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#archeron sisters
vanilla-art-19984 hours ago
Tumblr media
Archeron Sisters 馃敟馃尮馃寣
Ig: Vanilla.art1998
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ratabrasileira3 days ago
Kinky Archeron Sisters
Ok ok my timeline is in flames right now (4p.m Brazilia's hour)
Please, acknowledge that BDSM is based on Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) and any fetish mentioned here doesn't apology for crime.
Most of the times she'll be submissive, because she can't say no to Cass' orders. However, when the girl is willing to boss and play...
She'll Dom, but I don't think she'll be into Sadism.
Masochist. ACOSF said enough, I guess.
Breath play.... *cheff kiss*
The little brat shit.
Rope Bunny. She loves Shibari and when Lucien put some flowers between the rope and her skin...
Biting. Leaving marks in Lucien's ass is her thing.
Fire Play along with Wax Play.
Pet Play. When they're alone, she'll just put her head in Lucien's lap and he'll understand what she wants. Her cage is beautiful btw.
She is a Switcher, but most of the times she'll just be Rhys' Brat Tamer.
Exhibitionist. Hewn City's scene in ACOMAF is the proof.
When she accept Rhys' invite for a threesome (or more) she'll recognize herself as Voyeur.
They're immortal, so I'll accept them as Experimentalist.
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fragmentalyze5 days ago
Oh for fuck鈥檚 sake that Sarah J Maas sure can write a 鈥渞ising to the occasion鈥 scene.
Also it occurs to me too late that this could be interpreted as referencing the spicy scenes but truly I just meant people showing up and saving the day lol
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elainkingslayer9 days ago
elain getting her father鈥檚 eyes is such a small detail but i love it
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kayla-29 days ago
Feyre forgives unrealistically fast. Her sisters should still be apologizing 馃檮
Making her extremely forgiving is literally the only way for SJM to make any of her treatment seem slightly redeemable. Because none of it makes sense
Somebody feelings should鈥檝e been hurt. People should鈥檝e been left for dead. Feyre should鈥檝e showed her entire family just how completely useless they are without her.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Archeron sisters 鉁
Nesta, Feyre, Elain.
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xeyesofstardust10 days ago
The past couple of days I was kind of wondering what the series would鈥檝e been like if Feyre and Nesta had then morphed into one single character and then my mind went into a polar directions it almost terrifies me
Bear with me but imagine what it would鈥檝e been like if Nesta and Rhys had been paired together. I know it sounds terrible
All I can picture is her constantly berating him.锟
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onceupona-chaos11 days ago
Sarah said recently that she likes writing stories about disliked characters, which makes sense considering how long Nesta was hated (really long).
With that in mind, every time I reread ACOSF, I have the feeling Sarah was deliberately talking to the readers about Elain.
"Elain is boring"
You think Elain is boring?
I think she's kind, I'll take kindness over nastiness any day. But I also think we haven't seen all she has to offer yet.
"Elain doesn't have what it takes"
鈥淚ncluding Elain, who is more than capable of defending herself against the darkness of the Trove, if she chooses to. Don鈥檛 underestimate her.
"How will she get a book? All she does is gardening, she's better off doing that"
鈥淪hall I tend to my little garden forever?鈥
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 have it both ways. You cannot resent my decision to lead a small, quiet life while also refusing to let me do anything greater.鈥
"Sarah will have a hard time to make me like her"
We'll see a different side of her emerge.
Maybe you鈥檒l become interesting at last, Elain.
"Nesta was by her side for weeks, she's ungrateful"
I went into the Cauldron, too, you know. And it captured me. And yet somehow all you think of is what my trauma did to you.鈥
Elain was right. We鈥檝e become so focused on how her trauma impacted us that we forget she was the one who experienced it.
"She doesn't even care about Nesta"
You have your lives, and I have mine, she鈥檇 said to Elain last Winter Solstice. She鈥檇 known how deeply it would wound her sister.
She鈥檇 passed her sister in the bustling market square they called the Palace of Bone and Salt, and though Elain had halted, no doubt intending to speak to her, Nesta had kept walking. Hadn鈥檛 looked back before vanishing into the throng.
And plucked the cerulean-and-cream scarf Elain had given her for her birthday this spring off the hook on the wall.
She鈥檇 been as riveted as Feyre to hear Cassian tell of it: first of Nesta and the others鈥 interest.
I鈥檓 happy that Nesta finds interest in something again.
"But what would she even do?"
Elain spoke from the doorway, having appeared so silently that they all twisted toward her, 鈥淯sing me.鈥
I think she鈥檚 got you beat for secret-keeping.
She scanned Elain from head to toe, wondering if she鈥檇 been taking lessons in stealth either from Azriel or the two half-wraiths she called friends.
And because you are Made by it, you are immune to the influence and power of the Trove. You might use them, yes, but they cannot be used upon you.鈥 A glance to Elain. 鈥淓ither of you."
and Elain, with whatever powers she has鈥攊s here.
All three sisters blessed by fate and gifted with powers to match your own.
All three sisters were now High Fae with considerable powers, though only Feyre鈥檚 were let loose. (And now Nesta's, which means...)
"She can't even make her own decisions"
Elain remained in the doorway, her face pale but her expression harder than Nesta had ever seen it. 鈥淵ou do not decide what I can and cannot do, Nesta."
Elain cut in sharply, 鈥淚 am not a child to be fought over."
Elain said, 鈥淭hen I will find it. I might require some time to 鈥 reacquaint myself with my powers, but I could start today.鈥
"She doesn't belong to the night court, Cassian said it"
When Feyre had offered to let her remain home, Elain had squared her shoulders and declared that she was a part of this court鈥攁nd would do whatever was needed.
*Sight* I could go on and on but I have a limit of how many of those comments I can read.
Sarah probably knew what kind of reaction to expect, since she already experienced that with Nesta. If Nesta was hated, why wouldn't Elain?
But also, if Nesta surprised us, why wouldn't Elain surprise us as well?
Elain is an Archeron, do you really think Sarah wouldn't write her a journey just like she did with Nesta and Feyre?
Therefore, SJM made her massage clear in ACOSF, by contradicting every hateful comment towards Elain. So, we are going to see another side of Elain - and be surprised af.
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highladyofdreamcourt11 days ago
Tumblr media
source: .
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drowningin-fantasies13 days ago
nesta when she found out feyre couldn't read:
"oh fr? .... damn...... that's crazy..... like fr fr?
i mean..... had you said something... i mean... i guess we could've helped or whatever"
at least this is how i remember it 馃拃
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ratabrasileira14 days ago
ACOTAR Characters and what they would listen to.
It will be hard, but let's go!
Azriel: Emo/Punk/Alternative Rock and Classic Rock (sorry but he would listen to The Beatles). Would listen to Pierce the Veil, Falling in Reverse, American Football and of course The Killers.
Cassian: Since I'm brazilian, I'll put some of our culture here: Sertanejo Universit谩rio and Forr贸 Piseiro (go listen to it!) Everytime I listen to Marilia Mendon莽a I can see him singing while drinking his ass off lol. But to you gringos he would listen to Folk/Indie Music! And Rock too, because Az and Rhys kinda compel him to.
Rhysand: It's a mix of Az's and Cass' taste. But also, he would listen to Pop Romantic Musics and some others that are really sad and melancholy (Like Adele lol). Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes and James Arthur would be in his playlist dedicated to Feyre.
Mor: Pop everywhere!! I like to think that she would listen to Kpop too, Blackpink definitively (She would ask Feyre, Nesta and Gwyn to join her in some coreographies). Every damned day she would listen to Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna. Sometimes Rhys joins her, Azriel secretly like listening to it and Cass screams her to stop, but while bathing he may had sang Single Lady.
Amren: Just classic music or some 70s 80s Rock (she hates The Beatles (someone has to)).
Feyre: She's eclectic. If the beat pleased her or the lyrics are touching, she will listen to it. But mostly she just listen what people put to play. (She sings telepat铆a - kali uchis to Rhys)
Nesta: Any music that she can dance! She needs my culture too guys: she would shake her ass to the floor while MC Drika is playing background. Yes, she would listen to Funk, but just to dance (imagine her doind this)!! As her sister she likes everything, but she prefers those musics that are danceble.
Elain: Lana Del Rey, Marina & the Diamonds, Florence + The Machine, Lorde and Clairo!! She would defenitely be a Indie Sad Girl lol.
Lucien: Folk Indie Musics. Hozier would be his Aesthetic (just imagine him singing 'In a Week' or 'Work Song'). And Classic Rock too, please.
Gwyn: It's hard, but I think she would prefer Kpop and Hyperpop! She thinks that Charli XCX is supposed to be in everybody's playlist!
Emerie: Some lesbian music like Hayley Kiyoko and Girls in Red yes yes yes! Holy by Zolita would be her comfy music. But she also vibes me some Eletronic House too!
Feel free to add some other gen. or character, please!! ^u^
If I forgot someone, sorry. There're too many >.<
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