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• Vi Teasing You •
Tumblr media
Vi loves teasing you.
It's one of her favorite pastimes actually.
She had never cared much about her body other than it just being something to use to strengthen until you came along.
She's never looked at her muscles as anything other than tools to fight with.
But now she knows all too well how you react to her and her body.
How turned on you get by her physique.
And, oh, has she come to use that to her advantage.
Vi will purposely work out in front of you in a sports bra just to see you sweat.
Just to see how your eyes rake over her biceps as she hits the punching bag.
Just to see how you bite your lip when dewy condensation drips in between her breasts and down her six pack.
Vi has always been a fighter, so the fact that she can use her physique to turn her partner on is beyond amazing to her.
It's the most fun she's had in a long time.
She takes it as a personal challenge to make you weak in the knees at the most inopportune moments.
She will finger you secretly in public yet never make you orgasm until you're both back home.
Vi loves to have you ride her face for hours on end, completely at her mercy.
And, don't you dare try that hovering above her shit, no. She will pin you onto her face, your inner thighs squeezing the sides of her head, her calloused fingers digging into the flesh of your hips.
What care does she have about being able to breathe properly when she is teasing you relentlessly with her tongue?
Oh, you're casually walking around the Lanes together? Time to pin you up against a wall.
Oh, you're making breakfast in the kitchen? Time to lift you onto the counter and have her way with you.
She's a big fan of public pda that looks innocent to others but really isn't.
Like Vi will place her hand on your thigh, which seems simple enough but often you'll catch her fingers tracing patterns within your inner legs, too, getting dangerously close to your panties.
Or, she'll absently put her hand on the small of your back but will frequently squeeze your ass, too.
The smirk Vi gives you when she knows she's turning you on is positively devilish.
Can dish it out but cannot take it.
On the rare when you try to tease her in return it'll be the only time that you see the tips of her ears turn red.
It's adorable.
To see the confident, tough brawler turn to putty under your touch and beneath your gaze.
Vi gets so, so whiny when you tease her.
When you're eating her out and stimulating her everywhere but the spot she needs you the most, she will just grab a handful of your hair and press you to where your tongue can gift her with the release she craves.
She doesn't do well when you're in charge simply because she has no patience.
You tried handcuffs once and she broke free of those instantly.
Just imagine Vi's voice when she gets desperate for your touch. When she is begging, pleading, for your mouth or fingers.
She has a love/hate relationship for when you take charge.
Like Vi hates feeling powerless and unable to do anything but wait for you to finally give her her climax.
But also she loves it because of the sultry look in your eyes when you're in control.
And, when you're driving her insane with your agonizing slow ministrations turns her on so much.
If you tease her for too long though Vi will just use her strength to turn the tables on you.
One minute it being you who was playing with her through the fabric of her boxers and the next being you suddenly pinned beneath her while she takes back the power, getting you both off easily.
Bottom line is, Vi just loves to get a reaction out of you when she's the one teasing you. To see the emotions playing across your face, to hear how you feel in your voice.
She was inexperienced when you two first got together on account of her being in prison since her late teens.
She's just so damn enthusiastic about seeing what you'll do if she does this with her fingers or this with her mouth or this with her body and hearing your moans is like music to her ears.
Vi simply being able to arouse and pleasure you is the best encouragement ever.
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Chapter 1 - New Job
LOYALTY - Sevika x Reader Series
Warnings: None
Word: 1016
Chapter 2 is here!
Tumblr media
Summary: After a mysterious explosion incident, Silco hired you to save a woman’s life.
“What have I gotten myself into..?”
You nervously fiddled with your finger, staring blankly at the old, dirty operation bed that was in front of you. You sat quietly in your wooden chair, glancing at a mysterious man that was in the room with you, his mouth covered with a piece of black fabric. It felt like hours as the both of you waited awkwardly in his small lab.
“Great Y/N, you just dragged yourself right into hell.”
Your fingernails clutched onto the wooden chair as you stared at the door, waiting for someone to open it and interrupt this awkward tension between you and the uncommunicative man. You looked back to take another glance at him before finding the courage to speak up.
“Is there anything I could help you with, Singed?” You finally stood up, hesitantly walking toward him.
“Not at the moment. I’ll call you when there’s something.” He swirled a small glass tube of purple liquid in his hand, his back facing you.
You were an intelligent woman. Well, that’s what you were known for. You were a talented mechanic and a great doctor. But after the incident with your previous boss, things didn’t go well. There were many arguments about how unfair he was paying you. He was a selfish man and you had let him get away with it most of the time. It was not until you decided to stand up for yourself, resulting in you getting fired. There were many talented mechanics in Zaun, but none of them were interested in having a helper. Your boss was a well-known mechanic, but his personality had thrown you off. You were glad that you didn’t have to quarrel with him anymore, but what you got in return was being unemployed.
And now, your desperation for money has taken you to the wrong path. Not only were you hired, but you were also stuck in this criminal empire of Zaun. And there is no way out.
After another minute of silence, you were caught off guard by the loud creak of the door. You turned your head to see your new boss, Silco, with his underlings following behind him. Most of them were covered in blood and bruises but what caught your attention was a lifeless body of a woman that was being carried by one of them. 
“Put her down.” Your new boss ordered as he eyed you, his red eye glowing in the dimly lit room. Your body slightly turned as you watched the lifeless body being put down on the operation bed. Your eyes roamed around the body, stopping at the severely burnt arm that was hanging down.
“An explosion.” You blurted out, gently holding the damaged arm, examining it. You cautiously grabbed the other arm, placing your index and middle finger on her wrist, desperately waiting for any signals. That was when you felt the slow beating.
“She’s alive,” You looked up at your boss with a promising expression on your face, “Many are not able to survive a huge explosion, but she was lucky enough.”
“Don’t worry. We’ll get to work right away.” Singed finally spoke up as he walked toward the operation bed and stood across from you.
Silco let out a deep hum before looking back at you, crossing his arms.
“Don’t disappoint me.” He gave you an intimidating stare before exiting the lab with his underlings.
You let out a big sigh before shifting your focus back onto the severely injured woman. Your eyes moved upwards, studying her face. Her eyelids were closed, and her dark lips were slightly hung open. You slowly reached your hand up to slightly turn her neck, exposing the unusual glimmering blue scars that were spreading across her dark brown skin. 
“What kind of explosion did she encounter?”
“Her whole arm is burnt off.” Singed held the burnt arm in his hand, gently shaking it.
“We need to cut it off,” You reached for the black medical gloves on the nearby wooden table, “It’s useless to have her keep it anyway. Maybe we can do something to replace her missing arm after?”
Singed grabbed the large and sharp surgical instrument, lining up the blade on the damaged arm.
“Wait!” You yelled out, startling him, “What if she wakes up?”
You looked around at all the glass tubes and beakers that were being displayed on the steel counter. All of them were positioned neatly in front of you but there were no appropriate substances to help you with this surgery.
“Where is it?” Your eyes darted around the lab hastily.
“The syringe on my desk,” Singed ordered as he held the blade steadily on the woman’s burnt arm.
As you were about to head back to the operation bed with the syringe in your hand, a low groan from the tall woman made you stop in your tracks.
“Shit.” You rushed to her side, immediately pushing her shoulders down, preventing her from moving. The woman’s eyes fluttered open, the both of you making eye contact. You caressed her face with your soft hands, looking at her with a reassuring look on your face. You held her face in place, trying not to make her look at her own severely damaged arm. Her eyes fixated on you as she felt the needle of the syringe slightly poking her neck. She gritted her teeth before averting her gaze. 
“You’re going to be okay.” You quickly injected the syringe into the side of her neck without warning. She hissed in pain, her other arm clutching on your wrist, harshly squeezing on it. Your other hand left her face to grab onto her wrist as you tossed the syringe down onto the wooden floor.
“Shh… I’m not hurting you. It’s okay.” You reassured her. She stared at you with an alarmed expression on her face. But before she could react, her eyelids drooped down once again as she went unconscious.
You brushed a strand of hair from the older woman’s face before looking back at Singed. 
“Hurry. Before she wakes up again.”
Notes: I hope y’all enjoy the first chapter❤️ But seriously, coming to think about it, how much pain did Sevika had to go through when they were removing her arm?
Btw I don’t know what’s wrong with my Tumblr but somehow I can’t tag some people? So for the person that I wasn’t able to tag, I’m really sorry🥲 But hope you do find this post.
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when you say that “it's too big”
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander
warnings: nsfw content, size difference, praise kink, degradation, pet names, some sadism and dacryphilia with Silco
Tumblr media
You're bent over the edge of the desk as the head of VIKTOR's dick nudges against the folds of your dripping wet cunt, slowly pushing inside. You gasp, your thighs trembling as Viktor thrusts into you, though he stills for a moment when you whine that he's simply too big, that there's no way he's ever going to fit inside of you.
Honestly, he's just smug; a smirk curling his lips as he continues to push into you, though he does give you a second to adjust to his length — while he enjoys the whiny little noises you let out, he forces himself to be considerate.
Still, he teases you about your worries; mean little comments and sarcastic drawls leaving his mouth as he thrusts into you with wet, sloppy sounds that echo through the room. He also can't deny that your words made his chest swell with pride and, well, he's not opposed to you mentioning the surprising size of his dick again.
“Oh? I'm certain you can take all of me, dear. I did just stretch you open on four of my fingers, remember? You're plenty loose enough. Besides, with the way you're dripping, I doubt this will be a problem.”
Tumblr media
The second you whine about him being too big for you, JAYCE is beaming with pride, though he does his best to not let his glee show too much. You're on your back beneath him, his weight pressing you down into the sheets and his mouth on your neck as he worries the skin there between his teeth until dark marks are forming.
He's quick to reassure you that you can take him, that you're so perfect for him, so hot and tight and wet around his cock, and even though he honestly wants to slow down and give you a moment to adjust to the stretch, he just can't; his hips keep thrusting against yours without his permission.
And, well, he's sure that, as long as you don't use your safe word, you're fine — besides, you're moaning, and he himself is groaning, his mind still replaying those words of yours. He always knew he's on the big side — he's 6'7, honestly, anything else wouldn't have made sense —, but hearing you say it makes his dick twitch with arousal. He's honestly aching for more of your praise.
“You're so perfect, princess, fuck. You think I'm big, yeah? Biggest you've ever had? You're so tight. Can feel you tightening around me, oh my god — so good for me, babe.”
Tumblr media
As you hesitate to sink further down on SILCO's cock, only half of it inside of your cunt, yet it already feels like it stretches you impossibly wide, Silco huffs out an amused laugh.
You just stroked his ego a lot — oh, and the way you're whining only adds to his arousal. He's a little mean, honestly; his hands are placed on your hips as he pulls you down fully onto his dick, not caring about the way you whimper in pain, even as your back arches and your thighs tremble.
When he notices the tears shining in your eyes, he can't help but cant his hips up, revelling in the way you cry out and squeeze your eyes shut. The rougher he is, the more you whine, and there's nothing that gets him closer to the edge than that.
“Hm? Oh, don't you worry, dear, I'll make it fit. I'll make it fit. Look, it seems you can take all of me after all. You only needed some convincing. And now you're clenching around me too — such a naughty girl you are.”
Tumblr media
VANDER's lips press against your neck as you whimper, your whole body tense beneath his. To him, your worries about his size aren't stupid — he's a pretty large guy, both his dick and the rest of his body, which is why he cooes at you in a soothing manner and says he's sure you can handle it.
He's all about praise; he just continues to tell you that you're his good girl, his gorgeous darling, and that he's proud of you for doing this well and for trusting him this much.
He forces himself to stop for just a moment to let you adjust, though he can't keep himself from moving for too long; you simply feel too good around him, and hearing you mewl his name as he fills you up is too tempting to possibly wait any longer.
“Look, darl, you're taking me so well. Such a good girl for me, yeah. So perfect. That's almost half, you'll manage the rest, yeah? Damn, yes, that's it. That's good, doll.”
Tumblr media
notes: thinking about Vander who's soft and loving, but who can also be the exact opposite when he's needy; who just bends you over and breeds you <3 also, i'm tempted to change my Dazai icon to a Viktor one. betrayal
if you liked this, consider tipping me on ko-fi! it'd mean a lot!
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angelltheninth · 2 days ago
NSFW Headcanons With Sevika X Reader
Pairing: Sevika x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, rough sex, strap-ons, grinding, possessiveness, bite/scratch marks, aftercare
A/N: not requested, just giving you all some good, good food for Sevika
Tumblr media
Absolutely radiates big dick, 100% top, dom energy
Pulls you into her lap at any chance she gets, while wrapping her hands around you tightly and whispering filthy things into your ear while you squirm
Always has one arm around you, keeping you close
She will beat down anyone who talks bad about you, and she will show off in the process
She knows that you love to watch her fight, watch her muscles flex, watch how confident she is, the smirks she tosses your way
Sevika loves to use her strap-on on you
When you're in her lap she will roll your hips into it, let you grind down on it until you're a desperate mess for her
When you're like that she'll kiss your neck, whisper how good you are for her, how horny you make her, how much she wants to fuck her right here and now, not caring who sees
When you're alone she will pin you to the wall, grinding into you from behind, while she uses her mechanical hand to keep you still, not allowing you the relief you're so desperate for, keeping you on edge until she allows you to come
When she kisses you, you can always taste the alcohol she drank or the cigarette she smoked before hand, it doesn't bother you that much anymore
If you're really desperate she'll get you down on your knees, smirking at you, telling you to suck her cock, and then, if you're good, she'll make you cum
Once she became the new boss she'll have you sucking her off under the table before she fucks you on the desk, fast and hard
She can be surprisingly caring in the aftermath of any of your fuck sessions, bringing you a hot towel or going to bathe with you, kissing your neck, your shoulders and your back
Sometimes it leads to more sex in the shower
When ever you have sex she always pins your hands above your head at first, only letting go when she tells you to hold onto something
She will leave bites, kisses, and hickies anywhere her mouth can reach on your body
She loves to see her marks on you and you wear them with pride, letting everyone know that you're hers and hers alone
Sevika knows you love her muscles so she will show off for you by letting you grind against her abs, or lifting you up and fucking you against the wall while you hold onto her biceps
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lacroixqueen · 2 days ago
i am so curious about sevika's backstory..
Tumblr media
I feel like for every other character in Arcane, we get to know a little bit more about them so we can have some idea about how they became the person they are today
But Sevika is literally so DAMN MYSTERIOUS LIKE WHY
Perhaps this is just my hyperfixation talking but we literally know next to nothing about her besides the fact that she is Silco's right hand man, and that she is extremely loyal to the undercity.
ALSO possible moderate to mild daddy issues lol.
But what caused her to be the way she is?
So intensely guarded, but at the same time very strong-minded..
Was she an only child? Was she an older sister or younger sister?
What exactly caused the rift between her and her father?
Are any of her family members alive?
What is the story behind her red cape?
Was there a specific experience that caused her to hate Piltover with a burning passion?
How did she become so powerful? (Training montage please)
Did she have an inspiration growing up?
What's her favorite color? Favorite food? DSAJKJJSLK
I legitimately have so many questions and yes, these are the questions I think about when I can't sleep at night, no, I will not be elaborating further.
Do you guys headcanon any of these things about her?
Please indulge me;;;
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x-avantgarde-x · 2 days ago
Painted white-Viktor
Summary: Viktor x reader breeding kink
Warning: NSFW +18 plus. Minors dni!
I blame this fic on @inkinflux for putting the image of Viktor cumming inside the reader in my mind 💖🤧
You don’t know how long you’ve been going on, nor haw many times you’ve cumed. All you can recall is the feeling of Viktor’s cock dragging itself against your walls.
Your cunt clenches around his shaft, gushing a mixture of your juices that drip down your thighs to paint your sheets. Viktor moans at that, his breath laboured and an almost inaudible “Milyy” leaving his lips. And even though you can’t see him, laying on your stomach and your face against the pillow… You can hear the smile on his face.
You feel Viktor’s grip on your hips tighten as he turns you around and pushes your back against the mattress. He looks ravishing like this, you think. His hair sticks to his forehead and sweat drips down his flushed body, his eyes shining with a fire you can’t help but hope consumes you too.
“I’m gonna come, moya lyubov” he speaks against your ear, voice hoarse and quiet making it all more intimate “I’m gonna come inside you and fill your womb with my cum”. Viktor resumes his movement’s as he speaks. His strokes strong and slow as his cock kisses your cervix and abuses that soft spot within you, making you moan and your toes curl.
“I’m gonna fill you up with my cum. I’m gonna make you all heavy with my seed” he keeps speaking as he searches for your eyes, his lips trembling as he takes your face in his hand “will you take? C’mon, moya lyubov', be my good girl and tell me you will”. You nod, even if you doubt you are able to take any more, even if you doubt you can get any fuller, you nod and Viktor smiles at you -a smile that tells you won’t be able to walk tomorrow-.
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pinkyswifey · a day ago
Tumblr media
note — angst time! semi dramatic by i don’t mind, disregard any mistakes.
character - vi x fem! reader
Tumblr media
“you’re so damn stubborn vi”
“and you’re getting on my last nerve!”
ahh…arguments. they either end good or bad. it can turn out to you both cuddling or someone sleeping on the couch. the first option is always a get to when it happens but this argument is the one where you don’t know what it could lead up to. that’s the scary thing about it.
“i’m so damn sorry that i’m looking out for my fucking girlfriend who seems to get annoyed at everything i do,” she opens her mouth to say something else but you continue speaking, pointing a stern finger at her “when the only thing i try to do is love you and make sure you’re okay and safe! you make it into a big ass issue for no fucking reason!”
she rolls her eyes as if she was saying ‘here we go again’. “yes yes, i appreciate you for that but that’s literally all you do! you act like you’re a damn robot doing that same shit over and over again! cleaning here, cleaning there, cooking, laundry— do you know how it feels to come home everyday to the same fucking shit?!”
well damn that kinda hurt. between you and her, you were the calmest one and she hates that. she hates how you respond to her in the calmest way only raising you voice up one tiny bit. She wants you to be blazing out like she is but she doesn’t at the same time. two big energies going back and forth can led to someone that one or the other might very much regret saying or doing.
“i’m not a fucking robot vi i have damn emotion—“
she snorts interrupting you. you look at her incredulously wondering as to why she’s acting like this. when you both have arguments, which is once in a blue moon, vi always listens what you have to say. the only time she interrupts is when she’s starting to get more angry that she initially is.
“by the way you’ve been, acting i certainly think so. ‘vi are you okay?’ ‘oh! oh my god vi do you need anything’” she mocks you coming much closer you.
“vi this, vi that like it’s gets irritating!”
“always wants to come up to me the second i get home like can never breathe for one millisecond,”
you should’ve stopped her when you seen that she was getting more upset. you really don’t know what to say as you just watch her come closer and closer every time she speaks.
“i thought you were supposed to be by damn girlfriend not an annoying pest always buzzing in my fuckin’ ear 24/7 on a never ending loop.”
that’s definitely a lie. you know when to give her space. she doesn’t even ask for it because you always know and that’s what she loves about you.
“that’s not what a lover is supposed to do. they are not supposed to be such annoying ass FLYS! a lover needs to have emotion….why don’t you have such a thing, huh?”
she just keeps lying and lying.
“vi you know damn well i don’t—“ she cuts you off again. she can’t stop herself not matter how much she is actually trying not to let out anymore insults at you they just keep pouring out for no reason like she can’t control them. “oh baby, i’m speaking the truth and you know it.”
“vi that doesn’t mean shit and you know that!” you were not getting upset. your heart beating faster and faster, your stomach filling with ache as yours hands start to shake. you didn’t want this argument to escalate to something bad you really don’t but by the way it’s going to you don’t know what to even do, say or think, your mind is completely blank. “what the fuck you want me to do, huh? not speak to you all day? just sit down on the couch not doing anything like i’m an obedient little bitch? huh?! want me to do that and you can just call me for what you need at anytime?” you raised your voice, coming closer to her.
“there she goes..finally showing emotion.” she smiles sarcastically at you making your chest heave up and down. you feel your eyes stinging and you now move away from the woman trying to get away from this whole issue.
“no no no, why are you waking away? don’t tell me you do this every time when someone tells you about your true self..all of your flaws?” she has that red menacing look in her eyes every time she continues to step forward to you. you step back every time she keeps getting closer. you open your mouth trying to find the words you needed to stop all of this.
“what? cant say anything? yeah…because you know i’m right. don’t try to turn it around now,” you feet stay rooted in place, as she comes closer to stare intensely at your eyes like you were the enemy of her and you hate it so much. you want her to look at you with love, the same way you look at her.
“are you even the person i loved in the first place? the person i asked to be my girlfriend? ” she sneers, her face directly in front of yours. this is not the woman you fell in love with..this is someone else. you don’t know what to do as your eyes ring more and more. you don’t want to cry but the way the tension and the anger that surrounds this room and her is making you be filled with so much anxiety.
“why am i even dating you in the first place.”
you gasp softly as you did distantly knew this was going to happen. she was gonna say something she regretted. you look down at your feet, waiting for her to say or do something but what you do know is that you can’t stay in this room with her anymore.
you feel a panic attack coming in after that sentence rings in your ears. repeatedly, over and over again, just constantly getting louder and louder. you whimper silently trying not to have that attack right now. your hands move behind you as you okay with the promise ring she gave to you, the ring that’s she gave one night after you both said you’ve lived each-other after years of being just friends. it’s been at least 3 years later from that day and you’ve never taken it off.
you don’t think of taking it off now but you play with it as it gives you slight reassurance that she still loves you and that this is not her speaking right now. you always had a habit of playing with it whenever you feel anxious.
Vi continues to stare at you and if it was like she was hypnotized, she blinks a couple a times before her face changes from anger to fear as she hears you whimper softly. she also sees clearly that your chest is heaving way to fast, just out of it being normal breathing, she seeing yourself hands behind you and she instantly knows you’re playing with the ring.
“baby?” she whispers, her hands reaching out to hold your wrists. you tense your not wanting her to touch you at all either, you move backwards more before staring directly at her. she looks different now. her face looks scared and conflicted but apologetic. you know she feels remorseful for what she had said wanting to hold you and apologize at every chance she gets.
“I’m..i’m gonna just..’m gonna go upstairs to rest, okay? i’m..I’m just a bit tired,” you start moving away from her. she shakes her head looking at you with fear. she knows if she lets you out of her sight now you might take that chance to disappear and never come back.
“um..there’s food in the fridge. you can eat and take a shower then you can head to bed as well—“
you sigh slumping against the wall that you’ve been backed up to previously, feeling a wave a fatigue after the argument you just had with her, her words and harsh jabs. everything just took you right out and you just want to be alone.
“i wasn’t asking vi, i was telling you. i just need to be alone right now and i can’t be in this same room with you.” you were so tired so now you don’t know what the hell you’re saying yourself. she knows she deserves it. so she’s going to stay quiet, for now.
“all you’ve done this entire night was just to fucking yell at me about everything i did wrong. about how i’m an annoying fucking bee in your ear, buzzing constantly 24/7– those were you words right?” you look at her waiting for her to answer. “answer me! am i correct or am i wrong.”
vi lets out a shaky exhale, “no..n-no you’re wrong” you stand up straight glaring at your girlfriend who is now cowering like you did when she did the same.
“okay then. after i take a nap i will—“
“no the hell you will not.” she stern says to you, words shaky towards the ending as she steps to you trying to catch a hold of your hands but you move away even further, moving to the stairwell.
“i will pack my shit and leave so you can have your space—“
“i don’t need my space, y/n!” she looks desperate trying it to make this go where this is obviously going. she regretted everything but these are the consequences of those actions. “you will not go anywhere, you’re staying here with me okay?”
“i don’t want to. i don’t even wanna be in the same room as you, don’t you understand?” you look at her with a black face, trying to move away from her and this conversation that just goes no where.
“baby, please come here” she begs, her eyes getting misty when you look at her outstretched hand, you just ignored it and made your way upstairs. she breathes heavily now staring at your back, watching you trudge up the stairs. she hear the door to the bedroom open, she starts feeling dizzy. She doesn’t hear anymore noise then that so she tries to calm herself thinking that you actually went to rest yourself.
Just before she could let out a sigh of relief she just managed to hear the faintest zipper opening and her eyes crack wide open. her chest heaves harshly again, muttering ‘no’ repeatedly, quickly running up the staircase, skipping a few steps at the time just to reach to you in time.
she finally makes it up the stairs and dashes into your room just to find you with your back towards her, putting clothing you have in the duffel bag. she moves again, towards you this time coming in front of you to push your duffel bag away and to hug you tightly.
“vi get off of me please.” your girlfriend whimpers hearing your cold tone towards her. she makes her head comfortable by shoving it into your neck, breathing in your scent like this will be the very last time doing so. you squirm and struggle in her hold trying to escapes but she uses her strength to her advantage, making sure you stay where you are need and that’s in her arms.
“i’m sorry. ‘m sorry, baby, i really am.” she shakily whispers against your still squirming self, sending small kisses and pecks to your neck. she feels her eyes sting harshly, tears wanting to pour over already. you said you couldn’t stand to be same room as her and now you don’t even want to touch her like you’re disgusted of her. she would be disgusted too.
“let me go vi! you said you wanted space so let me fucking go.” you’re stubborn as you don’t stop still continuing to try and escape her strong arms.
“i’m so sorry.”
“let me go,” your voice is not laced with love but with coldness. you continue to move away, pushing at her chest but she hold you right and still. she shakes her head, stuffing herself further into you. she’s never been so same scared in her life.
“please baby,” she begs, feels a tear finally cross down her cheeks. “i was being mean and a liar, i’m sorry, i promise you princess i really am sorry,” vi shakes against you her eyes closed as she just wants you to stop moving. she needs you to stop escaping from her.
you give her one final weak push before slumping against it her, feeling another wave a fatigue come over you. you start feeling pain in your head making you clench your eyes closed.
“i’ll listen to you more, yeah?” she brings her face out from your neck to cradle your head with both of her shaky hands. she knocks her forehead with yours, closing her eyes, letting out more tears. “i love you..okay? i love you so much, princess so much,” she whispers as her lips trembles trying to refrain herself from crying.
you slump more against her feeling your tears come waving in again. “why would you say all that..i just want to love you but won’t let me..” you let out a shaky exhale, “what do you want from me?” vi hearts breaks at the way you sound so tired, tired of her.
“i just want you okay? all i want is your love and you,” she gives your forehead a kiss before connecting it back with hers. she gives you a kiss on your nose before shoving her face back down to your neck. your hands stay limp at your sides not wanting to lift it at all.
vi shakes her head, not wanting to let go of you. “vi, i don’t want to fucking deal with you right now. let me go.” she whimpers again.
“let go vi, i’m not playing around with you.” vi squeezes her eyes closed and just hesitantly, let’s her arms loose around you to which you quickly moved away from her.
“you wanted space so i am gladly giving it to you. as much as i give you all of me you won’t take me..so you won’t get it. that’s what you want right?” you look at her like she’s just a stranger. she shakes her head not wanting for this to actually become a real.
if this is a dream please wake her up.
“i will be with ekko. come by when you’ve come to your senses about what you really want.”
but it’s not a dream. and by empty closet, and the front door slamming shut, it’s come to her clearest attention that this is really real.
that this is really her worst nightmare. her worst reality.
Tumblr media
pinkyswifey © 2021 all right reserved.
PART 2?!? that’s if you guys want…or i idk might let you guys suffer👹
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randoimago · 2 days ago
Hap-hap-hapidy hap-hap new years!
First request of the new years from me: can I please request Jinx reacting to a reader who refuses to call her jinx, and when she asks why the reader says it's because they love her too much to call her a jinx? I'd prefer romantic love but if you'd prefer to write it as platonic love I'll take it!
Thanks for all the fun stories this last year, hears to many more too come!🥂
S/O Calling Her Powder Instead of Jinx
FANDOM: Arcane
Character(s): Jinx
Type of Request: Headcanons
Note(s): Happy new years!! I love Jinx so I'll happily write this request for you!! (also as a side note, I promise I am slowly getting through those Fire Emblem games)
Tumblr media
Probably gets a bit annoyed when you just keep calling her Powder because that was the old her. That’s not who she is anymore. Stop tying her to a different time please.
But then she hears your explanation and she just starts crying. I mean she has people that care for her, but they either care for Jinx or for Powder. No one really ties the two together. So you stating you love her as Powder because she’s not a Jinx? That destroys her.
Would still like you to call her Jinx but only when she’s around other people. She’s got a bit of an image to maintain after all~ When you two are alone then she’ll gladly listen to you call her Powder.
Okay but if Vi or someone shows up and tries to even use her real name then she is gonna snap. That’s not a name they can say. That’s S/O exclusive content. How dare they?
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vikdrain · a day ago
headcanons of viktor when the reader feels sad, i beg you
viktor x sad!reader hcs
[ i waited to do this request for when i was actually sad LMAO highly dedicated to my work here so here it is ]
Tumblr media
+ he tries his best to be comforting, he really does, although his instinct is to provide logical help, he tries harder to be the emotional support you need
+ before he figured out how to comfort you most effectively, he would sit there without a single clue how to approach your wallowing self, he was afraid of saying something unintentionally insensitive, accidentally causing you to drift apart because he couldn't properly be present for you in a hard time
+ as quite the emotionally unstable person himself, it's difficult to provide something he doesn't even have, but he was determined, for you
+ he was careful to make sure his tone was always gentle, but not in a patronizing or belittling way, he knew all too well how offensive that feels
+ instead of asking if you're okay (when you're visibly not), he just asks what he can do for you- if you need him to just listen, he'll listen to every single word that left your lips without interrupting, taking in every syllable with occasional nodding and hums- if you need advice, he'll try his best to give his best judgment while still considering your feelings, a loving honesty that you can appreciate in the long run- if you need to just have him there, he'll stay by your side as long as you need
+ often asks for you two to sit before you vent or anything, he'll offer any form of physical contact if it means it'll wipe away your sadness- you could straddle his lap with your face in the crook of his neck, the rivers flowing from your eyes trickling down and staining his vest, the vibrations of your voice hitting his skin, his fingers delicately tracing circles on the smalls of your back or on the sides of your thighs
+ you could lay your head in his lap, letting him comb through your hair with his hands as you stayed in silence, not wanting to speak about it, and he would respect it, never forcing you to do anything even though it would help him a whole lot more if he knew what was going on in detail- he knows that sometimes it's difficult to put it into words, it'd make it worse if he tried to coax a jumbled explanation out of you
+ once tried to cheer you up by using the hexclaw to carve a heart in a slab of stone with very crude drawings of you two together- it filled him with an irreplaceable warmth to see you start to laugh when he presented to you
+ "is this supposed to be us?"
+ "carbon copy, don't you think?"
+ if the matter isn't so serious, he uses light-hearted, stupid jokes to get you smiling again, sometimes he doesn't even mean for it to be a joke but it works 98% of the time
+ he won't hesitate to take breaks from work if you need him to be with you
+ sometimes your venting can lead to incredibly deep conversations between you two, bringing you closer together, an emotional bond that would be nearly-impossible to shatter, a link that simply cannot be penetrated, you can truly relate to each other in ways that others have difficulty sympathizing with
+ if it was another person who put you in this state of sorrow, it would be excruciatingly difficult for him to not consider beating them with his cane, but most of the time he can contain himself, most of the time
+ "i'm just saying, it would get the message across."
+ "viktor no-"
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viktorshands · 2 days ago
A Little Experiment
Viktor x fem!Reader
So basically, the reader has been undertaking experimenting in secret with creating variants of Shimmer to be of safe use for the public. This is the documentation of a “failed” experiment. Word count: 3k
Warnings:  NSFW content. Mentions of fictional drug use; angst, some fluff, cursing, fingering, unprotected sex.
Smol note: This is my first attempt at full smut so that is that.
Tumblr media
As a chemist and pharmacologist in Piltover, you led a small laboratory team studying and neutralizing the violent effects of Shimmer after it had found itself in the city. After successfully doing so, you got to work creating variants of the drug. You wanted to develop the drug for new uses including pain relief and intellectual stimuli, and you enlisted the help of your favorite colleague, Viktor, to assist you with a little experiment. However, you may have gotten in over your head with the new formula you whipped up on the side. 
“So, it’s essentially a treatment that forces people to relax?” He cocked his head to the side and brought up his fingers to his chin, his golden eyes looked off to the side, concentrating in thought.
“Well, I guess when you put it like that, I suppose. My main intention was to essentially boost the mood while also allowing the person to temporarily forget their inhibitions. That way they may achieve something they didn’t think they could normally or might have struggled with. For myself I imagine it would help me feel less self-conscious when presenting findings of a project in front of people.” You smiled shyly at the statement, thinking, maybe it would even give me the courage to finally tell you that I have feelings for you. The thought alone was enough to bring the feeling of butterflies to your stomach.
“Could I try it too?” Viktor asked you politely, his eyebrow raised as he twirled the bottle in his fingers. He was perched perfectly on a stool in front of your desk, cane leaning next to him. You stood from the tufted chaise you had been sitting on and crossed the room.
“I would actually greatly appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind documenting the results, since I created the treatment I would be biased and I would very much like to stay as scientific as possible.” You responded defensively. If anything went poorly at least then only I would be affected. You couldn’t bear the thought of accidentally causing harm to someone, especially Viktor. Which is why you always tried your own experiments firsthand. The worst that has happened so far was a scaly rash on your hands and feet months ago, but you were always quick to fix your mistakes.
“May I?” You reached out to Viktor’s hand, still clutching the vial. He silently responded, placing the vessel in your outstretched hand and lingering for a moment as his hand touched yours. You thought you saw a small blush on his cheeks as he looked up at you.
“Here goes nothing,” you stepped back, removed the stopper, and sipped the liquid, drinking only half of the bottle as a test of the dosage. It had a sweet taste and went down easy, for which you were thankful - you had once failed an experiment just from drinking a potion that tasted terrible, as you had immediately thrown it up. You sat down on the desk, adjacent to Viktor, and placed the bottle down next to you.
Viktor had grabbed your notebook and a pen from the desk and began writing. You saw that he noted the time of ingestion on the page. You hummed absentmindedly and kicked your feet under you as he kept writing.
“How do you feel, Y/N?” Viktor’s eyes never left the notebook as he asked.
“I seriously don’t think it would take effect so quickly, Viktor,” you teased.
“I’m just trying to stay as scientific as possible.” He said, with that cute smirk of his on his face, teasing you back as usual.
“Okay,” you rolled your eyes and giggled. Why does he always have to make you feel so giddy and silly. “Well, I feel…” you paused to get him to look up at you, “rather annoyed.”  You smirked back at him. Several minutes passed this way, and you shifted back and forth on the desk and decided to peek over Viktor’s shoulder to see what he was writing in the notebook. 
She seems to be unaffected thus far, it has been five minutes since the time of ingestion. 
Suddenly, you felt dizzy. You could no longer focus on the words written on the page.
“Um,” You shook your head to try to stay afloat in your own head, overcome by a sudden rush of adrenaline or something like it. “My heart rate feels elevated suddenly, but maybe that’s just because I’m nervous to see if it works or not.” 
“I see, anything else?” He asked so innocently, but the way you found yourself staring at him could be interpreted in any way except innocent. Your mouth watered as you looked at the handsome man in front of you. His accented voice felt like a kiss on your ear lobes.
You felt a strange heat rushing through your veins, you felt warm - too warm. You squeezed your thighs together as you felt a hot ache forming between them. Your hand went up to cover your mouth to stifle your gasp, there is no way this is happening.
Viktor looked at you with concern, his brows drawn together, “Are you okay Y/N?” He reached his hand up to touch your forehead. “You feel so warm.” 
His cool hand on you made you realize that you were very much not okay as your mind pictured his hand somewhere else. 
“I think I might be experiencing a side effect.” You could feel the heat covering you head to toe and you pointed at the bottle on the desk, “Please don’t drink any of that until I figure out what’s wrong.”
You stood in an instant and scurried briskly to the bathroom which was through a door adjoined to your lab. The door slammed shut behind you and you panted heavily. Your chest was heaving and you felt beads of sweat forming on your forehead. Quickly you stripped your white buttoned blouse from your chest to expose your skin underneath, revealing your undergarments, and discarding it on the floor. Leaning over the countertop and sink you turned on the water and splashed the cool liquid onto your neck and face feverishly. You looked up at your reflection. Your eyes widened at the sight. A deep red blush had covered your face, your neck, and collar bone area. You bit your lip as you felt the intense heat growing between your legs. What the hell did I do? You tried to rationalize what was going on - to figure out where you went wrong, but your thoughts were interrupted by the carnal desire to be railed against the counter you were standing at.
An abrupt knock on the door shook you from your haze. 
“Y/N, are you alright?” Viktor asked.
You became hyper aware of his presence. “Viktor?” You tried to keep your voice from sounding needy but you couldn’t help it. “I am definitely not alright, please just leave me here, we will have to continue the experiment another time.”
Viktor paused, “Well I don’t know if I should do that because I drank it too. I think my heart rate is elevated.” 
“You wha -?” You opened the door and locked eyes with Viktor just in time to see a scarlet blush cover his cheeks and ears.
“I thought I asked you not to drink it.” You whispered softly. You forgot you were topless, but Viktor certainly seemed to notice, as his eyes were glued to your chest. 
He took two steps to close the gap between you and suddenly his face was incredibly close to yours. His hand grabbed your waist, pulling you closer, as the other held his cane.
“You know very well that I don’t always listen to what people tell me.” His lips ghosted over yours, and you were frozen in place like a statue, feeling your wetness pool between your thighs. 
His eyes were transfixed on you, roaming your body. He snapped up to look you in the eyes, his pupils were blown, his lips were trembling and blush was covering his cheeks. 
“I am hesitant to say, but I believe that you have created an aphrodisiac.” His gaze never fell from yours and his voice was leaving you desperate. You could feel the ache between your legs growing with each syllable he uttered. His voice was already sexy, but he was making you weak at the knees.
“Viktor, please, I didn’t mean to -,” you were interrupted by his mouth on yours. The surprise you felt was swiftly overshadowed by your lust. Fuck, I’ve really done it this time. Any remaining rational thoughts left your brain as he kissed you deeper, using his tongue expertly to open your mouth for him. 
He pressed you against the wall. Pinning you with his hips as he ground his clothed - already hard - cock against you. You moaned against him; the contact felt so good. He took the opportunity to reach his hand up from your waist up past your ribs and behind your neck, grabbing a fistful of your hair and gently tilting your head to the side. His sweet lips went from your mouth to your exposed neck, kissing, sucking, and biting. 
Your arms wrapped around him, pulling him as close as possible and your hands tangled in his soft, fluffy hair. He released your hair, trailing his hand back down your body to your legs. His fingers squeezed your flesh, as if he was waiting for you to tell him “Yes”.
“Viktor, please touch me.” You placed your hands on his cheeks and planted heated kisses on his lips. 
His fingers went under your skirt, feeling your clothed cunt through your panties. You felt him pull the fabric aside, the anticipation making you tremble.
“All of this for me?” His voice husky, “I’ve wanted you like this for so long.” 
His long fingers stroked your wet folds before one of his digits angled inside you.
You cried out at the intrusion, immediately hungry for more. Your kisses became more desperate, and he must have sensed your need as he added a second finger inside of you and his thumb traced your clit. His long, slender fingers buried into you to the third knuckle. They curled inside of you oh so nicely, earning moans from you in return. His thumb worked expertly on your sensitive clit, making your head spin and knees weaken.
You felt that coil in your stomach, wound tighter and tighter every second as he fingered you. You were lightheaded, panting and moaning with every circle and graze of his thumb.
“Yes, that’s it darling, come apart for me, now.” He whispered in your ear. “Let me hear you.”
That was enough to drive you over the edge, you gripped his shoulders as you fell apart in his arms. He carefully held you up against the wall to keep you from falling as the waves of your orgasm cascaded over you and ripped a moan from your throat.
“That’s my girl.” He pressed a kiss to your temple and lowered his voice. “I would like to have more of you now.” 
“Yes, please,” you said breathlessly. 
“Good girl.”  He took your hand in his as the two of you crossed the room as fast as your weak legs could carry you.
The two of you sat on the chaise lounge. Wasting no time, you straddled him and began to make fast work of his vest, tie, and button up shirt. Each was discarded on the floor to reveal his bare chest. You kissed over all of his beautiful little freckles and beauty marks that decorated his neck, collar bones, and shoulders. 
You wiggled in his lap, grinding yourself onto his still very hard cock. 
“I - ah,” Viktor muttered a curse under his breath, “I am beginning to think that you did this on purpose. Siren.” He nipped at your neck and reached his hands up from your waist to unclasp your bra and toss it on the floor. 
“Don’t pretend you aren’t loving every second of this. It is very clear you are enjoying this as much as I am.” You unbuttoned his pants then, sliding your hand down to press your palm to his erection. You were still so warm and growing more impatient by the second. 
Your impatience was equally shared. One of his hands moved to your throat and the other grasped your thigh and he shifted you onto your back, your head against the arm of the pillowy chaise. You looked up at him, stunned at the action. 
Viktor looked up at you through his eyelashes, his eyes full of desire, and slowly slid his hands up your thighs and unbuttoned your skirt, pulling it off with your underwear. Fully naked, the cool air brought a welcome chill to your hot skin. You were unable to avert your eyes as he removed his pants and underwear, revealing his impressively large member.
“Oh, fuck me,” you said, your voice expressing your need, the anticipation of finally feeling him inside of you was getting to be too much.
“That, is what I intend to do.” His eyes were dark, drinking you in. His tone was sinful, full of lust and desire. His perfect hands spread your thighs apart for him. 
He pressed the tip of his throbbing cock against your wet slit. You bit your bottom lip and put your hands up to his shoulders to bring him closer to you. 
“Please, Viktor,” you panted, the anticipation making you shudder.
Not a moment later he was inside of you, filling you deliciously inch by inch with his length. The feeling was incredible. You knew you would be utterly ruined for anyone else, but you knew you’d never want anyone else after having him. When he was sheathed inside of you to the hilt, he let out a heavy sigh, his forehead meeting yours. You bucked your hips up, aching for him to move.
Viktor hissed in your ear, biting at your neck. “Don’t… move.” He stuttered. 
When he finally started to move, you felt yourself start to lose your head again, it was that good.
The sounds of your moans and hot breaths created a symphony together along with the sounds of your wet sex being pounded harder and harder as he found a rhythm. He filled you so perfectly over and over again.
You were speaking in tongues. His name and “please” the only real words escaping your puffy lips intermingled with unintelligible gibberish. You were going dumb around him and he knew it, you could feel him smirk against your neck.  
“Just a moment longer, fuck, you feel incredible Y/N.” He growled into your ear as he reached one of his hands down in between you to stroke your clit. The additional stimulation made you throw your head back as your toes curled. Your next orgasm hit you fast, your entire body shuddering hard as your walls spasmed around him. He held you as close as he could as you felt his hips stutter and he came inside you.
He collapsed, breathless, on your chest. You kissed the top of his head, humming softly, but your delight was short-lived. Your coherent thoughts were starting to come back to your weary mind, the gravity of your newest formula creation was something that you were afraid to admit truly worked. After all, it lowered your inhibitions enough to get you to - not so eloquently - admit your feelings. Your jaw clenched and you felt your brows furrow.
“Shhh, Y/N.” Viktor looked at you as he shifted to lay next to you and he brought his hand up to cup your cheek. 
“I didn’t say any -” you started to protest.
“You don’t need to; I know what it looks like when a scientist's brain is running too fast for their own good.” He sighed softly, his expression sincere, “I fear I have kept my true feelings for you hidden for far too long. I guess that was the courage I needed to finally, er, be with you in the way I have imagined for so long.”
“I have feelings for you too, Viktor.” The relief you felt was overwhelming as you shared his confession.
You shared a tender kiss, this one was different from any you shared earlier, it wasn’t covered by desire in the heat of the moment, it was a promise of your feelings for one another. 
As you lay there, watching as he fell asleep, you finally felt your heart rate settle and the exhaustion was creeping in.
Unable to keep your eyes open a second longer, you drifted off to sleep, fingers intertwined in his soft hair. The warmth never left your chest as the bliss of the intimate moment took you under like a gentle river, carrying you away.
When you opened your eyes the orange glow of daylight was peeking in through the windows. You were covered in the soft blanket that you always kept in your lab for cold nights. As you scanned the room you saw Viktor sitting at your desk. He was writing furiously in a journal. 
Wrapping the blanket around your body you rose from your place of rest, the cold of the floor prickling the bottom of your feet. You tiptoed over to him and reached over to brush his brunette hair out of his face as he kept writing. 
“What are you writing so early?” Your curiosity got the best of you, and you wrapped your arms around him from behind, planting a kiss on his shoulder.
He chuckled and looked at you with a mischievous smile, capturing you with those big golden eyes. “I am cataloguing the results of the experiment for you, although I do not believe these results are something you would like published.” 
You spent the rest of the morning attempting to convince him to give you the journal back so you could destroy it. But he reminded you without hesitation that disposing of the results wouldn’t be following your rule of being “as scientific as possible.”
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heyoogabi · 20 hours ago
hi! im back again! I was curious if I could request another viktor x reader? if I can, can i request one where the reader gets injured or hurt and viktor comforts & takes care of them. ty :)
aaah I loved it!!! Alright on it!
hope you enjoy this one
Viktor x injured!reader
TW: mention of blood and injuries
Tumblr media
You were once again in the lab, analysing the math problem on the chalkboard, one that you and Viktor have been trying to figure out for the past week. It was confusing, and it seemed not to have a solution; maybe the equation he used or the interpretation was wrong, so you traced the problem back to the start...
For the fifth time.
You sighed, running your hands through your face and rubbing your eyes as you yawned. You spent the night in the lab again; Viktor went home, though. A surprising act, you would say.
After a while, you figured the problem was similar to a previous one Viktor had solved. Involving unusual runes, mages would invoke portals and far more powerful spells.
You ran to his desk, searching through the mess of papers, books and sketches from prototypes he had on it. As you moved the pieces aside, you felt a sharp pain across the palm of your hand. You cursed in pain and checked the cut on your hand; it was more profound than a papercut but nothing you couldn't handle yourself.
Your eyes searched for what had caused your injury, finally resting on one of Viktor's tools, some kind of pocket knife.
"Good morning", Viktor exclaimed as he entered the lab. "How are you tod-what happened?" He walked up to you, eyes filled with confusion.
"Nothing, I just cut my hand." You laughed as you held your hand, adding pressure to the wound. Viktor picked a piece of cloth lying on the desk beside him and wrapped your hand with it. "Was it a deep cut?" You shook your hand. "Are you sure?" He looked at the pocket knife on his desk. "I'll grab the first aid kit; sit down."
You sat down and waited for him. "How did you manage to cut your hand on that?" he joked and opened the first aid kit. "I was looking for the math problem we had with that robot project." he sat next to you; "Why?" "I think it might be similar to this one" you looked at the board and then back at him.
He frowned as he searched for the bottle of iodine and picked a roll of bandages. "No", you tried to remove your hand as soon as he found the bottle, but he stopped you. "Do you want me to let it infect?" Viktor opened the bottle, and you nodded.
You carved your fingers on your leg as you felt the pain rush in. "I hate this thing", you cursed, and he chuckled. "Well, try to be careful next time" Viktor bandaged your hand. "Done." He smiled and closed the kit. "Thank you", you mumbled and soon felt his lips against your forehead.
Your whole body freezes for a bit, and your eyes widen. Viktor stared at you with wide eyes, his cheeks bright pink as he mumbled some words you couldn't understand. "I'm sorry, I didn't me-" he cursed and ran his hand across his forehead. "I'm sorry." "It's fine", you whispered, "I liked it-" he looked back at you "a little bit" you smiled embarrassed, and he did the same.
You stood up and kissed his cheek, a quick thing, but enough to make his body melt from the slight touch of your lips against his skin. "Thank you", you whispered closer to his ear, and he shivered. "Anytime", you step back, so you are facing him.
He had his eyes focused on your lips, blushing as he realised you did the same. You could feel your heart beating faster as you got closer to him, his hands slowly brushing yours, interlocking his pinky with yours. "This is extremely inappropriate." He whispered against your lips; neither of you would close the gap. "I know" your hands were now resting on his chest.
"We shouldn't." his hands tightly holding your waist, bringing you closer to him. "You're right." Your hands moved up to his neck and cupped his face, your thumb shyly running over his lips; he frowned at the act and rested his forehead on yours.
"Would you like to have dinner with me?" You nodded in response. "Perfect." he chuckled, but neither of you pulled away.
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belavender · a day ago
I firmly believe that Vi would positively REVEL in having a plus-size girlfriend. So much to squish and squeeze! She would happily die from your thick thighs while eating you out, and she always takes the time to give your ass a good smack, partly to watch it jiggle but also to see your reaction.
no fr i feel like all the super muscular girls love chubby gfs. like the contrast is so appealing to her. she loves watching ur thighs jiggle as u walk, using that information to visualize how it would look when her hips slammed against yours from behind. shes too reserved to blurt out how much she loves it, but sometimes u get little crumbs when she reaches to grab u by ur waist. u feel how hard she squeezes, and sometimes u hear the little heavy breath of approval. and when shes eating u out. thats the best. she squeezes ur thighs so fucking hard it hurts. she fucks u good with her tongue, too, but thats not rly what ur focused on. its the harsh kisses to the inside of ur thigh paired with the praises on how soft u feel. her telling u how she loves ur fucking skin. the confessions of the disgusting things shes thinking when she innocently touches the plushest parts of u in public. thats the shit that has u by the throat.
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spaghettibabie · 2 days ago
Do you have any sick Jinx headcanons??
Idk if you mean for when Jinx is sick or if the reader is sick so I'll do both :)
Tumblr media
When Jinx is Sick:
Delirious, VERY delirious
A lot of hallucinations, like more than usual
Photosensitive me too bestie
She'll ask you to stay with her while she rests
Asks for a lot of pillows too
Keeps refusing to stay hydrated and take medicine (she eventually does though after you insist over and over)
She tosses and turns a lot when trying to sleep, moaning in pain here and there and mumbling to herself if she does fall asleep. You'd normally wake her from nightmares, but she needs the rest, so you scoop her up into your arms and hold her close.
She relaxes almost immediately and cuddles into the warmth of your chest.
When You're Sick:
Prepare to be spoiled
You're lying half-asleep on your mattress while Jinx launches several pillows and stuffed animals at you
You feel like death but she's super cute so it's fine
Frequent checkups
"Do you need juice? Water? You should drink something, trinket."
"You haven't eaten much today, I'll go cook you something!"
She's not the best cook ever but she tries and that's all that matters
Sits with you for almost the entire time, tinkering with bombs and other inventions but more-so paying attention to you, checking for any temperature changes or more symptoms
So, so many forehead kisses even though you tell her you're sick and don't wanna get her sick
It's whatever, though. You feel miserable and she wants to give her partner some love, is that so bad?
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honeydazai · 2 days ago
public places where they'd fuck you
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander
warnings: nsfw content; (semi) public sex, exhibitionism, use of pet names (dear, princess, babe, slut, doll, darl)
Tumblr media
Given how VIKTOR spends most of his time in the lab, it's no surprise you regularly fuck in there as well. You had to convince him at first, but now it's not a rare occurrence anymore for you to sit on Viktor's lap with your legs trembling and your back arching as you sink down on his dick. He's holding onto your hips as you ride him, and the thought of someone being able to walk in at all times and see you in this compromising position only adds to your arousal; your cunt clenching tighter around Viktor's cock.
After the first time of doing it as a heat of the moment thing, he also became fond of pinning you against one of the bookshelves in the Academy's library, your mewls and whines barely muffled as you hide your face against Viktor's shoulder. There's the distant sound of footsteps, but neither of you can bring themselves to stop, not when you're dripping wet and Viktor's thrusts are desperate while he bites down on his bottom lip to suppress any noises that'd give you away.
“God, you're always so tight around me. You'll make me lose my mind one day with all those pretty moans of yours, dear. But, eh, as much as I'm tempted to make you scream, we better keep quiet. Or would you like it if one of the Councillors caught us, hm?”
Tumblr media
When he's not in a particularly romantic mood, JAYCE loves to fuck you as a way to blow off some steam — and where to better do that than in the Council Chamber where most of his frustrations stem from? Late at night, when no one else is around, he has you lying on your back on the round table and thrusts into you with abandon, both of your moans and groans loud in the otherwise empty room. Besides, the sight of one of the councillors sitting where he had just fucked you a few hours before is enough to get him hard again.
He also loves the risk of bending you over in the nearest public restroom during a festival he has to attend to; there's no better sex than when he's thrusting into you after giving a successful speech at Progress Day, adrenaline still pumping through his veins, and your lewd whines only make him fuck into you even harder, deeper, until you're panting and the head of his dick nudges against your cervix with every thrust.
“Fuck, you feel so good around my cock. 'm gonna fuck you so good, babe, I'll make sure you won't be able to walk tomorrow. Ah, I'm so close — you're gonna be the death of me, princess. Wish you'd be able to accompany me during Council meetings; I bet they'd be so much less awful with your cunt around my cock.”
Tumblr media
For SILCO, his office is a given; since he's in there almost all day, there's no harm in fucking there too. Besides, it allows for many different positions; it depends on his mood if he wants you to sit on his lap and warm his cock like an obedient pet while he's working, or if he has you bend over the desk and spread yourself open on your fingers while he watches, his head tilted to the side and a smirk on his lips.
Another scenario he greatly enjoys is making you kneel between his legs while he's in a meeting, your lips closed around his dick and your throat warm and pliant for him. He occasionally grabs a chunk of your hair, causing you to whine a little, and the noise goes straight to his cock. Besides, having a pretty thing like you service him in public while he talks business is nothing if not another subtle way to underline his authority.
“Oh, quit whining. I'm working. Though I must say the way you're drooling around my dick is quite endearing — well, that, and it's pretty pathetic too. I wonder, dear, if I reached down and touched you right now, how wet would you be? Oh, don't look this excited. I don't have time for distractions like that, so get back to sucking, slut.”
Tumblr media
VANDER is rather eager whenever he's turned on, which is why he's not opposed to simply pin you against a wall, no matter where, and have his way with you; your thighs hooked around his waist as he's thrusting into you.
At times when he's certain the kids aren't around, he likes to bend you over the counter of The Last Drop, revelling in the way your needy moans and the lewd noises of skin slapping against skin echo through the club. He doesn't mind that people are watching and even getting off to the show you're putting on — he's the only one who's allowed to fuck you, after all.
“Fuck, doll, look at you — so pretty. You're taking me so well. Bet all these guys here wish they were me right now; bet they'd give absolutely anything to have your tight lil cunt to themselves. Moan my name some more, darl, come on — show everyone you're mine.”
Tumblr media
notes: my first arcane headcanons! this is exciting. arcane fandom, please let me in, i am violently banging on the doors
if you liked this, consider tipping me on ko-fi! it'd mean a lot!
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magical-warlock · a day ago
You: What time is it? Jinx: I don’t know; pass me that saxophone and we’ll find out Jinx: *Plays sax loudly and extremely out of tune* Vi: WHO THE FUCK IS PLAYING THE SAXOPHONE AT TWO IN THE MORNING Jinx: It’s 2 am
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espressosimp · 2 days ago
I'm not sure if you do poly but can you make a Cait x thick! reader x vi
Ofc I can! I love them as a pair and I think as a poly couple would just make it better :)
Also sorry if its very cheesy and so very short I have no inspo atm 😰
Vi x Thick!Reader x Caitlyn
Tumblr media
For once, the house was quiet. Why, you may ask? 
Because Vi's fallen asleep on my thighs and Cait's head is resting on my shoulder.
I personally love it. Two beautiful girls resting on me, keeping me warm. It's all I ever wanted.
I look down at Vi and play with her hair. It's just so soft and she never lets anyone touch it.
I felt a hand gently push my hand away.
"I said no touching princess.." Vi yawns and sits up, kissing my cheek.
"Oh I know it just looked so soft!" I whine at her. She stares at me then pinches my thigh, making me squeal.
"And I like your thighs." The squeal seemed to wake Caitlyn up because she sat up, asking "What's wrong? Why are you squealing?" 
I felt myself go red and I just hugged Caitlyn. "Vi pinched my thigh because I touched her hair~" Cait rolls her eyes.
"Don't pinch her. You'll leave a mark and you've certainly done that enough. Look at her poor neck!" I groan, hiding my neck with my sweater.
Vi moves my hand and grins "Next time, I'll go for the stomach or thighs if you don't want them to be visible."
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tazzytypes · a day ago
For Silco Headcanons..perhaps :Mornings with him, I would love to imagine him and his S/O sharing coffee together or getting up early to make coffee for him. 🤍☕️
Oooo this is a good one! This is my first time doing head-cannons so it may be a bit chaotic. Please let me know if you have any questions or if anything needs clarification!
Young Silco
Tumblr media
What is Silco’s sleep schedule like?
young Silco is NOT a morning person. Working the mines and probably one other job on top of starting the rebellion with Vander has this man tired af. (Also this wasn’t part of the prompt, but I have a head cannon that Silco was a bartender at The Last Drop which was probably run by someone who looked after the three boys growing up)
Is S/O a morning person?
In these days, it doesn’t matter if you’re a morning person or not. You have to be up to get to work and time is money in the Lanes.
Silco is grumpy when he first gets up, frowning and bleary-eyed. He looks like he might kill you, but he won’t. That would take too much effort.
It’s hard not to smile at him when he’s like this. It’s both adorable and amusing.
“Your joy is sickening,” he’ll grumble before trying to roll over and go back to sleep
Coffee is very much a luxury in the lanes. Sometimes you can get some. Sometimes you can’t. When you do, it’s like Christmas. The smell alone will be enough to un-grumpify a sleepy Silco.
If you don’t have coffee, your next best effort is kisses. Sikco will try to swat you away at first. Run your fingers through his hair and trail them down his shoulders and he’ll turn over to you.
“Mmm… persuasive,” he’ll say, making you laugh. Young Silco is a cuddle-bug. His hands are always on you in some way. Even more so when you two are curled up in bed together. If it leads to more, that’s great. If not, he doesn’t mind. Don’t take too long, though, or Vander will be banging on your door to tell you both to hurry the fuck up. Time is money.
Not going to lie, if you don’t wake up first, you’re both snoring until Vander comes and bangs on your door like a debt-collector there for your monthly payment. Scares the shit out of the both of you, but does the trick.
Breakfasts are quick in these days. You’re usually on your feet and running out the door, grabbing whatever you can shove into your mouth in the least amount of time. If you even have food, that is. Some days you have to manage on water and not much else.
You and Silco have morning routines down to a dance. The bathroom is a crowded space in the morning, especially when you have to share it with Vander and Benzo as well. Silco takes up the role of shoving them out of the way so you can have your space to get ready.
Goodbye kisses are mandatory. It makes Benzo and Vander gag and complain. Their antics only encourage Silco to keep at it. He has something they don’t and he will flaunt it any way possible. These were simpler times where he didn’t have to worry about you being hurt simply by being associated with him.
Act 1 Silco
Tumblr media
What is Silco’s sleep schedule like?
Silco is now one of those morning people who is definitely of the mindset “don’t talk to me until I have my coffee.” By now, he’s got enough money and street-cred to get a steady supply of it. Not a top-brand blend, but it does the trick.
Whether or not he’s a morning person is hard for anyone to pin down. This is simply because he often works so late that he’s still awake when the sun starts coming up.
Before Act 1 of the show, I can see him having a slightly better sleep schedule. He is the man that makes the rules in his little faction. People report to him and he doesn’t really have to worry too badly about deadlines quite yet. Still a lot of busy nights, however.
Basically, he’s in a transitionary period between sleepyhead Young Silco and Workaholic Act 2 and 3 Silco
HOWEVER, with a long term S/O I can see him changing sleep patterns only slightly. Probably can be bribed to go to bed at a decent hour by you depending on how much work there is to be done.
He also takes into consideration the fact that they share a bed. He doesn’t want to wake his you without cause because he forgot how to keep track of time and is going to bed at 5 o’clock in the morning. Definitely tries to sneak back in very quietly in the early morning if he lost track of time. The cannery is old a creaky, however, so sometimes he does wake you. It’s kind of funny, seeing The Industrialist pause like a deer in the headlights. Apologies are given in kisses and soft touches.
If you say something like, “the bed is cold without you” you can bet your ass this man will make an effort to be in bed at a decent hour for a least a few weeks or so before his sleep schedule falls apart again.
Is S/O a morning person?
If a morning person:
Silco is still somewhat relaxed at this part of his life. Definitely always planning his next step and on the defensive, but he can allow his bedroom with you to be a safe space. The Cannery is a fortress of its own sort and his room is locked in the bottom level with Singed’s lab. If anyone gets down there, it would take a lot of effort
If you can slip out of bed in the morning without waking him — good job. Your movements won’t WAKE him, per say. Man is just clingy. Even asleep, that man will feel you move and slip his hand over you to keep you in bed longer. Don’t mention it, however. He’ll say it never happened.
Bribe him awake with coffee, but not food. Silco hates crumbs in his bed and, growing up in The Lanes, he’d rather not have a bug problem. Place the coffee on his nightstand and settle into your spot on the bed. Bonus points if you blow on your coffee and waft the smell of it over to his side.
Silco is less guarded when he wakes up and is less likely to hide his expressions. Will let out a humm and a sleepy smile as he gets up.
“Is that for me or are you just here to gloat?”
You nod to the drink on his bedside
“You’re to good to me,” he’ll say.
If he has little to no plans, will take his time with you in the morning
Don’t expect much chatter. For one, his brain isn’t entirely awake yet. For two, he’s soaking up the moment.
If you DO talk, it’s about the plans for the day: What meetings Silco will have. Maybe you need to go shopping for some food. The heat is broken again and you’ll need to buy a new part. Things like that. It helps wake you both up into a semi-functional adults.
Please show this man some affection. Sleepy Silco is an affectionate Silco. He will def play with your hair. Give him some kisses and he will melt (as much as Silco is capable of melting)
Morning sex is def on the table. Anything is an excuse to not deal with the “idiots” in his employ.
Speaking of his men, if someone interrupts your morning he will be grumpy and snappy for the rest of the day. Unless someone is dying, he doesn’t care, and even if they are, there are other people that can deal with it.
If S/O is NOT a morning person:
Silco will definitely hold out on getting coffee until you wake up or order someone to bring it to him. The second he steps outside that door is the second he has to go to work. His men will flock like vultures, asking him questions and waiting for direction.
If you wake up during him ordering coffee he’ll turn back at you stretching awake and smile at your bleary expression. Will def climb over you for kisses as he informs you of the caffeine that will be soon to arrive
If you take longer to wake up, he will start looking over papers and plans in the room. His arm will be draped over your head in the pillow, probably mindlessly twirling your hair around his fingers.
He won’t look up from as he feels you rouse beside him. But there is a smirk on his face as he says, “good morning, sleepyhead.” Curl onto his side and drape your hand over his waist and you may be able to get up to an hour of extra cuddle time (depending on how persuasive you can be and how busy the days events will be)
If you sleep like the dead and won’t wake for anything. He will eventually have to slip out. But will make sure you’re awake first
“[she/he/they] lives,” he’ll say as your eyes open. Slipping out of bed, be will come around the other side and help you through the motions of getting ready with him. Plops a cup of coffee in your hands as he leaves and tells you not to go back to sleep.
Act 2 and 3 Silco
Tumblr media
Silco is definitely a morning person by now. It’s rare if he’s not the first person out of bed. As the leader of Zaun, he has too much to do to stay in bed.
It’s often that he stays up until the early hours of the morning. He’ll sleep on the couch of his office instead of waking you. It’s likely he’d only be asleep for a few hours, anyways. Definitely takes more naps now than actually sleeping.
Harder to pull him to bed now. He’ll tell you he’ll join you, “in a minute.” May be able to be convinced to let you lay in his lap while he works. Usually, the best way of getting him to actually sleep. You’ll nod off and he’ll carry you to bed, realize how warm and inviting it looks, and finally goes to sleep like a normal person.
Usually is up earlier than you. Will either sneak out of the room to get coffee and breakfast or come by with some (if he was in his office) as an apology for making you sleep alone… again. Definitely plays with your hair as you wake up, settling on his side of the bed and talking. It’s a moment to catch up before the day and all it’s worries take over.
If you wake up before him… he honestly may be sick. Please check up on him. If he’s healthy, maybe suggest a day off which he clearly needs and work with Sevika to lighten his work load for a bit. If he’s sleeping in, he’ll probably take you up on it. Will take a bit a battling to do so, however. Bring him coffee and food and he’ll look at you like you put the Sun in the sky.
If he slept on the couch, you bring him some aspirin with his morning meal. He forgets he isn’t as young as he once was. The awkward sleeping arrangements and awful sleep schedule take more of a toll on him these days. Bonus points if you give him a massage because his neck and shoulders are stiff and sore. You’d think he’d learn to sleep in a bed, but he doesn’t. Too stubborn.
You also have a daughter to take care of. You take turns on wake-up duty for Jinx. When she was younger, she was up before either of you. As a teenager, definitely sleeps in a LOT. You don’t think her own bombs would wake her sometimes. She doesn’t drink coffee, but juice and a morning pastry will have her at least sitting up some. She’s a zombie in the mornings, the best you get out of her is a grunt or two in response to any discussion you may try to have.
If Silco wakes up first, he handles breakfast for her. You’re round 2, swinging by her room to make sure Jinx ACTUALLY gets up. When you wake up before him, it’s vice versa.
When you two have a day off, spending all day in bed is not out of the question. Silco or you will order up coffee and food. Then, you’ll shower together and go back to sleep or, at least, back to bed. These moments have 1 rule: no business talk… if you guys talk at all (wink, wink). It’s rare for you to have time alone between being parents to Jinx and running almost everything in Zaun.
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sevikasupremacy · 21 hours ago
Chapter 2 - Don’t Touch Me
LOYALTY - Sevika x Reader Series
Warnings: None
Word: 1,004
Previous Chapter
Tumblr media
Summary: After hours of performing surgery, you tried your best to care for the injured woman.
Silence filled the room as you sat patiently in your wooden chair, sketching in your notebook.
After hours of performing surgery for the poor woman, you were finally able to rest for a bit since Singed had already left the room to meet up with Silco. You overheard that it had to do something with The Last Drop but wasn’t exactly sure what they were planning to do.
Every couple of minutes, you would glance up at the body on the operation bed, hoping that the woman would wake up anytime soon. It had been hours since she went unconscious from the injection, and you were somewhat worried that she wouldn’t wake up.
You exhaled loudly before shifting your focus back to your notebook. During the hours of waiting, you came up with an idea of a tool that could replace the woman’s missing arm. You and Singed had a small talk about this, and he insisted on helping you.
As you rested your chin on your palm in exhaustion, a low groan made you sprang out of your chair with a jolt. You tossed your notebook onto the desk as you made your way to the operation bed. The woman squinted her eyes as she struggled to sit up, her one arm trying to support her weight.
“Stop. Don’t move.” You gently pushed her chest down once again. The woman hissed in pain as she laid back down, turning her head to look at her other shoulder. Her eyes widened in shock before looking back at you.
“What did you do?” She said with a threatening tone as she glared at you, her lips quivering in anger.
“I saved your life,” You carelessly answered as you reached for the wet towel. The woman aggressively grabbed you by the wrist before you could touch her.
“Let me go.”
“Don’t touch me.”
You sighed as you stood there, your wrist still in her firm grasp.
“I’m not hurting you.” You softened your tone on purpose as you looked at the angry woman who was still glaring at you.
“It’ll be quick. I’ll leave you alone after.”
The woman raised an eyebrow in astonishment, surprised by how calm you were toward her. She slowly loosened her grip on your wrist, lowering her arm back down onto the operation bed. She turned her face to the side, avoiding eye contact with you.
You slowly reached your hand out, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, making the woman flinch.
“Don’t move, okay? It’ll be quick. I promise.” You slowly slid your hand under her head, cradling it.
You gently wiped the dirt off of the tensed woman’s face in silence, avoiding the glimmering blue scar that was spread all over her cheek. You hesitantly ran your fingers on it, gently putting pressure.
“Does this hurt?” You whispered as you lifted your finger.
“No.” The woman bluntly answered, still turning away from you.
You nudged the woman’s cheek with your fingers, signaling her to face you so you could clean the other side. She let out a loud huff before turning her head toward you. You tentatively wiped the woman’s cheek and forehead as she intensely stared at you with her deep grey eyes.
“Here, drink some water. You can rest after this.” You tossed the wet towel back onto the counter before reaching for the jar of water that you had already prepared beforehand. Your other hand traveled to her back as you helped the older woman sit up.
“Easy,” you placed your palm on her lower back, nudging her into a sitting position, “No need to rush.”
The older woman let out a big sigh before glancing back at her missing arm. She bit her lip in irritation before using her other arm to touch it. She hissed as she felt the sharp pain from her shoulder. You quickly set the jar back onto the counter as you reached your hands to cup her face, forcing her to look at you again.
“It’s okay. You’ll be okay,” you reassured the woman as you gently swiped your thumb across her blue scar, making her pull away.
“Did I hurt you?”
“No, I just don’t like being touched.”
You slumped your shoulders before heading toward the counter, your back facing the cold woman. You hastily poured a cup of water before handing it to her, which she took right away.
“I’m planning to build a mechanical arm for you,” you quickly changed the topic, “So you won’t have to worry about walking around with one arm.”
You handed your notebook to the older woman as you pulled up a chair to sit across from her, making sure to give her some space. She set the cup down beside her before opening your notebook. Your body stiffens as she eyed you before looking down at your sketches. Her eyes sparkled in wonder as she flipped through the pages in silence.
“You’re going to build all of this?” The woman scoffed, raising an eyebrow.
“Hey, don’t underestimate me.” You crossed your arms in annoyance, leaning back in your chair. The woman let out a low chuckle before closing the notebook, handing it back to you.
As you were about to speak again, the familiar creak from the door alerted the both of you.
“You’re awake.” Silco’s voice echoed through the lab, followed by the sound of Singed footsteps behind him. The older woman let out a low grunt before shifting her focus back to you, ignoring her boss.
“Singed told me about your invention for Sevika. I see that you have everything all planned out.”
“I think it’s efficient for her, sir.” Your eyes wandered around the lab anxiously. Silco let out a low hum in satisfaction as he fixed his jacket.
“You were more useful than I thought.” His tone was now more gentle toward you, “Do whatever you need to do, and I'll give you the money.”
“Right, the money. And then I can leave.”
Notes: Y/N’s such a good doctor. Am I right?☺️
Taglist: @honeyr4ven @illicittete @holysmokesblog
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envyscherry · 2 days ago
all for me || viktor x reader
Tumblr media
A/N: More blurbs. 18+ ONLY. Requests are open!
Warnings: edging, dom!reader, viktor is in a corset, orgasm denial
Viktor has never looked prettier.
He’s clad in a soft pink corset, the material pressed flush against his skin. His dark curls are heavy against his skin, a faint sheen of sweat covering his brow as he moans and pants. He’s quickly dissolving into a complete and utter mess at your touch, cock leaking and eyes weeping.
“I didn’t know you were so sensitive,” you say, singsonging to Viktor. “My poor little baby, so on edge.” Viktor whimpers as you continue to play with him, hands squeezing and teasing.
He’s miserable—but he’s enjoying it—even though he’d never admit it.
You’ve had him on edge for hours, relishing in the gradual flush of his pale skin as he grows more and more needy, whimpers growing louder and more insistent, hips bucking into your hands and pleas of mercy growing in frequency.
His cock weeps, and he’s throbbing beneath you. “Please,” he whispers. “Please let me cum.” You laugh, drinking in the lust blown gaze of the disheveled man beneath you. “Not today, Vitya. Not today.”
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vikdrain · 2 days ago
type of kisses with viktor, pleaseee
idk if you write any other thing than headcanons but i beg you for thisss
types of kisses with viktor
[ i think about this very often. ]
Tumblr media
+ viktor vowed to himself to not provide affection so loosely as to keep it special every time, but once he got a taste of it he just couldn't stop- after a while you started to notice patterns in his touches:
+ soft, chaste kisses were for greeting, usually on your temple, your cheek, forehead, areas with easy access- he'd leave a gentle hand on your shoulder as he did it to stabilize himself and bring you closer, these were the most common
+ peppered kisses all over your face were for mornings, a wake-up call, you could always feel the slight smile on his lips every time they made contact with your skin and it's definitely the best way to start the day
+ slow, lulling kisses on your neck showed he was needy, he would settle behind you, wrapping arms around your waist and bringing his lips to your neck, letting you feel his warm breath before proceeding
+ for those kisses, you'd have to turn yourself around to face him and give him all the attention he wanted, an easy job with bountiful benefits, a mutual exchange of much-needed love
+ quick pecks that catch you off guard were for when he just couldn't help himself, after a while of admiring you- how could he resist? the sheer speed of these never fail to make you laugh, sometimes he completely misses your lips and pretends it was on purpose to hide his embarrassment- reassure him by returning the favor
+ mindless kisses on your hands and fingers were for when you were cuddling, these can go either one of two ways:
+ it can be completely innocent, you both fall asleep with your hands tangled messily with each other's, the roughness of his lips still pressed against your knuckles, feeling every relaxed exhale release from him
+ or... it can get a bit suggestive if you decide to bring his fingers to your lips instead, plaster a mischievous smirk as you slowly take them into your mouth- just a playful gesture right? expect some stern words and firm touches from him after that, but that's exactly what you wanted, isn't it?
+ tangled and chaotic make-out sessions were for when you haven't seen each other in a while, usually, he can satiate himself regularly when you're with him, but his neediness builds up quickly in your absence- trying to busy himself with his work can only do so much, and he wasn't one for pda- he would wait until he got you alone to push up against you and release the pent up tension
+ appreciative kisses on your shoulders were for bathing together, to let you know how much he loves and worships your body, not in an entirely sexual way (although that is a part of it), but in pure admiration, a simple gesture to wash away the insecurities, tender reassurance of your unparallelled beauty, perhaps a bit of envy on his end, but overall adoration
+ calculated and meaningful kisses that took your breath away were just because, it's easy for him to get too involved in his work, to forget about the outside world and the relationships he has waiting for him to return, these are to make sure you know he's still there, that he isn't lost in the equations again, these kisses keep him grounded and remind him to slow down- he doesn't want to waste a single precious moment while he still has you to himself
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