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k i’m just….why does kaliyo have to talk to my agent like they’re already in a relationship. like she will keep bringing up that dude from balmorra during the mission like you’re supposed to get jealous that she wants to devour him or something when it’s like…….i don’t care, ma’am fuck who you want please i am trying to work.

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Kokichi’s day was not complete without a bucket of confetti spilling over at some point. He had yet to reach that point today, so the ultimate supreme leader had been forced to make a pit stop at his locker to restock his bag with things that might be useful for an upcoming catastrophe- sorry, prank. Slip of the tongue. 

Step two of a good prank- the best pranks - was finding a partner in crime. Fortunately, he knew exactly where to find one. Kokichi liked to keep track of his classmates’ schedules at all times- partially because he liked to know where to find victims when he searched for them, partially because. Well, he liked to stay on top of things. A supreme leader’s gotta know what’s going on, right? Really, keeping a list of 16 people and their regular activities in his mind was nothing compared to everything else he had to manage- international drug trades, the stock market, national and local politics, the price of spray paint including inflation, how many donuts the local cafe would have left by the end of school- he was a busy man! 

The fact that it was lunch increased the number of places he had to look quite significantly, but if he was lucky- Kokichi skipped through the halls, tossing out the occasional snarky comment to the people he passed, raced up the stairs with little care for who he was almost knocking over, until he skidded down a hallway and managed to catch a glimpse of his current target. 

“Hey! Kii-boy!” Waving his arms furiously as he shoved his way through the crowd, Kokichi picked up the pace until he slid right in front of the robot, face creased in a sly grin. “Wow, your supersonic hearing must be broken or something. I had to really raise my voice to get your attention!” He crossed his arms behind his head and grinned, the bag at his waist swinging enticingly. “Anyway, I’ve got a task that I need a robot’s super-tough metal body to accomplish, okay? If you’re suuuuuuper helpful, I’ll get you some oil or something as a snack.” The way he grinned said exactly how much he knew that comment was not appreciated- but who was Kokichi if not someone ready to tease his classmates at any time? Besides, it was K1-B0- for all the ways he was curious about how exactly his AI worked, the robot was nothing if not reliable. Kokichi could probably coax him into this just by promising that it would be fun and not hurt anyone’s feelings. Which it probably wouldn’t. Probably.

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It always worries me when I see Spider-Man randomly trending. Mostly because the last time I thought he was ‘randomly trending’ he was actually trending because Sony had announced they were taking Spider-Man out of the mcu.

And that was absolutely crushing to me, thank god that split didn’t last long.

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No one on this website understands what suicide bait is. I’m suicidal myself and I think it’s incredibly cool to tell troops to smear their brains across a bathroom wall after swallowing a few nine millimeter rounds before they go do the same to a child in some exploited nation because they thought they deserved a college education more than someone else deserved life.

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so if through love all is possible then it’s def possible that, through love, a certain beautiful powerful stannable alpha of a werewolf pack can be resurrected right? right? and if we go that far, through love, an entire werewolf pack could be resurrected right? right?

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i have some cöntrovërsiàl theories…. i think Walter sucks this is very well known enough that i, Victoria, had the initiative to make this blog because of “I hate torbjorn” and “fuck scrappy doo”…… because…. da….. Walter Sucks

i think Lydia Rodarte-Quayle and Gustavo Fring are better. i never truly saw anyone but walter as the FALSE protagonist. Polite, saying thanks to their cover-job people. Living this deeply unknown life that I greatly wish could be expanded on before the cast ages “too much” to have their own spinoff. (though….. i mean, with el camino…. 😳 you know?) but i digress —

Lydia seems like a true case of “oh goddamn it i didnt wanna do this i just wanna take a nap but the only man i ever trusted just got murdered by this asshole who’s gonna force me to work with him”

Gus is great because it’s clearly shown that he’s always been a feeling person and he’s experiencing bigotry from all sides. mexican drug cartel men call him “the chilean” to his face, and hector calls him and his very-close business PARTNER homophobic phrases like “butt brothers”. my polite and kind straight friends (few & fart between as u may be) might even recognize this. Gustavo’s Fring Story is an allegory for being a closeted gay person. it’s felt personally by men, perhaps, and also lesbians like myself too

Gustavo can’t be who he wants, neither can Lydia, neither can the other people who are too dead to tell it

We do have – thus far as of early june 2020 – Kim, Skyler, Marie, Francesca, and MAYBE Lydia if our boy vinny throws us a real sexy curve ball to apologize for mudering two other focal women who shall not be named. Out of respect

Walter tho…. He’s just an abusive white supremacist in denial lol

Yeah this shit’s fictional but I propose we make a new plot if BCS sucks in the end knowing Vince Gilligan, it’ll only be good for people who know the core messages I see, and it’ll suck for people who don’t give a rat’s ass about my voice

But you guys give a LOT of rat asses about me even if you don’t know my whole story yet. so if you wanna learn more check moi out on @pinkmanipulated @jessepikmins and @chizuu or just like ask me specifically cause i never know if people talk to me out of annoyance/feelings of obligation or if they genuinely love me unless they str8 up fucking tell me before i give up on trying for them lol

I don’t mean to be personal. But I do. This is a Walter White hate blog — how much hate can you get to know about him before you’re ready to hear my love for Jesse and all of Walter’s victims?


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Yknow who are good face claims for eposette actually???? FKA twigs as cosette and Awkwafina as eponine. Is this bc awkwafina was a thief in jumanji 2. Is this also bc fka twigs iconic and legendary album Magdalene uses copious religious imagery. thats between me and god.

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(Order it’ll go in: Me, @newtowarriorcatsrpblog , @silversunshine2012. Then @shanesbestblog repeat in that order please I’m OCD and NEED everything in exact order.)

(Closed rp with @silversunshine2012 @shanesbestblog and @newtowarriorcatsrpblog )

The Great Journey

(Imma start with the prologue. Just so we all understand the prophecy. Any questions, dm me sunnysideup Cassiroo & Shaney)

The cats of StarClan United again to speak. Old leaders and other cats who had died. The old leader of FadeClan, Mudstar, stepped forward, looking around for the other cats to arrive. Mudstar dipped his brown head to give a quick lick to his large muscles hidden under his brown pelt. “Are all cats here tonight?” Mudstar yowled.

(@newtowarriorcatsrpblog we’ll just tag each other when it’s our turn. So I tag Cass, Cass tag Sunny, Sunny tag Shane, Shane tag me.)

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So this season really is just “eat the rich” and “fuck capitalism”, right?


In the Trenches: ep 163 - really just embodies the whole ‘older men start wars, but younger men fight them’.


The Sick Village: ep 164 - imo, an allegory to immigration (maybe stop blaming immigrants for your own incompetence).


Revolutions: ep 165 - big corporations turning people into nameless, faceless workers.


The Worms: ep 166 - uhh did somebody say systemic poverty?


Fire Escape: ep 169 - landlords literally fucking people over by cutting corners to be as cheap as possible.

I know none of these are hot takes or anything but I just find it interesting how the horror has changed over the seasons. Obviously once we started getting answers about the tma universe, it traded some of its horror (bc horror as a genre thrives on not knowing things). Instead we’re going in the direction of horror that relies on us having context of what’s happening in our world, rather than relying on us not knowing the full story.

Kinda funny how season 5 is literally set during the apocalypse but we’re getting some of the most realistic hitting statements yet.

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