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Vi + muscles
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nillia · 5 months ago
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can’t work, too much caitvi brainrot
follow if you wanna see more brainrot
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honeyl3mn · a month ago
this took me so long and it flopped on twitter lmao
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this is how it looked before the rendering lmao
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it's also on my instagram ! (@/arailin.jpg)
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altiegg · 4 months ago
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Cause of death: I didn't realize VI holds her hand back
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mysweetsinfulobsessions · 6 months ago
Are you serious Hailee Steinfeld?!!? You got me thirsting over 4 characters of yours AT ONCE!?!?!?!?
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From the top:
Vi from Arcane (Netflix)
Emily Dickinson from Dickinson
Hawkeye from Hawkeye (2021)
Spidergwen or Gwen Stacy from Spiderman Across the Multiverse
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luvmei · a month ago
easily flustered
vi x f!reader hcs゛ ⿻
Tumblr media
pair → vi x femme reader, friendly & bashful
cw → fluff, nsfw, not proofread, rushed
✦、i needed to post something, man i really need more determination to finish things.. i'll try have trembling out asap * ₊ ・
vi takes pride in the fact her bare voice can make you shy away, but she'd never take advantage of you with that
you're referred to as things like vi's lamb because of your sheepish persona
she finds you adorable and melts at the way you're so friendly, in zaun kindness is extremely rare — not to mention stillwater. you're like a diamond from the bottom of the sea to the pinkette
people may find the pair strange, a headstrong woman with a sensitive and polite lady. some bystanders may insult you two but vi always just covers your ears, "don't listen to them. i love you no matter what, we're okay."
she makes sure not to be too gruesome or violent when beating their faces in as to not scare you. they couldn't just walk around freely and go unpunished now, could they?
has a tendency to zone out on your face (especially your cheeks) and watch it deepen into a rosary pigment, nearly matching her hair
you find vi so beautiful that keeping eye contact is extremely difficult. her flirtatiousness doesn't help at all — constantly burying your face into books or palms in attempts to hide. that pretty little head of yours always ends up in her hands though, "oh, no no please don't hide. let me see that pretty smile.."
when vi had introduced you to caitlyn anxiety began to bubble up within you. cait was neat, proper, and very composed — polar opposites.
the thoughts kept flooding in and your smile had faded moments ago, vi noticed the shift of atmosphere. she never failed to reassure and comfort you, "you are everything to me y/n, that bashfulness is a part of you; it's special and charming. even if that changed i would still love you continuously."
strange as it may sound, because of excessive blushing you resemble a hand body? warmer. vi runs very warm and finds the fact you're warmer extremely comforting. some days she just needs a break and takes deep naps with you in her arms or vice versa
this girl is so head over heels for you. all she's known is to toughen up and be on guard, yet your carefree and welcoming personality is so refreshing. you're her reminder that it's okay to not be so strong. any second spent with you is euphoric to her. the rabbit hole of love has her so deep that she see's you as an angel in disguise
"so perfect.." yes, most of the time she's a sap but the sly part of her tends to outshine that display of adoration. straight knees were placed beside yours, toned arms laid against your head, pinning you to the seat. in this position vi could see every feature of yours, "you're so cute like this. i wonder though, what kind of expressions would you make in bed?"
that happens quite often..
sometimes people just hand things to you since you're too afraid to ask, but vi wants to hear your voice no matter what. she constantly teases and encourages you to speak more, "come on angel. don't be afraid, what do you want?
being shy can be stressful. vi did research with caitlyn about people who are often anxious and learned it causes tension in the body. expect some nightly massages
orders food for you and never leaves your side when trading with merchants. okay okay w
god, why is she so hot
if you ever decide to try and mute yourself with a pillow just know it'll be tossed to the side eventually. don't even try use your hands to hide yourself because they'll soon be pinned above your head
she takes great care of you, in many ways. peppers kisses from your jawline down to the neck and shoulders as a distraction for the hands between your legs
vi wants to see, feel, and taste all of you. she simply doesn't let you try and 'hover' over her. no way. her face will be your throne whether you like it or not
you try and repay her, yet most of the she just denies it and says, "don't worry about it cupcake. your pleasure is mine." she actually gets off to you feeling good, but there's no way you're just gonna sit around being a pillow princess 24/7
when she does let you repay her though you're showered with praises, she tears up slightly the first time. nobody had treated her so gently, "god you're doing so well.. ah! fuck. i love you i love you i love you."
bought a clear strap with sparkles to not "scare you" the first time (?) it was awfully cute
many people were intrigued by your friendliness and kindness, they tried to flirt or take advantage of you but luckily there were always priorities to save you. now that vi is here, she helped you realize what everybody had been doing; by taking you home herself though.
you told vi you were anxious at first about how she'd react to your body, that very same day she cherished you, slowly removing every piece of clothing with an affirmation. litters kisses on every part of your skin and kisses your tears of happiness away.
the pinkette slowly lowered the straps of your dress, "you're so beautiful. did you know that?" "you tell me everyday.." hands trailed up from the small of your back up to your temples softly, "and i mean it every single time." her lips met your collarbone and slipped off the rest of your garments lovingly yet oh so slowly; watery eyes began to form from the amount of love you were receiving. vi kissed away the tears that were trailing down your cheek. "if i had met you sooner my love, i would spend every single second i had giving you the good things you were deprived of. " the moon shone so perfectly on your skin. "i wouldn't mind dying to the sight of this." vi shamelessly thought. she took care of you in that same pace, lovingly, painfully slow. you're her angel — you deserve it all.
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wh0-re · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
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zujime · a month ago
MDNI 18+
Tumblr media
just imagining laying in bed or on the couch with vi. your body on hers as you trace the coarse skin on her fingers, flipping her hand over before laying yours in her palm, eyes widening at how big her hand is compared to yours.
It's all cute then but not even that long after, her long fingers are knuckles deep in your hole as she stares at you with her lip between her teeth, watching you writhe and whimper uncontrollably under her. she'd ask things like "you like the feeling of my fingers spreading you like this?" or "gonna make a mess for me, sweetheart?"
she'll spend all night and maybe even morning milking as many orgasms as she can, whether they're dry or not.
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everyguysdirtymind · 2 months ago
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prettygirlontheside · a month ago
2. You think I’m okay with being away from you? With Vi x F!Reader. Please.
Nothing else matters
Vi x F!Reader
Warnings: mentions of violence/injury/blood, useless lesbian behavior, established relationship, sexual innuendo, fluffy goodness, cussing
Tumblr media
The apartment was quiet, rain thudding gently against the windows. Below, the streets of Zaun were crowded as ever, the noises of those chatting and haggling mixed with each swift rafter of wind. Y/N sat perched on the sofa in their living room, book light on her chest as it rose and fell. She was in fact asleep, having been waiting up for her girlfriend until the exhaustion hit her.
“I’m home babe.” A voice called out, followed by the shutting and locking of a door. Rustling and foot steps could be heard, a pink haired woman entering the room.
“Babe?” Vi questioned, quickly regretting that decision when she stumbled upon the sight of her sleeping partner. And it was definitely a sight to behold. Y/N laid sprawled out, one leg precariously hanging off the edge of the couch, the other bent at the knee. Her hands were resting atop an open book folded right above her ribs. But it was her face that really caught Vi’s attention.
Creeping closer with socked feet, the woman crouched to a squat, brushing a few fingers across Y/N’s cheek. Like she was waiting for this exact moment, her eyes fluttered at the contact, blinking like she’d just awoken from a years slumber.
“Hey sleeping beauty, didn’t mean to wake you.” Vi whispered, pressing her lips to the side of her girlfriends temple. They sat there for a few seconds longer than normal, inhaling through her nose with closed eyes.
“I’m glad you did, I was waiting for you.” Y/N murmured, choosing to speak at a low volume as well. Moving to sit up, she pat the now empty spot beside her. Brows raising as Vi shook her head in objection, placing her forehead down on Y/N’s knee.
“Just, let me stay like this a little longer.” It came out more desperate than intended, not bothering to retract her words as she nuzzled the woman’s leg. Resting on the balls of her feet, Vi took deep breaths, eyes closed to concentrate on the moment. Feeling a hand gently begin running through her pink locks, she pressed her cheek down, eyes finding the woman who it belonged too.
“You know, I was starting to get worried. You’re rarely late. Had me thinking you’d run off with another woman.” Y/N teased her partner, watching the lines in Vi’s forehead crease, as if the idea itself was absurd. And to her, it was. Leaning back to press a chaste kiss to the woman’s kneecap, she took Y/N’s hand in hers, lips finding the delicate skin of her palm.
“Had me thinking you were trying to draw out your time away from me.” She pressed, knowing more than anything that Vi loved being around her. On many occasions, she had to physically pry the woman off her, “no Violet, you can’t come into the stall with me.” It was cute, how tough she portrayed herself yet how much of a softie she truly was. Although Y/N was really the only one to see that side, it was considered a weakness.
“You think I’m okay with being away from you?” Vi mumbled into the skin of Y/N’s palm, kissing it once more before taking a stand. She plopped down on the couch, pulling the woman on her lap with ease, reveling in the squeak she received. Moving so her lips rested gently against the shell of Y/N’s ear, she whispered, “Every minute I’m not in your presence is some form of torture, cruel and unusual.”
“When did you get all deep?” Y/N laughed, watching at Vi tried to hold back a smile. Leaning into the pink haired woman’s collarbone, her nose nuzzled the bottom side of her jaw.
“That wasn’t deep. Unless you want me to show you deep-,”
“Shut the fuck up.”
Apologies that this oneshot is short. Enjoy <3
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korudraws · 4 months ago
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Piltovers’ finest ✨
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shortestcake · 4 months ago
Pairing: Vi x reader
Pronouns used: none (afab genitalia described)
Gendered terms: none
Genre: fluff+smut (mdni under the cut)
Tumblr media
🍓 I really believe that Vi isn't too easy to make jealous
🍓 But she has her limits too
🍓 Trusts you with her entire being, not randos checking you out
🍓 Gets really handsy
🍓 Already likes to be touching you 24/7 (even though she's not the biggest fan of pda, holing hands is enough for her)
🍓 Whatever limit of pda she set between you was immediately thrown out the window
🍓 Two seconds later you're in her lap
🍓 Definitely starts kissing you
🍓 It could be small smooches on the cheeck, shoulder, neck, etc
🍓 Or a full makeout session
🍓 Vi truly is unpredictable
🍓 When she kisses you she'll look right into the other person's eyes
🍓 To get the point across
🍓 Now this is only if said person is checking you out
🍓 If they start hitting on you,,, thats another story
🍓 If she's not already beside you, now she will be
🍓 You've never seen someone move so fast in their life
🍓 At your side, arm wrapped around your waist
🍓 "Everything alright, sweets?"
🍓 If the perpetrator isn't a total dumbass, they'll walk away
🍓 If they are,,, you might have to take care of some bloody fists later
🍓 She still totally thinks it was worth it though•
🍓 "I'm fine, they didn't even land a hit on me, see?"
🍓 You can't stay mad at her and she knows it
🍓 You're being held/carried everywhere for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
🍓 On you the moment you get home
🍓 If you even manage to drag her there
🍓 She's not mad at you of course
🍓 But she still feels the need to prove something
🍓 Remind herself that you're hers, and she's yours
🍓 Every little kiss leaves you breathless
🍓 You're already panting before she's even touching you properly
🍓 It's all her fault, knows exactly what to say
🍓 "Fuck, see this body? It's all fuckin' mine."
🍓 You're already overestimated before she's half done with you
🍓 I can imagine her pausing in the middle of eating you out just to stare at you
🍓 "You taste so good, baby, you like that?" She'll ask before slowly rubbing your clit with her thumb
🍓 Makes you ride her thigh/abs
🍓 Once you (inevitably) start slowing down she grabs your hips to finish the job
🍓 "Please Vi, f-fuck, it's too much" you start babbling along with incoherant praise
🍓 "Jus' one more love, I know you got it in ya'"
🍓 Sits up just to kiss along your neck and whisper sweet nothings in your ear
🍓 After she's given countless mind blowing orgasms, Vi feels satisfied with her work
🍓 Holds you close and mumbles praise while kissing your forehead
🍓 "You did so good muffin'
🍓 Once you've somewhat come back to your senses she'll run a nice bath for the both of you
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thehoundwrites · 2 months ago
pet play with the arcane women + Illaoi?
Yes yes! My name is Hound for many reasons, babe
NSFW MDNI 18+ (added their favorite pets)
Tagging: @nora-xox @colourfulkidglitter @midnightsk13s @biphrogg @sevikasmainwhore @trashbod @petitepersephone (pretend I rembered I have a tag list)
[Pet play is one of my favs, bdsm kinks are so fun to write]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sevika loves her subs eager and ready to please her, loves being worshipped and looked up at with hearts floating around your head absolutely enthralled by the sight of her. Watching her slowly undress as your chained up to the bed. Whether youre a pretty little puppy to excited for her to use you without a leash. Or a loving little bunny eager to service her for some of her loving tender side as she'll hold you afterwards. Or even a shy hesitant fox not super excited but happy to please her when she gets you wet. She wants someone who squirms just from her words, unable to look your owner in her eyes cuz you know she's looking at you like a a piece of meat. Her precious little slut. Ready and eager and desperate for her like she deserves. She loves putting a little plug in your ass letting your cunt drip for her as she holds you down and gives you what you so desperately need. She'll put you on your knees, with a collar that's says "Sevika's", have you eat her out as your groveling naked on the ground floor pressed to your knees mouth open for her. She'll be mostly dressed, shirt pulled up pants down. Her muscles sore from work, covered in a bit of sweat looking down at you. She'd make you kiss her boots, earn your way to her strap. She loves watching her precious little pet try to gulp all of her cock down your little throat, a hand on the back of your head pushing you down more. Her metal hand holding a lit cigar watching you work her strap. Then put you on the bed your ass in the air spitting on her strap so she can ram into your pussy hitting your sweet spot over and over and over until your drooling and begging like a good whore should.
"Tsk, you're already so wet for me, huh pretty girl? That's it princess show me how much of a slut you are for me. Such a good girl, have you been touching yourself while I was gone? No, not even humping your pillow like a desperate little Mutt? Good pet.. Daddy is gonna make all those disgusting thoughts drip out of your little pussy. On your knees. That's it. Strip. No no, take your time. Aw, i know you can take it I thought you were gonna be good.. Take it then. Yea that's it? You liked getting fucked like a dirty little animal? Yea? Then Daddys gonna fill that cunt up to the brim with my cum. Oh yea you like that? Take it. You're daddys perfect pet, yea? Yea? Beg like a stupid whore. You want daddy to breed you? Cmon then beg you filthy little slut."
Tumblr media
Grayson is here to please her sub, she's a service dom. All she wants is for you to cum over and over saying her name like it's the only thing keeping you alive. Like her name is better than air. So she's okay with any pet you want, puppy's, kittens, foxes, vixens, bunny's but doesn't really like the farm animals as much. Such as ponies or cows. But is open to trying. She does so far have preferences for Kittens and Vixens. The less eager more bratty / slutty ones. The ones to mess with her because they want the consequences. Loves seeing your pleasure in the faces you make as she fingers you. Is into punishing you when you misbehave, secretly likes walking in on you breaking rules, taking off your leash, humping your pillow. loving when you thank her for spanking you. Knowing every slap to your bare ass on her thighs makes you drip onto her. Wanting nothing more than to stick her tongue or fingers into that aching cunt just to get a taste of her pets sweet cum. Likes making you all red-faced before she even starts. She loves tying you down a but so she can pleasure you how she wants teasing your throbbing clit, letting you ride her face, her thighs and her strap. Because good pets deserve to hump themselves stupid. Will absolutely control your orgasm for hours.
"Oh sweetheart, I can't believe you couldn't follow mommy's rules? Have I been to hard on you? You couldn't wait for mommy to get home before you started to hump your damn thoughts away. I know you need mommy to help but you're just a dumb little pet baby, you know you need to listen to mommy's rules. Cmon now dear over my lap. Yknow what happens when silly little pets misbehave. Maybe if you behave while I'm here then I'll let you cum. Otherwise I'll be leaving you tommorow tied up in that pretty silk you bought. Oh, what was that? You're not supposed to enjoy my punishments but darling your pussy is dripping wet. Oh I bet this is what my pet wanted. You wanted to ger punished huh sweetheart? You like making mommy angry?"
Tumblr media
Bunnys and vixens, 100%. She prefers them slutty and eager. While the personalities tend to differ a lot between the two. Vixens being more luxurious and lustful, Bunnys are more innocent and there for the love and attention. Both tend to be eager to be railed. Loves the marking implements in pet play, giving you a collar with your title making you stay by her side at all times. Sitting on her lap when both of you are out. And you're a good pet for her, you have to be, she'd be more into a mix of permanent/ and not permanent versus only during sex. She loves control. Tends to see others around her as lesser. She's prideful and she needs to feel superior even in relationships which is a reason she likes petplay. She'd keep a little bed for you, collars, toys, treats. She might even get a cage for yoy if you were comfortable with it. Loves when she's day drinking on her couch and you're naked on your knees with your leash in her hand. Ready to come hump her thigh, or eat her out whenever she orders you to.
"I've had a rough day, on your knees little one. Good girl. Why are you not naked. I'll count to three before I take them off myself. Ah see I knew you could behave. You look so pathetic. Do you want your mistress my pet? Oh prove it. My shoes are still on my pants are not off. Work. Good pets do as their mistresses command do they not? Faster. Mommy's getting imaptenient. Look up at me. Yes that's it dear you want me so bad hm? Then beg, shove that mouth onto your mistresses cunt, yes that's it little one. That's it, just where yoy belong pretty girl. Oh you're covered in my cum such a good pet. Such a pretty slut for me. That's it spread wide little one, go on show me. Tsk you're already so wet. Do I make you feel that good. Sh sh pets don't talk they whine whimper and beg. That's it. Take it all inside that pretty little pussy. You're acting like a whore sweetheart. If you're gonna act like one then I'm going to treat you like one. Such a good girl, you did so well. Aww. Does my baby need some love, oh you poor thing yoy can't can't move can you?"
Tumblr media
She prefers the more mainstream ones: kittens and puppy's, but wouldn't mind a bunny. Willing and eager or eager and bratty. With illaoi you'd be on a ship so you'd probably have something similar to temporary pet play but with free use perks, as long as neither of you say no then she wants you to climb into her lap and ask for her, rub yourself on her leg when the crew sits around telling stories and she sits on a box parted from the main group so she can feel you up and readjust your collar. She'd have special collars for you mostly with golds and greens because youre her pet and she knows what looks prettiest on you. Loves when you get too needy to help yourself. Crawling up to her giving her those sweet little doe eyes, she's down for fucking you almost all the time after all the two of you are trapped at sea most of the time. She won't play around she'll make you say exactly what you want from her when you want it. Will refuse to fuck you unless she gets to hear you say it or see what a pathetic stuttering mess you become. Loves when you come to hump her thighs mindlessly like a bitch in heat. When you rub against her hip as you fall asleep in her arms. Absolutely adores seeing you on your knees with your leash in her hand and a tentacle shoved in your holes. See how red your face gets as she looks down at you fingering herself watching. Makes you eat her out while she uses her powers on you. Also her size kinks comes out big when she's your mistress.
"You're such a needy little slut for me babygirl, my desperate little puppy needs me so bad. Is that cunt dripping for me yet my pet. No you need something from your mistress? Mhm no cmon now sweetheart you know the rules, you have to tell me exactly what you need from me. Uhuh, speak up. Mistress doesn't understand rambling. Oh? You want me to breed you darling? You need my cock to fill you up, oh but your poor little pussy couldn't handle me. You're such tiny little thing, such a helpess little whore aren't you. Hmm, let's go into my cabin unless you want everyone to see what I'm going to do to that pretty pussy. Oh you look so good on your knees, you're mine aren't you? Say it? Louder? Oh I thought you wanted to be a good pet for me little one,, you look so full bunny, do you feel full? Tell mommy how they feel. Cmon kitty lick it up like a good pet, that's it. Use that perfect little tongue. Mmh such a good girl, use your fingers. That's it, oh you're moaning. You better scream my name when you cum for me little one"
Tumblr media
Kittens, Vixens, Kittens and Vixens: although she doesn't care what pet you are as long as she's the mistress. She does prefer more entitled pets, ones she'll have to teach better than to mess with. Puppy's, Bunny's and Foxes tend to be extremely eager or desperate, and more about loving /nurturing. Where as Vixens are entitled, they deserve what they want, they get it, they're the perfect pets so why be desperate. And Kittens tend to be somewhat bratty or misbehaved not following rules and such. She wants to train a pet, to be her perfect sub. Or not formally but loves punishing and enforcing her authority on her pet. Reminding them who's in charge, who they belong to. She'd tie your hands behind your back, cheek to the floor and ass in the air.
"Wow, really? Just blatantly disrespect me, I come home from the council, from rules and regulations to my pathetic little pet thinking she can do whatever she wants. Are you stupid? Have you forgotten who's bed out sleep in? Who's food you eat? I spoil you rotten and you turn around and start being a dirty little animal? A misbehaved little slut. Someone's gotta teach you where you belong. You can't even behave, while I'm gone. Pathetic. What? You want me to stop? You don't like tasting the floor do you, well that's all pathetic whores get. How's my heel feel in your cheek. Not good? Oh let's see how long you can handle your mistresses personal wand strapped to your clit before you pass out. Oh no I'm just gonna sit back and watch my favorite show. Id offer champaign but it seems you're a bit.. tied up."
Tumblr media
She loves bunny's the most, puppy's too. But innocent loving little bunnies are her thing. Bunnies are more innocent than puppies, and she enjoys cuddling and tender love that comes with having a pet. They're equally as excited for Vi to come home as Vi is to come home. Excited for some gentle kisses, make-out sessions, hugs, pats. Anything that Vi wants to give her pet, she'll take it like a good girl cuz all she wants from Vi is just her lovin. She loves kissing all over your face, placing gentle nips at your skin, hearing your cute little giggles squirming on her thighs, getting eager as she spoils you with love. She wants you to rock on her thighs as she takes your clothes off slowly. She loves eating out so all your cute little noises just fuel her. She loves seeing you in a collar, she really wants it to be red but won't give you too much grief if you pick another collar. But she'll spoil you whatever her precious girl wants she gets. She's very protective of her pocket puss pet.
"Heyy baby, aww you're so excited for me to come home aren't you bunny? How's my sweet thing doing. Cmon don't just look at me? You want something from me pretty girl? You know I'll give you anything you want." "Mm your skins so soft princess, you're so cute humping leg, look at you you're getting my pants all wet. Ohh no shh, you can take it. My tongue feels good huh? Wait till I fill you up have my strap rubbing inside that perfect little pussy. You want me so bad sweetheart, you're making the cutest little noises for me precious. That's it ride my cock baby I wanna see those pretty tiddies bounce. Such a good girl for me. Fuck you look so good bouncing on my cock. I love you so much my little bunny"
Tumblr media
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flower-of-zaun · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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moocar0n · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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insane-arcane · 4 months ago
Imagine Being Caitlyn's sibling and Jinx falls for you
Tumblr media
"Sister like sister huh?" Jinx asks before cackling in laughter as she shrugs her scrawny shoulders. A finger sticks out as she causally twirls her gun and hums pacing around the spacious room.
Struggling against your binds feeling the rope dig into your skin your not able to get out. They were too thick and tied too tightly. Glaring up at Jinx she smiles at you, looking at you adoringly.
"Who would've thought?" She questions as she taps her gun against her head before muttering something as she turns away from you. Turning back sharply she points her gun at you and her smile is suddenly strained. "I mean your a Piltover citizen. You're everything I hate. Your with her!!!" She screams swinging her gun and pointing it at Caitlyn. Wanting to scream unable to protect your sister you open your mouth but nothing comes out. Tears fill your eyes and Caitlyn looks at you panicked. "And yettttt..." Jinx drags out the t of yet as she moves the gun away from Jinx and stands infront of you. You stare past her into the terrified eyes of your sister across the table. Caitlyn begins crying struggling harder as she screams through her gag. The muffled noises choke you up as you realize your all powerless to Jinx in this situation.
Flinching slightly as she reaches for you, Jinx is surprisingly gentle as she grazes her fingers across your face. She moves some hair aside before sighing witsfully. "I guess it makes sense. I mean your very pretty. I guess everything in Piltover is though." She hums introspectively before she walks around the table patting your sister on the head as she passes. Falling back with a thump she sits down in a seat across from you. Putting her legs up on the table she locks eyes with you. "Well aren't ya gonna say something?" She questions as she pushes the gun into her cheek.
You narrow your eyes as you wish she'd shoot herself.
Swallowing thickly you avert your eyes as you pull at your restraints again. Realizing that won't work you close your eyes and take a deep breath. Loosening your body before you straighten your posture you lean back against the chair with a relaxed expression. Looking at her you give a soft smile.
"... What do you want?" You ask slowly. Calmly. You had to be careful. You couldn't set Jinx off. You couldn't make her go into an episode. Your sister and Violets life depended on it.
Jinx hummed after you asked that tapping her gun to her chin. You waited anxiously for her response and wondered if you should've said something different. Out of everyone at the table you were the only one without a gag. She wanted you to talk to her, pay attention too her. Or maybe she just wanted to play with you and your emotions. You didn't know why and you were afraid to get the answer.
Jinx's chair creaks as she takes her feet off the table and instead leans forward. Interlocking her fingers, staring at you she leans on them for support getting as close as she can while still sitting. Blinking as if to take you in for the first time she tilts her head only using one hand to support her as she twirls her gun in the other. Seeming to be off in her own little world her pink eyes suddenly focus on you.
"You. I want you." She states and everyone goes quiet staring with wide eyes at her statement. Frozen in place you loose what little composure you thought you had and start to shake.
"W-what?" You whisper unsure if you heard that correctly. Jinx clicks her teeth before leaning back again as she lets out a chuckle.
"Caitlyn took something from me. She took my sister. Violet loves herrrr~" She coos sarcastically swinging her arm up before she grabs the back of her seat and pushes herself up from it. Her chair crashes to the ground and you all flinch as it collides with the ground. Payong no mind to that she skips towards you. Settling infront of you she cradles your face again before she straddles your waist. Bending down she puts her head on your chest and takes a breath. "Now I'm taking something of Caitlyns." She states matter of factly as she refuses to look at you and lightly traces a heart shape over your heart.
Shaking your head no and trying to get out of your bonds as Vi and Caitlyn begins screaming and struggling Jinx simply hums ignoring them. Shifting she craddles your face with her hands. Her colorful fingernails tap against your soft skin as she plays with you, watching your reactions to her little ministrations. Closing your eyes taking a deep breath you open them and stare at her. She stares back smiling sweetly.
"Let my sister and your sister go than Jinx. I'll stay. If you let them go." You promise. Jinx narrows her eyes suddenly not looking as sweet. She tilts her head staring you down as her nails slightly dig into your cheek. "I'll stay." You say again this time louder and she slowly nods seeming to understand what you were offering.
Caitlyn begins screaming through her gag shaking her head no. Tears streak down her face making the smiling face paint run as her friend Violet begins violently struggling to try and help you. Jinx still ignoring them puts her head to yours. Closing her eyes she swats at the air annoyed moving her lips as if she's saying something. Finally her eyes open and she flashes you that sickeningly sweet smile again.
"Deal." She hums. "But if your lying I'll kill Caitlyn. Do you understand?" She demands as she grabs your face with a tight grip squeezing your cheeks. "If you make any attempt to leave. If you do anything that makes me even slightly suspicious I'll-" Leaning forward as much as you can Jinx's lips connect with yours. Shutting up immeidtaley her lips press against yours hungry for contact.
Pulling away after a moment she blinks as she watches you in shock. The kiss was short but it left your breathless as adrenaline coursed through your veins. You didn't love Jinx but she clearly had a crush or an obsession or some reason for hitting on you. If you could just get your sister and Violet safe, you'd figure how to get away later.
"I'll be yours. That's what you want right Jinx? Someone to love you? Someone to be yours and only yours? Someone you don't have to share, who'll focus on you all day everyday?" You question in little pants as you still struggle with your breathing. Your heart is racing and you can only hope this appeases her enough to be in a more sane mood. "Let them go and I'll be all that and more!" You promise.
Caitlyn lets out a particularly loud scream but this time you ignore your sister as you focus only on Jinx. On her reaction.
Jinx slowly tilts her head seeming to formulate a response before she hums softly. Her bangs fall over her face and tilting her head back she smiles at you, hands craddling your face.
"Alright (Y/N). Deals a deal." She chirps before your fate and your sisters fate was sealed with an unwanted kiss.
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darklcy · 4 months ago
♥ 𝐀𝐑𝐂𝐀𝐍𝐄 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬→ 𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺 𝘥𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘺𝘰𝘶 ♥
Tumblr media Tumblr media
she doesn’t strike me as necessarily the go-out dancing type
but i think she’d dance with you in private, while you two are cooking in the kitchen or right before bed
whether it be slow songs or upbeat tempos she just wants to twirl you <3
(but of course this only happens after y’all have been together for A BIT)
in the beginning, she lowkey shy as hell
WILL accidentally step on your feet. just ignore it
her hands get clammy while holding yours :,)
you’re just like “are you okay? you look nervous.”
“no yeah, totally. i’m fine- are you fine?”
meanwhile she’s refusing to look at you
she’d come around and feel better about dancing once the two of you do it more
esp in the club because let one scrubby man or woman try to dance with you and see what happens-
 one second you’re taking a sip of your drink then all of a sudden you’re dragged onto the dance floor
and she never lets her glare fade from whoever tried to steal you away
i literally love her sm vi please-
Tumblr media
so COMPLETE opposite of vi, jinx will immediately groove with you the second she hears a beat
except she’s extremely obnoxious about it
most of the time she doesn’t care for the partner aspect and just start singing and jumping around without you, not giving a single damn on how loud she’s singing 
it’s not like you’re missing out on it either, just watching her makes you smile
...until she notices you’re not bumping to the beat with her and starts spinning you around nonstop
“whaaat? we’re dancingg”
“yes but i’m DIZZY-”
will try to dip you lol
like her personality, dancing with her is as chaotic and unpredictable as it gets, but you prefer it that way
(might end up scratching your arms a few times with her long ass nails, but you barely notice)
Tumblr media
i think she would know quite a bit about dancing, but on the more formal side
if you didn’t know how, she’d be very willing to teach you :)
naturally being taller, (6 ft holy moly), she’d hold your waist and guide your arms to wrap around her neck
she’d go over the steps slowly, remaining patient and gentle the whole time
this time YOUR hands are the ones that are clammy, but she doesn’t mind
you’d try to watch your feet but she tilts your chin up to look at her
“if you watch your feet the whole time, your partner might not be satisfied, yknow.”
you just huff and look to the side
she laughs
if there were ever an event you two attended together, she’d propose the idea of dancing together, but if you didn’t feel confident enough, she’d be totally okay with it
...but eventually you agree because she looks pretty and you want to show her off
even if you can’t quit watching your feet
Tumblr media
i feel like originally he’d try to play it off like he knew how to dance but he definitely doesn’t know how to dance
he can just be a bit introverted 
he’s more willing to just sway and spin you around a few times, which i mean, nothing wrong with that
on a good day you can get him to let loose, but most of the time he’s just like:
“no you go ahead, have fun.”
and you being stubborn hit him with:
“i won’t go if you don’t come with me.”
and he KNOWS you’re serious about it, too
..he never ends up having a bad time though
when he gets really into the song he likes to throw his head around and swish his hair side to side
the sight of it makes you smile, but he gets shy when he catches you staring
you just laugh
Tumblr media
no because he’s so sweet
of course, with his condition, he wouldn’t be able to physically do much when it comes to dancing
but you don’t mind at all!!
similar to Vi, the two of you prefer to sway with each other in private, in between breaks at the lab or at home
he’d have to use one hand to hold his cane, but the other settles around your waist while your arms lay around his neck
you take the lead most of the time, but you’re always careful about stance and balance
he feels guilty about not being able to twirl you or properly dance with you, but the second any self-doubt comes from him, you just-
“none of that, now. you’re a perfect dance partner, Viktor.”
“but I-,”
he can’t help but smile UGH
✧・゚part 2 here・゚✧
𝐀/𝐍: i’ve been itching to post abt arcane bc it’s been my new fixation as of lateee i already have some ideas of what to write :>
。arcane masterlist。
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luvmei · 4 months ago
vi x model/famous! reader
Tumblr media
modern au
pair ; vi x femme reader
cw ; fluff, comfort, nsfw, established relationship, catcalling (only a little bit), possessiveness
okay thinking about it now these aren't really head canons.. god this took so long for me to finish i'm sorry; this is not proofread so please feel free to correct any errors,
thank you so much for your patience! <3
Vi was always the type to be supportive of you, but when she saw you on a magazine for the first time she was completely awestruck. The way the light glided over your skin was hypnotic — you were practically glowing and she loved it
Her mouth hung agape while flipping through the pages filled with beautiful pictures of you in floral scenery, she confronted you about your occupation out of curiosity soon after, "Why didn't you tell me you worked as a model.. and that you looked so good while doing it?" That last bit was said shyly in a slight whisper
If allowed to she'll definitely go to all of your shoots and interviews. She loudly cheers you on in the background even after a light scolding from the staff,
"Vi, they'll kick you out if you keep shouting!" "But you're just so pretty.." she definitely starts whining if you don't let her come along so over time you two became a package deal.
Whenever you take breaks in between shoots she'll run up to you and hand you a bottle of water. Teasingly asks you to sign her autograph, peppers your face with kisses despite the threat of ruined makeup, all while praising you for your good work <3
If you ever speak about her during an interview she gets all flushed and hyper. The moment you both get home she starts randomly running laps around the house and pumping her fist into the air victoriously like she's won at life, and to her she has, since she's with you! (so adorable).
Your shared living area is filled to the brim with posters and pictures of yourself. It was sort of surprising when they first began to appear. Now the very thought of that gesture results in you smiling from ear to ear
Vi knows putting yourself out there in the media can result in feedback that's a bit too harsh or critique, and she hates the frown you get while scrolling through the comments. Sometimes you get carried away and end up sitting in the dark for hours; alone with your thoughts and those negative words.
Yet Vi always makes sure to drag you out of that rabbit hole right in time, just before those thoughts get to your head. "You're stunning love, ignore them." How could a voice be so harsh and sweet at the same time?
In those moments where you feel insecure about your work she removes the pictures previously framed on the walls then sweeps you into her arms. Her finger scales every inch of the images while mentioning the parts of you she favored the most – never forgetting to mention that heart warming smile your face wore.
She calls you "my star" and it's the sweetest thing ever
The moon was up high late at night and the two of you were walking home together, cherishing each other's company, laughing about annoying directors who wouldn't do their job right, and how you were gonna escape this city. Out of nowhere a group of drunks started whistling and making vulgar remarks about your body, slurring words about perverted things they wanted to do and how you were just 'asking for it'
If it was physically possible, smoke would be coming out Vi's ears. She was beyond pissed. They had no right to treat her star that way. She began throwing fists immediately like a raging bull. (It was hot) Afterwards she tied her jacket around your waist and carried you back home. She repeatedly made sure you were okay and comfortable.
The truth is that your mind was filled with things along the lines of, "Who made you so charming?" or "I love you so much." You whispered these thoughts out accidentally and Vi was definitely going to tease you for it.
Vi is absolutely weak for you. She's playful, flirtatious, sly, and a tad overwhelming (almost) 24/7 but there are those moments where she's completely out of character. She gets flustered and bewildered by the sight of you as if you're a siren.
vi could have me any day honestly.
Before your concerts, speeches, or meet and greets Vi will whisper sinful things into your ear then shoo you off.
"You look so good right now love, the things I'm gonna do to you once we get home. Oh but you can't keep em' waiting now, can you?"
Despite the guilt she feels when doing so, Vi gets off to dirty vintage magazines of you. Extremely embarrassed if you ever caught her in the act. The bashful glances given to the wall, doorframe, anywhere other than your eyes are desperate — help her out and she's a subby mess
Vi often daydreams about this fantasy where she fucks you from underneath a table during a live interview. Zoning out about the cute faces you'd make and how your legs would shudder every time she pressed a deep kiss between your thighs. the staff and audience would think you're feeling unwell but in reality, you're feeling amazing. She flinches whenever somebody calls her back into reality
Those lonesome nights where you're out late are struggles for Violet. She gets bored so easily without you, the moment you arrive home your lips are smacked against hers. The exhaustion in your body is replaced with a deep neediness for Vi during the steamy make out session. Even if she often likes to be smug and in control right now she is begging for a taste of you.
"God, oh I missed you sssso much, please.. I need you."
Vi helps you find jobs with pure intentions when she can. After coming across a particular blog and going deeper online she purposely finds shoots for lingerie just to see you in those cute laced two pieces.
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zujime · a month ago
Tumblr media
violet x f!reader →  [w.c – 3.7k]
CW → established relationship, fluff, female bodied reader, subby vi, fingering, face sitting, vibrators, oral (f), marking, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, aftercare, no y/n usage, pet names: babe, baby, princess
unedited and possible grammar errors
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The comforting ambience that echoed throughout the bedroom had soothed whatever tensions remained as you gently flipped the page of the book that seemed to peak your interest as you waited for your brawler girlfriend’s return.
Though, the faint thought of her that lingered had been abruptly pushed away as the sound of your shared room door swinging open and swiftly being closed, which was also quickly followed by the heavy thud of her metal gauntlets meeting the floor beneath her.
Her thick brows furrowing on her bloodied and bruised face as she refused to meet your soft eyes with her troubled ones. Your mouth had opened to say something but she’d already been making her way to the bathroom connected to the bedroom, being sure to close the door after the sound of the shower faucet running grew audible.
You resumed skimming the pages of the book you’d picked up, fingers gracefully flipping the pages. It went on for quite some time, so long that you hadn’t even noticed the running water now coming to a still and the pinkette that stood at the foot of the bed in nothing but a white tank top and some tight fitted boxers.
Gazing up at the her freckly face as a benign smile sneaks it’s way to your lips. “Rough day?” You question as you place the hardcover on the nightstand that resided at your bedside, only earning so much as a huff from the woman.
Your arms elevating to hang loosely in the air as you whisper a “come here” motioning for her to join you, which she does—the bed dipping at the added weight as she crawled to rest snugly between your plush thighs, arms snaking around your lower back while her face had nuzzled into the skin of your stomach, crumpling your shirt that was now resting on her forehead in the process.
She was tense, so much so that her body seemed rigid to the touch as your hands find their places on the curve of her back and in between the strands of flushed hair on her head. The feeling of your hands sliding through her fluffed out and slightly wet hair and occasionally massaging her scalp earned a low muffled groan from her as she melted into your touch, squeezing you a tad bit tighter. You didn’t bother to ask many questions because you didn’t want to bombard her with them and you just didn’t feel like it, which seemed to bring the girl some relief.
It’s not that she hated when you asked her things—if anything, she just loved the sound of your voice—it’s merely the fact that she didn’t want to worry you. The cool feeling of her nose piercing lightly brushing up against your skin was almost relieving as you felt her scarred lips move to plant a kiss on your abdomen, tickling you and earning a hushed giggle.
“What are you doing?” You chuckle and move a hand to cup her cheek, softly going over the small tattoo with your thumb. Her smokey orbs peering up at yours as if she’s seen an angel, a bashful smile creeping onto her lips as she nuzzled into your stomach once more, mumbling an “I’ve missed you” as her hands moved under your shirt to feel the skin of your back.
You don’t really catch what she had said but judging by how she squeezed at your sides with her muscular arms, you think you can guess. It’s not long before an idea pops into your head as your fingertips lightly trace the nape of her neck, sending a wave of shivers down her spine.
“Violet,” you draw out tenderly, causing the pinkette to gaze up at you with eyes of admiration. “Sit on my lap, I wanna see you.” Her silver eyes quickly meeting yours with a smug yet lethargic look. “You sure, princess?” Her voice soft yet still laced with a hint of smugness but also a bit of reluctance.
“I’m sure, Vi.” You snicker and scoot back on the bed to lean against the pillows that rested against the headboard, patting your lap playfully which get her pretty hues to roll as she shakes her head a bit before finally moving to place her knees on either side of your thighs, but she’d still been hovering over your lap as to not put all of her weight on you.
“Vi,” you pause to put your hands on her hips. “I’ll be fine, I promise.” Her shoulders going slack at your words of reassurance as her hips slowly lower until the skin of her lower thighs come into contact with yours.
Her hands resting comfortably on your shoulders, tracing your collarbone with her thumbs as her fingers ghosted the skin of your neck, staring at you, absolutely entranced—eyes skimming the part where your neck and shoulder connect before moving to stumble over your lips, soon finding your eyes.
She loved you so much, to the point where a simple “I love you” wouldn’t be enough to show that. A love struck smile growing prominent on her scarred lips as the rest of her body finally mellowed as she let out a deep breath.
Her mind clouded with thoughts of how grateful she is to have you and how she wants to return the love you put into tending to her wounds and just always being there, but her mind comes to a quiet when she feels the warmth of your hand delicately cup her freckled face, your gentle eyes examining the bruises and cuts that’d been hastily cared for by your brawny girlfriend, though there was still a wound that seemed to be unattended for.
“You did good, but I think you missed a spot.” You reach to grab the bottle of rubbing alcohol along with cotton balls that’d been neatly left on your nightstand if ever needed. “Why didn’t you come to me?” You inquired as you poured the chemical on the cotton ball before making contact with Violet’s cheekbone, that is until her hand gently grabs your wrist preventing you from doing so.
“Vi.” You say with a voice that’d been firm yet soft, brows barely even furrowed as your eyes pleaded silently. A shaky sigh leaving from within the pinkette as she lets go of your wrist, letting her walls crumble as she looked down at her thighs over yours, pitifully.
“I didn’t want you to worry about it.” She murmurs, her voice low as the hand that wrapped around your wrist had fallen and was now caressing your clothed side. Your head shook as a soft smile found it’s way onto your lips. “I would’ve worried anyway, you know.”
The cotton ball meeting the still open wound, the sting causing her jaw to tense a bit. “I wouldn’t scold you about it much, but please try not to go head first into things.” You giggle, patting the wound a few times with the cotton ball before placing it down on the night stand and grabbing a beige band-aid.
The pinkette’s eyes meeting yours as her mouth playfully goes slack. “I don’t go in head first!” The hand she had rubbing up your side moving to tickle you. “It sure seems like it-!” You jokingly remark as your hands move to push hers off, laughing and squirming around uncontrollably.
She stops her teasing when she hears your feeble pleas to stop. The room filling with your pants that’d gradually get slower as you peer up at the girl seated comfortably on your lap with a small smile. Your hands moving to rest at her hips as you straighten up.
“You feeling any better?” You question as your fingertips move to lightly graze her bare thighs causing the woman’s body to shudder at the touch, her eyes watching carefully as your nails lightly rake at her thick thighs.
Her once calm and moderate breaths were now heavy and shallow. The distance between your faces—your lips—was almost too much for her to bear. She needed to feel your soft lips against hers. Her bottom lip being caught between her teeth as her pupils dilate the moment they meet yours.
The husk of a “please” involuntarily leaving her windpipe as her hands frantically slid up your body to rest on your cheeks as yours found their way to her hips before moving closer to her, but not enough to connect to her lips, so she takes it upon herself to rid of the painfully close distance.
Her lips roughly capturing your own. The kiss was harsh and brimmed with an insatiable hunger, jagged breaths residing from the brawler as she put more force into the kiss.
Her hands holding your face as if you'd vanish if she didn't, but the kiss was cut short by you gently pulling away, licking your lips a bit as you spotted her staring at you with half lidded eyes. A chuckle leaving you as you murmured a "slow down", your hands lightly pushing her now raised hips back down before ghosting over the flesh between her meaty thighs that had dampened the fabric keeping you from it.
Your shared breaths were harsh and uneven, her skin flushed a pretty pink almost as dark as her hair as her eyes hazily bounced from your mesmerizing, swollen, saliva coated lips to the untouched glow of your neck that seemed to be begging for her compassionate touch.
Your lush lips finding themselves grazing the lobe of her ear as she latches onto your neck, the moistness of her tongue sweeping over the bites she left in her wake, suckling on the skin till it bruised a nice wine hue. The sensation hindering your ability to properly think as you try to find the words you wished to convey to the pinkette.
"I want to try something today." You purr through small unruly moans, her movements only seeming to come to a faint slow as her hands perched on your honey soft mounds, gently kneading them.
Taking her mellow movements across your skin and the throaty groan she hid in the crook of your neck as a green light to go on with what you had planned—one of you hands slide between the barrier keeping you from her warm paradise, brushing past the fluffy pink bush above before gently gliding a finger or two over the slit, making her movements stutter as she chokes out a gasp.
Her lips no longer attached to your neck that was now littered in love bites, her arms moving to desperately wrap around you as she buried her face in the crook of you soft skin, the bridge and apex of her nose occasionally brushing up against your pulse point as she tried to quiet her broken swears that merged with her hushed moans. The slow motion of your fingers slipping against her folds coming to a pause as you leave a kiss on the side of her head.
“Is this alright with you?” You check in, letting your free hand caress her well-defined waist whilst awaiting her response that took the form of a kiss on the apple of your cheek followed by a low “yeah, go ahead”. This was a first for the both of you—her first time being submissive under your gaze and your first time seeing her this way.
You’d assumed it’d all been because of how uptight she was, but you push the assumption aside and focusing more on pushing your middle and pointer fingers in her warmth, slowly as you study the way her body tensed and relaxed, her arms squeezing and loosening around you, her mouth left agape as her brows furrow, the sweet sound of her shaky moans reaching your ears, like a melody you wish would play forever.
Your thumb had began rubbing her sensitive bud as she adjusted to the feeling of your fingers in her velvety walls, a coarse hand swiftly moving to cling to the back of your neck, ramming your face into hers as your lips lock once more.
Her tongue slipping past the plushness of your lips, dancing and curling around yours as she groans into your mouth. The fingers you’d left to soak in her wetness had started moving; constantly rubbing at her walls in hopes of finding her sweet spot.
The smooth motions of your digits was driving the girl damn near insane as her lips detach from yours, eyes fluttering shut and nose crinkling as she tried to hide her mewls. Her hands both tightly gripping your biceps as her hips jerked and threatened to grind on to your fingers, lids now firmly sealed as uncontrollably loud whines and whimpers erupted from the woman, the thighs that'd been stationed on either side of yours now trembling and contracting around you as her mind grew dizzy from the sensation of her peak growing near.
Your fingers picking up speed as they assault the sensitive nerve inside of her, still thumbing aggressively at her clit. "B-baby, I'm gonna-!" Her broken cry turning into a scream as she shuddered due to the ripples of ecstasy that flooded through her body.
Choppy breaths struggled to escape her lungs as she collapsed her head on your shoulder, you simply leave a feathery kiss on her before uttering a "lay on the bed" which she promptly did—wobblily plopping herself besides you, eyes straining to remain open as they watch you crawl between her legs after stripping her of her underwear.
"What are you doing," Vi mumbled drowsily, one of her hands moving to feebly push you away from the warmth between her legs. “I just came.” Glancing up at her, your hand softly clasping onto her wrist, bringing it close to your lips for a quick peck. “Helping you relax,” You purr, letting go of her hand and moving yours to latch onto her strong legs. Your mouth kissing at her inner thighs before biting and sucking at the skin, pulling breathy whines from her.
“You’re okay with this, right?” The question gliding off your tongue as all your movements came to a halt, awaiting some response from the girl. A hum resonating from her as she moved her arm to rest above her head which was lifted when she noticed you hadn’t moved yet, her brows crease as she gives your sheepish face a puzzled look. Your eyes had been anxiously flicking to look at her and elsewhere in the room as you put together a sentence.
“Actually, can you sit on my face?” You request, breathing shakily as your eyes meet her wide ash ones which quickly left yours to look away, reluctance present in her pretty eyes as she lets out a deep breath. “What if I hurt you?” The query coming out as a whisper as she props herself up on her elbows.
“You won’t hurt me, I promise, Vi.” Her shoulders slackened as her name amiably fell from your sweet lips. She murmured an “okay” before moving so you could lay on the duvet before hovering her soaked heat inches above your mouth.
Her hips were held in the air as she tried to keep all her weight off of you like earlier, but with a small glare, you roughly push her hips down and savor her slickness, the feeling of your tongue plunging deep inside of her forcing air from her lungs as she desperately grabbed hold of the headboard, her body trembling as you stimulate her.
Noises you never thought you’d hear from the woman growing louder as one of your hands slide up her body and under her white top to squeeze and pinch at her plump mounds and rosy nipples, you’d be lying if you said you weren’t turned on in the slightest.
Just the sight of her writhing above you was enticing—her eyes tightly shut while her mouth hanging open as pleasant whimpers and moans escaped her esophagus, back arching at the feeling of your hands latched onto the soft flesh under her tank top. She was loud, having no intention of hiding her noises since she was so blissed out.
Her thighs starting to involuntarily jitter and squeeze your head, but not to the point of pain. The way she’d been squirming and letting out throaty groans, followed by a hoarse “please don’t stop” was enough to make you hungrily suckle at her sex, the hand that’d been playing with her breasts now moving back down to rub and pinch her clit.
Her hold on the headboard wavering as her eye refused to open. “I’m gonna cum! Babe, please don’t stop!” She cried as her body stiffened at the feeling of her orgasm overtaking her as she shuddered uncontrollably. Her hips jittering as you continue lapping at her, but her orgasm had already subsided.
Her hands pulling at your hair weakly as she whined and whimpered. “Babe! Baby, please! I can’t-!” Her body squirming as your vice grip around her waist never faltering. “Baby please, I already came.” She choked out, tears threatening to spill from her eyes due to the overwhelming pleasure. The pressure you applied to her sensitive bud only doubling as you drink up all her juices.
Finally detaching from her sex to peer up at her through your lashes as you licked the remains of her wetness off your lips, a hand gently pushing her down on the bed, your legs sliding from under her as you hop off the bed and search through your drawers until you find the blue bullet vibrator, her tired eyes observing your every move as her chest raised and lowered heavily at a fast pace.
The bed dipping at your return as you lay your head on her abdomen as you run your fingers through her pink bush before tracing her folds with your fingertips, even the slightest graze of your skin against hers was enough to send shivers throughout her body. Her breathing quickening as you tease her clit, toes curling as she anticipates your next move.
The button atop the vibe had been push as you harshly pressed it against her bud, causing her to claw at the sheets as throaty groans fly from her lips, her back arching off the mattress the moment your fingers slip inside of her again. You move your head to look at her writhe to the touch, the care she had for her volume was completely thrown out of the window as her voice fluctuated from low to high and back.
You were driving her up a wall as your fingers thrusted in and out of her at an unbearable speed. Her body begging for more as whines and broken pleas to slow down came from the pinkette. Her callous hands now latching onto your shoulder, kneading at the joints as you look up into her glassy grey eyes, her brows and nose wrinkled as she whined about her quickly approaching orgasm.
Her bottom lip caught in between her teeth for a split second as she completely lets go. Her body growing rigid as her eyes and mouth widened, the tidal wave of bliss that washed over her pulling nothing but the husk of a broken scream of pleasure while her body shook violently.
Her hand desperate to grab hold of you to pull you in for a kiss but she’d been too worn out to, so you slide up her body with your own, turning off the vibrator before connecting your honey soft lips with hers. She melted into the kiss—her convulsing muscles coming to a shaky still as her eyes flutter close, relishing in the feeling of it all.
The moment you separate from her lips, the room is filled with sluggish laughter. Your nose brushing against hers as you give her lips a quick peck before sliding off the bed. “I’ll run a bubble bath, alright?” You coo, pinching at her soft cheeks which gets a groan mixed with laughter from the worn out woman before running off to the bathroom to turn on the water and coming back to check on your girlfriend.
“Was that too much?” You ask scanning her face for any sign of discomfort, but she just gave you a small shake of her head. “I can’t feel my legs, but I’d say it was worth it.” She chuckled, cupping your face wish a hand, gently forcing you to look at her.
“That was amazing, princess.” Her voice a little hoarse as she spoke. Your hand coming to lay over hers, squeezing it lightly. “Do you need help getting to the tub or you think you’ve got it?” You question before leaving butterfly kisses along her fingers.
“…You mind helping me out?” She snickered as she twisted her body to face the foot of the bed before outstretching her hand which you grasp, pulling the girl up to her quivering feet and allowing her to lean on you for support. When the two of you approach the tub, you turn off the warm water before letting her sit on the edge.
“You need help taking off your shirt?” She shook her head in response as she swiftly took off her only article of clothing. “I’ll join you in a moment” was all you’d said before walking out of the bathroom and bedroom to get to the kitchen, peeling open the fridge to grab a bottle of water before heading back to the brawler.
She’d been heavy lidded as she let her body hide in the bubbles. You sit the bottle on the bathroom counter to take off your clothes so you’d be able to join her. The moment you do, you grab the bottle before stepping into the tub and sitting to straddle her.
“Vi, I brought you water.” You coo, handing her the bottle after kissing the slit on her brow. “Thanks, princess.” She smiled before taking a sip of the liquid, putting it down in a corner outside the tub, letting her head rest on your shoulder as you massaged her scalp.
Her muscular arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you closer to her, causing the water surrounding you both to slosh around. “I love you, princess, you know that?” She purred into the crook of your neck and placed a kiss on the skin while thumbing over your side.
“I never knew that,” you tease. “Why don’t you tell me again?” You giggle. Violet’s head raising slightly to glance at you before whispering, “I think it’d be better if I just show you.”
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