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#archive of our own
The best feeling in the entire world is when you're reading this really, really good fic, and then you visit the author's dashboard and they have so many more fics just like that.
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skywalekersart · a day ago
Tumblr media
— Kya wanted to kiss Rikan. But could Marinette act that out? Perhaps she could half-roleplay it with a cheek kiss instead? It was such a common greeting, to kiss cheeks, she could probably get away with it in real life. [...] She began to lean in, ready to kiss his cheek. Adrien tilted his head, a brief frown of confusion crossed his brow before his eyes widened a fraction in understanding. He leaned in closer, and Marinette was glad he’d understood… Their lips met. — Hi there hello thank you for your question yes I very much like to be a walking and talking advertisement for this fic. Since @midnightstarlightwrites' "Can I Date You(r Character)?" is back tonight after summer hiatus, here's The Scene from Chapter 5 that I drew some days ago. I came up with my own vague designs for their D&D characters — Marinette's half-elf druid Kya and Adrien's half-elf rogue Rikan — which apparently are two more Adrienette alter egos I've grown attached to. Check out my IG post for a closer look at each panel, with and without bubbles!
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designer-fiction · a day ago
Moon Festival
Korra takes Asami to a Water Tribe festival for the fall equinox holiday. Asami has something on her mind.
This is my fluffy contribution to Korrasami Week 2021 - Day 7: Holiday.
An attempt was even made at drawing! The fic is a lot better than the illustration, I promise! But hey, I tried! ⭐
Tumblr media
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crowleykoh · a day ago
As if I don't have enough in my queue, I've decided to add a whole new fandom to the list of fics I intend to write. In anticipation of the Dead Space reboot, I'm planning a fic with Isaac as our main character.
I don't have a ship for Isaac but if you have one for him drop it in the comments, recruit me for your ship! I'm considering making it a horror game mash up fic. Are there Resident Evil characters you want to see fight off big ugly monsters with Isaac? Silent Hill characters? Outlast? Evil Within, perhaps? Let's get into it, kiddos!
Tumblr media
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iamthelordoftime · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We're all just a bunch of masochists in AO3, aren't we?
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elektricangel · a day ago
Tumblr media
Wow, we've witnessed history. Way to go, Destiel fic writers 👏
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transformativeworks · 3 hours ago
Five Things Cyn Said
Tumblr media
In Five Things Cyn discusses balancing her day job with her role as Volunteers & Recruiting chair and the steps that she follows to set up OTW volunteer recruitment on the back end. Read more at
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ljandersen · a day ago
Tumblr media
Sideways Part 3
Chapter 15:
Fandom: Mass Effect Trilogy, post-war
Pairing: Femshep/Kaidan Alenko
Rating: Mature
Available:  AO3 (beginning, new chapter)
Summary:  She is a peaceful politician who loves her family. The other’s a hated renegade at the center of war. Trapped in the others’ timeline, it’s a race to find the impossible before getting locked in place forever. Is the way home worth the ultimate sacrifice?
“Hard to do even simple things.”  Liara touched her stomach and smiled warmly up at Shepard.  “Simple things like greeting a friend.”  She said it with a brisk brightness in her voice as if to make up for the uncertainty behind it.
“So,” Shepard stood over her, “it’s been a while.  I see things . . . When are you due?  Must be soon.”
“Three months still.”  Liara sighed.  “Asari gestation is longer than it is for a human.  Though it is just as uncomfortable, or so, I hear.”
“Hear from where?  Join an inter-species Lamaze class or something?”
“No.”  Liara ran a hand over the curve of her round belly.  “It is what Kaidan’s mother and sister tell me.  We’ve been visiting them while Kaidan attends Parliament.”
“Hmm.”  Shepard crossed her arms.  “How’s the domestic life?  Must be quite the job being the Terminus System’s first lady, ribbon cutting and pageant waving.  Admiral Alenko’s crown accessory for the public tour.”
Liara’s brow knit, but she smiled despite it.  “I don’t know precisely how you mean that, Shepard.  I’ve hardly lost my own identity.  I’ve been excavating the ruins along the border of the Transverse.  Javik and I are writing a series of books exploring Prothean culture and history.”
Shepard waved at Liara’s datapad.  “And your real stay-at-home job?  Queen of the galaxy’s spies. Still paying well?”
“Shepard,” Liara hissed through her teeth and glanced around them.  “I retired from being an information broker.  Remember?”  She said it emphatically with a pointed look.
Shepard gave a flat look and shrugged.  “Sure.  Right.”
Liara pulled her head back and stared at Shepard with an edge.
“What?  I agreed.  Let all audio bug transcripts show I agreed Liara T’Soni retired from being a broker.”
Liara narrowed her eyes and snapped off her datapad.  “I see nothing has changed with you.  You’re as bitter and condescending as ever.”
“And you?  Guess I’d give you a passing grade for attitude. No one’s jumped me in a back alley since our last chat.  Two years without sending an assassin my way . . . Wish I had a sticker to give you.”
“They weren’t assassins.  I’ve told you I’m sorry.  I don’t know what more I can say.  You received all my messages?”
“It’s a shame when someone you tried to kill ends up living.  Requires all these apologies.  Digging up grief.  Needing to act contrite when meeting in passing.”  
Liara glared at Shepard.  She pushed herself up from the bench.
“Here.”  Shepard reached for her elbow, but Liara pulled away.
“Do not touch me.”
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ao3org · 25 days ago
In the coming days, we'll be rolling out a code change that limits the total number of fandom, character, relationship, and additional tags that can be added to a work. This limit of 75 tags will apply to both new and existing works, but no tags will be automatically removed from existing works.
Afrikaans • العربية • Bahasa Indonesia • Български • বাংলা • català • Cymraeg • dansk • Deutsch • Ελληνικά • English • español • français • 한국어 • हिंदी • hrvatski • italiano • עברית • lietuvių kalba • magyar • Malay • मराठी • Nederlands • 日本語 • norsk • polski • português brasileiro • português europeu • Română • Русский • slovenčina • slovenščina • српски • suomi • svenska • ไทย • Tiếng Việt • Türkçe • Українська • 中文
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lokiofsassgaard · a month ago
Since there's been a lot of fandom history on my dash tonight, I want to tell you about something I've referenced before, and which always gets funny notes in my inbox whenever I do:
The day fandom collectively lost its shit after logging into Delicious and finding it was like, a horrible mix between MySpace and Reddit.
Like AO3, it's a story of fandom using a space that wasn't intended for fandom, and then being utterly destroyed when that space decided to adopt hostile policies.
Delicious was a social bookmarking site, which was basically a way for users to save content from around the web. This was during a time when browsers were notoriously awful, and saving bookmarks locally was guaranteed to end in you losing everything because Firefox updated and did something weird, or Internet Explorer just randomly shat the bed and reinstalled itself when you weren't looking. And it was superior to browser bookmarks, because it had tags and organisational structures that were set by each, individual user.
And it happened to be perfect for fandom, because at the time we were primarily using LiveJournal, another site that didn't want us, and was actively trying to push us out. Delicious was used in two primary ways:
Readers of fic would use it to save the ones they liked, often using their account to curate reclists.
Community owners would use it to organise posts to the community.
Free LJ accounts only allowed so many tags, and even paid accounts often didn't have enough for large communities. Roleplay was huge on LJ, and users would often want tags for all their characters so they could find old threads. Some megafandoms with huge ensemble casts would very quickly run out of tags on their communities, especially if they tagged for content creators, tropes, kinks, etc. With Delicious' tag system, it was a perfect site for both of these purposes.
And then one day, without warning, we all logged in to do our thing, and it was a completely different site. Tale as old as time, Yahoo! bought it, decided it wasn't profitable enough, and decided to rebuild it from the ground up without any warning. They got rid of the tag system entirely, and I don't think anyone ever truly figured out how the new site was meant to be used.
But fandom was utterly and truly in a mass panic, because this backbone of how so many things were run just evaporated. Ever wonder why AO3 has the tag system it does? It was built by the same people who used Delicious. Before AO3, fandom had collectively decided that the information AO3 displays on fic headers was what should always be displayed. People would have to build their own headers, but they always included the same general gist of fandom, characters, pairing, rating, word count, warnings, kinks, and summary. You could browse a stranger's Delicious account, and would have a reasonable certainty of seeing these same, or very similar prefixes in their tag system.
So. Fandom is panicking. Entire communities are un-searchable, reclists are broken, people have lost years of bookmarked fic, and we were all scrambling to find something that worked like Delicious, or build something like it, but it had happened so abruptly that there wans't time to really coordinate.
Then, from the shadows came Maciej Cegłowski, aka Pinboard Guy. (Not to be confused with Pinterest.) Pinboard Guy had heard that Delicious had shat the bed, because fandom wasn't the only group that used the site, and weren't the only people who lost their bookmarks, but we were certainly being very loud and obnoxious about it. Pinboard Guy reached out to fandom on the whole, with a glorious gift. He had his own Delicious clone, that he built from the ground up and maintained for better privacy and security, and he sold accounts. At the time, it was around a $5 one-time fee, with a structure that increased the fee by a fractional amount for each new account. Basically, as server load increased, so did server costs, and this is how he managed to keep up with that.
He also understood that by its nature, fandom is very social, where his site was very asocial.
So he asked, what does fandom need? And someone opened up a Gdoc, and a lot of people put together a very well-written and organised (and enormous) list of ways in which fandom used social bookmarking. How we needed prefixes, and bundles, and a way to discover other accounts, along with detailled explanations of why. A lot of work was put into this, which was basically a fandom manifesto explaining to an outsider everything he would need to know to rebuild Delicious. For a lot of us, we didn't expect anything, but just being humoured was validating.
And then this man implemented these features for us. When you go into your account, you can tick a box that says you're part of fandom, and it will open up an entirely separate part of the site, that he built, just for us. He didn't have to do this. But he did it anyway. He's changed the pricing model since then, and it's now a yearly fee instead of one-time, because Pinboard is still run by Pinboard Guy, and no one else. No ads, no sponsors. Just Maciej Cegłowski and his ancient-ass code that still looks like the internet did in 2009.
And then, a few years down the line, like the fucking baller he is, Cegłowski bought Delicious and shut it down. Just killed it dead.
Not a lot of people within use Pinboard anymore, because AO3 also serves the first reason people used it: bookmarking fic. Allowing for external bookmarks meant that the reclist people didn't need to rely on a service that might not always be friendly to us. And then, well. LiveJournal kicked fandom out through a series of hostile policy changes, and Dreamwidth failed to take off, so we no longer really needed that community archive aspect.
But 2009 was a rough year for fandom, because it was the year fandom pretty much everything changed. While we gained a huge, centralised archive that wasn't the Pit of Voles that FFN is, we lost that centralisation when fandom fled LiveJournal for this fucking hellsite. Some of us vainly tried to make Dreamwidth happen, and clung to it in the desperate hope that Tumblr would fail and people would miss journals and communities, but it never happened.
And I'm telling you. When this Post+ thing finally drives fandom off this site, I'm gonna be torn between sitting back and laughing because it's the same shit all over again, and collapsing into utter despair because I am too goddamn old to learn how to use another site that isn't built for the way fandom likes to shove square pegs into round holes to make sites suit our needs.
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c-rowlesblogs · 5 months ago
I’ve been seeing just. The wildest takes about AO3 this donation cycle and I’m at my limit. I just saw a post claiming that AO3 isn’t a real archive, that it’s a scam, because there’s no quality control like a real, legitimate archive would have, that they just let in any old trash. And that this makes AO3 not worthy of anyone’s money or respect.
And you know what? It’s true! AO3 does let in any old trash! People can just post whatever the hell they want. And you know what? An ad-free, free-to-use website where people writing fanfiction, in their free time for no money, can upload their work with no hassle or exclusive vetting process, that also happens to be a highly popular and well-known fanfic repository for every fandom under the sun? WITH a robust and well-curated tagging system, too? That’s the dream. I’m glad they let anyone upload whatever weird trash they want. GOOD.
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idiotsincorporated · 9 months ago
listen I don’t discriminate... friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, enemies to friends to lovers, friends to enemies to lovers, as long as it ends in lovers i’m down with it all babey
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ao3skin · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dyslexia Friendly Ao3 Skin (or at least an attempt at)
I've been slowly working at a dyslexia friendly skin following the design suggestions I've found in the British Dyslexia Association Style Guide.
You can find it here with all the instructions to install it
It is still a work in progress and I'm begging for feedback so that I can make it better for everyone.
To Do List:
A dark mode is on the way. I'll post it on the link I've just posted, so if you find this post in a few months you'll be able to find it.
As soon as I can I aim to make the code more ordered, with lots of comments and a guide to change stuff for people who know nothing about css, so you can personalize it for your needs.
More color combinations.
Implement more stuff you ask me. I'm designing this by just following a guide, but it might be wrong in some areas and there might be more stuff that's good to add.
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kedreeva · 5 months ago
For anyone that doesn't keep up on news at AO3, they've announced that they're currently working on adding a blocking and a muting feature. From the announcement:
After some discussion, we've decided to consider the new functionality as two sets of separate features:
Blocking: preventing certain users from interacting with you
Muting : excluding content by certain users from your personal Archive experience
In this manner, we can offer our users a set of options to curate their own experiences and add a layer of protection against harassment, without making it harder for people to create and interact with content on the Archive. For example, you might want to mute a user for posting a lot of fanworks about a pairing you don't like, but you're fine with the same user leaving comments on your own works. By separating the two concepts, we'll also be able to deploy an initial, focused set of options while continuing to work on the rest of the functionality behind the scenes.
It looks like it's still in early development, and they're still working through figuring out how it will interact with things like public collections, but at least they ARE working on it!
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