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I apologize if this is like being spammed for anyone, but Ardyn has an interesting time when he wakes up.

  • Past him had been visiting a Lucis Nif base when it happens. So, he was pretty sure he just died, or was it all a hallucination?
  • He panics and ends up accidentally blowing up the entire base.
  • He gets dragged to another one and someone asks if his eyes were always blue.
  • Cue blowing up a base due to panicking part 2
  • Only this time, some glaive spies spot him using his own magic and armiger in his panic induced base destorying.
  • They report it to Regis.
  • Poor guy now not only has to deal with his son trying to smuggling in a child, but the possibility of a bastard half-brother Nif Chancellor
  • Who has disappeared off the face of Eos after blowing up a second base.
  • Ardyn is curled up in a haven panicking more because HE CAN ENTER THE HAVEN
  • He does not know how to process that he was thrown into the past and is now free of the Scourge.
  • Titus ends up finding him.
  • He gets his ass kicked and the Glauca armor is accidentally overwritten by Ardyn’s magic.
  • Well, at least a lot of his hate for the LCs in general is gone. He now has hate for Bahamut and rage towards Somnus
  • He doesn’t get that at all.
  • He drags Ardyn to Insomnia and explains how he found him.
  • Regis is so worried at the fact that this potential sibling is that traumatized.
  • Doctors see him and are indeed furious.
  • A lot of those scars are old and some have traces of magic that are not Ardyn’s in them. Nor is the magic Regis’
  • Regis almost summons his father from the ring to punch him.
  • In the ring, Somnus is pretty much threatening Mors to go with the illegitimate child story so his brother gets a chance at a better life.
  • He regrets what he did to his brother, has since after his brother was locked away.
  • Ardyn is unsure of how to handle a ‘brother’ that wants to be in his life and honestly isn’t going to backstab him.
  • Noctis wants to scream at now having to deal with an ‘Uncle’ Ardyn.
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Ардин Люцис Келум

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If Square-Enix decides to make “The first Soldier” a Remake part focused on Sephiroth where he’s also playable,I swear I’ll strip myself and start running across my town’s streets.

I mean,wasn’t Ardyn the bad guy in FFXV yet he became playable in an episode dedicated to him?

So why not Sephy too?

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If everybody else is doing it, Zunia wants to join in.

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The moment you realize the Final Fantasy XV plot of the Empire of Niflheim to take the Kingdom of Lucis ultimately came down to a villainous shipping war between the scheming Chancellor and the top General:

Chancellor Ardyn Izunia: #TeamLunoct: Arranges for the marriage between them in the first place. Ardyn is, of course, an old school romantic Ruling Couple shipper.

General Glauca: #TeamLunyx: Tries to sabotage Ardyn’s plans, arranges for Luna not to reunite with Noctis, so he has the time to have Nyx intercept the Princess, meet, protect and fall for one another as the Empire invades. The General is, naturally, a more modern, passionate Bodyguard Crush shipper.

Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt: #TeamNiflheim: Exasperated and facepalming over his Chancellor and General’s petty shipping wars and lack of priorities throwing a wrench in his plans, just wants the goddamn crystal, ring and to conquer Lucis.

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For the Solis AU I’ve got some angsty headcanons centered around Pitioss itself.

  • Somun and Ardyn had discovered Pitioss before Ardyn had started going around healing others.
  • They thought the ruins might have clues on the Scourge.
  • They turned back after the first five deaths they experienced collectively. Well Ardyn did.
  • Somnus managed to get through the entire dungeon and even in this life, has nightmares of the darkness and the corpse of an astral he found in the depths.
  • He wept upon seeing the corpse and did not know why, did not know she was family.
  • Demon train nightmares wake him up screaming.
  • The moment a history class even mentions Pitioss, Solis goes completely pale and just…
  • Flashbacks of endless darkness, falling into darkness only to be right back in the beginning of the room, falling into spikes only to be reset to the beginning again, or being crushed by spikes or moving walls.
  • He has to be taken out of the room when it becomes obvious he’s having some kind of panic attack ‘out of nowhere’
  • Solis looks Noctis in the eyes. “Stay out of Pitioss, it’s a tomb of endlessly dying.”
  • Adryn, when Noctis asks about it, also goes pale. “Somnus was never the same after that place. You don’t stay dead in there, you come back no matter how horrible the death you have is. I got out before we went too deep, I couldn’t handle the surface horrors. Somnus, he saw what was in the depths and refused to tell.”
  • This would happen after Ardyn starts forgiving Solis, so he tries to help get his mind off of the trauma he remembers.
  • Regis has no clue why his eldest son is so traumatized by a place he never could have visited.
  • Solis just looks his current father in the eyes and whispers the he did enter that place of hell and saw the horrors within.
  • Cor is the one that tells Regis the rumors of Pitioss, of it being a place where reality isn’t right, where supposedly, if you can enter, you cannot die within the walls.
  • Gilgamesh had told him of that place as a warning after becoming Solis’ sword. Because he feared someone finding an entering that place. He remembers how haunted Somnus was after escaping Pitioss.
  • Regis wants to send his son to a therapist to help with the memories of a horror he believes Solis witnessed when he ran off with Noctis and Prompto.
  • Gen (The clone that latched onto Solis) wants to find a way to help as well. He starts reading as much on psychology as he can.
  • Everyone is pulling out the stops to try and help Solis get over the memories of Pitioss.
  • One night, after Ardyn’s snuck in to check in on his brother, he gets told. “Pitioss is Eos’ tomb… I saw her body down there.”
  • Noctis overheard him and the three just sit together in silence the entire night.
  • Gilgamesh makes sure no one disturbs them until they’re ready to face the world again.
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