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a/n: hi! so i did this during like four of my classes, haha…yeah uh anyways, i hope you enjoy this one! :)



  • he literally LOVESSSSHXHISJXDI to cuddle you
  • like loves.
  • everyday.
  • it’s like a drug to him.
  • anyways, he would usually hug you from behind, let you sit on his lap, or just cuddle on his/your bed.
  • but you would act a little differently
  • not in a bad way though, you’d just act like a cat.
  • even if it has NOTHING to do with your quirk.
  • if Kaminari ran some fingers through your hair, you’d purr.
  • yes, purr.
  • he wouldn’t mind though. it let him know that you enjoyed it.
  • so he would run a hand through your hair every. single. cuddle. you have.
  • but if you’re not in the mood to cuddle, you’ll tell him to get off nicely.
  • Kaminari and his hard headed ass doesn’t listen of course, he just wanted to make you feel better
  • you thought it was sweet so you couldn’t resist not hugging him back.


“y/nnnn~” Kaminari sings as he enters your dorm.

“hey, pika-pika.” you say smirking at the name. Kaminari deadpans, groaning.

“i told you i hate that nickname.” he says hugging you from behind on your desk.

you giggle, moving your face to the side and pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“yeah i know.” you say smiling as you run a hand through his hair. he smiles back and picks you up by the thighs in one swift move. you scream and instantly wrap your legs around him as he lands on the bed with you still on him.

“you scared the shit out of me.” you say slapping his chest playfully.

he chuckles holding you tighter. he brings up his hand and softly rubs your head the way you like it.

a purr erupts from your chest as he laughs lightly. he pecks your forehead as you snuggle against him.

“did you finish algebra yet?” Kaminari asks still running a hand through your hair.

“you want the answers?” you sigh. he nods vigorously as you laugh and shake your head.

“fine.” you say pecking his lips. you try to get up but he tightens his hold on you.

“Kaminari, if you want the answers you need to let me go.” you laugh.

“mm-mm.” he hums shaking his head. you sigh,





“fine, if you insist.” you roll your eyes and wrap your arms around him.


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Going onto AO3 in 2020 is like

Human! AU by                                            01 DEC 2020


Covid - 19 Vaccines

Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Pfizer/Moderna (Covid Vaxx), Alternate Universe - Human, College Fic, Enemies to Lovers, Slow Burn, Gay, Sad, Fluff, Pining, Hamilton References, Car crash, Humiliation kink, MLM (Multi Level Marketing), Mild Hurt/ Comfort 

Human! AU where rival bio majors Pfizer and Moderna learn to trust each other and set aside their differences to save the world. But can they convince the world they are saving to trust them????

“Here to take my medicine, take my medicine / Treat you like a gentleman / Give me that adrenaline, that adrenaline / I think I’m gonna stick with you”

Language: English Words: 46,175 Chapters: 28/? Comments: 2 Kudos: 1 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 12

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2020 was the year of internet projects for me. I may not have made much progress with the bachelor thesis I should have already finished or figured out my plans for the future, but at least I did some other things that I can be proud of.
This will be long so I’ll put it under a read more

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So first off, I will be poting the last chapter of Under the Summer Moon on Friday.

The only reason it one chapter instead of three is because I thought it would be odd to stretch the story any longer. I will be working on Like a Thief in the Night in January 2021.


The first chapter won’t be posted until February for two reasons:

1. I am emotionally ‘odd’ right now. Not an excuse in so much as I can’t force myself to write a fanfic for free since I’m still unemployed, living with my parents, and really having troubles finding any source of income. I’m sure other people wrote amazing stories while their brain was doing mental gymnastics but I am NOT that. 

2. This fanfic has been fun. But, like I said, writing stuff for free does mean spending less time in looking for jobs to pay for college or improving my art to (hopefully) try commissions next year. The last arc will be pretty short since I’ll mostly be focused on finishing the Demon World Civil War subplot and bring Kurama & Yusuke’s relationship to a stable conclusion.


That’s it for now. No worries, I had always planned to finish the Noctivagant series without dropping it. It’s just uh…life’s rough man. 

k bye~ 

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Luna was bundled up, looking adorable with her displeased frown and her messy twin braids. Without Lorelei or their mother present, she’d been doing them herself. Quill felt a pang of loneliness at the thought of his old life in Lunares.

“I can’t believe you’re married now,” Luna pouted. “Gross. How did you get married before Ezra?”

Quill laughed, ruffling her brown hair. “That’s how life is, sometimes,” he said softly. “Be a good girl, Luna.”

She nodded eagerly. “I will. I can’t wait to go tell Viscardi everything. But first, I’ll stand outside of his door, turn off his lights, and leave.”

Little siblings should have no rights, Quill thought with a fond smile. “I’m sure he’s already prepared for your onslaught. Vis would make a great Master of Intelligence, you know.”

“Maybe. If he knew how to shut up.”

Quill hugged her then, and she returned it twice as fiercely. He breathed in her scent one more time, wondering if he’d find traces of Beowulf Tower. Of his mother’s gentle face, Lorelei’s smile, Ezra’s kind eyes, Viscardi’s scowl. The sounds of the forest; the smoke from the nearby town; the bright stars against the mountains of Lunares.

All he detected was the chill of the Ironhill.

-A Wolf Amongst Serpents | Quill Lycan, First of His People

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