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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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From what I have seen, yes it does! Also, congratulations on your discovery!

Advice? Be prepared for collectors and museums to want to buy the fossil from you to display. If that happens to be the route you want to go definitely get a lawyer so you aren’t getting scammed in any way. But otherwise make sure you invest in some form of security with it, I’m sure Lenora can help you with that.

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Fossil Pokemon - HT: 6′7″ WT: 385.8 lbs

Though it’s able to capture prey by freezing its surroundings, it has trouble eating the prey afterward because its mouth is on top of its head.

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Made new OCs, based on Dracozolt and Arctovish. Meet Allie and Freya~

Allie is a hypertalkative girl with too much energy in her reserves. She likes to ramble, and ramble, and ramble on about… basically anything her mind comes across, but she’s prone to sidetracking and forgetting what her initial point was.

Freya, on the other hand, is slow. Not “dumb” slow, she’s literally slow. She responds to stuff directed at her a few seconds late, and while she does understand Allie’s long ramblings completely, she may be a bit delayed in reacting to certain parts.

Yes, they’re girlfriends, and despite their weird habits, they love each other wholeheartedly regardless and rarely, if ever, fight and argue.

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Impidimp? I saw a trainer with one while in Galar.

It is very unethical! If there is any location offering fusions you should report them immediately! The International Police have already shut down Cara Liss’ lab, but I’m sure it won’t end with her.

If you do want a fossil fusion though there are plenty out there that do need adoption into a good home.

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How difficult would it be for you to gain access to some of the galarian fossils, and find a way to resurrect them Properly?

For the first question: Not very difficult at all. Genuine fossils aren’t difficult to find if you know where to look, and I know enough fellow pokémaniacs to be reasonably certain one of them could secure a few Galarian fossils for me if I’d asked. (I just … would need to remind myself that it’s important to avoid asking where and how they got them.)

For the second, that’s a bit trickier. I would need to find a fossil from which I can extract as complete a genetic code of the original species as possible, and that’s a bit more difficult. Plus, the truth is that even the foremost poképaleontologists don’t exactly know what the Galarian fossil pokémon originally looked like, which is perhaps why Galar’s premier fossil researcher cobbled together results the way she did. This isn’t to defend her, of course; it’s more to say that figuring out what those fossil pokémon should have actually looked like would be just as much of a guessing game to us as anyone else. (Ms. Liss merely wanted quick results, rather than bother with more in-depth research, is all.)

You would think that figuring out what they should look like would merely be a matter of combining “the right halves” together, but it actually isn’t. Each of the known and named Galarian fossils actually belong to four completely different species from entirely different eras of Galar’s geological history, and more over, they’re only fragments, rather than a complete being in itself. To figure out what each of these pokémon were actually like, one would either need to extract enough of a genetic sample from the fossil to build from there (which is what the other regions do, though this takes time and technology as cutting-edge as you can get it), or you need to find a complete fossil and use that as a framework. That having been said, it’s possible that the other halves of each fossil exists, but we would need more time exploring Galar and more care in excavating them to get our hands on them.

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