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armthearmour · a day ago
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A half-armor fabulously embossed with scales, Italy, late 16th century, housed at the Museo Stibberto.
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dragon-inc · a day ago
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peashooter85 · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Roman Gallic-Weisenau type helmet, 1st century AD
from Artemis Gallery
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steellegacy · 2 days ago
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Full finger armor
⚜️ Reconstruction of the left gauntlet from the "Lion armor" (Italy, 1550), possibly made for Henry II de Valois, king of France
Creative Workshop Steel Legacy 🔨
- -
Сборка перчатки
⚜️ Реконструкция левой латной перчатки от «Львиного доспеха» (Италия, 1550 год), который возможно принадлежал Генриху II Валуа, королю Франции
Художественная мастерская "Стальное Наследие" 🔨
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lena-in-a-red-dress · a day ago
So, this is a little left of Supergirl, but I've been seeing some of @twisted-shipper 's post and it's giving me Morgana feels, so here's a little AU/stream of consciousness I cooked up this morning on my way to work:
Merlin AU where Morgana is discovered in the witch hunt, but manages to escape (with the help of Arthur) before Uther can sentence her to death. She flees Camelot and meets up with the Druids, and spends the next couple years learning how to use and control her magic. The witch hunt continues, however, and Uther's continued hunt for her morphing into another purge of magical people.
Morgana's premonitions soon become warnings of the next druid camp to be struck, and she learns to astral project just so she can issue warnings before the king's men descend upon each camp. She doesn't get warnings for all of them, though. There is still so much death, so much fear that Camelot becomes a different kingdom than what we know from legend.
Arthur does his best to curb the violence. When he plans a raid, his manservant disappears, scouring the forest to try and find the camps before the soldiers send their final scouts. His men are all loyal to him, and are equally relieved when they find a deserted camp, but Arthur does not lead every raid.
One morning, Morgana wakes with only moments' warning of an incoming raid-- not led by Arthur, but by the witch hunter himself. There's not enough time to flee... Morgana screams for them all to run, while she holds them off.
She saves as many as she can, harming as few as she can manage, but the result is that she is captured, and bound with magical chains that impedes her magic. She's a prisoner.
When she's brought before Uther for punishment, he can't bring himself to see her executed, and when the witch hunter points out that her healing magic could yet prove useful, Uther has her thrown in the deepest dungeon they have, chains and all.
When survivors of the magic raids are brought to the castle, the witch hunter tortures them for information on other camps. When they can no longer continue, they are brought to Morgana's dark cell, the witch hunter orders her to heal them so that they may resume interrogation as soon as possible-- or, if they are devoid of further information, so that they may be executed in the square.
The witch hunter has an amulet that is keyed to Morgana's chains, so that she may exercise only that magic that he instructs her to. As a result, when he says heal, she can heal the poor soul thrown in front of her, but cannot unlock her chains or harm the witch hunter in any way that could enable her to escape. But as the weeks of this arrangement drag on, Morgana learns she does have some agency.
When one poor druid begs for death, would rather die than face another round of torture and perhaps lead to his people's demise, Morgana learns that her healing magic can ease and speed his passing, and she does.
For anyone who asks, she kills them. With tears pouring down her face she takes their life and performs what druid death rites she can before the guards come to drag the bodies away. She's punished for every prisoner she fails to heal, but she endures it, if only to spare her people any further agony.
One day, Arthur is wounded badly in a skirmish. When the court healers basically tell Uther to start preparing a funeral, Uther makes the decision that will ultimately mean his downfall. He brings Arthur to Morgana in the dead of night, without so much as a torch to guide his way, for fear that the two will recognize each other.
Morgana is ordered to heal, as she always is, and with Arthur too far gone to beg for death, she does. It takes a long time, and when she's finished she can barely lift her head she's so exhausted, but Arthur comes to just as the guards enter to take him aboveground-- this time with a torch in hand.
In the flickering light Arthur casts a groggy gaze around the cell, and spots the dark, yet recognizable figure huddled in the corner.
Morgana jolts, as she realizes who it is she was asked to save. "Arthur...? Arthur!"
The door to the cell clangs shut between them.
In the days that follow, Arthur rests, but as he recovers his thoughts remain on that half-imagined figure he thinks he saw. The more he thinks, the more his blood boils with anger, and in that moment, his resolve hardens.
No more.
No more raids, no more interrogations. No more executions.
It takes time, and cunning, and the support of his knights, but he eventually deposes his father, forcing him to abdicate the throne. The witch hunter is killed in the skirmish, to no one's grief at all.
When Arthur finds the amulet, he clutches it close and storms into Uther's chambers, grabbing his father by the collar and leaning in close.
"Where is she?"
Arthur unlocks the door to her cell himself. The figure inside flinches as he enters, curling away from the light. With a moment's pause, he hands the torch off, instructing the man to remain in the corridor.
There's just enough light for him to see by, and when he kneels beside Morgana he can see her curl tighter around herself.
"Morgana," he murmurs. "It's me."
He reaches for her hand first, allowing her to register the gentle contact before he cups her cheek, tilting her face towards him. Green eyes flicker to meet his own, and thin, pale fingers tighten around his.
"You're safe," he vows.
With a touch of the amulet, the manacles on her wrists open and clatter to the ground. Morgana gasps, inhaling deeply as though she hasn't taken a full breath in years. Perhaps she hasn't, Arthur ponders-- he knows little of the ways of magic. The manacle around her ankle goes next, giving way to a more mundane key.
He gently helps Morgana to her feet, steadies her until she feels secure, then carefully guides her from the cell. By the time they reach the winding stairs up through the bowels of the castle, Morgana leans heavily against him, her breaths short and ragged with exertion.
Arthur pauses only long enough to sweep Morgana into his arms. Cradled against his chest, she weighs very little-- too little. He swallows thickly, glad for the shadows that hide the sudden tears in his eyes.
"Rest now," he murmurs. "I've got you."
Night has well and truly fallen by the time they return to the surface. By the light of a full moon they navigate through quiet corridors until Arthur reaches Morgana's chambers-- chambers he'd ordered to remain untouched after Morgana's escape from Camelot.
When they enter, it's just the way it once was. Arthur deposits Morgana carefully on her bed and kneels before her, finally able to take a moment to examine her.
Glassy eyes stare at him from above gaunt cheeks, her wild tangled hair streaked with strands of gray, and the wrists in his hands are blistered and bloody from the cruel manacles that had bound her hands and her magic.
"Is this real?" Morgana whispers, dazedly. "It can't be..."
"It is," Arthur assures her. "Uther holds no more power-- the purge is over. I swear it."
He can't tell if Morgana believes him. She swallows thickly, her eyes quickly darting about the room as though in search of something.
"Gwen..." she murmurs softly. "Is she--?"
"I'm here, my lady," Gwen answers for herself, bursting through the door with her brother on her heels. She's short of breath and sweating, as though she's run the whole way from the village, but Arthur swiftly rises to allow the woman to take his place before Morgana.
Gwen gasps a sob, half in relief and half at the state of her friend and mistress. But Morgana reaches for her all the same, cupping Gwen's face to bring their foreheads together for a moment of peace.
"I was so afraid for you, my lady," Gwen utters, tears spilling down her cheeks.
Morgana nods, not yet pulling away. "I'm so relieved you're all right..."
Arthur knows his time with Morgana is over-- for now. One of his knights appears in the doorway, his expression urgent; Arthur is needed elsewhere.
"I leave Lady Morgana in your expert care," he says to Gwen. "There shall be a guard posted outside should either of you need anything. I only ask you remain here until I return-- the halls may not yet be safe."
Looking at the two of them, Arthur knows neither has any intention of going very far from the other, and Morgana herself looks like she may yet faint from exhaustion. They would be safe until he returns.
"I shall leave you to it," he says finally, softly. Leaving the room, Arthur tries to focus on the seemingly insurmountable task ahead of clearing the castle of Uther's supporters and beginning the long campaign of winning his nobles' support, but his thoughts stray back to Morgana, and to Gwen.
He can only hope that Morgana will recover quickly under Gwen's care. After all-- he will need help ruling a kingdom of magic.
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daeserter · a day ago
Tumblr media
"Maul wouldn't wear mandalorian armor because he relies too much on agility in combat"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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armor-month-2021 · a day ago
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Hello and welcome!
This is a fan held event for fans of the characters Arthur and Morgana Pendragon from BBC Merlin and related Arthurian mythos. The event is open to all to participate (shipping these two characters is not a requirement in order to participate) and runs for five weeks starting November 28th, 2021 and running until January 1st, 2022.
Each week has a list of possible prompts to choose from (more on this down below). In order for your work to be accepted for the event and shared here on our blog it only must relate to Arthur and Morgana in some way, and by no means has to be intended as romantic, for us to consider it for the event. Likewise, the prompts serve as a starting point for you to start brainstorming ideas; you do not have to follow them to a tee if you would prefer not to. Also feel free to mix and match prompts between weeks. You don’t even have to post content related to the specific prompts of the week during that same week. As long as you tag your posts with #armormonth2021 we will reblog your work to share with others; there are no deadlines. Ultimately, we want this event to be welcoming to everyone in our fandom so we will be accepting all sorts of creations. Fics, fanvids, fanart, gifsets, graphics, playlists, headcanons, etc. are all welcome. Even your WIPs if they relate, we welcome you to share!
The prompts: As mentioned above, the prompts are just a starting place for you to get ideas. Feel free to run with them however you like and pick and choose whichever ones you feel drawn to. They are not listed in any particular order and nor do works related to any specific prompt have to be posted on a certain day of the week. Feel free to post your work whenever you would like. Just make sure to tag it with #armormonth2021 so we see it and can share it here on this blog.
Week One (Nov 28 - Dec 4):
The moment you shipped them
Favorite romantic scene and/or bantering moment
Favorite relationship trope
Favorite BBC Merlin quote
Pendragon siblings
Week Two (Dec 5 - 11):
Favorite quote from an outside source
Morgana’s visions of Arthur and/or Arthur being protective of Morgana
Other Arthurian books or films’ portrayal of their relationship
Rivals/Enemies (to Lovers?)
Something based on your favorite fic, headcanon, fanvid, etc.
Week Three (Dec 12 - 18):
Favorite parallel
A quote from an Arthurian novel that relates
Modern/Reincarnation au
Friends to Lovers
The Lady and the Champion
Week Four (Dec 19 - 25):
An Arthurian Legend au
Something holiday inspired
Archetypes (ex. The Once and Future King, the Witch in the Woods)
A song that makes you think of them
Alternative ending to the show
Week Five (Dec 26 - Jan 1): Free Week - create whatever you feel inspired to!
It is our hope that you will join us in celebrating these characters throughout the month. We look forward to seeing your creations!
Also, if you have any questions feel free to message us. This is our first time hosting something like this, so we'll try to do the best we can. ❤
[Header created by Noémie (@nosquared on youtube)]
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thelien-art · 2 days ago
Melkor's armor design sketch
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tell me if I should draw the messy sketch outline up and color it completely
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dragon-inc · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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detailedart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
The Knight of the Flowers, 1894, by Georges Rochegrosse. Detail and photo by Paul Perrin. Edit.
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and-speak · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
happy pride month from your queer knight <3
[image description: a pencil sketch of a knight with long hair on a rearing horse. the knight holds aloft a rainbow pride flag. end image description.]
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onebadnoodle · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
minecraft steve cause why not
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dummy-dot-exe · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
by Ox @oxcoxa
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