out in 10.” you called out to him from the doorway.
ekko gave you a brief glance and grunted. “got it. just gotta finish this up.”
you trudged over to where he was sat on his mattress, an open journal and pencil in hand.
“what are you doing?”
“..journaling. writing down thoughts about tomorrow, and the future. it helps clear my head.”
you hummed while sitting on your knees beside him, fingers moving to twist the ends of his dreads.
he chuckled. “what are YOU doing?”
you paused. “ah. it’s a habit, i do it without thinking sometimes.”
he closes his journal and bashfully looks away.
“well, it’s…not a bad habit.”
very sweet about it, and gets super embarrassed about it every time you compliment or care for his hair afterwards
Tumblr media Tumblr media
as we transition to topside, caitlyn i feel has experienced tender affections before
maybe not so much now as an adult, but growing up her mother would style or brush her hair every now and then, and she didn’t realize how much she missed the feeling until you did it to her
her hair was a bit tangled after a day’s work, you noticed, after laying in bed with her for a couple minutes
she was preoccupied with reading a new novel, while you stared at the blue locks framing her face
“how’s your book going?”
she scoffed. “pretty interesting, actually. the knight has just torn up the city searching for his soon-to-be-bride, but the bride’s actually the one who ran away from him in the first place.”
she lightly shook her head. “sometimes these characters are so dramatic, but still entertaining.”
you laughed while raising a finger to brush a strand of hair behind her ear, the tip of your finger lingering in her scalp a bit longer
caitlyn peered at you through the corner of her eye.
“are you staring..?”
you blinked a few times and grinned. “maybe. but it’s also a habit of mine to play with hair, sorry bout that.”
she cleared her throat. “no need to apologize.. it felt nice, actually.”
your grin grew wider as you sat up to play with her hair more properly. as the night stretched on, caitlyn felt herself leaning more and more into your touch.
every now and then, you’ll experience the more tender, soft moments with her like this one, and they always leave the most impact in your heart
Tumblr media
sweet, sweet, man
so touch starved and deprived of love he wants to be held so bad i just know it
of course, the moments he desperately craves breaths of release and relief is when he’s overworked in his lab
dark circles under his eyes, notes scattered on the desk, body aching
one night he didn’t come home at the usual time, hence the reason for you stumbling into his lab unannounced
he was barely awake in his chair, upper body leaning on the desk and eyes starting to close
“i think it’s time for bed, hun.” you calmly spoke while weaving your fingers through his messy hair
he sighed at the feeling while sitting back up. “..you might be right about that.”
you smiled as you stared at his notes, mindlessly reading them all. you didn’t notice the way viktor leaned his weight onto your hands caressing his scalp, eyes closed yet again
your fingers stilled. “oh, sorry, i didn’t realize i was still doing that.”
he shook his head.
“no, i enjoy it..feels nice after a day like today.”
it took a while for you to get him to leave the lab following the interaction
viktor refused to fall asleep without you playing with his hair first after that night. even if it’s to relax for just a couple minutes, he comes to you for the relief of stress
A/N: for some reason, every time i typed this request out on my computer it kept deleting, so i wrote this on my phone so hopefully the layout isn’t too weird!! hope you enjoyed :)
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valyawrites · 6 months ago
I Can't Live Without You
Vi x Reader
Summary: You and Vi have a fight about how she almost died on the job and then you kiss and makeup. The first half is really angsty and the second half is just smut. That's it, lol. Enjooyy
Length: 5.6k words
Warnings: Language, excessive drinking, yelling, fighting, mentions of vomiting, mentions of blood and a gunshot, SMUT, oral sex, a little bit of degradation, begging, thigh riding (idk if those last two need a warning but I'll leave them here). (please tell me if ypu think I should add any more).
Reader's gender is not specified but they do have a vulva, so keep that in mind.
Author's note: Phew! Writing this was a RIDE. The first half of it was written in a single 12+ hour long sitting and the second was just me struggling to write fully-blown smut for the first time ever, so, at this point I have no idea if this is any good or not (probably not, but I digress). Like I have stated before, I am still in the process of getting back into writing so please don't expect a masterpiece. That said, I hope you enjoy! 💕
“They could have killed you, Vi!”
“I told you, I’m fine!”
“You got shot!”
“It’s healed now, so what’s the problem?!”
“You know that’s not the point!”
“Then what is?!”
“I could have lost you Vi! I could have fucking lost you! That’s the fucking point!”
Your voice broke and tears started falling from your eyes - the thought of losing the love of your life too much to handle. You took a deep, shaky breath and shook your head.
“I can’t deal with you right now.” You said, rubbing your temples, too emotionally exhausted to keep arguing. Making your decision, you walked past her, headed straight towards your apartment door.
“Where are you going?!” She asked, grabbing your wrist.
You ripped it away from her grasp and walked out, not even bothering to answer.
“You can’t just walk away from this!” Her voice was loud and clear through the paper thin walls of your building, but you didn’t turn back. The truth is, you didn’t know where you were going. All you knew is that you couldn’t be near her right now.
She’s unbelievable! You thought as you marched down the stairs.
She has the nerve to get mad at me for worrying?
She’s a reckless idiot half the time! How am I supposed to not worry?
If the roles were reversed she would be just as pissed, if not more!
One of these days she’s gonna get herself killed!
Angry thoughts swirled around in your head, serving as fuel as you moved through the busy streets of the Undercity, now with a clear destination in mind - the bar. You usually weren’t one to drown your sorrows - not with booze anyway - but today… today you really needed it. At least that’s what you told yourself as you stepped through the doors of ‘The Last Drop.’ It was crowded and loud, the thick scent of booze and cigarettes hanging in the air. Just like you remembered. You made your way to the bar and took a seat.
“Haven’t seen ya ‘round here in a while.” The bartender, Callum, said casually.
“Hey.” You responded, not wanting to make small talk.
“So what brings you here? Trouble in paradise?”
“It’s Vi.” You said curtly.
He let out a sigh, clearly understanding right away.
“The usual, then?”
“Yeah, please.”
“Coming right up.”
A couple of minutes later, Callum slammed your drink down in front of you and you took the glass in your hand. You stared at the clear liquid inside, contemplating whether a hangover in the morning was worth forgetting tonight.
Fuck it.
Making your decision quickly, you lifted the glass up to your lips and downed the entirety of its contents, sealing your fate for the night.
“Hey! Hey! Wake up!”
You felt someone shaking you, but you were too tired to face the world so you ignored it and tried to go back to sleep.
“Come on! Vi’s here and she’s gonna kill me if she finds you like this...” You heard Callum say.
You groaned at the mention of her name.
“Fuck Vi!” You yelled, still angry about the fight that had brought you here in the first place.
“Glad to see you too, cupcake.” Said a voice from behind you.
Vi’s here. Wonderful.
“What do you want?” You said bitterly over your shoulder.
“I’m here to take you home.”
“Well, what if I don’t wanna go home?”
“Yeah, that’s not an option.” She said, taking your arm and swinging it around her shoulder.
“Come on. Up you go.” Vi encouraged you.
You groaned in response and stayed still, trying to make yourself as heavy as possible in protest.
“Come on, sweetheart. Don’t be like this… How could you let them get this drunk?” She asked Callum, one eyebrow raised in obvious disapproval. You surged in anger at her words - how dare she talk about you like that? Like… Like you were a little kid whose babysitter allowed them to stay up past their bedtime?
“Am not a fuckin’ child! I can make my own choices, y’know?!” You slurred, standing up too quickly and losing your balance.
“Yeah, I can see that.” She said as she caught you in her arms, preventing you from falling flat on your face.
She swung your arm around her neck once more, but this time you were too tired and nauseous to resist her help, so you slumped against her and let her half-carry you out of the bar.
The walk back home was silent… or as silent as it could be in the Lanes, anyway. Neither one of you spoke a word, but you both knew that there was a lot being left unsaid. You could tell Vi was angry, both from the scowl on her face and the way she was staring so determinedly ahead, like she didn’t want to look at you. And maybe, just maybe, you thought, she had the right to be. You had disappeared on her for who-knows-how long and you had gotten black-out drunk by yourself. So maybe she wasn’t completely, entirely, absolutely in the wrong.
But I have a right to be angry too.
The fresh memory of Ekko busting through your door with a barely conscious Vi in his arms flashed through your mind. “Enforcers,” you remembered his words, clear as day, and the deadly weight that he spoke them with. And how could you forget the sight of the woman you loved, almost bleeding to death from the wound on her side? Or the feeling of her flesh as you dug out the bullet with your bare hands? Or the sound of her cries as you passed a needle through her skin, sewing the wound close, stitch by stitch?
Worst of all was the dread that you felt as you waited for Ekko to come back with medicine from the apothecary. You sat there for what felt like hours, unable to do anything but attempt to cool her down as her fever spiked and her breathing became labored. You held her hand through it all, the fear that it may be the last time that you did slicing through you like a knife…
“We’re here.” Vi said as she opened the door to your shared apartment. You’d gotten so lost in your own thoughts you hadn’t realized you’d walked all the way back home. She helped you over to the bathroom and sat you down on the toilet. Your head lolled back against the wall and you closed your eyes, the exhaustion of the night’s events finally settling into your bones. You felt yourself falling asleep and welcomed it, but the sudden sound of the shower spray startled you awake.
“Hey, hey. Look at me.” Vi crouched down in front of you and took your face in her warm, bandaged hands, tilting it down to meet her eyes.
“You need a shower.”
You furrowed your brows. What was she talking about?
“Whatdaya mean? Why?”
She chuckled at your question. “You hurled all over yourself, cupcake. Sober you would kill me if I let you go to bed with pukey clothes.”
“I threw up?”
“Yeah, twice actually.”
A vague memory of countless empty glasses at the bar flashed through your mind in that moment.
“Makes sense.” You said weakly.
“I’m gonna need you to take your clothes off sweetheart. Can you do that on your own or do you need my help?”
“Think I can do it by myself.”
You undressed yourselves as the water got hotter and steam filled the small bathroom. When you finally managed to take all your clothes off (which took you longer than usual, given your current state of intoxication), Vi helped you step into the tub and under the warm shower-spray. Too tired to stand, you sat down and allowed the water to hit your back.
The two of you stayed mostly silent as Vi washed you, only breaking the silence when she needed you to turn around or move a certain part of your body. On any other occasion, this would have been very relaxing and even sexy, but tonight, the air was thick with tension - and not the good kind. There were so many things you wanted to say, but you couldn’t bring yourself to say them. So you just sat there and said nothing, merely waiting until Vi was done.
Soon enough, the shower shut off and Vi helped you step out of the tub, making sure you didn’t slip on the wet tile floor. At this point, all you wanted was sleep, so you were quick to dry yourself off and put on some clean clothes, only brushing your teeth because Vi reminded you to.
As soon as you were done with your night-time routine, you rushed off to your shared bedroom and collapsed on the bed, eagerly awaiting the sleep you so desperately needed. Right before you fell asleep, you felt the bed dip behind you and a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you close to their owner.
“Thank you for tonight.” You whispered, barely awake.
She kissed your shoulder in response, as if to say “don’t mention it, cupcake.”
You woke up to the sun shining brightly in your face. On most days, this was welcomed - nothing felt better than cozy sheets that had been warmed by the sun’s rays, after all - but today, however, it was not. Your head was pounding and your body hurt all over, a clear and obvious consequence from your very, very poor decisions the previous night. In hopes of shielding yourself from the intense light coming from the window, you turned around and pulled the covers over your head.
You had every intention of going back to sleep, but the delicious aroma of coffee convinced you otherwise. Swinging your legs off the bed, you took a second to stretch your tired body before standing up and making your way to the kitchen.
“Morning.” Said Vi, as she moved around the kitchen, grabbing ingredients.
“Morning.” You said back.
“How are you feeling?”
“Better, thanks.”
“That’s good.” She replied, curtly.
“I made coffee. Yours is on the table.” She continued.
“Thanks.” You said as you grabbed the mug and took a sip, not knowing how to address the obvious tension in the room.
“I’m going to the gym today.” She mentioned, now pouring flour into a big bowl.
“Yeah, I got that new workout routine I wanna try.”
“That sounds fun.”
Oh god, this is so much worse than the yelling.
“I guess I’ll go to the market - get some of that stuff we’re missing.” You said, trying to keep the conversation going.
“Oh, could you get some eggs, then?” She asked as she used up the last ones, adding them to the mystery batter.
“Yeah, sure.”
At this point, you didn't know what was worse - the awkward small talk or the oppressive silence.
“So we're just not gonna talk about it?” You said, finally addressing what was clearly on both of your minds.
“What’s there to talk about?” She asked, now angrily pouring milk into the bowl.
“Come on Vi, we can’t keep running away from this.”
“If I remember correctly, you were the only one running away last night, cupcake. I was more than happy to talk, but I guess you just couldn’t ‘deal with me’.”
Your heart dropped as you remembered the cruel words you had spoken to her in your anger, not even realizing how heartless they were in the moment.
“Vi… that’s not what I meant.” You said with a sigh.
“Really? What did you mean, then?” She asked with a sarcastic tone, as she started aggressively whipping the batter.
“It’s just…” You started, trying to find your words.
“It’s just what?!” She insisted as she let go of the bowl, hands slamming down on the counter.
“It’s just that you don’t listen, Vi! You’re always ‘more than happy to talk’ but you never actually listen to anything I say!”
“Well, I’m listening now, aren’t I?! So come on! Tell me what you want to say! Tell me all these things that I apparently never listen to.”
“See? You’re doing it again!”
“Doing what?!” She yelled, finally turning around to face you.
“You’re dismissing what I say, Vi! You’re dismissing my very real - very valid - concerns!”
“Why? Because I won’t quit the Firelights everytime I get a scratch?!”
“I have never asked you to do that, and you know it!”
“Maybe not in so many words, no. But I can tell you’re thinking it - hoping for it, even!”
“Of course I think about it, Vi! Of course I hope for it! You’re the love of my life, you dumbass! If I could I’d never let anything hurt you! But I’d never ask you to do that!”
“Then what the fuck do you want me to do?! How are we supposed to make this work, huh?!”
“I JUST WANT YOU TO BE MORE CAREFUL, GODDAMMIT.” You yelled, your voice breaking into sobs. Your shoulders quivered as you wailed, and you sat down on the couch, feeling like your knees were going to give out on you.
Vi’s eyes went wide as she watched you from the kitchen. She had never seen you break down like this, and she wasn’t quite sure what to do. She stood there for a second, unsure, before instinct kicked in and she rushed over to you.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey.” She said gently as she crouched down in front of you. She cupped your cheeks in her hands, trying to coax you to look at her, but you wouldn’t budge.
“Come on, cupcake. Look at me.” You shook your head, sobs still rocking your body. You didn’t want her to see you like this - eyes red, cheeks wet, runny nose - you didn’t want her to see you so weak.
“Please, baby. Please look at me.” She was begging at this point, which she never did, so you obliged her, tilting your head down to meet her eyes.
“There you are.” Vi said with a smile as she wiped your tears away with her thumbs. She sat down next to you on the couch and pulled you into her side. “Come here,” she whispered as tucked your head into her neck and lifted your legs onto her lap, wrapping her arms around you.
Vi stroked your hair as she let you cry into her chest, her arms tightening around you every time you let out a particularly loud sob. You clung to her like a lifeline - finally letting all your pent up feelings out - the anger, the sadness, the fear you felt every time Vi walked out the door to go on Fireflight business, never sure when - if - she’d come back. The two of you stayed like that for what felt like eternity, cuddling each other in your own little bubble where nothing could hurt you.
Finally, your wails subdued and your breathing relaxed enough for you to find your voice.
“Vi, I don’t want you to quit the Firelights.” You said, as you lifted your head from its spot on the crook of her neck and turned to meet her gaze. She merely nodded in acknowledgement, encouraging you to continue. “I know how important they are to you and I would never ask you to give that up. Nor would I want to.” You let out a sigh, still reeling from the intensity of your break down.
“That fire, that - that - that drive in you, to fight and to stand up against those Topside assholes - it’s one of the things I love about you.” You continued as you raised your hand to stroke her cheek.
She leaned into your touch, placing her hand over yours and leaving a soft kiss on the inside of your wrist.
“I just -” You exhaled, trying to find the right words.
“Want me to be more careful?” She completed your thought for you, repeating your earlier sentiment, making you giggle.
“Yes... You can be so reckless, Vi. And I know, I know, I knew what I was signing up for from the very beginning. But I just wish you thought a little bit before you jumped into danger, y’know? It’s not just your life, anymore, baby. It’s our life.” You bumped your forehead against hers, further emphasizing your point.
“And three days ago, when Ekko brought you here… God, Vi. You were so pale, and your eyes - it was like you were already dead.” You gripped her hand, voice breaking once more.
“And I really thought you weren’t gonna make it. And it’s like a life without you flashed before my eyes and Vi… that’s not a life I want, ok?”
“So please, just, please. Promise me you’ll be more careful. Please. If not for your sake, for mine.” You pleaded.
“That’s all I ask.” You finished with tears running down your cheeks again.
You sat up, stunned at her words.
“‘Okay’? Just ‘okay’?”
Was she being sarcastic? You honestly couldn’t tell.
She looked you dead in the eye and placed your hand over her heart. “I promise that I’ll be more careful from now on, okay sweetheart?” She said genuinely, gripping your hand in hers.
“Just like that?” You asked with a sniffle.
“Just like that.” Vi nodded and you let out a sigh of relief.
“Expected more pushback?” She asked, wiping your tears away once more.
“Well… to be honest, yeah.”
She laughed. “You are severely underestimating the power of your puppy dog eyes, cupcake.” You let out a giggle at her words and pushed your head against hers.
“I love you.” She said, softly.
“I love you, too.”
“And I’m so sorry, for what I said last night, and for running out and disappearing on you and -”
“Hey, hey, hey. It’s okay, it’s okay. I forgive you.” She shushed you as she cupped your cheeks with her hands and pulled you closer. You looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, finding all the love and reassurance you both needed right there. Vi’s gaze shifted downwards, to your lips, and then back up to your eyes, silently telling you what she wanted.
With a gentle smile, you leaned in and pressed your lips against hers. Vi’s hands slid down from your cheeks, to your neck, making a final stop at your waist. Yours, on the other hand, made their way to her pink hair, where you buried your fingers as you pushed her closer to you.
Swinging your left leg over her lap, you straddled her, her hands immediately going to your ass, pushing you down against her. You gripped her hair by the roots and pulled harshly to the side, exposing her tattooed neck to your lips. Starting at the sensitive spot below her ear, you trailed kisses and bites down her skin, reveling in her tiny moans as you did.
“Fuck, cupcake..” She said, out of breath, as she cupped the back of your head, encouraging you to keep going.
You smirked at her words - you had no intention of stopping. You licked your way back up her neck and bit her ear, coaxing a whimper out of her lips. “Take this off, baby.” You whispered, grabbing at the collar of her jacket. Vi didn’t hesitate, practically ripping off the red garment before getting her hands back on you. “This, too.” You said as you helped pull off her undershirt, leaving the top part of her body completely exposed.
You let your eyes wander over her form, taking a second to appreciate the utter work of art that she was - her sculpted shoulders, her muscular arms, and fuck, her tits -
“Enjoying the view, cupcake?” She asked teasingly, knowing perfectly well that’s exactly what you were doing. “Can you blame me?” You teased back as you rolled her nipples between your fingers. You leaned down to take one of them into your mouth, biting just a little before turning your attention to the other one, making sure to give it the same love and attention. Vi was a panting mess at this point, and you couldn’t help but smirk to yourself, proud of your work.
You stood up from her lap and kissed her on the lips when she turned to look at you, confused. You stepped back before she could pull you into a deeper kiss, and kneeled down in front of her. Looking up at her through your eyelashes, you placed your hands on her thick thighs and started rubbing them, making your intentions clear. Vi nodded, answering your silent question of consent, and you got to work pulling down her pants. Given her position, she had to shift around a little bit to get them off, but soon enough Vi was wonderfully bare before you.
Without breaking eye contact, you spread her legs, and pulled her to the edge of the couch, lifting one of her legs onto your shoulder. You teasingly bit the side of her knee and kissed your way up her inner thigh, occasionally stopping to suck on her skin. “You’re gonna leave marks, babe…” Vi said, out of breath.
“That’s the point.” You responded, emphasizing your words with another bite to her skin. You kept teasing her, kissing, licking, biting at her thigh - fully aware that you were driving her crazy. “Come on, cupcake.” She urged you, trying to push your head to where she needed you most. You were tempted, of course - you loved going down on Vi almost as much as you loved her. But you wanted her to beg.
“What’s the magic word?” You asked, looking up at her smugly as you sucked a mark onto her skin, loving the way her head lolled back against the wall in pleasure. You turned to the other leg and lifted it over your shoulder as well, licking a long line up her calf and knee until you reached that sensitive spot on her inner thigh. You bit down hard - “mhh” you heard Vi moan above you - and you soothed over the teeth marks with your tongue.
Her hands came down to push your head against her pussy and you lightly slapped the inside of her thigh in reprimand. Vi knew exactly what she had to do if she wanted your mouth on her - the brat was just too stubborn to do it. “Come on, baby… Just say it.” Your hands trailed up her calves and past her thighs, reaching up to grab her breasts. “You know you want to…” you continued, twisting and pulling at her nipples. She lifted her closed fist up to her mouth and bit down, clearly fighting the urge to give you what you wanted.
Realizing you needed to up your game, you sat up so you were at eye level with her stomach. You planted a kiss right above her belly button, and then another one on her lower tummy, kissing your way down until you were face to face with her pussy. You took in a deep breath before diving in, inhaling the scent of her, knowing it always made her blush. “Fuckin’ finally…” Vi muttered under her breath, burying her hands in your hair.
Rather than giving her what she so clearly wanted, you upped the teasing. You licked at the sides of her cunt and around her clit, purposefully avoiding the place where she wanted you most. She let out a loud whine, finally realizing what you were up to and you felt your own pussy clench at the sound- there was nothing better than a needy, desperate Vi. “You’re killing me, cupcake.” She breathed out.
“You know what you need to do, sweetheart.” You said teasingly, looking up through your eyelashes to meet her eyes. She shook her head “no” - stubborn, little thing. “It’s just one tiny, little word,” you said as you now rubbed small circles around her clit, “you can do it.” She bit her lip and you knew you had her where you wanted her.
“Fuck… please.”
There it was.
Giving her no time to prepare, you pulled her closer by her legs and dove in. You swirled your tongue all the way up to her clit, no longer holding back. For what must have been the fifth or fourth time that night, her hands found your head and shoved it against her pussy, only this time you didn’t resist. Instead, you lapped at her folds, shamelessly groaning at her taste.
“Fuck, Vi… You’re so wet.” You said breathily, pulling away for a second before burying your head between her legs once more. You flattened your tongue against her core and licked up her slit. Vi bucked her hips against your face and you pushed down against her hips to keep her as still as you could. You started circling her clit, but a sharp tug at your hair told you the time for teasing her was over - and you agreed, finally wrapping your lips around her clit. You sucked at the bundle of nerves, coaxing a very loud moan out of your beautiful girlfriend. Bringing one of your hands down, you gathered some of her wetness and pushed two of your fingers inside her.
“Augh!” She groaned as you curled them, pushing them against that spot inside her that always made her weak. Her eyes squeezed shut and she gripped at the roots of your hair - she was close. With newfound determination, you drove your fingers deeper into her and intensified the pace, using your other hand to lift up the hood of her clit so you’d have more access. Without your hands to hold her down, she started rocking her hips, grinding her cunt against your face. You let out a groan, swirling your tongue around her folds before going back to sucking on her clit.
“Fuck!” Vi yelled out as she finally came, her hips slowing down and her grip on your hair loosening. You lapped up her juices, giving her slit a final lick before you pulled your fingers out of her and leaned back. Panting, you looked up at her and felt yourself get wet at the sight before you: Vi, flushed and out of breath, with her eyes squeezed shut and eyebrows furrowed in obvious pleasure. Sensing your ogling, she opened her eyes and looked down at you. Her hands came down to cup your cheeks and she pulled you up to sit on her lap.
“You taste so fucking good, babe.” You said, licking your lips as you perched yourself on one of her strong thighs. She blushed at your comment, and brought you down to kiss her. Your lips clashed together, her juices mixing with your saliva as her tongue entered your mouth. Now feeling the need for your own release, you started grinding your clothed core against her thigh, whining into her mouth. Amused at this, Vi leaned down to your ear, licking at the flesh before biting down. “Who’s desperate now?” She whispered, gripping your hips to stop you their movement.
You let out a whimper and attempted to move, but a harsh slap to your ass was enough to make you stop. Vi cupped the nape of your neck and pulled you into a deep kiss, the other hand remaining on your hip as a reminder to behave. She pulled away and looked you dead in the eye. “It’s your turn to beg for me, cupcake.” She said, voice low and pupils dilated. There was no hesitation in her words and you knew instantly that this was vengeance for your earlier teasing. Dropping your head onto her shoulder, you moaned as you tried to escape her iron grip on your hips, but to no avail.
“Come on, babe… it’s just one tiny, little word…” She said condescendingly, repeating your earlier words back to you. Lifting your head by your hair, she pulled it back to expose your neck to her hungry lips. She kissed along your jawline and down your neck, sucking harshly on the skin of your chest. Her hands settled on your hips once more, making sure that you wouldn’t get any release until you gave her what she wanted - you could be just as stubborn as her, after all.
You tried to hold out, you really did, but the truth was, that teasing game had gotten to you just as much as it had Vi, and you just couldn’t wait anymore. “Please, Vi.” You whimpered into her ear, giving in. “Please, what?” She asked sternly, biting at your neck. Fuck, she was cruel.
“Don’t make me say it.” You begged, pushing your forehead against hers, but Vi wasn’t budging. Letting out a whine, you prepared yourself for further humiliation. “Please let me ride your thigh, Vi. Please.” You insisted.
“See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?” She asked smugly, now gripping your ass and pulling you closer. “Well, go on then, have at it…” She said as she released her hold on your hips and crossed her arms behind her head. You pouted when you realized that she wasn’t going to help you, but started moving your hips back and forth, anyway. “Come on, cupcake. Is that the best you can do?” Your eyes were closed, but you didn’t need to see her to know there was a smirk painted across her face. Getting worked up at her words, you started grinding faster and harder, desperate to reach your peak.
“That’s a good little slut.” She said with a slap to your ass. She moved her hands to your sides and started moving you back and forth, guiding your hips against her thigh. Her words went straight to your pussy and you moaned. “Fuck, Vi… feels so good.” You could feel your wetness leaking through the thin panties you had worn to bed the previous night, and based on the way Vi bit her lip and groaned, she could too. “Fuck yeah, babe - make a mess on my thigh.” She said out of breath.
She started bouncing her leg, just as eager to make you cum. “Ah!” You moaned in surprise. You swore, this woman was gonna be the death of you. You could feel the pleasure building as the rhythm of your rolling hips quickened, desperately chasing your climax. “Come on, cupcake. I wanna see you come for me.” She whispered in your ear, still bouncing her leg against your sopping cunt. You were panting and moaning and whimpering, your nails digging into Vi’s shoulders for support.
You were close, teetering on the edge of your orgasm, but not quite there yet. You groaned out in frustration, desperately rubbing yourself against your girlfriend’s bouncing leg. Vi grabbed your face with her hands, squishing your cheeks as she brought you closer to meet her gaze. “Keep your eyes on me.” She said sternly, her fingers holding your face in place. You did as told, your eyes never leaving hers as the pleasure almost became too much for you.
“Cum for me.” It was a command - sure and unwavering - and it was all it took to bring you over the edge. Your mouth opened in a silent moan as your hips slowed down, coming to an eventual stop. You took a second as you came down from your high, your breathing shaky and your body quivering from the extreme pleasure. Vi bounced her leg a couple of times, enjoying the way you shuddered at the stimulation, you pussy now overly sensitive from your climax.
You slumped against her, your activities having drained you, both physically and mentally. Vi reached up to caress your back, trailing her fingers up and down your spine. “You were so good for me.” She said, pressing a kiss to the side of her head. “You too,” you responded as you nuzzled into the crook of her neck, planting a kiss there to return the affection. You both sat there for a second, caressing and kissing each other gently.
“Fuck, cupcake.” She said with a laugh as she brushed the hair that had fallen out of place behind your ear. You grinned, “fuck, indeed.” You held each other for a brief moment, before Vi admitted that her leg was getting tired., making you laugh. You got off and the two of you laid down together to cuddle on the couch, too tired to move to the bed.
“We should really stop fucking on the couch.” You mentioned offhandedly as you thought about all the times you had gotten down and dirty with your girlfriend on these very cushions.
“You should stop being such a hot piece of ass then, babe.” She said, giving your ass a light slap before wrapping her arms around your waist. You giggled, placing your hand over hers. “But think about all the stains, Vi… Our guests sit here.”
“Mhhh, I’ve never heard you complain.” She planted a couple of kisses on your neck and nibbled on your ear for good measure, making you squeal with joy.
“Does this mean we’re good?” Vi asked, squeezing you just a bit. “Yeah,” you said, bringing her hand up to your lips so you could kiss it.
“You sure?”
“Really, really sure?”
“Do you need me to make you cum again to prove it, Violet?” You asked, now rolling your eyes.
“I mean… I wouldn’t be opposed to it.” She said, wiggling her eyebrows.
“You’re an idiot - a horny, insatiable idiot.” you said, laughing.
“And yet, here you are, completely and utterly in love with me.” She teased.
“I am.” You said, squeezing her hand.
“That’s good, cupcake. Cause I’m completely and utterly in love with you too.”
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shinsousliya · 2 months ago
ᴀʀᴄᴀɴᴇ ᴡᴏᴍᴇɴ ᴡ/ ᴀɴ ꜱ/ᴏ ᴡ/ ᴀ ꜱᴍᴀʀᴛ ᴍᴏᴜᴛʜ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Sevika ;; Vi ;; Jinx;; Mel;; Grayson x GN!Black!Reader
Genre: Headcanons
Synopsis: How would the women of Arcane react to having an s/o with a smart mouth
Warnings: slight cursing
A/N: sort of based on my fic abt sevika i posted a while back (that yall are still showin yall ass on…I see yall
Tumblr media
Absolutely loves it, one hundred percent.
Sure Sevika likes a cute little bimbo she can manhandle, but a woman who can hold her own, be it with solid punches or a ruthless mouth, has her heart on a silver platter
Sits back and watch proudly as you tear through whoever is brave enough to come at you with a fragile ego. 
She definitely thinks its hot, would probably try to piss you off herself just to see you a bit pissed. She’s toxic like that.
“I like me a woman with pretty lips, and a filthy mouth to match.”
Tumblr media
Similar to sevika, she will definitely enjoy watching you tear someone a new ass for talking sideways to her, yourself, or anyone of your friends.
Also thinks it’s hella hot how you tell people off
She likes the balance that you provide in your relationship - you deal the damage with words, and she deals it with her fists. Its a wonder-duo type thing
Often jokes about how she doesn’t know how she hasn’t managed to piss you off yet, but she does actively avoid making you mad for other reasons.
“Damn, remind me to never get on your bad side then.”
Tumblr media
She’s in the background, giggling with a glass of juice in her hand, enjoying the show to the fullest
In all honesty she’s the one that probably started it, by provoking the other person to come at you. Probably because she’s bored, or she sees you’ve got some pent up emotions and need to release it with some…positive vocal reinforcement.
Afterwards, theres an impromptu spiderman kiss, cause she’s just like a little monkey and watches from the ceiling beams as you tear into the poor guy
“Nice job, toots. Bet he won’t show his face around here again!”
Tumblr media
Material gworl is very proud of you for using your words, even if they may be a bit vile and not appropriate if the setting is on the more fancy side
Nonetheless she watches from the sidelines, sipping on her class of champagne while you essentially curse out some random aristocrat with an inflated ego, with all the class and sophistication she taught you
Will put on that Councilwoman act to ‘scold you’ about your behavior, but behind closed doors, the situation is the but of every joke for the next few days.
She honestly wishes she had the same mouth as yours, but she’s quite fine leaving the dirty work to you if you insist. She’s not about to argue with you, especially not after you went in on a poor partygoer a couple of hours ago.
“You had a very interesting choice of words for that advisor earlier. Perhaps I should watch my own tongue for a while - wouldn’t want you nipping at me, now.”
Tumblr media
Initially, Grayson scolds you.
You should know better than to let someone get under your skin, but sometimes her subordinates are a bit….enigmatic
She first sends them off, either putting them on paperwork duty or sends them to the training grounds to put in some laps around the court
When it comes to you, she apologizes on behalf of her subordinate, but the slight smile on her face tells you she found a bit of amusement in your colorful choice of words.
“Lets hope you didn’t bruise his ego too much, dear. But, really, you didn’t have to do him like that, love.”
Tumblr media
If you enjoyed, please leave a like, comment, and reblog for others to see! And don’t be shy to send in a request!
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divinegrey · 6 months ago
there is so much sin in my inbox and not enough time to write it. kidding. this is the last spicy prompt i have for y'all from my inbox! slowly working my way thru everything!
prompt: Vi x fem!reader where they take a bubble bath together which may or may not lead to some tangy shenanigans~ 👀 [requested by @vinciwolf, thank you for your patience!]
words: 1371
warnings: oh god oh fuck why is vi so hot, nsfw themes, excessive use of bubbles to cover things
Tumblr media
You could just feel the knots in your shoulders as you stripped your clothes off. The steam wafts from the spout, flowing into the modestly sized bathtub in your apartment somewhere in the Academy District in Piltover. It was an incredibly long day at work, and you’re simply very excited to get the rest of your clothes removed and hop into the bathtub.
The clothes fly into the hamper in the corner of the bathroom and you slide into the water without a second thought. You nearly let out a groan at the feeling of it. There’s something to be said about how the feeling of being boiled alive from hot water makes all of your muscles turn into jelly.
Your job isn’t nearly as arduous and back-breaking as your girlfriend’s, but you’re not tough like her. She’s a Zaunite, you’re just a woman from Piltover working a day job at a research facility for Hextech. Funny how things work out like that; you’re one of the leads in Hextech and your girlfriend just so happens to be an avid user of Hextech gauntlets.
Speaking of your girlfriend…
“Babe?” Vi calls out, her voice echoing down the hallway of your apartment. You can hear the sound of the Atlas Gauntlets cooling down, whirring and hissing. It prompts you to wonder how much you’ll have to fix before you go to bed tonight.
“In the bathroom!” You reply back. Footsteps come down the hall— Vi can’t be quiet or sneaky to save her life— and the door opens. Pink hair and grey eyes peek into the steamy bathroom; you’re thankful that the bubbles in the bathtub are doing their job in covering up all of the bits, otherwise Vi would be ogling you very hard right now.
“Hi,” she says, waving her hand. “Can I come in?”
“Of course, darling,” you say. “How was work?”
“Cait and I chased down a jackass all the way into the Lanes again,” Vi says, shutting the door behind her. She peels off the vibrant red jacket you’ve come to adore, even if it desperately needs dry cleaning to get rid of the chemical smell of fumes and gas. Vi undoes the wraps around her hands that protect her skin from the inside of the Atlas gauntlets. “He was one of the smugglers for Shimmer. Had to take him out of the equation.”
“Are you hurt?” You look over her for any obvious injuries, but nothing comes immediately into concern. You’ve come to expect the bruises speckled around her skin like freckles from the punches she takes, but you don’t see any blood. That can only be a good sign.
“Nope. Cait put a bullet in his knee and we dragged him back Topside so he can be shipped off to Stillwater,” Vi says. She undoes the buckles of her pants and pulls them down. You turn your eyes away to give her a modicum of privacy. You know she doesn’t mind it when you stare; she enjoys it, actually. Vi comes closer to the tub, her clothes fully shed. “Scoot up.”
You’re suddenly thankful that the basin is big enough for the both of you. The water sloshes and the bubbles shift when Vi slips behind you. When she’s in, you lean your back to her front, grinning like a fool when her arms wrap around you from behind and she places a kiss on your cheek.
“Missed you today,” you say. Vi’s hands rub over the skin of your stomach, moving down to caress your thighs underneath the water. She hums low and deep into your ear, causing a giggle to come out of you.
“Missed you more, baby girl,” Vi replies. You can feel the calluses of her fingertips pressing into your knees, gently guiding them apart. You can't help the way your breath hitches in the back of your throat; Vi does this so effortlessly all the damn time. You’re well aware of how attractive your girlfriend is— you can feel the ridges of her stomach on your lower back, a well-defined abdomen that comes from years of fighting and surviving.
But more than that, the care in which she holds you and regards you is enough to make you feel like you’re on a pedestal and she’s worshipping the ground in front of you. Your heart starts beating a little faster and your lower stomach turns even warmer from anticipation.
“This okay?” Vi asks, her fingers kneading into the muscle of your thighs. You can’t trust yourself to speak so you just nod instead, but she’s clearly uninterested in a physical response. “Lemme hear you, baby.”
“Yes, fuck, please,” you whisper, grabbing onto anything— the edge of the bathtub, her ripped as fuck thigh… you can’t hold back the whimpers when Vi’s hand finally moves over your most sensitive parts, her fingers long and strong. The feeling of the hot water around you does nothing to quell the heat rushing up your neck and cheeks, untamed and uncontrollable with Vi whispering sweet nothings into your ear as her hands work you towards the edge.
Fuck, she’s so fucking good at this. How did you get so lucky? It baffles you endless that of all people, Vi chose you. A Piltie who helped clean up the wreckage of the Council Chamber explosion because you just wanted to help.
And now here you are, being brought to orgasm by Vi’s fingers. You don’t even want to look at her face because you just know she looks smug as hell and what you really need right now is to fucking come. Or else you might go insane.
So much for a relaxing bath.
“C’mon, pretty girl, you’re almost there, I can feel it,” Vi murmurs gently. While her fingers slide in and out of you with motions that make your legs shake, her other hand glides up your stomach to your chest, smearing the bubbles over your skin to squeeze your breasts. She’s right, she’s fucking right because you’re right there and you can’t stand it anymore.
She knows exactly how to pull an orgasm out of you and it turns you on so much that your brain can’t think of anything else other than Vi, Vi, Vi. You turn your head to kiss her; it’s unfocused, it’s sloppy, your tongues sliding against each other. Part of you can barely do it, just huffing and breathing into her mouth as your entire body seizes. Vi sucks on your bottom lip, biting it between her teeth.
A small, rushed “fuck” comes from your mouth. You hold onto her, your core tightening as her thumb rubs over the most sensitive part of you with practiced ease.
You break.
When you come, it’s with a moan into the air of the bathroom. Vi’s fingers slow, turning gentle just the way you like it, or else you risk getting overstimulated too fast and too soon. Vi presses kisses to your jaw and temple as your entire body just melts into her like putty. Vi pulls her fingers out of you with a small apology.
“How do you feel?” Vi asks.
You can’t speak, so you just make a noise that hopefully gets your point across. Vi laughs, full-bodied with adoration. She brushes some of your hair off of your forehead from it stuck to your skin because of the steam. You squeeze her thighs in appreciation and she holds you tighter to her.
After some time, when you finally have the bodily function of speaking again, you whisper, “Thank you.”
“Always,” Vi says. “You know my favorite thing to do is help you feel good.”
“Mhm, you do a great job at it,” you hum, tilting your head back to rest on her shoulder. You kiss the underside of her jaw. “I love you.”
“Love you more, baby,” Vi says.
You stay in her arms until the bathwater runs cold, and even then, you simply brush your teeth and wash your face side by side until you crawl into your shared bed. You wrap yourself around her, knowing that she likes being the little spoon more, and you fall asleep to the sound of her soft breathing.
A/N: hey everybody! so, I'm slowly working my way out of my rat hovel and coming back. I'm going to try and finish the prompts in my inbox, but no promises, because i find it hard to write sometimes when i don't click well with the prompts. that being said, if yours hasn't been written yet, I'm really sorry!!
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kram6496 · 23 hours ago
Y/N: you alright?
Vi: why wouldn’t I be?
Y/N: you can cut the act Vi. I know you’re not.
Vi: I said I’m fine! What’s your deal?
Y/N: my deal is that you don’t have to act like everything’s ok.
Y/N: let me love you. Let me look after you when it hurts the most.
Vi: okay. Just don’t tell anyone! I got a rep to keep.
Tumblr media
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shortestcake · 4 months ago
Pairing: Vi x reader
Pronouns used: none (afab genitalia described)
Gendered terms: none
Genre: fluff+smut (mdni under the cut)
Tumblr media
🍓 I really believe that Vi isn't too easy to make jealous
🍓 But she has her limits too
🍓 Trusts you with her entire being, not randos checking you out
🍓 Gets really handsy
🍓 Already likes to be touching you 24/7 (even though she's not the biggest fan of pda, holing hands is enough for her)
🍓 Whatever limit of pda she set between you was immediately thrown out the window
🍓 Two seconds later you're in her lap
🍓 Definitely starts kissing you
🍓 It could be small smooches on the cheeck, shoulder, neck, etc
🍓 Or a full makeout session
🍓 Vi truly is unpredictable
🍓 When she kisses you she'll look right into the other person's eyes
🍓 To get the point across
🍓 Now this is only if said person is checking you out
🍓 If they start hitting on you,,, thats another story
🍓 If she's not already beside you, now she will be
🍓 You've never seen someone move so fast in their life
🍓 At your side, arm wrapped around your waist
🍓 "Everything alright, sweets?"
🍓 If the perpetrator isn't a total dumbass, they'll walk away
🍓 If they are,,, you might have to take care of some bloody fists later
🍓 She still totally thinks it was worth it though•
🍓 "I'm fine, they didn't even land a hit on me, see?"
🍓 You can't stay mad at her and she knows it
🍓 You're being held/carried everywhere for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
🍓 On you the moment you get home
🍓 If you even manage to drag her there
🍓 She's not mad at you of course
🍓 But she still feels the need to prove something
🍓 Remind herself that you're hers, and she's yours
🍓 Every little kiss leaves you breathless
🍓 You're already panting before she's even touching you properly
🍓 It's all her fault, knows exactly what to say
🍓 "Fuck, see this body? It's all fuckin' mine."
🍓 You're already overestimated before she's half done with you
🍓 I can imagine her pausing in the middle of eating you out just to stare at you
🍓 "You taste so good, baby, you like that?" She'll ask before slowly rubbing your clit with her thumb
🍓 Makes you ride her thigh/abs
🍓 Once you (inevitably) start slowing down she grabs your hips to finish the job
🍓 "Please Vi, f-fuck, it's too much" you start babbling along with incoherant praise
🍓 "Jus' one more love, I know you got it in ya'"
🍓 Sits up just to kiss along your neck and whisper sweet nothings in your ear
🍓 After she's given countless mind blowing orgasms, Vi feels satisfied with her work
🍓 Holds you close and mumbles praise while kissing your forehead
🍓 "You did so good muffin'
🍓 Once you've somewhat come back to your senses she'll run a nice bath for the both of you
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miss-occult · 7 months ago
How Jinx, Vi and Sevika (separately) are flirting with you (female!reader)
Tumblr media
(This gif omg, this is actually what I was looking for gfeshgxcfdgh)
Jinx love to showing you affection, but she has her own way to show it, and she have a lot of imagination
She love making you gift and lay down on your table to flirt with you
Sometimes, she shoot f/c fireworks especially just for you
I can imagine Jinx do the finger gun to flirt with you
But since we are talking about guns... Jinx built a special gun for you
It's a gun that shoots soap bubbles in the shape of a heart
When you are not paying attention and being busy, she sneaks behind you and begin to shoot you with it
"Pew pew pew !! Lot of love for you, baby !!!" She said, excited
You can't stop looking at the heart bubbles
Jinx have a lot of imagination to show you affection
Sometimes, she sit on your lap and shoot in the air with this gun, then pock the bubbles
"Heart for you... for you too... this one too !" She giggle
Tumblr media
Vi looooove to flirt with you, or being sarcastic to teasing you
She love your reactions about it
You are not prepared for this everytime she did it, because she flirt with you when you don't expect it, caugh by surprise everytime
This is like a jumpscare to you
But her favorite thing is to pin you against the wall, especially when you were walking together, then bam, you are against the wall
Vi is getting closer and closer and start to talk front of your face and started flirting
"What ? You should expect it since the time, right ? I just love the way that you can be flustered because of what I say to you~" She purred
Then she start to kiss your neck, and leave a mark on your skin
After that, she leave you and continues to walk, leaving you all flustered before you join her for the walk
Tumblr media
( @deadly-flourish hi again uwu)
Sevika has her own way to flirt with you
She flirt at a distance
When she saw you, she look at you and smirked, and smotimes she winks at you
Sometimes, she offers you drink or invite you to play at poker with her
She teached you how to play before, of course
But If you lose, Sevika gives you a challenge
After a moment, she invite you to sit on her lap then gives you a now challenge :
"Kiss me, darling~" She said, amused
You can't help but blush while she is giggle, holding you on her laps
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heliophil1aa · 5 months ago
arcane | how they show affection | GN reader
Tumblr media
contains ; jayce , viktor , marcus , mel , vi
warnings ; none , its fluff
word count ; n/a , its headcanons
SUMMARY ; after a long day of work or not spending enough time with you , they show their affection in their own ways
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the moment he see’s you, he’s fallen in love all over again
not a moment where he’s not touching you. some form of body contact has to be made
holds your hand to the kitchen, swaying you around by the waist, lots of hugs and kisses
“i missed you so much.” “jayce, it’s only been a day at work.”
“you’re so breathtaking, how can i ever turn away from this every morning?”
takes every chance he could get to have you lay on top of him
a human heater, he’s just so warm.
hands grasp for yours while in bed, no words escaping jayce’s mouth. his thumb brushed against your knuckles, the sweet nothings being shown. slowly, he’d pull you closer to him until you’re fully tangled around him. —this is his happiness. being able to touch you, ravish you in ways no one else can, he cherishes every second of just hugging you until he falls asleep. he almost regrets leaving everyday.
you’re his catharsis, his addiction that he needs on a basis
the moment he sets foot back into the house, he makes his way to the shared bed and nuzzles himself into your hold
but being a little spoon doesn’t always last long; he ends up holding you on top of him as he grasps for a book to read
his way of showing affection? sharing his hobbies with you. and reading is on top of the shelf.
he reads to you, shares you his mind like an open book, introduces many things he likes to enjoy. he shares himself with you
he gives you apart of his mind because you are his other half
“we’re two halves of a whole soul, you my darling, are my soulmate.” “viktor, you’re going to make me cry.”
a light hum emitted from viktor, his index trailing along the creases of your back—he traced works of art and scenery of what he imagined in the book, each word he spoke causing a different motion of his finger—at times, he’d squeeze you against him with a moment a silence before continuing.
ren is asleep, it’s quiet downstairs with light barely illuminating the room. this is when he takes the chance
while you walk out the kitchen, trying to head upstairs to sleep. marcus would grab you by the hand
no music, just subtle conversation shared as he pulls you into a waltz
he would sway you around the room and place kisses on you here and there
his love language is physical activity.
sometimes he’d paint you while you aimlessly cook breakfast or capture a picture in his mind to remember
“let me paint your body red, let me ravish you until your flushed and feeling the springs bloom in your heart.” “for a sheriff, you’re rather artistic; you know that?”
kisses on the fingertips !!!
a tired mind trying to walk upstairs, marcus would suddenly catch you in his hold. his calloused hand would be gentle when holding yours, suddenly sway you both around the room. never once has his eyes wandered elsewhere, they stayed on your form unless he came down to kiss your shoulders. no music needs to play for him to pull you into dances in the room, because your his muse.
she stares at you for minutes on end until you notice. she’s been rather quiet since her arrival back
not much of a physical affection type of gal, but she has her way with words.
compliments you on end, her hand gracing under your jaw for just a moment.
physical touch is on a different level of passion
“looking stunning as ever, sweetheart.” a kiss on the cheek then she just rests against you for the time being
her words speaker louder than her actions
you can always hear the love in her tone when she speaks to you
“love, can you pass me my brush?” mel spoke, her tone lacing with a hum. when your fingers brushed against each other, she couldn’t help but let a smile tug on her lips; her face scrunching up ever so slightly. “how did i get so lucky to have you in my life?”
; VI
arms immediately around your waist, no escape out
big time physical attention. hugging you and having you in your hold at all times
loves taking you out and showing you off
“yeah, that’s my partner. why wouldn’t i show them off?” “vi, you don’t need to feel threatened.”
even if it’s been a long day, she’ll probably walk to a nearby park with you. she loves showing you off to everyone
really proud if a kiss on the cheek is received
she enjoys just being around you as a whole. every now and then, she tries being you with her to places she needs to be
rarely zaun, but there are times she does.
an arm wrapped around or a hand hold the entire time though
she would snake her arm around your waist and continue walking; her thumb brushing against your side. with her head leaned against your shoulder, whether beside you or behind, she can’t help but hold a small smile the entire time. vi would walk into random stores and buy you random stuff honestly.
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abadbitvh · 6 months ago
Attitude Adjustment.
⊹₊ ⋆ 𝑎𝑢𝑡ℎ𝑜𝑟 ꜜ
┊𝑝𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔: 𝑆𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑘𝑎 𝑥 𝑉𝑖 𝒙 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟
┊𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠: 18+, threesome, face-sitting, strap-ons, overstimulation, orgasm denial, it’s literally smut bro, etc.
┊𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡𝑠: 2.6k
┊𝑔𝑒𝑛𝑟𝑒(𝑠): smut.
┊𝑠𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑦: y/n is at the club with two of her friends when she suddenly proposes something that surprises the two of them.
┊𝑛𝑜𝑡𝑒: vi and sevika don’t touch LMDOAKDOS and sevika calls you amgel once
 ╰┈┈┈┈┈┈ ˎˊ˗ ꒰ 🏷 ꒱
Tumblr media
“I want you two to double team me,” y/n yelled casually as the music around her continued playing, “like, sexually.”
The two, who were previously glaring at each other, paused their death stares for a few seconds to turn and face the not-so-drunk y/n as she swayed her hips to the music as she sipped on her strawberry margarita.
“Are you drunk?” Sevika asked with a scowl as she stood up to snatch the glass away from y/n.
y/n laughed in response, shaking her head no as she reached a hand to take her glass back, “Of course not, this is my second one I promise.” She glanced at Vi who still haven’t said a thing yet then turned back to the brunette, “So, what do you say? I mean, I noticed how you two look at me, so why not?”
“What happened to the girl you were making out with?” Vi asked with a displeased look on her face.
“I sent her away, she’s a sloppy kisser. Even that dude after her. Don’t recommend either.”
Sevika let out a dry chuckle, “You’re such a slut sometimes,“ she whispered. And despite the loud music pumping around them, y/n still managed to make out what she said.
“And this slut is offering you something. I want to feel you both against my body,” she replied with a shrug, “Come on, I’m letting you do whatever you want to me. I mean, it isn’t every day you get to be fucked by two strong women who hate each other, is it?” y/n said, drawing the words out playfully, a sly grin making its way across her face.
Tumblr media
Y/n looked back up into Sevika’s eyes and saw both desire and nervousness reflected there. She leaned forward, just close enough that her lower lip brushed Sevika’s, and slipped two of her fingers in a belt loop on each side, bringing her closer.
Sevika’s eyes closed for at the sensation, and y/n couldn’t help the smirk forming on her lips as she felt the brunette’s quickening heartbeat hammering against her own chest. She laid a ghostly, teasing peck on Sevika’s lower lip, following it with a kitten lick.
“I thought you would be more dominant in bed, Sevika,” Vi mocked in the background, throwing in a laugh just to piss of the brunette.
“Yeah,” y/n said against Sevika’s lips, “Especially after calling me a slut earlier.”
The taller woman grunted in response, closing the distance between them to shut her up. She captured y/n’s lips in a searing kiss, one hand moving up to fiddle with the zip on the back of her dress. She grabbed y/n’s head, deepening the kiss as she slipped her tongue inside her mouth. Their tongues moved against each other, fighting for dominance over the other. Sevika smelled and tasted of cigarettes— cigarettes and alcohol.
Y/n wasn't aware of the small, needy whimpers she was releasing into the kiss until she felt a pair of strong arms pull her away from another pair of strong arms.
“Enough, I’m still here.” Vi huffed, turning y/n to face her.
“We were busy, did you not see that?” Sevika spoke in annoyance, pulling y/n back to her before leaning down for another kiss.
Before their lips can meet again, y/n was pulled away from her yet again, but this time she giggled and pushed the two away, “I thought we were going to fuck, but look at you fighting over me like some children fighting over the last candy piece.” She walked away from the two, letting her dress fall down to the floor before jumping on the bed and putting one leg over the other, “And to think both of you had doubts not even an hour ago.”
“Why aren’t you wearing anything underneath your dress?” Vi asked with a frown.
y/n shrugged, propping her head on the palm of her hand, “maybe that was my plan B, who knows?” She gave the two a wink, patting the bed with her free hand.
“You really are a slut,” Sevika said.
“Sometimes,” y/n replied, “and only for the right people.”
“If you weren’t already laying on the bed, I would have thrown you across the room for that attitude.”
The comment was unexpected, but it made y/n laugh. hard. She shook her head still giggling in disbelief, “You think this is attitude, Sev?” She asked, a wide grin present on her lips, “Oh haven’t seen anything, my love.”
“Maybe we should adjust it before it can go any further,” Vi said, rolling her sleeves up as she walked to the bed.
“I mean…you can try.”
Tumblr media
In an achingly long yet somehow painfully short amount of time, y/n found herself completely defenseless to what was happening.
She wasn’t entirely sure how long she had been in this situation. However, judging from the ache in her body, she presumed she had been here for quite a while now. It wasn’t like she was complaining, this was what she wanted after all, for the two strong ladies to have their way with her.
“Are you going to behave now?” Sevika asked, slapping y/n’s thigh harshly as she worked her rough fingers in and out of y/n’s cunt in a rapid movement.
“I thought…you…gu—“ she started, but got interrupted with her own moan as Sevika’s fingers curled up against her gspot once again, “f..fuck..Sev…just let me cum!”
Excitement raced through Sevika’s body as she watched the once confident, teasing girl, now thrashing under her. Squirming and fighting for a release but ultimately failing to reach enough of her power to win, “Come on, angel.” Sevika grinned as she rubbed the younger woman’s tight hole harder, “You aren’t in charge here and until you manage to behave…” she trailed off and let the words hang in the air.
There were noticeable shudders and whimpers as Sevika pulled her fingers out, edging y/n for the umpteenth for the night, “I thought sluts knew how to beg, yet here you are fighting against just to keep your pride. Maybe I have to break it?”
“It’s my turn now, move,” Vi said, shoving Sevika out of the way before sitting between y/n’s legs, “Do you want to cum, baby?” She asked, ignoring the glare she was receiving from Sevika as she reached to wipe a tear rolling down y/n’s cheek.
Sevika moved to sit behind y/n, lifting her up so she could slip underneath. Her arms wrapped around y/n waist and held her against her chest possessively. Vi, however, watched as Sevika began attacking y/n’s neck with kisses. And soon enough, Vi peeled y/n’s legs apart as she glanced at the teary eyed woman being fondled by the rough one behind her.
Y/n was extremely wet; there was really no way of denying that at this point. Every time she was touched, it shot pins toward her center, fueling her arousal and need even more, and being edged multiple times in under than one hour didn’t help her either.
Vi was busying her hands with every inch of skin she could touch along y/n’s thighs, “You’re so tense, princess. Is that why you have an attitude?” Vi asked, rubbing and petting y/n’s thighs.
As if on cue, y/n felt all the tension of fighting and bratting drain out of her, and she slumped against Sevika’s chest as Vi continued massaging her skin. Though, she didn’t have much time to enjoy her new-found tranquility, as Vi quickly fixed her mouth over her core, her tongue lapping in a way that, in any other situation, would have convinced y/n that her soul was leaving her body.
Meanwhile, Sevika ran her other hand over y/n’s hardened nipples then flicked them repeatedly, making the girl squirm and let out a string of whines from both her touch and Vi’s teasing tongue on her core.
Vi leaned back for a brief moment and looked at y/n, "You're such a pretty little toy,” she commented, pressing her thumb against y/n’s clit before leaning back to start devouring her again.
Sevika’s hand slid down to y/n’s core where she moved Vi’s hand away to start rubbing small circle's over y/n’s clit, getting a whimper in response, “God, you’re so pathetic, it's so fun to see you desperate like this.” Sevika chuckled, her hand lightly slapping over y/n’s clit a few times.
As much as she hated it, the humiliation only made her more dripping wet. She groaned and began to twist her body, needing only a tiny bit more before reaching her climax. Her hands moving to settle on Vi’s head and pull her even closer.
Vi darted her tongue inside of y/n and swiped it up, hitting her gspot as she rocked her hips against her face, moaning and whining desperately. Vi pressed her face even further, deeper, making her tongue as stiff as she could as repeated the same motion, hooking her tongue up then pulling it out before trying again. She kept hitting the same spot, drawing more cries out of y/n, and she could feel more juices drip down her chin as she worked her tongue over the sensitive spot.
“What a dirty, little slut,” Sevika mused, landing a harsher slap to y/n’s clit and sending her over the edge.
In no time, y/n’s feet began to tingle and electricity coursed through her body. Her pleasured screams echoing through the bedroom as her body shook on the bed.
When she finally stilled, Vi removed her mouth from her core and pulled away.
Sevika slapped the side of y/n’s thighs when she noticed her getting drowsy, “You don’t get to sleep yet,” she said, pulling away from behind her to position her on the bed.
“I hate to say this, but she’s right,” Vi replied in agreement, “Get both of us off and then you can sleep.”
Before y/n can answer, Sevika got on top of her, positioning her thighs on either side of her head, and began lowering her cunt onto her head. And at that moment, y/n felt the drowsiness leave her body once again.Y/n began on Sevika’s clit skilfully, before running her tongue through her folds, earning a low groan from Sevika herself.
Sevika gripped y/n’s hair tightly, pulling her even closer, and tugging at the roots as her tongue worked wonders against her pussy while her moans and groans filled the room.
As she worked her tongue Sevika’s cunt, she felt something hard rubbing her slit and took her some time to realize what it was exactly, until she felt it push inside her and she moaned into Sevika’s hole.
“Good slut!” Sevika gasped, using y/n’s hair to pull her closer to her aching cunt.
Vi gripped onto y/n’s hips and began to thrust into her.
Y/n gasped against Sevika’s core, forgetting that she was supposed to be pleasuring the two of them instead of enjoying this. But it was hard when the strap felt almost as though it was made for her and only her. The ridges and curves hit her in all the right places, molding to her own form. Desperate for more, Y/n brought her hips back toward Vi, who in return thrusted into her with more force.
Though it was only a few seconds since y/n stopped paying attention to the woman above her, Sevika quickly grew impatient and forced her head back closer to her cunt and began riding it, “only focus on me, slut!”
Y/n flattened her tongue and ran it up Sevika’s folds, coating her tastebuds with the fluids as she swirled her tongue around. The brunette tasted both sweet and salty. Sevika rocked her hips against y/n’s face as y/n pulled her tongue out and took Sevika’s clit inside her mouth to suck on it, drawing more pleasured moans from the woman above her.
When it got to be too much, Sevika moved a hand placed it on the headboard for support and slowly grinded her cunt across y/n’s face. She gasped and y/n tried to look up to see her, but her view was blocked with the woman herself.
y/n could feel her walls clenching around the strap as Vi continued thrusting into her, unsure of how much longer she could hold back. She made an affirmative noise, her mouth still full of Sevika, who was beginning to show signs of being close.
Vi’s placed her thumb on y/n’s clit, rubbing slow yet powerful circles over the swollen nub as she pushed the strap against the spongy spot inside her.
Sevika’s walls tightened. As Sevika screamed her orgasm, spilling into y/n’s mouth, y/n splurted her second orgasm on the fake cock inside her. She was immobilized by Sevika’s thick thighs on either side of her head, but she could still lift her hips as she contracted, and Vi pounded into her as she came, only slowing down when the spasms began to still.
Sevika climbed off y/n’s face, legs shaking as she stood to the side to gain some of her strength back before switching places with Vi.
“One last time, come on,” Vi encouraged, patting y/n’s soaked cheek before straddling her face like Sevika was a few moments ago.
Vi was wet and swollen, her pleasure having built from edging y/n, and y/n was hungry, even after Sevika, she was still very hungry. So she ate Vi out, her arms holding onto Vi’s thighs as Vi gripped her hair tightly. y/n didn’t mind it though, she just began licking and sucking, enjoying the flood of wetness that came from Vi’s cunt as she rubbed it against her.
She felt the strap going back inside her, less harsher than earlier, and she moaned onto Vi’s wet hole, making the woman above her chuckle as she pressed her clit against her tongue.
“Such a pretty, little slut,” Sevika whispered, slowly pulling the strap away before thrusting back harder, causing the girl on the bottom to jerk forward and shriek against Vi’s cunt. She repeated the same thing again and again, pulling the toy out for a brief moment before shoving it back inside in quick movement.
“I’m close,” Vi groaned, hands tightening on y/n’s hair as y/n took her swollen clit between her lips and began sucking on it. Vi pushed y/n’s head down on the pillow and screamed as she came, shuddering against y/n’s lips.
Not even few seconds later, a third orgasm shook y/n’s body as Sevika slammed into her, harder and faster. And Sevika had to hold her hips tightly to keep her from moving too much as she continued to push the toy in and out until she finally calmed down.
Tumblr media
Y/n laid down beside Sevika, swiftly taking the cigarette from her hand before bringing it to her own lips. “I prefer it flavored,” she whispered as she gave Sevika back her cigarette, not minding looks she was receiving from the two women on either side of her.
“I don’t mind doing this again,” Sevika mumbled before placing the cigarette between her lips.
Y/n gave a mere hum, shrugging her shoulders as she felt the two women staring at her, “I will think about it,” she replied, fighting back a smirk.
A slap to her thigh is landed by Vi, making her gasp in surprise before laughing, “Do you need more?” Vi asked, half serious.
“I can’t even joke around you two,” y/n murmured, shaking her head before burying her face in Vi’s chest and reached with her hand to grab Sevika’s arm to bring her closer, hugging her arm to her chest.
“Sure though.”
Tumblr media
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Ps: if your name isn’t tagged properly, please message me bc you might have spelled it wrong or something so it doesn’t show up for me ♡︎
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cammys-imagines24 · 5 months ago
•Vi Being Touch Starved•
Tumblr media
Our badass, pinkette brawler is a dom most of the time.
Most days she is an utter tease. One who pins you up against the wall and loves nothing more than to see you squirm.
But, then there are the days where all her hardships, all her pain and the many years she's spent alone with that pain just comes crashing down onto her.
The loss of her parents, her friends, Vander, Powder...
Being stuck in a prison cell, being beaten up everyday, being put into solitary confinement...
It's not often Vi chooses to feel her hurt, most times she just shoves it away and makes a joke.
But, when it gets too much and she can't shove down, beat down and bottle up her pain anymore, she just wants to lie down all day.
Usually on these few and far between days she'd not talk to anyone and just ignore the world.
Though she's not alone anymore.
She has you.
Vi doesn't really want a sympathetic ear since she isn't fond of talking about the past and you already know everything anyway.
But, there's nothing she doesn't appreciate more than to have a warm body to cuddle and wrap her tattooed, muscular arms around.
Someone who will offer her solace, comfort and peace.
You are her safe haven away from the grief knocking loudly against her walled up heart.
Vi is a soft bottom sometimes.
When you tenderly kiss her nicked lip, the dotted freckles upon her nose, her eyebrow slit, the ink upon her skin...
When you let her be the little spoon and she curls into you as much as she can...
Vi thaws.
She succumbs to the love you have to give her.
Vi's also the neediest girl ever when you go down on her, completely at your mercy.
On early mornings you'd find yourself lying on top of the pinkette.
Your inner thighs straddling her six pack, your fingers gently brushing away the messy bedhead strands from her steely eyes.
On quiet nights you'd draw a bath for the two of you and you'd entice her into the warm water with your body.
Vi can't resist the sight of your nude form.
But, in truth, you'd lead her into the bath under false pretenses, occasionally.
When you want her to relax her tired muscles, when you want to massage her shoulder which never healed properly.
She's the biggest cuddler ever.
Will pick you up in her muscular arms, will latch onto you with her ironclad grip, will grope any bare flesh of yours she sees.
She touches you all the time. Anywhere she can get her hands on.
Even in public Vi has to in some way be touching you.
Be it a hand on the small of your back, an arm draped around your shoulders, forehead kisses and hand holding.
Though once you're alone Vi doesn't want any distance between the two of you at all.
Despite her bravado and her genuine skill, we all know Vi has no actual experience in the bedroom.
After all, she's been in prison since her late teens.
She was a virgin when you two got together.
But, that doesn't mean she can't make your legs feel like jelly, leave your stomach in knots and make you see stars.
And, she is damn enthusiastic, too.
Just having someone to touch, who she can pleasure and make happy is so thrilling for the brawler.
Vi loves nothing more than to go down on you like it's her last meal, to have you in bed all night long.
She can go round after round and you will be exhausted.
It's just exhilarating for Vi, to use her hands for something other than fighting.
That her rough, calloused hands can bring someone pleasure is amazing to her.
That she can use her mouth, her fingers, her entire body, to stimulate you...
That when you look at her muscles, her scars, her body in return, all she sees is attraction in your eyes.
When Vi first met you it actually shocked her that you found her hot at all.
Her body to her has just been a machine to strengthen, a vessel to use.
So, having you find beauty in her muscles, her scars, her every curve, flaw, crevice...
It was all so new and captivating.
Every kiss to Vi still feels like the first time and she never gets tired of making you feel good.
She's spent so long in a cold, dark cell, in pain, sad and alone...
And, now that Vi has you she never wants to let go.
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maries-gallery · 4 months ago
genre : nsfw, mdni
warnings : thigh riding, praise kink, mentions of overstimulation, marking, mentions of dacryphilia, female bodied reader
If there is one thing Vi can’t get enough of, it’s taking care of you. But can you blame her when you always look so sweet riding her thigh ? 
So desperate and needy for her touch as you grind down on her leg, wanton moans falling from your parted lips and panting her name in the sweetest of voices. 
“G’nna cum for me, cupcake ?” She asks, grey eyes observing your pleasure ridden features, brows drawn together and teeth clumping down on your lower lip to stifle a whine. Your head tilted back, smooth nape all for her to mark. 
You nod, a shiver running up your spine as her hands fall on your hips, guiding you up and down her thigh, bouncing her leg on the ball of her feet. Just the extra stimulation you needed for your thoughts to blur and words to melt into blabbers.
“Yeah ? G’nna cum on my thigh and stain these trousers ?” She says, and she knows you’re in no condition to answer as you drag your puffy clit against the rough fabric of her trousers, leaving a wet smudge of arousal for her to salivate at. 
“Look at you, so fucking pretty.” She praises in a groan, leaning in and suckling purple marks on the supple skin of your chest. “My pretty, pretty girl. Always so good for me, mh ?”
A whine of her name escapes your throat as her she nips at your pert nipple, a hand leaving your hip to cup your naked cunt, fingers playing with your sensitive bundle of nerves to steal a gasp from you.
“Come on, cupcake, give it t’me. You’ so close.” She encourages as your hips buck against her palm. Her words the only invitation you needed for your release to ripple through you, jolts of sweet electricity flooding your veins and coil in your stomach snapping.
“There we go,” She soothes, guiding you through your high with quick flickers of her fingers on your clit. “You needed that, eh ? Was so needy for me, sweets.”
She is not done though, bouncing you on her lap again, well intent on having you melting for her all over again, having you crying and moaning out croaked whispers of her name.
But she is so gentle as she kisses your brow, a loving smile on her lips and eyes so soft you might cry from the sheer affection showered over you.
“Now let’s get you cleaned up, mh ?”
@levi-my-beloved @peace-for-levi
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forthereaderinserts · 3 months ago
Claggor: Rules were made to be broken. Vander: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken. Vi: Uh, piñatas. Powder: Glow sticks. Mylo: Karate boards. Y/n: Spaghetti when you have a small pot. Claggor: Rules. Vander:
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misfitjinx · a month ago
you and vi are lying in your shared bed, talking to each other until you both decide to go to sleep. your girlfriend trusts you enough with her feelings, so she decides to open up to you about how she really feels.
cw // vi x fem!reader, fluff, possible angst.
warnings // none.
a/n // I dusted off my writing skills and finally got to work >:) keep in mind that English is not my native language pls!! I still gotta figure how to do more things on twitter but so far I'll treat you guys a vi x reader fic. let me know if you like it pls!! Idk if this relevant but I listened to Vas by jagger finn while writing this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Every night you and Vi talk to each other. Usually it's long rants about our day - complaining about things you two didn't like and excitedly talking about the things that you did like. It's always like this and you wouldn't change a thing. Tonight was different however.. You're used to seeing the brawler in a bad mood after a long tiring day, but today it's different.
Vi lied down on the bed beside you and just from her expression alone you could tell that something's bothering her. You take her hands in yours and look up at her, pressing a small kiss on the corner of her mouth.
"Is everything alright, Vi? Please tell me, my love."
Vi must've noticed the worry in your tone, because she reached her bruised hand to your face to caress you as a form of reassurance.. she shook her head as a no, tears welling up in gray eyes. You wrapped your arms around her waist and pulled her into a hug. She slowly hugged your smaller frame.. she's slightly shaking.
"I .. feel like I'm not doing enough. I've lost so many people.. I'm just worried I'll lose you to too, cupcake."
You ran my hands up and down your lover's toned back, helping her relax.. Realising that this is the reason she's always been so careful. Everytime Vi raised her voice at you in an argument she immediately closed herself off and avoided you until she calmed down and came back to apologise.
You look up at her and cup her cheeks in your hands, reassuring her with a smile.
"I've promised I'll never leave you when you accepted my confession, didn't I? I love every single part of you, even the parts you might consider bad or ugly. You've got a good heart, Vi.. and all the things you do for your loved ones are enough. You're enough."
The brawler's eyes were literally full of love right now, it's like she fell for you again. You lean in and press your forehead against Vi's.. her bruised hands take yours and squeeze them a little.
"I love you, Y/N."
"I love you too, Vi."
Vi closed her eyes.. she's exhausted from the tiring day and you're honestly glad that you could provide a nice end to it. You cuddle up against your girlfriend's chest.. falling asleep just moments later. You're already planning on spoiling Vi with her favourite food for breakfast and some chocolate you stole from Piltover few days ago.
Tumblr media
this is so fucking short even though it felt like I wrote much more :'( take this as a test fanfic or somethin
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