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Sedona, Arizona: Paisley is a 4 year old chihuahua/jack russell terrier mix. She is teeny tiny and looking for a home where she feels safe and loved.
Paisley was transferred to the Humane Society of Sedona from a large Phoenix shelter. Not much is known about her history, but it is believed she may have experienced trauma in her past. She is afraid of men and timid around new people. It takes her a little time to bond, but when she does, she loves SO hard!

She totally comes to life when she feels safe. Paisley is very generous with kisses and does the best zoomies!! It was actually hard to get her to stand still for a photo 😂

Isn’t she just the cutest lil’ thing? Help her personal phoDOGrapher, Amanda Norton, find her the perfect home. Reblog her far and wide! 💕 Email the shelter at to find out more and #AdoptPureLove!

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This day is hard for me every year. Today is the anniversary of my dad’s death. It’s been 19 years, but it still hurts just as much.

I like to go on car rides to clear my head. This car ride allowed me to see this. I was reminded that even on my worst days, I know somebody is watching out for me; whether it be my dad or a higher power.

Arizona sunsets truly are magical.

Lake Mary, Arizona. February 1st.

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In the early 1970’s, DeGrazia created a series of astrological paintings, drawings, and essays. Many have requested that I share the series with you as the zodiac signs change so here is a photo of DeGrazia’s “Sagittarius”, have a great birthday month!

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I have been lucky enough, or perhaps cursed enough, to have fall in love many times over in this life. All their own versions, all intense in their own way. I love to love, and I love people, all the specific details. I love the breaking down walls and being genuine and authentic with one another, exposing parts you wouldn’t with anyone else. And because everyone is so exclusively themselves, it brings out the different parts that it touches in you. I am nostalgic about the person I was able to comfortably be during a fleeting moment in time in my life in that particular environment.

This playlist is for the past lovers, the memories, the bittersweet goodbyes. Even when you know, that maybe during that time it was meant to be - you cherish the time you had together, but still recognize it wouldn’t work on a long term basis. You know, yeah the past lovers didn’t work out for so many reasons and at the end of the day I’m at peace with it. You’ll get that taste of bitterness in this playlist though, you be able to understand the depth of emotions I felt.

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