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#architectural terms

The foundation is the part of the building that connects it to the ground.  It transfers loads (force) from the structure into the ground.  A foundation is either shallow or deep.

Shallow foundations are also called footings.  They extend about a metre into the ground, into the topsoil.

Deep foundations extend further, through the topsoil & into the subsoil (which is stronger).

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Framing is the fitting-together of various pieces to give support & shape to a structure.  It is different from mass wall construction, where layers of material are stacked horizontally (eg log building).  There are two types of framing:

Heavy-frame construction has few vertical supports, and they are heavy.

Light-frame construction has many vertical supports, and they are light.  It usually gains strength from rigid panels (eg plywood), for modern structures.  Until recently, though, diagonal bracing was used to stabilize the walls.  It is used more than heavy-frame construction in America, as it is more economical.

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“Glossary of Architectural Terms: Battlement,” v.g.w.

Forget all that you’ve learned.

Fill your empty heart with water, or lead, or honey,
your open mouth with prayers and cotton and anonymous blowjobs,
your busted hands with tilled earth.

Now bring your whine, 
your breakdown, 
your catastrophic systems failure. 

While we’re here, tell me 
every awful thing you’ve ever said or done or thought, 
smash my car windows,
jump in front of the goddamn train 
if you have to, 
if it’ll get that look off your beautiful face.

Square your shoulders, plant your sunflower feet, and raze the fuckin’ building.

Do you hear me? Burn it all.

Swing steel-toe, light match, gutter stomp starfall 
shatter glass,
bring hydrogen bomb to knife fight if you have to.

When the dust settles, when there’s nothing left but the foundation you were built upon
stagger barefoot and bruised from the wreckage,
yank the crime scene tape from your eyes,
move to the next town over where you can’t taste blood in the water, and
rebuild on honest ground.

Visit the ruins of you once a year.

Watch it become 
strip mall, 
county mental,
museum of modern art,
son of suicide graveyard,
thank every terrible thing you ever were for getting while the getting was gettable and

For the love of God, 

stop apologizing.

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“Glossary of Architectural Terms: Loculus,” v.g.w.

Build a house out of your grief.

Whittle the doors from shame, 
gild the knocker 
in bittersweet and brass, 
fortify all three sides with 

whiskey tumblers,
endless combinations,
a bare patch where the welcome mat belongs

so nobody 
can ever cross your threshold.

Carve your shoulders of oak and redwood,
frame a door jamb 
as a dozen forests laid end to end, 
enough to uphold the burden of all your

it was my fault,
what else could I have done,
logging saws built this house,
this is all there is

and bear the weight

Erect walls of newly pressed brick,
solid and real in a way you haven’t been for years now,
lesson learned from the years of

burning straw,
twig into kindling,
sanctuary rendered as rubble,
huff and puff,

blowing your houses down.

Now cast the roof in dropped eaves,
tar the bald spaces with your demolition dreams, 
leave only 

secrets to be covered up,
sins to be forgiven or forgotten,
light shaft and wind whistle,
your closets full of skeleton,

you know where you hid the bodies,
that they are shielded from the elements.

Cut holes for windows,
vast enough to watch the world exist without you,
a study in

camera obscura,
funeral tint,

you will probably die here
but at least the view is nice.

Install the plumbing with your good, dirty hands and 
come clean,
do not be surprised by

the flood,
the accompanying leak in the roof of your mouth,
the basement under 6 inches of water and rising,
everything water damaged and warped,

Ophelia and Virginia’s muddy footprints 
leading you to shore,
they know 

what it is to go swimming with pockets full of stones.

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Hi!! It’s Leggett Immobilier (x)

About architectural styles, in very general terms, I would say my faves are: Ancient Roman, Classical, Renaissance, Neoclassical and Beaux-Arts. Byzantine and Gothic are also cool!

If you meant by decor style, I would say french style apartment, scandinavian and midcentury. As you can see I’m awful at sticking to a theme xD.

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