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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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I have opinions of this, colorful, profanity laden opinions. For one adbot, I’m definitely too old to either join the army or play fortnight. Also lets target children with military ads that ain’t dystopian as hell.

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I finally drew all the boys and it was so much work but it made me so happy!!! I learned so much but it was also so stressful to figure out what I am doing 😫

Posting one every day starting with Tae becasue this doesn’t really look like him lol but he is too good looking for me to get right 😅

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Please watch out if you go on Twitter! There is some people using fan cams as a way to show violence and gore videos. They will pop up in the middle of the fan cam or at the end!


some of the people that are posting/retweeting them. Be aware it’s really gross!

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How I feel to be a fangirl in this Tumblr platform:

First of all, I would like to tell you about other social media.

  1. I like how twitter gives news faster than any other platform. But there’s just too many antis there. And I always feel the urge to reply to the mean comments with curses and more mean comments. Well, Twitter does make me more careful at talking trash on social media.
  2. Instagram is good for sharing pictures, but the news is so slow that it is barely news for me. And I feel how it is more troublesome to post.

So that’s why:

All Hail Tumblr!

It is the place where you could be thirsting for people you couldn’t have with no one else to judge. Well, they will be thirsting with you to!

It is a place where you can write bad things for another idol in fiction, how he becomes the antagonist, or how he becomes the friends of our own idol, yet the reader will only judge the stories. And they will love any stories you wrote!

It is the place where all fandoms live in harmony with angsty-fluffy-smutty scenarios full of their idols.

Spread love guys. Love the artworks, love the stories, and love the writer.

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Ijesztő hogy egyes dolgok hogy megtudják változtatni a nézőpontunkat.

It’s scary that some things can change our perspective.

우리의 관점을 바꿀 수있는 것들을 보는 것이 무섭습니다.

Thank you Bang Tan Sonyeondan

감사합니다 Bang Tan Sonyeondan

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