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#area 51

Another day at Area 51, the most mysterious place in Nevada, right next to a casino in Reno I heard of once that gambles all in Pringles. One of the soldiers who guards the base with me told me about it.

“Hey Testosterone Juice, did you hear about that casino in Reno that gambles all in Pringles?” One of the soldiers asked me.

“Actually, the T stands for Testicle now and the J stands for Juggler. So I’m Testicle Juggler Maxx, at your service.”

“Oh, my bad! It’s hard to keep track at these things! Anyway, it makes me happy when I tell people about that casino, so have you heard?”

“That’s okay! I just have to make sure people know how much I drink testosterone. Because I’m man…lee. I think that’s what the adverb is. Man Lee. He was a famous guy, right?”

“Err…you could just say you’re on T like some of the guys around here.”

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