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Impidimp? I saw a trainer with one while in Galar.

It is very unethical! If there is any location offering fusions you should report them immediately! The International Police have already shut down Cara Liss’ lab, but I’m sure it won’t end with her.

If you do want a fossil fusion though there are plenty out there that do need adoption into a good home.

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[Fossils: Galarian. Contains various fusions of the Drake, Bird, Fish, and Dino fossils.]

[Galarian fusions are the second successful restoration of a non-rock type fossil Pokemon, but they are not a complete restoration as we do not have the complete genome of each species.]

[The exact number of Galarian fossil Pokemon that were restored is currently unknown, as Cara Liss ran underground operation for many years. Estimation: ~150 for each hybrid. No more are currently being restored.]

[Lifespan of Galarian fossils: unknown. Afraid to be shorter lived due to their hybrid nature.]

[Galarian fossils were only recently allowed into Pokemon Contests and Pokemon Showcases last month.]

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Sooooo. Have the Mali part of the Dynamorph AU (created by @lulzyrobot) because why not. This one took a while to finish because of school. Also shit motivation, lots of that. Anyways I hope you enjoy this mess™

Knock Knock Knock

The sound of knocking fills the area, a little hand hitting on a big metal door. Said door smoothly opens as a young woman in her 20s pokes her head out. Her eyes meet the stare of the knocker.

-Hello there, do you wanna come in? the young woman asks.

-Yes, ma'am, the knocker replies politely. 

The woman smiles and lets the smaller soul into the room.The sound of children is immediately noticeable. Some kids are running around wildly, some are drawing calmly, others are playing in the ball pit or on the jungle gym. The knocker turns defensive, curling in on herself a bit. The young woman notices.

-What’s your name? she asks.

-Mali, the kid says with surprise in her voice.

-Nice to meet you Mali, my name is Patricia.

As Patricia keeps the conversation going, she leads Mali to the drawing table in the middle of the room. As she takes a seat at the table, Patricia finishes up the conversation and checks the watch on her arm.

-Well, looks like its time for me to go get some snacks for everyone, it was very nice to meet you Mali.

-You too Ms. Partrica, Mali responds with a smile, having come out of her bubble more.

The woman responded with a smile before heading through the metal door. As the door closes, Mali turns her gaze to the kids sitting in front of her. The older kids don’t seem to care while some of the younger ones are directly staring at her.

-Uh hello? She murmurs.

-Hi! What’s your name? My name is James! one of the younger kids chirped.

-I’m Mali I suppose, she’d say.

-How old are you? I’m five! What’re your favorite snacks? Do you have a Pokemon-?

-Hey dude, calm down with the questions, one of the older kids says with a glare.

-No one asked you, Jackie! James snarls.

-I’m twelve and I like Darmanitan crunchies, Mali quickly asserts before things would escalate

.-Whaaat?! Darmanitan crunchies!? Those suck! Applin Grub is way better! a little girl chimes in.

-No, Darmanitan crunchies are the best! You’re just being a meanie! another kid would respond.

While the kids started arguing, Mail continued on her drawing quietly. Jackie rolls his eyes.

-Kids, am I right? he mumbles.

Mali would giggle a bit, causing James to revert his attention to her. He would point right at her.

-Hey! You never answered my last question! Do you have a Pokemon? Is it cool? Can I see it?

-What? W-Well uh yeah! W-Wait no, no I d-don’t! But I d-did-! Mali would blurt out, taken aback by his sudden questions.

-Don’t ask about that! Don’t you remember what happened yesterday?! Jackie would snap.

-But I wanna know! James shoots back with a petulant tone.

Suddenly, Mali would sneeze.James and Jackie turn their stare towards her.

-Bless you, Jackie says.


An awkward silence would ensue. Mali taps the pencil against the paper while James is looking at her expectingly. 

-Uh, yeah I hade a Pokemon, Mali squeaks, trying to break the awkward silence.

This seems to have renewed James’ interest.

-What kind of Pokemon? Did it have a name? What type?!

-His name was Zolty, Zolty the Arctozolt-

-Arctozolt? I’ve never heard of that pokemon! Do you have a picture?

Jackie looks up.

-Huh, I’ve never heard of that either, you wanna show?

Mali started hesitantly grabbing her Rotom phone but a sudden scream stops her. She and others snap their heads towards the noise. A little kid is lying on the floor crying wildly. Mali sighs, thinking he just fell.

Until she notices his Skwovet looking tail and the blood around the base of it.

Chaos erupts almost instantly. Some children start sobbing while others are running around like Ponyta’s without direction. More of them also seem to be growing these pokemon like body parts, like a weird green Applin tail or the ears of a Nickit. Others get body parts replaced with new ones, like the wings of a Rookidee.  Blood and tears start mattering the blue carpet while the sound of children screaming and clothes ripping echo throughout the room.

-W-What is going o-on!? I-I don’t like this! James sobs out.

-Stay calm, It’s going to be fine little bro! Jackie responds panicky while not even noticing how yellow, black, and white fur is starting to grow on his arms.

Mali steps back horrified at what’s going on around her. She suddenly loses balance and falls face-first into the soft carpet. She quickly turns her body to lie on her back so she can see what’s happening to her legs.

She lets out a gasp as blue scales travel up her legs and then a scream as her toes seem to be fusing with her feet. The joints in her legs crack vigorously as they take new forms and the emerald shoes shes wearing burst as her now flipper-like feet and legs expand like yeasted bread. Her jeans rip a bit but seem to be holding strong. Pieces of her once pale skin fall onto the carpet along with blood. 

A sudden unexplainable pain in her tailbone makes her roll forward, landing on her hands and knees. She screams and sobs violently as a blue fish-like tail rips through her jeans and a bit of her shirt. A blue triangle looking fin stand proudly. She falls on her side, no longer being able to support her weight. Her fingers start stinging and aching as they slowly take the form of bright yellow claws. 

She closes her eyes as the screams, cries and panicked talking of the other kids starts burrowing into her ears. With all the energy drained from her, she can only squirm with her new legs and weep inaudibly as soft, almost hair-like, spikes grow out of her head. Her neck seems to also be crackling and growing longer and a thick layer of white and blue scales cover the bottom of her neck, her shoulders, and reaching down her back, stopping just above her new tail.

Mali lays in the same position for a while, letting the pain slowly subside.

-Zolty? she whispers.

-Did you do this?

A small hand pokes her on her scale covered shoulder. She flinches hard and the hand recoils. The sudden energy from said flinch causes her to jump up and she almost falls but uses a chair to support herself. Her new claws dig into the expensive chair.

-Ow! You burned me! someone exclaims.

She turns her head towards the voice, but she can’t see where he is, or anything for that matter. Everything is dark like she never opened her eyes.

-Wha…Why can’t I see anything?! she exclaims with panic.

She can clearly hear how footsteps are approaching her, so she curls in on herself a bit.

-Hey, don’t panic! It’s me, Jackie! the approaching soul says.

-Jackie, what’s wrong with her eyes? They look closed! the first voice questions.

-I think that was a feature of Arctozolt-

Jackie doesn’t get enough time to finish, as the door slams open and hits the wall hard. Several kids are startled by this and some start to cry even more.

-Mali! Are you alri-?! a very familiar voice exclaims.

The familiar voice stops and stays quiet for a short while before a gasp leaves her mouth. Mali knows that voice. She feels this eerie calm as she waddles towards where the sound originated.

-Come on, where are you? If you actually fused with something it would probably be with that disaster creatur- the familiar voice rambles.

Mali does an eye-rolling motion, takes a deep, cooling breath, and speaks.


She can feel how her sister snaps towards her. She smiles, showing her new sharp teeth.

-I think I found Zolty.

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Unfortunately it isn’t, because we don’t have the complete genetic code of the original Pokemon that make up the hybrids. Take the Bird Fossil for example– we only have enough genetic makeup for the head, so there’s no back half we can match it too. 

Hopefully one day we’ll have the complete genome for these Pokemon, and then they can be properly restored.

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My many attempts of getting a decent photo of my Arctozolt, also known as the best thing sword and shield added. Anyway he’s not perfect I could of smoothed out the clay a little better but he’s cool (heh).

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