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ukiyowi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Adrastea often also spelt as Adrasteia in Greek Mythology also known as "she who cannot be escaped" is the goddess of revolt. In my opinion wherever this asteroid is in your chart, it indicates what you cannot escape.
Do not fucking repost or reword my work <3 enjoy!
Tw: ED mention for 2nd house
ꗯ 1st: You cannot escape your own self and insecurities about the way you look or talk or walk. You may find it difficult to let go and may overdress at times to overcompensate. There is a possibility that you may be stuck in a loop that never ends because you feel like it cannot especially when it comes to your physical body.
ꗯ 2nd: You cannot escape your lack mindset, and may fall into it easily. You may have had a rough upbringing financially which makes you feel like you'll be financially unstable forever. You may attach all your self esteem with material wealth rather than looking inside and may have experiences with eating disorders.
ꗯ 3rd: You cannot escape your own mind, you may have been overly criticised during your early schooling years and may have been compared a lot with your neighbours and siblings especially academically. Have a tendency to overthink because of how observant you are and may be prone to getting anxious in public settings.
ꗯ 4th: You cannot escape your home, you may have had parents who were either neglectful or didn't get along with each other and fought a lot. This may make you feel like you don't have a comfort place/home and you'll never find one, that you can't escape your "fate" of having a home life that isn't secure in the future because of your past and may be scared to start a family.
ꗯ 5th: You cannot escape the spotlight for better or for worse. This makes you uncomfortable with being alone with yourself as you may out on a facade due to multiple eyes being on you at all times, this can also lead to feeling helpless at times because nothing you do seems to go unnoticed. You're scared ghosts of your past will come back to haunt you because of the same and are neglectful to your inner child.
ꗯ 6th: You cannot escape control, this is mostly external and you may feel like you're constantly being restricted and that you can't be free. You may have trouble setting boundaries as people around you may disregard them, not only that but you may lack self-discipline as you see it may seem too limiting for you, and you may believe that it will try to stifle you and your creativity. You may also have trouble making your subordinates listen to your ideas and opinions.
ꗯ 7th: You cannot escape the image you've made of yourself and presented to the world, as well as your relationships (platonic and romantic) you're bound to it and feel like you need to abide by it constantly without a break. You may also have trouble leaving bad or toxic relationships because you fear you won't be able to find anyone else, and may have problems with negotiating in a way that benefits you.
ꗯ 8th: You cannot escape your own guilt and the occult. You find it very difficult to let go of people and things, memories and experiences and may feel like it's your burden to bear. May feel shame attached to masturbation or sexual acts in a way and may not be comfortable being in intimate situations both sexually and emotionally. You may also attract a lot of energy vampires.
ꗯ 9th: You cannot escape the philosophies others enforce on you. You may have grown up in an extremely conventional/religious or strict household where you were expected and taught to do everything by the book. You probably have a difficult time trying to see things from other perspectives and may be a little rigid, having to work on being open minded actively, you may also have a dicey relationship with religion.
ꗯ 10th: You cannot escape your work, you're a workaholic and it brings a lot of imbalance to your life. You always want bigger better things that blind you from the meaningful relationships you have and the growth that you can go through. You neglect both your body and mind, and are restless when it comes to your deadlines, you may butt heads with authority figures as well.
ꗯ 11th: You cannot escape your self-sacrificial nature. You have a tendency to give even when you don't have anything for yourself and then fall in a loop of self pity. Your relationships with your friends and your community may be unequal as you don't get much back. There's a feeling of needing to give back rather than wanting to which also negatively impacts your energy.
ꗯ 12th: You cannot escape your past. Whether it be your past in this life or in terms of your past life, old relationships, people, memories keep coming back to teach you lessons that you didn't learn because of your self limiting beliefs and self deprecating nature. You don't like delving deep because you're scared of what you'll learn and what you'll see rather than wielding that knowledge as a weapon.
© Ukiyowi
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faiirina · a day ago
Astro Observations
© All Rights Reserved to @faiirina
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🔖 Tonight’s playlist
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ Gloomy Star (Airman, 1ho, Chan)
ㅤ ANL - NCT Dream
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ End of summer - slchld, Nathania
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ Cruel - Jeff Bernat
Play previous playlist 🌙
Sweet dreams ( ༶˃͈ 3 ˂͈)~・゜゜・.
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ✧
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ Neptune in Leo degrees (5,17,29) tend to get ‘idolized’ a lot.
Pisces + Aquarius in the natal chart is a head in the clouds combo. Yeah right aquarius are realistic and can point out shit where youre not making sense but arent they the idealistic signs? They carry a lot of innovative ideas in their minds thats why they can be a bit in their head.
Pluto in 9H: do teachers just hate your guts?
ㅤ 🔖 i have this placement and istg i’ve been falsely accused of theft, bullying, and causing so many other troubles at school. i never understood why teachers always had a thing towards me. literally so annoying
Neptune in 4H may mean you’re spoiled by your family or you’re always being misunderstood by your family members.
Hurt a Gemini Mars by telling them they talk too much and they don’t make sense at all or you already know what they’re telling you.
Neptune in 2H LOVES alcohol. Idk if yall have high AT tho hahaha
Leo Mercuries say ilys or words of encouragement a lot.
Moon square/opposite Saturn usually have puffier cheeks & rounder face.
12H can talk about your hidden source of happiness.
5H is where you seek inspiration/motivation from.
If you have Saturn 1H in your SR chart, in that year you will be tested and given a lot of opportunities to mature and create a solid foundation for the years ahead. I see this placement as preparing for the ‘big’ thing.
Saturn also represents karma, so expect running to karmic relationships or situations a lot. Saturn will help you grow, so don’t worry, you got this :)
Somehow all the Libras I met loved pink
Fixed moons.. Why can’t you guys admit you’re wrong ૮Ꮚ ´͈ ⁄ ⁄ '͈꒱Ა
Tumblr media
᭡ ࣪. 🍼🧺𖥨 *𝗟𑁍𝗩𝗘 𝗔𝗟𝗔𝗥𝗠ᵎᵎ
— love asteroids/notes bc i’m in a lovey dovey mood <2222
🎵 Even though we’re going through it and it makes you feel aloneJust know that I will die for you ~ 🎶
Asteroid Valentine (447) conjunct Sun really gives a person rose-tinted glasses. They always dream of true love and devoting everything to their lover.
Valentine (447) conjunct Descendant in synastry is a soulmate indicator. However, while it can definitely indicate a soul tie, this aspect can also mean a karmic relationship between the two people.
Valentine (447) having harsh aspects to Neptune might experience very very hard truths while being in love.
While this asteroid having harsh aspects to Mars indicate having too controlling partners or having a hard time to create boundaries for yourself.
Moon 2H in synastry can positively manifest into bonding through music, food, or spending money on each other.
Cupido (763) aspects with Mercury can make sweet-talkers.
Cupido-Saturn: doesn’t really like the idea of being in a talking stage, nor flirting, not even being in a relationship.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
························································· *ੈ✩‧₊˚·······························································
Wealth indicators in birth chart
NN, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto in 2H/8H/10H/11H
Connections between 2H/8H/10H/11H (e.g. 2H ruler in 10H)
Jupiter, Venus, NN, Pluto aspecting 2H/8H/10H/11H ruler
Jupiter-MC, NN-MC, Venus-MC, Pluto-MC
Planets/ House cusp 0°-2° in Leo, Taurus, Aquarius or Scorpio
Chart ruler in 2H/8H/10H/11H
Jupiter-Venus, Jupiter-NN, Jupiter-Pluto, Pluto-Venus, Pluto-NN, Venus-NN
Jupiter, Venus aspecting Saturn (sometimes)
7H ruler in 2H/8H/11H
Planets in 0°,1°,2° or 29°. These aspects indicate more of like gaining recognition for something you do.ㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
························································· *ੈ✩‧₊˚·······························································
Moments where astrology made too much sense
Someone, an Aquarius Moon: ‘We’re best friends, let’s always talk truthfully c’mon’
Also that someone, but being a Virgo Venus: always making sure I take pills, making breakfast for me because I always skip breakfast, nagging at me for not being tidy, etc. as a form of loving
Someone with a Cancer Moon conjunct Saturn: it’s good to let yourself feel, but I won’t cry…ig?
Someone being an Aquarius dominant: ‘You have to be unique to succeed!’ (which is true, but they repeats that way too much)
Someone with a Venus in 12H, being in a relationship for quite a long time; them just breaking the news to me after they broke up
Someone being a Libra Moon: ‘OMG how could I ever do that?!’ while being the culprit of it all
Someone(s) with Pluto 12H: talk like they’re tough bitch but cries after an emotional letter
Taurus Moon & Mars: tell me anything !
People: telling them they’re wrong
Taurus Moon & Mars: thanks but no
lmk how this was ! if you’ve scrolled through all of this, thank you <333 i’m running out of ideas for posts in the future, so please recommend some through my ask box (anons are welcomed!) 🤍
Tumblr media
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saintzjenx · a day ago
Thought of another one! Top five placements who has the potential in them but somehow always fails to see them or acknowledge them. Please 🥺🥺🥺
Ofcourse bby I got u🤍
Thank you for joining the game! Here are my top 5:
— Any 12th house placements: I hate 12th house slanders. Everyone has secrets. Deal with it😏12th house people are my favourite not only because they're genuinely one of the kindest people in this world but also because once they're able to get a hold of their impulses and passive aggressive issues, they thrive. They are able to harbour so much power. They need to acknowledged their ability to love and relate so universally. 12th house rules pain but it also rules over public welfare. For these people, I would say that you guys need to work on your own journey of healing before you can heal and calm others. You need to put yourself first and only then can you actually help people.
— Chiron aspects to personal planets: where theres great pain there also lies power. People who understand the extremities of emotions and karma can bring tremendous transformation into other people life. When you meet someone with harsh personal aspects to Chiron, you can sometimes just tell. The way they discuss their issues but refer to them as a lesson instead of trauma is very telling. If they reach the highest level of self acceptance and self love, they are able to protect people from ever experience what they did. Nurturers at their core and if anyone can cut off the generational trauma, its them.
— Pluto aspects to personal planets: They deal with the theme of obsession and guilt almost daily. They're some of the most special people I have ever encountered and their ability to influence people is insane. However, what they rarely tell is how much they crave stability and control as they lack so much of it earlier on in life so when they have the tiniest bits of it, they cling onto it. Once they worked out their issues with their past, they go on to become the survivors, the one that will prove you wrong, the one that make the impossible possible.
— Underdeveloped Leo/Aquarius/Capricorn/Scorpio/Libra Moon: I don't think this one needs much explanation. People might be surprise when they find out how low these people's self-esteem truly are. They mask it with the fake it til you make it personality but it can only works so far. I strongly believe that everyone Moon harbours different kind of insecurities but it is the one that seems calm on the surface that is screaming for help the most. They genuinely need to start acknowledging and owing up their power.
— Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio/Virgo placements: y'all give them too much slander and shits for being emotional but when yall are having breakdown and is waiting to see a professional y'all will come to them for advices. btw all the slanders got to them bc these people whether or not they show it, takes people words very seriously and they end up zoning out emotionally. as a Cancer Sun what I'm saying might be biased but just marks my words, emotional intelligence gets you to places. You can be the smartest person in the world but if you lack empathy and understanding, you'll get locked up before you can be out doing no good<3😄No one likes a smart douchebag. These people will make sure you feel listened and cared for once they decided you are worth it. Their validation is constant but don't mistake it for being common.
It was honestly very hard to come up with a Top5 haha but I have so much fun trying this out! Thank you once again for joining the game love<3
saint jenx🪐
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bhadbihseong · 2 days ago
ASTRO NOTES PT3??- Elements Edition
Tumblr media
🌱Anyone who has big air influence in their chart takes intellectual shit pretty serious-----IF THEY CALL YOLU STUPID (eyy ah😝 if you you you call me a fool 난 그러게 살 테니까- ) ITS A HUGE INSULT CAUSE BEING STUPID/CLOSE-MINDED MAKES THEM PUKE...esp without a valid reason
🌱I love people with earth mercuries/moons/risings/Jupiter they are so funny like the way they express the obvious is so damn funny to me
🌱People with water/air in their 12th are very giving and don't realize that shit😬 please stop doubting yourself and stop letting bitches walk over you- you are sensitive and your so compassionate- be careful who/what you give your energy to bby.
🌱I feel like water risings are very intuitive and easily manifest things- they may be unconscious of this or it may be hard for them to see this but this is just something that I picked up on. They’re either very aware of things or not at all- no in between. 
🌱Esp cancer rising- they also don't like fake people or people that DRAIN THEM. They're sensitive to energy and can take on other peoples energy which you know isn't the best way to see a cancer esp. on the ascendant. This goes to another level when they have fire influence in their chart- it can be a huge deal. They'll get distant or just straight up get nasty. Also look at which decan the rising is in to get more clarity.
🌱When an earth sign doesn't like you they'll make you feel worthless😥
🌱Saturn in air were meant to have challenges in relationships. Saturn often throws obstacles, barriers, and restrictions in this area of life for you to learn the importance of relationships, communication and knowledge. Learn that not everyone is a friend, not everyone is an enemy. Learn that you must communicate what you want for others to understand where you are coming form. Learn that to be impulsive isn't always the smart choice. Since Saturn is here you may have caught on to this theme but I guess this is just a reminder?? lol
🌱Mars in earth can be control freaks...literally bestie🤪 During the fun times chile they are very much into being over their partner they want to dom. Like knowing what they can do to you turns them on....OK IM DONE TALKING ABOUT THIS LOL NEXT
🌱Earth risings look so intimidating like  they have a stern face but THEY ARE LITERLALLY THE SWEETEST AND FUNNIEST PEOPLE I KNOW I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!
🌱Earth Eros ARE SO FUCKING FREAKY (not like Aquarius ncfgesub) but they hide it very well/find it uncomfy showing it. They like when things are in order leading up to sex and I feel like they want shit to be demolished once they're done--- AHHHH EARTH SIGNS ARE JUST SEXY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I'm done with this shit omg
BEFORE YOU GO If you’d like to participate in my follower celebration game check it out here!
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Astro Observations II
Tumblr media
Please note: all these come from my studies and personal experience. A single placement or aspect is never enough to understand one’s full chart!
Sun square Pluto (☉□♇): natives face a constant inner imbalance. The Sun wants to shine and be seen, while Pluto desires privacy. Depending on other aspects and the houses these planets are in, it can either bring a huge success to the native, or result in obsession and thus in failure.
Moon conjunct Neptune (☽☌♆): natives are very creative. They can easily become moody and restless. There's a romantic vein in them and they don't learn to stand their own ground and defend their opinions, they'll be easily influenced by others. This particular conjunction also emphasizes any spiritual inclinations as well as natural psychic abilities. The dark side of this is seen in the intese emotional responses the native usually has. It can be truly hard for them to discern between illusion and reality.
Mars trine Saturn (♂△♄): natives have such an incredible natural sense of timing. They're good in business as they know when it's the right moment to fight and when it's the right moment to run. (This may sound a little exaggerated, I'm aware). They desire respect from others, especially those in a position they aspire to be in. Their career and reputation are very important to them. Usually, they strive to be successful.
Venus quincunx Mars (♀quincunx♂): natives may lack happiness in their sexual lives. However, they have a strong desire for sexual expression. This aspect can also indicate health issues.
Jupiter in the 5th house: natives can be so lucky. They have a flair for the grandiose and definitely enjoys doing things their own - big -way. They're interested in luxury, romance, sports, children, as well as creative activities. If not addressed properly, this placement can lead to the native being reckless or daring, and at times over-indulgent and overly sensuous.
Mercury opposite Mars (☿☍♂): natives would like to rationalize things but often don't get the chance to as they rush head-first into action. They have the courage to defend their ideas, but this placement can indicate a pattern of ''why did I say that?'' and ''why did I do that?'' scenarios constantly repeating themselves. The native can become aware of this if they practice patience. If they do, they'll find the right balance between these energies.
Venus in the 12th house synastry: (I could write a whole post about this, should I?) is usually seen as ''bad'' or obscure. Considering the 12th house is often reduced to the house of hidden enemies, loneliness, losses etc etc, there's not many good things about Venus in the 12th house synastry out there. In my personal experience this isn't an easy aspect, especially for a romantic partnership, but it makes for such a deep, intense and passionate connection. It can at times be interpreted as a karmic pattern, even if it isn't. A relationship like this will be worth it: this is the person that knows you best. They know your flaws, your strengths, your patterns, your hobbies, the way you tilt your head when you're mad etc. (especially if they're the Venus person!) This can become a codependent or obsessive relationship, but if the two have earned their lessons so far, it ca be revolutionary. There's so much to learn and discover from each other! It is however an intense placement for a synastry chart, so other aspects and placements should be considered here as well.
This was super brief but I hope you enjoyed! Love you
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snarkywrites · 3 days ago
Full Moon in Aries: Poise
The Full Moon in Aries will be on October 20th, and it will once again remind us of our relationship with power and authority. Prepare for intensity during this time, as Pluto shows us where we must continue our transformation fearlessly. This is a time to take things easy. If any challenges present themselves, take a step back and think before reacting. Libra Season has shown us the benefits of patience and perseverance; this Moon is similar even if it’s in Aries. Embrace your independent side and get more in touch with your inner power. However, we must still be tactful when managing authority. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon signs.
Aries – The Full Moon is in your sign, and this presents a new way to recharge and meditate. Feeling stressed? Practice patience. During this time, you will understand the course of your transformation compared to six months ago. More responsibilities begin to pile on for you, but you are going to be more confident with the workload and more optimistic about things for the next month. 
Taurus – You can feel very much enlightened during this transit. Vivid dreams can provide you with insight and knowledge that you’ve been seeking regarding your career and inspirations. This is your time to begin to craft the path you envision for yourself as we get closer to your Full Moon transit next month.
Gemini – It could be a time where you are either going to feel comfort from connecting with others or find peace in your moments of solitude. Consider this also a good time to get in touch with your creative side since your confidence will help you create wonders. Trust your vision.
Cancer – Networking opportunities can bring you a lot of insight during this transit. The Full Moon has you dreaming of big things. Your work will be praised during this time and your superiors are noticing the hard work you’ve put in the last six months. You are unstoppable during this time.
Leo – Lots of growth for you with this transit as the Full Moon adds on to topics that Saturn has been teaching you throughout this year. There is more to learn but you might feel more passionate about pursuing your new career goals or you might consider embarking on a learning journey. Your new sense of confidence and optimism can help you along the way.
Virgo – With this transit, you will see some of the topics from the past resurface. You can also see an opportunity to clear debt or restructure your finances. The Full Moon brings a conclusion and a sense of courage with topics that have made you feel anxious. Facing the shadows will make you feel stronger.
Libra – Evaluate how the people in your life make you feel and if certain relationships are even worth it. This transit will allow you to feel more confident in partnerships, whether you are single or in a relationship. The Full Moon brings out your independent spirit and a lot of your focus will gravitate towards being grounded at home. 
Scorpio – Prepare for some more dynamic routines as the Full Moon serves as a reminder that you must be more mindful of your needs. During this transit, prepare to trust your intuition as you will be experiencing moments where you can meditate. A new learning journey could begin for you as well.
Sagittarius – This can be an entertaining transit for you, as the Full Moon makes you want to pursue periods of excitement. If you are single, you might be a lot more motivated to live in the moment and not seek anything long-term. Those in relationships can see an evolution within their romantic connections. During this time, be mindful of your spending habits.
Capricorn – Much like Aries, you too are experiencing your ongoing transformation as the Full Moon brings you closer to where you imagine yourself. For the next few years, you are going to continue to learn and grow. But for now, the Moon will have you seeing some interesting events happen in your immediate environment as well as your career. 
Aquarius – Expect to communicate a lot more during this transit, especially if Saturn has made you feel more of an introvert. This is a good time to connect with others, to do something exciting locally, or to focus on a hobby that can bring you lots of joy.
Pisces – There could be a focus on your friends and you. During this time, you might prefer to be surrounded by the people you love to get some guidance or to release stress. You may be compelled to spend more to tract yourself, so don’t go overboard. Moderation is your best option during this time.
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kaiju-wolfdragon · a day ago
Part 2/2:
Tumblr media
Ram: why me!
Elizabeth: he's very squishy!
Aries: nice
Aries:mind:*now i'm satisfied*
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menna101 · 2 days ago
Zodiac Signs ♐♌♑♏♉♒♍♊♎♈
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lunadileo · a day ago
Top 5 venus signs ?
My top 5 venus signs:
1. Leo Venus 💖: so grandiose, passionate, loyal in love, loves to be spoiled and loves spoiling loved ones, so creative, theatrical and talented, heart of gold, kind and supportive friend, a shining star 🌟
2. Taurus Venus 💖: so comforting, calm, refined, loves to be surrounded by luxurious things, great fashion sense, gives the most beautiful and expensive presents 🎁, sensual and loving, loves to pamper and take proper care of oneself and one’s own appearance 💅🏼
3. Scorpio Venus 💖: very protective and passionate about loved ones, loves with full heart, all or nothing, a trustworthy friend who’ll always keep your secrets, a ride or die personality, very intense and possessive 🔥
4. Aries Venus 💖: very passionate and energetic, sexy and alluring, easily gets what she/he wants, attention-drawing, great zest for life, very self-confident and opinionated 💋
5. Libra Venus 💖: vibes of harmony and balance, delicate, sophisticated sense of fashion, well-mannered, polite and diplomatic, perfect aesthetics 👛
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mimondee · a day ago
Tumblr media
ғɪʀᴇ ᴍᴀʀs ✺ expression through direct action, initiative, enthusiasm, confidence, dynamic
ARIES [the fighter] ✦ need to feel that they are forceful enough when pursuing their desires and taking action ✦ may have a burst of will power when it comes to following a brief impulse, but it’s not exactly durable ✦ aggression is thoughtless, obvious and attack-oriented ✦ the way they’re fighting is impulsive, direct, but short-lived ✦ energy is primal and abundant ✦ desires are immediate, innocent and assertive, but can also be selfish, impatient and impulsive ✦ when they’re feeling insecure, they tend to forget all but their ego and its needs strengths: ⇢ impulsivity ⇢ heading straight for the goal ⇢ emphasis on sense of competition ⇢ their subjective perspective influences the way they’re negotiating ⇢ will is one-pointed, motivated by challenges/oppositions ⇢ the way they take action is active, direct, independent ⇢ may display leadership qualities weaknesses: ⇢ warlike ⇢ feeling pressured to show off their strength ⇢ may take "either/or" stance ⇢ arrogant, egotistical, reckless, easily excitable, pushy ⇢ sometimes acting on the basis of impatience ⇢ may lack sympathy, understanding and self-control ⇢ motivation tends to come from selfish and combative concerns
Tumblr media
LEO [the optimist] ✦ need to express themselves and be creative through their actions ✦ aiming towards achieving their goals/plans in the least complicated and most lasting way possible ✦ criticism may quickly irritate them, but the tension is reduced just as quickly ✦ attacking with strength and authority ✦ way of fighting is direct and confident in their victory, “defeating” the other through dignity and might ✦ energy is active and bouncy ✦ desires revolve around recognition, appreciation, opportunities for self-expression, but can also revolve around needing attention and being emotionally dominant ✦ when they’re feeling insecure, they need the attention in order to validate their reality strengths: ⇢ superior style ⇢ optimistic, self-confident ⇢ lively and vibrant when they carry out their plans ⇢ way of taking action is creative, very expressive and meant to cultivate loyalty ⇢ doing things from the heart and being sustained by a sense of duty to lead weaknesses: ⇢ the lord and master ⇢ arrogant behavior, theatrical, stubborn, dominant, petty ⇢ extremely sensitive to criticism ⇢ may lack humility, discipline and passion ⇢ difficulties with grasping details ⇢ separations can be a theme ⇢ tendency to plan how to draw attention to themselves
Tumblr media
SAGITTARIUS [the noble-minded] ✦ need to expand, even if it is beyond their reach ✦ decisions are made spontaneously ✦ attacking with emotional and moral conviction and may even enjoy “conflicts” ✦ tendency to grow out of anger and/or hurt sense of justice ✦ they fight by disarming, making judgments about or morally wipes out the opposition ✦ impulsive and sporadic energy ✦ desires are within the bounds of conventions, outdoors oriented, focused on understanding and growth, but can also be overly focused on fun, unrealistic, self-indulgent ✦ when feeling insecure, their fear of overcoming their own ego can put a stop on whatever they’re pursuing strengths: ⇢ enthusiasm ⇢ great passion and positive manner when it comes to achieving their goals ⇢ may motivate others and even push them along too ⇢ an impulse for traveling ⇢ active, broad, adventurous when taking action ⇢ motivation comes from actions and is sustained by their visions weaknesses: ⇢ the crusader ⇢ tendency towards exaggeration and overestimating themselves ⇢ may lack endurance and stability ⇢ sometimes rushing in without thinking for a second, taking on projects that are too much for them ⇢ overly competitive, not good with details ⇢ easily distracted by the grand schemes and/or the possibility of fun
Tumblr media
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saintzjenx · 2 days ago
people fangirling over Joe and Love dynamic in You but all I can think about is these two:
Tumblr media
You CAN NOT convince me they don't scream Aries-Libra axis energy😭 Miss Sherry is for sure an Aries with water moon and an earth rising with some kind of Sagittarius or Gemini in her chart and Cary is such a puppy Libra Sun with a fire moon and Scorpio/Taurus rising sksksksks
I do not know how I get so specific but the way they went through SO MUCH growth in that cage KILLS ME BAHAHAHAHAHAHA like just look at this PLSS
Tumblr media
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casa-de-los-signos · 2 days ago
¿Por qué siguen solteros?
Porque sigue pensando en su ex.
Porque es orgulloso.
Porque no quiere compromisos.
Porque no ha superado a su ex.
Porque la vida lo ha decidido así.
Porque está en una ~autorelación~ relación consigo mismo.
Porque está enamoradx secretamente.
Porque le falta confianza.
Porque tiene demasiados planes.
Porque no tiene tiempo para eso.
Porque es exigente.
Porque todavía no ha llegado el amor verdadero.
Por: Tauro
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milkandhoneyastrology · 22 hours ago
What Your Moon Sign Says About You pt.I
Tumblr media
Please note: this post will be talking about the Moon positioned in the first six signs of the zodiac (so Aries through Virgo). I'll be talking about the Moon in the other signs in tomorrow's post.
All these come from my studies and personal experience. A single placement or aspect is never enough to understand one’s full chart!
Aries (☽︎♈︎): these natives can come off as emotionally detached at times, even though their feelings are acute and sharp. Their temper can get uneven; they may easily flare up for something bit quickly let it go shortly after. They feel so much natural enthusiasm but must work to develop patience. There could be insecurity trying to hide behind an aggressive exterior. When interested they can be warm, when not they become rather impersonal. They are intense, changeable in their enthusiasm, quick, inventive, and restless. They feel with their ego. They are not very persistent but often take the initiative. There could be a habit of trying to emotionally dominate others. They can resent authority, rarely take advice, and lack attention to detail as well as the ability to ask for help when needed. They are very dynamic and have a self-reliant attitude which makes them natural-born leaders. Likely the native had a rather inventive and independent mother with a strong influence on them. Taurus (☽︎♉︎): natives are emotionally stable and stick to their ideals. It is not easy to change their mind and they may resent whoever tries to interfere with their decisions. Their intuition is well developed, as well as their sense of touch and taste. Also, they're likely to have a pleasant voice. They enjoy the arts and good food. They have impressive memory, are faithful, sentimental, and affectionate. These natives rarely fight their family's ideals and traditions, especially those taught to them by their mother. With said mother, the native is usually close, although not always happy to be. They look for loyal and long-lasting relationships, both in the platonic and the romantic sphere. They desire to excel at whatever they do. Gemini (☽︎♊︎): here what matters most to their emotional sphere is variety and novelty rather than duration and depth of feeling. The native usually perceives the world through thought rather than feeling and is accurate in their impressions. Not necessarily intuitive, but rather observant and accurate. The mind, even if often chaotic and certainly changeable, can assimilate information and details incredibly easily. Although sometimes perceived as cold because they're reserved in their personal matters, these natives are simply more interested in the here and now than in the past. Their intellect is sharp and they could be very gifted in the arts (especially anything involving the skillful use of one's hands). These natives can have multiple vocations at the same time. There's a preference - if not a psychological need - to do multiple things at once. Cancer (☽︎♋︎): natives are primarily attached to home and family and usually have a very deep and strong with the mother figure. They can be quite careful with money and property. Their love for home and family can sometimes express itself as patriotism. These natives trust their feelings, sometimes naively, their mind is meditative and their reactions slow. They can be quite the empaths and they must learn how not to let the negativity they sense absorb into their energetic field - it can make them moody and unhappy. Usually, they hide their true feeling and emotions. They may be easily imposed upon. These natives are attracted to a romantic, gentle and peaceful love rather than passion. Artistic, creative, and dramatic they may have a natural flair for music, poetry, and acting.
Leo (☽︎♌︎): unless personally concerned, these natives tend to leave issues alone. They have a fiery temperament and often lack objectivity in their emotional perspective. They can quickly evaluate people and their motives. All their learning is colored by their feelings and if motivated they learn quickly and accurately. If not invested, they lack curiosity. Their emotions are powerful and at times may make them egoistical. This placement brings with it positions of authority which the native usually takes seriously and easily and excels at. Natives with this placement are sexually magnetic and attractive to others. They love music, the arts, luxury, children and have a pleasant presence and self-confident disposition.
Virgo (☽︎♍︎): natives may be attracted to science and/or the occult, as well as display great intuitive abilities if they choose to develop them. They could be clairvoyant or psychic. They attract people easily and could experience frequent changes in their lives. Their memory is excellent and they seek knowledge to use and apply it. They are generous with their time and have a deep desire to be of service, even if at times they find it difficult to understand the emotions of others. In their relationships, they can get rather insistent and desire things to be the exact way they want them. They may tend to worry, as well as have an interest in diet, health, and hygiene. They tend not to ask personal questions unless necessary. They have incredible attention to detail as well as good business sense - they could excel at psychoanalysis or diagnosis of any kind. The native's mother may seem critical or cold to them.
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Aries needs to be responsible for their own life decisions, even when they are making the wrong decision. They need to know that they are the one who made their own choices. Aries cannot tolerate the idea of other people making their life decisions for them. Aires needs to be in complete control of their own life in order to feel free.
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Fnf movement: aries
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His left eye is red because ram is watching what's going on
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Dravol @ Any: What is it that you F E A R?
tw: implied abuse
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🧿💎Pick a Crystal💎🧿
💜Take a deep breathe then use your intuition to choose a crystal
💖Rose Quartz💖
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If you chose…
💖Rose Quartz💖:
You are on the verge of a transformation. I see you shedding your old ways in order to live a better life. Right now, you may be scared to let go of things and people from your past but the end result will be worth it. Your dreams could be more vivid than usual, try to write them down. Pay attention to the signs that the Universe is trying to give you. Opportunities are coming your way, be open to them! Listening to other peoples’ perspective and talking about your thoughts could be therapeutic for you right now. Try not to isolate too much. Stay strong, good things are coming.
You may be stuck in a rut right now, not knowing what direction to go in, be patient with yourself. Everything will come together in time. This is your reminder to see the beauty around you; write out what you’re grateful for or say affirmations to yourself that make you feel good. Be careful who you surround yourself with and who you give your energy too. Right now is a good time to be with friends or family that uplift your mood or even doing something that you love. Go outside for some fresh air.
You’re going to find out things you may or may not like but all in all you’ll be receiving some clarity soon. Focusing on yourself and making positive changes to your life will improve your sense of being. It’s important not to take life too seriously, either.Remember “this too shall pass”, even when situations feel unbearable. Try to keep a positive attitude and also remember it’s important to let things go. Protect your inner child; know that what’s good for you is different than what you want.
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