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o   Before watching the film, I’ve overheard that it was based on classic European literature. Side note: Over what I’ve witnessed so far, Netflix has been doing pretty great when it comes to putting out films that have originated from novels (“The Kissing Booth” series, “To All the Boys” series, “Altered Carbon,” and so forth). Entering the new life as a wealthy newlywed, a young woman faces clues as she continues to discover who her husband’s late partner was.The film was pretty good; it shows both an elegant and a melancholy atmosphere, during so.

·       What did I like about it?

o   Casting choice: I enjoy how the cast was set up with Armie Hammer and Lily James playing the newlyweds. Them, along with Kristin Scott Thomas as the leading head of the manor.

o   Production value: Strives towards elegance while being poetic and sombre overtones. The lighting struck pretty well, especially in some of the scenes.

o   Editing: How the film was edited is one of the highlights of this film. One of the best scenes from this film was the dream sequences that our protagonist has. The way how it was made was gracefully eery.

·       What didn’t I like about it?

o   During the film, we haven’t taken some time to confront Maxim’s dismissive behavior or at least have the current wife take some recognition that he’s not doing so well in the relationship 

Who would I recommend this to?

College students; partly because as their going into the semester they’re going to go through an Aplengeist of grade maintenance; so this is a good film for those that are in deep stress.

o   “Rebecca” is a fine work that is both relaxing and both chilling for viewers. I give this movie a 6.9/ 10

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In other news - I started reading this non-fiction spy thriller that Armie is going to be starring in with Mads Mikkelsen and this is so my jam.

Espionage? Cold War? Russian accents? Armie?

I’m afraid to go look and see what the end of this true story yields, because I feel like it’s ultimately not great for the actual humans, but wow, I’m riveted so far.

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…and since then I haven’t been able to shake the melancholy. I kind of feel like fanfiction has ruined my consumption of other media, because I always expect a happy ending? Like I know there is fanfiction that doesn’t have happy endings, but I tend to avoid them.

In order to cope, I have watched about thirty videos on youtube of interviews of timothee chalamet and armie hammer, because at least their friendship is a happy ending.

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Rebecca is lush: good-looking locations, lead actors, and anything visual. But it’s just all there. I don’t know after watching the film, I couldn’t figure out what’s missing. The premise is intriguing and the whole time it was a tease. The trailer looked very beautiful, but I thought there was some more digging to do in the movie. It was just all brushing off the dirt. Kristin Scott Thomas’ performance made it watchable and a little emotional. Sadly, there’s something in the film, but maybe it needed to be more emphasized, some nuance perhaps to create some magic black dust in the wind meaningful and relevant. 

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     The only certain thing that I can see on this ship is that so many people make it all about their own selves. They are not simply following and “stanning” two actors and shipping them by making up their minds as to the nature of their relationships based on the clues that are out there - whichever way they know how to make conclusions best - and enjoying the journey. No, they are ready to set out an elaborate set of shipping options, completely contradictory with one another, and periodically stick to one of them, only to switch to the next one, and then to the next one, more often than not with plenty of noisy drama and cherry-picking the indications to support the current option (ignoring the indications that don’t fit, and repeating the last resort explanation “we can’t really know, everything is possible, all options are valid”), feeling more and more exhausted with every switch - as if shipping were some obligation, a chore they have to endure and come out of it unharmed.
     1. A&T are in love and in an exclusive relationship and they’ll come out as a couple asap;
     2. A&T are in love, in an exclusive relationship and they won’t come out ever, as a couple or individually
     3. A&T are in love, in an exclusive relationship, but only one of them will come out, and they’ll keep hiding forever as a couple
     4. A&T are in love, in an exclusive relationship, but only the other one of them will come out, and they’ll keep hiding forever as a couple
     5. A&T are in love, but in an open relationship, and are seeing other people that incidentally are always women;
     6. A&T are not in love, but are very good friends and lovers because they are attracted to each other, and occasionally are in relationships with other people who are always women;
     7. A&T are in love and were in an exclusive relationship, but are taking a break from their relationship to sort out their own personal things and will eventually get back together, perhaps; and then 1), 2), 3) or 4)
      8. A&T were in love and in an exclusive relationship, but they aren’t any more, they’re just good friends now; 
      9. A&T were never really in love, they were just very good friends that had a strong fling during the cmbyn promo tour, fooling around and threesoming with A’s ex wife, and are now back to being just good friends.
      There might be other options, you’ll excuse me if I forgot to include them, this is already a plentiful as is.
       I’ve seen people swaying between a few of the above, with a dizzying frequency, and I’ve seen people juggling all of the above, quite incredibly. 
      Their usual explanation of why they do it is that they’re trying to protect themselves from disappointment and stress if it turns out that they were stuck with the wrong option all along. They’re leaving a football field of room for themselves to say “yeah, I knew it all along, here is my post/comment from X months/years ago where I said this is how they’re going to end up, and I was right”.
      The shipping life would surely be more satisfying, bring more joy and fun if we made it about the people we stan, and not about ourselves, wouldn’t it? Why is it so stressful to think you might end up realizing you were wrong about the nature of the relationship of the two artists you are shipping? Why should it be about you?
       This is not about stanning actors, or shipping them. This is all about themselves and the fear that it might turn out they were wrong, and that would be stressful and humiliating. The highest and the most important prerogative for their wellbeing and peace of mind is that they should be always right. A name for it comes to mind: vanity.
       Here, that’s the phenomenon I can single out from this ship as a completely worthy of a social/psychological study at an academic level.
       Edit: I realize I wasn’t clear enough on the point that the swinger shippers mainly opt for the negative, less shippy options - all listed here except No. 1. The most soul-mate-y, positive, romantic, loving option of all is the worst for them - they’d rather entertain anything than that, at all costs. So, yeah, let’s ignore the clues we’ve amassed during the years, dial down the shipping and have less fun along the road, but not be the one who shipped them for real and ended up wrong. 
       And now, a beautiful photo of the boys to cheer us up and maybe even make someone’s day.


Thanks to @coeur-de-coeurs @shinyexpertkingdom​ for making me realize I’m not crazy to have observed this phenomenon.

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