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#ariana grande

gonna be unfollowing some people i either don’t interact with/reblog things that i am not interested in anymore. please don’t take this personal!! my dash has just been super cluttered lately :(

please like/reblog if you post about the following so i can follow more people!

  • julie and the phantoms
  • tom holland
  • zendaya
  • little mix
  • ariana grande
  • 5 seconds of summer
  • alessia cara
  • harry styles
  • halsey
  • clairo
  • marvel
  • euphoria
  • one direction
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Why is there so many rumors about this album going around?😭 Where are y’all getting them from???? Who started the “she’s dropping a teaser for the music video today” rumor???

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when raindrops fall down from the sky… the day you left me an angel cried… oh she cried, an angel cried… she cried ✨💖💧👼🎵

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i’m also rlly excited, she’s coming to save 2020 for god’s sake! I think that will be like dangerous woman a little bit more adult (?) and a dance pop, idk

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cat, texting: jade there’s a huge moth outside my door can you please get it for me?

cat, texting: jade???

jade, texting: jade is dead. you’re next. love, moth.

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