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virgo-rocks · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
#astrology #zodiac #virgo #libra #zodiac signs #aries #gemini #scorpio #leo #taurus #pisces #aquarius #astrology #zodiac #virgo #libra #zodiac signs #aries #gemini #scorpio #leo #taurus #pisces #aquarius #astrology #zodiac #virgo #libra #zodiac signs #aries #gemini #scorpio #leo #taurus #pisces #aquarius
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astrologyways · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
April 2021 - Monthly Horoscopes
 ARIES (March 20 – April 19)
Sense of well-being will be setting the tone for the month. Optimism connected to changes has been occurring in your area of shared resources. Your feelings of personal responsibilities do not seem to be clear enough to comprehend what other people need from you, calling for clarification from them. The desire to obtain a luxury item on impulse for entertainment reasons could backfire unless you give this some thought, which you do not plan on doing.
TAURUS (April 19 – May 20)
Your privacy seems to be extremely important for you this month, but you also want to put your best front forward. Sudden changes connected to your work and job could be present, and these changes could possibly not be happy ones. Adaptation will be the key to this situation as changes are difficult for you to take. You must be prepared mentally to receive a learning experience this month. Worries in your partnership and marriage area could be bothersome to you. Still, a friendly interchange of thoughts with a friend could help ease your mind.
GEMINI (May 20 – June 21)
April may find some of you getting involved with charitable activities with friends. These could be connected to your business or work, but uncertainty could be causing you some worries. Some news could be reaching you connected to your status or position in the community, bringing info that could be very useful. Impulsive action to find enjoyment on a trip could cause a disagreement; cooperation and refrain should be considered. An illusory sense of well-being could be developing concerning money. You will not be happy when searching for clarification in this situation.
CANCER (June 21 – July 22)
The community and social status seem to be very much at the forefront for you this month. Social activities and entertainment are also plentiful. Activities at home have been increasing. Moving may be a possibility, but this could cause you many unexpected expenses you aren’t quite prepared for. Informing yourself before you sign anything or get involved would be the smart thing to do. A well-intentioned friend could be misinformed about something important. Trusting yourself before you dive into any decisions will be for the best.
LEO (July 22 – August 22)
This April, some of you Leos will be getting a more philosophical outlook on your life. As the month goes on, you will be looking at a broader meaning into where you are going. Dispute with your partner or mate could be rocking the boat; mediation with feelings toward each party will pave the way. Asserting yourself during these challenging conditions will be very helpful for all. A work-related subject can show a very promising prospect but remember that everything that glitters is not gold. You will not be given complete information in details that could be very valuable.
VIRGO (August 22 – September 22)
The limelight this month is on your area of outside sources of income. Communication concerning this in connection to a partnership could be on the schedule for you. Preoccupation could be generated by this situation. Inspiration and a sense of responsibility will be coming into play. There should be loads of activities connected to your individual sources. Inclination to act irresponsibly should be halted, and care is called for.
LIBRA (September 22 – October 23)
For a few of you, wedding bells could be sounding right now, and some of you may also be beginning new business partnerships. Small differences in views with a loved one could become blown out of proportion. Talking about whatever you do not agree upon before anything is sealed and signed will be vital. New opportunities for career advancement, together with a late financial reward, could be in the stars for you. Imaginary duties could cause stress, so try to look at other points of view and be realistic.
SCORPIO (October 23 – November 22)
April’s spotlight is on work. Duties require clarification if lack of communication is reducing your understanding of them. Problems should be faced and talked about. Changes at your home seem to be happening, giving you a sense of having your hands tied behind your back. Remembering past experiences could be necessary. Frustration and tension could be worked out respectfully with a partner. Changes in the minds of loved ones seem to be called for, and the lesson will be learned.
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)
Social activities and entertainment with good friends will come your way. Plenty of communication between you and friends will bring unexpected news. Your area of work is bringing you pleasant circumstances. Some of you might be promised rewards financially, but remember that promises are only promises, so follow up. Many of you Sagittarians could be contemplating a change of residence as you start feeling restless in your surroundings. An amazing opportunity of doing so might be headed your way.
CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
April’s spotlight this month is at your home base. Slow changes will start momentum, and moving could be one thing you could see shortly. Preoccupation about this change could pester you, but they will pass. Insecurities about your abilities and role at home could be troubling you, so communication with a loved one could interpret and define the situation for you. A close relative could show you a thing or two about your finances. Emotions might get in the way. Channels of communication with a partner or mate will be harmoniously revealed in the second half of the month, so you will achieve many things regarding future plans.
AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 18)
Exchange of ideas with a close relative will lead you to a learning experience and a different viewpoint on your life. Avoid disputes as emotions may get in the way; an agreement will be necessary. Your area of work will be calling for changes as differences will abound. Acting too fast could be harmful, so a friendly approach could be the most dependable way. Concerns about your future goals will be worrying you, but listening to your inner awareness will guide you. Rewards could be right around the corner.
PISCES (February 19 – March 20)
April’s spotlight is on your area of personal values and resources. You will be learning a few things regarding your joint finances, and your partner or mate will be giving a lot of their input in this field. The exchange of ideas at your workplace will be important as inner conflicts seem to be confusing you. Negotiations in a friendly environment should take place. Keep an open mind to suggestions that could be very advantageous to you. The emotional demand for some social and recreational activities could be needed this month, and thoughts about traveling will be at the forefront of your mind.
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bratz-kitten · 3 months ago
“Menelaus, if you are really going to kill her, then my blessing go with you, but you must do it now, before her looks so twist the strings of your heart that they turn your mind; for her eyes are like armies, and where her glances fall, there cities burn, until the dust of their ashes is blown by her sighs. I know her, Menelaus, and so do you. And all those who know her suffer.” — Neil Curry, Euripides: Helen, the Trojan Women, the Bacchae
— LOVE IS MAGNETIC. one look at her and you wonder how far would you go for her (the answer: far. as in, starting a war for her kind of far). if you’re lucky enough, she’ll look back at you, too. you feel like you’ve known her all your life – five minutes and she makes you feel like her best friend, ten and you’re too far gone already. you contemplate running away with her, to keep her for yourself; but she wasn’t made to be kept hidden away, she’s made for all the adoration the world has to offer. her smile is her strength, the way it’s so wide and oozes charm. everyone gets sucked right in into her soft and flirty nature. she portrays herself with such elegance and confidence, you wouldn’t believe it if you saw the scared, insecure girl hiding underneath, all her fears and terrors, the validation she never received as a child. but she’s too strong to let others see it. 
— LOVE IS CONNIVING. she’s so used to being underestimated. you look at her and you see the face of innocence, of love, beauty and naïvety; before you know it, she has her claws deep in you, seducing you into doing whatever she wants with the same eyes that elicit so much innocence. you give her everything that she wants because she just looks so goddamn happy when she gets it – she looks so good when she’s being spoiled, being given everything that she deserves. her voice is her strength, as dangerous yet vulnerable as a siren, her eyes sparkly and mischievous. she longs for admiration and devotion, loyalty and to claim you as hers... but beware, because she’ll never let you clip her wings and her freedom. you are an addition to her life, not a necessity; all she needs is herself. 
VENUS IN THE 3RD HOUSE: ELIZABETH BENNET (from pride and prejudice)
— LOVE IS STIMULATING. she’s cunning; too cunning, perhaps; with the way her eyes light up before saying something particularly teasing, and you have to wonder if she finds pleasure in your torture, because most times, she leaves you there, speechless and fumbling for words – something, anything that won’t make you sound like such an idiot. but she just laughs, aware of the effect she has on you. her sharp tongue is her strength, and so are her hands, her touch gentle and healing, a contrast between the storm of her personality. she gets everything just by saying the right thing; and that’s where her danger lies, in the mind games she’s able to play without you even noticing. her mind is something otherwordly, her curiosity and imagination, her talent for creating art with her words, her fascination with all that mentally stimulates her. her joyful nature and ability to analyze everything that was left unsaid, making you feel seen in parts of you not even you had noticed about yourself. 
— LOVE IS HOME. through her complex inner world and deep emotions, you’re not sure you’ve ever met someone who can feel like chaos and peace at the same time. she makes you feel nurtured with just the way her eyes crinkle up into a smile, and you’re fascinated with the way she views the world so differently from everyone else. she’s a walking paradox, with as many sharp edges as softness. she inspires love and trust within all those around her, giving them the hope of a better tomorrow even if she sometimes feels unsure as to if that tomorrow truly exists. but she doesn’t know the meaning of the word giving up, however; her inner courage to face the world is her strength and she’s not easily defeated by troubled waters. nostalgia can take over her at times, and so can her overprotectiveness and insecurities... but she’ll rise up stronger than ever when she realizes her worth, and you can only hope you get to make her feel as safe as she does to you. 
— LOVE IS PLAYFUL. the more you chase her, the more she seems to run away from you; you’re terrified of all others who also fight for her affection, for you know she could slip from your fingers at any moment now. still you chase her, like a goddam fool (but we’re all fools in love), and she’s like a siren as she lures you into her games, trying to see what you’re made of, if you could be the one to finally gain a hold of her attention. she makes the most mundane, dull activities feel like a joy, and you’re torn between constant pleasure and pain as you let her unfold you in every possible way. she’s so much, with her talent for getting all eyes on her and her dramatism, but you can be sure that, if she deems you worthy enough to commit to, her loyalty and devotion are unending, her love lifelong. her love for romance has you going on dates that you’ve only ever dreamed of before, and you just know that her charm is her strength. 
— LOVE IS MATURE. under her sarcastic and uncaring demeanor is someone who shows their affection through the most unconventional ways that only a few are capable of understanding – the small gestures she makes, her consistency, the way she’ll go above and beyond to make someone feel safe but will threaten to kill them if they do so much as acknowledge it out loud. she can be so supportive of others, and the way she earns the trust and respect of all those around her is her strength, the way everyone knows everything will be okay as soon as she enters the room. she’s observant of details that others wouldn’t even think of noticing, and she has a way of understanding your deepest needs and cravings. she can make you feel known and touched and loved in a way you never even thought possible, making you addicted to the kind of attention no one but her is capable of providing. 
VENUS IN THE 7TH HOUSE: MALÈNA (monica bellucci)
— LOVE IS OVERWHELMING. she’s so used to have everyone falling at her feet, but do they love her or the image they have of her? how could they know her, when sometimes she isn’t even sure that she knows herself? the way she so easily commands respect and admiration is her strength, and you wonder if she ever feels exhausted from being so desired. because truthfully, all she longs for is for someone to be interested not in her looks but in her soul, her capability of loving so hard and profoundly, the way she brings harmony and peace to where once was chaos, her need to explore and to spread positivity and her talents... the way she can be so romantic and with a soul so deep, yearning to unveil all the mysteries to the universe. sometimes, you’re sure that just loving her is the key to all those mysteries. 
— LOVE IS DEADLY. eyes that can both kill and give life; either way, this is a love that you’ll not escape whole from. when she’s done with you, you’ll feel as if she took a part of your soul with her, and you can’t tell where she ends and where you start. a love that merges two souls together. her eyes are her strength, deep and penetrating. she’s attracted to your darkness, to unveiling the mystery that you are and to solve you like a puzzle as she finds all the secrets you vowed not to tell another living soul. she wants to know every little thing about you. she craves intimacy, and only when you get past her secretive and intimidating front will you get access to her unending kindness and caring for those she loves. she’s so loyal and devoted, but if you ever try to take advantage of that you’ll burn. trust is everything for her. 
— LOVE IS AN ADVENTURE. her nature is just so honest and unapologetic, so vibrant and alive, you can’t help throwing yourself headfirst into whatever adventure she has her mind on next; and she’s worse than you on that – her impulsivity has her wearing her heart on her sleeve, living life so intensely as if she’s afraid that it’ll slip right from her hands. her hips and tighs are her strength, and the way she brings fun into every corner of your life. because what is life about if not learning, traveling, exploring new things and expanding our horizons? you’d be a fool to think she has any limits; she’s made of freedom and independence, of her many interests and spontaneity. she loves life and you love her, as you dream of exploring the world by her side, of knowing not only her physical but her mind and soul. 
— LOVE IS POWER. she will find out your biggest fantasy and be what you want; until she has taken everything from you that she so desires, leaving you wondering if you’ve ever truly met her or just one of the facets she shows to the world. she feels otherworldly, portrays herself with such cold air, and you long to be the one to finally feel her warmth, to finally swim past the surface and drown in her depths. but her standards are so high, are you up for the challenge? love with her is filled with power-play, she longs for someone powerful while commanding power herself, someone who can be on her level (few are capable of that). her charm is her strength, the way everyone falls so easily for her words and the image she presents, so confident and provocative; little do they know the overwhelming emotions that hide underneath the coldness. the way she can love so deeply, but will she ever allow herself to?
— LOVE IS FIERY. you fall in love with the way she speaks of saving the world (and you don’t doubt that she will), the light in her eyes even as she holds the weight of the world in her shoulders. you can’t tame her, she’s a bird in the wild whose wings fly too high, so independent and unapologetic. her dreams are her strength, and the way she won’t stop until she makes them a reality – it’s like all the passion in the world has gathered in her heart. she embodies freedom. she has this thing where she can make anyone in the world feel like her best friend, as she unites everyone under the same cause that she believes so deeply in, and you’re so entranced with the love she inspires. you can’t help wanting to fight for her, wanting to help achieve all her dreams as you fall in love with her mind, her interest and her beliefs, too deep in the volcano that she is. 
VENUS IN THE 12TH HOUSE: JULIET (from romeo and juliet)
— LOVE IS FORBIDDEN. from the first moment you met her, it feels like your life suddenly became a movie; like nothing was worth living through or mentioning before your eyes first laid on hers. her love feels star-crossed, as if you’ve waited lifetimes to meet her, with all her complexities and rich inner world that so few get to be a part of. she oozes mystery and secrecy; you long to be the first to discover all her secrets, the chaos that is her life. and she loves hard – so hard, in a way you never even thought possible, and her ability to drown in the depths of her emotions is both her strength and her undoing, for the world is so good in her eyes that she often gets taken advantage of. she’s gotten so hurt in the past, barely healed from all the scars. but you’d be a fool to play with her love, the way she isn’t afraid to give her all. and that takes so much courage. 
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hillarysss · 3 months ago
Do not repost, plagiarize, reword my work.
Pluto in 1st: No one can get enough of you on how you are as a person. Your personality is a tunnel with a light in the very end that is seeable, but not easily reached. You leave a certain appeal on people and when you leave, they get obsessed. They get addicted to your chaotic yet exciting ways to you, how you get shit done even if shit gets hard. No one knows how you deal with things, you approach life in silence, how you bounce back. You remain unknown on your ways, that is addicting.
Pluto in 2nd: People get addicted to the way you’re so independent & professionally. You are going through the hardest time yet you don’t ask for favors, you don’t ask for help, you remain to yourself and you get it done yourself. “Don’t worry I got it” But it seems clear you don’t, but you deal with it yourself because you know you’re the only one that you can trust with anything that is valuable to you. You are secretive in your hobbies and ethic. Anything that can be used towards you, you move in silence. Is it because you don’t truly trust yourself? Why trust others with a part of yourself.
Pluto in 3rd: Your way of thinking is addicting. You hold the power of destruction and power with your words. People know you can tear them down anytime, but you are so addicting. You can literally fuck someone over with your harsh words, but who can get enough of how your mind works? You are unpredictable and have erratic thoughts which drive people insane.
Pluto in 4th: Your love is intoxicating because the effect you have on others emotional foundations. You have the power to put someone to their worse state but you can bring them back up. People give you their heart & vulnerability. They are obsessed with how you make them feel. “You have power over my heart and my dignity, don’t break it” “I love you” is said so easily to you. I can’t get enough of you either.
Pluto in 5th: Your creativity and the sense of romance towards you makes people drawn to you. Showering them with attention will get someone hooked towards you & the most joyful part of you the way you light up when you’re at your highest. They way you love and care is so admirable, can you admire me more? People get addicted to wanting your validation.
Pluto in 6th: You could use people and they would be fine with it, as long as they’re a part of your life of course. “Please use me.” The way you manage to have your shit and whole life together even through all that destruction you face, makes people wanna be a part of your every day. People get addicted to how you manage.
Pluto in 7th: How would it be to be a part of you? A commitment perhaps? People get addicted to how you would be with them. “We are the same, we should be together”. People get addicted to how you make them feel as a person, they feel as if they need you, as if they need you to breath, as if they would suffocate.
Pluto in 8th: “I wanna fuck you right now”. People are addicted to your intimacy, your touch. People are addicted to how you transform them. Having sex with you is like a soul tie. They can’t get enough, it’s transforming. How would it be like to be with you, as whole? Let’s merge.
Pluto in 9th: Don’t leave me behind, share me some of your wisdom. People are addicted to your approach on everything in life. “Please, how do I do this?” “I need you, help me.” You’ve been through it all, you have gained wisdom. People can’t get enough of your ways and approaches. “Teach me how to be like this..”
Pluto in 10th: “You’re so right, I’m sorry for ever disrespecting you.” You simply attract people on how you can loose them, your power. You intimidate people but they want more of you every time. People can’t predict what you’ll do next, they better not fuck with you though. Your secretive nature that you let off makes people wanna dig into you.
Pluto in 11th: People get addicted to you because of how you inspire them. People wanna copy your every move but they’d be damned if they did. People are obsessed with your belief system. “Will you approve of this?” People wanna be your friend because they’re scared of not being close to your ways.
Pluto in 12th: “What do you really keep inside?” People are addicted to how you can have the ability to affect them subconsciously. “Haunt me in my dreams, and I’d say thank you.” Who you really are is what makes people addicted to you, there is a door they wanna have they key to, but that key is better off with you only. You don’t wanna let anybody truly inside.
®️ Hillarysss 2021 copyrights reserved
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starsandsuch · 2 months ago
Your Reputation Based On Your Midheaven Sign 💫
Tumblr media
By now, you probably know your Midheaven Sign in your birth chart, also called the “MC”.
This is the part of you most on display to the world, and the sign of your Midheaven has the strongest influence on crafting your public persona.
Here’s how your reputation is perceived by the public based on your Midheaven sign:
ARIES MIDHEAVEN: you lead, people follow. Pioneer, trendsetter, leader. People see you as someone who is bold and brave . You often find career success at a young age, which other people can envy. Speaking of envy, you can cause a love/hate affect on people with your reputation. Either way your maverick energy is what people really respect, whether they like you or not.
TAURUS MIDHEAVEN: a real class act. People see you as someone with a sense of taste, style and class. Many people can know you to be very beautiful. You’re like that person who is called “goals”. People can see you as a muse. By default you can be seen as talented, artistic and charismatic. You’re seen as someone who is seen as wealthy even if you’re not.
GEMINI MIDHEAVEN: the talk of the town. Your someone people have a lot of conversations about. You can be perceived as witty, funny, Intelligent and versatile. Even a little bookish too. People may see you as someone who is a bit mixy, unpredictable or playful. You’re known for your words, ideas or art.
CANCER MIDHEAVEN: the sweethearts. Let’s be honest people just have a soft spot for you. You’re that person where if someone brings up your name everyone’s like “aww I love them”. People see you as someone who is relatable and kind. You effortlessly leave a lasting impression on the public and people you meet. Genuinely unforgettable.
LEO MIDHEAVEN: the it girl. You’re seen as someone with high status. People naturally respect you. They find you entertaining or magnetic. Can often be known as being the “best” at something in your career. A natural authority figure. You’re the fan favorite. Popular without trying.
VIRGO MIDHEAVEN: ms/mr perfect. You’re seen as someone who is righteous, moral and just. You can do no wrong in the public’s eyes. People see you as someone who is inspirational or noteworthy. People learn a lot from you, just by you existing. You have a healing effect on people. Seen as intelligent, skillful, and studious.
LIBRA MIDHEAVEN: baddie alert. People see you as someone who is elegant, refined and poised. You can be known for your fashion. You’re that person everyone thinks is pretty. You have a harmonious reputation and people see you as pleasant and likable. You’re the person most likely to be on someone’s mood board or Pinterest inspo.
SCORPIO MIDHEAVEN: the public’s obsession. You’re seen as someone powerful and mysterious. You’re that person people can hate on or spread rumors about, but they still watch your every move. “Keep hating, but still watching.” You’re very influential and set many trends even unknowingly. People see you as their “guilty pleasure”.
SAGITTARIUS MIDHEAVEN: the guru. People might not know what to make of you at first. You have this effect on people where they automatically see you as someone important. People can see you as reckless, funny, bold, or daring. The things you say or do have a lasting impact on people. You can be misunderstood at first, but achieve legendary status for something in your lifetime.
CAPRICORN MIDHEAVEN: not bossy, the boss. You’re someone people hold in high esteem. They automatically view you as an authority figure. You’re seen as someone with status and importance. You’re known as the pioneer, leader and CEO. You break barriers and receive respect due to your boldness.
AQUARIUS MIDHEAVEN: doing what hasn’t been done. You’re seen as someone radical and unpredictable. The game changer. Oftentimes you shock people with what you accomplish or do publicly. You have this compelling effect on people. Effortlessly influential.
PISCES MIDHEAVEN: the double take, You’re someone people see as an anomaly. People might be confused about you at first but they are enticed anyway. You have a way of leaving an enchanting effect on people. People can see you as otherworldly and magical. You’re known to be talented and persuasive.
- starsandsuch ✌️💕
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luvstrology · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
happy aries season!
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hillarysss · 3 months ago
Moon signs & Values
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Do not copy or plagiarize or repost my work, translate, do not claim as your own. Other related moon sign posts here & master-list & Look into Sidereal Moon sign & Tropical Moon sign✨
Starting off with Aries moons. These individuals get the reputation for having "anger issues", now they have explosive emotions but that just means their way of loving is just as intense. They're very straight to the point no beating around the bush individuals, which points to very immense amount of loyalty but only for the people they truly care about, they don't give a fuck about anyone who doesn't like them or talks shit about them. They protect their loved ones like crazy, and best believe they will never ever let anything pass by them, they're very slick individuals and actually pay attention to details more than given credit for. I admire their way of protecting their closed ones and their way of intelligence when it comes to things they're heartfelt about, you'll know if an Aries moon likes you because they'll show it.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Now onto Taurus Moons. I seriously love the way these individuals handle things with developed maturity and I also love their calm nature, don't mistake that for being weak however, they're the bull after all, they'll do absolutely anything necessary to make sure they're grounded and pampered, they look out for themselves first which is extremely admirable. They're very hard-working when it comes to something they like, once they set their eye on something they don't look back, they're dreamers but practical and always have eyes on a secure future, which is why they're very dependable people in general and to ones they love. They see things potential, they're the type to get something because they see the hope and potential in it. I admire their ways of kindness and self-care.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Now onto Gemini Moons. These individuals are very intelligent more than given credit for. I seriously admire the way they are knowledge hungry, they know how to prioritize their ways of learning which is why a lot tend to be good students. They feed over logic and information. They tend to be very kind individuals as they see both sides to everything every little thing, they find logic in everything which is why it's hard to fool a Gemini moon they saw your tricks right from the start. They're also quite secretive and are very good at showing the other side of them but not being "fake" cause that side is still them, get both sides and you have their full admiration and a bunch of conversations awaiting because they just love talking and sharing information with people they love, "hey did you know?" They are also quite eccentric than given credit for, they come up with the most random unique stuff.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Now onto Cancer Moons. These individuals tend to keep stuff to themselves because they are usually afraid their love and affection won't be reciprocated. These individuals love the little things, they love taking care of you, they wanna be there with you even if you're sick, they're very caring however, they know they're very caring and prefer to come off as more nonchalant at first. They are very in-tune with themselves and can smell bullshit from their intuition from a mile away, they're not easy to fool, unless they're emotionally involved. They're more given the "wouldn't hurt a fly reputation" when they are very intelligent when it comes to dealing with people & they have this magical effect on people that makes people blind to whatever they do. They love working hard on stuff they're emotionally getting fulfilled in; which is why a lot tend to have a lot of coping mechanisms that tend to be hobbies. They're very loyal but also vengeful to anyone who tries to cross them, don't get fooled by their loving nature because they will switch when threatened. They're very sly individuals.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Now onto Leo Moons. These individuals tend to be very creative & organized when it comes to expressing themselves. They are a sucker for aesthetics and love feeling beautiful, they appreciate compliments more than anyone but only if it's genuine. These people love genuine people who are not scared to voice their opinions, just like the lion, they feel very safe finding those qualities. They are overall extremely generous and love giving out compliments & love, it's important for them to be careful for the generosity they give out as it could possibly fall in the hands of wrong people. These people are very good at everything but only if it fills them with passion and love, these people are easily unmotivated if their stuff doesn't fit their idealistic expectations which is why a lot of are hard on themselves internally. Their thoughts are full with original and artistic thoughts, they can put this to words or literal art. One of the most loyal people you'll find.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Now onto Virgo Moons. These individuals try to make sure their best image is being displayed at all times, they're not the type to rant about emotions unless it's with close friends, they're people who tend to preach happiness & healthiness, they never want to burden anyone with their problems because they usually have a lot on their plate because of mental stress. An admirable trait is that they can sense what is toxic from a mile away they know what is not good for them or others and this is why they can actually be somewhat intuitive. They tend to like to motivate people onto healthier things and are very honest but never blunt. They have a very respectful way with people and while they're not always optimistic they have this "I'll get through it, just one more time" attitude in life. They don't realize this but Virgo moons inspire a lot of people to get their shit together and become a better version of themselves, that is why Virgo moon is a moon sign that is very appreciable.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Now onto Libra Moons. These individuals are very creative and their mind is full with a lot of ideas they can come up with during the day. They have a tendency to fall into unhealthy habits when the other scale is unbalanced, somewhat like Leo moon they put beauty expectations on themselves. They love touching beauty on everything, wether it's a research paper, they love adding sprinkles of their personality into everything. These people are much more original than given credit for but people think they are "superficial" because they care a lot about aesthetics. They are very intelligent and are very peaceful communicators, they're not blunt, they like the idea of being honest, but not always with themselves. They are very good with words and should consider putting their thoughts into poems and any creative forms of expressing themselves, a lot have blogs like these. They are not secretive but they are slick, they show what they wanna show, this is why when a lot of people get close to a Libra moon is much different than expected. They are very positive people which is why the dark side can consume them which is why they always need good influence in life & people. They can be perfectionists when it comes to things they wanna master.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Now onto Scorpio Moons: These individuals tend to be very honest when expressing themselves and tend to have more of a self-deprecating humor, more so blunt. These individuals while they can be social, they tend to hide things from the people they are the closets to of fear they won't be understood. These people are very interesting, they usually have hidden hobbies or things they love to do and are passionate about, maybe even obsessive about. They like their alone time and tend to "retreat" from things often like friends & social events. They are reliable people though, who those they care about they will stand together with. It's not that they always wanna keep their most intimate side to themselves forever, they wanna find those right people to share it with, they like the feeling of being home like their sister sign Taurus, but have a harder time finding it, but once they find something they cherish, trust me when I say they will stick to it, with all the love they can release. These individuals tend to have very creative intimidating thoughts admirable but shocking to others. They love consistency even if they can't always provide that for themselves, they love that feeling of knowing what will happen next, a lot tend to gifted with very good intuitive abilities, they have feelings of Deja vu often. Once you have a Scorpio moon, you have them forever.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Now onto Sagittarius Moons: These individuals hate feeling what they don't wanna feel, which is why they are more prone to things that are unexpected to them because they subconsciously hold a standard that everything will always be good, which is not true. They have one of the biggest hearts and can be somewhat naive at times, people tend to underestimate their intellectual abilities however, they have a lot of knowledge and can see through a lot of things but don't always go along with it. A lot tend to be very intuitive because they're ruled by Jupiter which is a spiritual planet, thus they ignore their intuition a lot. They hate being restrained in anyway which is why they tend to shock people sometimes. They love aesthetics much more than given credit for and like things beautiful for their own eyes quite often. They value honesty and humor in life, that's what they live for. They are a child at heart, they want experiences to fill them emotionally, they won't back down most challenges, they need that thrill, which is why they could be prone to being irresponsible at times. They are very nonjudgemental and have very big open minds and heart, it's shocking because most people think Sagittarius moons would be unfaithful, but a lot are very loyal to people they have similar beliefs with, they tend to live for friendships more so than relationships. They are very intelligent and just like sister sign Gemini are hungry for information.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Now onto Capricorn Moons: These individuals are very deep individuals and are a sucker for things that can stimulate their mind and keep them entertained, they can actually be very child at heart, even though most had to grow up pretty quickly, a lot have this child in them that is very playful and just wants to live. These people are a lot more humorous than given credit for, they have very blunt straight-forward no bullshit humor, they don't care if you don't agree with what they say because they are not going to change their ways, they're not stubborn, but decisive. A lot tend to be very persuasive because they tend to back up anything they s ay and are the bull-shit detecters. A lot like to do things you think they wouldn't do because they have this stereotype of being dull. They love watching shows, anime, anything that thrills them, it's not hard to make them laugh, they tend to laugh at things going wrong or stupid shit happening. They are prone to putting a lot of things on their plate but can handle it just as good, they're very independent and this is a very admirable trait. They are very fun and childish with closed ones, which is something I've noticed. They love gathering information as well.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Now onto Aquarius Moons: These individuals aren't detached, but are more secretive than given credit for. They tend to be very kind people and love helping others in need. They tend to be very innovative and unique and are unpredictable & shock others in their ways, their intelligence is very admirable and the way they can learn things quickly & gather info. They love people who they can have very interesting and perhaps deep conversations with, they tend to wonder things a lot, especially how things work and how the world works. They are very mature individuals and they handle thing maturely, a lot had to mature quickly as well. These people are very good at entertaining others with their unmatachable sense of humor and way of words, they tend to have unique phrases. They tend to know random things which why a lot are good at debates. They tend to analyze things and connect the dots frankly quite easily, their mind has a bunch of thoughts and information speeding through their brain. They are very heavily affected with waves of sadness and despair because of their wondering mind and "Why me" attitude, since these individuals are very kind and caring negativity and toxicity affects them a lot, also because a lot tend to be very intuitive since their ruler is Uranus and that is an intuitive planet.
. ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Now onto Pisces Moons: They tend to be very understanding and intuitive individuals, a lot of people take them for granted because of their understanding ways, Pisces moons can sense through bullshit though, they're very intelligent as they are the last sign thus the wisest. They have very good intuition but it doesn't mean they always listen to it, some tend to be in their head a lot about things which could jump into conclusions quick. They are very relatable individuals and a lot tend to be spirituality devoted to things, they tend to have this belief this follow through and that inspires them. They have a very magical way with words and which why they tend to attract a lot of people, they tend to be very creative and original in their way of doings things, they have light-hearted humor and it's not hard to make them laugh. A lot since young have always known there was a darker side of things because of their sharp intuition and ways of knowing naturally. Despair can take over a Pisces moon and make them disappear from reality. They tend to be very loyal people, but when very emotionally involved could ignore sneaky behavior. They benefit from acknowledging their thoughts and taking steps to deal with them healthily, they tend to admire healthy ways of Virgo Moon. Most people tend to love and look up to Pisces moons because they have an angelic aura and an aura that is very trusting and a lot of people tend to dump things to them and since they're prone to absorbing energy quite easily, this affects them which why a lot benefit from making healthy boundaries.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Hillarysss 2021 all rights reserved (Divine Hills)
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womanofsubstances · 2 months ago
sun through each house
Tumblr media
owning our conscious mind and creative life force. recognizing the essence we bring out
the sun represents our life, influence, and strength, and it will symbolize energy, will, and our self identity
the sun in the 1st house
The 1st house represents character, manners, style and temperament
Since the sun is illuminating this house, people with sun in their 1st house, are lucky enough to make a change the second their interaction connects with other people. this house may take some characteristics from Aries, so that means that you are someone that grabs each opportunity with faith hoping that you made the right decision at this giving moment. You are the type of friend to have the capacity to cheer anyone up, making people connect to you by your mindset. You have a big sense of identity and that will take you far in life, giving you so many amazing experiences, but only when you truly find yourself, and this could be later in life. You don't care about other people's opinions except for those you have interest in. You might be the one to up with this “mask” for other people but not in a bad way, you may present yourself as this positive, confident and assertive person but inside you could be self conscious. You might be competitive with other people, you kind of have this "I need to be where you are." mindset,so look out for that! You also have such an amazing energy to you, that you feel the need to entertain everyone around you at all times.You are also really fixed with your views, morals, beliefs and anyone that will try to change them will NOT succeed.
They influence, they lead and they make a change in each person they interact with. You are the happiest once you find comfort in yourself.
sun in the 2nd house
The 2nd house represents personal finances, material possessions, and the concept of value.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you crave the day you find security in your personal resources. Your self-esteem might be dependent on your material and physical world, like these are my friends and family and this is who I am. Pretty much everything you feel connect with and find security in, in the material and physical work represent you as a person. You could be really into arts, music, concerts.. since the sun represents the father, yours could have a really important presence and job in this society or in your family. You might have been the person to have an authoritative father who always demands respect and admiration above all. Your family could have a lot of weight on your ego and how you present yourself to the world. Lets say you have a list of bad events that happened to your family, you could easily take that with you wherever you go, so be careful with that. Because of what I just described, your speech and presence could be really demanding and authoritative to others, so you might come off as intimidating. You could attach some really bad habits to you if you don’t look in more depth to analyze them so always keep that in mind. Once you have a goal in your mind, you will work hard until you get it done or achieve it. You appreciate everything life has to other and maybe be careful with those questionable ways to feel better when you feel down lmao. You might struggle a lot with anxiety when it comes to your self-esteem depending on this material world . You are the happiest once you find security with family and material manners.
They will take you far in life, they will provide you with everything you never had.
sun in the 3rd house
The 3rd house represents your siblings and you abilities to communicate.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, the relationship you have with your siblings could be either love or hate, you could have some trouble communicating with them etc. You are extremely open minded and courageous, you might be the friend that jumps off the bridge when your mom asks you “If your friend jumped off the bridge you would do that too?” As your answer would be “mom im the friend that jumps off the bridge” lmao. your courage is inspirational, you are logical enough to know the right timing. You got a way with words that can easily influence other people, you could also be really good at manipulating others. Your ego might rely in the way that your communicate with others, since you have a such a unique manner into doing it. you’re the type of person to make others be quiet once you start speaking because you have such a complexity in your mind, and how you transmit your ideas. You have no fear in making decisions, you could have advantage in learning languages. You absolute despise the idea of living in someone’s shadows, especially your family, and even more your siblings.
The way they deliver is outstanding, they are a force to be recked with.
sun in the 4th house
The 4rd house represents the home, mother, and nurturing nature.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you could feel really attached to wherever home is to you, and others might feel very protected around you since you have a really nurturing energy to you that comes so naturally. You are someone that values your home above anything, and might want to make your house this welcoming place that everyone, including yourself, can escape too and feel safe in. This could also apply to your bedroom especially. Depending on your sun sign, you may lean towards being introverted. Your childhood experiences could have shaped you deeply as a person, like being bullied for example. Your personality can rely a lot on your experiences and how your parents treated you, and not on your actual way of thinking and acting in the present world. Your mother could have taken the fathers role in your life, or might have been the most important figure in your life. Even if you were raised by mainly your father, you could have felt this extremely empty hole inside you in regards to your mother. You are deeply protective and loving to others, even if they are not in your life anymore. You could only find true success and confidence later in life, since when you were born the sun was not thrilling, but you will rise.
They will surprise you, they will make you feel at home, they are love as a human form.
sun in the 5th house
The 5th house represents creation, education and children.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you take pride in everything you do, presenting it to everyone just like a mother likes showing off her beautiful kid. You feel terrible about yourself when your creativity and ideas are not being recognized by others. because of this, you need to learn how to take validation from within yourself and not others. You may love to learn about music, poetry, astrology, cinema, philosophy etc. Since the sun is the planet of ego, and the elements above is what represents the 5th house, your ego may rely on how your work, creations, effort in learning and the way you present yourself is perceived by other people. Random observation, your father may have a job in the business or artistic world. You might dream a lot about having this fairytale family aspect. You feel the need to be constantly stimulating your mind, either it is having deep conversations with people, learning, reading, playing..
They will make you feel important, you will take so much wisdom from them without even noticing.
sun in the 6th house
The 6th house represents conflicts, enemies.
Since the sun is illuminating the sixth house, this is where you want to help others. The services you provide for others, giving kind of a doctor vibes. Your ego could rely on how your actions and acts of service are perceived by others. If someone accuses you of something with an underlying bad intention you may freak out, and think about yourself as the enemy. Having a routine where you can feel free and independent in is really important to you. You are extremely hyper focused in work and activities you are passionate about. You’re the type of person to detect enemies in a second and alarm your friends of it. You usually have really high-standards for the connections you involve yourself with. You explode out of nowhere when being faced with a conflict. You might be the type of person to cut someone off the instant their actions don’t meet their words or morals. You have a really practical way to approach life. Extremely self aware of themselves, and are always looking for self improvement in their life. Try not to get stuck in your mind.
they will improve your life, they will make sure to assist you in every move you make.
sun in the 7th house
The 7th house represents marriage, business, partnership, sexual relationships and public life.
Since the sun in illuminating this house, you have this sunshine type of aura to you, everyone feels secure and loved in your presence. You probably feel constantly disrespected by others, and your on going sentence is “no one listens to me” because without even noticing you may attract people who aren’t good for you and your energy. You lack self-esteem and always hope to find what’s missing within you in other people, but you should look in depth into this. Sun in 7th will also deprive you of physical vitality when you are in a relationship because people will drain your energy a lot. This is the type of people to either always be in a relationship, or trying to find the “perfect” time for the “perfect” relationship which does not exist. Justice and equality is very important to you and you may be the person that no one listens to but its always trying to end a conflict between other people. You give the sweetest advice to everyone and people admire you for that, they admire the way you care and love everyone. You love and value the attention that other people give you, since you are always someone that’s never being recognized. Not only you value that because its something you don’t experience a lot, but also because everything you ask for, you can give to the other person too 100 times more.
They will make you fall in love for the way they care about you, and they will make sure justice and equality its always a topic of conversation.
sun in the 8th house
The 8th house represents depth, death, rebirth, sex, knowledge
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you have major ups and downs in such a short period of time, you experience so many transformations throughout your life and probably did at a very young age. You were probably that quiet kid in the room that no one knew anything about and never heard speak. You used to be that kid to watch iluminati videos in the dark at 3am. you crave knowledge about psychology, underlying issues, astrology and spirituality. You are very intense and people probably feel very intimidated by you just because of your presence and the way you present yourself. You might seem extremely confident in yourself, but have an extremely insecure side to you that only your truest friends know about. People cant never seem to figure you out even if they try to, you have a tendency to be the “black sheep” in every group, especially among your family. Sun in the 8th house people absolutely despise anything superficial, they crave depth in everything they involve themselves in especially connections. Theres is so much depth to the way you love someone and that might scare people away, but don’t water yourself down in any circumstances. very private, might have a tendency to never be satisfied with themselves. scared of not being able to find someone who wants their time and energy as much as them. bad thing about this house is that you, without even noticing, isolate yourself to others and this is something you should definitely work on, there’s no need to put yourself in this shell all the time around social environments.
they will explore the scary parts of yourself with you, they will make you wonder who they truly are.
sun in the 9th house
The 9th house represents religion, law and teachers.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you’re likely to do everything with a deep meaning behind it, you are always seeking the truth. You’ve probably been very influenced by your father, either in a positive or bad way, because they are always (or should be) our first teachers. You are someone who is very defined by what you learn trough-out your life. Its very hard for these people to break out of this fixed pattern of thinking, ideas and morals that they have, this may lead to them being one of those people who are extremely invested in religion or some sort of belief that they have. They would be amazing college teachers. Probably feel the need to travel with purposes. Absorbing and processing information is so easy for you because your mind is full of many lessons, ideas, opinions.. If these naives have gone through traumatic events, its extremely hard for them to get out of that place and see things from a different perspective. You might be really close to god. Every time you make a decision or something turned out in a different way you expected, you are the type to think “I know god/the universe has a better plan for me at the end”. You might try to make others fall into your morals and ideas so be careful with that, everyone has the right to have their own perspective (except for homophobia, racism etc).
They will encourage you to invest in yourself, they will be the ones to seek the truth.
sun in the 10th house
The 10th house represents authority, work, career and the way you present yourself.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you seek power, control, fame above anything else. you’re someone who absolutely hate being told what to do, how to do, when to do something. you are your own boss. you like to lead other people. extremely ambitious when they get validation for what they are doing. you’re the one who needs to stand out and be the center of attention, otherwise your ego will be bruised. you have a lot of people dragging you down, this could be especially your family. the 10th house will always have enough power to overcome any obstacles that’s thrown at them. with the sun exalted in this house, at the worst times you may take advantage of all the power and control you can have and can manipulate people or use it for bad intentions so be careful with that.
they have the most willpower, they will lead you in a better path.
sun in the 11th house
The 11th house represents your friends, hope, inventions and network
Since the sun is illuminating this house, this people could either have wonderful connections in their life, especially with their friends or have no friends at all. They are the type of people that look so put together, they have this public persona that people create of them, someone who is very social, interactive, charming and loving but when they are out of sight no one knows what they are doing/ what they are up to. Since this house is also the house of hopes, these naives have a lot of hope for the collective, they are the ones to seek balance. You are someone who can be very blind at times, only seeing the good parts of someone ignoring the rest, this could also be because you always think that “they did this for a reason, im sure that there’s a good explanation”. Other people feel very drawn to you because of your charismatic and loving energy so be aware of that. love people deeply and are extremely caring
They will be the missing piece you didn’t know you needed, they will leave you wondering what their head is up to.
sun in the 12th house
The 12h house represents the unseen realm, spirituality, dreams, secrets, and emotions.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, these people could have a very secretive and mysterious side that no one knows about, or going through the darkest times without no one noticing a thing. You are the type of person to always be put to the side and not very social, you prefer to observe and retain information. These people could be the type to, out of nowhere appear in a tv show showing a talent that no one knew they had. You are able to tell the hidden intentions of other people, or might sense it in a scary way. You are able to read the room and others like a book, but your pessimism can get in the way of this, try to understand if you’re really picking that energy from them or if its your mind expecting the worst. You are highly intuitive, and your dreams could be a way of warning you of something. People with the 12th house, feel stuck in the environment they grew up in, this is due the fact that these natives may have struggled a lot with self-esteem issues, absent father, losses related to father or not having a caring mother.
They will make you wonder if you've ever been loved in the right way after experiencing their love. They will see the beauty underneath your chaos.
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libramc · 2 months ago
❤️ How to predict WHERE you're going to meet your future spouse through Astrology ❤️
hi guys! in today's post I'm going to show you how to find out where you'll meet your future spouse through your birth chart. this technique was discovered by the astrologer Kapiel Raaj, and it's based on vedic astrology. hence, you're going to need your sidereal birth chart to calculate this. if you already know how to do that, you can skip this part.
first of all, go to > horoscope and then click on extended chart selection.
Tumblr media
add your birth data by clicking on the 'add a new person' button. it's necessary to have your accurate birth time for this, as it's based on your ascendant.
Tumblr media
then scroll down and click on options for zodiac and houses. choose the whole signs house system and then click on sidereal. after that, choose 'hindu/lahiri' on the ayanamsha button.
Tumblr media
after you've calculated your chart, it will be something like this (this is angelina jolie's sidereal birth chart):
Tumblr media
to calculate where you're going to meet your spouse, we need to first of all take a look at the 7th house lord, which is the planet that rules your 7th house. in this chart it is saturn, as she has capricorn in her 7th house. now that you know what is your 7th house lord, look at where it's placed in your chart. also, keep in mind that since this is a sidereal technique, we're only going to take in consideration traditional rulers, therefore aquarius is ruled by uranus, pisces by jupiter and scorpio by mars. angelina has her saturn in gemini in the 12th house. the opposite sign indicates the circumstances or directly the place where you're going to meet your spouse. in this chart, it is sagittarius. keep reading for an explanation of each sign!!
♈️ aries opposite 7th house lord ♈️
you're going to meet your spouse when doing some sort of physical activity. you may meet them at the gym, or maybe at a sport event like a football match. you could even meet them just by taking a casual walk, and it could be love at first sight. you two may also meet in a place where there's lots of noise and action, maybe even danger, probably not in a quiet place. places that are ruled by aries are palestine, england, hong kong, germany, poland, syria, israel, lithuania, senegal, sierra leone and zimbabwe. as for cities, we have birmingham, cape town, leicester, florence, krakow, naples, utrecht, marseilles and georgia.
♉️ taurus opposite 7th house lord ♉️
taurus loves the finer things in life, so if you have this sign opposite your 7th house lord you may meet your spouse during your chill time. for instance, you may meet them at a spa, at the mall, at the beach... anything that symbolizes relax for you. in addition, taurus also rules finances, therefore you could meet them in a bank or in any place or circumstance where you have to deal with finances, even in a shop for example. also, since taurus rules over the throat and the voice, you may meet at a place where there's singing for instance, or at least there's music playing in the background. last but not least, being an earth sign, taurus opposing your 7th house lord may also indicate that you're going to meet your future spouse in a place where there's lots of green, maybe at the park or in a forest. places that are ruled by taurus are cyprus, tasmania, ireland, capri, rhodes, the greek iIslands, cuba, east timor, serbia, tanzania, south africa and yemen. as for cities, we have lucerne, eastbound, eastbourne, hastings, palermo, leipzig, st. louis and dublin.
♊️ gemini opposite 7th house lord ♊️
with gemini opposing your 7th house lord, you may meet your future spouse through socializing. you could meet them through your friends or through your siblings, maybe they're a sibling of a friend of yours. you could also meet them during short-distance trips, so maybe in a city near you or even on a train, on a bus, etc. communication is going to be involved, and hence you could even meet them at an event where there's the need to talk and / or write. possibly, you may as well meet him online or in school. places that are ruled by gemini include iceland, sardinia, morocco, belgium, wales, eritrea, guyana, kuwait, norway, montenegro, sweden and tonga. as for cities, we have nuremberg, tripoli, san francisco, london, melbourne, plymouth and cardiff.
♋️ cancer opposite 7th house lord ♋️
if cancer is opposing your 7th house lord, then you could have possibly known your future spouse since your childhood. you could have met a school, or to talk in a more general way you may be from the same city. possibly, you could as well meet in a place where there are children, or where there's food. in addition, since cancer is ruled by the moon, you could meet in a place where there's moon symbolism. maybe during a full or new moon. perhaps, you're going to meet near water as well, as cancer is a water sign. places that are ruled by cancer include usa, paraguay, scotland, holland, the bahamas bahrain belize, burundi, cape verde, columbia, comoros, democratic republic of the congo croatia djibouti, kiribati laos, liberia, madagascar, malawi mozambique, rwanda, slovenia solomon islands, algeria, somalia, and south korea. as for cities, we have manchester, new york, stockholm, tokyo, venice, york, amsterdam and milan.
♌️ leo opposite 7th house lord ♌️
with the sign of leo opposing your 7th house lord, you’re likely to meet your future spouse in a place where there’s fun. it could be at a party, during a vacation, at a bar, a restaurant... certainly not at work, that’s for sure. you’ll  meet your spouse in a situation of relax, not of stress. since leo also rules celebrities, you may even meet them in a place where there are famous people, like a concert for instance. countries ruled by leo are afghanistan, india, italy, macedonia, romania, sicily, ecuador, zanzibar, bhutan, bolivia, central african republic chad, the ivory coast, gabon, indonesia, north korea, south korea, kyrgyzstan, malaysia, maldives, nicaragua, pakistan, mongolia, seychelles, singapore, ukraine and madagascar. as for cities, we have bristol, bombay, chicago, madrid, los angeles, philadelphia, rome and bath.
♍️ virgo opposite 7th house lord ♍️
virgo rules over health, and hence you may meet your future spouse in a health-related place. it could be at the doctor’s, at the dentist’s, in a hospital, etc. virgo is also routine, so you may meet your future spouse in a typical day of yours. it could be at the supermarket, at work, while you’re walking your dog, at the gym, and so on. basically, it could be that your future spouse is going to casually approach you in the streets. countries ruled by virgo include crete, brazil, greece, switzerland, turkey, uruguay, west indies, armenia, azerbaijan, belarus, brazil, costa rica, el salvador estonia guatemala, honduras, mali, moldova, qatar and tajikistan. as for cities we have athens, paris, toulouse, corinth, lyons, boston and mexico city.
♎️ libra opposite 7th house lord ♎️
if you have libra opposing your 7th house lord, you may get to meet your spouse in a place that has to do with beauty, so maybe in a clothes shop or at a salon. you may also meet them in a place where there are many people, or even at some sort of event like a marriage. libra also rules over politics and justice, so maybe you could meet them at the courthouse or during election time. countries that are ruled by libra include france, tibet, argentina, austria, burma, canada, china, japan, siberia, botswana, equatorial guinea, fiji, iraq, israel, lesotho, nigeria, palau, saint lucia, saudi arabia, tuvalu and uganda. as for cities that are ruled by libra we have lisbon, frankfurt, copenhagen, johannesburg, nottingham and antwerp.
♏️ scorpio opposite 7th house lord ♐️
scorpio is the sign of darkness, hence if you have it opposing your 7th house lord you may get to meet your spouse during nighttime. scorpio is also about sex, so this relationship could start off as a one night stand, or maybe you may meet in a place where sex is involved. you could also meet them in a place that has to do with death or where there's death symbolism, such as a graveyard (I hope not tho lol💀). you two may also be transforming yourselves when you meet, you could be starting a new chapter of your life to leave toxicity behind your shoulders. you could also meet at a place where you need to be naked, such as a beach or at the spa, or again in a place related to finances and money. countries that are ruled by scorpio include angola, morocco, queensland, korea, syria, norway, the transvaal, bavaria, antigua, barbuda, cambodia, dominica, latvia, lebanon, micronesia, panama, turkey, turkmenistan and zambia. cities that are ruled by scorpio include cincinnati, liverpool, newcastle, washington, vienna, baltimore and new orleans.
♐️ sagittarius opposite 7th house lord ♐️
sagittarius rules over foreign lands, so if you have it opposite your 7th house lord you're most likely going to meet your future spouse abroad. or perhaps, they are foreign and they travel to your country. you may also meet them in a place related to foreign culture, so maybe in a place filled with tourists, or perhaps in an exotic restaurant, perhaps at a sushi bar if you're not japanese for example. it may also be time for you for new experiences, perhaps you're doing something for the first time, such as trying a new sport or taking a plane. you may also meet your future spouse in college or in university, or in general in a place where there's teaching of any kind. last but not least, sagittarius is also a very spiritual sign, so you could meet them in a church, or maybe at an event related to religion such as a marriage, a baptism, etc. countries that are ruled by sagittarius include spain, australia, chile, hungary, saudi arabia, bangladesh, barbados, cameroon, kazakhstan, kenya, libya and mauritania. cities that are ruled by sagittarius include budapest, johannesburg, naples, nottingham, sheffield, sunderland, stuttgart and toronto.
♑️ capricorn opposite 7th house lord ♑️
capricorn is ruled by saturn, the planet of responsibilities, therefore if you have this sign opposing your 7th house lord you'll most likely meet your spouse on your workplace. perhaps they're your boss or a co-worker of yours, or maybe they may even be a customer of yours. you'll surely meet them later in life, when you're at least 27/28 years old, or perhaps when you manage to accomplish something really big in your life, not necessarily career-related. countries that are ruled by capricorn include india, bulgaria, mexico, great britain, albania, afghanistan, lithuania, bosnia, brunei, czech republic, haiti, nauru, slovakia and sudan. as for cities that are ruled by capricorn we have brandenburg, brussel, delhi, mexico city, port said, oxford and ghent.
♒️ aquarius opposite 7th house lord ♒️
you may meet your spouse in any place that has to do with electricity, for instance at a movie theater, at a theme park, at an apparel store, and so on. perhaps even on a public transport, such as a train, a taxi or a plane. also, since we're talking about electricity we can also count on internet, therefore if you have aquarius opposing your 7th house lord you have high chances of meeting your future spouse on social media, such as twitter, instagram, etc. or even through dating apps, such as tinder. last but not least, you may also be introduced to your spouse by your friends, or perhaps they could be a part of your group of friends. you may be both best friends and lovers, you would have a very playful and youthful relationship. countries that are ruled by aquarius include iran, finland, new zealand, russia, sweden, syria, ethiopia, the holy vatican city and sri lanka. cities that are ruled by aquarius include brighton, hamburg, helsinki, moscow, salzburg, st. petersburg and bremen.
♓️ pisces opposite 7th house lord ♓️
if you have pisces opposite your 7th house lord, you may first of all meet your future spouse near water. therefore you could meet them at the beach, at an aquarium, at the lake, at the pool, etc. perhaps even at a restaurant that serves seafood and fish, such as a sushi bar. pisces is also about alcohol, therefore you may also meet them in a bar or at a party where there's alcohol. pisces also rules over art and images, therefore you could meet them in a place where there are lots of pictures and paintings, such as a museum, or perhaps even at the movie theater, at a concert, etc. the club would be an option too, as it combines both alcohol and dancing, two pisces related things. also, it could be very late at night, when you're supposed to be sleeping, or perhaps, you're just sleepy or even drunk. last but not least, this placement usually indicates a soulmate or twinflame connection, therefore you may even meet your spouse first in the 5D than in the 3D, perhaps you feel spiritually connected to them even if you haven't met them yet. you could very likely dream of them as well. lastly, pisces is also about healing, so your future spouse may either work in the medicine field or maybe they're some sort of spiritual healer. you could possibly also meet them at the church or in a temple. countries that are ruled by pisces include normandy, north africa, portugal, samoa, egypt, Scandinavia, mauritius, morocco, namibia and tunisia. cities that are ruled by pisces include warsaw, alexandria, grimsby, jerusalem, bournemouth, seville and cowes.
and this is it! let me know in the comments where you're going to meet your spouse, and if you've already met them feel free to say if this post resonated with your experience!
follow me for more,
libramc xx
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hillarysss · 3 months ago
love for some underrated / misunderstood placements
i was a bit sick but i’m better now, please do not repost, plagiarize, “reword my work”
Venus in Virgo / Venus in 6th: The way you guys are so caring and are given the title of “picky and arrogant” pisses me the fuck off. You guys are so incredibly loyal even if you’re not the person to make a grand gesture or a paragraph everyday, you guys show such ways of caring for your loved ones by helping them out / advice / nurturing them about their health / being there for them & making time. And not to forget y’all are the masters of making anyone feel better about the themselves because y’all are so analytical & observant. Let’s talk about how you can literally eat fast food & cheesy burgers for a week straight and still look so bomb, the way y’all take care of yourselves is admirable. Also a beauty indicator a natural one.
Scorpio Rising / Pluto in 1st: I know this may come off as a surprise but this placement is wayyyyy too sexualized. They are also incredibly misunderstood, these people generally have a hard time letting people in completely and have trust issues, but no one talks about the fierce loyalty and love these people are ready to give. All I see is “sexy stare”, lol don’t get me wrong these are very magnetic & beautiful but y’all stop sexualizing them so much, they have much more to offer.
Capricorn Venus / Venus in 10th: “They only want money” Is basically all I see for y’all. This placement seeks for stability and someone on the same level as them in matters of worth related to them as a person, they just wouldn’t just date someone and y’all are not ready to hear that. No one talks about the protection and admiration these people will give you when they are ready & the way they will stick with you through the hardest time, and to mention the best advice for your own life goals ;). I’ll marry one of you
Mars in Cancer / Mars in 4th: The amount of times I see “cry baby & manipulative” now, if extremely underdeveloped they have the tendencies to bring out their worse just like any other placement but, I barely see love for this placement. The way these people are literally so nurturing and caring & will literally take care of you so much. They remember the little things, your favorite color, your favorite Starbucks drink. Seriously, just because this placement isn’t comfortable being here does not mean it doesn’t have a good side. And the loyalty is 100%. Don’t screw them over though.
Virgo Rising / Mercury in 1st: This placement along with the 2nd house is lowkey.. crickets? Like where is the appreciation for y’all. The way you guys have such ways of fixing any situation for the ones you guys love!! And their honesty is 100%, while staying truthful to you they have tactfulness.. And who can not appreciate their sarcastic unexpected sense of humor?? If you prove yourself worthy their loyalty is astronomical;).
Moon in Capricorn / Moon in 10th: The many times I see people saying “psychopaths & unemotional” is extremely disgusting like do better y’all. These people are EMOTIONAL but they handle it with logic meaning they won’t have a tantrum of someone saying some shit they know shouldn’t affect them. And they’re not the Cancer moon type of nurturing, but they’re extremely practical and maybe a bit possessive over their loved ones, they truly want the best and if you misunderstand how they show their love that’s on you. They don’t give second chances though, so don’t screw them over or that stereotype will come true for you.
Moon in Aquarius / Moon in 11th: This one is like in the same level of misunderstood as Capricorn moon. But the stereotype being “detached & uncaring”. That makes no sense, Aquarius is a very humanitarian sign and it being in the Moon shows emotional compassion towards others, even if it’s from a logical sense they’re not uncaring. These people are so giving once they like you. They’re extremely kind and never rude, they have amazing manners. If this placement doesn’t like you, maybe check your behavior?
Moon in Scorpio / Moon in 8th: This one is often talked about, but still incredibly misunderstood. All I ever see is “traumatic childhood & manipulative”, like okay yes a lot have gone through some hardships but why only bring that up? These people are SOOOO passionate like the level of passion is insane and the way they’ll kick your ass to mars if you ever feel bad about yourself.. They are veryy intuitive and they are great at giving advice from a spiritual level! Please y’all stop giving this placement such bad reputation.
Sagittarius Mercury / Mercury in 9th: It really breaks my heart when I see someone labeling these people as dumb, like destroy your device.. Sagittarius/ 9th house is ruled by knowledge & spiritual knowledge & expansions. These people are incredibly knowledgeable and soo wise in their approaches. They know a lot about almost anything!! They’re also capable of giving advice from the very single point of view (open minded as hell). Please don’t spread misinformation about this placement and kindly delete your internet profiles if you’re even going to label anything as “dumb”.
Any Leo Placement: All I see is “attention seeking whores” like what? okay maybe we are at times;) is like people forget the amount of generosity literally any Leo placement has, in fact they give too much at times that they have to retreat to make sure they’re not loosing themselves in the process. If Leo placements are constantly seeking attention or too closed off it’s most likely because of a painful realization that they shouldn’t give too much love out right away.
Cancer & Pisces Placements: I feel like just in general water placements have a really bad reputation. Y’all forget that just because someone has water placements that they can also be logical. These placements usually tend to peep everything and at times absorb a lot of energy and become extremely exhausted & drained. All I really see is people labeling them as ditzy or nurturing (yes they are nurturing once they love you / like you). But people forget the intelligence of a Pisces placement they’re literally the wisest & have unmatched intuition. And for Cancers they forget once they’re wronged or peep something off how vengeful they get? And how closed off and unavailable they can get. They are truly kind but also very intelligent and they have ways they can use on people that aren’t usually seen.
Moon in Taurus: Just because the moon likes being in Taurus it does not mean these people don’t struggle like everyone else. A lot of Taurus moons have this beauty / standards they wanna be like and if something slightly crumbles in their life they can get to an extremely low point in their life as they seek for stability, they’re very very affectionate and loyal (it’s harder for them to see that you’re worth it though, so prove yourself.)
Moon in Virgo: These people are SERIOUSLY incredibly excluded. While they have more of a rational approach does not mean they’re uncaring. While they can be a little shy in their approaches, you’ll seriously know if someone with this placement likes you, they make time for you and are always sticking by your side / takes cares of you every day how you feel / your emotional state.
Aries Placements: All I see is these people labeled as “chaotic” no, y’all just don’t like seeing people taking risks because part of life is about having fun. Let’s talk about the best friend these people can be & the blast you have with them anywhere any time and the sense of humor they have and how they aren’t easily offended so the amount of jokes & passion these people give. And the fierce loyalty and the bluntness in their approaches, is so fucking amazing.
Let me know if you guys want a part two. 🦋
® Hillarysss 2021 all rights reserved
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bratz-kitten · 18 days ago
­­ — THE FIRST HOUSE: A lot of these people suffered bullying from a young age, most likely due to your appearance/something that was completely out of control. Feeling extremely isolated from others in your childhood, like you could never connect with the people around you and, because of that, you’ve learned to be independent and to never trust others. Now, it’s difficult for you to open up even to your closest friends, and you fear that you’ll always feel alone. You can’t stand feeling misunderstood and, because of that, you can be very obsessed with “studying” the trauma you experienced through astrology and therapy, and you feel very triggered when someone misunderstands your intentions and misconstrues your words. A feeling that the world is against you. Someone having “taken” something away from you - your freewill, innocence, power of choice. People who either get repulsed by you or obsessed about you when you’re just sitting there and being yourself, and it’s out of your control which. Having been stalked in the past. A compulsive need to be private and keep things to yourself, a fear that other people are going to take everything away from you, especially the ones you love.. that they’ll turn them against you. Being treated like a sexual object, being sexually exploited. A fear that you’ll never be able to let go of your need for control. A fear that you attract too much chaos/people who are very chaotic themselves into your life. The feeling that, at the end of the day, you’ll always be alone with your fears, sadness and experiences that you haven’t found the courage to tell others. A feeling that you’ll never feel safe or comfortable.
— THE SECOND HOUSE: You don’t understand your own emotions and that gives you a lot of frustration and anxiety. You might’ve struggled your whole life with an emotional intensity that had you swinging from being at your happiest and most cared for in one moment and at the depths of despair and distress in the next. Your sense of self-worth fluctuates with unpreditability and yo can go from being overly confident to extremely insecure. Your passions constantly change and, because of that, it’s hard for you to know what you want to pursue in your life. You might’ve experienced a lot of distrust from others from a very young age, especially when it came to financial matters. You were accused of stealing, lying, perhaps even committing crimes. You felt like you had to work twice as hard to gain people’s trust and your parents, the ones who were supposed to protect you, were the first to be suspicious of everything you did. It’s like people are waiting for you to commit any sort of mistake so they can lash out on you and blame you for everything. You can become unproductive and start procrastinating as soon as you start feeling sad, self-sabotaging your own success because you’re afraid of failure, of putting your heart to something and then, all your efforts going to waste. Fear of losing the ones you love so you become possessive over them, or you attract people who are possessive of you and treat you like their property, making you feel suffocated in relationships. The fear that you’ll never be financially stable because things always go wrong. Looking at life through a pessimistic lens. The fear that you’ll always have enough to just survive. Having to do immoral things for money that left you feeling disgusted at your own actions. People who invaded your privacy for their personal benefit.
— THE THIRD HOUSE: Having been bullied and possibly physically abused in your early school years. A feeling that you had to “survive” school, that it was a place for pain and anxiety instead of learning. This could have given you a tendency to procrastinate in school and to rebel against it, you might’ve missed classes and it was hard for you to focus on your daily schoolwork but then you got to the tests and you got the highest grade due to your intelligence without needing much study. You might’ve constantly heard that you’re wasting your potential and intelligence simply because you didn’t care for school. From a very young age, you might’ve always felt the need to escape your house and neighborhood, and you took every opportunity you could get to stay away, which could have been the source of a lot of arguments at home. You were painted as the black sheep of the family, misunderstood by your parent figures because they couldn’t understand how their toxicity drove you to want to stay away from them and how school brought you trauma and anxiety. Relationship with siblings could’ve been very troubled, parents you pit you two against each other, a feeling that you had to compete with your siblings for their love, that they were the golden child while you were the disappointment of the family. You can also feel a strong need to protect your sibling from your parents and in school, that you want to teach them and be their role model because they had no one to set the good example.
— THE FOURTH HOUSE: You wanted to take refuge in your home when the outside world got hard again, you wanted a place to retreat to and find peace and wisdom, but soon you likely found out that it’s inside your home that the monsters laid. Your parent figures can have been extremely emotionally manipulative, in a way that took you years to understand: they showed you they loved you, treated you like their pride and prized possession, but they also tried to control you, invade your privacy, leading you to feel like an extension of them. You might’ve witnessed toxic and abusive relationship dynamics in your childhood; relationships filled with power-struggles and betrayal, obsession and possessiveness, arguments and competition. A lot of these people had one parent who cheated, making them feel like they had to compete with the other person. The relationship with the mother figure might’ve been a very confusing one: on one hand, you were close to her to the point where you needed each other more than anything, but at the same time, she might’ve been toxic and tried to live vicariously through you, wanting you to live out the dreams she never could. Even if the family home was loving and instilled in you values of hard-work and passion for anything you got involved in, there might’ve been one (or more) particular event that left you traumatized, feeling robbed of your power and strength. The family home can be exhausting, as if your parents expect you to be the one to take care of them and solve their problems. You fear becoming like the ones who mistreated you, you fear never being able to protect others in the way you never were. There might be an inability to trust here; you feel like you’ll never be able to fully trust and be vulnerable with someone because you want to always guard your heart from anyone who has the potential to break it.
— THE FIFTH HOUSE: When you love something, you love hard and this itself can feel terrifying at times. You understand how loyal and devoted you can be towards your passions, and you fear putting your heart into something then watching it fail miserably in front of your eyes. Fear of rejection and failure. You tend to procrastinate and purposefuly avoid going after your passions because you don’t want to watch your dreams die in front of you. There might be a fear of having children here, a fear of raising your kids the same way you were raised or not being able to meet your own expectations, a fear of not being able to emotionally connect with them, a fear of them living through pain and traumatic events without you being aware of it. It can be difficult for you to have one-night stands because you get very emotionally attached to people even if you don’t like showing it. Relationships can be filled with drama, chaos, obsession and lack of boundaries/lack of respect for the others’ privacy. There might be trust and intimacy issues here, where you get involved in casual dating but suddenly you’re jealous of other people who your person is seeing. You try to manipulate your romantic partners in order to feel in control of the relationship, a way for you to subtly self-sabotage your chances at happiness. You might mistake having a big ego for loving yourself, covering your deep-seated insecurities under a cocky attitude. The intensity of your emotions can scare you at times. You compare yourself to others because you fear truly loving yourself. You fear stability, you’re so used to living alongside chaos that you don’t know who you are without it – just the mere idea of sitting alone with your thoughts for a moment of peace can feel scary.
— THE SIXTH HOUSE: A fear that there’s no stability and peace in your day-to-day life because something’s disruptive is constantly happening. Your health doesn’t normally get bad but when it does, it’s awful. A feeling that you live life on survival mode. The death of a pet of your that deeply scarred you. Parents who tried to control you and every little habit of yours in your childhood. being constantly criticized; a feeling that you had to fit a certain image to please others. Being expected to always be at your prettiest and calmest, to be the adult among children, to take on the mature role. A fear that you’ll never be enough in your own eyes, a constant striving for perfection that only leaves you feeling more pained. a fear that you will never cease your need for control. A voice in your head that criticizes everything you do - you have become your own worst enemy. A fear that you’ll keep getting stuck with looking at the world through pessimistic eyes, eyes that have witnessed its cruelty. A fear of losing hope. A fear of not finding a job that fulfills your immense passion, and that you’ll always work too hard without getting the recognition for it. Coworkers who try to gain control over you, who belittle you and see you as their competition, who try to make your life living hell and who, in turn, discourage you from pursuing your career. Being overly sexualized at work. The feeling that it’s going to always be you to solve others’ problems and to be their savior, but at the end of the day, no one will be there for you. It’s like people already expect you to be the strong one so they don’t even ask if you need help. Having parent figures whose health is fragile so you have to take care of them, the feeling that you have to forget your own needs to take care of them.
— THE SEVENTH HOUSE: Always being the therapist friend, the one who holds others’ lives together. Parent figures who had a broken marriage; witnessing toxic relationships in your childhood that left you with a warped sense of what love means. The fear of getting into a relationship that mirrors the ones in your childhood; the fear of becoming just like your parent figures. Betrayal comes from those closest to you – your family members, your best friends, your romantic partners. Associating love with pain and grief and loss. The fear that no one will match your level of intensity and devotion in love, that you’re always going to get involved with people who are flaky, inconsistent, who betray your trust and who try to control you. The fear that you always attract the wrong type of people, that all your relationships are filled with power-struggles, possessiveness, drama and obsession rather than pure, healthy love. In the past, it might’ve been very difficult for you to feel fulfilled in a stable relationship, you always need it to be all-consuming and passionate but then, when it ended, you couldn’t even remember who you were before that person and the pain the end of the connection caused. You might’ve lost yourself and your sense of identity in relationships, giving your 100% to a partner who could only take and never give. Fear of abandonment, rejection, losing the people you love the most. Having been emotionally manipulated in relationships, used in your most vulnerable state.
— THE EIGHTH HOUSE: The death of a loved one that deeply scarred you, fear of intimacy all while feeling a compulsion to engage in it. Sexual experiences could’ve been traumaziting and like the other person was trying to take control of you during the act. There might be a fear of sex due to a fear of surrendering to someone else. Feeling a strong darkness inside of you that threatens to engulf you with every step you take. Fear of your deepest thoughts. Fear both of change and of not changing at all, you might constantly feel stuck, like you’re still holding on to the past when you know you should let go of it and stop giving it the power to control you. A feeling that everyone is always trying to take something from you, to impose themselves on you. Your parents might’ve taken away your money and possessions. A fear of “revealing” yourself to others, and at the same time, that no one will ever truly know you. Fear of someone taking power over you. A strong connection with death, fluctuates between fear of death and fascination with it. A fear from a young age that you only bring destruction wherever you go. Always feeling the need to run away when you get too close to someone, scared of becoming emotionally attached because you know that your love and loyalty knows no boundaries. These people often tend to experience an almost debilitating feeling of powerlessness throughout their childhood and adolescence that can have them stuck in the mentality of “I’m weak and I won’t ever rise above this”, and it takes them a lot to come out of their shell, to accept and embrace their power.
— THE NINTH HOUSE: Having been raised in an environment that didn’t allow you to express your beliefs and personal thoughts; parent figures who tried to control you and mold you however they saw fit into their puppet, parents who enforced their philosophies on you even though you didn’t agree to them. Having your power taken away in your childhood, feeling imposed on, restricted from your freedom, which now makes you feel paranoid everytime someone tries to constrict you in any possible way. Going through life with a “I’ve only got me, I can’t trust no one else” mindset, fear of letting people in due to how much you long to stay independent. You’re at your most self-destructive when you feel that someone is trying to hold you down, control you and manipulate your thoughts. You had to fight for your freedom and individuality so now you can’t stand that being taken away, which can result in a feeling of claustrophobia when in a long-term relationship and sabotaging everything to make sure the other person will leave you so you won’t havee to trust them, rely on them. The fear that your life will never have a purpose and that unpredictable, traumatic experiences will keep happening that completely change your mindset and sense of direction in life. The feeling that the universe purposelly fucks up your life and makes you go through pain in order to change and evolve. The fear that you’ll never be in any way stable and reliable because you go through constant transformations when it comes to your beliefs and thinking processes.
— THE TENTH HOUSE: Being treated like a product and not a person. You might’ve experienced hostility from those in power, as if they’re threatened by your potential and go out of their way to make you feel like you’re less than them. In your workplace, other coworkers treat you like their competition and like you don’t deserve the success you’ve been given, spreading rumours about you or talking shit about you to the boss. You might’ve experienced aggression from “masculine” figures (it doesn’t have to be specifically from men but from those who are agressive, powerful, dominant; those who are older and more “mature”), people who want to take control over you and manipulate you for their benefit. In your career, you can be objectified and perhaps others make you feel like you got the job simply because you’re attractive and not because you worked hard for it, undervaluing you and your efforts. A period in your childhood where authority figures didn’t believe you and ridiculed you when they should’ve listened to you. Having your power stripped away from you in your earlier years, making you crave to have control again – now, you want to be in charge, you want understanding, you want to be in control of yourself; but this can have you trying to exert power over others, manipulate them before they have the chance to manipulate you. You seek control in everything that surrounds you and that heightens your anxiety every time something doesn’t go according to your plans. A feeling that tragedy follows you around, a paranoia that things are going to go wrong any second now. A fear that you’ll always have your talents and habilities underestimated.
— THE ELEVENTH HOUSE: Betrayal from friendgroups, your earlier years might’ve been traumatizing when it came to friendships. It’s like people got close to you for the sole purpose of destroying your self-esteem, of discovering your secrets just so they could air them out to everyone you knew, or spreading rumors about you and wanting you to feel embarrassed/ridiculed of every step you took. It might’ve been very difficult for you to work on your self-esteem and it might still be an on-going battle, where you see yourself as worthless and like people will always use you as the butt of their jokes. Friends who invalidated your trauma, didn’t believe you and went out of their way to befriend the people who hurt you. You fear that you’ll never be able to fit in with the society where you live because your opinions are seen as too controversial and extreme when most of the time they can simply be progressive and open-minded. You might be surrounded by narrow-minded, prejudiced, conservative people. Your parent figures might ridicule your dreams and ambitions and make you feel like you’ll never achieve anything, that you’re too idealistic and delusional. You might feel like you had to disappoint your family in order to go down your own path because they didn’t support you and wanted you to follow in their footsteps. The suffering of the world might deeply affect you and you find yourself paralyzed by injustices that happened to other people as if you felt them in your skin yourself. You yearn for deep and intimate friendships but you might’ve been disappointed over and over again. You give yourself fully to the people in your lives to the point where they start taking you for granted.
— THE TWELFTH HOUSE: You notice even the subtlest changes in others’ behavior, how they said hi in a slightly different tone and what that might imply… being so perceptive of everything that’s going around you feels emotionally draining to the point where you’re left with your anxieties and paranoias of not being enough for others, believing you should be stronger, you should be more reliable, you should be easier to love. Your mind is your greatest enemy and when you sit alone with your thoughts, you hear all the self-doubt, guilt and fears that are threatening to destroy all chance for stability. You can have nightmares that fill you with stress, making you fear go to sleep and you can stay up all night because it’s the only time of the day where you can be by yourself without having to put a mask of happiness for others – during the day, you’re expected to take care of others, to save them, to put their needs above your own, but at night, you can finally breathe. Your childhood can be a blur of moments you can’t comprehend and things you’d rather forget, and you might’ve been ridiculed for your emotional sensitivity. You were told you’re too emotional, obsessive, stupid for giving your heart to the wrong people. You can be very self-destructive as a way to escape reality, wishing you could just turn your feelings off. You repress your emotions and bury them deep within yourself. You might’ve dealed with drug abuse and mental illness/people around you who struggled with it and it affected you deeply. You feel others’ pain as if it’s your own. You fear asking others for help, being seen as weak. You fear that you’ll never be in control of yourself, that your emotions will always be too intense. 
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medusaconjunctrising · a month ago
ASPECTS. ִ ۫ ּ ִ ۫ ˑ ֗ ִ ˑ ּ
Tumblr media
I’m not a Professional Astrologer so some of this might be inaccurate. Take all of this with an grain of salt.
Aspects is how the planets act in different Signs, it’s the relationship between them. Learning Aspects can give you an insight into the stories that are slowly going to or already have and is ongoing out in your life. An Aspect happens when a Planet is at a number of degrees away from another Planet or Angle in the Chart. Your Chart is laid out in a 360° circle. Each own special Planet rules different parts of our life and has very different descriptions. It affected us with what the Sign they’re in, as well as the Aspects that they’re forming. There’s Major Aspects, Minor Aspects and rare Minor Aspects.
Major Aspects.
Tumblr media
CONJUNCT : is the most powerful and strongest Aspect of Astrology. It’s when two planets merge together to make an entirely new power. It’s like a fusion, somehow. When they’re in conjunction, it gets a bunch of distinct traits of its own. The closer the conjunction is, the more of this is more powerful and transformation is more true.
TRINE : are technically the best and most auspicious Aspect, it brings major “luck”, and harmony and potential skills so you can harbour. Trines typically act in the same elemant. And in favour, they work out very well together making an effortless team. Only downfall, is that people with these could be tend to be lazy even though they have potential.
SQUARE : are one of the more harder Aspects to deal with. It creates tension between the planets that are in the square, energies. It creates problems and challenges that arises to your life. The only thing you can do is find an solution and it helps you to realize and overcome this.
SEXTILE : are can basically mean hidden talents. (Planets for more clues) These can also make goals that are related to those planets very easy to gain. The energy makes so the Planets have a very easy time working together. However, it doesn’t add much friction. This person will realize their ideas but won’t follow through because they have no movitation to do so.
OPPOSITE : is like a tug of war and a battle between power struggles since there are two complete different ends. And shows us an section in our life that is unbalanced. There’s always going to be one more dominant while the other basically doesn’t “exist”. As it is a great power imbalance.
Minor Aspects.
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SEMI-SEXTILE : Semi-sextile less impact than a sextile. It can tell a lack of easiness and may impact the growth of our interests. It makes us more conscious of our inherited traits. It’s also the aspect of completion, you may finish something that was started by a family member (Depending on the planets)
QUINCUNX/INCONJUNCT : This Aspect is basically the Aspect of desiring or longing. These individuals put the hard effort and yet it doesn’t come out they way they wanted it to be or basically predicted to be with all of their hard aspects gone to waste.
SEMI-SQUARE : Semi-square has a lot of friction and tension. The difference from the Square placement is that there's much less awareness and concern involved with this. It's frustrating with this aspect as there are lots of minor irritations along the way as the stress and difficulty are also high.
QUINTILE : Quintiles actually gives talent and it’s meant to do something, and these individuals use these talents the way they’re suppose to be used. Whether it be artistic, scientific or etc.
BI-QUINTILE : This is similar to Quintile except the individual does vaguely acknowledge their talent. However, sensitive enough. It could lead to getting a bit more creative and finding solutions as the individual is optimistic.
SEPTILE : Septile is actually linked to spirituality. Keyword is “inspiration”. This individual may want to delve deeper into the topic on a more spiritually side. A very subtle energy that only comes to people when people think.
SEMI-QUINTILE : It has a weaker affect than Quintile but it adds more ambition to this aspect.
SESQUIS-SQUARE : This aspect is similar to the Square and Semi-Square Aspect, Conflict is more easier to work than the Square. It’s easier to supress it. The point is to grow and learn from this Aspect but it makes it more likely to surpress it. This individual would likely tend to ignore these conflicts and Relief is short-lived.
Rare Minor Aspects.
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NOVILE : This is like the end of something, and the beginning of something. It ends, and then something else starts.
SEMI-OCTILE : There could be health concerns. Probably only ever used in Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology. Very weak influence.
SQUILE : There could be malice associated with this Aspect. There could be so much determination to the point of it being harmful.
SQUINE : Think of this of an Square and a Trine both merged together. This Aspect could have tension of conflict while also it beingan effort worth into constructing.
TRI-DECILE/TREDECILE/SESQUIQUINTILE : Individuals need to be alone for them to use their creativity alone.
QUINDECILE : Inability to quit. A lot of determination. An compusion where the individual quite can’t escape.
Angles & Orb.
CONJUNCT : 0–⁠10° (Maximum is 8° is neither Sun or Moon is involved.)
TRINE : 120° (Orb is 5°-10°)
SQUARE : 90° (Orb is 5°-10°)
SEXTILE : 60° (Orb is 3°-4°)
OPPOSITE : 180° (Orb is 5°-10°)
SEMI-SEXTILE : 30° (Orb is 3°-4°)
QUINCUNX/INCONJUNCT : 150° (Orb is 3°)
SEMI-SQUARE : 45° (Orb is 1-3°)
QUINTILE : 72° (Orb is 1.2°)
BI-QUINTILE : 144° (Orb is 2-3°)
SEPTILE : 51° (Orb is 1-2°)
SEMI-QUINTILE : 36° (Orb is 1-2°)
SESQUIS-SQUARE : 135° (Orb is 2-3°)
NOVILE : 40° (Orb is 1-2°)
SQUILE : 75°
SQUINE : 105°
Harsh or Beneficial? (Only Major)
𖥨┉┈ It gives us more blessings, maybe a bit of laziness.
—The best of them all. No wonder it’s on this list.
—Creative power. Sometimes you can only do with the action.
𖥨┉┈ Harsh Aspects usually ends up in challenges.
—It’s handles conflicts and errors. It’s results in tensions and challenges.
—Power struggles. You must learn how to balence fhem.
𖥨┉┈ It depends on the Planets involved. For example, Sun Conjunct Pluto, or Sun Conjunct Saturn gives out negative results but Sun Conjunct Venus gives out good results.
—Very powerful. It adds a very seen effect across your Natal Chart.
Planet Keywords.
SUN : Power, vitality, self-expression.
MOON : Feelings, emotions, nurturing.
MERCURY : Thought, communication, mind.
VENUS : Love, attraction, money.
MARS : Will, energy, action.
JUPITER : “Luck”, expansion, knowledge.
SATURN : Restrictions, limitations, responsibility.
URANUS : Change, originality, revolution.
NEPTUNE : Creativity, delusions, confusion.
PLUTO : Obsession, power, transformation.
Signs. (Only Major)
Note - Each Sign is divided into 30°
ARIES : Opposites Libra | Trines Leo & Sagittarius | Sextiles Gemini & Aquarius | Squares Cancer & Capricorn |
TAURUS : Opposites Scorpio | Trines Virgo & Capricorn | Sextiles Cancer & Pisces | Squares Leo & Aquarius |
GEMINI : Opposites Sagittarius | Trines Libra & Aquarius | Sextiles Aries & Leo | Squares Virgo & Pisces |
CANCER : Opposites Capricorn | Trines Scorpio & Pisces | Sextiles Taurus & Virgo | Squares Aries & Libra |
LEO : Opposites Aquarius | Trines Aries & Sagittarius | Sextiles Gemini & Libra | Squares Taurus & Scorpio |
VIRGO : Opposites Pisces | Trines Taurus & Virgo | Sextiles Cancer & Scorpio | Squares Gemini & Sagittarius |
LIBRA : Opposites Aries | Trines Gemini & Aquarius | Sextiles Leo & Sagittarius | Squares Cancer & Capricorn |
SCORPIO : Opposites Taurus | Trines Cancer & Pisces | Sextiles Virgo & Capricorn | Squares Leo & Aquarius |
SAGITTARIUS : Opposites Gemini | Trines Aries & Leo | Sextiles Libra & Aquarius | Squares Virgo & Pisces |
CAPRICORN : Opposites Cancer | Trines Taurus & Virgo | Sextiles Scorpio & Pisces | Squares Aries & Libra |
AQUARIUS : Opposites Leo | Trines Gemini & Libra | Sextiles Aries & Sagittarius | Squares Taurus & Scorpio |
PISCES : Opposites Virgo | Trines Cancer & Scorpio | Sextiles Taurus & Capricorn | Squares Gemini & Sagittarius |
Difference? (Only Major)
SEXTILE : Potential.
TRINE : Natural ability.
SQUARE : Tension, contradiction.
OPPOSITE : Opposing forces that need to balance.
𖥨┉┈ Do you see it now?
Predominant of Trines : Not challenged, receiving, talented, relaxed.
Predominant of Sextiles : Expressive, communicative, imaginative.
Predominant of Squares : Motivated, strong will of an character, crisis-oriented people, likes to face challenges and obstacles, action-oriented, just doesn’t accept this at first glance.
Predominant of Oppositions : Looks for a meaning in life within relationships, seeks balance, seeks growth for relationships, insightful, not focused, contradictory.
Predominant of Conjunctions : Hard working people, can’t see the other side of things, movited, easy to lose the perspective from the other side of things.
Predominant of Minor Aspects : Has a lot of subtle things going around their life at first glance. Doesn’t realize things until later. Is probably receiving some type of euphoria or some type of “oh”.
Lack Of.
Lack of Trines : Not balenced, driven, conflict-oriented.
Lack of Sextiles : Less self-expressive, avoids being creative or creative pursuits, less commuicative.
Lack of Squares : Avoids challenges, lack challenges, takes the easy way out, unchallenged.
Lack of Oppositions : Self relianted, doesn’t want to broaden their perspective through relationships, independent, subjective.
Lack of Conjunctions : Scattered, flexible, doesn’t look within for the answers.
Lack of Minor Aspects : Probably enjoys more confrontation, less looking for answers.
Aspect Patterns.
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A shape formed by many aspects in a chart.
T-SQUARE : T-Squares are made when two opposite eachother and are both squared by the same planet. T-Square cannot be ignored because itself is felt by the individual. It forces the indivual to take some type of action. And yet, there is potential. Maybe strong emotions and behaviours. A lot of frustration. It depends on the Modality and the Houses.
GRAND TRINE : An aspect figure in which three Planets make an Trine. Receives powerful support without any effort. The lack of tension and associated psychological strain can sometimes lead to a lack of enthusiasm. The native may not want to enter any processes of growth. The individual might not see their talents and it could often lead to laziness.
GRAND SEXTILE : In where six Planets make an Sextile to eachother, making it form into an hexagon. This encourages work and the enterprise.p should not be delayed. Greater potential, and great horizons. May not want to touch within this though.
GRAND CROSS : It consists of two T-Squares at each end. This gives great stability with along great inflexibility. Unvoidable challenge. However the native would want to face these obstacles head on. As it tackles diffcult themes. It gives great stubbornness so it gives stubbornness to move on.
KITE : Created by a Grand Trine, and two of the planets in trine aspect form sextiles. And another Planet which in turn makes an Opposition to the third Planet in the Grand Trine. It has a smooth flow of energy, which could lead to apathy. But it also brings tension which could bring awareness as it gives an encouragement to search for construvtive forms of expressing.
MYSTIC RECTANGLE : Planets A+B and C+D make two Oppositions. A and D and C and B also form Sextiles to each other, and A and C and D and B Trines. It makes tensions more easier to deal with. (Even if the individual does have a lot tensions and challenges along the way.)
YOD : An aspect where one planet is connected by two quincunxes to two planets which in turn are linked by a sextile. zIt create events, incidents, relationships etc, that happens in a individuals life not out of their choice but in a karmic manner. These situations could turn into a blessing or a curse.
THORS HAMMER : It is made by two planets squaring one another, with both making sesquisquare aspecting to a third planet. When younger, they may’ve been very rebellious and willful, and it could eventually lead them up to their adult life. They may get loads of criticism and hate because of this.
HELLOOO. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS. If you don’t understand somethings please comment it so I could respond to ya. :D This took very long however. I hope you like it. Anywayyysss, I hope you have a good day. Please make sure to eat and sleep well. Remember to take breaks and sleep 10 hours a day BECAUSE YOU MATTER!! Okay? OKAY. Good good, HANXNXJ.But seriously, self-care is important! >:D Anyways, I hope you have a great day, and I’ll see you soon. Byeee!
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hillarysss · 2 months ago
astro placements &
their alter ego. 🗝
"who are you really?"
Do not repost, plagiarize, "reword" my work. This series is to teach you to love every part of yourself and that no "placement" or "chart" is bad.
Libra rising / Venus in 1st known for their charismatic sense of self and their internal and physical beauty. The way they have a forgiving heart, but that is just a part of them. They have Virgo in 12th (their subconscious) They pick out flaws in themselves and struggle to see their worthy Venusian traits. Their hidden enemies tend to be very nit-picky too and tend to attract people who try to bring them down. They can't see their worth too easily but they praise love and positivity and can't let this part of them shown too easily, no one really knows them until they open up (Capricorn in 4th). Check up on them & be consistent as fuck & keep promises that's how you'll get to their heart.
Moon- Neptune & Moon in 4th, Moon in 8th, Moon in 12th these individuals are super forgiving, perhaps to a fault, and they attract people who try to take advantage of them, those people however don't realize that these natives have very good intuition almost psychic like, they are not too confrontational but trust me they know, they can see your bull-shit. Work on being more confrontational cause trust me you can see and feel through everything. Often misunderstood.
Pisces placements / 12th house placements are super intelligent but are so looked over. Keep in mind that these people are not "naive". They have incredible emotional intelligence, they can be very good liars (although I don't advice lying, so use it for good) They tend to not believe in themselves just to realize that they were fucking right all along, listen to yourself cause you never ever miss with those gut-feelings. You often feel like an old soul because of your wisdom, start believing in your knowledge and your power and don't ever underestimate yourself because you have the tendency to.
Air moons (Moon in 3rd, Moon in 7th, Moon in 11th) you have this very sociable and intelligent ways to you that others never over-look. You know how to say the right things at the right time and your imagination and knowledge is never-ending, but let's work on that fact that you guys over-think everything, start building your confidence because that amount of intellect you guys hold is super admirable. Also, start getting more sleep / a healthy routine and start doing things for you and not for others. You guys tend to fixate on things because your mind is thirsty and this can cause obsession over hobbies. Start prioritizing your needs and remember that your feelings are valid and start trusting those gut-feelings instead of rationalizing them.
Scorpio placements / 8th house placements you guys are known for being honest to a fault and very intuitive & emotionally intelligent to the point it's get scary because you have the ability to see through everyone's flaws with your natural psychic gifts (yes you have them, don't lie to yourself) . But when it comes to yourself you're very critical and obsess over things that have a very small influence, you start to think if that is your reflection towards the world. You have the tendency too give too much love when you know you shouldn't because once you set yourself on something it's very hard to bring you down because of that intense drive towards things you love, start shifting that to healthier things, you always know what's best deep down.
Leo risings / Leo moons (Sun in 1st) you've always wondered "why me?" "what did I do" since young. So many people have tried to dim your light, because you're quite literally the sun. No matter how hard you try to tell yourself it doesn't matter, you know negativity gets to you at times, you shut yourself down. A lot of you guys have a hard time processing emotions because it doesn't fit your standards of what they should be. "I shouldn't be feeling this way". This is why you need to step up and get rid of dark environments/ energies and own up your power and shine bright. You have a natural talent of creativity & don't let anything unoriginal bother you. You always have better things to do.
Air Venuses ( Venus in 3rd, 7th, 11th) you are very intellectual and you have an ability to be easily adaptable and are open to a bunch of things, you like experimenting and having fun. You deep down just want a best friend for eternity and you constantly wonder why does it have to be so hard to get someone that just "gets" you, even though you're very open-minded you need someone who matches your vibe and understandings and it is very hard to find that easily, you just want a best friend and you value trust more than you're given credit for, this is why you may have the tendency to emotionally detach from situations because you don't wanna be vulnerable yet deep down you yearn for what could happen if you were to open up a bit.
Earth Moons (Moon in 2nd, Moon in 6th, Moon in 10th) you are someone most would call reliable and mannered and dedicated, you don't really say much about internal things and go on with your life. You have "I'll deal with it" way of going with things (Especially Capricorn Moons). You tend to be hesitant of letting yourself feel- free at times because you put your emotions on a structure that can easily break through once you snap. Feel your emotions and ground yourself, tell yourself that you are worthy of not being what is expected of you at all times, break free from this standard you have of yourself. Let others know when they absolutely crossed the line.
Water risings ( Moon in 1st & Neptune in 1st) ) I always believed that having a Water rising will always tone down and make the natal chart more softer. Water risings have the tendency to keep things inside but they can very very social on the outside. This isn't to mistake them as "fake" but they can camouflage into situations very well. You need to start surrounding yourself with better energies and people that put the effort because y'all put a LOT of effort into things once you're emotionally involved and can find yourself into one-sided situations quite often. However, you somewhat know this and prefer to be more emotionally unavailable, but this isn't the healthy way to deal with energy drains from environments / situations, prioritize yourself and your well-being.
Earth Mars (Mars in 2nd house, Mars in 6th, Mars in 10th) you are very much a peace- maker and you know how to deal with things in a mature manner and are often a good example to others. However, you tend to let things pile up until you have had enough and become very stubborn into what you think is right. A lot of you have to learn how to be more direct like an Aries mars. You also have incredible work-ethic but you don't really stop and you tend to exhaust yourself and this could ruin things like sleep schedules because of your rest-less motivation. Use your advanced ethics to the best of your ability and don't be so hard on yourself.
Water Mars (Mars in 4th, Mars in 8th, Mars in 12th) do have a harder time with anger because Mars likes to do things fast and Water mars like to take things a little slower and have tendencies to drain themselves. These people are incredibly understanding of things maybe even to a fault. You see the good side in things even though you shouldn't at times. Most people look up to you for advice and comfort. You are very hard-working when it comes to things that makes you emotionally full-filled. You easily feel the negatives of others & external sources and this can make you break-down often. Instead, start pampering yourself and put yourself in relaxed environments, put on a candle for example & make yourself feel at home when you're achieving goals / working. Remember all you feel is valid and that you're not too "emotional".
Earth Risings (Saturn in 1st could relate to this) are very private people but they give out irrelevant information that would make it seem otherwise. They tend to gain people's trust easily because they are very calm and analytical they notice everything. They're very sensitive individuals and in-fact very sensitive to cruelty, they like things grounded and when things make sense, so they are largely affected by anything negative or anything that doesn't fit their standards. Earth risings are very intuitive (Water in 7th house) but they tend to ignore it, please don't. They can give too much care and love once they think someone deserves it but not everyone deserves an Earth rising, that's when they isolate themselves and most would wonder what happened to them, they need frequent breaks to heal themselves, make sure to prioritize your ways of healings.
Aries placements / Mars in 1st tend to be very more dominant in their ways of thinking & wouldn't change their ways so easily. They however, aren't always as tough as they may make it seem. They opposite Libra, they would benefit from balance & routine, they are very sensitive when it comes to opinions of people and influences they value and can easily be influenced into things if they don't think too clearly. They need to find their own confidence instead of just pretending that they're all right, a lot tend to neglect opening up and things because they don't wanna be fragile, they have very soft hearts and are easily overwhelmed which is when they become self- destructive. Try activities that will help your mind calm down because it is very hard to completely shut it off and try to make healthy standards for yourself and motivate yourself every day and don't be a perfectionist, you're an over-achiever and are very hard-working but make sure it you have a healthy way of achieving things.
Aquarius / 11th house placements / Uranus Dominance are such original and intelligent people and are very misunderstood. They've always been outlined in some sort and are always going through parts of self-discovery. People tend to often wonder their ways of doing things and this could cause them to get envy or rude remarks. They are very kind people and wouldn't ever harm anyone, this can go very far and they may let people walk all over them. They have ways of detaching themselves emotionally and preferring to live somewhere else (their head) and just be in their thoughts all the time. Make sure to put healthy structure and don't put routines that you can't handle because you guys are very much prone to over-working yourself because you guys have high hopes which is very admirable but it can go far and you guys could become pessimistic.
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itscupidsaki · 11 days ago
Astrology Observations 111: Mother Nature theme
Disclaimer: I am not a professional astrologer, this post is based off my own observations, experiences and research.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌿 Taurus placements are huge nature lovers and seem to be recharged when in calming/nature-like environments.
🐢 Aquarius placements are huge animal lovers. They’re the type to have a whole zoo in their home and/or adopt unusual pets such as parrots, fishes, lizards, hamsters, monkeys…
🧩The most intimidating placements I’ve met are Capricorn, Saturn 1st/dominants, chart ruler-Saturn. Compared to everyone else they tend to demand respect without needing to ask. People are also afraid of their presence and wouldn’t try messing with them. This is usually from tough upbringings and responsibilities being thrown into them from a young age. This causes them to place barriers everywhere to protect themselves and their energy.
🍏 Another honourable mention are Lilith individuals. Harsh/negative Lilith-Asc, Lilith-chart ruler, Lilith-MC, Lilith-personal planets. Regardless of what their planetary placements are, these people somehow come across as violent, dark and intimidating to others. These placements are very difficult to have. It’s usually portrayed as being ‘eye candy’ for others, when in reality these people faced alienation, blame and mistreatment. They were secluded and abandoned by society which caused them to become somewhat rebellious and confident by owning their prescence and body. This gains them a lot of admirers, but at the same time people are repulsed by them and their actions.
🍀 Sun or moon in the first house are both self-focused placements. Especially conjunct the ascendant they both seek attention and recognition. Moon in the first tend to have round features (round face, eyes, nose tip), whereas sun in the first have strong squared features, like chiseled jawlines.
🌵I’ve noticed some Sagittarius placements want to be seen as ‘loud’ and will try their best to be the loudest person in the room. It’s like an honour to them.
👒 Libra, Cancer & Pisces placements are often written as frail and weak, just because they choose to be kind to others. The ones I’ve met will always treat everyone with the same respect they would want themselves. Though people underestimate their kindness as weakness. They’re also quite forgiving signs that will usually always give people the benefit of the doubt. These placements would have your back even in the worst of moments.
🔋Cancer and Scorpio placements collecting random junk, incase it’ll come in handy in the future.
🍃Air signs really are social butterfly’s no matter how anti social they may feel/seem. Aquarius’ tends to be more online popular, whereas libra’s and Gemini’s are social in real life. They seem to have multiple benefitial contacts and are able to be friendly with anyone.
🐸 We often hear about Cancer rising with moon resemblance, softer, rounder features, though the other half of them tend to resemble the carb, with sharp jaws, long but thin oval shaped heads.
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Admiration & Envy
There are various reasons people may admire you. By looking at your prominent placements we’re able to see what those qualities are and what traits may be easier for you to gain.
E.g Having placements such as sun aspecting Ascendant or MC will make it easier for you to emit traits such as confidence which then would = admiration/envy from others. Same with other placements and their qualities. Simply having sun-asc wouldn’t always give the native confidence especially if it’s negatively aspected, debilitated, etc. Just like how someone without Sun-Asc/MC could have extreme confidence within in themselves.
What qualities may be easier for you to obtain?
Sun-Asc/MC, Sun 1st/10th/dom, Sun as chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be self-expressive, confident and likeable by other by just being yourself. Able to understand themselves and their ego easier than others.
Moon-Asc/MC, Moon 1st/10th/dom, Moon as chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be in tune with your emotions, nurture and comfort masses of people and make people love you and your presence by being openly emotional.
Mercury-Asc/MC, Mercury 1st/10th/dom, Mercury as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be talkative, communicate with various people, be expressive and likeable for your witty nature. Has the ability to charm people with their words.
Mars-Asc/MC, Mars 1st/10th/dom, Mars as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to express your passions, enthusiasm, determination and driven nature to others. Easier to be in touch with your sexual nature.
Venus-Asc/MC, Venus 1st/10th/Dom, Venus as chart ruler or aspecting: Easier to be in touch with beauty, arts and gain admirers through it. Easier for you to be loving and charming and be seen as delightful. Easier for you to be in touch with your sensual nature.
Saturn-Asc/MC, Saturn 1st/10th/Dom, Saturn as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be structured, responsible and driven. Easier for you to work for and gain success while being viewed as kingly and respected by others.
Jupiter-Asc/MC, Jupiter 1st/10th/Dom, Jupiter as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be optimistic, enthusiastic and abundant. Is seen as lucky and blessed by others and has the ability to be seen a teacher and expand the views/knowledge of many.
Neptune-Asc/MC, Neptune 1st/10th/Dom, Neptune as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be intuitive, creative, imaginative and being able to captivate people with your dreamy nature.
Uranus-ASC/MC, Uranus 1st/10th/dom, Uranus as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be unique, stand out from the crowd and be innovative. Easier for you to introduce people to new ways/styles/manners.
Pluto-Asc/MC, Pluto 1st/10th/dom, Pluto as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier to find your inner power and be seen as powerful by others. Easier for you to be in control, be transformative and be able to transform those around you.
If you’re someone who doesn’t have a certain planet placement, that doesn’t mean you won’t have those qualities. Anyone can gain, or achieve those qualities. You can be very skilled with communication without having prominent Mercury. By teaching yourself matters of that planet, you will simply learn to embody it in your own way.
🪲There are two types of libras. The ones that are afflicted by what others think of them and the ones that simply don’t care.
🦚 Saturn-NN/Pluto… how are you holding up? Everything okay? (Pssst check up on your Saturn-pluto friends, they’d appreciate it). This placement has definitely dealt with it all. Hardship after pain after hardship. Well done on everything you’ve done so far. You deserve all the success you’ve worked for.
🌱 Saturn-Moon: Are you okay too? Hang in there buddy. No more restricted emotions. Let it all out baby.
🌲Whenever I meet pisces moons and risings the first thing I always notice about them are their eyes, they’re always very pretty. They stand out in some way, whether it’s the colours, the shape or the way they gaze.
🎍Whereas with Pisces suns, it’s more their presence and personality that stands out and is very alluring and dreamy.
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Retrograde Planets:
I always read about how retrograde planets will portray the opposites of it’s traits. Which is definitely true, though I’ve also noticed how for some people it can actually cause them to emit their qualities even more. Especially if the planet is heavily aspected. As the native feels as if they’re at a loss with these particular traits and it causes them to seek it out even more.
Mercury retrograde can signify issues with communication. I’ve noticed some may have or had speech impediments (lisps, stutters, stammers), anxiety, fear of speaking or expressing thoughts. Though as they grow this fear may slowly fade and often these natives can become more talkative than when Mercury is direct. They become extremely expressive, analytic and have exceptional communication skills.
Venus retrograde may have had issues with love and relationships. Feeling at a lack in that department, though I’ve noticed will be the ones more interested and obsessed with romance, beauty, arts and creativity. They seek venusarian qualities more than Venus direct individuals.
Mars retrograde individuals may have had issues with anger and expressing their passions. They may have had difficulties asserting themselves and placing boundaries. Though as they grow they reclaim their Martian qualities and might actually become more aggressive than mars direct. They will also want to come across as more bold, courageous and passionate.
Jupiter retrograde individuals may have always felt quite unlucky, misfortunate and pessimistic. Though as they grow, they may embody Jupiterian qualities strongly, choosing to become extremely positive people attracting abundance. They would also want to be able to learn, teach and expand their wisdom more so than Jupiter direct individuals.
Saturn retrograde individuals may have felt like they lacked and struggled with structure, boundaries and responsibility. As they grow they may start becoming quite strict with themselves and/or structuring their life out with diets, lists and routines more than Saturn direct individuals.
Neptune retrograde individuals may have had issues with their imagination, creativity and intuition. They would see the world in a grey lense and often lacked the abilities to enjoy dream-like moments. Though as they grow they may seek those qualities and would take if even further than Neptune direct individuals, by day-dreaming frequently, getting in touch with their intuition, creative and imaginative side.
Uranus retrograde individuals may have felt like they weren’t special, they may have felt like they’re just common and compliant. As they grow older, this might cause them to seek Uranus qualities more than Uranus direct individuals. They may end up being rebellious, refusing to follow social norms and find new ways to make themselves unique and stand out. Like dressing in a unique manner, dyeing their hair unconventional colours.
Pluto retrograde individuals may have grown up avoiding/fearing authoritative roles, power, transformation, death and sex. Though as they grow they may crave power even more than Pluto direct individuals, desire leadership roles or simply they are very accepting towards taboo topics such as death and sex.
🌳The biggest indicator I’ve found for ‘promiscuous people’ or individuals open about taboo topics are to do with your 8th house ruler. In western or Vedic, if you have 8th house ruler in the 10th house, conjunct MC or in the 1st house it can indicate this. 10th house is your reputation, public image, and any placement in there is viewed out in the open. 8th house: secrets, your sexual matters and it’s lord is placed plain as day in the 10th for everyone to see. With 8th lord in the 1st you openly exude 8th house matters and it’s a part of your persona and how you present yourself.
🥦 Aries placements will always stand up for others and what they believe is right. They also won’t bad mouth people unless they’ve done something to upset/annoy them.
🧃Gemini placements learning a new talent every 20 minutes.
🧤The reason why Leo placements are so loved by other is because of how open their hearts are. They’re literally the people to say ‘I love you’ a lot and hug everybody.
🐾 Leo parents will spoil you with affection and gifts, but at the same time will spend just as much on themselves. Have you heard of parents that would rather give it all to their child? Well Leo parents believe in 60-40, my kids gets some but I also deserve some too.
🪴Libra and Aquarius placements falling in love, when theyre introduced to a new fictional character.
🐛People always assume Libras seek out attractive partners, but in my experience they always end up obsessing over someone that’s plain average or both Ugly and attractive at the same time.
🌲The most publicly emotional person I’ve met, had moon conjunct jupiter in Leo. They would cry about everything. The most emotionally closed off person I’ve ever had moon conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. They would take their emotions to the grave, they would rather pass away than show people what they are feeling.
📚 9th house placements/stelliums being teachers pets. 🥕🐰 Teachers love these placements because of how studious, enthusiastic and eager they are to learn and expand their knowledge. If egotistical/malefic planets are in here, (Sun, Mars, Saturn..) there may also be conflict with authorities and teacher figures. Like sun in 9th would be the one correcting the teacher and calling them out if they believe they’re wrong. They would also have ego clashes with them.
🥗 6th house placements/stelliums know if you’ve been in their room or touched their things. They’ve precisely placed things everywhere and if they noticed something moved/is missing they’ll start plotting your funeral. NOTE: DON’T TOUCH THEIR THING
🦜Pisces/12th house placements/stelliums being partially in another dimension and questioning why they’re on earth and not in a Harry Potter FanFiction.
Tumblr media
Venus & enhancing your features
Which ever house and sign Venus is placed in, can show the body parts and features that people may find attractive on you. You can then enhance those features to gain more attention and appear more attractive.
Venus in 1st/Aries: Your face, head, eyes & overall appearance. You can enhance these features by wearing makeup, dressing in a fashionable manner; wearing headwear (hats, headbands, hair clips) & glasses/sunglasses.
Venus in 2nd/Taurus: Your voice, throat, neck, mouth. You can enhance these features by wearing necklaces/chokers; lip makeup/piercings.
Venus in 3rd/Gemini: Your Shoulders, arms & hands. You can enhance these features by wearing shoulderless tops; flattering clothing for the arms; wearing hand jewellery; nail varnish/false nails.
Venus in 4th/Cancer: Your chest, stomach & breasts. You can enhance these features by wearing clothing that flatter those areas.
Venus in 5th/Leo: Your back & upper back. You can enhance these feature by wearing clothing that show off your upper back or having marks such as tattoos there.
Venus in 6th/Virgo: Your Abdomen & anus… 💀. You can enhance these features by wearing clothing that flatters those areas, like crop tops, fitted shirts, etc. What you’re comfortable in.
Venus in 7th/Libra: Your Skin, buttocks & lower back. You can enhance those features by wearing clothing that make them stand out, such as backless tops, fitted clothing for the lower region; skincare/makeup/designs/tattoos.
Venus in 8th/Scorpio: Your Genitals & nose. You can enhance these features by using your sensual energy (in a way you’re comfortable); wearing nose jewellery/piercings.
Venus in 9th/Sagittarius: Your Hips & thighs. You can enhance those features by wearing clothing that make those areas stand out, like fitted trousers.
Venus in 10th/Capricorn: Your Knees, Bones & teeth. You can enhance these features by wearing clothing that shows off the knees and your bone structure; flashing teeth/taking care of teeth.
Venus in 11th/Aquarius: Your Calves, shins & ankles. You can enhance those features by showing off those areas; wearing ankle brackets; shoes/clothing that flatter the lower legs.
Venus in 12th/Pisces: Your Feet & toes. You can enhance these features by wearing shoes that’ll flatter your feet and stand out; pedicures and nail varnish.
🫑 Virgo placements cut people out their lives just like that. If you’re not compatible with their values, you’re out.
🐊 Earth signs really don’t like small talk, especially Capricorns. They want to get to the point and have it over with. Their emails and requests can come across as somewhat rude sometimes, due to the straightforwardness. But once you’re part of their life they’re sure to text you loads and send you a bunch of links to videos and articles they enjoy.
🪨 Air signs on the other hand, use small talk as a way of building connections. But once you’re a part of their life, be prepared to stay on read for weeks. These people’s closest family and friends usually don’t even get replies back. I believe that air signs mentally reply to messages.
📗 Water signs like deep talk. Doesn’t matter if they just met you, they wanna trauma dump together. Which is why creative work and the arts are something they enjoy, as it’s another way for them to express their sentiments into a piece of work.
🪀 Fire signs just enjoy conversations in general. I also noticed they prefer routine, such as greeting them every day or sending ‘goodnight’ messages, even if there might not have been a conversation that day.
Tumblr media
All images were taken from Pinterest
I wish you all the best blessing and abundance. Let your life be filled with positivity and Joy. Allow yourself to be at peace and feel serenity through yourself. Sending you all the love you desire.
Lots of Love & Luck
ItsCupidSaki 🕊
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normal-horoscopes · 2 months ago
Normal Horoscope:
Aries: Hold close to the world. Press it into your skin. We are the ink and rubber for a stamp that says "I love you, no matter what."
Taurus: You are an abscess on the sternum. A nervous wound. The only thing to do now is to be left alone, healing takes time.
Gemini: Can you find what you lack, only looking from the inside out? What are friends really for?
Cancer: How much of the world goes on in your absence? What soft things drift in your wake?
Leo: When all you are is a nail, the whole world feels like a hammer.
Virgo: The body adjusts to its burden. For better or worse we learn to carry what we hold.
Libra: There isn't a turn of phrase that can make this better, but we all process in different ways.
Scorpio: What if it was safe? What if it was all okay? Aim your expectations between the best and worst options, right for the center.
Ophiuchus: Remember! To accept help is not weakness! Pride is only useful to a point.
Sagittarius: Fear is the mind-killer, but it is also a perfectly natural part of being a human. If anything, the real mind-killer is time.
Capricorn: Self care is non-negotiable. For all the slings and arrows of fate, eventually you will have to brush your teeth or suffer the consequences.
Aquarius: There is little else to be done. These things require a soft touch and sometimes even simple presence is enough.
Pisces: Love should be done with reckless abandon, but careful investment.
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