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Dorian, Chaol, Sam: Aelin No

Rowan, Fucking Arobyn, Aelin: Aelin yes

Aelin: *to rowan* wanna join

Rowan: hell yes

*proceeds to burn/freeze everyone while the haters gape*


Originally posted by krislivesheresometimes

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Friendly Reminder

That both Aelin’s and Rowan’s trainers and mentors were vile, evil, scheming scum.

Maeve manipulated Rowan into thinking that the woman he was in love with was his mate, then had her soldiers raid his hometown, ransacking his house and killing his pregnant love, then blaming it on enemy soldiers.

Arobynn tortured Aelin’s first love to death, tortured her in the name of making her a better assasin, and landed Aelin in the salt mines of Endovier, a place worse than any prison.

Their “mentors” screwed them up so bad, they were in too much pain to realize they were mates when they interacted daily for months.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk on why we should break the fourth wall and kill these two despicable evil things.

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The Assassin’s Blade Thoughts

Wow. I finished the book but oh my god. I’m glad I paused the timeline to jump back and see that before moving on in the series but I really want to destroy Arobynn Hamel. I mean I know the guys King of the Assassins and all but Sam of all people?? he didn’t deserve that at all and I understand Celaena’s feelings over the situation a lot better after reading what happened.

And now I’ve gotta move on to Queen of Shadows and after the ending of Heir of Fire??? i just know in my bones that was not the worst ending of the series to come and that’s saying something considering what the king did to Dorian and Sorcha… Uh Oh™️

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The Assassin’s Blade Thoughts

I finished the Assassin and the Underworld novella and all it did was make me love Sam and Celaena more and hate hate hate Arobynn even more than I already had… not quite sure about Lysandra yet—kinda annoyed with her but could be from Celaena’s warped perspective on her but either way having already read Throne of Glass through Heir of Fire and knowing what’s coming next in this novella… well I didn’t quite believe anyone when they said this would be an emotional series but I was seriously mistaken so whoops

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Everyone I know: arguing over whether Chaol or Dorian is better in Throne of Glass

Me: idk I kinda like Roland

Everyone: no

Me: slowly getting more obsessed with Roland who appeared once in the book

Everyone: NO

Roland: *dies*

Me: *cries for a week*

Everyone: now is the time for you to move on and fall for Rowan like the rest of us



Me: Arobynn do be looking pretty fine tho


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Okay, so, I read Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight several years ago and LOVED them.

Then I really struggled through book three and didn’t ever pick up book four.

Not going to lie, I was a massive chaolaena shipper so THAT hurt! (Still bitter about it actually) And I just kinda got frustrated with Celaena about halfway through Heir of Fire

BUT, I have decided to give the series another go because I keep hearing how great it is and I love everything else SJM, so, second chance for Throne of Glass.

Anyway, I thought I’d read Assassin’s Blade this time as I didn’t have it the first time…

And NOW I’m SAD and full of regret!!!

Like, it was about 5 years ago and I couldn’t remember Sam being in Throne of Glass and SJM freaking made me love him and then did THAT!!!


Sam!!! OMG!!!

Arobynn better get what’s coming to him in the main series, I swear!!!

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Short and sweet update today! The rest of the chapters are easy to find on my blog, there’s not many posts up yet n_n And remember, you can read more on Ao3, I uploaded a new chapter there today too! :D



The days turned into a week, and Celaena wasn’t any closer to finding out anything about what had happened with her family. She had managed to settle into a good routine, her body was almost used to daytime, and a little golden glow was starting to show on her cheeks and hands as well as her legs, the only parts of her body that were seeing the light of day. 

She was making up a plan to sneak into the top floor, where Dorian’s father’s penthouse was, when she heard the front door of her suite creaking open. She stood up slowly and moved over to the wall, pressing her body behind her bedroom door, waiting. She listened to the light steps on the hallway getting closer, and her legs flexed a bit without even thinking about it. She had no weapons in hand, but she didn’t need any. She waited, crouching, listening.

As soon as the steps were on the threshold, they stopped, and Celaena could see the shadow of a man lurking, looking around the room, probably surprised to see it empty. Had Arobynn sent someone to check on her? Or had anybody found out about her? She didn’t have time to think about it because the figure jumped into the room, closing the door behind him in a quick motion and leaving her without cover.

“Gotcha!” A known voice yelled, and Celaena’s fist stopped mid-air as a palm collided against it.

“For fuck sake, Cortland!” she screamed. “What the fuck are you doing here? And why would you sneak up on me like that?” She took a step back, looking at Sam up and down and frowning as he let go of her fist.

“For fun?” 

Celaena pressed her palms against her face, not able to believe this intrusion to her privacy. Once the shock was gone, she walked over to her bed and dropped into it again, resuming her relaxed position from only a minute ago. 

“So, are you going to explain what brings you here?” She asked, nonchalant, as Sam still stood by the door. 

“Thought I’d check on you. We’ve been in school for two weeks already, you made it into the cheer squad and you start training on Monday, I’m just wondering what you’re going to do about…” Sam looked lost for words and looked down, red colouring his cheeks. 

“Are you worrying about me wearing the uniform? Why don’t you mind your own fucking business, Cortland?!” She said outraged, standing up and walking right past him and out of the room. Sam trailed behind her, and she could almost feel the apology stuck in his throat. 

“Sorry,” he said once Celaena reached the minibar and pulled out a can of cream soda. 

“Why are you even here? What if anybody saw you coming in? Dorian could be around-" 

"Do you think I’m that stupid?” Sam cut in. “No one saw me, I can get in and out of this building without a single pair of eyes catching sight of me, and you more than anyone should know that!” He almost growled at her. 

They were standing right in front of each other now, anger burning their skins and flushing their cheeks. It was a stand-off, one that Celaena didn’t plan on losing. 

“I don’t need your help,” she said for what felt like the millionth time. 

“You can’t always do everything on your own, Celaena,” Sam said, his voice turning softer as he said her name and took a step back. He turned his back on her, running a hand through his hair. “I’m sorry for what happened that day, I could never apologize, you keep shutting me out, and I… I was only trying to help-" 

"Out!” Celaena growled. “Get out of here before I rip your throat out.” Tears were threatening to come out, burning behind her eyes. 

Sam turned around slowly and looked at her with such sadness in his eyes, that she almost broke. 

“Now,” she said, a bit softer. It was a plea, and she could tell Sam knew how she felt. After all, they had been close enough to know each other as no one else did. 

Sam nodded once, slowly, and made his way to the same door through which he had entered merely minutes ago. Before closing the door behind him, he peered in and looked at her turquoise eyes. 

“I really am sorry, I will forever feel guilty for what involvement I had in what happened, and I know I could never make it up to you, but I wish I could.” And then he was gone, the door now closed between them. 

Celaena breathed in deeply, trying to avoid the memories from that night from catching up with her. She had been so close to getting out, so close to success before Arobynn’s men had found her. She had been stupid, and reckless, and she had been fully aware of the consequences her actions could have brought. But no, it had been so much more, it had been torture, humiliation, and so much pain. 

Her hand mindlessly moved to her lower back, rubbing the harsh skin close to her tailbone. The worst of the scarring was low enough to be hidden by high-waisted pants, and she thought, hopeful, that she could adapt the uniform to hide them too. She went back to her bedroom, grabbed the cheerleader uniform off the dresser, and tried it on. 

“I can work with this,” she told her reflection. She could raise the waistline without any problem.

She dropped back on the bed and opened up her computer, thinking about checking up the blueprint of the hotel again. She wanted to work out the best way to get to the penthouse on the floor above so she could set up some hidden cameras. To her surprise, she found a bunch of messages on the screen instead. 

Nehemia: Are you going to the party? I would love to see you there my dear friend!

Dorian: I’ll have a cocktail made in your name if you delight me with your presence tonight. 

Lysandra: Party at Dorian’s tonight, it’s Friday, and you’re part of the hive now, so I expect to see you there. 

Celaena wondered if that was the real reason Cortland had shown up at the hotel. Maybe he wanted to see if she was going to Dorian’s party. She was absolutely sure the guy would have gotten an invite too. He had become a pretty popular kid, even if he didn’t mingle with the same crowd she did. Sam had befriended almost everybody at Adarlan Elite High in as little as two weeks. He was the one every single girl was dreaming about, like a new toy that they wanted to possess. She could see the appeal, there was no denying that Sam was really good looking. 

There was a rough history between them, one that was a bit like a broken rollercoaster ride. 

Celaena still remembered the day she had arrived at Arobynn’s mansion. He had carried her broken and tired body up the stairs, and had nested her in a bed with warm blankets. A doctor had come over to check on her, and multiple people had tried to ask what was wrong with her, what had happened. She couldn’t talk about it, she couldn’t get herself to express out loud what she thought had happened. 

In the middle of that first night, she had woken up screaming, terrified. She had had a nightmare about the plane crash, she had felt the collision against the water again, she had seen her parents disappear under a mass of water as her mother had pulled on the tag of her safety vest. The young version of herself had held her breath as soon as the water had filled the plane’s cabin, and her body had shot up through the surface, her shoulder bumping against the wreckage as she soared up. In reality, she had made it out, but she had dreamed of water filling up her lungs and flames engulfing her world instead. 

She had woken up sweaty, screaming, and had found a pair of small hands steading her, a little voice telling her everything was going to be alright. For a moment, she had thought it was Aedion by her side, but this kid hadn’t had blond curls, but short light brown hair instead; and his eyes weren’t bright turquoise as hers, they were the color of honey. 

“It’s okay, you’re okay, it was just a nightmare,” the kid had said. 

“Who are you?” She had asked, feeling lost and confused. 

“I’m Sam, I live here, with Arobynn… The man who found you,” he explained as the girl Celaena had been back then, had looked at him wide-eyed. 

She had remembered then that a man had found her on the shore after who knew how long. She had expected him to take her to the police as they did in the movies, but there had been no patrols, no lights, no ambulances. Just a black car with tinted windows taking her into a big house. 

“Where are my parents? Where’s mum?” She had asked the boy when the memories had hit her all over again, her eyes still soaked with tears. 

“Girl,” he had said softly. “Your parents are dead.”

She had cursed and screamed and yelled, and through it all, Sam had sat there patiently, waiting for the tantrum to be over while he tried to comfort her with soft words. 

“It will be okay, you get used to it after some time.” He had said after she calmed down. “My parents died years ago, and I don’t even remember them much.” The young blond girl had thought he didn’t sound as sad as he should have been about their deaths. 

“You know nothing!” She had spat on his face. “I’m not like you, and I will never forget my parents!" 

That had been the start or the turmoil. The first few weeks at Arobynn’s place she had been so angry with the brown haired boy for implying such horrible things that she had stayed away from him, or insulted him whenever they crossed paths. Eventually, young Sam had stopped trying to befriend her. 

When they started training in combat by the age of 12, they automatically became rivals, like it was meant to be. There were other kids around, others that came and went, but the two of them were the best ones, the ones that were constantly in the spotlight of Arobynn’s attention. They pushed themselves to beat one another, and that’s why they had become the best.  That was the same reason why they had come to know each other so well. 

Celaena laughed at the memories, lying back on her bed. 

Their relationship had gotten better by the time they became teens as they had no other option but to work together. They had to learn how to fight side by side instead of always against each other when they had joined a few illegal tournaments as partners. It had helped them learn about teamwork and tolerance, but Celaena had still kept her distance. 

Teen fighting was something they had endured for the past three years. Arobynn was one of the biggest gamblers in the scene, and he had made a lot of money out of the pair. 

The rules were few, but they were inflexible: 

-No punching on the face, as no one wants to bring the authorities’ attention to a heap of kids with black eyes and broken jaws.

-Last kid standing, wins.

-Only kids under 17 years of age allowed.

Simple and efficient. The fights always took place in underground basements that looked more like dungeons in the middle of the night, and that had been most of Sam and Celaena’s lives for the past years. The fighting had only been interrupted by break and entry, and a few espionage missions. Just your typical teen life, Celaena thought and laughed to herself.

The guild though, was at another level. They were Arobynn’s most trained and elite fighters, the ones that formed his inner circle.

Celaena thought about the tournament Arobynn had talked about. She knew good money would be involved, and she couldn’t lie to herself, she enjoyed the fighting. She wondered why she hadn’t been selected for it. Truth was that there had never been any females in the guild, but Celaena had always been hopeful that she could be the first one, that she was strong enough to make it into Arobynn’s team of most skilled and profitable fighters. But that had been all before the incident. 

Suddenly pissed off, Celaena closed the computer and stood up from the bed, walking over to her dresser.

“Fucking Sam Cortland,” she muttered as she ruffled through her clothes.

Not only had he taken her place on the guild, but he had gone and fucked everything up a few months back. He had betrayed her, and it had cost her greatly. Not only physically, but her relationship with Arobynn was now strained, and she couldn’t help but blame her lack of involvement with the guild for what had happened back then. Arobynn didn’t fully trust her anymore but she needed as much money as she could, she needed to solve her parents’ murder to make sure she could pay him back what she owed him, and move along. 

She was ready to buy her freedom. But Arobynn’s fees were high.

She put on her black leather leggings, the ones that had net cut outs and transparencies on the upper tights, and then laced up her black high heel boots. She found a V neck dark purple top with long sleeves, and then rolled them halfway up to her elbows. She stood in front of the mirror for a moment, putting on her contacts back, touching up her makeup and adding some deep purple lipstick. 

There was a party she needed to attend, and an office she wanted to break into.

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Pero que paso aquí no puedo creerlo 😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Therapist: Can you find the source of your problems?

Aelin: I’d either need a mirror or Arobynn

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fast car, either the remix or the original is SUCH an arobynn x celaena song. it really hits on the fact that arobynn is essentially unlovable, even if he desires love. i just — some times i cry about arobynn hamel and the surrogate father he could have been ok? arobynn raised celaena and she still overcame everything he did to her. arobynn might be a jerk but his potential for being a really powerful force of love was undeniably one of the saddest parts of TAB/TOG. he could have been an asshole with a heart of gold.  

these are the lyrics i’m thinking of… 

You got a fast car
I got a job that pays all our bills
You stay out drinking late at the bar
See more of your friends than you do of your kids
I’d always hoped for better
Thought maybe together you and me would find it
I got no plans, I ain’t going nowhere
So take your fast car and keep on driving

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Oh my! First ask!!! So, before we begin, thank you for your question!

In the leading position is Arobynn Hamel, because he bought Lysandra’s virginity, manipulated Aelin, basically killed Sam and many more things he did off camera. Then we have Maeve and Erawan in second and third place, these two I believe and don’t have to say why, in fourth we have Clarisse DuVency, and in case you don’t remember, she was the one who commanded the brothel and was the one that told the authorities that Lysandra was shifter. And last, we have the valg that was inside the King of Adarlan, aka Dorian first, I just hate that mf

Thank you once again for your ask! Hope you have a nice day!!!

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Celaena fucking Sardothien. Adarlans assassin. All round bad ass bitch. Queen of sarcasm and attitude. More lethal as a teenager than most grown men could ever be. Can kill you in 300 ways without any weapons.

Still gets physically and emotionally abused, manipulated and pushed around by Arobynn.

Being a victim of abuse does not mean you are weak!

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I just started reading the Throne of Glass series, specifically The Assassin’s Blade.

Thoughts on the first story in it, The Assassin and The Pirate Lord.

At first I kinda thought that Celaena was a arrogant bitch, but as the story progressed I started to like her.

I love Sam and Celaena’s relationship, it’s basically like haters to lovers and I’m a sucker for that! The small intimate moments like him taking off his tunic and Celaena looking away. Or how he wrapped his arm around her waist while they were at the tavern. But my favorite part was when she thought he was dead but nope. She embraces him, showing that she has some feeling for him. I just love it so much!

I’m starting to read the second story, The Assassin and The Healer.

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I will never stop laughing at the dinner scene in Queen of Shadows. Like Arobynn is trying so hard to emotionally manipulate Aelin and it deadass ain’t working because shes too busy making googoo eyes with Rowan

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Throne of Glass Oneshot

Carter was finding it quite difficult to keep his anger and frustration in check. The king had ordered him to look into the death of one of his ministers. Not that the prick was of much importance, but murder of one of kings lackeys demanded an investigation even if it was only a show piece. Carter had gotten stuck in this errand ‘cause the king had begun to be more and more cautious nowadays. With not much luck to him in finding out why. It could be due to the arrest of Adarlan’s Assasin a few months ago, though there wasnt much to lead on in there. A magnificent peice that one.

So here he was now, doing law stuff in a city he liked and despised so much. Carter was one of the people the king kept for doing his dirty work . He moved through the city like a feral cat. Unpredictable, dangerous but composed. It was because of these qualities(and many others) that the king let him live instead of killing him like he had done for the other children of Terrasen. Only a few of them remained now. The sheer devastation of his country still haunted him in his nightmares. He was eleven when it had happened, and he alongside his friend Aedion had fought in the battle. Both of them had been brought to Adarlan to work for the King.

The night was getting colder. The chilly wind snapped him back to the present. He was near his destination now. One of the most wealthy and popular brothels in Rifthold. Clarisse’s brothel.

His investigation had led him to The king of Assasins. Arobyn Hamel. The one who had passed along the contract of the assasination of the Minister. He wasn’t here to arrest Hamel, no, he was merely here to show him to not cross his lines. Just a warning. He had found out Hamel’s preference - a whore named Lysandra. He was here for a power play that the snivelling bastard Perrington had asked him to do instead of arrest.

Inside of the brothel was probably more luxurious than many of the kings minister’s palaces. Almost all of the whole city’s wealthiest criminals were a regular here. He waltzed inside with his swaggering arrogance looking for Lysandra. Declining whores -both male and female, and businessmen alike.

After a couple of minutes he found his target - Arobyn Hamel. By the looks of it the whore sitting in his lap would be Lysandra. He sat down in the couch beside Hamel. Not caring about his gaurd dogs that were hovering around. Second rate assasins.

“Quite a wild one you’ve got there.” His cool collected voice drawing the King of Assassin’s attention. As well as his toy’s. The girl probably wasn’t even 20. But not even a fool would deny her beauty. She looked surprised at the interruption and rightly so; not many would dare interrupt the King of assasins. The prize was Hamel though, Carter could sense his surprize. Not that Hamel would ever show it. He fixed Carter with a look that would make even the bravest of the Knights running. But not him. No. Carter just smirked cheekily at him.

Not getting a response Carter said, “Still not out of the pleasure fest, eh mate?” Eyeing Lysandra Carter signaled her to come to him. By now Hamel had recognised the person before him. Rare were the people that didn’t cower before the King of Assassins. And this person wasn’t one to be messed with.

Lysandra was now situated in Carter’s lap.

Carter’s POV

Gotta say this girl is a rare beauty. My one hand was gripping her arm tight. Tight enough to leave visible bruises. Other hand was on her thighs, getting higher and higher. I breathed in her scent and kissed her neck deeply, making her squirm in both pleasure and pain. My hand reached up and jerked her roughly. My tight grip trapping her. Hamel didn’t seem to like it.

“Yes. An exquisite one.” Hamel finally said. His fist getting tighter in frustration.

“Well the blood money does have its perks.” I looked at Hamel sardonically, daring him to do anything. Ridiculing the King of Assasins. I was getting on his nerves I could tell. “Not many peices like this one up or down in the palace. Better keep a look out. People there are money mongering as I’m sure you know but even they wouldn’t amount to much there. ” Staright and to the point. Hamel now completely understood the reason for my presence. His jaw muscles were flexing. His silver eyes were full of rage at the blatant disrespect shown to him. Damn! It was nice to get this much reaction out of him. I had made my point clear. I gave him a final mocking smirk and dragged Lysandra out with me, tossing a pouch full of coins at Clarisse who was staring at me open-mouthed. Leaving a fuming King of Assasins behind. The colour of his face now matching his hair.

I dragged Lysandra to one of the rooms in the brothel. Making sure to make it rough. My grip had her squirming. Just outside of one of the rooms, I slammed her hard on her wall. A small gasp of pain broke out of her as well as a few whimpers. Squeezing her thigh and neck tight I placed a few kisses on the exposed part of her shoulder. Sucking and kissing at her hard enough to get her squirming and whimpering in pain I slammed her into the wall once again. My hands were roaming all over her body as I left a trail of kisses, getting more and more rough and sadistic. I could feel her fear rising, I doubt she has experienced monsters like me. Well Arobyn is another case. I looked at her, My eyes reflecting anger and sadism. As I noticed one of Arobyn’s lackeys coming into earshot I grabbed her jaw and whispered sadistically, “Listen here bitch. Tell your… client to keep in line and to keep track of his dogs and toys, ‘cause if he doesn’t he’s gonna lose all his toys. Starting with the dogs.” I looked directly at Turner, one of his dogs, making him scurry back to his master. The final message was sent.

Though she was good at covering up I could see the fear in her eyes. And damn her even though she was so terrified she glared at me and tried to push me away. Nice. Tonight was going to be nice.

With this I opened the door and dragged her inside and threw her on the bed. Inside there was a bed in the center, with low drawers on either side. a table, couple of chairs, and some fine alcohol on the table. Everything in a shade of red or black. I went back and locked the door. I turned around and saw her sitting on the bed in anticipation. I could smell her fear. Her arms were unconciously rubbing the bruises that I had left, but stopped as soon as she saw me noticing it. I walked towards her. She was glaring at the floor, getting  more and more tense by each step. Sitting down beside her, I caressed her face. Lifted her face that was previously looking down. Her beautiful green eyes met my emotionless ones.

Abrubtly I stood up and walked to the table and poured the wine in two glasses.

“Dont worry kitten I ain’t gonna fuck you.” I felt her freeze in surprize at the sudden turn of events.

Lysandra’s POV

I was sure that my eyebrows went above my hairline. What he just said…. One moment he was so terrifyning and now… now I couldnt feel any of the sadistic aura that he had around him all night.  Ah.. it was a power play with Arobyn Hamel then. Still.. I’m quite expensive and he had paid everything in advance. He also looked like someone who had seen and done much much worse than just forcing someone, much less something he paid for.


“Why?” He mused. A mischevious smirk on his face. “ Well kitten because you seem like you dont wanna get fucked, especially by me.” What. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came to my mind. He handed me a glass of wine. and lied down beside me. He starred at me for a few minutes. It was unusual. His eyes had this look in them. I couldn’t tell what it was, or what he’s thinking. Interesting.

“Though you do look ravishing.” He said in a deep guttral voice that sent shivers down my spine. His hand was now moving across my bare back giving me goosebumps. I felt the familiar fear return. He sat up and grabbed my jaw. This time though his grip was gentle. Firm but gentle. He pushed me further back in the bed. I was in a lying position now, with him on top of me. I couldn’t move my eyes away from him. I dont know if it was due to fear or something else, but his gaze was captivating. He brought his face dangerously close to mine. My whole body was tensed at what he would do. Normally my clients are prety easy to work with, they’re all so predictable and not that hard to manipulate, they all want the same thing as fast and as much as possible in the time the paid for. But this one? So unpredictable. Our faces were just a few milimeters apart, any closer and they would have been brushing against each other.

“Sleep now Kitten, you surely need it.” What again. He said in a quite voice and and rolled off me, laying beside me seemingly in a deep thought.

Carter’s POV

Her eyes were wide in surprize. I snorted from where I was looking at the ceiling. “Wh- why are you…” 

“Why am I letting you have your much needed sleep even when I’ve paid hadsomely in advance for the whole night?” I said with a smirk and raised eyebrow.

She nodded starting to relax a little. Good.

“Well contrary to what majority assumes kitten I ain’t that bad. You should go to sleep, I won’t try anything. ” She looked skeptical but nodded. Still tense she went to sleep. A few minutes later she was fast asleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * line break * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

It was nearing sunrise when Lysandra woke up. She groaned a little as she sat up and started fixing her clothes. 

“ You actually slept like a kitten.” I commented.

“What’s it to you?” She said. Getting brave now, are we? Guess last night’s little chat broke the ice. I fished around my jacket and pulled out a chocolate and handed it to her. She took it hesistantly. A fine specimen that I nicked on the way here. Munching on the chocolate she asked with a raised eyebrow, ”You like chocolates?” 

“Who doesn’t?” I shrugged. She looked at me for a long moment.

Who are you?    My name’s Ly-” 

“I know who you are ‘sandra. Anyway I’m someone who’s going to be a regular for you, so better get prepared. And for name…name’s Carter Roschild.” Her eyes widened as she recognised the name. I smirked at her reaction.

“Look tired on the way out, would you?” I fixed my clothes and took the wine bottle with me. “See you later kitten.” I said walking out of the door.

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𝒜 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝓈𝒸𝑒𝓃𝑒 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽𝑜𝓊𝓉 “𝑒𝓎𝑒𝓈” 𝑜𝓇 “𝑔𝒶𝓏𝑒”

Celaena Sardothien x Arobynn Hamel 


“He wasn’t a father, he wasn’t a brother, he wasn’t a lover. He was a businessman and she was an investment.
She wasn’t foolish. She knew it was her competitiveness and nothing else. She was the best he had. She was his favourite.
And she loved it.
Yes━That was why her breath caught at his whispered sweet little nothings, and her skin burned where his hand had been. It was the reason sleep didn’t visit the nights he danced with no one other than her, and the reason she did all his biddings.
She didn’t love him. She loved her racing heart, her sleepless nights, her silly wants. She loved a challenge.
So when his lips, soft and warm, grazed her ear to rest on her cheek. Lower. For a
Kiss, she did not care for his motives. Did not delude herself into believing he felt anything.
She smiled, willing indifference into the curve of her lips. An innocent kiss, like many before. She felt nothing.
Except perhaps, for the small blush that crept across her cheeks. The breath that caught.
His callused thumb brushed her skin. Once. Twice.
He knew.”

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Me: What was the hardest day in your life?

Aelin: You mean month?

Me: No….

Aelin: Year?

Me: Noooo….

Aelin: Ten years?

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