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#are they gonna kiss right now
elementalmomentsa month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These belong together somehow
#Top photo: Hot neighbor seeing college freshman off as a favor to the family#he's from the city the school's in it's no hardship he drives up with Lando and shows him all the best spots so he has a headstart#Does Lando have a crush YEAH but he's shy and closeted and not gonna say anything whatever#but then! Carlos is working out in the backyard and looks across and wait! is that Lando?#he's so grown up! (he worked over summers and interned and stuff and he's probably come home for holidays and stuff#but Carlos travels a good bit for work and missed him so now it's like Lando's senior year and he's a whole adult)#but he's still sweet and still thinks Carlos is funny and they go out for pizza or something at Lando's faborite local place#which Carlos remembered#and they talk about school and Carlos' job and what Lando is going to do after graduation and Lando is like#you should text me next time you're in [city] and we can go for dinner or something so they exchange numbers#and Lando does the dumb little 'hey it's Lando :)' text and then theyre texting all the time at all hours and it gets a little flirty#and Carlos is like am i reading this right?? so he calls and it's the same on the phone too but now he can hear Lando's silly little laugh#and it's easier to picture him if his voice is shaking in the cold or his tone pitches up when Carlos compliments him#and Carlos does come visit - its a work trip really but he volunteered- and he gets to see Lando's dorm and they go out to dinner#and theyre sitting so close their forearms are brushing and Carlos could swear he can hear his own heart beating - or Lando's#and he very quietly says 'I would like to kiss you later' and Lando swallows and looks at him with those huge blue eyes and says#'you can kiss me whenever you want' - which is HUGE and BOLD (and a lie lmao hes not into PDA) but Carlos jist smiles and later#when they're alone he DOES kiss Lando#fic in the tags#f1#sports#carlos x lando#carlos sainz#lando norris#hot neighbor au#shirtless
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stanknotstark5 months ago
Easy Aim (Is Only Exciting Once or Twice) Pt. 8 (Loki x Reader)
CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS THE LAST PART? CUZ I CAN鈥橳. I鈥橵E NEVER FINISHED A CHAPTERED STORY BEFORE. Anyways, I鈥檝e enjoyed the ride with you all, I鈥檝e loved every second of writing this, albeit, weird story (I mean like no one ever mentions the small things in body AUs 馃槀). You all inspired me with your likes and comments and I can鈥檛 thank you enough. It has been fun! So, enjoy!聽
Tumblr media
All good things must come to an end, you suppose.聽
You鈥檙e sharing the couch with Loki in the common area since no one else is there and this lets you both get some sun, even if it鈥檚 through a window.
Loki is reading his text that鈥檚 supposed to be of help reverting you both back to your bodies and you鈥檙e playing on your phone. Loki is also talking aloud, his thoughts on the stuff he reads, throwing ideas out to no one in particular. You lay on your back, your legs stretched out so your feet touch at Loki鈥檚 thigh. He sits curled at the edge of the couch.
鈥淚 could listen to you all day.鈥 You say, smiling at Loki. Loki glances at you with a fond smile.
鈥淚 cannot find the words to tell you how I feel about you.鈥 Loki says in a soft tone as he looks you over with his eyes.
You both fall into a comfortable silence as you continue doing what you had been doing.聽
鈥淵ou know...鈥 You start a few minutes later, looking at Loki who looks at you, curious.聽鈥淲e haven鈥檛 kissed yet.鈥 You say in thought.
Loki smirks at you.聽鈥淲ell, every time we try we get interrupted, that is hardly my fault.鈥 He points out.聽
鈥淣ot blaming you, just giving you incentive.鈥 You say as you look back at your phone.聽
Your attention is disrupted as you watch Loki again. He sets his book aside and starts crawling over to you on the couch. You smile and lay your phone down. Loki straddles your hips and places his hands at both sides of your head, hovering over you with a sly smile.聽
鈥淚 hardly need incentive.鈥 Loki whispers.
You let your hands land on his thighs.聽鈥淥h? That鈥檚 why its taken weeks to get you this far?鈥 You tease the man with a wicked smile.聽
Loki鈥檚 lips part into a small smile as he laughs softly.聽鈥淓ven I have heard of the tale, slow and steady wins the race, darling.鈥澛
鈥淢mm yes but you鈥檝e been standing at the edge of the finish line, it鈥檚 quite time you took that last step and closed the deal.鈥 You say, your eyes flickering over his face then land on his lips.聽
When Loki doesn鈥檛 move, just watches you, you take matters into your own hands.聽
鈥淧erhaps a small push?鈥 You ask as you let one of your hands trail up his body to cusp his neck and pull his face towards yours. Loki lets you pull him without resistance.聽
As he hovers over your lips, both of you breathing each other in, you let your hand go back to his thigh. The ball is in his court, you鈥檙e letting him decide on if he truly wants this or not.聽
Dear lord, you鈥檙e going crazy with Loki this close and not doing anything. It鈥檚 filling you with anticipation but more so doubt when he doesn鈥檛 move in to kiss you. Maybe you鈥檝e read everything wrong and he doesn鈥檛 want this?聽
鈥淪top doubting.鈥 Loki whispers over your lips, his eyes locked on yours now.聽鈥淚 want this, immensely, but all that follows me is death, destruction, and ruin. I cannot bear to watch you break from my actions.鈥 Loki admits to you, closing his eyes as if he鈥檚 in pain.聽
You bring a hand up and caress his jaw, let your thumb rub over his cheekbone causing him to open his eyes again, staring at you with an agonizing look that breaks your heart.聽鈥淚 would not have gotten involved with you if I thought i couldn鈥檛 handle what you bring to the table.鈥澛
You feel a delicate smile on your lips.聽鈥淲e both have baggage and that鈥檚 ok, it鈥檚 normal, especially for people like us...but I want to work through it...together.鈥澛
聽Loki lets out a sound halfway a huff of laughter and half a sound of disbelief then he does it.聽
Loki is kissing you.
There鈥檚 a familiar flash of white causing you both to pull away a bit and suddenly you鈥檙e hovering over Loki, the real Loki, in your own body.聽
You both blink and smile at each other.
Loki, now in your position, lets the hand that had been caressing your (his?) face grasp at the back of your neck and pull you back to his lips. His other hand that had been on your thigh trails to your back and pulls you into him, causing you to arch into his body.
The kiss is everything you could have dreamed of. You鈥檙e not sure if it鈥檚聽filled with love, not having thought on that situation, but there鈥檚 definitely passion on both ends as if you鈥檙e both desperate for it. You both pour your pent up emotions into it, making it a little sloppy and heated. Loki pulls his lips from yours for a second to mutter,聽鈥淯tterly gorgeous, exquisite.鈥 Then his lips are on yours again, sucking at your bottom lip, tracing it with his tongue as he does.
You gasp when you go to pull from the kiss and Loki bites down on your bottom lip, moving up with you so you can鈥檛 pull away. You let out a breathy chuckle and kiss him again which earns you a barely heard groan. Both of you sit up, without breaking the kiss, your arms coming to rest around his neck, your hands on the nape tugging at the baby hairs there.
Finally, Loki lets you pull from the kiss, his eyes fluttering open and looking at you with enough devotion to make you breathless all over again. His hands have rested around your hips now.
鈥淚 am unsure you understand what you are getting yourself into but that kiss sealed your fate. You are to be mine. No one can stand between us because if they do I shall kill them without hesitation.鈥 Loki says in a rough voice.
You smile and let one of your hands come to Loki鈥檚 face and push a rogue strand of hair behind his ear.聽鈥淣o killing,鈥 You say softly, smiling when Loki pouts,聽鈥渂ut we can make them wish they were dead.鈥 You compromise. Loki鈥檚 eyes flash with mirth.聽
鈥淥f course, darling.鈥澛
鈥淕od, you sound so sexy.鈥 You say with an airy laugh. Loki chuckles with you.
鈥淚 suppose we should tell the team?鈥 Loki suggests.
You sigh and nod. Your hands slide off Loki鈥檚 shoulders and come to cup your breast, causing Loki鈥檚 eyebrows to rise to his hairline.
鈥淚 missed my babies.鈥 You whisper as you look at your breasts.
Loki lets out a small shocked laugh, you look up at him with a stupid smile.聽
When you鈥檙e both around the team enjoying lunch together you share your announcement.聽
鈥淲ait, all you had to do was kiss and that would have reverted you both back?鈥 Tony yells as he angrily stabs at his food with a fork.
You nod with a smile, glancing at Thor you see him eating with a bright smile on his face. He refuses to look at you two but everyone can definitely feel the happiness radiating from him.聽Loki sits next to you holding your hand under the table, certainly not oblivious to Thor鈥檚 emotions.聽
鈥淗onestly, I thought you were both fucking like a week ago.鈥 Tony mutters. Steve slaps Tony鈥檚 arm and Tony looks at him like聽鈥榃hat did I do?鈥
You roll your eyes, looking at Loki with a smile but then see Natasha looking at Loki with consideration causing you to frown. She wouldn鈥檛...
Natasha stands from her chair and makes her way over to Loki, Clint grabbing at Nat too late to stop her. Loki looks up at her with confusion. She lifts his arms that are extended towards his plate and settles into his lap, her back to his chest.
You can feel how tense Loki is through his tight hold on your hand, his face blank as he looks down at Natasha then you, as if asking you if it鈥檚 ok. You shrug at him with a small smile.聽鈥淪ome habits will be hard to break?鈥 You say more to Natasha than Loki.
Natasha nods once. Loki swallows but relaxes and continues to eat, if not a little hindered because Nat fights his fork with her鈥檚. The fact that Loki lets her do this is enough to calm you, he might not be fully comfortable but he鈥檚 willing to let it slide. You squeeze his hand and receive a squeeze back.聽
鈥淭his is weird.鈥 Bruce exclaims from across the table just like he did when you first cuddled with Nat at the table in Loki鈥檚 body. The entire team lets out various laughs.聽
After lunch you find yourself cuddled up to Loki, watching a movie, in your bedroom. He still follows the daily cuddles and movies and this makes your chest fill with something warm and fuzzy.聽
You snuggle into his side hug more, his cheek coming to rest on your head.聽
鈥淲ill we ever know who or what did this to us?鈥 You ask about the whole body switching thing.聽
You feel Loki think on his answer.聽
鈥淚 do not聽think I want to know the answer, I am thankful for what they have聽given me but you should not聽look a gift horse in the mouth.鈥 Loki says, his hand rubbing at your back.
You hum, hugging Loki tighter at his admission. Your own confession that you appreciated what you鈥檝e been given in actions.聽
鈥淚 like to believe it was fate.鈥 You admit to your romantic fantasy.聽
鈥淧erhaps it was. What is聽more romantic than believing the universe brought our fates together so we may fall in love.鈥 Loki says, his hand, not wrapped around you, coming to hold your hand.聽
You stay quiet at Loki鈥檚 confession then speak up.
鈥淎re you saying you love me, indirectly?鈥 You ask, pulling away from Loki鈥檚 hold to look at him. You make sure not to let go of his hand though.
Loki regards you with a scrutinizing look.聽鈥淚f I was?鈥澛
You let yourself ponder on this. Love. Were you in love?
You look Loki in the eyes.聽鈥淪ay it.鈥 You demand.聽
Loki鈥檚 lips twitch as if wanting to smile.聽
鈥淚 love you.鈥澛
You let out a deep breath you had held in your lungs. Your chest is blooming with warmth, your stomach is fluttering with butterflies, your hands shake with nerves, and the words fall off your lips without hesitation.聽鈥淚 love you too.鈥
Tag list: @a-laufeyson鈥 @addicted-to-loki鈥嬄
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deancaswlw11 months ago
listen either dean shoves cas against a wall, kissing him angrily and desperately the moment he comes back from the empty OR they talk first and their first kiss is incredibly fucking awkward. the most uncomfortable goddamn thing you鈥檝e ever seen. like 鈥渋f we were watching live we鈥檇 just turn the tv off in the middle of the episode and lie down鈥 awkward
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mad-king-of-mezaelea3 months ago
Hey do we wanna talk about how Fwhip is going to trap Jimmy in th fucking nether roof and also put the Codfather head in the End so he has to choose between one of his most prized possessions and like not releasing a demon
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localkage7 months ago
This week has been h e l l. I wish to curl up in a ball and not wake again for a month or two. I'll just hibernate over spring. Yeah that's a good plan.
Anyway some comfort/bittersweet stuff if anyone needs it as much as I do.
Naruto always gets super excited when he is holding hands with someone. Absolutely the type to show off that he, of all people, is indulging in PDA. He is touch starved, he really is. His palms are sweaty, and sometimes he has to let go of his SO's hand just to wipe it off on his pants before he can hold it again. But it overwhelms him so much that there is someone willing to be seen with him, someone willing to love him, to smile at him knowing who he is. He is Naruto. Thats all he needs to be for them.
People always talk about muses that spurr artists to make their greatest masterpieces, being the source of their biggest inspiration. Sai's SO is the complete opposite of that. They're more so his frustration piece if anything. Whenever he has an art block or is just unhappy with himself, he draws them. The art itself often sucks, mostly being nothing more than crude sketches compared to his usual abilities, but it helps him refocus and redirect his attention back to what he was doing before. Besides, its not like a drawing could reflect the emotions he starts to feel because of his SO anyway. That is something best to be experienced only by him.
Yamato knows he is often perceived as scary by others. It is in his nature. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't stand in front of the mirror every day, trying to mimic a more friendly expression, one that he can put on in hopes that people feel more at ease then. Its only when his then crush softly took his face in their hands and told him to relax his face muscles that he realized just how tense he had been. Scared of the perception of others. Scared of the perception of himself. Naturally, he can't help himself but to just fall a little deeper for them.
Minato can't help but let his thoughts drift away from the stacks of work piling up in his office. He imagines where he would rather be than here. At home. Wearing a silly apron with "Kiss the chef" written on it, cooking a simple dinner he knows will be enjoyed. Test tasting the soup as Tofu and Mochi alert with their barks that their owner and his spouse returns from a day at work. They'd come up to him, dropping their bag to the floor before kissing him, their breath fanning over his cheek as their fingers toy with the little pony tail he wears while cooking, telling him just how great he is for them. They tell him about their day, ask him about his while sitting on the couch, cuddling with the pups. Perhaps later him and them could catch some alone time together...
Shikaku remarks that perhaps he should go ahead and rest instead of drooling all over the mission papers like a fumbling fool.
Shikamaru is not a man who believes in love at first sight. Or second. Or third. Its far too flimsy of a concept to him to truly consider it. But he cannot deny the attraction he feels towards them when they make a smart argument against him, rendering him speechless. A drag, truly. Now he stumbles over his words or they don't even come out of his mouth in the first place, he can feel his face heating up so easily and his heart beginning to race. Gods above, he liked it when they absolutely destroyed him like that, ready to fight with him at any given moment. And of course, to make it even worse, of course Shikaku and Asuma noticed. Their shit eating grins telling enough for the young Nara to realize that he was indeed whipped for them and that he was so obvious about it they probably knew too.
Itachi decides on Dango as a name. A bit cliche perhaps, but regardless a fitting name for a dog. They trained the puppy for him, he thinks as he gently strokes her head, his blurry vision barely able to make out the blob of brown and white fur laying on his lap. He can rely on her in the future. Just like he can rely on them. He has to, no matter how hard that actually might be. Love is nothing to be ashamed of and asking for help is not a sign of weakness, something he had to learn the hard way, but certainly something he had learnt from them. They and Dango shall be his eyes in the future, he determines, as he enjoys the last bits of colour he can see for the last few times before the world around him goes actually dark. Now he cannot see them smile, but the warmth radiates all the same.
Tsunade's SO is a bit of a klutz. Always getting themselves into trouble on accident, often leaving them with cuts and bruises Tsunade always ends up kissing away. Even when the gashes are longer and deeper, even when she can see the red droplets of her failures drickle down their skin, a proof she wasn't strong enough to even protect them from minor harm. Tsunade hates blood, especially if it is theirs. She knows she cannot stop all harm, but she would be dammed if she didn't try.
Hinata loves the soft brushes of calloused finger tips against her spine, her shoulder blades, her neck. Lips brushing against her eyelids, the ridge of her nose and the tip of it, gliding over chin to her cheeks before coming to a rest on her lips. It's still dark out, not even the birds have started their morning hymn yet as they whisper a good morning against her lips followed by a muffled good morning as they bury their nose back into her hair. A good morning indeed; as it is one that has yet to approach and one that she can spend together with them again.
Tumblr media
#my heart was completely SHREDDED by the first part alone HOW DARE YOU fuck me up this bad like. gods I'm gonna fucking cry naruto deserves#the fucking world I'm gonna go crazy I'm gonna pull an itachi and decrease the popullation of konoha to very fucking little on god#imagine sai who only ever draws his funky little animals and cryptic crazy drawings suddenly catching himself drawing you distractedly#you're still just a crush to him鈥 one that he didn't even realize he harbored until that very moment#GODS I LOVE YAMATO SO FUCKING MUCH I want to hug him so bad I'm AKSJKSJSS PLS STOP I'M GONNA CRY PLS HAVE MERCY#I FUCKING WENT FERAL WHEN I READ 'TOFU AND MOCHI' I'M NOT JOKING I'M LOSING MY MIND I'M AKSKDKDH U ADDED THEM YOU DID IT YOU ABSOLUTE MAD#BEING I LOVE YOU I'M GOING TO FUCKING CRY NOW#I'm in love w/ minato daydreaming about domesticity while surrounded by paperworks. head perched on his hands and this cute look on his fac#asuma 馃 shukaku bullying shikamaru when he finally gets his first crush/falls in love#I WANT TO FUCKING LAY DOWN ON THE FLOOR AND ROT HOW DARE YOU RIP ME OPEN WITH THAT ITACHI HC LIKE THIS I'M#dango is now family I love dango I will protect and care for dango#but gods that itachi one fucking HURTS I'm on the verge of tears I want to fight a god right now for doing everything SO wrong#OH!!!! BUT WHAT IF TSUNADE -CAN- HEAL WOUNDS WITH KISSES LIKE. SHE WILL PRESS A KISS ON A SMALL CUT AND JUST. IT HEALS#THE POSSIBILITIES HERE. THE FLUFF. THE ICHA. THE EVERYTHING#HINATA MY BELOVED I'M 馃槱馃槱馃槱鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 IMAGINE WAKING UP TO HER MY MIND IS FUCKING COMBUSTING RIGHT NOW#I'm frothing at the mouth these hcs are so VIVID I'm just GODS I'm just going fucking INSANE over them you have no idea#I want to save them like. I want to keep them forever so I can read them whenever I want bc this was such a HUGE amount of serotonin#I love you SO much and appreciate you SO fucking much babe gods I want to kiss your brain and your heart#pls if whenever you need someone to talk or just distract u from problems I'm always here for u I love u 馃槶馃槶馃ズ馃ズ鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍#.ask#.hcs#naruto#long post
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