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The air is still, and I am a hunter.


This was my first time ever drawing northern lights, and also this is my first time posting my drawings on tumblr, so I hope everything’s all right! This is, of course, Shay Patrick Cormac from Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, one my favourite characters ever! I really wanted to draw something for him, but since I suck at drawing people, I decided to draw the arctic things I associate with him instead. I’m proud of how this turned out ^^ He’s an amazing character and I’m really mesmerized by him.

Also, at first he was supposed to have a four-leaf clover in the place where his heart would be, since I absolutely adore his Irish accent, but I decided to go with the cold all-blue palette instead.

Shay’s silhouette is taken from here.

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I was inspired by Dungeons and dragons to make different species with different classes~ thought it’d be loads of fun to do!

This design can be found on my [url=]My Storenvy[/url] or if you’d like to support me.
You can also follow me on [url=]twitter[/url] for sketches and such~

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Working in minus 30-degree temperatures, aircrews from McConnell Air Force Base, Kan., and Wright Air National Guard Base, Utah, train in the same arctic conditions in Interior Alaska that aircrews at Eielson AFB, Alaska, routinely work in, Jan. 29, 2020. The visiting Airmen experienced what it takes to keep the KC-135R Stratotanker in a ‘ready state’ in sub-zero temperatures. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Amber Bowers)

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Как снимался маленький шедевр на фото ниже в поддержку борьбы с COVID-19 Мурманские Гиды фото ниже 👇в посте:

Надеемся скоро все пройдёт, и мы будем дальше работать и заниматься своей любимой и не легкой профессией.

#covid19 #covid #kola
#nothernlights #aurora #murmansk #igloo #auroravillage #lightvillage #polarlight #arctic #northpole #aurorafrecast #husky #visitmurmansk #auroravillage #teriberka #arcticocean (at Aurora Village)

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