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Available translator

-hello, my name is Alice, I’m Brazilian and in my first year of college. Translation is my passion, but before I sign up to any professional translation websites, I wanted to test out my skills in a more informal environment. So if anyone is interested in getting their work or text translated Portuguese-English and vice versa, for free, can contact me here on Tumblr and talk about it :)

-oi, meu nome é Alice, eu sou brasileira e estou no meu primeiro ano de faculdade. Tradução é minha paixão, mas antes de criar uma conta em um desses sites de tradução profissional eu queria testar minhas habilidades em um ambiente mais informal, então se alguém quiser textos traduzidos Português-Inglês e vice versa, de graça, pode me mandar mensagem por aqui e vamos conversar :)

-even if you’re not interested, liking and reblogging would help me a lot as well :)

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Me, when I re-read my own works:

I will never write this well again. This is the pinnacle of my talents. I have blessed myself with such beauty and I shall never see this skill again. Pure poetry, such raw emotions, perfect character representation… all neatly wrapped into one incredible story.

Also me, when I re-read my works:

What is the garbage? What is the flaming dumpster fire? How could anyone read this with a straight face? How do I not have comments from readers bashing my terrible-ness? This is horrible… an absolute embarrassment… 

And also me, when I re-read my works:

lol I should just jump off a bridge. 

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Another five - count ‘em, FIVE - chapters are now live on the 6th Episode of Return to the Falls, my surprisingly acclaimed Dipcifica / Next Summer Gravity Falls Fanfiction Series. These latest four continue the trend of drama, arguments and breakfast foods. Scandal, and elucidation on the historic figures within family Northwest!

The Historic Horrors of Family Northwest.

Archive of Our Own /

It’s nearly halfway through Summer, and Preston Northwest is acutely aware that an old 'friend’ will be visiting any day now to negotiate a deal. Meanwhile, Toby Determined, haunted by the judgement of his Great-Grampy, finds himself at the discovery of a scandal.

With Dipper growing ever-desperate to ensure their relationship will last past the summer, and Pacifica growing increasingly perturbed by the true role of her family in Gravity Falls - egged on by the Grunkle’s own investigations - something has got to give.

How far has the Northwest family’s power truly declined? How much influence did the family truly wield? And how does Pacifica herself key into the family’s legacy?

Episode 6 of Return to the Falls.

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Ciao mio amore, I’d like to start a new segment to my blog. As you know, I support fan-fiction authors and try to share their works as my show of appreciation. Fan-fiction authors wok hard to produce amazing content for us to enjoy for free. They don’t receive any royalties for their writings, only surviving by what little comments and likes they get. 

I feel we should properly give them the stage. That is why I’d like to start a new Fan-Fiction Live Reading segment on my blog. Every Saturday night at 8:00pm (ETS) I will open the OHSHC Walkie Talkie Discord Server for us to join the same voice chat

You may me wondering what kind of Fan-Fiction we will be reading. This is where I’d like this segment to be interactive with you! I will provide a link (located above on OHSHC Walkie Talkie) to the Discord Chat and there you can send me a fic recommendation that you’d like to see being read out-loud. It can be one of your own or a favorite of yours. 

There a few guidelines for Fic Recommendations;

  • Provide the story title, author’s name, and which website it can be found.
  • Absolutely no smut. Please keep the Fics rated T for Teen and under. 
  • Fics can be multi-chaptered but please do not exceed over 30k. There might be some fics where we spend two weeks reading. 
  • Fics do not have to be about romance or about a ship. They can include angst, hurt to comfort, or AUs. 
  • No incestual ships - either by blood or marriage. 

If no one sends recommendations I will read a few of my personal favorites. I don’t want to read my own stories because I feel you guys see enough of my writing already. 

This will be a weekly thing so look forward to a Live Reading on Discord! (Holiday weekends will be exempt.) 

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Days 2 + 6: Sweets & Lipstick [STRAWBERRY KISSES]: ‘’If I’m going to do this at least I’m going to have fun’’

Day 18: Fireworks [FIREWORKS]: Fireworks welcome summer, festivals, and declarations amid the deafening sound of their explosion.

Day 22: Perfume [YOU SMELL LIKE BEING COMPLETE AND I HATE IT]:  Tsukishima it was always pointed for different things. For being: tall, intelligent and for his bad forms to talk with others. Now one more thing appears in front of him.

Day 27: Flowers [DAFFODIL: MISSFORTUNE OR HAPINESS]: Kuroo stopped to look at one of the petals with a sarcastic smile. Not only did he suffer from a disease about one-sided love, now that flower is laughing at him. Apparently those were yellow daffodil petals, which if they only gave you one predicts misfortune. Kuroo ran his hand through his hair pulling it back and laughed. How his love is going to be reciprocated?


Day 10: Post-Canon/Reunion [THE RESULT OF CONNECT]: 8 years have passed since Kuroo last saw Tsukki.


Day 6: Alternative first meeting [MULTIVERSE]: What if there were different us who are destined to meet at different stages of their lives on different worlds?
Akaashi and Bokuto are destined to meet in each of these worlds. In this occasion they know each other in their twenties


Prompt 20 [WRITED LOVE]: Tsukishima owns a bookstore, Kuroo is an author of a mediocre highland-romance novel which is somehow well received and has a reading in Tsukishima’s bookstore.

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Please reblog this if you’d be ok with someone leaving a short comment on one of your fics! The comment box can be intimidating, especially if you have trouble organizing your thoughts. This is a reassurance that it’s ok to say something small like “i really liked this’ !

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I haven’t been on tumblr in ages but it seems like I can’t find any decent The Boys stuff fan writing wise. and Archiveofourown are kinda dry. So! I suppose I can start writing some stuff. Really want to get a Lamplighter fan fic going but if you have any requests I don’t mind writing them!

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