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#archive of our own
smallhoursandlittlewonders · 38 minutes ago
Finally getting a little bit of one on one with Reader and Levi, suspicions growing in every direction. 
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liss-99 · an hour ago
In honor of Mother’s Day, a throwback to my favorite thing I’ve written. Each Bridgerton book retold through Violet’s perspective 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
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harmony88 · an hour ago
Projections Part 1
The walk felt longer in the dark, and the Doctor had to continually try to settle the feeling of uneasiness in his chest and stomach. Rose would squeeze his hand when he began to feel it, a side effect of the rings, and it helped, but he was still worried.
They came across a ledge, and Rose stopped him from walking too far forward, her Instincts telling her this is where they needed to be.
“We don’t have to jump again, do we?” the Doctor asked, partially kidding, remembering all the blind jumping they did in Atlantis as a result of this ability of hers. She shook her head.
“No, I… I don’t know why we’re here. It’s just… empty,” she muttered.
He moved to wrap his arm around her waist in comfort, when a spark of light caught his attention in the sky.
A far off dream...
“Not possible,” he said slowly. Rose tried to follow his gaze, but his body slipped from her entirely and he stood a foot away, trying to see if he could catch the light again. He began to speak rapidly. “No, no, no, no, no, no….”
“Doctor?” Rose said. He was spinning in a circle, his head glued to the abyss of darkness above them. The spark appeared again, and this time Rose could see it. “What is that?”
“Time,” he said softly. There was a panic in his voice, though, and Rose watched again. The flash appeared. This time longer than before. “It’s getting closer,” he said.
“What does it mean?” Rose asked.
“Hello, dear one,” a voice called. She said a word in the language Rose knew to be Gallifreyan. It echoed throughout the darkness, and Rose whipped around to try and find it. The Doctor was frozen beside her.
“Mother?” he said. His voice was barely audible, and Rose felt her heart plummet to her stomach.
Tumblr media
From my series Forever With You 
Story: Projections Part 1 
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rainandswords · 2 hours ago
So there’s this writer on ao3 who’s username is Justsomeone555, they write mostly oneshots about station 19/marina and I used to really like their stories until I ran into something that frankly really pisses me off which is these two fics (there might be more)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made this post on april 16th about my marina head canons including these two points
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look familiar? Yeah same.
I commented on one of these fics asking if they got their inspiration from my post and saying I wasn’t mad but then I ran into another fic that was clearly just a more detailed copy of what I had written and now I am mad
If the writer of these fics is seeing this post I’m requesting them to message me so we can talk about this because this is not okay
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jbirdcremeans · 2 hours ago
Ch. 12 of The Flayer of Winterfell
“The Lion Killers”
The investigation into Meryn Trant begins just as a new detective joins Sandor's team. After relieving Sandor of some of his stress, Sansa joins Brienne in visiting Jaime. Sandor is at his wits' end and decides to visit Jaime as well only to learn about what he was missing in his investigation and leads to a revelation about the dogs as witnessed by detectives Lannister and Tarth.
Tumblr media
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stiles-ao3-centric · 2 hours ago
Chapters: 4/4 Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV) Rating: Explicit Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Chris Argent/Derek Hale Characters: Chris Argent, Derek Hale, Kate Argent, Original Characters, Minor Characters, Calaveras (Teen Wolf) Additional Tags: Asexual Derek Hale, Stone Top Derek Hale, Wolf Derek Hale, Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Lovers to Friends, Friends With Benefits, Age Difference, Explicit Consent, Cohabitation, Grief/Mourning, Beards (Facial Hair), Trauma, Nightmares, Flashbacks, Unreliable Narrator, Past Abuse, Past Sexual Abuse, Past Underage, Sexual Dysfunction, Warning: Kate Argent, Minor Character Death, Blow Jobs, Grief Beards, Asexual Character Series: Part 1 of Anchor Summary:
Derek insists on coming along with Chris Argent and the Calaveras on the hunt for Kate, so he can see her dead for good. While following her trail back to Beacon Hills, they come to understand some hard truths about both each other and themselves, and struggle to find the reason why, after losing nearly everyone they've ever loved, they're still here.
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karenntendouu · 3 hours ago
In between melodies is complete. 🌹 I feel very emotional, now that it's over. This was my first official fanfiction that I wrote and actually shared with the world. So thank you 💗
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Pocket Mer
I decided to write something for MerMay.
It was going to be multi-chapter, but I felt that each chapter was too short, so I turned it into a one-shot.
This means that Chapter 6 of Action Figure Battle Royale will be delayed until next week.
But that’s a small price to pay in my mind.
Anyway, here are the links:
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nightingaelic · 4 hours ago
“You grew up in the wasteland, didn’t you?” Dr. Li countered. “So did I. I may not have known exactly what the Institute was doing to the Commonwealth, but I certainly already knew what it was like up above. It’s part of why I chose to join them. Imagine you spent your whole life aspiring to make the world a better place, doing good work to tip the scales in humanity’s favor, and every time you saw that work twisted into something that you didn’t intend. Then an opportunity comes along, someone with the resources to make your wildest dreams reality.”
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fangirl-screaming · 5 hours ago
He's shattering like porcelain.
Words: 593 | Chapters: 1/1 | Language: English
• Fandoms:  The Last Kids on Earth
• Rating: Not Rated
• Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
• Categories: Gen
• Characters: Jack Sullivan
• Additional Tags: Angst, Hurt No Comfort, Mental Breakdown, Self-Worth Issues, Heavy Angst, Thoughts about death, and funerals and memorials and shit, but it's only a small bit, Jack Needs a Hug, sorry homie, Self-Destruction, Insecurity, no beta we die like my back, no lie tho it hurts
Read here:
Archive of Our Own
[a/n: whaddup]
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If I were to make a suggestion to AO3 it would be to have the option of making all your bookmarks public/private and defaulting to public/private bookmarks and then to have this option come up when an account posts a fanfic for the first time as a little heads up that other people can see your bookmarks.
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ahunter8056 · 5 hours ago
Chapters: 10/10 Fandom: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Adora/Catra (She-Ra) Characters: Adora (She-Ra), Catra (She-Ra), Bow (She-Ra), Glimmer (She-Ra) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Human Catra (She-Ra), except Catra actually becomes a cat, imagine if Adora found a stray cat and thought it reminded her of Catra, except it actually is, yeah it's as insane as it sounds, very random idea so I thought I'd make it into a fic, there's some angst, but it's also very fluffy, just like Adora's new cat, Catra is not happy about it, Comedy Summary:
Adora finds herself reminiscing about her ex-best friend, parting on bad terms in their teenage years. When Adora takes in a stray cat, why does it remind her so much of Catra?
Catra's world turns upside down when she wakes up to find she's become a cat. And who should be living in the first house she tries, in an attempt to find assistance? Her ex-best friend who abandoned her years ago. She doesn't know what's worse: being a cat, or being looked after by Adora who is completely unaware of her new cat's true identity.
Getting back to normal can't come soon enough.
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rinn-e · 6 hours ago
Chapters: 20/20 Fandom: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Star Wars - All Media Types Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker Summary:
There are no omegas in the Jedi Order, they say.
When Obi-Wan and Anakin are sent to guard the Senator of Gatalenta, it should have been an easy mission. However, nothing ever goes as planned. Obi-Wan has to pay for something he has no control over.
[I uploaded the last chapter of my longfic :D]
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noel-mu · 6 hours ago
Last chapter is up on AO3!
“Seventeen-year old Lautaro's life is upended overnight as his parents' divorce forces him to leave the town he grew up in, the country he called home, and the best friend he'd grown to love, all just before senior year of high school. Now he'll have to start over in a different city, deal with his unresolved feelings for the boy he's been crushing on for years, and navigate through the whirlwind of his first reciprocated love.”
Tumblr media
Chapter IX (the last before the epilogue!) of Southward is now up on AO3 💖
Rating: Explicit
Category: M/M
Length: 40K.
The story is complete! The epilogue will be posted tomorrow ✨
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kodalinx · 8 hours ago
Title: Your Body For Mine 
Pairing: Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich
Fandom: Shameless US
Rating: Mature 
Summary:  Ian works at a large and successful company. One day, as he scans the accounts, he spots an error that changes everything. With danger on his heels, Ian is left with the last thing he expected - An extremely attractive, no-nonsense bodyguard named Mickey Milkovich.
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liss-99 · 8 hours ago
Hey are you well? Haven't seen you write anything in a while and well I miss your writing so hoping for the best <3
Oh my gosh this is so sweet 🥺 yes I am well! I’m sorry I’ve been absent, I know I have a lot of requests to catch up on. I got really into Shadow and Bone and read the whole series last week before watching the show, so that took up a lot of time. I’m also in the process of moving out of state so I’ve been packing my apartment and hanging out with friends before I leave. Also, I’ve had some longer fics I’ve been working on on A03, so yeah, I haven’t been writing on here as much but I’m hoping to dive into my inbox this week and keep writing. If I haven’t gotten to any of your requests, I promise I will! Fangirl life is hard haha but I so appreciate you checking in 💜💜💜
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fanficmaverickpodcast · 9 hours ago
The latest episode of The FanFic Maverick podcast is out! The show is available through the link above and also on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.
In this episode I talk with fanfiction writer Muchadoloo about her fic ‘Hold Me By The Heart’ and The Mandalorian fandom.
Thank you, @muchadoloo!!
The link to ‘Hold Me By The Heart’ is here:
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