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Arknights opinion for ToW story (not a hot take, dont read if you genuinely like the story)

on a grand scale, it barely or not even make any sense
the one true culprit Thor barely have any characterisation the motive just like as if he was having messiah complex or something

the tragedy is inevitable might as well set thing on fire, wow sir what a good assumption conclusion right there, have you learn a thing from your dad

biedermann even has more to character than thor, who should be more important in this whole case

i pity his fiancee Tatjana, she’s a good girl, nothing wrong with her

if i have to sugarcoat the story it be this:

“a story of fire lit by the fool to start a poetic war”

not even poetic, before all the sweet word it just weak justification to start a war in town

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love what the diary stage reveals about CC. and the fact the writers for Arknights have thought, ok, we have a lore reason for this high difficulty content. but what else would people do in such a network? no way something like CC doesn’t affect others. what sort of people would be attracted? who might use the system for their own purposes?

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Got loads of spots after deleting a good few inactive peeps.

Add me!

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it’s so much easier to store ideas to remember here than on twitter

anyway real point, ficlets i want to do for file log:

mudrock and grani, quietude and determined optimism

mudrock and meteorite, sarkaz warriors finding each other here, of all places (here, when anger takes people, we are not devils)

suzuran and texas

saria and silence discussing ayerscarpes weapon (tentatively rebonding, again)

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Got a new kid from the banner, Hoshi from the recruitment tags, and have promoted the beach gays!!!

Today has been a good day for me in Arknights; helps make up for having to go to the dentist

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