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#aries sun

i have been doing reading for school and one thing i’ve been curious about is the big 5 personality test. i feel as if i must have been lying on it because the results seem to be not too bad. i’m not sure i would rank myself any of these things but i have been working to develop myself as a person so i can be a more prosocial member of society. i know i’m introverted which feels like a flaw sometimes but now that i’m accepting it i think i’m really able to tap into my true potential. 

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My nephew has this placement! You are a powerhouse in action or a juggernaut, even; getting everything done and rather quickly, too. The issue is getting you in motion, as you’re most comfortable when… well comfortable. You loathe pointless activity and prefer to give all your energy to things that benefit your comfort, safety, and finances. This does make you an extremely hard worker, though it also makes you extremely stubborn and immovable in perspective. You much prefer your alone time and value your independence above all else.

Diana Ross has this combo. Her career displays this well. She began in a girl group, though her star power pushed her to the center, becoming the leader oft he group. Her comfort in the spotlight helped her become a bigger star (as well as her lighter skin and possibly her inappropriate relationship with Barry Gordy) and she eventually broke out of her comfort zone and became a solo star.

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I have a friend with the same sun and moon (he has a sagittarius rising) and he’s one giant tedy bear. It might be because I’ve known him all my life, but I don’t see the scorpio moon in him. You must be very nice, always ready to go on an other adventure. Passion, Passion, Passion, it’s in everything you do. You are very ambitious and focused on your goals. Very honest and protective of the one you love. Feelings are intense and take over you, make sure you calm down before you act. Very impulsive. To people that might not know you, you stay calm and charming and once someone gets to know you better you become a ball of energy.

Hope you like this:)

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You probably have so much energy and then when you go in public your virgo rising is like: no. I mean I’m also an aries with a virgo rising and it’s a pain in the *ss. You want to be extraverted and talk to everyone, but you end up in a corner in observation mode or talking with the people that come to you. Aries and Leo=talent. You can’t escape being naturally good at almost everything. Create an outlet for you energy. Create. Express yourself. Be passionate.

Hope you like this:)

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throughout high school, something that mattered a lot for me was my image on social media. i wanted to have a lot of followers but also the ideal ratio. it didn’t matter to me how many real friends i had, the followers and the image were the priority. last night i feel like i made progress on eliminating that part of my life. i removed everyone from my followers who i didn’t follow back. they don’t follow me because they’re interested in my life, they follow me because they thought we were mutuals. maybe they wanted a high number of followers or maybe they thought we were friends, but i don’t want to be part of the fake culture anymore. i went from 982 to 60ish followers and i feel so relieved.

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Active, Outspoken and even quite precocious. Can be called toward scholastic pursuit and be the first as the Aries always need to be the first However this doesn’t mean you are going to kiss asses. You are going to be enthusiastic about everything new ideas, laws and anything new age or you have an attraction for which you are going to express. Breaking traditions.

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Aries sun/rising♈


Scorpio season’s emotional, intense vibes are centralizing around your deepest, most intimate connections. Sex is a big theme right now—you’re having a ~sensual~ time in the bedroom, but it’s less about physical pleasure, and more about making a special connection with your partner. That means if you’re dating casually, expect to catch feelings for your fling. If you’ve been waiting to DTR, Scorpio season is a wonderful time to do so—just wait until Mercury Retrograde is over, though!


Check my profile to see more of each zodiac sign

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🎞💞 a question for ppl with their sun in the 12th house:

i’ve read that with this placement, there tends to be a discrepancy between the core self & the facade. the identity of the person is often sacrificed to the “role” or version that they want others to see them as.

which makes sense, the 12th house is a cadent house & usually cadent houses can represent the inner thoughts one has before implementing an action bc the house that comes after is an angular house, angular houses are all about that action.

sun = core self

12th house = sacrificing

1st house = version that they want others to see them as

do you guys feel this is true? what is your experience with this if you care to share 💞

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Aries Rising Culture 🔥

  • Fierce
  • Strong
  • Energetic
  • Impulsive
  • Impatient
  • A great leader 👏
  • Bossy
  • Extroverts usually or at least seem to be but usually are
  • Can rock anything RED 😍
  • Intense eyes
  • A BOLD presence .
  • Well defined eyebrows.
  • I think they have the capacity to be very successful as they what they want and just go after their goals.
  • Assertive, as mentioned above.
  • Short-tempered 😡
  • Childlike
  • Youthful face
  • War, fights are a prominent theme of their life.
  • Forgive easily 🙏
  • Determined
  • Inspiring ( ok! this is personally to me)
  • Hate manipulative, passive or sugarcoaters/people.
  • Funny!!
  • Hella competitive
  • Likes to lead.
  • Gets jealous if anyone else gets the chance to lead than themselves.
  • Masculine bodies and they also look tomboyish
  • Athletic body
  • Reddish hair
  • Gets into fights easily!
  • Takes action
  • Spontaneous
  • fast walkers!!!!!
  • Fast on anything basically

Well i love your energy and enthusiasm my dear Aries Risings! I hope you enjoyed reading this post too💕

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