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They canceled Black Lightening one of the CW best shows. I’m still shocked and sadden over the news because usually superhero shows on the CW don’t get canceled, Arrow literally went from good to bad and they kept that mess for 8 years. I wanted crossovers, I wanted especially with Stargirl I wanted Beth to meet the Pierce family. This is so unfair, I know they canceled Supergirl but that’s only because they finally got superman. This feels a little I dont want to say racist but a bit racist. Like its bad enough we weren’t getting the full 20 episodes per season and now we’re canceled. Quality and story wise Black Lightening is the best superhero show they’ve got, I really like the issues it handles and storylines. It was really cool for me and I bet others to turn on their TV and see an all black family with superpowers. Do you know when the last time that was? It was a Disney Channel movie called up up and away that was made in the 2000. This sucks!

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