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Jason: I don鈥檛 know how to tell you all this, so I鈥檓 just going to whisper it into Dick's ear, causing him to shout it out in astonishment.
Jason: *whispers to Dick*
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  • Roy finds a skull on a crime scene. Jason picks it up and starts reciting Hamlet
  • Whenever a play is in town, Roy buys two tickets and goes to Jason with excuses like “Kory said she’s busy” or “Lian has school tomorrow” because he’s too awkward and stubborn to admit that he likes spending time with Jason
  • Speaking of Lian, while she was at a sleepover Jason and Roy repainted her bedroom together. They spent the night designing a mural and ordered takeout. Jason fell asleep on Roy’s shoulder with a tiny dab of pink on his nose
  • One time Roy was on a mission while Lian’s school had an art show, so Jason went in his place. When some kid made fun of her painting, Jason jumped in like, “WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY KID, YOU TWERP?!?”
  • They go to an abstract art museum and Jason starts rambling about the deep meaning of a red splatter while Roy’s looking at the ticket receipt wondering how they got a couple’s discount
  • Also, at the museum, Roy drops cheesy pickup lines like, “I’d kiss you but the sign says not to touch the artwork”
  • Sometimes Papa Hood and Uncle Arsenal will read to kids at the Gotham library
  • They don’t see movies in theaters when it’s been adapted from books, otherwise the usher will kick them out for complaining that the adaptation is wrong
  • Bruce and Oliver can tell when Jason and Roy have had a date somewhere because they’ll find “JT + RH” graffitied inside a heart
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Friendly reminder of the day that Roy is a native character and his Navajo heritage is very important to him, something he’s based most of his solo costume designs around and is a treasure he’s doing his best to pass on to his daughter even after feeling excluded from his tribe.

And also that Roy openly stated he was not fluent in English when he left the reservation (equivalently in the 40s) and that he’s often so singled out because he had an early linguistic barrier between himself and his peers that probably came along with an accent.

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My emotions while watching the series finale of Arrow. I’ve been watching since season one. I’ve grown up each character that’s been on the show. Guest stars too.

I loved Olicity since the beginning.

I wished Laurel (earth 1) had gotten a happy ending. I wish Mia, Oliver, William and Felicity could’ve been together since the beginning.

I wanted to see Oliver SURVIVE.

8 damn years and he has to die?


I’m no happy about it.

I wanted to see everyone (the arrow cast) stay in Starling City.

I just wanted MORE.

Most importantly though.

Oliver. Saved. His. City.

Quentin said it right.


Thank you Stephen Amell for bringing Oliver Queen to life.


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