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#archaeology humor

The NaPoWriMo prompt for today is to make a list poem of made-up names.

Fair warning: Archaeologists tend to have a morbid, messed-up sense of humor. This is purely meant for laughs. (That being said, if you find anything super problematic, please let me know.)

- Accidental Grave Diggers 
- Dirt Collectors
- Tiny Pieces of Rock Enthusiasts
- Bone Lickers
- ”I Don’t Dig Dinosaurs” (alternatively, Not-Paleontologists)
- Underfunded Metal Detectorists
- Unemployed
- De-Construction Workers (Destruction Workers)
- Alcoholics
- Ancient Crime Scene Investigators
- NOT Indiana Jones
- Mosquito Food
- Mediocre Masochists
- Slowest Excavators in the World
- Professional Spoil Sports
- White Colonizers of the Dirt
- Building Permit Deniers
- Chert Diggers
- Professional Dumpster Divers
- Big Kids with Small Shovels

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