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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Aries: There are better ways of dealing with your problems than joining the circus. Though, there are also worse ways.

Taurus: No horoscope today. When I asked the stars they threw a car at me. I have placed them in time out for a bit.

Gemini: The humanoid shapes in the dust storm will try to lure you in with offers of coupons to restaurants that don’t exist.

Cancer: Its pretty toxic of you to rapidly putrefy into a biohazardous puddle of bile.

Leo: There is a bag on the shelf by your desk. It was not there a moment ago. You do not recognize it. It is made of felt, with a single zipper on the front. Do not open it.

Virgo: Not enough, not enough you say to yourself. Maybe you are right. Maybe it is only a question of time. All the world can ask for is your best.

Libra: Do not be alarmed when a swarm of hornets descend on brunch. You accidentally sent them a facebook invite.

Scorpio: The sky here is red and the earth is black and soft your eyes are in the wrong places but it does not bother you.

Ophiuchus: Two men observe a painting from two different angles, is what they see the same? Can they trust the light? Can you?

Sagittarius: The effectiveness of your work does not correlate with how aesthetically pleasing your desk space is. It correlates with the amount of taxidermied mice you have stapled to your forehead.

Capricorn: Sun is about to hatch.

Aquarius: Today will be a good day for love, but only as long as you eat some oats off the floor.

Pisces: Your work/life balance might hit a snag when you are faced yet again with the reanimated corpse of R&B legend Prince, who can cast spells now.

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Chiron Rx in Aries is all about self reliance, autonomy & healing old wounds. Chiron represents the internal wounds we will have to heal during this lifetime. You will be asked to come face to face with past traumas, in order to evolve into your higher self & to clean up any lingering pieces of lives that no longer resonate with your soul’s calling.

Pay attention to the signs & synchronicities you encounter, as they are your tools for self-empowerment. Pay closer attention to the people who bring out these uncomfortable truths, as they have come to show you the path to healing & transformation. And in true Aries fashion, face them head-on!

Chiron will remain in retrograde until December 15th, giving us the rest of the year to reconnect with these wounds, to focus on self-care/self-love, and to transform pain into purpose.

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