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rwby julie and the phantoms au featuring dead girl band rwby and jaune as the conduit. but like, jaune who just half-way cheated his way into music school

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My favorite main RWBY characters:

Before we start, please know that I adore every single one of these characters so much, and this list is just separated by FRACTIONS of love. Promise! Really it’s just the top three that are on pedestals

11. Blake Belladonna: never super resonated with me. She’s cool and I love her and her story, but I don’t like all her love lives. (Blacksun salt)

10. Yang Xiao Long: in all honesty, she is the character I resemble the most. Do I love her the most? No. But she is a goddess nonetheless. “Gotcha

9. Penny Polendina: she’s a babe, yes, but I’m trying to not get too attached for when she actually dies. We all know it’s gonna happen. Maybe there’s a little RoseGarden salt too…

8. Lie Ren: love this kid so much, but it’s taken so long to actually develop him. I still feel like I don’t know him super well. Love his new “flower power” though.

7. Pyrrha Nikos: I’ll admit, I didn’t love her as much as I do now the first time I watched this show. She grew on me, and now I can’t help but feel pain when I watch scenes I know she would thrive in, ya know? *cries in arkos*

6. Sun Wukong: this babe is so adorable and I miss him so much. It took a long time for him to grow on me, but boy do I miss him. Seeing clips of Sun makes me sad.

5. Nora Valkyrie: I love her just a bit more than Ren because I simply resonate with her better. She’s just fantastic. “Be strong and hit stuff.” Not to mention that she started exactly like Cinder did, but found someone else, so she became a different person. I always thought that parallel was cool.

4. Ruby Rose: I love her lots, but she still doesn’t have my top spot. She’s a very lovable protagonist. The fact that nothing can permanently keep her down is so admirable. Seeing her grow up is so cool too. Also RoseGarden is my OTP…

3. Weiss Schnee: this queen. This babe. I would die for her. I used to hate her, but now I absolutely adore her. I wish I could say why. I would just protect her with my whole being. The growth that she’s showed through the series just has me screaming. I can’t believe she got stabbed in volume 5, ya know? Wow was that a ride.

2. Jaune Arc: this man is amazing. He is everything. He will never cease to amaze me. His growth has CARRIED these characters. No one can change my mind. Everytime there’s a Jaune scene, I’m like “everyone shut up.” Not to mention the whole semblance and weapon developments. Mmm 👌🏻

1. Oscar Pine (surprise surprise): this kid. I would die for him. People argue that he isn’t well developed, and in a sense you’re right. But it’s almost like we’re playing a process-of-elimination game. Well, we know he hates lying. He’s a bit sassy. He is by far the most righteous, bravest, strongest character on that show (going off v7 and 8). He resonates with me the most. I love seeing him grow. I have a lot of headcanons for his backstory that I KNOW we will get one day. And I cannot wait for his semblance. This goes with Ruby too: nothing can keep him down permanently.

And that’s it. Feel free to make yourself a list too!

27 notes

I just finished RWBY volume 3.

Pyrrha Nikos deserved better.

So did Penny.

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Instructions Followed

Pyrrha finally had enough of Jaune not getting her hints and takes some advice from Nora, Yang and one of Blake’s books.

Pyrrha: Oh Jaune~

The leader of JNPR looked up from his Scroll to see his partner in some casual attire. A pair of black yoga pants that hugged her just right, with a T-shirt with some letters on it and… Is that a choker she has on?

Jaune: Hey Pyrrha, you needed something?

Pyrrha gave a nod and made a small pose to show off her outfit.

Pyrrha: Just wanted to ask if you can read what my shirt says.

Jaune shrugged and obliged, standing up now as Pyrrha puffed her chest out a little more for Jaune. Of course, Jaune completely missed the growing blush on the Spartan’s face and completely missed where exactly he was staring at, much to Pyrrha’s hidden disappointment.

Jaune: Huh? It says, “Snap My Choker”

As Jaune finished reading his eyes left his partner’s chest and moved towards her neck where a black choker was proudly on display. The blonde blinked a few times and Pyrrha saw the dots connecting in that skull of his before he spoke with a smirk.

Jaune: I mean, you just to had to ask me to do that for you Pyrrha.

The various emotions and feelings that mixed within Pyrrha in that moment were numerous, from nervousness and anticipation to embarrassment and excitement and she allowed Jaune to sit her on his bed and stood before her. She now looked up towards her leader as he had a kind smile on his face, even as she saw his hands moving towards her and felt the way they moved her head ever slightly upwards and allowed her eyes to close and remember the next moments. She allowed the sounds of Jaune’s chuckles to echo in her head as she felt a slight tugging on the accessory that would soon be a scrap of cloth and leather.

A few minutes later

Nora and Ren were returning to the dorm room as they saw Jaune open the door with a smile on his face and greeted the pair when he saw them.

Jaune: Sup Ren, hey Nora, y'all getting back from training?

Nora: Yup, Ren even lasted longer than usual.

She gave the silent boy a pat on the back that was too strong as he started to cough now.

Nora: Anyways, what’s that in your hand?

She pointed to the small strap that Jaune currently held onto.

Jaune: Oh, Pyrrha asked me to snap her choker earlier, so I did!

He held it proudly, but missed the surprised expressions of his teammates.

Nora: Pyrrha asked you to do that?

Jaune: Yup, and she was kinda speechless after I was done, so she’s resting on my bed after I was finished. Wasn’t even that difficult to do honestly.

Jaune chuckled as he scratched the back of his head. Nora and Ren simply looked at their leader in slight awe, guess being blunt really was a way to get through someone dense.

Jaune: Anyways, I’m gonna go get something to eat now so laters.

With a small wave towards them, Jaune walked away as the pair continued to look at the blonde boy until he turned a corner out of view.

Nora was the first to quickly enter the dorm room to see just what kind of aftermath Jaune had left Pyrrha in, but instead of a messy scene, it was Pyrrha. Sitting on Jaune’s bed with a blank look in her eyes and she seemed to be staring at the wall, as if it held the answers she so desperately seeked.

Nora: Pyrrha you okay?

Pyrrha only let out defeated sigh and mumbled.

Pyrrha: He snapped my choker. With his hands. Just snapped it with ease…

The girl then began to let out empty chuckles as she repeated those same words. Ren and Nora only shared a worried look with eachother, clearly their leader was oblivious on continental proportions.

Unknown to the trio, their leader wasn’t in the cafeteria, but in the forest.

Jaune: Why the Hell is she such a damn seductress!

The accent of being raised in the frontier oozing back in after hiding it with the normal Valean one.

His mama warned him about city girls being alot wilder than ladies on the frontier. Plus his ma and pa did raise a Gentleman, so if he was gonna date Pyrrha, which he didn’t shy away from the idea of. He was gonna do it his way, the Arc way.

Jaune: That is if my will can last long ‘nuff that is.

He recalled the way Pyrrha looked, the almost hungry expression in her eyes and the implication of her previous request as he blushed a mighty storm.

Jaune: Brothers give me strength and Pa give me courage.

63 notes

Great Spar

Jaune: “It’s not like it once was Pyrrha. I bet I can disarm you!”

Pyrrha: “O-oh yeah? You want my sword, well come take it from me. Come put your hands on me! Your warm, sword-calloused hands.”

Jaune: “Um.” *looks awkwardly up at the crowd of students and Goodwitch* “Right, that’s the idea.”

Pyrrha: “Slowly dragging them up and down my arms, giving me goosebumps.”

Goodwitch: “Start the match already!”

Pyrrha: “You want my sword, come kiss me for it! But not like, right away, don’t be too obvious about it. Do that thing where our faces get close to each other and… you know it’s gonna happen, it’s just a matter of time, you stare at each other’s lips and you’re waiting for the right signal to just… give yourself over completely.”

Jaune, nuclear red and considering surrender out of embarrassment: “Pyrrha.”

Pyrrha: “Come do that for my sword, bite my lip and play with my hair!”

Weiss: *covering her ears and wanting to die from second-hand embarrassment*

Blake up in the crowd: *fanning herself*


Yang: “Ruby!”

Pyrrha: “You want my sword, come spank me for it! N-not like too hard, but, still hard you know? Like… like hurt me, but make me feel safe at the same time!”

-later in the dorm-

Nora: “You’re a mess Pyrrha.”

Pyrrha, head buried in a pillow: “I’m just really bad at smack-talk okay!?”

184 notes

Day 17: missing scene


yeah, remember that sad scene in v4 when Jaune trains with a recording of Phyrra in the background? you wanna cry with me thinking about that?

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Has Hera ever interrupted her Mama and Papa when they're wrestling in Bed

“Y-y-yeah! She sure has! Oooooh Hera you silly girl!” Jaune was panicking as he was holding the blankets and sheets of his and Pyrrha’s bed up to his chest to cover his body in an iron grip.

Pyrrha meanwhile was doing the same, but a thousand times more red than Jaune. She couldn’t even speak she was so embarrassed! Jaune glanced over at his girlfriend just in time to see her finally pass out and slump down to the bed.  

“Rarf!” A bark drew his attention away from his steaming tomato of a girlfriend to the cause of both of their mortification. Hera was sitting with a very happy and innocent smile on her face between them, directly in the middle of their bed. The little Puggle Wuggle had jumped up on the bed and barked at her Papa and Mama to get their attention just when they had started…wrestling. Yeah, wrestling. 

“W-well Hera.” Jaune let out a big fake yawn towards Hera, which she then cutely imitated from her Papa. “T-time for some sleep! Goodnight!” Jaune flopped down on his side, the covers still firmly up to his neck, and buried his face into his pillow.

Hera sat there and watched her Papa until he settled, then she pawed the mattress lightly a few times before curling up and laying down, still between her Papa and Mama! She was so happy that they let her stay on their bed for bedtime! She decided that she was gonna be an extra good girl tomorrow morning and help wake her Mama and Papa up!

49 notes

Hey CRWBY, while we’re on hiatus lets play a game!

Its called “Leave my Redheads the fuck alone!”

Just wanted to manifest that into the universe.

47 notes

I already did nuts and dolts so I’ll do arkos 😊


They deserved so much better 🥺🥺🥺 I’m really hoping for a flashback scene someday where we get to see Jaune and Pyrrha bonding because I miss her

6 notes

What was Jaune and Cinders relationship like before Joan and the Divorce?

Jaune smiled at the nostalgia of looking at their old photos from high school. “We were high school sweethearts. The typical, cheesy story. I thought she was amazing, she thought I was dorky but sweet I guess. She gave me a chance for one date, and I did well enough on it that she decided to keep going on dates with me.”

Jaune closed the book and put it back on the bookshelf in his office. “We dated the last two years of high school, then while we went through college, and I finally proposed to her after we graduated. It was really great at first. The first few years were incredible. I loved just coming home to a loving wife and a house we’d gotten together. When I didn’t think it could get better than that, little Joan came along. Those four years were so wonderful, it’s hard to believe they ended the way they did.” Jaune looked at another section on the bookshelf. On it was little baby Joan when she was first brought home with Jaune and Cinder.

“Life rarely ever goes how you think it will or for what you plan for, but everything happens for a reason I guess. Things did work out for everyone in the end.”

“Jaaaaaune!” Pyrrha’s voice called from the living room. “Joan is on the phone! She wants to know if you wanted to meet up at that Vacuo place again for dinner at 7!”

Jaune yelled back, “I’d like to if you want to Pyrrha!”

Jaune could hear the smile in Pyrrha’s voice when she called out again, “I guess I’ll tell her we’ll see her at 7 then!”

“Sounds good!”

Things might not have worked out as high school Jaune dreamed they would, but Jaune still wouldn’t want to change anything.

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I can love and respect these shipping 💞💖


But not these 😔😶


Sorry shippers Rose Garden and Baked Alaska. Just don’t blame me for this, I have the right to speak out against these couples and don’t count on the canon.

120 notes

So ... what was the next day like after Pyrrha's resurrection?

Well after hours reuniting with her boyfriend, Hera, teammates, and friends, Pyrrha went to meet her mother since she realized that she was in Argus.

The woman broke down in tears when she opened her door and saw her little amazon standing in front of her. She didn’t even care if it was fake or a dream, it was her daughter who was home again when she thought she was gone forever. Pyrrha held her mother as she cried and even started to cry herself. When things calmed down after about half an hour, Pyrrha introduced her mom to her boyfriend Jaune and not so little anymore Hera. She was surprised to find out that they had all already met at her memorial statue one day. 

Leaving after a few hours was difficult. Mrs. Nikos didn’t want to let her daughter go so soon after getting her back, but she knew it was just who her daughter was. Helping people anyway she could and always fighting the good fight, so she relented. That and she had Pyrrha swear to her that she would call, video chat, or at least message her mother everyday until they were able to meet again, just to let her know she was still okay.

The night and the next day were spent in the Cotta-Arc home getting to know Jaune’s sister and her wife. And of course she loved meeting little Adrian, and watching him play with Hera was one of the cutest things she’d ever seen in her life…. uuuh the first one specifically. She felt the joy of being alive again, and wanted this simplicity and happiness to last forever, but she knew things needed to be done.

The night prior, everyone had explained why they were in Argus exactly. They told her everything that they knew, especially about Ozpin and Salem. They said they were planning to get to Atlas, but were stumped as to how at the moment since the borders were closed off. That’s when Jaune shared his idea to just steal one.

While that little… idea had definitely been somewhat of a shock to Pyrrha at first, Jaune explained what his plan was. Most of the group had ended up agreeing it was probably the best course of action to get to Atlas. So while they relaxed and enjoyed Pyrrha’s return, they also planned and prepared.

And the next day, they stole an Atlasian Airship.

27 notes

Since Pyrrha's back, does she get to meet Saph, Terra and Adrian?

She does indeed! Before the group goes off to Atlas, she spends a whole day with the three of them at the house getting to know them. Of course this was after she went to see her mother and explain everything that happened. She had always thought about meeting Jaune’s family after they started dating, and now it was her chance to do so! 

Of course Hera was right next to her Mama all day (almost on top of her at times) as she talked with Saphron and Terra and got to play with little Adrian. She refused to leave her Mama’s side after she was gone for so long!

The entire day was a dream come true for Jaune.

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