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#archeron sisters

Nesta came again today, she just wanted to talk to elain

They locked themselves in their room

She didn’t even bothered to say hello to any of us

Not that we care

Well maybe cassian does, i know he does

But at least she is talking to someone

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Can we stop hating on Nesta for not providing for her family and instead start hating on their dad? Because he was a fully grown man who had three daughters he should have been taking care of and he did absolutely nothing. I understand he had a bad leg, but if he could go to the continent and get all those troops for the war, he could have provided for his children. But I’m seeing way more hate on Nesta(who was a literal child at the time) than their father, which is seriously perpetuating the stereotype that the oldest daughter should be a third parent.

And yes, I understand that Nesta is far from perfect. Her attitude towards Feyre in the beginning of the book was awful, and she should have helped more when she realized her dad wasn’t going to provide, but I’m sick of her getting all of the hate that should be directed at papa Archeron.

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Archeron Sisters: *watching Cassian shove Rhysand who shoves him back and knocks over a vase*

Nesta: They’re idiots, but they’re our idiots.

Feyre, nodding: A small price to pay for an Illyrian husband.

Elain: *turns over to where Azriel is scolding Cassian as he makes Rhysand clean up the mess*

Elain: Riiiiiight.

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So I know the big point of hate or a big stance is that Nesta shouldn’t have let Feyre go into the woods. But 1) That was to make her story work, and 2) (the bigger point) what do you think the girls did when she left for days? You think Nesta AND Elain just sat around and smiled? No. I’m sure they didn’t. I’m sure Nesta had to do bills, or try to find suiters so her sisters could be taken care of in the future. (I say that because it seems like they are in ‘older times’ like with the dresses and main society ideals are from like the 1900’s and under? Roughly; plus the world is a different one than ours.) I’m sure they tried to help their father, continue their studies. Elain gardening for pleasure but also maybe had to harvest vegtables. Maybe they had to go into town for supplies. They cut their wood. There was literally hundreds of things to do. Feyre was poorly treated but don’t act like she did EVERYTHING. Yes, she hunted and supported them but food wasn’t their only worry. And also as soon as Nesta was worried about Feyre she went after her. She cared, don’t act like she didn’t. My main point is that we’ve only heard Feyre’s opinion. Be careful where you lay the axe, sometimes it’s sharper than it looks. In the end their Father should have been better, not the kids.

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Elain: Feyre?

Feyre: Yes?

Elain: Have you seen Nesta?

Feyre: No… why…

Elain: Um well she walked into her room and Cassian somehow rigged a wire to drop confetti.


Elain: I think he forgot that the bucket would drop on her as well.

Elain: So, Nesta?

Feyre: It’s too late by now…

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The thing I do not understand about the scene where Devlon ask about Nesta and any other scene where people ask who Nesta is, or vise versa like when Greyson asked about Feyre, is that Nesta literal looks exactly like Feyre minus Nesta’s boobs and narrower jaw.

Like in most fanart where their together you you only know who Nesta is because her clothes, hair style, and facial expressions.

That and Elain is just Feyre with brown eyes.

Like you’re really asking who and why these people are there? Like you don’t fucking see the matching faces between them and the high lady.

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If people find it weird that the bat boys may all end up with an Acheron sister then I wanna say it isn’t. (I hope that doesn’t sound rude, sorry if it does.) My step mother’s parents are both identical twins. Her mother and father and their twin siblings married each other. (Identical twin boys married identical twin girls.) It’s less weird to me since the girls are siblings and the bat boys are like siblings, but aren’t. That also kind of seems cute to me though. Like:

Cassian: I’m so confused, Nesta says her family has this tradition but I don’t even know what it’s for.

Azriel: Oh! Elain has been talking about that! For their mom’s birthday?

Rhysand: No, Feyre said it was for their mother’s death.

Cassian: I’m still confused.

Azriel: I’m now confused.

Rhysand: Hold on. *Pulls out a piece of paper and pen* Feyre explained this to me.

*Azriel and Cassian crowd around Rhysand*

Like, isn’t that cute? No? Okay.

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Nesta & Eris making Cassian jealous


Originally posted by divineandmajesticinone


Originally posted by thecrownnetflixuk

I can’t be the only person who immediately pictured THIS scene from The Crown when I listened to the new ACOSF snippet where Nesta and Eris waltz together, especially when he spins her around all I can picture is this scene. If y’all know what I’m talking about, just imagine Eris says, “Let’s give them a show, shall we?” and Nesta replies, “Go on, then” with a smirk….Just YouTube “The Crown Charles and Diana dancing”…you’re welcome

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Maybe Mama Archeron died because she gave birth to three daughters in three years back in the olden times. 

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Do you remember in High School Musical 2 when Sharpay was so desperate to lure Troy into her arms that she was like “do whatever it takes, but get Troy Bolton to work in my family’s resort this summer”. And then Troy was like “I want a job for each and every single one of my classmates” and he got it??

Now picture Feyre wanting Nesta at her next birthday party so bad (again), she will give her whatever she wants, no matter what it is. Nesta goes “okay, I’ll bring people with me, get some more chairs” and then comes into the city with like 200 illyrian bastard kids so Feyre is finally forced to feed them? Sorry for Elain who probably didn’t cook enough potatoes for everyone and is going to be a little affected by it, but you can’t fit 200 kids in a room without some collateral damage.

20 notes

I love the Archeron sister so much.. I can’t wait to have more scenes with the three of them 🤍

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I don’t like going to parties, I hate public speaking, talking about myself gives me hives, I would throw myself in front of the bullet for those that I love, my family misunderstands me, it’s hard to “get” me, I hide my soft feelings behind a suit if armor made or rude remarks, there is definitely some sexual frustration and tension in my life, I find it hard to start a fire, I never want to go to the gym and train, and yeah I love a good romance novel.

Oh crap. I AM NESTA

77 notes

Elain: ARE YOU

Nesta: Fucking


Feyre: …What was that?

Nesta: Elain doesn’t like to swear, so I volunteered to help her out.

Feyre: I think you just like saying fuck.

Nesta: That doesn’t make my job any less important.

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Cassian: Nesta, is your father an astronaut?

Nesta: I know, you will say that he brought the stars to put in my eyes, right?

Cassian: no, I was going to say that your beauty is out of this world…

Nesta: * Nestha slaps Cassian * are you calling me E.T. ????

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Feyre Archeron concentrating so hard, that she might actually bite her lip off.

“The issue isn’t whether he loved you, it’s how much. Too much. Love can be poison”

I’m planning on painting all three of the Archeron sisters, and hopefully I will be done before the month ends. This was superrrrr fun to paint, and something different. It was fun just to paint and not focus on detail so much.

14 notes

Instead of Feyre standing in the sidelines in the war just observing, she, Nesta, and Elain team up so that Feyre uses her powers from within the protection of others and away from the bloodshed, Nesta uses her instincts to tell Feyre where to use her powers to protect those on the battlefield from the Cauldron, and Elain focuses on decoding any visions she might get.

Yes, Feyre needs to conserve her energy for nullifying the Cauldron, but it’s not like she couldn’t throw in a pack of water wolves using the nearby ocean here and there a couple of times. Feyre has an incessant need to protect those she loves and people/Fae in general; for her to just stand there and watch is so unlike her. She pushed herself to the brink of death to save her family from starvation and Tamlin/the rest of the courts from being stuck under Amarantha’s thumb—though she actually died for that latter one.

Starting to realize we need to stop criticizing Feyre/Nesta/Elain and start pointing out how SJM is not really pushing each character to their full potential so that they can fulfill each of their own destinies and is instead curbing them so that they can each mate up with one of the bat boys.

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