skulsakz 2 months ago
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galliano hommes photographed by nick knight
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duxduxdux 3 months ago
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I bet, if they met under different circumstances, Kirk and the Gorn might have a lot in common.
Both ship captains, both space hotties, both keep finding themselves in Vasquez Rocks.
I wonder what the Gorn first officer is like 馃憖馃憖馃憖.
Also, thinking about doing a twitch stream this Friday (April 22) to chat while I draw responses to my tumblr asks.
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victorianera a month ago
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Kim Jihoon aka Denver
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crkdlines a month ago
Hasta la vida m谩s desgraciada tiene tambi茅n sus horas luminosas y sus peque帽as flores de ventura entre la arena y el pe帽ascal.
El lobo estepario, Hermann Hesse.
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gameraboy2 a month ago
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Arena by Matt Ferguson
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planeswalker-umbral 3 months ago
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dailyadventureprompts 9 months ago
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Settlement: Nisk Under-the-Wing
Ok, Sure its a sodden, swampy valley, but you have to admit can鈥檛 beat the view
Setup:聽Existing for decades as little more than a desolate peat farming settlement on the edge of a bog, Nisk became the staging ground for the last stand by a group of heroes against an ancient dragon, who saved the kingdom by working a great act of magic and petrifying the wyrm in the middle of its pre-rampage monolog. Decades and innumerable tourists later, Nisk has become a major artery of trade for the kingdom, as well as a place for younger adventures to come and learn from the legacy of their forebearers.聽
Adventure Hooks:聽
Defeating an ancient dragon will make anyone鈥檚 reputation, but the wizard Everett Paliisar who worked the petrification 聽magic has made it into an identity, opening a renowned magical workshop and taking the stone dragon as its sigil. The only problem is that even decades after his triumph, 聽Paliisar has NO idea how he managed his magical miracle, and into his old age has barely managed to stave off questions and requests to repeat his great trick. 聽When the party comes looking for some tutoring or help with their own problem in need of petrification, 聽expect Paliisar to make them jump through innumerable hoops in hopes of dissuading them.
In addition to the swampy waterways, Nisk is surrounded by ancient rainforest that once provided shelter and hunting grounds to the dragon. The forest also contains the ruins of a nameless kingdom, lost in ages past to some unknown catastrophe. Notoriously haunted by monsters and spirits so old that their identities have worn away, these vine choked structures have a siren song that have called to adventurers for generations.
During their adventures in the region, the party obtains a coded treasure map that once deciphered guides them to climb the cliffs behind Nisp, make their way out onto the dragon鈥檚 head, and rappel down into its mouth. Apparently some daring group of thieves had been using the cave that鈥檇 formed from the dragon鈥檚 gullet and foremost stomach to store their ill gotten gain. What happened to these thieves, and and what they left behind to guard their treasure is a story for another time, but the party will need to watch themselves regardless. The elemental energies of the petrified dragon have begun to manifest as spiny crystalline growths, which can have unpredictable effects if exposed to magic or stabbed into a clumsy adventurer鈥檚 flesh.
Those eager to make a name for themselves are often drawn to Zillo鈥檚, a rougher establishment on the edge of the settlement where hot-blooded brawlers can compete in an arena for prizes and the chance to be scouted by attending nobles and freecompany recruiters. Every fortnight there鈥檚 a special bout where would-be champions are matched against one of the hobbled drakes kept beneath the arenas foundations, a cruel and unpredictable tradition that lets those desperate enough for fame claim to be dragonslayers like Nisk鈥檚 first defenders. Zillo鈥檚 management is known to pay top price for drake eggs or hatchings, and does a tidy trade in dragonflesh on the side.聽
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viejospellejos 3 months ago
Est谩n haciendo un faro juntos 馃槏
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elderscrollsconfessions 2 months ago
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Confession: I was TODAY years old when I realized the emperor in Arena, Daggerfall, and Morrowind was the same as in Oblivion. I guess I never paid much attention to the numerals. Uriel went through so much. It鈥檚 no wonder he was so chill about dying.
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pridetraveller 9 months ago
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anonbeadraws 10 months ago
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illustration commission for聽@koyoss of Styx fighting in style in the arena, I鈥檇 throw him my favour聽馃尮馃尮馃尮 鉁╟ommission info in source link below鉁
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stylekorea 9 days ago
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Park Jinyoung for Arena Homme+ Korea August 2022. Photographed by Lee Gyu Won
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luisonte a year ago
He perdido el m贸vil en la playa, peinemos la arena聽
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jodeeeart 5 months ago
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'Painful Bond' for Magic: the Gathering Kamigawa Neon - Alchemy. Was a lot of fun to paint in really big colour like this.
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collector73 a year ago
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elezen-appreciator a month ago
A friend of mine is doing a survey on the Elder Scrolls games, collecting data on things like which ones people have played, which ones were favorites, and overall the saturation of/usage of mods for most of them.
Very quick for any with a spare couple minutes! Thank you!聽
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