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#aresuna art
aresuna · 2 days ago
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geekioldschool · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you @aresuna for always be a cool and nice friend to me! love to read your rambles, they’re always fun to read! and boy you’re art is so beautiful, please gimme your talent!!
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geoguessbur · 7 days ago
do you have any fanartists that you love the art of? i dont follow a lot of fanartists and would love some recs if you have any, tumblr or twitter are fine <333
THIS IS SO HARDDDD i am so bad at remembering artists haha and i dont want to miss anyone D: so here are just a few in my following list
@qarameiio @wolfythewitch @sleepy-spots @haissitall @devie-draws @aresuna @enigmaticvariation THERES SO MANY MORE IM SORRY pls scroll thru my blog cuz all the fan art i reblog is fantastic :)
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flightfoot · 7 months ago
Masterpost for Trials of Apollo Fanart Recs
There’s a fairly decent amount of TOA art. I’m just linking to some of my favorites here.  And I’m not counting @viria, because everyone already knows and has seen how awesome her work is, all of it’s great, and she’d take up half the list.
Note: most of these don’t have titles, so I just put a description.
This drawing by @moodyseal of Apollo slowly coming to grips with the trauma of The Hidden Oracle, The Dark Prophecy, and The Burning Maze is my favorite piece of fanart for anything ever.
Leo being strangled by Piper after he returns, in a happy world where he gets to meet Jason again while he’s alive. By @staticcolour for the art and @pjovoices for the audio.
Caligula, about to kill Jason. by @ianthedebonair
A collection of different TOA scenes. by @albapetitcon  My favorite is the one with Apollo in chains.
Jason asking Apollo to make a promise by @albapetitcon
Lester Papadopolous with the injuries he sustained in The Burning Maze, by @space-tastic
Meg Mccaffrey deserves to grow by @af-art
Jason’s fall from Grace by @whysosearius
Apollo giving his prophecy in The Burning Maze by @sodafrog13
Mourning Jason, to the tune of This is Gospel by @theoddowldoodle
Crest and Jason dying, by @theoddowldoodle
Jason meets Luke, by @theoddowldoodle
Some of Apollo’s most hurtful moments in The Burning Maze by @theoddowldoodle
Apollo giving his motivational speech in the mirror by @theoddowldoodle
Determined Apollo in The Burning Maze by @nashazie
Apollo being flayed alive by @beani-art
Apollo and Meg in The Cave of Trophonious by @gika9609
Apollo killing Commodus by @artist-in-drag
Everyone celebrating Jason’s life by @furanse
Kayla admiring Apollo’s butt by @artist-in-drag
Meg and Lester doodles by @niee-chaan
Jason waiting in his dorm room, contemplating his impending death by @officialclarkkent
Lester, Meg, Leo, and others at Camp Half-Blood, roasting marshmallows by @astralie
Apollo pleading with Trophonious by @yu-nyx
Leo and Georgina making a gift for Emmie and Jo by @fuocogo
Leo finding out that Jason’s dead by @samiliart
Apollo, Kayla,Austin, Will, and Nico in a cuddlepile by @limedumplr
Apollo reuniting with Austin in The Hidden Oracle by @limedumplr
Meg and Apollo hugging by @strawberribits
Lityerses surrounded by plants by @hurricanes-art
Apollo finds the Apollo cabin’s family album. by @strawberribits
Lester lamenting other’s self-centeredness by @lealala
Apollo with the Arrow of Dodona sticking out of his chest by @strawberribits
Apollo with his children + Nico by @solbabydraws
Apollo has blood on his hands by @theoddowldoodle
Apollo still has the hots for Commodus by @albapetitcon, voice acting by @natalie-aka-officer-geek
Apollo thinking about his divine family, about how homesick he is by @moodyseal
Apollo softly smiling while wearing a laurel wreath by @strawberribits
Lester, Percy, Carter, Magnus, and Jason playing video games together by @jennireli
Apollo, Calypso, and Leo smiling and hugging by @moodyseal
Portraits of Apollo, Meg, and Nico by @doggomochi
Lester and Apollo by @doggomochi
Jason reuniting with Leo and Piper by @solbabydraws
Apollo meeting Percy and Thalia for the first time in The Titan’s Curse by @bibinella
Calypso and Leo holding up Apollo by @ianthedebonair
Jason bleeding out on the ground by @sarahinara
Meg hugging Apollo by @yaco-doodles
Apollo playing his ukulele sadly as the sun sets by @bfire92
Apollo shielding Piper from the pandai’s arrows by @moodyseal
Lester with Apollo’s silhouette in the background by @apolloappreciationblog
Apollo going slightly insane in Trophonious’s cave by @zurkhwood
Apollo hugging Meg and Meg sitting in Apollo’s lap by @aresuna
Lester when his human mother finds him by @sunni-808. Fanart for Trials of Apollo One-shot series by ArtJunkyard
A scene from @garecc‘s The Hidden Oracle Plus One, showing Apollo teasing Artemis by @moodyseal
Meg and Lester holding seeds by @bfire92
A series of ToA artwork set to the lyrics of Hurts 2B Human by @bfire92
Lester trapped in Python’s coils by @moodyseal
Apollo is a jack of all trades, master of none by @moodyseal
Apollo at Diana’s altar by @bfire92
Apollo walking in high heels while Artemis struggles by @i-am-bi-smuth
Apollo and Meg eating junk food by @gretassoul
Apollo and Meg having fun on the road at sunset by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
ToA Hogwarts AU fanart by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
An animatic by @moodyseal of Piper killing Medea.
Apollo faces down the Basilisk (Hogwarts AU) by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
Crest playing the ukulele by @gretassoul
Apollo stabbing himself with the Arrow of Dodona by @gretassoul
Species Swap AU where Meg’s a dryad and Apollo’s a siren by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
More of the Species Swap AU with Apollo whapping Meg with one of his wings by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
Apollo, Calypso, and Leo fending off the blemmyae via song and interpretive dance by @minidoodles97
Apollo’s friends helping him to fend off the voices in his head by @moodyseal
Jason asking Apollo to remember what it’s like to be human by @theoddowldoodle
Apollo showing his divine nature to Commodus in the Dark Prophecy by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
Cute happy Lester! by @spooky-ghostfriend
Cute sad Lester surrounded by flowers by @spooky-ghostfriend
Lester, Meg, and Grover in a car and Lester falling by @gika9609
Jason, Meg, and Lester talking about their capabilities by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
Ending scene of The Burning Maze with Meg and Apollo on the plane by @moodyseal
Depressed Apollo by @lamehaikus
Meg and Apollo being cuties by @spooky-ghostfriend
A young-looking Meg holding flowers by @candamio
Apollo annoying Meg with a kazoo by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
That scene in TDP where Apollo tells Meg why he wanted to rescue Lit. by @acidicbarkbeast
Lit getting Apollo flowers by @edgybutnotveryedgy
Caligula scrutinizing Apollo at the party in Ancient Rome by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
Pictures of Meg and Lester, Meg with a scar on her face, by @harpywife
Lester, Leo, and Calypso hanging out by @birdykane
Picture of Lester sitting down by @birdykane
Caligula with a bloody spear by @kaminasa2
An animatic where Caligula succeeds in stealing Apollo’s power by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
Harley hugging Apollo by @gika9609
Meg and Lester hanging out together by @vesinset
Lester staring sadly at a sun while Python looms behind him by @spooky-ghostfriend
Lester looking at a constellation of the stlyized “A” in “Trials of Apollo” by @spooky-ghostfriend
Lester wearing green by @spooky-ghostfriend
Lester holding ukulele looking strong and determined by @theoddowldoodle
Lavinia and Poison Oak talking by @bfire92
Lavinia blowing bubblegum by @bumblebugsy
Lester being corrupted by poison by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
Hazel talking to Diana by @sodafrog13
Lester screaming at Commodus by @theoddowldoodle
Zombified Lester by @literallyjusttoa
Lester crying because he doesn’t think anyone cares about him by @gh0st-cats
Apollo’s plague arrow by @jennsepticeye
Lester pretending to be fine even with the poison running through his veins by @gh0st-cats
Lester being blase about dying by @izuruwu-kamuwukura
Lester telling Meg he’s fine by @theoddowldoodle
Apollo trying to sleep with the statue of his father looking at him by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
Apollo attacking Commodus in Tyrant’s Tomb by @eosprogeny
Apollo and Meg hugging by @saylenatsea
Piper with her girlfriend in Tower of Nero by @petchasnetch
comic of Nico interrogating Will in Tower of Nero by @confusioninasian
Will being a lamp and Nico being a snarky boyfriend by @livsmessydoodlez
Apollo hanging out with his kids by @treasureplcnet
Infected Lester by @anthropardon-me
Lit giving the gryphons tater tots by @eternallyconfusedcactus
Human!Arrow of Dodona by @literallyjusttoa
Lester beaming happily by @sunnybeamss
Magical girl!Meg by @literallyjusttoa
Lester with Python’s glowing yellow eyes behind him by @spooky-ghostfriend
Lester strangling Commodus by @cococherrys
Litpollo comic by @literallyjusttoa
The Dark Prophecy crew by @space-tastic
Lester stabbing himself in The Burning Maze by @disposablepapercup
Harpocrates by @literallyjusttoa
Lester holding an arrow by @dazyx23
Buck-naked Caligula (don’t worry, nothing’s technically showing) by @sarahinara
Meta-comic on what it’s like for a Jason Grace fan to read The Burning Maze by @jamtamtamz
Lester smiling by @meladiartz
Commodus yelling at Apollo for not having his back by mythoswlw-deactivated20200806
Meg hugging Apollo by @theoddowldoodle
Artemis snarking at Apollo by @relmint
Sketches of Apollo by @k-lin-the-guardian
Apollo playing “The Fall of Jason Grace” by @lauabaloni
Oreichalkos AU fanart by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
More Oreichalkos AU fanart, (Oreichalkos was Apollo’s stand-in while he was gone being mortal by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
Till Death Do He Part AU with Lester adopting a crapton of kids by @artjunkyardsdoodledump
Divine Apollo by @moodyseal
EDIT: OH WOW I THINK I’VE FIGURE OUT HOW TO SOLVE THE “LINKS NOT SHOWING UP” PROBLEM. I literally just copy-pasted the post. Dunno why that fixed it, but it did.
...At least on the drafts page. Hopefully that holds true once I actually publish it.
Third Edit: ...Okay why are the links only showing up when I look at the post in certain ways?! Like on my dashboard, but not when I look on my blog.
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so-i-am-kinda-funny-tm · 9 months ago
Hi there!
Welcome To My Corner of Shame! :D
If you didn’t click on my blog by mistake, then congratulations!
Leave while you still can!
You may not recognize my URL, but perhaps you recognize my layout! I got cancelled by the Tumblr Gods for absolutely no reason a while back, getting deactivated by a login/settings glitch. I can no longer retrieve or access it, so this account is meant to occasionally revive old posts and work my way back up! 
For newcomers, I’m a BNHA blog who posts mainly manga memes with a dash of incorrect quotes and humorous skits/shenanigans based around the franchise. I occasionally reblog artwork or other miscellaneous posts, but I usually filter out my activity very well to prevent dash-clogging. Rare theorizing or participation in other fandoms (like the Dream SMP and such) will appear at random.
All of my content is original unless listed as otherwise, mostly meant to be seen with humorous intent and regarded as jokes.
My profile picture is a persona of mine, made by the lovely @aresuna here on tumblr. Go check out their blog! Their art is the bomb!
This account accepts asks, usually replies to comments, and loves to read reblog tags! I love seeing people interact! Please feel free to message and talk to me, as I am happy to do the same!
I’m really glad you found my space, and I hope you stick around.
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a nice day!
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saskia2402 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Merry Christmas to y’all! 🎄❤
This christmas @aresuna, @2j3i0ru8 and I made a wonderful christmas collab!
Everyone of us chose a different ship and did a sketch of them where later one of the others did either the lineart or the colouring!
In my Kiribaku drawing @2j3i0ru8 did the smooth lineart and @aresuna did the amazing colouring!
We all had so much fun doing this over the last few weeks and it’s really cool how our drawings turned out with all our different art styles!~
Check out @2j3i0ru8‘s Hawksdeavor/Endhawks drawing where I did the colouring and @aresuna‘s Shinkami drawing where I did the lineart! ❤
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aresuna · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Charlie totally not a slimecicle, the best human to ever human
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aresuna · 8 months ago
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Are we there yet?????
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aresuna · 8 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The resurrection is gonna be interesting
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