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08. What is, perhaps, their biggest flaw? Are they aware of this or oblivious to it?


Her biggest flaw is that she is either unaware of, or totally disregards her own influence and power.  Like if you look at it objectively, the Watcher is given tremendous power over the fate of every land they occupy - they determine who has power, who lives, who dies, the fates of every person they travel with and often, every person they so much as speak to.  But Ari doesn’t take this at all seriously, and rarely gives it much thought.  She sees herself as being just a person, with influence over very little.  It means she feels free to make decisions without hand wringing or sleepless nights, but equally, it means that she can be very short sighted and take things lightly that deserve more thought.

Thank you for asking!  <3

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1, 12, 23, 34, 45, and 50 for a character of your choice! 馃グ


12. Is there some particular talent, skill, or attribute that they simply could not give up?

Arisande is very intuitive and *gets* people, knows what they’re trying to say and what they want to hear, and it’s so integral to her relationship to the world that she would be completely lost without out.  Without it, she’d have to do a lot more fighting and a lot less talking her way out of things, and talking her way out of things is her entire jam.

23. What is your character like when it comes to school? What subjects are they good/bad at? Do they get in trouble a lot or are well behaved?

Ari never went to school, but she did learn some things!  She got taught her numbers and letters and things by whoever had time and knew them, which means her early childhood education was in several languages, very patchy, and not entirely cohesive.  She kinda got there in the end, though.  She is very good at reading maps, at tying knots, at painting, and at maths as they pertain to dollars.  Once she could read she did read any books that happened to show up on ship, so she kinda knows… weird pockets of information.

She was a scamp.  A good hearted, well meaning scamp.  She got in trouble sort of an average amount, usually because she was doing something that could have gotten her hurt.  Eventually she outgrew it and moved on to more mature troublemaking, like murdering cultists.

34. Does your character have favorite foods? (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, etc)

Ari loves a citrus; oranges and lemons especially.  They were always framed like special treats when she was little (can’t let the ship’s mascot get scurvy), and she’s loved them ever since.  She would lose her mind over clementines.  She also got real excited once when they were in town and she saw a lemon tart in a shop window.  What do you mean you can make things from them

She can be coaxed pretty easily into trying a lot of fruits.  She’s not a big fan of vegetables.  She likes seafood.  Shellfish/crustaceans are a good bet.  She really likes big fish, like tuna.

She would love sushi if she knew it was a thing.

45. Is your character the kind to hide their true emotions or do they wear their heart on their sleeve?

Heart on her sleeve!  You know shit done gone some kinda way if you look at Ari and can tell there’s something she’s hiding.

I already answered 1 and 50 for her, so I’ll answer them for… one of my Fallout girls, Charlotte.  blast from the past, not even fic on AO3 for her anymore, goddamn, but I’m keepin’ that Mercer line going

01. What does your character’s name mean? Did you pick it for the symbolism, or did you just like the way it sounded?

I picked it because Codsworth could say it, and because it was cute.  Her full name is Charlotte Jack Donnelly, Charlie Jack to her father, and then later, to some of her friends in the terrible future.  The “Jack” part is after her grandfather.

50. If your character confessed love to their crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc, what would they say?

It sounded like “don’t worry.”  It sounded like “we’ll find a way”.  It sounded like gunshots.  It sounded like a long walk over cracked roads, until the soles of your feet feel like they don’t connect to your body anymore.

It sounded like that sharp, cracked sob when he saw his son again.

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1, 2, 4, 11, 35, 43, and 50 for Ari!

01. What does your character’s name mean? Did you pick it for the symbolism, or did you just like the way it sounded?

I made it up!  It doesn’t mean anything.  Arisande just looked like a nice combination of letters and it sounded nice in my head.  (It’s pronounced air-ih-san-d, and Ari is pronounced Are-e.)

02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?

Ooh, hmm.  She doesn’t like her eyes.  She wishes she had, you know.  pupils. an iris.  something other than the solid wall of pearlescent bullshit she has now.  she wishes she could look into someone’s eyes and have them know for sure she was doing that.  she longs to be told her eyes are pretty and deep and lovely and interesting.  And that sounds like a very superficial insecurity, but it also speaks to this like… discomfort, deep down, in what it means to be one of Ondra’s chosen.  She would rather have been god-touched by… someone else, please.  Someone that doesn’t on the reg threaten to kill her.

Her discomfort with Ondra isn’t something she talks about a lot.


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P, T, X for Ari? c:

!!!  Yes!

P   :   PARTNER.   what does your muse look for in a partner? looks / personality?

Ari wants someone that is as enthusiastic and into her as she is into them.  She wants a partner in crime, a best friend, someone that will hold her hand while they’re doing questionably legal things in the name of the greater good.  She wants someone fun that she doesn’t have to doubt and question herself over all the time - someone she doesn’t have to pin down to get confessions out of.  She wants to be loved big, and loud, and wholeheartedly.

She gets attracted to smiles a lot.  Smiles and a good laugh and eye crinkles. 

T   :   TRUE LOVE.   does your muse believe in true love?

Sort of but not necessarily?  She doesn’t believe in the idea of one single person you are destined to love, a single one person in the world for you.  She believes there are people you’ll meet again and again as the Wheel turns, and sometimes those people are your heart people, and they’ll be with you until the Wheel stops turning.  Sometimes those people show up and you’ll be in big romantic love, but sometimes not.  She is pretty convinced she’s known Eder before in a lot of lives, so she forgives him for not being into her romantically this time.  ;)

X   :   XOXO.   does your muse use / like pet names?

Arisande is the sort of person that will come up with ever increasingly ridiculous pet names.  Love.  Darling.  Sweetheart.  Gentleman of the Silken Closet.  Duchess of the Gilded Hand.  Dumplin’.

She gets proper giddy over being given a pet name.  Loves it.  Can’t get enough.  She’d be delighted to have a cashier call her “hon”. 

Thank you for asking about her!  I love this girl.

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L-O—V-E for the alphabet meme?

!!  Thank you for indulging me!

L   :   LOVE.   who does your muse love?

She loves a lot of people!  She was raised in an environment where she was adored and treated like she was special, and it did inflate her ego some, but mostly it just gave her this sense that everyone will treat her well, and she should do the same to them.  

I’m not *super* committed to her romance arc, but I have a direction I’m leaning.  

O   :   ODE.   does your muse have a way with words?

She’s a chanter, so yes!  Heh.  I think her chants are just like… Mom Voice.  She Tells The Universe What To Do, and it listens.

Outside of that, she has a charm about her.  She’s impulsive and excitable, and very honest in her emotions and with her words.  There’s something appealing in the way she will just tell you what she’s thinking, and you never have to doubt whether she’s doing exactly what she wants (and she almost always is).

V   :   VALENTINE.   how does your muse feel about valentine’s day?

She would think it was fun!  She loves pastels and flowers and kisses and presents and love.  She would want those things for everyone.  All her friends would end up with presents and treats and hugs and kisses (unless they were super uncomfortable with hugs and kisses).

E   :   EMBRACE.   does your muse like hugs? what are their hugs like?

She loves them!  Loves them so much!  She throws herself into them, no hesitation.  There’s no weird tension in her hugs, no sense of propriety to be observed; she hugs everyone the way a small child does, open and enthusiastic, no holds barred.  She’s always a little touch-hungry, always happy to hold hands or hug or walk arm-in-arm.

Thank you for asking!  I love any excuse to talk about her.  :heart:

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