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wolfishwriting · 5 months ago
arcane + how they moan
ft. Vander, Vi, Silco, Jinx, Caitlyn, Viktor, Jayce, Finn, Grayson, Sevika, Marcus, Mel, & Howl
cw: smut, fxf, fem!plus sized reader, subby men, soft!dom, begging, overstimulation
He's more of a growler than anything, he'll something make soft pants and deep grunts and may often struggle to catch his breath because it feels so damn good.
“Darl, please can I cum? ‘Fraid I ain’t gonna last much longer. You really know how to make me work for it. Please, baby, I’m gonna shoot my load if you don’t hurry-ahh!”
You really gotta get her riled up to make any sort of loud noise. But once you get her started, it’s gonna be tough getting her to be quiet. She’ll sing your praises and will be rough with the way she kisses you, nails curving into the fat of your ass to push you harder against her.
“Cupcake, you feel so fuckin’ good. I love it when you fuck me with your cock--good thing we got the vibratin’ one, right? Delicious--fuck! Ahh, fuck, make me cum! Make me cum, babe!”
He’s one to not share his voice unless he’s seriously wound up. You have to take your time with him, make him pliant beneath you--to take what you need from him. Be a service top, work on pulling those noises from him, do your damnedest. 
“Think you can--hnnnghhh, truly work me over so easily? Fuck, I’d like to see you try, my pet. Oh, fuck, just like that kitten.”
She’s not always very loud, it depends on what kind of mood she is in. If you’re domming her, she tends to be a bit more loud begging for you to fuck her hard until she goes cross-eyed with her tongue falling out of kiss-bitten lips.
“Fuck, toots, you’re going to fuck me raw at this point but shit, darl-- I ain’t fuckin’ complaining. Feels’ so fuckin’ good, ah, ah, ah~!” 
Her moans are soft and very pretty, like the gentle chiming of bells echoing through the hall. She can definitely be a bit louder than she is but if her family is home, she doesn’t exactly want to scream about how well you’re fucking her even if she really, really wants to praise you. She’ll just have to do so quietly but the moment her parents are gone; she’s screaming. 
“That’s it, pretty kitty. You’re making me feel so good, that’s it, sweet thing. Eat my cunt out like your life depends on it.”
It really depends on the mood that’s set, on nights where he’s more rough he’s dirty-talking your ear off grumbling to himself about “what a naughty girl you are” and “how well you take him” inside that pretty pink cunt of yours. When you actually assertively top him, he’s a cute whiny baby with pretty amber doe-like eyes that he definitely knows how to use. 
“My love, I fear my heart may burst from my chest if you keep this up! My head feels as though it’s swimming. Pl-please, may I cum? Ah~! You take me so well, fuck, so good.”
He can be very, very loud. Letting out unabashed moans to the high heavens. Borderline fuckin’ porn star. By the end of the night his throat is always sore from all of his yelling and whimpering and he’s so exhausted despite his cock still being painfully erect.
“Baby, mm, please!” A choked cry pinched off with a whimper. His voice is cracking, tears streaming down his face. “Please, may I cum for you? I’ve been a good boy.”
He’s so fucking loud and vulgar--why do you think you have to muzzle him so often? He’s moaning from the moment he pulls out his hard cock to sink into your dripping cunt to the final moments where his balls are slapping against your ass and flooding you full.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! You’re so fuckin’ good, babe, can’t think straight not with the way you’re clenchin’ on my cock--fuckkk, fuck!”
She’s on the quieter side, mumbling words of praise while she strokes your cheek with tender care. Her accent will be much thicker the closer she gets and she remains ever the sweet and attentive partner.
“That’s it, my love. Slowly, slow. That’s it--oh, there, shh, you’re doing so well. Yes, I’m close, my dear.”
Another one who isn’t very loud. You’ll have to tune in how her breathing increases and echoes off the walls. Sevika may pitch in tone when she cums but for the most part she’s pretty stoic, even if she is softer when she’s with you.
“Such a good girl, you know how to unravel me so easily, don’t you? Keep going then. If you’re so determined to make me cum, prove it.”
She makes the prettiest little keens and sighs. Gets pretty out of breath. She’s pretty assertive so isn’t afraid to speak her mind and let you know what she wants and what feels good or what doesn’t. 
“That’s it, my darling. You’re doing so well. That’s the spot, keep using that pretty, talented little tongue of yours. My pretty girl.”
The tough-guy thing is all an act. He’s very much a desperate little sub who will beg you to let him cum if he promises to be good. If you let him cum, he’ll be so good for you he swears!!
“Please, princess, this is torture. I feel as though I’m gonna burst--oh, fuck-- Please, won’t you let me cum? I want to cum for you.”
This man, his moans are beautiful. Absolutely erotic and he gets louder the more you edge and overstimulate him-- especially if you're pegging him. His moans are so choked, whiny, with pretty tears shining in his eyes and he's begging you to let him cum. He promises to be good!
“Ahh-baby--fuck!!” A deep inhale followed by a sob as cerulean tears cascade down warm tanned cheeks. Such a pretty boy. “Gonna cum, gonna cum-- gonna shoot my fuckin’ load-- I can’t hold back, baby. Fuck, c’mere, let me kiss you--please!”
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cammys-imagines24 · 6 months ago
• NSFW Viktor Headcanons •
Tumblr media
It took Viktor a long time to be comfortable enough being intimate with you.
The scientist being self conscious about his braces, cane and limp, how he isn't as strong as other lovers you could have.
He couldn't ever be the "sweep you off your feet" type of man and that made him feel tentative to go all the way.
He didnt want to disappoint you since he's never viewed himself as particularly dashing.
Viktor views his one asset as his brain, since his ailing body has failed him in so many ways.
He was already seen as a cripple and so he didn't want to undress in front of you, bare his body and soul and for you to only see him as a lanky, debilitated underdog as well.
It took a long time of you reassuring him that you did find him incredibly handsome and it took even longer for him to actually believe you.
But, once this science boy with the sexy accent did finally trust in your genuine attraction towards him...
Then, oh boy, good luck getting his hands off you.
This man is severely touch starved and has longed for a partner to be intimate with for so many years.
And, now that Viktor finally has you then you're going to quickly become the best scientific experiment ever to him.
He will devote so much time to figuring out all the ways he can please you, what types of moans he can elicit from your pretty mouth and how often he can make you scream his name...
Not a fan of quickies. Though Viktor is often busy, he would rather sit in agonizing frustration and wait for the time where he can savor your body properly.
Same reason why he doesn't jerk off. He wasn't a very sexual person before he met you, so why would he wish to take care of his own problem when later he could have the luxury of you doing it for him?
Though Viktor does get hard because of you, a lot. To the point where it becomes problematic.
He could be knee deep in his work, consumed with taking notes but just the arrant thought of you is enough to stop him dead in his tracks.
Be it fantasizing about your lips or how your voice sounded the night prior or when his fingers absently touch the hickey you previously left upon his neck...
He will need a moment to calm down and compose himself.
The most meticulous lover you could ask for. Intent on slow, passionate ministrations that send you into pleasured ecstasy every single time.
He's either a soft dom who praises you, how wet you are for him, how your body makes him feel, how turned on you make him...
Or, a complete sub who loves when you take control. Who whimpers and moans and is so, so needy for you. Who'd let you do anything to him.
Viktor is all about body worship. Your form, your curves, everything about you is like his religion.
If you ever call him "Professor" or "Sir" get ready for a long night. It's definitely one of the easiest ways to turn him on instantly.
Viktor is very big on you pulling at his wispy fawn brown hair when in the moment, the action always elicits shaky whines from him.
He gets so desperate whenever you tease him. You don't even have to do much to make him go absolutely crazy.
Compliment him on his work, run your fingers through his brunette tresses, kiss the beauty marks upon his sculpted face...
Anytime you show him your love, appreciation or how your body reacts to his and he is a goner.
Just imagine that sexy accent of his when he is begging you to touch him, to help him relieve himself, to give him his much needed release...
Will appreciate it more than you know whenever you are happy to go down on him.
He'll never ask you to do it but when you initiate it, he is overcome with love and lust.
"You take me so well, my printsessa. Thank you..."
Often it hurts to have sex in the usual positions, especially when he is on top of you.
So, Viktor is elated whenever you go down on him, he can eat you out or you ride him.
He loves to eat you out. Your taste on his tongue is like an intoxicating delicacy to him.
Viktor rather enjoys the fact that many times he doesn't even need to use what's in his pants to make you come absolutely undone.
Often he'll be more than happy to spend the whole night between your legs, tasting and teasing you; a pillow beneath his bad knee is all he needs.
Despite Viktor's sickly physique, he can go multiple rounds, simply because of how much you excite him.
You know how determined Viktor gets in the lab right? How obsessive he can almost be when figuring out a problem? Well, he is exactly like that when it comes to doing everything he can to bring you pleasure.
He gets tunnel vision in the heat of the moment, with a fervant desire to make you shake, near hyperventilate and see stars.
Very big on aftercare.
Chances are if you're sore, then he is too but doubly so because of his disabilities.
Viktor is so soft and gentle after sex and most times you will take a relaxing, warm bath together before finally going to sleep.
Though while you're quick to doze off, he'll stay awake for a bit.
Sometimes he'll read a book or look over his journal with you snuggly wrapped in his arms.
But, most times, he'll just admire you.
Viktor appreciates you more than you could ever know and the intimacy shared between you two.
He's never had someone to do this with, who he can pleasure and in return who pleasures him back.
It takes a while for sleep to finally take him simply because he is still riding the high of your physical love.
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angelltheninth · 5 months ago
I am here to ask for literally anything involving Jinx, Vi, and Caitlyn and a breeding kink, unless it's against your request rules.
If that's the case, those three with a femme s/o that teases them at whatever constitutes work for them constantly.
Teasing Jinx, Vi and Caitlyn at Work
Pairing: Jinx, Vi and Caitlyn x Fem!Reader
Tags: teasing, established relationship, co-workers, handcuffs
A/N: I'm trying out a new format that I think might work better. Let me know what you think.
Tumblr media
She gets easily distracted on the best of days so when she's in her zone she likes to be left alone. But of course you have to tease her any opportunity you get. For you it's payback for all those time when she teases you to the point of you begging.
She won't push you away when you sneak up behind her, or kiss her neck, sneak your hands all over her body but she will try to focus on work the best she can despite it. With varying results.
"Doll, I know you're needy, but this is the one time I feel like I'm close to cracking this thing. You can stay if you behave. Hey, hey! I see where those hands are going! Yer using my methods against me, aren't ya? Oh don't ya give me that look, sweetcheeks, ya know I can't resist it for long."
Tumblr media
Vi usually doesn't mind your teasing. She often encourages it, even if she's at work. In fact she's often the one who starts it in the first place. But much like Jinx, when she sets her mind to something she wants to get it done.
When she feels you running your hands down her body, over her shoulders and muscles, she flexes them for you. You love feeling her muscles move under your hands. You like leaning in close to her, whispering into her ear and feeling her shiver.
"You know babe, if you actually let me work then maybe I can take you home and we can have some fun. But if you keep this up, well either this is just gonna be a whole long process, or I'm gonna lose it and fuck you right here on this desk. Oh you want that? Is that why're you've been so flirty. If that's all you wanted, all you had to do was ask nicely."
Tumblr media
Caitlyn takes her work very seriously and does not like interruptions or anything that stalls her progress. So you would have to pick the precise times to start teasing her.
You like to do it when she takes her breaks. That way you can watch her blush, all the way until she has to go back to work. And even then you steal glances at her, making her brain completely stop working. She has to take a break to deal with you first before going back to work.
"Darling, I love you however I can't just drop this case to entertain you, it's of great importance. If you can't keep your hands to yourself and let me work I might have to handcuff you. Hm... then again you would probably like that, wouldn't you?"
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nymaki · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: afab gn! reader x viktor ( arcane )
notes: viktor from arcane brainrot.... i also forgot to post this and i'm too tired to proofread
warnings: use of pussy/cunt, dick riding, scratching, unprotected sex, cock warming for like a few seconds, switchy vibes from both parties, possible grammar/spelling mistakes
Tumblr media
Viktor is a busy guy, between working on Hextech and dealing with Jayce, he has no time to relax. He also has no time for you. Viktor always feels bad, whenever he sees you sprawled across the couch fighting to stay awake or when he has to send you away. It wasn't like he didn't miss you but Hextech is really important to him.
"Viktor," you started, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, "you should take a break". You had dressed so nice today, in hopes that he'd notice. "Y/n..." Viktor sighed and set his tools down with mild frustration. Biting your bottom lip, you quickly scrambled to get on his lap. Surprised by your behavior, he leaned back and moved his hands away from his desk. Once you were seated you hugged him, "Please don't send me away, I really miss you."
Viktor sighed again and hugged you back. He rubbed your back, admiring your clothing and the way it fit so good on you. Cursing underneath his breath, his hand went to the curve of your ass. He hadn't realized how much he craved you until now. "Maybe a small break wouldn't hurt," Viktor admitted quietly.
And just like that, the two of you went in a frenzy. He immediately fumbled to unbuckle his pants and you began taking off garments. By the end of it, Viktor's cock laid neatly against your stomach. It looked so pretty and slender, against your skin. You shivered with delight and got up, hovering over the flushed tip. Viktor rubbed your clit with one hand and watched as you lowered yourself onto him.
A groan left his lips as you fit his dick inside of you, inch by inch. By the time you were fully seated again, Viktor's dick was twitching inside of you. Cheeks stained red, he looked up at you and soaked in the way the dim lighting complimented your features.
Everything was perfect, until whatever Viktor was working on, started rattling. He instantly, looked passed you and scooted closer to his desk. "Vik," you whined. "I know. Let me finish this first and we can continue. Just sit here for minute, okay?" He apologized, glancing at you for confirmation. You just nodded, grumpily.
Viktor kissed your cheek and went back to work, balls deep in your soaking pussy. It was almost like torture for you. You just wanted to move so bad but he'd probably get mad if you did. So instead you began whispering and moaning in his ear. "Please hurry up, Viktor. I need it so bad," you whimpered. In response, he'd began to sweat and mishandled his tools.
You kept up with this until you heard the clink of his tools being set down. A grin formed on your lips but was quickly wiped off when Viktor grabbed your hips and thrust upwards. Your nails dug into his back, gripping at the fabric of his vest. Panting, he bounced you clumsily on his cock and buried his face into your neck.
He was just so damn eager and desperate. He clung onto you, eyes rolling back and lip in between his teeth as he rutted his dick into your cunt. Viktor had missed the way your gummy walls would massage the sides of his cock and how you would twitch whenever the tip of his dick would kiss your cervix. It was like heaven to him.
Viktor's grip on your hips tightened and he huffed with exertion. He silently cursed at his lack of stamina, it was annoying to say the least. Not accepting defeat though, he continued with his sloppy thrusts into you. Seeing him struggle, you started bounce gently on your own and meet his thrusts. His legs trembled and his fingers started to slip, jaw dropping slightly from how well you took him.
You slowly began to take control of the pace, pulling away a bit just to see Viktor melt. His eyes were on you, lidded and hazy. Gaze going back to your pussy as you lifted your hips again and sank down on his pretty dick. This time around he could see your juices coat his dick with a sleek shine.
He prayed for the first time that night. He prayed that this would never end.
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insensity · a month ago
calling the attention of fanfics smut writters
but the dom calls reader mommy?? like the dom is sucking readers boobs out while their hands is playing with readers pussy
Ngl i think most characters that will do this is
kisaki, inumaki, ekko, tamaki, fumikage, mikey and chifuyu and naoto
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jinxzstuddedbelt · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
summary: morning sex, that’s it, that’s all. don’t look at me, look at the gif.
[requested by: @rachelrosenberg ]
this isn’t crazy as the tags make it sound, but I hope y’all enjoy nonetheless.
pairing: caitlyn kiramman x reader
word-count: 1.4k
tags/warnings: [afab!reader] [gn!reader][fluff] [humour][fingering giving/receiving] [oral giving/receiving] [69] [caitlyns fingers] [yes they need their own warning] [caitlyn saying ‘fuck’ is hot argue with the wall]
༺ ♡ ༻
Your first orgasm doesn’t come until after you’ve had your fingers working her clit in desperation. But the quiver in your thighs is made all the more embarrassing when you fail to suppress a moan when she presses a wet kiss to your waiting pussy. The teasing action makes your eyes and your hole flutter all the same.
Too bad you aren't allowed to cum yet. Not until she has. And you would complain, whine about how it’s not fair.
Especially with how she so cruelly denied you your release the night before, getting you worked up before tucking into bed with a not so innocent smile on her face, but you know it’ll be worth it later.
You could be good in the meantime. Or you could try to, at least.
“You’re so sensitive, love.” She whispers, her breath stuttering when you push your finger past her glistening entrance.
She’s one to talk, with the way she’s so close to cumming.
You pull your fingers from inside of her, your digits shining in the morning sunlight flooding through her window and she moans. The sound only encourages you, your fingers switching from languid curls against her g-spot to circle her clit.
“Oh my…” She swallows thickly, her breath hitching and you can feel her arch underneath you as she grinds against your fingers.
“Fuck, you’re doing amazing, sweetheart, don’t stop.” She moans loudly, her head falling back against the pillows at the top of her unreasonably large bed.
Your thighs squeeze around her abdomen when she shoves a single finger inside of your dripping cunt. You rest your head against her leg as a breathy sigh leaves your parted lips and you clench around the single digit.
Her hips begin to twitch in time with the motions of your fingers and you can feel her abs flex against your stomach.
She uses her other hand to massage the area where your thigh and ass meet, pressing her thumb into your flesh in a firm manner. Your other hand - the one that isn’t busy playing with her pussy - is gripping the same thigh that your head is resting against.
The woman’s moans spur you on as you continue to toy with her clit.
A small gasp leaving your mouth and you watch with lustful eyes as her cunt twitches with arousal, her clit pulsing against your fingertips.
You slow down when the twitching of her hips becomes erratic and her moans become choked off, signaling that you’ve begun to overstimulate her too much for her liking.
There are already a dozen bruises splayed across her inner thighs, but you figure one more won’t hurt and you latch on to the supple skin there anyways.
Only when her breathing calms down to normal and her hips slow to a sensual roll do you stop sucking at the meat of her inner thigh, opting to lick at the skin instead. Another that she’ll have to find some way to cover soon due to the upcoming Progress Day event, guarding her family's tent in that silly enforcer’s unform.
“Stop, that’s enough, that’s enough.” She says, sounding like she’s just got done running a marathon.
You remove your fingers from her clit slowly, as you press one last kiss to her thigh. She rolls you off of her, removing her finger from inside of you as your back meets the cool sheets below and she sits up, lazily spreading your legs and moving to lie between them, propping herself up in her elbow.
“You did so well, made me cum so hard, lovely.” She whispers, her breath ghosting over your lips.
Her lips connect with yours in a chaste kiss, not giving you the opportunity to taste yourself on her lips before she pulls back, looking you in the eyes as she moves a single strand of hair from your sweat slick forehead.
“I’m gonna make you cum now, that alright?” She questions, pressing another kiss to your lips.
You nod your head eagerly, your eyes never leaving hers.
Her hand slowly moves down your body. From your forehead, to your jaw - where she pauses to pull at your bottom lip with her thumb - before letting her hand trail the rest of the way down your torso to your folds.
Your hand comes up to grip her shoulder when she drops her middle finger to your clit.
“So wet, all for me?” She teases, looking down between your bodies, pulling her finger from your pussy to inspect the slick that’s now coating halfway up the single digit.
The whine that leaves your lips is pathetic, it almost, almost, makes her laugh. But the sound is so needy and desperate that her heart pangs with sympathy for you.
“I asked you a question.” She says, lifting her finger to your face. “Is this-” she pauses as she presses her soaked finger to your lips, “for me?” She asks again, voice too soft for the dirty act. You hum as you take her finger into her mouth, tasting yourself as you nod your head, closing your eyes and wrapping your hand around her wrist to keep her in place.
After a few moments of watching you suck her finger she pulls her hand away, much to your disappointment.
The string of drool connecting her finger to your lips stretches all the way to your aching pussy as she adjusts her position, moving to lay beside you instead of between your splayed legs.
Her head dips down to swallow your moans when her fingers sink into your cunt, every little mewl and whimper that leaves you is consumed by the wet heat of her mouth. You can barely tell where her tongue begins and yours ends, all you know is that her fingers feel so good you could combust, and for a mere second you’re completely okay with that. So long as she doesn’t stop.
The lewd sound coming from between your legs is almost tame compared to the sound that leaves your throat when she stops kissing you in favor of sucking, very harshly, at the skin just below your jaw. She smiles against the soft skin when she feels your walls clench down on her fingers.
“Yeah, you like that do you? Hm, lovely? You like it when I mark you up?”
She doesn't give you the chance to even look for an answer before she goes back to attacking your neck. Sucking and licking at the column of your throat with abandon, not caring that it would be much, much, harder to hide than the ones that line the insides of her own thighs.
“Caitlyn, ‘m gonna cum, please-”
The woman shushes you quickly, pushing off of the arm that’s propping her up on her side to slide down between your legs, all without removing her fingers from inside of you.
The second her tongue makes contact with your clit your hands are fisting through her hair. Pushing it from her forehead to create a mask shift ponytail with one hand while the other cusps the back of her head.
There are a few more strokes of her tongue before she wraps her lips around your waiting clit, your slick coating her tongue as she swirls it around your clit just before wrapping her lips around the bud.
Her fingers are buried deep inside of your cunt as she sucks your pulsing bundle of nerves into her mouth. There’s a split second where she sucks just hard enough to make your visions go white, your eyes squeezing shut as your legs clamp around her head. Not that that doesn’t do much to stop her. She fingers you though your first and second orgasm, white coating her fingers and tongue by the time she’s too tired to continue.
When you open your eyes, Caitlyn is leaning over you, grabbing a tissue from the nightstand beside her bed and wiping her fingers off along with some of the slick that's traveled to your thighs.
“I’m gonna go start the shower, you want to come with? Or would you like to sleep some more?”
The question is genuine. Your eyes are tired and you look all but worn out, about to mumble something about going back to bed, showering later. She laughs when you pull her back down into the mattress, pressing a kiss to her lips and whispering a soft ‘thank you’ against her lips as she haphazardly throws the sheet back over your waists.
The woman herself doesn’t actually fall back asleep, content to let you take a small catnap before it’s actually time to get up and start the day.
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cherrys-spice-cabinet · 5 months ago
Late- Viktor x Chubby!F! Reader
Tumblr media
⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ ⋆✦⋆ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯
18+! MDNI!
Warnings: oral (f receiving), nipple play, teasing (I think so???), google translate Russian (if any of y'all do know Russian and I messed something up, please let me know!)
Word count: 5,180 words
Note: We did it!! This is my longest work to date, and has been such a pleasure to work on! I do apologize for how long it took to get this one out, as the semester has started back and I truly got my ass handed to me. But!! I'm back, and hopefully, I'll get around to writing a bit more consistently! As always, let me know if there's anything I can do to improve or if there's something you'd like to have me write!
Until next time,
⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ ⋆✦⋆ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯
For most who knew him, it was a common fact that Viktor despised parties. Something about mingling with Piltover's socialites left a sour taste in his mouth and made the man shudder. This rule never really seemed to stick with Jayce, as he was always inviting the aforementioned wallflower to all manner of events. Viktor politely declined, each time with some excuse for his absence.
This time, however, it wasn't Jayce that burst through the doors with an invitation to a party. The previously mentioned inventors were surprised to hear the doors to their lab swing open, and their dear professor Heimerdinger come shuffling in. You turned from your work, shooting the Yordle in question a glance.
“Hello, my dears!” He had greeted. You nodded your head and smiled in greeting, while Jayce stepped forward.
“Is everything alright, professor?” He’d inquired, worry knitted across his brow. The professor rarely visited the men unless something was urgent, though the upward tip of his ears would suggest otherwise. The yordle shook his head, motioning back to Jayce.
“I presume you’ve informed your colleagues in regards to next week’s gala?” he inquired, a skip of glee in his voice. You and Viktor glanced over to Jayce, who was struck with a grave realization. He turned to you both, an apologetic smile on his face.
“Well, you see, there’s a benefit gala for Hextech sponsors next Friday, and we’re all expected to show up.” He explained, motioning between the three of you. You stopped, easing away from Jayce’s motioning.
“I’m not technically working for Hextech though-”
“I mean, you’re always at these sorts of things, why stop now?” he’d rebutted. You sighed in defeat, acknowledging his point. Viktor however, had not stopped his retreating. He had gone back to his desk, eyeing his work longingly. Jayce blocked his attempt, saying that several sponsors had wanted to hear from him and the projects he had coming up.
“If none else, we can find some spiked sweetmilk somewhere,” you pressed further. Even past russet disarray, you could see his ears perk in interest. He slumped in his chair, eyes narrowing as he picked up his tools.
“Fine, but only if there is sweetmilk involved,” he grumbled.
“Free food too, depending on the menu!” you added. Viktor drew a deep breath, wordlessly admitting his defeat. You smiled to yourself, walking up behind him. A set of hands wrapped themselves around his shoulders, doing well to startle Viktor from his work. The tips of his ears burned a light pinkish hue, though all was without your knowledge. You could feel his shoulders tense and ease at the ministrations and sound of your voice.
"You excited about the party?" you asked calmly, fingers drumming across his shoulder blades in between knots.
“It- it will certainly interfere with our progress,” he mumbled, eyes still trained on the project in front of him. You stood there in comfortable silence, continuing to knead any knots from his shoulder blades.
“Well, I for one am excited. I finally have an excuse to see you in a hot suit,” you snorted. Viktor clicked his tongue, rolling his eyes at the thought. A particularly tough knot drew a strangled grunt from his throat. You jumped a bit, smiling at his muscles loosening under his touch.
“Maybe when you’re confined to one of those fifteen-inch corsets, you will,” he huffed, leaning back from his work. Viktor’s hand laid atop yours, giving it a slight squeeze as he muttered something about “getting back to work”. You pulled your hands away from his shoulders, admiring your handiwork on his strained muscles. A yawn overtakes you, and you take a moment to stretch your arms above your head. Satisfied, you turn to Jayce and Viktor.
“With all of this excitement, I suppose I ought to pay our favorite councilor a visit,” you began, dusting off your skirt. Jayce chuckled, turning to the two of you. Though before he could get a word out, you were striding towards the door, announcing your lunch plans with Mel.
“I’m right here, hello?” He asked sarcastically, scoffing as the door shut.
Jayce and Viktor bid you a belated farewell, returning promptly to their work. Viktor slouched over, basking in the newfound fluidity of his joints. A sigh escaped him as he picked up his pen, etching notes down mindlessly into a journal.
“Y’know, she’s really into you,” Jayce called out into the quiet room. Viktor looked up from his work at Jayce inquisitively, eyebrow cocked in curiosity.
“(Y/N), you see the ways she was teasing you about seeing you in a nice suit? There’s no way that she's not,” he continued. Viktor shrugged, eyes trailing back to his notes.
The week leading up to the gala seemed to whizz by, defined only by idle work and off-handed comments about preparations. The morning of, you waltzed into the lab goofily, colliding with Viktor not long after your entrance. You squeaked, eyes wide as you began to fall. Your eyes fluttered shut as you braced for impact and the heat of an embarrassed blush, but one never came. Viktor’s hand was held tightly onto your waist, digging protectively into the plush of your hip. As your eyes cracked open, you found his face rather close to your own. His breath smelled vaguely of coffee, some that you likely had brewed the night prior.
“Are you okay?” The question in itself was a whisper, mostly to not draw any more attention to yourself. The realization had settled, suddenly making you much more aware of the position you were in. You leaped out of Viktor’s grasp, grabbing his cane and handing it to him in record time.
“Yeah! Just fine! Sorry for being so clumsy,” you stammered, not daring to meet his gaze. His fingers brushed against yours as he retrieved his cane, holding it at his side.
“It is alright. So long as you are not hurt, that is what matters most,” he said slowly, examining you with careful eyes.
Throughout the day, knocks at the lab’s door would behold a wide-eyed assistant to pass along a message on behalf of someone for Jayce. It was exhausting, truly. Having to get up every few minutes to answer the door with the same saccharine sweetness as the last. This one, however, was for Viktor and yourself. Jayce’s ears seemed to perk up as you wrote down the note in a notebook, placing it on your desk.
As evening fell, you parted ways with Viktor and Jayce, agreeing to meet up at the gala.
“I know I’ve said it a bunch, but please don’t be late, it's a big opportunity for us,” Jayce pleaded, eyes churning with nervousness. You smiled sweetly, slapping his shoulder.
“Wouldn’t miss you two doing your thing for the world,” you smiled. Jayce sighed out of his smile, turning as he began his return to his quarters. As you turned to head to your room, you were stopped by a grip on your arm. You turned to see Viktor, whose eyes swirled with an emotion that you couldn’t quite read.
"If memory serves me correct, I recall Councilor Medarda did mention having our garments sent to my quarters," he informed as he pivoted about his cane, presumably to guide you to his home. Taking the hint, you followed closely behind, moving in rhythm with the metronomic sound of his cane. The front door was a deep shade of red, almost that of his old academy uniform. Viktor fumbled with his key for a moment before the large door swung inwards. He motioned for you to enter, a boyish smile across his features. You giggled as you entered, thanking him for having you as you strode in.
His home was exactly what you had expected of him: notes strewn about, those of which were a mix of those from his personal projects alongside those of Hextech's, you noted. Every surface you passed had at least a small muss of papers littered across it. What pulled you from your inspection, however, was the gift that awaited the two of you.
On a rack hung a tuxedo and a floor-length gown. The two of you shared a look, astonished by Mel's choice of clothing. On the rack hung a black corseted gown with a side-swept skirt. A matching black tuxedo with a burgundy tie dangled from the other hanger, completing the pair.
"They're... gorgeous," you breathed, eyes sparkling in the low light of the room dancing atop your irises. A hum of curiosity left Viktor's lips as he walked over to the rack.
"It seems that the sizing is correct, Councilor Medarda's assistant did well," he mumbled, eyes flicking from the dress on the rack to you.
The two of you agreed to change on either side of the room, backs turned to one another. You shuddered as you removed each particle of clothing, folding each particle slowly, almost as a means to put off putting the dress on. Silently, you found yourself counting in your head to try and even out your breathing.
From the other side of the room, you could hear Viktor hum to himself in satisfaction as he readjusted the last piece of his suit. You turned around, silently admiring the inventor from your place across the room. Viktor turned, a nervous smile playing across his lips
You clipped the back of the bodice up without much issue, then came the ribbons on the elaborate corset. You tried pulling at the ribbons numerous times. Clumsily at first, then unevenly, and lastly with far too much force. You exhaled loudly through your nose, finally accepting your next course of action.
"Hey, um, do you think you could help?" You requested, looking over your shoulder at the man behind you. Viktor paused, turning to you slightly. At your state, he flinched, whipping his form around near immediately. His ears burned a warm mauve. Your eyes stared at the ground, arms covering yourself further as the silence thickened.
You sighed, admitting to the man across the room. "The corset- I can't... I can't lace it up correctly."
Viktor turned around fully this time, pivoting around his cane. You dared not to meet his eyes as you shrank into yourself. Viktor approached you slowly, as though he were afraid that you would run off if he moved too fast.
He tried to lean down to lace up the corset paneling, hissing as his back began to flare in pain. You turned towards him, gently guiding him to his bed, walking him over until his ankles hit the bed frame. As Viktor sat down, you pressed a hesitant hand to his back, your eyes searching for a change in his condition. His scrunched features softened, a wave of relief rippling across his face. The next words to leave Viktor's lips were slow, as though he was collecting his thoughts as he spoke.
"That is... Much better. Thank you, Miss (L/n)."
You blushed, removing your hand from his back. Viktor stared at you half-expectantly, his hands clasped together in his lap. Having finally gotten used to his tells, you understood his silent request. You stepped shakily in between Viktor's legs, placing your trembling hands on his shoulders to steady yourself. You surveyed the man's face, searching for any trace of discomfort.
"Is this okay?" you breathed, pupils blown wide. Frustratingly, Viktor didn't look up. You couldn't tell if he had even heard your question.
Instead, deft fingers readjusted the ribbons on the back of the corset, resting on your hips momentarily. Honey eyes flitted up to your own, a silent query of comfort. You nodded, smiling softly down at him.
"You're all good. Keep going."
Viktor lowered his gaze once again, eyes trained on the bodice of your dress. He picked up where he left off, tightening the corset slightly before looking up as though to ask for permission. You nodded patiently each time, fingers readjusting every so often, giving Viktor's shoulders a little squeeze.
You could have sworn that you had stopped breathing in the time that Viktor had spent lacing up your corset. As Viktor neared the end of his assistance, he tapped the side of your waist with two fingers, grabbing your attention. You looked down, eyebrow raised in confusion. Viktor's words caught themselves in his throat, forcing the man to reword his initial thought.
He mumbled, eyes refusing to meet yours. "I am almost finished. If you would be so kind, I need you to turn around." You obliged, shuffling until you were facing the standing mirror you had just seen Viktor admiring his suit.
Like yours, Viktor's pupils were blown wide, expression unreadable. You had begun to fear you had done something wrong as he rose to his feet. The air between the two of you thickened, making the room seem much smaller than it was in actuality. Those hands that had just finished tying your corset cupped your face gently, as though he feared that you'd break if he moved too quickly. Before you could get a word out, Viktor's lips slammed into yours. You were caught by surprise, indicative to Viktor by the slight tense of your shoulders that melted like snow in the spring. Tense hands caught themselves on his shoulders, meeting one another behind the nape of his neck. His lips were soft, more so than you had expected. Your reciprocation of his kiss was clumsy, inexperienced even.
As the kiss broke, Viktor's gaze caught your lips. They were swollen, the part between them faint as you scrambled to find air. Your pupils dilated, a wordless plea for Viktor to do something.
Taking in your request, Viktor turns you around, eyes locked in on your lips. His arms slip around your waist, eyes never leaving yours. Slow steps guide you backward, stumbling reluctantly. You followed Viktor's lead, glimpsing at the man through your lashes. As your ankles collided with the edge of the bed, your arms their way around Viktor's neck. Knobby, awkward, hands departed from their place on your hips, traveling up to your waist. Viktor's lips sought yours once more, melting in a passionate embrace. He could feel your breath hitch, allowing a breathless smile to tumble across his features.
Chapped lips fastened themselves to the of your neck. A gasp escaped you, and your fingers laced themselves in between locks of messy brown hair, pulling it slightly. It was all too soon that the dress Viktor had carefully laced up was falling from your frame in a seductive heap on the floor. Hands that trembled slightly as they gently worked fabric onto your body were searing as they took it off.
You could feel every teasing joke, each lingering touch, and each night you spent awake in your bed dreaming of Viktor's hands on you. The feelings overwhelmed you, causing you to shudder as the dress' bodice peeled away from your form.
You attempted to cover yourself up with your arms, only for Viktor's calloused hand to hold your wrist in place.
"Don't hide from me. You're beautiful," he insisted, slowly prying your hand from your chest. You drew a shallow breath, unfurling from around yourself. Viktor's knee settled in between your legs as he caged you to his plush bedding. The two of you remained in such a position, the cold room finally making itself known to your nipples in the process. A shiver traveled down your spine at the stimulation. Your spine arched up towards Viktor's scrutinizing watch. The way he studied your form, it was with the same determination that you had seen him set in the direction of the hexcore for hours on end. All those hours that he'd bite his lip, fiddling with the knot of his tie out of frustration. The thought alone was more than present in your core, which was trembling from the lack of attention.
In your moaning and tossing, your fingers wrapped themselves around the knot of Viktor's tie, tugging on the satin as though a leash. Those lips that you had spent hours on end in the lab observing and daydreaming about stretched into a grin that almost seemed uncharacteristic of Viktor, but by no means unwelcome. With a pounce, Viktor's mouth kissed and nibbled down your body. Your collarbones, breasts, and stomach were littered with love bites that you had no doubt would be dark come morning.
Viktor latched his lips to your collarbone, eliciting a gasp from you. Eyes quickly flitting back at the dress on the floor, you put your hands on either shoulder, pulling him away. Viktor looked at you, confusion and concern drawn on his features. You pushed your frame upwards, lips grazing the shell of his ear.
"I want you to leave them where only you'll be able to see them," you whispered, a shy smile forming towards the end of the statement. Something between a whimper and a moan bubbled up from Viktor's chest, and a newfound desire brought him to your nipples. He sucked eagerly, eyes fluttering closed as your breath hitched. A free hand took to the other, pinching and twisting the pert skin with nimble fingers. His lips left your nipple with a torturous pop! which made your head shoot up, eyes filled with lustful anguish. He looked up at you briefly, before he lowered his head down once more. Trembling fingers twisted themselves in between messy tufts of hair, fingers squeezing little sections as his mouth traveled south. Viktor left bites across your lower chest, tummy, finally leaving one on your inner thigh. A delighted hum left you, eyes cast onto the man before you. Viktor's head rose, smirk evident on his features, even in the dimming room.
You whined, motioning for him to return to his ministrations. A sly grin teased Viktor's lips as he pulled away, opting to give your lips a sweet kiss. One of his hands moved from their place at your waist, fingers tracing a feather-light touch across the marks he made. Your eyes followed his hand, chest rising with anticipation. The man before you leaned down, breath hot on your cheek.
"Well it seems that somebody is needy tonight, are they not?" Viktor drawled, kissing the shell of your ear. He, in response, only received a moan. Viktor chuckled to himself, deciding to indulge your needs. A long finger dipped into your entrance, exploring slowly. You sighed, fingers digging lightly into Viktor's bicep. A second finger followed closely behind the first, curling upwards. A stunning gasp escaped you, forcing your mouth open and letting out a moan much louder than you had anticipated. Your chest heaved, breasts finally making contact with Viktor's chest. A grin briefly graced his features, bottom lip catching between his teeth as he continued to finger you. The two fingers he'd left knuckle-deep in your pussy explored your gummy walls, twisting and separating. Even in such vulnerable moments, Viktor wasted no opportunity for discovery.
"You're such- ah! Such a fucking tease, Viktor," You moaned, hands searching desperately for something to hold. A kiss-bruised smirk arose, his tone even more hushed than before. Velvety words kissed your ears as he spoke.
"I have only begun, or should I stop here?"
You snapped your head back to him, silently pleading for the man to have mercy on you. Your lips moved desperately, a breathy adjure that seemed to die on their surface. Viktor laughed breathily, a genuine smile gracing his features. Soft as the moment was, the pressure his fingers still had in your pussy was unbearable.
Wordlessly, Viktor removed his fingers from your cunt, watching your pussy clench after their absence. A pleased hum broke past the seal of his lips, which blew a small puff of warm air onto your clit. You caught sight of Viktor’s fingers, slick and glistening with your arousal. His eyes refused to leave yours as he took the digits, sliding them down his tongue. A small gasp tore you from your stare, trained hopelessly at the man’s tongue. That haze of yours was interrupted at the feeling of something prodding the seam of your lips. Viktor’s eyes examined your features, his countenance expectant. You parted your lips softly, giving him just enough room for his fingers to glide into the warm cavern. Swollen lips wrapped around Viktor’s knuckles, suckling your arousal from them. A pleased hum reverberated on Viktor’s lips as he removed his fingers from your mouth. He kissed you once more, hard, but sweet. You returned such kiss with fervor, hands finding their way to his shoulders. As the kiss broke, Viktor continued his lustful assault down your body. Your neck, collarbone, and stomach were all caressed with his kisses and stray hairs.
Your breath hitched as his head lowered between your legs, auburn hair curling wildly from all directions. He exhaled slowly, all of which landed on your clit. The room felt cold, despite how hot your body felt.
A muss of auburn curls and nimble fingers made their way in between your legs once more, his breath coming out in small puffs on your clit. Your body tensed up, the anticipation dancing on your nerves' ends.
The first swipe of his tongue up your slit caused you to twist your fingers into the sheets. It was no more than the tip of his tongue, but it was firm as it inched up towards your clit.
"Ah, Viktor, s'good-!" you moaned, back arching upwards from the motion. Viktor made a noise as though to note your reaction as he pulled your lips apart. The flat of his tongue covered your pussy, leaving a trail that felt like something akin to candle wax-- searing hot and all-encompassing around it, and in a moment, cool in its smooth embrace. Something, you figured, would stay with you for many a night after this.
The sight of Viktor in between your spread thighs was enough to leave your cunt clenching, a gesture that Viktor noticed. He turned his attention away from your dripping pussy, eyes meeting yours. Finally getting a good look, you could see his pupils blown wide, making his eyes appear much darker than they are. His lips and chin glistened with your arousal, which stirred a manner of possessiveness in you. Even if for just this moment, he was yours, just as you were his.
Your mumbled pleads seemed to fall from the realm of comprehension and cohesion as you continued. Quivering fingers found purchase at the base of Viktor's scalp, tugging him impossibly closer to your dripping folds. A delighted hum vibrated against your pussy, causing you to moan. Viktor's lips wrapped themselves around your clit, sucking harshly. Instinctively, your thighs began to close, wrapping Viktor in a warm and sinfully intimate embrace. Before your thighs could close, Viktor pinned your thighs to the bed, his mouth leaving your clenching cunt. His eyes shone with a threatening glint, which sent your poor mouth into a tizzy.
"Viktor, please. I need it, need your cock, I swear I'll be good, please"
He smiled, eyes narrowing as he took in your form. "Such a pretty beg... Very well, as you wish, лисичка."
The laugh that bubbled up from Viktor's throat sounded cruel, almost. Your hopes of a real orgasm with the man whom you had spent months pining for seemed to dissipate. That was, until the small metallic pings! of the zipper's prongs came undone. Your ears perked at the sound, your gaze dipping to the massive tent in his trousers. You could feel your mouth water as he pulled his length from its confines. His cock bobbed teasingly, landing just at his stomach. A desperate moan broke past your lips, despite protest. Viktor took hold of his cock, guiding it to your soaked entrance. Your chest rose in anticipation as the tip of his cock left a feather-light touch over your folds. A choked groan left Viktor's throat, eyes glued to the sight of where you both connected. Your eyes flitted downwards as well, reveling in how well the two of you fit together. As your gaze returned to Viktor's face, he threw his head back, lost blissfully in how your plush pussy enveloped the leaky tip of his cock.
" 'nside Viktor, baby, please," you groaned, head falling back against the pillows. The man in question leaned down, peppering kisses along your temple, forehead, nose, and lips. His thumbs reached down, spreading your pussy lips open for him. Satisfied with your wetness, he continued, swiping a finger up your sensitive slit.
"Ah-! Please, stop being such a tease, I'll do anything!" you begged, eyes stinging with newfound tears. This time, Viktor agreed, murmuring sweet nothings in your ear as he prepared himself.
Viktor pressed into you with ease, golden eyes squeezing tight as he pushed the length of his cock. You moaned loudly, reaching up to cup Viktor's face in your hands. As he bottomed out, his eyes scrambled to find yours, softening in your loving regard. You hissed in pain, struggling to adjust to Viktor’s size. He pressed gentle kisses to your temple, collarbone, and across your face as he waited for you to give him the go-ahead. Your pussy clenched around him as you took deeper breaths, only adding to Viktor’s pleasure. His head fell from above you as he spoke.
“It’s okay, you’re okay. You’re doing so good for me, лисичка.”
He could feel the tension in your muscles dissipate as he whispered encouragements into the crook of your neck. The two of you fell into a comfortable silence that way, his cock nestled deep in your pussy. It felt like forever, but Viktor was more than okay with it. His worry eased as your brow smoothed itself over, the pleasure finally taking over the rest of your countenance.
Your voice sounded embarrassed, just barely above a whisper.
“You.. you can move.”
Viktor certainly did not need to be told twice. Slowly, he pulled his cock out, inch by inch, until only the tip remained inside of you. You gasped, back arching as the feeling left you. He pushed back in with a strangled moan, eyes fluttering shut as he reveled in his own pleasure. Long fingers found your own, intertwining the two as he pressed further in. He repeated the motion, pulling out to the tip and thrusting back in at a painfully slow pace. Your free hand found the back of his head, carding your fingers through his neatly combed locks. A whine escaped you as you looked back at him. A tender smile graced his features as he found a more steady tempo, thrusting into you shallowly. A few curses tumbled from his lips, and his forehead rested against yours.
It was your turn to pepper Viktor's countenance with sweet kisses and small smiles.
"V-Viktor..! I'm close!" You cried, arms circling his neck. At this point, Viktor was pistoning into you, relentless as he fucked you. Each thrust pushed another groan out of Viktor, allowing obscenities and 'good girl's to dance on your eardrums. By the time he was close, your eyes were screwed shut, small tears gathering in the corner of your eyes.
"Look at me, родная," he pleaded, wiping your tears off with his thumb. You leaned into his touch, opening your eyes to meet his filled with want. A wanton moan left him as he took in your expression, thrusts becoming sloppy. Chin tipped upwards, Viktor spoke.
"Cum for me, малышка, I know you can do it, please," he whispered, leaning back down to kiss you feverishly. With a final cracked moan of his name, you came, pussy clenching impossibly tight around him. Viktor's orgasm came about shortly after yours, hips sputtering as he relished in the feeling of you clenching around him. Viktor pulled out, flopping unceremoniously next to you.
"That was... wow." you breathed, tucking your face into Viktor's chest. A lazy arm wrapped around your figure, pulling you in close. He peppered light kisses across your face, finally pulling away to fix any stray hairs that had fallen out of place.
"You were so good for me, лисичка. Such a good girl," he murmured into your forehead. You looked up, forcing his gaze to meet your own. You pecked his lips, smiling goofily into the kiss as he reciprocated. As he pulled away, Viktor froze, his relaxed smile falling. Your eyebrows pinched together in concern, wondering what on earth had taken over his thoughts.
"The gala, we're late."
In the ballroom, the gala was in full swing. Jayce had already made his rounds with each guest, thanking them personally for attending. As the music began, he found his way to Mel, perturbed at your seeming absence.
"Where could they be?" he huffed, twirling a flute of champagne between his fingers. Mel put a gentle hand on his shoulder, leaning down to the man's ear.
"No better than we've gotten ourselves into galas' past," she crooned. Jayce's ears perked up, and a faint blush dusted his cheeks. The thought of quickly rearranging Mel's hair and concealing love bites sent a shiver down the young councilor's spine.
About a half-hour later, you and Viktor walked in, a sight that took many of the attendees by surprise. The two of you entered arms linked, beaming uncharacteristically at guests as you both made the rounds. To Jayce, there was a certain glow about the two of you, one that he knows Mel has emitted after their, ahem, prior meetings. You and Viktor caught sight of Jayce and Mel, who nodded towards you two in greeting. Viktor beamed, notably a motion that he had only seen on rare occasions. Mel leaned towards Jayce's ear, a low chuckle on her lips.
"See? That dear partner of yours seems rather... loose this evening."
"(Y/N) too, she's never this chatty at these sorts of events," Jayce noted, eyes following your gleaming form. You were laughing at some joke that a sponsor had told you. Viktor was at your side, eyes never leaving you. He noticed the two of you had excused yourselves, flutes of champagne in hand.
"Do you think they noticed?" Viktor inquired, leaning towards you on the parapet's edge. You giggled, a sound that rose from your chest and floated right to Viktor's ears.
"Oh, probably. But who cares? We are here and socializing with the masses!" you proclaimed, throwing a dramatic hand over your forehead. Viktor snickered as you turned to him.
You leaned up, lips skimming the mole on the side of his neck. "They won't give two shits that we came in late together. What I do care about is getting back to your room after this,"
Viktor exhaled heavily, looking back down at you.
"That, my dear, is a promise," he chuckled, holding your waist close to his. His lips found yours once again, melting and molding sweetly against yours. It was a perfect fit, you'd argue.
Perhaps being late wasn't such a bad thing, after all.
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tamayakii · 4 months ago
come forth, how would u feel if i, a 17 year old (birthday is nov15th), posted smut. cause i go feral i just wanna post smut cause those are all my ideas
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goddessofmadnessheiress · 8 months ago
Weird way to find your soulmate – Viktor x Reader
Tumblr media
Fandom: Arcane/League of Legends
Pairing: Viktor x reader (my first try on making reader a genre neutral, please let me know what you guys think)
Request: No (Sorry about that…), inspiration under the cut for obvious reasons.
Summary: Viktor is busying working late and his lumen does something embarrassing that makes even the once asleep Jayce uncomfortable…
Warnings: NSFW (minor do not read it); awkward Viktor; Inconvenient Jayce; 
Words: 675 (I am it is shorter, but it was meant to be headcanons but turned into a drabble)
Notes: Lumens AU is a soulmate AU. Credits goes to @meliapis​, if you curious she explains it better on her blog so go follow her. 
Guys I know I promised to be back, but I will be posting about what inspires me.
(y/n): your name; (y/e/c): your eye’s collor;
Viktor was busy working on his laboratory. Jayce was sleeping over his own desk; he is sleeping for so long that now his snores could be heard from the other side of the corridor. At least that is what Viktor’s think, because Jay is so loud that he cannot hear himself.
Viktor turns around looking for his lumen, it is not by his side as it would normally be. Why is that? He starts looking for you and he finds you under his notes, hidden away from him. He does not understand and get you on his hands to move you.
Your light is flicking like crazy; he never saw you that excited before. He is fascinated about it and pulls a chair to sit on his desk. Gently he sets his lumen on his notebook and watches as the scientist he is. Trying to understand what is making you that flickering.
But he starts hearing a weird sound coming from the ball of light on his front. It is so rare to hear you that he bents over the desk to listen to it better. The sound looks like a frenetic and heavy breathing. ‘Weird…’ He thinks to himself.
Your light starts slowly getting higher, almost blinding. That is when he hears a loud and animalist moan calling his name. His face starts burning and Jayce jumps awaken on the desk. Viktor tries to cover the lumen with his hand as he was covering your naked body.
“Was that…?” Jayce points to the lighting still blinking between his friend’s fingers. “Is your soulmate…?’ By the blushing going down on Viktor’s neck Jayce already knows the answer to his questions…
“Did you at least recognize the voice?” The lean man asks trying to set why that voice was so familiar to begin with. And the image of one of Heimerdinger’s best students takes his mind. The 20’s and something student that talks excitedly about Hextech on the corridors. “Was it (y/n)’s voice?”
After that the boys decided it was better going back to their own rooms so no other accident would happen. Viktor could not sleep; he was rolling over his bed feeling bad about imagining your naked form on his side touching yourself so he can watch it closely.
On the next day he was worse than normally, he was with a cup of coffee at the breakfast table. His eyes were darker than normal because of the sleepless night. Jayce was on the chair before him talking animatedly about the next project, but the undercity man was not listening.
His honey eyes were focused on the main doors, waiting. How should he approach you? You guys only passed by each other on the corridors. Never long enough to your lumens touch each other to show you guys were actually soulmates.
He could not just tell he heard you touching yourself, could he? Does that mean you crush on him as much as him crush on you? He always thought you as beautiful but never thought that this could mean you two were meant to be together.
Your figure enters on the room and your (y/e/c) eyes shine like starts when seeing Jayce and Viktor on a close table. You think about professor’s advice of at least trying to make friendship with Viktor so your heart would stop aching. Maybe now could be the time to try it?
“Hi.” You say happily stopping by Jayce side. Both man goes tomato red and before you can ask if you could sit with them Viktor is up and running as fast as his leg and cane would let him. His accented voice throwing an excuse about forgetting something burning on the lab. “What just happened?”
“Not sure.” Jayce lies and also jumps to his feet following his partner. “I need to check if he didn’t hurt his leg or something.” You look around and pull the chair to sit. You look to your side just to see your lumen hiding on your neck ashamed about something.
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fourcefulcupid · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello again lovelies im writing again!Not that I have a new phone but I can write them on my pc and share them to myself so its much easier for me!! Please send in request now have memes..
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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wolfishwriting · 5 months ago
arcane + when they'd been too rough the night before
cw: fem! plus sized reader, implied smut, suggestive themes, aftercare, soft love, injuries/sex injuries
Guilt washes over him the moment he sees you stiffly waddle down the steep staircase to the bar. You manage a breathless smile despite you're struggles. Vander makes his way over to you quickly, picking you up and placing you atop the bar's counter as gently as he can.
Thick fingers curl under your sleep shirt, pushing it up to check the damage. The waiting results brings a rosy flush to his cheek and you don't try to hide your smug grin and the wiggle of your eyebrows to the male. Your torso is littered in reddish-purple hickeys. Large, red hand prints embeds the skin at the sides of your thigh and curve around the globes of your ass.
"Damn, I did a number on you, darl. 'M, sorry." He wasn't. "Do they sting? Let's get you back into bed--you can sleep the day away. Or, do ya wanna take a bath first? I'll see if I have any aloe salve for you to put on the marks that require more... Immediate attention if you will."
She winces internally the moment you stumble and catch yourself on the night stand. Your nude body is facing away from her but she could see how dark the bruising on your hips were and the way your legs shake like jelly trying to not buckle beneath the pressure of just walking straight.
Vi is quick to vault over the rest of the bed, sliding in behind you and pulling you softly into her bare lap. She murmurs apologies into your skin, delicately stroking over the bite marks and pressing butterfly kisses along your start of your spine and back of your neck.
"I'm sorry, baby. I really fucked you hard, huh? How about I run a bath, that'll hopefully clear any initial skin irritation. May feel good to have a nice soak. Your poor pretty skin, m' sorry, love. You just looked so perfect last night. Needed to mark ya. You feel sore here?" Her fingers ghost over your dewy core. "Let me help you feel better."
She's surprised you haven't woken up yet despite it being well past 10am. She's pawing at your bare shoulders that are left exposed above the soft comfortable covering the rest of your desirable assets. She notices red peaking just beneath the blanket and can't fight the curiosity as she peels back to covers, wincing as she inspects the damage.
Bite marks, bruises, hand prints are just the tip of the iceberg. What really rattled her where the thick scratch lines mapping your soft skin. Where during the night prior her nails raked across the delicate skin leaving trails of angry red, raised flesh. Fuck, those are gonna burn when you bathe later--oh, gods, are you okay??
"Baby, oh fuck, did I do that? Darl, you okay? He-hey! Don't move too much, where does it hurt? Well, guess we just gotta stay in bed all day so it ain't that bad, right? Let me see if we got anything for the scratches, some salve or something,--er, yeah, you're all scratched up, darl. My bad :D" Definitely will apologize with her head between your legs.
He really didn't mean to fuck you so hard that you were struggling to sit. He wanted to feel smug knowing that he made you struggle to walk but he didn't feel good about you being in near tears when you shift too far or if your sore clit rubs raw between your legs.
Silco will run a bath for you and set some pain medicine on the bathroom sink's counter with a bottle of water. He'll be careful with you for the next couple of days unless you express that you want to go again, then who is he to deny you?
"My pearl, how are you feeling? Can you stand? Here, I've prepared a bath for you. Take my arm, I'll guide you in-- that's a good girl. There's some medicine on the counter and a chocolate chip croissant in a box in the kitchen for you--have that for breakfast. I must run to a meeting so please take the time to rest. I shall return soon to check on you, my love. My sincerest apologies." He kisses your head and is out the door to head to his office.
He noticed the damage when he was getting up for work and immediately feels guilt settle in within the pit of his tummy. He places a tiny kiss to the crown of your head, covering you back up with the blankets so you won't catch cold. He grabs his cane and starts gathering items for you like his own personal quest.
Viktor takes his time to write out a thoughtful note to leave at your bedside table along with some painkillers and a glass of water. He'll also set out your favorite bath products a heating pad, and your coziest pajamas as you were still naked beneath the sheets. He makes sure you have everything you need before he finally slips on his clothing and heads out the door.
"Hello, my love, I'm sorry I had to leave for work. I did not want to leave you in such a state. I have prepared everything you'll need for the day. We have fresh fruit in the icebox or there are some fresh patisserie treats in the bread box if you would like some. I will return to you soon, my dove. Please, wait for me. I intend to caress every inch of you with my tongue as an apology later tonight, if you don't mind indulging me, hmm? I love you. -- Yours, Viktor xx"
His brain processes slowly in the morning, then it leads to a short circuit when he notices you're taking longer than usual to get out of bed. The way your arms curl around your waist has him panicked. What's happened?! Then he'll notice the marks, remnants on your skin from the night prior.
Jayce is going to treat you like glass for the next several days. He'll feel like a big, clumsy giant and if you're feeling this bad, he's almost scared to touch you considering the marks that cover your hips and thighs and your poor pussy, you've gotta be sore there too? Right?
"Did I do all this to you? I'm so sorry, babe. Are you gonna be okay? Come on--let's get you to the bath, I'll lift you up--hold onto me, princess. I know you like floral bath stuff, they smell nice so I bought them. Use whichever you'd like. I'll pop down to the market and see what they have for natural remedies. I'll be back soon, darling." He kisses you gently before heading off quickly. He won't keep you waiting.
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cammys-imagines24 · 7 months ago
•Vi Being Touch Starved•
Tumblr media
Our badass, pinkette brawler is a dom most of the time.
Most days she is an utter tease. One who pins you up against the wall and loves nothing more than to see you squirm.
But, then there are the days where all her hardships, all her pain and the many years she's spent alone with that pain just comes crashing down onto her.
The loss of her parents, her friends, Vander, Powder...
Being stuck in a prison cell, being beaten up everyday, being put into solitary confinement...
It's not often Vi chooses to feel her hurt, most times she just shoves it away and makes a joke.
But, when it gets too much and she can't shove down, beat down and bottle up her pain anymore, she just wants to lie down all day.
Usually on these few and far between days she'd not talk to anyone and just ignore the world.
Though she's not alone anymore.
She has you.
Vi doesn't really want a sympathetic ear since she isn't fond of talking about the past and you already know everything anyway.
But, there's nothing she doesn't appreciate more than to have a warm body to cuddle and wrap her tattooed, muscular arms around.
Someone who will offer her solace, comfort and peace.
You are her safe haven away from the grief knocking loudly against her walled up heart.
Vi is a soft bottom sometimes.
When you tenderly kiss her nicked lip, the dotted freckles upon her nose, her eyebrow slit, the ink upon her skin...
When you let her be the little spoon and she curls into you as much as she can...
Vi thaws.
She succumbs to the love you have to give her.
Vi's also the neediest girl ever when you go down on her, completely at your mercy.
On early mornings you'd find yourself lying on top of the pinkette.
Your inner thighs straddling her six pack, your fingers gently brushing away the messy bedhead strands from her steely eyes.
On quiet nights you'd draw a bath for the two of you and you'd entice her into the warm water with your body.
Vi can't resist the sight of your nude form.
But, in truth, you'd lead her into the bath under false pretenses, occasionally.
When you want her to relax her tired muscles, when you want to massage her shoulder which never healed properly.
She's the biggest cuddler ever.
Will pick you up in her muscular arms, will latch onto you with her ironclad grip, will grope any bare flesh of yours she sees.
She touches you all the time. Anywhere she can get her hands on.
Even in public Vi has to in some way be touching you.
Be it a hand on the small of your back, an arm draped around your shoulders, forehead kisses and hand holding.
Though once you're alone Vi doesn't want any distance between the two of you at all.
Despite her bravado and her genuine skill, we all know Vi has no actual experience in the bedroom.
After all, she's been in prison since her late teens.
She was a virgin when you two got together.
But, that doesn't mean she can't make your legs feel like jelly, leave your stomach in knots and make you see stars.
And, she is damn enthusiastic, too.
Just having someone to touch, who she can pleasure and make happy is so thrilling for the brawler.
Vi loves nothing more than to go down on you like it's her last meal, to have you in bed all night long.
She can go round after round and you will be exhausted.
It's just exhilarating for Vi, to use her hands for something other than fighting.
That her rough, calloused hands can bring someone pleasure is amazing to her.
That she can use her mouth, her fingers, her entire body, to stimulate you...
That when you look at her muscles, her scars, her body in return, all she sees is attraction in your eyes.
When Vi first met you it actually shocked her that you found her hot at all.
Her body to her has just been a machine to strengthen, a vessel to use.
So, having you find beauty in her muscles, her scars, her every curve, flaw, crevice...
It was all so new and captivating.
Every kiss to Vi still feels like the first time and she never gets tired of making you feel good.
She's spent so long in a cold, dark cell, in pain, sad and alone...
And, now that Vi has you she never wants to let go.
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sxlco · 8 months ago
Eros | Silco x Reader
Pairing: Silco x Female Reader
Word count: 7.9k+
Warnings: Smut (18+ ONLY minors begone), drug use, non-consensual drug use, sex pollen, oral sex (f and m receiving), vaginal fingering, p in v sex, dirty talk, mild degrading, brief mention of blood and violence, feelings 
Summary: There’s an unknown drug going around The Lanes that’s eating into Silco’s shimmer profits. While confronting a rival Chem Baron about the situation, he is hit with a concentrated dose of the drug which has...strange effects.
Note: This is my first smut fic and I am but a humble simp, I know nothing about League of Legends. Please be kind <3 You can also read on AO3
Tumblr media
Silco had grown increasingly frustrated with whatever drug was now on the streets of The Undercity that was encroaching on his shimmer market. Although the profits remained steady, enough people were getting their fix from this alternative source that it was noticeable on the ledgers.
It took weeks to figure out what it was. People weren’t as open about it as they were with shimmer, but maybe it was because shimmer was everywhere and this drug was still relatively new.
Some of Silco’s lackeys had tracked the source to a manufacturing facility owned by the flashy and juvenile Finn, a rival Chem Baron that Silco loathed. He always maintained that Finn was greedy and entitled because his upbringing in Zaun wasn’t a constant fight to survive like Silco’s had been decades ago. 
You didn't much care for Finn either. You had been just as displeased as Silco when you were informed that the new drug, which was referred to as Eros on the streets, was one of Finn’s creations - no doubt an attempt to undermine Silco’s monopoly over Zaun’s feeble economy.
Silco, never one to ignore a challenge, had sent Sevika to invite Finn to The Last Drop to have a friendly chat about Finn’s newest business venture and to remind him that there was a reason Silco was the sole boss of The Undercity.
That was where you found yourself now, on the upper level of the club standing outside of Silco’s office as he and Finn conversed on the other side of the door. The floorboards creaked as you shifted from foot to foot and shifted your eyes between revelers among the colourful strobe lights on the dancefloor down below and the other two goons who stood near you guarding the Silco’s intricately designed office door. Eavesdropping was hopeless due to the deafening music with a pulsating bass line that was blaring through the club’s speakers.
You hoped things were going well in there. And by well, you meant you hoped Silco was getting his point across that he was not to be messed with. The other Chem Barons had gotten too comfortable lately with challenging his authority and he’d had to remind them more than once who was in charge. 
Silco could be terrifyingly ruthless when he wanted to be. If you were smart, you would be frightened of him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to be. Since you had come under his employ as his advisor and negotiator, he had always treated you with respect and fairness. Normally you would be in the room with him for a conversation like this, but he had wanted to handle this one alone.
“Not that I do not value your sage advice,” he had informed you earlier. “But this particular conversation may require some...unpleasantness on my part that I do not wish you to bear witness to.”
A little voice in your head told you he was doing this to protect you from his deadly temper, but your rational thinking told you that trustworthy employees were in short supply these days and he didn’t want you to scurry away if you saw him at his worst.
Not that you would. You liked Silco, more than you let yourself admit. He was dashingly attractive despite his maimed left eye and the scarring that covered half of his face. It frightened most people, but you always found it captivating. It was one of the many things about him you allowed yourself to ponder in the depths of night when you were alone in your bed. There had been many times you had laid among your cool sheets imagining the sound of Silco’s smooth voice crooning in your ear, the sight of his lithe body underneath those perfectly tailored clothes, the feel of his skin against yours…
The sight of Silco’s office door opening cast you out of your reverie. Finn exited the room with a smug look on his tattooed face and turned his attention towards you as he quickly closed the door.
You had expected him to look less...well...proud of himself at the conclusion of this meeting. You expected him to be humbled, not triumphant.
Finn moved towards you, giving you that sickening smile accented by the golden jaw piece he wore before leaning forward and speaking in your ear, practically yelling over the loud music.
“Have fun with him. Should wear off in a few hours.”
You were too stunned and confused to ask what the hell he meant before he stalked off, flicking his gold lighter on and off in his hand as he descended the stairs and exited the club.
The goons outside of the door eyed you curiously. Ignoring them, you approached the office door and knocked lightly. If the meeting had gone in Finn’s favour, you knew Silco would be in a piss poor mood and would likely want to be left alone. However, given Finn’s strange words before he departed, you thought it best to check on him.
Silence met your ears, so you knocked again and called out through the wooden door.
“Boss, is everything alright?”
You strained your ears to hear any sign of life on the other side of the door, but there was nothing. You rapped on the surface again, harder this time.
“Let me be!” He snapped. Your breath caught in your chest, he didn’t sound angry but rather...distressed. He never spoke to you like that.
Something was wrong.
“I’m coming in,” you called through the door, trying to keep your voice as light as possible so as not to aggravate him further if he really was just in a shitty mood.
You turned the doorknob and slipped inside the room, being careful not to open the door too wide and closing it quickly so the goons outside wouldn’t be able to see him if he was in a state of distress. Silco wouldn’t want to appear as weak, especially to his own men.
The door clicked shut and you turned towards the open room to face Silco’s desk. The golden light from dusk shone delicately through the patterned circular window, casting the room in a faint shadowy glow with dust particles dancing through the rays of light. The booming music from below was now pleasantly muffled, and his office smelled faintly of cigar smoke and whiskey, laced with another scent you knew too well that you could only describe as Silco. Sharp, musky, and utterly seductive.
Silco’s ornate desk chair was turned away from you and the desk to face the window. Even from this angle, you could see his slender hands gripping the leather arms of his chair and you could tell he was breathing heavily. The floorboards creaked as you tentatively took a step forward.
“What’s wrong?”
He didn’t reply right away and seemed to take a moment to collect himself. Then you heard him grit out, “You need to leave. Now.”
The normally controlled timbre of his voice sounded strained. You took another step towards his desk.
“Did something happen with Finn?”
No response, just the sound of his rapid breathing and the thumping of the club down below. You tried again. “Silco-”
He abruptly spun around in his chair to face you. The sight that greeted you caused a small gasp to escape between your lips.
Silco, always the picture of composure and ease, looked absolutely unhinged before you.
Teeth bared, his usually tidy hair was disheveled, dark strands hanging in his face. A sheen of sweat made his pale skin glisten and there was a wild look in his eye you had never seen before. He had taken off his cream-coloured tie and undone the top buttons of his dress shirt, exposing his collarbones to the still air of the room.
“You. Need. To. Leave.”
Your eyes continued to scan him, concerned, until they landed on his crotch.
There was a noticeable bulge in his pants that made your mouth go dry. Despite the thoughts careening through your brain right now at the sight before you, you knew something was seriously wrong.
You looked at his face again to find him still eyeing you with that animalistic expression and crossed the room so you were now standing beside his desk. Silco followed your every step with his eyes but did not move his head to look at you as you neared his chair.
“Silco, what did Finn do to you?” You questioned, concern edging your voice. You hoped whatever it was that there was a way to help him, and quickly.
“The meeting was going fine,” he breathed out, clearly struggling to put a coherent thought together. He still didn’t look at you, in fact he now laid his head on his forearms on the surface of his desk.
“Then that…weasel pulled out a bottle and sprayed me with something. Said I needed to experience it to understand.”
Experience it?
Oh gods, he was talking about the Eros drug. 
“He- he drugged you?!” You could not believe Finn had the balls to drug the most powerful crime lord in Zaun who could easily have him killed without lifting a finger.. What the hell was he thinking?
“With a concentrated airborne dose, it seems,” Silco muttered, still with his head down.
Your mind began whirring as you put the pieces together. Finn had come to this meeting with the intent to make Silco feel the effects of Eros in hopes that Silco would want to keep it on the street. Or just to fuck with him. Likely the latter. Eros usually came in the form of a pill taken orally, which meant that Finn had gone to special trouble just to create an airborne form of the drug to spray in Silco’s face. And if he had sprayed a concentrated dose like Silco said…
“Eros is an aphrodisiac...” you murmured, not quite believing the situation you were in.
“That it is.”
Which meant that Silco’s current affliction was that he was insanely horny. 
Well, shit. That explained the bulge in his pants.
An unsolicited thought entered your mind.
There are ways you could help him, you know.
Absolutely not. There was no way you could take advantage of him in this state. Maybe he could sleep it off?
Taking the final step towards his chair, your steps muted by the rug beneath your feet, you laid a hand on his shoulder and inquired gently, “what can I do to help?”
As soon as your fingers made contact with him, he shot up in his chair like lightning and inhaled sharply through gritted teeth. Recoiling your hand immediately, you took a step back.
“I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” 
Silco exhaled shakily before speaking in a clipped tone, “no, just...sensitive.” After a moment he repeated, “you need to go.”
“I’m not leaving you like this-”
Silco turned to face you fully now, and the dark look in his eyes made your core feel like molten lava. When he spoke, his voice was deeper, huskier, more sensual than you had ever heard it.
“If you stay here I may do something that I will very much regret when this damn drug wears off. It’s all I can do right now just to look at you.”
You paused. It felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room and Silco looked like he was ready to pounce. He wanted you.
It’s because of the drug, you reminded yourself, but you still spoke before you could think better of it. 
“I could help.”
Silco narrowed his eyebrows. “What.”
You took a step forward, and against your better judgment, moved a strand of graying hair out of his face and combed it back onto his head. You were so focused on the feeling of how soft his hair was between your fingers that you didn’t notice right away that Silco had closed his eyes and relaxed his tensed muscles. You spoke in a more hushed tone now.
“I could help you, if you want. I don’t mind. I just don’t want to take advantage of you when you’re like this.”
Silco’s eyes popped open and he looked up at you where you still stood above him with your fingers absentmindedly combing through his hair.
“Take advantage? Of me?”
“You’re under the influence, you don’t know what you’re saying-”
“I know exactly what I am saying.”
“But you don’t really want me, it’s the drug talking-”
In a flash, Silco’s hand reached up to grasp your wrist to stop your movements in his hair. Your eyes widened and your heart began to race, not sure what he was going to do next. You were sure he wouldn’t hurt you, but the heat of his hand and his body only a foot from your own was starting to affect you regardless of any Eros particles still floating around the room. The wetness growing between your legs wasn’t from any drug either. It was from him and the undeniable effect he had on you.
“You think I don’t want you?” He growled, eyes boring into your own. “You think I haven’t wanted you from the first moment you walked into this very room?”
You were stunned and didn’t know what to say, so you just stared at him, lips parted and eyes wide. You were so caught off guard that you didn’t notice Silco was moving until he had already stood up and picked you up by the waist, perching you on top of the map on his desk with a snarl. You gasped and he leaned forward, caging you in with his arms. His face was only inches from yours and you could feel the heat radiating off of him and smell his intoxicating cologne weaving its way into your consciousness.
“Do you really think,” he growled and grabbed one of your hands, moving it so that you were cupping his bulge. His much larger hand pressed your smaller one onto his clothed length. “That this isn’t all for you?”
Your head was spinning. You let out a whine as you felt him beneath your palm, hard and thick even through the fabric of his pants.
“But- but the drug-”
“Ah yes, but the drug only does so much. Where do you think my mind wanders when my cock gets hard, hm?”
“Silco,” you moaned then. His smooth voice was enough to stoke the embers of desire inside you, but him saying such filthy things to you in that voice made you burn from the inside out. 
Looking directly into his eyes, you gave him an experimental squeeze. He hissed, eyes slamming shut as his forehead met yours.
“If it’s okay with you, I’d still like to help you,” you whispered. You could feel the gentle puffs of air on your lips now, he was so close.
“Do it,” he breathed.
You removed your hand off his cock and he let out a strangled noise of protest until you brought both of your hands up to rest against his chest. You could feel the hard muscle beneath the fine material of his vest and idly wondered, not for the first time, how his bare skin would feel against your own. You slid your hands up his shoulders and twined them around his neck, pulling him in closer to you.
Tilting your face up towards his, you did what you had only ever fantasized about and kissed Silco.
The moment your lips made contact he groaned and brought his hands up to your waist. His grip on your body was strong, and he pulled you flush against him as his mouth moved against yours. He was standing in between your legs now, and with you still sitting on the desk, it was the perfect position for him to grind himself against you.
It didn’t take long for him to take control of the kiss. Silco was all tongue and teeth and he was making your head spin. What had started as gently molding your lips together turned into a passionate dance of your tongues as Silco slipped his inside your mouth, leaving you moaning and caressing his back with your hands. Occasionally he would pull away only slightly to nip at your bottom lip with his teeth before diving back in and claiming your mouth once again.
To your surprise, Silco was making his own delightful noises. You weren’t sure what you had expected, but the various moans and groans and growls coming from deep within his chest only made you wetter for him and want to please him more. The combination of his own sounds, the sound of your lips against each other, and the feeling of his erection against your core was overwhelming.
He was still grinding his clothed cock against you when you decided it was time to give him some reprieve from the effects of the Eros. You pulled away from his kiss, and let out a small chuckle as he chased your lips and pouted when he saw you begin to stand.
“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere,” you cooed, cupping his cheek and brushing your fingers along the scarred side of his face. He watched you intently, and his eyes widened when you placed your hands on his chest and pushed him back so he fell into his leather cushioned chair once again.
You took a brief moment to look at him like this. Completely disheveled, guard down, legs spread in his chair as he looked up at you simultaneously with wonder and animalistic desire. His face was illuminated by the evening sun and - not for the first time - you realized he was beautiful.
You smiled at him as you moved to stand between his legs and sank to your knees.
“Oh, fuck…” Silco breathed out to no one in particular. He was mesmerized, chest heaving as he watched you fiddle with the flaps on his pants before pulling them down and freeing his cock from the confines of his underwear.
Fuck, he was big.
Despite his slender frame, Silco’s cock was long and heavy. For a moment you wondered if you would be able to fit him all in your mouth, but you were going to try. The competitive part of you wanted to ensure you were the best he ever had.
Looking up at him through your lashes, you took his cock in your hand and brought your tongue to the red tip and licked at the slit where beads of precum had already begun to gather. 
Silco let out a loud groan and threw his head back against the chair, squeezing his eyes shut. He gripped the arms of the chair with white knuckles as you began to give his head kitten licks and drag your tongue along the underside of the tip.
Gathering spit in your mouth, you let it dribble out between your lips and travel down his shaft to give you some lubrication as you began stroking him. After teasing him with small licks and kisses, you finally took the tip of his cock on your mouth, sealed your lips around it, and sucked.
“Oh, gods, darling, that’s it,” Silco sighed above you. The sound of his wrecked voice caused you to moan as you bobbed up and down his shaft. Absently, you squeezed your thighs together to give yourself some friction as your other hand was now occupied with fondling Silco’s balls.
He pried his eyes open, and the sight that greeted him as he looked down nearly made him cum right then and there.
You, on your knees, looking up at him with innocent, pretty doe eyes with his cock between your lips. He unclenched one of his hands from the arm of his chair and began to softly stroke your face, wiping the tears that began to fall from your eyes as you took him deeper and deeper.
“Pretty girl,” he muttered absentmindedly. You made a sound in your throat in response that vibrated up his shaft, causing him to curse under his breath. He moved his hand to begin stroking at your hair as he watched you go to work on him in awe.
You decided to be bold and flattened your tongue and pushed yourself further onto his cock, taking him into your throat. Silco made a choking noise above you and you felt a twinge of pain on your scalp as he gripped your hair, but you didn’t mind. In fact, the feeling sent a pleasant tingle of pleasure down your spine to your core. He was beginning to lose control of himself, you could tell. Your hands, which were now placed on his thighs, could feel the muscles tighten as he approached his peak.
“I’m close,” he ground out. You flicked your eyes up and saw him watching you, slack jawed with half-lidded eyes and his hair mussed once again. Gods, he was stunning like this.
You pulled off of him and Silco began to protest. “What-”
“Fuck my face,” you croaked, your voice sounding hoarse from his cock hitting the back of your throat repeatedly. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”
You thought Silco might actually die right there based on the look on his face.
Before he could react, you took him in your mouth again, and clearly he heard what you said because he gripped your hair with one hand and the back of your head with the other, and began to thrust into your mouth.
“You’re such a dirty thing, aren’t you? Wanting me to fuck your face like this, you like that?”
You made a garbled noise in response and Silco chuckled darkly.
“Yes you do, such a good girl.”
His thrusts became erratic, and he grumbled out a warning before throwing his head back and making a guttural noise as he finished inside your mouth. You felt hot ropes of his cum fill your throat, and Silco stopped moving as you swallowed around him. 
You didn’t stop until you had taken every last drop, and when he was done, only then did you pull off him with a pop and sit back on your haunches to admire your handiwork.
Silco was wrecked.
He was slumped in his chair, breathing heavily, his hair disheveled with strands hanging in his face and looking at you with an utterly ruined expression on his face.
“Feel better?” You asked. You sounded cheeky, but you were genuinely still concerned about the effects of the Eros.
Silco made a huffing noise that sounded like a disbelieving laugh as he tucked his cock back into his pants, but still looked at you with the same hunger he had minutes ago.
“I need to taste you,” he responded matter-of-factly. His silky voice was like music to your ears, calling you to him.
You shuddered and stood up, walking towards him as he watched you like a predator watches prey.
“Take off your clothes,” he commanded.
Never one to question his orders, you began to strip, first removing your shirt and then your boots and pants until you were left only in your underthings. Silco’s eyes heated your skin as they roved over your body, watching intently as you unclasped your bra and tossed it to the side.
“Beautiful,” he murmured to no one but himself as his eyes widened slightly as he took in the sight of your exposed chest. You were about to shimmy out of your panties until he held up a hand and instructed, “leave those on. On the desk.”
You obeyed and returned to your original seat on his desk. Still eyeing your body, he stood up and closed the gap between you with one swift stride. He placed his warm hands on your thighs and spread them apart as he stepped between them. Leaning over your body and laying you down across the wooden surface, he nipped your earlobe before his gravelly voice filled your head.
“I’m going to devour you.”
You let out a whimper and before you know it, Silco was sliding your lacy panties down your legs and tossing them aside and sinking to his knees.
There was something thrilling about having Silco, the most powerful crime lord in Zaun, kneeling before you fully clothed as you lay naked on his desk. Anyone could walk in at any moment, you hadn’t locked the door, and the walls were thin, not that anybody would be able to hear you over the club’s music anyway.
He positioned himself between your legs and was about to taste you when he paused and a wicked smile crossed his face.
“My, my, what’s all this?”
He dragged one of his fingers through your folds teasingly, causing you to keen at his teasing touch. He brought his index finger up to show you the undeniable wetness glistening in the fading light. 
“All this for me, darling?”
You nodded, making an ‘mhm’ noise and Silco gave you an utterly sinful grin before diving into your folds.
There was no teasing you as you had done with him, the Eros drug was clearly still affecting him. He lapped at your wetness and groaned like a man starved.
You writhed on the desk as he eagerly licked between your folds. The feeling of his hot tongue on your most sensitive parts was overwhelming and so much better than you had imagined in your late night fantasies. He put his whole body into it, wrapping his arms around your thighs to hold you in place as he feasted on your cunt.
The noises he was making were primal, moans and groans that only increased your own arousal as he licked at your entrance. His nose was brushing deliciously against your clit and you began to grind up into his face to increase the friction. You had just started moving your hips when Silco moved off you and tutted at you, causing you to whine.
“Now, now, be a good girl. Let daddy have his meal.”
Oh, fuck.
You must have said that out loud because Silco chuckled darkly before returning to his task. His eyes continued to bore into yours, however, watching you intently as he wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked.
You covered your mouth with your hand as you moaned and arched off the desk, sparks of pleasure dancing up your spine. Your eyes were now screwed shut so you didn’t even notice when Silco grabbed your hand and pulled it away from your mouth.
“None of that. I want to hear you,” he chastised. 
You looked down at him and nodded. After giving you a warning look, he returned his mouth to your clit and slipped a finger inside you. His other hand was now splayed across your stomach to hold you down as you squirmed beneath his assault on your cunt.
He soon added a second finger and began to pump them in and out of you as his tongue continued to dance on your clit. It was so fucking good, he was so good at this, playing your pussy like an instrument. Your whimpers and moans grew louder as the coil in your stomach tightened, and Silco’s tongue on your clit moved faster as he could feel you begin to clench around his fingers.
When he angled them upwards and found the spot inside you that made you see stars, you shattered.
You screamed his name and arched off the desk as your orgasm ripped through you. Despite his warning earlier, you grasped his head with both of your hands and moved your hips against his face. He didn’t seem to mind though, he continued to groan and lick you through your orgasm until you came down from your high.
Utterly dazed, you watched as he pulled off your cunt, removed his fingers from inside you, and looked you dead in the eyes as he licked them clean. He was wicked, looking at you with hooded eyes and his chin glistening with your juices. Unable to do anything else, you let out a small whimper as you watched him continue to feed on your sweet nectar.
“Exquisite,” he murmured.
Your breathing slowed as you came back down to the present, you were now covered in a sheen of sweat with a pleasant tingling traveling throughout your body. Silco was still standing over you, breathing heavily, and you reached out your hand for him.
He took it and allowed himself to be guided over to you. You sat up and pressed yourself closer to him, and looked up at him with a pleasantly satisfied expression on your face. Silco’s own expression was one of amusement as his mismatched eyes took in your disheveled state, confirming that he had done his job well.
Feeling utterly euphoric, you gave him a kiss and wrapped your arms around his waist. 
“How are you feeling now?” You asked against his lips.
“Ravenous,” he hummed, and before you could enquire further, you felt his hardness pushing up against your body again.
You made small noises of pleasure as Silco began to kiss the underside of your jaw, and then your neck, and back up to the spot behind your ear that had you keening in his arms as he began to suck, marking you as his.
“I need more,” he ground out. You could feel the vibrations of the gravelly timbre of his voice in his chest and began to feel your own arousal building again.
“I need to be inside you,” Silco whispered in your ear, causing you to shudder.
“Please,” you breathed out in return, clutching him even tighter to you as if he would disappear at any moment and you would wake up from this lovely dream.
Suddenly he was picking you up, your legs wrapped around his waist, as he carried you towards a door on the far wall of his office that presumably led to his bedroom.
You had never seen the room where Silco slept, let alone been inside of it. He opened and closed the door with ease, placing you on the silk sheets of his bed and allowing you to lay back as he stood before you.
The sheets felt heavenly against your skin and smelled like him. The room was surprisingly modest, but you weren’t exactly focused on the decor at the moment.
You lay back on your elbows, eyeing Silco’s frame towering over you at the edge of the bed. He did indeed look ravenous. That hungry, dark look in his eye had not dissipated at all despite your activities in the office.
The way he was eyeing you now would feed your fantasies for months. Wanting to make yourself look as enticing as possible, you shifted your body on the bed, cocked your head at him, and bit your lip.
“You,” you started, bringing your bare foot up to caress the bulge once again straining against his pants, “are wearing far too many clothes.”
Silco made a low noise you couldn’t describe as his eyes darkened even further. 
Never breaking your gaze, he began to undo the intricate gold buttons to free himself of his vest. Once he had tossed that aside, he undid the cuffs of his crimson dress shirt and began to work on the buttons down the front. One by one, his long fingers freed the buttons, allowing more and more of his skin to be exposed as he went further down. When he had undone them all and his shirt was only hanging off his shoulders, he let it fall to the floor and allowed you to look your fill.
Gods, he was gorgeous.
Despite being quite slender, the hard planes of muscle beneath Silco’s pale skin were evident. His chest was covered with a fine sprinkling of dark, graying hairs that turned into a pleasant trail leading down into his pants, accentuated by a delicious V-line at his hips. Your mouth watered as you took him in, the hard planes of his abdomen and defined muscles of his chest causing the liquid heat to pool in your stomach once again. 
“Silco,” you couldn't help but moan as you continued to take him in. You began to squirm on the bed as he removed his pants, until finally he stood before you in just his underwear.
“Please, I want to see you. All of you,” you breathed.
Silco seemed to be transfixed by the sight of you lying naked in his bed, begging him to ravish you. It wasn’t often that he took lovers, and never had he trusted any enough to bring them to his own bed. A part of him knew it wasn’t just the Eros, it was because he felt something for you he hadn’t felt for anyone.
Deciding to take matters into your own hands, you sat up on your knees and slid your thumbs under the waistband of his briefs, silently requesting permission to remove them. When he looked down at you and gave you a single nod, you pressed a kiss to his collarbone and slid them off.
You lay back again as Silco kicked them off, and took in the sight of him naked before you.
“You’re beautiful,” you murmured, echoing his words from earlier. Yes, you had his cock in your mouth less than an hour ago, but seeing his entire body on display for you felt like a privilege. He was putting himself in an intimate, vulnerable position for you.
A hint of a smile tugged at Silco’s lips before he finally climbed on top of you on the bed. You looked up at him reverently and moved some strands of hair out of his face.
This - whatever this was - was more than sex to take the edge off.
You would ponder that later.
Silco began to kiss you again and lowered his body to press against yours. You slipped your tongue into his mouth as you explored his body with your hands, roaming over his biceps, shoulders, and down the hard muscles of his back.
The feeling of his warm skin against yours was nothing short of heavenly. 
Detaching himself from your lips, he began to kiss down your neck and chest, his hot mouth leaving a trail of fire until he reached your breasts. His eyes bore into yours as he licked carefully over your nipple before taking it into his mouth and sucking gently.
“Gods, Silco,” you arched into his mouth, tangling your fingers into his hair once again. He groaned in response and began to rock his hips into you. He was still rock hard and trying to get some friction, the Eros was still coursing through his veins, he needed something, anything-
Silco hadn’t noticed that he had completely ceased his attention to your breasts and instead buried his head into your chest as he ground his cock against you, moaning at the sensation.
It was your voice that gained his attention back, your soft cooing of his name that caused him to look up at you and pay attention to the next words out of your mouth.
“I need you inside of me, Silco.”
As if you needed him as much as he clearly needed you right now, this damn Eros was making him grind against you like a horny teenager.
But nonetheless, Silco came back up to your face and pressed his forehead against yours before taking his cock in his hand and positioning himself at your entrance. He looked into your eyes and you nodded with a smile, signaling for him to continue.
Silco’s eyes remained locked with yours as he pressed the tip in, causing you both to gasp in unison.
You moaned his name, one of your hands gripping his bicep and the other fisting the sheets as the blunt head of his cock entered you. Despite the Eros amplifying his most primal urges, he controlled himself so you could adjust to him and he could savour the stretch of your walls around him. Slowly, he slid in, gritting his teeth as your warm wetness engulfed his length. 
“You’re so big,” you whined, and you felt him twitch inside of you in response. He wasn’t used to receiving compliments, especially not of that nature, but fuck if it didn’t make him even painfully harder than he already was.
He pushed in bit by bit and rubbed lazy circles around your clit with his thumb to try to relax you. “That’s my good girl, taking me so well,” he crooned in your ear.
When he was in as far as he could go, he dropped his head to your shoulder and tried to focus on his breathing. The Eros felt like it was trying to burn its way out of his body now, his skin was on fire every place you touched it, and he felt like he might die from the euphoric sensation of your tight cunt squeezing his cock. He couldn’t even form a coherent thought in his head right now.
“Perfect,” he whispered over and over into your shoulder.
You both stayed like that for a few moments so you could get used to his length, and when you felt you were ready, you began to move your hips against his.
Silco shuddered and moved so that he was hovering over you now, watching you intently as he began to thrust in and out of you. Your face was the portrait of bliss, he thought. He could listen to the little noises that escaped you forever as he fucked you.
“You like this? You like the feel of my cock inside of you?” His dirty talking in that voice of his was driving you wild, and you could only moan in response. You now had one hand splayed over his back and the other on the back of his neck as you clung to him.
“Been wanting to do this for so long,” he continued rambling, his eyes now fixating on the spot where your bodies were joined. He watched himself slip in and out of your pussy, his cock slick with your juices.
“I’ve always wanted you,” you managed to respond weakly. Silco tore his eyes away from watching himself fuck you and flicked them up to your face, which was still twisted in pleasure. “Since I first saw you, Silco, I’ve wanted you like this.”
“Why didn’t you - ah fuck,” his words were puncuated by his thrusts, which were now harder and deeper and lighting a fire in your belly. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t think you felt the same-” you  were cut off by a high pitched whimper you made when Silco thrust into you particularly deep.
“How could I not? You’re the subject of all my fantasies, darling.”
The room was filled with the sounds of your moans and whimpers and Silco’s guttural groans, and the lewd sound of skin against skin. Your eyes remained locked on his own, his mysterious left eye swirling, watching you as his cock drove into you over and over again.
A wicked idea entered your mind then, and as Silco continued to pound into you, you leaned up and licked the scarred left side of his face.
“Tell me your fantasies, Silco. Tell me how you imagine me when you’re touching yourself when I’m not there,” you purred in his ear.
If Silco was ravenous before, he was now positively feral.
He growled as he pulled out of you and flipped you over so you were on your hands and knees and roughly pulled you by your hips to slot against him. He entered you again in one deep stroke, causing you to cry out in pleasure as this new angle allowed him to fit the entirety of his length inside of you. You wanted to put on a show for him, so you arched your back as much as you could and looked over your shoulder at him, your mouth forming an “O” as Silco fucked into you.
“You want to know how I imagine you, dirty girl?” His thrusts were animalistic now, he was chasing the high of his release just as he was chasing the Eros out of his body. “I imagine you sitting on my lap in my desk chair riding my cock because you just couldn’t wait any longer,” his voice was completely wrecked, you could tell he was getting closer as his words became more filthy. You were too, the coil in your lower belly tightening more and more with every word he spoke.
“I imagine taking you in the elevator before one of those damn Chem Baron meetings, and you walking into that meeting with my cum still dripping out of you.”
You moaned at that, the thought of being claimed by him so primally had you clenching around his cock as he continued to pound into you.
“Oh you would like that, wouldn’t you? I feel you squeezing me, you cruel, dirty little thing.”
Silco reached around and began to furiously rub your clit. He knew you were close, he could feel your walls clenching around him and just before you snapped, he pulled out and turned you over again so you were once again underneath him, his tall frame caging you in.
“Want to watch when you come, darling,” he said, his voice softer than it had been only seconds ago. You reached around his neck to pull him closer to you and kissed him deeply.
He entered you again and it only took a few more rolls of his hips before you came undone in his arms. You arched into his body and cried out his name as electricity surged through every nerve ending in your body, and he rocked into you and held you through it all. His own thrusts became erratic as you squeezed him, and he whispered in your ear, 
“Inside, I’m safe. Inside me, please,” you breathed, clutching his heated body to your own. Silco buried his face in your shoulder again and sank his teeth into your skin as he came inside you with a sharp cry, his seed filling you as he shuddered above you.
You both stayed like that for a while, desperately clutching on to each other with the only sound in the room being your heavy breathing. Silco was the first to come up for air, examining you with a clarity in his eye that hadn’t been there before.
“Are you alright?” He inquired in his usual, even timbre.
You nodded dreamily, having gone completely cockdumb and now being incapable of words. 
His eyes fell from your own and landed on the angry bite mark he had left on your shoulder when he finished. He gently traced it with his finger as he spoke again.
“I shouldn’t have been so rough with you, I’m sorry if I-”
You pressed a finger to his lips to cut him off.
“It was wonderful. You are wonderful.”
A small smile tugged at Silco’s lips. You remembered the situation that had brought you to this point, with his cock now softening inside you and him watching you with a gentle expression you had never seen before.
“How are you feeling now?” You asked, your hand now gently caressing the scarred side of his face.
“Better. Almost normal, I suppose,” he replied as he pulled out of you with a small hiss and laid down beside you.
You watched Silco lying there, staring at the ceiling, and wondered for a moment if he regretted any of it. 
However, your fears quickly evaporated when he allowed you to curl your body against him and lay on his chest as he pulled you closer to him. It was all too easy to allow yourself to close your eyes and be lulled into a slumber in your post-sex haze with a warm body next to you. But before sleep could claim you, you had to ask, “almost normal, you say?”
“We could both use a bath,” Silco mumbled, fatigue beginning to creep into his voice as well.
You let out a small giggle, and he kissed the crown of your head before he shifted and stood up, padding over to the attached room to run the water.
After a warm bath, a quick snack, and more kissing, you and Silco were curled up in bed once again, and you thought to yourself that nobody, not even the Topsiders or any of the other scummy Chem Barons could take this Silco, your Silco, away from you. 
A week later, you saw Finn drinking at the bar in The Last Drop. 
Raw, primal fury ignited in your gut and you ignored Sevika’s warnings as you stalked over to him, no doubt with murderous rage written across your face. He had a lot of fucking nerve showing up here after what he did.
The day after the incident, you and Silco had informed Sevika that Finn had drugged him but didn’t go into details for obvious reasons. Deciding it would be better to maintain the peace for the time being, Silco had ordered you and Sevika to leave him alive. For now. His time would come.
That didn’t mean you couldn’t send a message though.
Finn saw you approaching and fixed you with a knowing smirk that made you want to break both his real and ornamental golden jaws.
“Well, did you two have fun? You’re welcome by the way, it’s about time he got laid-”
Your dagger was at Finn’s throat before he could even finish his sentence.
“If you ever. Do something like that to him again. Or anyone. I will cut your throat and feed you to the rats. Understood?”
Finn held his hands up in surrender and stuttered his reply.
“Sure, I mean yeah. Won’t happen again.”
You fixed him with a warning look, lowered your blade, and began to walk away.
“Must have worked though, if you’re this protective over him.”
You turned and slashed in the blink of an eye.
Finn cried out as a red slice on his cheekbone began to ooze blood. 
“Hope that doesn’t mess up your tattoo too much, asshole,” you spat. You sheathed your dagger and walked away, ignoring Sevika shaking her head as you passed her. The patrons of The Last Drop hadn’t even noticed your alternation, but you could feel eyes on you as you approached the stairs leading to the upper level.
You looked up to the second floor, and sure enough the shadowed silhouette of a man in the corner watched you as you climbed the stairs and moved towards him.
“What did I tell you about causing a scene, darling?” Silco crooned, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you into the shadows with him.
“I needed him to know he can’t ever pull that shit on you ever again.”
Silco hummed in your ear as he nuzzled his nose into your hair. “So violent on my behalf.”
“You would do the same for me.”
“No, my dear, I would do much, much worse,” he replied with a hint of amusement, but you knew he was dead serious. He would kill for you.
Putting the incident with Finn behind you, you pulled Silco in closer to you and kissed him deeply, savouring the pleased rumble in his chest as his lips met yours.
Silco, the feared crime lord of Zaun, was many things. But right now, in a shadowy corner of The Last Drop, away from prying eyes, he was your Silco, and there was nothing else he’d rather be.
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the-hidden-pages · 8 months ago
Human Testing: Viktor (Arcane) x Fem!Reader SMUT
Three words: Viktor, my love.
Tumblr media
Note: I’m not a chemist. Please don’t fact check this, it’s all an excuse for the reader to get railed. Also, this was not proofread, but I may come back to it some other time that isn’t 1:30am.
Synopsis: An unfortunate lab incident results in a more than pleasant night.
Warnings: NSFW. Aphrodisiac. Smut with Feelings. Dirty Talk. Friends-to-Lovers. Lab Sex. Slight Public Sex. Brief Oral. Riding. Unprotected Sex.
It wasn’t a long shot for people to be at the labs overnight. Eager students, distraught professors, and addicts settling for a workaholic mindset would often remain on the premises, sacrificing a full-nights rest for the sake of Piltover’s future.
For being the City of Progress, it often overlooked the mental health of its people, you pondered one night.
There wasn’t anything special about this particular night. No deadlines were approaching, nothing was inherently wrong. It was a simple matter of you feeling no real need to sleep, or perhaps you simply forgot to. Or perhaps the stars were aligned in such a way to bring you to this moment.
Regardless of what it was, you were hyper focused on your current project, and thrilled with the current results.
The shimmering orange liquid was, finally, finally ready for testing, and you couldn’t be prouder.  It might not be life changing work, but it’s still something new, and that’s no small feat.
You wonder if you should run down to Viktor and Jayce’s lab to see if either of them are in to celebrate with you, but you promptly rid your mind of the thought. Celebrating could be done once testing was complete, and they were likely far too busy.
Besides, how could you confide in them what you had made.
You weren’t sure how they would react, either of them, but the thought of the judgement, disappointment, or apprehension that could appear in Viktor’s eyes made you hesitant to confide in him at all. No matter how desperately you wanted to run to him when you had a breakthrough.
Still, you couldn’t help but wonder if he would understand, or if he would be interested –
The smashing of glass rings loud across the stone tiles.
You quickly snap out of your thoughts to notice your pride and joy dangling precariously off the counter you had just placed it on, the time of night and your thoughts leading you to be less cautious.
“Shit!” you shout as you steady the remaining 5 vials of liquid, the 6th having fallen out of its place and spilling across your skirt and onto the floor.
You promptly begin to wipe up the mess, any hope of remaining uninfected by the concoction flying out the window – The minute the vial broke, the scent of sickly-sweet flowers had invaded your senses and proved your doom.
Still, you could surely prevent anyone else getting infected, and hide the evidence of your project.
“Miss? Is everything alright?”
A light knocking on the door, accompanied by the concerned tone, catches your attention, and brings you to turn around, noting a curious guard at the door to your lab.
“Yes, just a bit of a spill,” you smile politely, mind reeling with how to shift the situation. “I wonder if you’d mind hunting down Jayce Talis, or even a professor, if anyone in this faculty is awake. I could use a hand. After, if you could ensure no one else enters the room – that is, I believe I contained the spill, but I’d hate for any further contamination –”
“Of course, Miss,” the guard promptly nods and makes his way down the hall, the sound of footsteps receding down the hall.
You took a moment to steel yourself, preparing for the explanation you would have to give to your friend, or worse, to a professor, regarding the compound you were creating.
It’s all perfectly legal, and relatively ethical, you remind yourself. It even has agricultural benefits. As for human consumption, no one can blame you in wanting to aid those who may be impotent, or merely looking to enhance –
A sound breaks your reverie once again. Footsteps can be heard once again, quickly making their way to your lab. Only the set accompanying the guard isn’t just footsteps.
There’s also the tapping of a cane, a pattern you were all too familiar with.
The moment your brain registers the sound, a chain reaction is set off.
Relief, knowing that of all the people to see your shame, it would be Viktor. Wonderful, intelligent Viktor who would surely be able to help you.
The relief is followed by panic. Pure, undiluted panic. Because of every single soul within the Academy, within Piltover, Viktor was the one that most certainly should not be around you after being exposed to this chemical.
And as the panic sets in, you begin to feel a single, damning, throb in between your legs.
“Thank you, Sir. I’ll take care of it,” the familiar accent mutters quietly from the doorway, and you hear one set of footsteps retreat once again. You make a mental note that your senses already seem to be growing sharper – you can hear everything, the smell from the chemicals still linger like a cheap perfume, and your nerves are on fire –
The calling of your name draws your attention.
You glance behind you, but promptly turn your gaze forward and down again, busying yourself with ensuring every drop of your creation is cleaned. You can’t seem to handle meeting his eyes now, not knowing what you were about to tell him, not feeling the effects of the chemicals.
“I had a bit of a spill,” you start to explain, coughing awkwardly. “Nothing serious, but I’ve managed to infect myself with a chemical of mine, and I needed someone to help me whip up an antidote quick.”
“A chemical?!”
You hurry to cut off Viktor’s alarmed tone. “Nothing dangerous, or toxic. But the effects could still leave me…incapacitated, temporarily, and I’d like to be free of it quickly.”
Viktor pauses for a moment, making his way closer to you. You immediately tense, somehow feeling the heat coming off him despite him being a good arms-length out of reach.
A long, slender finger points towards your remaining 5 vials.
You wonder how it would feel, caressing your face, running down your side, slowly pushing inside of you –
“Is this what you took?”
You clear your throat. “Y-Yes. It wasn’t ingested, but it seems the effect spreads just as well from inhalation.”
“Fascinating. Should I be taking notes?” Viktor questions dryly, leaning forward to examine the vials. A lock of dark hair falls forward into his face.
You want to brush it back into place, to run your hands through his hair, to pull him closer to you –
You instead give a short laugh, finding some humour in the wild situation. “Well, I was planning to enter the testing stages, although I wasn’t planning on being my own subject.”
“So, what exactly is this creation of yours?”
Your heart drops. You feel another throb.
“I…need you not to laugh. Or, scream,” you joke half-heartedly, but Viktor just looks at you.
“I need to know what you inhaled,” he counters.
Your hands grasp the counter tightly, and you keep your gaze down towards the vials.
“It’s…an aphrodisiac.”
The silence that follows is deafening, and so you begin to compensate in some hopes that it would alleviate the sudden tension.
“I-It all started when I found this particular flower. If ingested, it stimulated a mammal’s sexual drive.  I wondered if I could distill it down into a medicinal form. If we could replicate the effect of the flower, we could use it to ensure that cattle for any meat production would continue to mate. And, I guess, over time, it dawned on me that it could be used to enhance the pleasure receptors in people as well…” You trail off, realizing Viktor still hasn’t said a word. You chance a glance at him and find that he’s bent over some notes of yours, expression unreadable.
The resulting hot flash that shoots through you has you once again turning away from him, making your way to a chair that’s safely on the other side of the lab. You sit down, head in hands.
“My focus is machinery, less than chemicals,” Viktor’s voice eventually reaches you. “I cannot guarantee any relief, but it would seem we’ll either find a cure, or the effects will wear off in due time, no?”
“That’s correct, yes.”
“Why not just go home until the effects wear off?”
“I’m sorry to say I don’t know when that will be,” you laugh weakly. “I wasn’t starting to feel any effects until you arrived, but now I’m not even sure I’d be able to walk all the way home…”
Viktor shoots you a concerned glance. “You made it that potent?”
You laugh again, your mind seemingly doing its best to ease your embarrassment. “Yes and no.”
“Well, I started to worry about the repercussions of a potent sex-pollen being on the market,” you close your eyes tightly, focusing on the politics and science of the matter, and not the growing discomfort. You really picked a bad night for a skirt and thigh highs – while you still looked professional enough, you could feel the wetness already building between your thighs. “I worried it might be snuck into people’s drinks or something, by over-eager and un-wanted suitors, you know?”
Viktor gives an affirming hum, clearly focusing on the notes in front of him and how to reverse the process.
You continue anyway, the conversation distracting you minutely. “So, I developed a compound that wouldn’t activate the flower’s toxins unless sufficient dopamine and norepinephrine are found in the system of the person who ingested it.”
“So…you’re saying the chemical only works…”
“Effectively, only when you’re around someone you’re attracted to. The dopamine and norepinephrine levels when released upon being around that person –“
“Would act as a catalyst…” you hear Viktor turn a page. “You really felt the need to make…how did you say? A sex-pollen?”
His voice had taken a teasing lilt, and while it served to add to the lust raging through you, it also managed to irritate you a bit.
“I poison myself, and the first thing you can do is make fun of me, huh?”
“I’d apologize, but you do rather beg to be teased.”
You don’t know if it’s the tone of his voice or the way he says ‘beg’, but you suddenly find yourself lightheaded.
“You know, I’m really starting to wish Jayce were around tonight instead of you.”
A longer-than-comfortable silence causes you to look up, finding Viktor paused over the notes.
“Would you rather he be here to…aide your predicament?” Viktor chooses his words carefully.
“Well, at least if he were here, I’d be able to focus on helping make an antidote instead of being useless,” you mumble, looking away again as another wave of lust and longing overtakes you.
Maybe you could summon the last of your strengths to make it home, or even send Viktor away. Unknown hours of this agony would be far more bearable if he weren’t so close, just out of reach…
“You’re saying…the compound wouldn’t have activated with Jayce?”
“Fucks sake, Viktor, don’t play dumb,” you groan out, crossing your arms tightly and keeping your eyes pinned to the ground.
Viktor’s voice lowers, but you’re still barely able to hear it, the hushed tones making your legs clench. “So, the catalyst was when I walked in…but that means…”
Footsteps sound, and chair legs squeak against the stone floors.
“You never came to the lab to see Jayce all those times, did you?”
“Viktor,” you begin to protest, “now’s really not the time –“
“You want…me?”
“Say it.”
“Say it, and you can have me.”
Your eyes dart up the minute the words have left is mouth, and the tone of his voice combined with the image in front of you nearly had you cumming then and there.
Viktor sat relaxed in the chair across from you, one hand running through his perpetually messy locks, the other resting on his spread legs.
You want to be between them, kneeling, choking, crying. You want to be riding him, begging for more, harder faster, anything…
“The effects would stop, no? If you take what you need? Surely the oxytocin released –“
His words send ice down your spine, and you stand up sharply. “So that’s why you’re offering. To cure it, to test a theory?”
The young scientist appears taken aback. “You called me here to help, my dear –“
You quickly make your way over to another counter, glancing frantically at the chemicals at your disposal. “Yes, to use you as a scientist, a genius, not as a prostitute.”
“You’re saying you don’t want me?”
“I’m saying I don’t want you to pity fuck me as a cure!” you snap, and you hear a defeated sigh behind you.
You continue to ramble as you hear the chair scrape against the floor again. “Really, Vik, it’s a sweet offer, and I’m sure it’s coming from good intent but, I couldn’t stand how you’d look at me afterwards, if I just used you like that, and…”
Your voice trailed off when you heard footsteps cross your lab, not towards you, but towards the vials of your dreaded creation.
“I see,” his voice floated towards you, and you tensed with how serious it sounded. “So, to be clear, your concern isn’t that you want me, it’s that you think I don’t want you?”
“I…I guess so. Take that as you will, Viktor, but I’d really rather just come up with an antidote while I still have some of my wits about me.”
“Very well, I’ll do what I can to help. Remind me again, the aphrodisiac only activates when-“
“When the happy love hormones go off, yes.”
“Hmm…” a noncommittal hum reaches. your ears, and you try your hardest to turn your attention back towards your work.
It almost works, for nearly ten minutes. You work in silence – at least, you think you’re both working, but you still can’t bring yourself to look at Viktor in these circumstances. You wonder if he was on to something when he mentioned oxytocin – realistically, the chemicals released during an orgasm might balance out the newly introduced ones in the system. The matter now would be administering the correct amount and soon…
Viktor’s voice floats towards you again, and you aren’t sure if it’s the compound in your system, but you swear it’s lower, huskier.
“You’ve really lasted so long with such a drug in your veins?”
You bark out a laugh. “I promise you it hasn’t been…easy!”
Your sentence ends in a squeak as you feel two lanky, but firm arms cage you in place against the counter.
The low voice – yes, you determine, it’s definitely lower – is now planted dangerously close to your ear. “My dear, you truly believe I would not want you?”
Heat is now pressed flush against your back, and your head is spinning. Viktor, your Viktor, is pinning you against your lab’s counter and…
Fuck, he is hard.
“Your concoction is potent, my dear,” his thick accent floods your brain, his lips just barely grazing your neck. “But, if I’m affected so strongly already, and we’ve been at this antidote for so long, I wonder…just how wet you’ve gotten for me.”
Your single, last rational thought brings you to look towards your precious vials.
Where once were 5 glowing tubes, there now sat 4.
“Mmm, I like how you say my name-“
“Victor what have you done?”
A pause.
“Volunteered for testing, obviously.”
An incredulous laugh escapes you as you turn, Viktor reluctantly giving you the space to do so, before pinning you to the counter yet again.
“Now we need a cure for you too, you moron,” you scold, desperately trying to ignore his heaving breaths and dilated pupils.
“There’s a very obvious cure for both of us, now,” he shoots back in the same no-nonsense tone. In complete contrast, his hand comes up to caress your jaw, light as a feather. “A solution that, it seems, your only argument for has vanished.”
You’re breaking, you realize. The concoction, his touch, his voice, his scent – oh that wonderful mixture of something metallic and sweet and entirely him – your brain can no longer argue it.
You need to confirm it, one final time. “You really want me?”
Viktor’s eyes hold yours, the darkening amber captivating.  “My dear, you have no idea. how often the thought of you pervades my mind. Your voice, your face, your curves, your beautiful mind…How I wonder if I’m ever on yours in the same capacity.”
You scoff. “You are. You’re a genius, you’ve known that you are.”
A slight smirk graces his face, a confidence there that you would never have expected from him in the depths of your fantasies. “Perhaps.”
“Viktor, please”
A quirked eyebrow is all you get.  “Please…what?”
It’s all too much for you. The domino has been pushed, the catalyst has finally fired, your limit has finally been pushed.
Within a heartbeat, your hands are tangled in that perfect hair, and you’re dragging him down to your lips, the desire finally pushing you to a breaking point.
The drug has you too far gone.
You don’t mind that it’s not soft, that your teeth are clashing and you’re already whimpering, and your hands are likely pulling a little too hard at his hair. The only thoughts that you can muster are how hot you are, how hard he is, that Viktor is in your lab and kissing you.
And it’s clear from the response that he doesn’t mind either.
His hands come up to roughly grab your waist, cane loudly falling to the floor beside you, forgotten. He matches your intensity, tongue already begging to taste you, promptly taking control of the pace of the kiss.
Already, your head is reeling as Viktor’s hands trail up your thighs, groaning as he touches bare skin.
“Do you wear these every time you wear a skirt to work, darling?”
You could faint from the rasp in his voice, from his use of darling. “Not always, I don’t want to push dress codes too far –“ you gasp as his hands tighten, certainly about to leave bruises for tomorrow, as his lips roughly make their way down the side of your throat.
“You should wear them more often. Though how I’ll focus now, when you show up to the lab in this skirt…”
With that, his hands quickly push the fabric up to settle around your waist, your ruined panties now clearly visible.
“Is this all for me…?” Viktor questions, clearly pleased, as a single finger traces along your covered slit.
Your mind falls further into the haze that’s been threatening to consume you all night, as a broken moan spills from your lips. “Yes, it’s all for you, it always is.”
Another groan escapes the man as your undergarment is quickly discarded, flung off to some unknown part of your lab.
Viktor’s lips find your neck again as his fingers slowly, teasingly begin to caress through your folds, a single finger pressing against your entrance, not entering.
“Viktor, please –“
You’re cut off by a sharp bite at the junction of your neck and shoulder, two of the genius’s fingers quickly plunging into you, easily slipping inside with how ready the chemical made you.
“Fuck, you’re dripping,” the man curses lowly, making you clench around the digits carefully scissoring inside of you.
“I need you inside, Viktor please.”
You feel his lips turn up into another smirk. “Begging already, my dear?”
“You’re an idiot if you ever thought this encounter would last long,” you respond, your hands pushing him far enough away to fumble desperately with his belt.
You panic momentarily when his hands stop yours, wondering if you had crossed a line, if he had snapped out of it –
“My dear, I rather wanted to savour you properly…”
Your heart warms at Viktor’s words, but you can’t help but tug at his belt again.
“We can do slow and romantic another time, I promise, but I need you to fuck me now, Viktor.”
It seems that, for him, is his breaking point.
Within moments you’re gasping and panting and moaning against his mouth, teeth and lips clashing as he slowly drags the head of his cock through your folds.
“Say you want me. Say it, and you can have me.”
God, you really weren’t expecting this from him.
“Viktor, please, I need you inside of me, please –“
Your babbling is cut off with a sharp inhale as you feel him begin to press into you slowly, walls stretching with a bit of pain despite how wet you are.
And it just keeps going.
Your frustration is immeasurable when he pauses halfway, and before he can even ask if you’re okay, your hands have grasped the waistcoat that’s still on him and urged him forward.
The action buries him in you fully, finally.
Your eyes are rolled to the back of your head, your entire body on fire.
You had always wondered what it would feel like to have him fill you, but you hadn’t expected the stretch, the burn.
You hadn’t expected him to be so big.
His hips roll slowly, arms grasping the counter for support as he thrusts. You begin to roll your own hips to meet his, determined to help, to pull him deeper, and to prevent any more damage occurring to his leg.
That would be the last thing either of you would want to explain to anyone.
But the drug was potent.
All you see is Viktor’s burning gaze, messy hair flopped in front of his hair, sweat beginning to build. All you can taste is the lingering flavour of his kiss, all you can smell is his scent and musk. All you can feel is his cock thrusting hard into you, his hand coming up to tangle in the hair near the base of your head, pulling hard enough to encourage your eyes meeting his.
With how thoroughly he had taken over your senses, you didn’t expect to last long.
But when he delivers a harder thrust, his hand pulling you forward so that your cheek rests near his, his laboured breaths meeting your ears, Viktor grits out a single word.
The proclamation is all it takes for you to break, walls clenching around him like a vice, desperate moans echoing around the walls of the lab.
He continues to fuck you through your orgasm, your body twitching, relief finally coursing through you after what felt like an eternity of torture, of withholding yourself.
Yet as you come down from your high, you realize something.
The haze from the drug is still there.
Yet you can’t bring yourself to care.
You put a hand to Viktor’s chest, and his pause allows you an opportunity.
Shifting enough that he slides out of you, and you push him backwards hard enough that he stumbles into the chair that he was once sitting on. You had a moment of concern for his leg, as it seemed to catch an uncomfortable way, but all thoughts vanish from your mind the moment Viktor adjusts himself, legs spread, watching you darkly as a hand comes up to tug at his erection.
You push away from the counter slowly, finding your way between his knees, before smoothly sinking to your own.
“Darling I- oh.”
Viktor’s protests are forgotten as you knock his hand away, replacing it with your warm and wet mouth.
You can’t take the full thing, you quickly realize, the thought sending another jolt of heat to your core. Still, the noises escaping the inventor seem to indicate that he doesn’t mind, your mouth working wonders, your hand covering what you cannot take.
Fingers roughly grasp at your hair, attempting to pull you off.
 “My dear, fuck, I won’t last,” Viktor groans, pulling you upward.
“You cursing is hot,” you comment, allowing him to pull you up and onto his lap. You shudder at the sensation of his cock once again brushing through your folds.
“As are your moans, I should love to hear some more.”
As he speaks, he lines himself up with your entrance, pulling your hips down to be flush with his.
As is his want, a loud moan escapes you as you adjust to the new. position, somehow feeling more full from this angle. Immediately you begin bouncing in his lap, eager both to find another release, and to help him reach his.
After all, you may not be far off, but from the broken pants and growls escaping from the man underneath you, you figure he’s in the same boat.
“Tell me you’re mine,” a groan leaves your newfound lover, a desperate gleam in his eyes. “My dear, tell me –“
“I’m yours,” you manage to find the words, saying them triggering some switch in your mind that kept you babbling. “I’m yours, Viktor, only yours. I need you to fill me, to make me yours, please, please cum in me – shit!”
Your pleas are cut off abruptly when Viktor’s hand, his clever fingers, gently but firmly reach for your throat, pulling you down towards him to meet his mouth as he groans loudly.
As the heat of his release begins to flood your cunt, it triggers your second orgasm, the pair of you moaning and gasping for air in unison.
You ride out both of your orgasms, gently rolling your hips until you both finally still, and air of calm settles over the room.
You both take the breathes you need, your head nestling into the crook of Viktor’s neck, peppering it with kisses as you come down from your respective highs.  And in the haze of the afterglow, you notice –
The haze from your drug is no longer there.
You bring your head up to meet the shinning eyes of Viktor, fully ready to offer him an apology for the events of the night.
“Viktor –“
You’re cut off, not by the same harsh, desperate kisses as before, but by a gentle hand guiding you forward, lips softly grazing yours, silently destroying any concerns you might have had.
He pulls back after a moment, a rare smile forming on his face.  “I’d say your first test was a success, no?”
You pause, processing his words, before a series of giggles leave you. “I suppose so!”
A chuckle leaves the genius, hand slowly combing through your hair, trailing down your back. “But perhaps we should run another. One test does not acquire all the data, after all…”
“You leave my drugs alone,” you warn with a warm laugh, snuggling deeper into his lap. “You don’t need them to seduce me, anyhow.”
“No? How reassuring…”
The moment crashes to a halt the moment a hesitant knock is heard at the door.
Your hearts both nearly stop as the voice of the guard from earlier carries through the door.
“Miss? Sir? Is…everything alright in there?”
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insensity · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I know something you don't I KNOW SOMETHING YOU WILL NEVER KNOWW
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jinxzstuddedbelt · 16 days ago
if anyone has any smut/fluff/angst arcane requests (specifically for vi/jinx/ekko/caitlyn/sky-caitvi/timebomb) pls send them in i need to freshen up my writing skill but my mind is blank🫧
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cherrys-spice-cabinet · 4 months ago
A Spice Sampler, if you will
It feels like I’ve got a million and one drafts sitting here and collecting dust, and I have no which one to finish to post, so I figured I’d post a little sampler to see what y’all want to read a more extended version of most! This can be done through notes or through the ask box, please don't hesitate, m'kay?
Much love,
Cherry 🍒
From Love me Tender(headed), Nanami Kento x black!Reader
“Kento huffed, supposing you wouldn’t be at home by the time he got back from work. He remembered your text about finally getting some braids since your schedule had opened up a bit. Tired eyes reread your excited messages, the corners of his lips tugging upwards at all the hearts in between your messages.
Regardless, your shared home would be dark and well-kept from this morning. Kento fumbled with his keys, jingling them in the lock a bit before the door swung open. To his surprise, the lights were on, and some cheesy love song was blaring on the speakers. Something smelled delicious and Kento’s stomach was first to take note.“
From Untitled (01), Sugar Daddy!Nanami x Reader (SPICE)
Nanami’s irritation was apparent as you took the elevator up to his home. He’s mentioned the penthouse on occasion, and it made for a great backdrop for the occasional photo that he’d send. He held the door open for you as you entered, the clacking of your heels echoing in the space. Nanami took off his jacket and loosened his tie as the door shut. A shiver ran up your spine as his broad arm wrapped itself around you, halting further movement from you. Nanami’s lips grazed the shell of your ear, voice husky.
“Who’s are you?” he asked lowly. You pressed against him further, your spine beginning to tingle with arousal. Your back arched, pushing your chest flush against his.
“All yours,” you purred, looking up at the man through your lashes. Nanami huffs, a smile beginning to form. His hands found your hips, turning you around quickly and pressing your ass to the growing tent in his trousers.
From Untitled (02), Viktor x black!botanist!Reader (sweet)
A pair of amber eyes scanned the area, hoping to find at least a trace of another soul. Concluding that there was nobody else, he turned on his heel, preparing to leave.
"Can I help you?" came a voice, eyes meeting his. The man in front of you, tall as he is, jumps in surprise.
Viktor finally got a good look at you. A green dress flowed, hugging the curves and rolls of your torso and back as you moved from one plant to another with a pair of shears.
Your braids, however, are what caught Viktor's attention. Little bits of stems and stray leaves covered the top of your head, decorating your head in an unconventional halo of greenery.
"I, erm, came to pick up an order that I had placed last month?" He said, eyes flitting around the greenhouse, finally landing on you. You placed the shears in a nearby basket as you walked over to the table, decorated with a neat stack of notebooks. Your eyes danced across messy handwriting and dates, lighting up as your finger stopped.
"Mr. Viktor?" You said aloud, your eyes meeting his for confirmation. A small smile graced his features.
From Untitled (03), Cellist!Viktor x Violinist!Reader (sweet)
From there, the nights were filled with accented instruction and anxiety-riddled perfectionism. Viktor’s cane thumped the tempo, and you played through the passage with a fretful further. Students would
“More!” he shouted. You jumped, eyes wide at the unusual tone of voice. It was stern, calculating.
He hadn’t told Jayce his reason for wanting to take a night off to go to the theater. Nor did Jayce know that Viktor would be backstage trying to calm your nerves.
“And the cellist! He- he canceled! Last-minute, no warning or explanation!” You shouted, hands flying in the air. Viktor grabbed one of your wrists with his free hand, holding it close to his chest.
“If you wanted me to play with you, you could have just said that,” he joked, releasing your wrists. The same hand slid down your shoulder to hold on to your hand firmly. Your eyes narrowed, screaming now’s not the time loud and clear.
“In all seriousness, everything will be okay, no? You know this piece inside out, as do I,” he clarified.
From Bundle Up, Viktor x reader (slow burn spice)
You swiped a few paper bags from the counter, each having either Jayce or Viktor with a little heart scrawled across its front. Just as you had announced your leave, you collided into a delivery man, sending all manner of flour, sugar, and eggs down your front. The bakery fell silent, hushed murmurs and sideways glances setting your embarrassment ablaze. Despite the whispers, it felt as though passersby were screaming hymns of your unworthiness into your eardrums, pointed stares sending white-hot prickles across your skin. With a rushed apology, your burst from the shop's doors, walking as quickly as you could back to your apartment. Someplace safe, you figured.
From Untitled (04), Viktor x reader (SPICE)
Viktor moves his cane to approach you, but you stumbled back immediately, trying desperately to wipe your mascara from your cheeks. Viktor’s heart ached at the sight. All of this anguish for him? Surely that couldn’t be… right?
Still, he pushed forward. You had backed up, heels gently pressing against the bed. Your breath hitched as Viktor pressed his lips to yours. The motion was clumsy, the man dropping his cane as he reached up to grasp your face gently. Tears continued rolling down your face as the kiss broke. You stared into Viktor's eyes, his eyes pleading for something, anything.
From Attitude Adjustment, Dom!Vi x reader (SPICE)
Vi had no clue what had gotten into you. Every time she'd look at you, you'd glare right back, and each word off your tongue had a certain venom to them. It baffled Vi, she hadn't ever known you to be the type to be so... Snarky, was it? No, bitchy.
"You've been a real bitch today, y'know that, princess?" she asked, not expecting an answer. You huffed, turning your head away. Vi’s rough hand grabbed your face, snatching it back towards her own.
"Seems like I'll have to do a bit of attitude adjustment. Get you in line, yeah?"
From Untitled (05), Silco x reader (SPICE)
- You'd try to ask about his day in a sweet tone, only for him to bite your shoulder, causing you to hiss a careful! in his ear. He mutters a half-hearted apology followed by a quick kiss to the bruising area.
- Deep down, you knew that he wasn't, 'cause he liked to see his marks on you. You'd likely make a mental note to wear something off the shoulder when you visited him the following day.
- "It's that bast- ah! Finn! He's always pushing, pushing, pu-" His rant was cut off with a heated kiss from you, his words dying on his tongue. As the kiss broke, you brushed a stray strand of hair back against his forehead.
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