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Are we gonna address the fact that the CW had like 2 episodes dedicated to characters speaking German with subtitles but the second there are Japanese characters everything is in English or are we just letting that go?

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Oh, that’s a hard one; I don’t even know where to start…

There’s like, way too many headcanons that could be considered my favorites, and if I listed them, this post would end up waaay too long.

My uncommon headcanon is that the reason why the Supers don’t/didn’t exist on Earth-1 is because Clark died (referencing to the Legends pilot ep) and Kara (who was probably still younger at that point) decided to stay hidden for her safety. 

Rarest ship? Technically these aren’t rare but Alex/Kelly and Caitlin/Cisco are two of my rarer OTPs. 

As for characters, any of my long-time followers know I think William D. deserves better.  And also Kamilla. 

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This is since a moment I didn’t post but heyyyy I finished a huge drawing project for Manu Bennett and I want to share it here as well 🖤🥰 It took me months to do it since March because I was confined like I think everywhere and I just finished it two days ago and I’m so proud of it 🙈 It’s a tribute drawing to Manu Bennett and his characters, Manu himself supported me when I posted some pics of it I can’t wait to see his reaction when I will see it but I post it here as well with some close ups (they were taken before the drawing was finished) I also added a wolf and a dragon because I think they both represent Manu Bennett and what he inspires 🖤

  • Manu Bennett
  • Azog (The Hobbit)
  • Crixus (Spartacus)
  • Wolf
  • The Warlock Lord (The Shannara Chronicles)
  • Dragon (inspired by Drogon from Game of Thrones)
  • Slade Wilson (Arrow)
  • Allanon (The Shannara Chronicles)

Hope you like and don’t hesitate to tell me your thoughts I spent so much time on it (261 hours and 5 months of work) If you want to share it on Instagram tag me with @manubennettdaily it’s the same name than this account and don’t steal it please.

Enjoy 🥰🖤 You can leave a comment or reblog it with your thoughts, I wanted since so much time to do a tribute to my all time favourite actor aka the legend that is Manu Bennett and I think I succeeded 🥰🖤

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@mehcadbrooks I know you’ll probably never see this message but I just want to put it out there that I’m really going to miss you on Supergirl. I really loved James, like season one when he was mentoring Kara and in later series seeing his passion for journalism and the pursuit of truth. And him just wanting to not just write about heros but be the hero. He was such an inspiring character and I wish the writers had taken better care of his character. There were so many missed opportunities and plots they forced on him that did not fit him at all and just went against who he is (which they’ve done with all the characters, sigh.) I will admit I was a little surprised when I saw your James Olsen. Because unlike other characters in the arrowverse who were tweaked for the new shows, I had met Jimmy before when he was just a scrawny red head with freckles in the Advnetures of Superman cartoon. But from now on when I think james olsen I will think of your portrayal of him because for me that is James Olsen. You are James Olsen. Nobody has embodied his spirit better than you.And seeing the cast interviews with Mehcad’s bright energy I’m going to miss that both on and off the show. And I hope whatever future projects you find next they make good use of your talents. I wish you good luck wherever your future endeavors take you. Just know that you will be missed and you were appreciated and loved.

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The speedsters on a road trip

Wally: oh my god will you shut up! we will get there when we get there!

Bart: it’s a valid question!

Wally: now I realise why I sent you away to Jay

Bart: not my fault you couldn’t handle me

Barry: enough! both of you quiet for the rest of the trip!

Bart, whispering: you know i’m faster than you right?

Wally, lunging at Bart: that’s it!

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Women of the Waverider: Zari Tarazi


You know how some things “fans” say just really don’t sit right with you and you just sit there letting things fester in your brain for weeks and weeks until it all tumbles out into one giant essay? So yeah.

A few weeks ago, I created an extensive post on the Legends of Tomorrow Amino analyzing who I have found to be the four most hated characters on this wonderfully wacky time-travel show. All, naturally, are women and two are evidently non-white. Very curious, wouldn’t you say? After pissing some people off by stating “inherent societal misogyny affects the way we perceive female characters, especially when they act similarly to beloved male characters,” I resolved to move my argument here and see what other damage I could do.

For length purposes, I’m only focusing on Zari for today, but will be happy to transfer the others over if this makes any number of notes. Now, down to business:

Why do I love Zari 2.0 and Why Should You?


“Annoying” and “Spoiled brat” are the words I most commonly see associated with Zari Tarazi. Because the first of these is completely unhelpful in arguments (tell me WHY you find her annoying, then we can talk), I will focus on the second and how much it completely ignores her family dynamic. In the very first episode she is introduced, Zari is shown to be constantly ignored by her parents in favor of her brother. By definition, she cannot be spoiled because she’s not even given the attention she craves, much less whatever she wants. It’s no wonder her relationship with Behrad was strained to start with, when the favorite child is so evident. This is where her social media followers come in.

Kids are always in need of attention, of someone to take pride in their efforts and tell them they are doing a good job. When they don’t receive this attention, they latch on to something or someone else. Clearly, a young Zari, who had launched to fame with her dragon taming and received no evident approval from her parents, turned to her fans for support. Zari Tarazi is no longer a child, but old habits die hard and posting photos and videos online is her way of feeling like SOMEONE cares about her. “I have millions of followers but no friends” is what tells Ava and the audience that Zari has tried for so long to get people to like her from afar but has made no personal connections in the process. This is why her relationships with other members of the Waverider, which gradually grow over the course of the series, are so so important.

Ava was her first true friend, the person who connected with the real Zari, not the facade she created for social media. For the first time, Zari belonged somewhere, with a team no less. That little smile when she is told she is finally part of one? It tells all. She connected with Mick through their shared experiences with fans and supported him when he didn’t know how to deal with a particularly difficult troll. She had every intention to try and befriend Astra, even after getting off on the wrong foot. Zari wants only to make connections with people, real people, in a way she’s never been able to before. It’s hardly a crime to want to look good in the process.


Originally posted by landsofwinter

The phrase “Zari 2.0 doesn’t fit with the Waverider team because she lacks experience like the old Zari” is misogynistic at its core. Zari 1.0 was “experienced” because she saw her family killed and had to grow up fast to survive. “Experience” is not the word you are looking for here, it is trauma, and trauma is not what makes women interesting. Zari Tarazi IS different in personality from the rest of the Waverider team, but that’s what makes her such a critical addition. When Mona was booted off, the writers needed another character who could lighten up the team in Ray’s absence. Zari brings the Drama but also Humor and Fun to a group of people who often forget how to have it. Amidst an ex-assassin, a studious clone, a grumbling thief, stressed shapeshifter, and brooding magician, someone who knows how to throw a good party and host it with style turned out to be a welcome change for many of them. Prior to this, only the men were given the chance to goof off while the women were always in charge of missions and rules, so isn’t it refreshing to see these gender stereotypes reversed?

But that’s just scratching the surface. Something else Zari possesses that none of the others do? Social skills. Who else was going to teach Ava how to lure popular party woman Marie Antoinette out of her element? Who else could have come up with the crazy suggestion to start a sorority and successfully draw out the god of wine and parties? Zari 2.0 may not have visible superpowers or be a hacker, but she understands people, which is something none of the other legends can claim and is a kind of superpower in itself.

The most ironic argument frequently made against her character? How John Constantine should never be paired with someone so different from him. The woman who, despite evident self-hatred, acts superior to everyone else is somehow different from John “drown my sorrows in alcohol and distance myself from everyone to act too cool for them” Constantine. Zari may have a bigger wardrobe and John might wear the same outfit over and over again, but fundamentally they have much common ground in the way they see themselves and how they hide it by acting superior around other people. This relationship wasn’t hastily thrown together like Nate and Zari 1.0, who have absolutely nothing in common. “John would never choose to be with someone like her!” You mean someone who acts just as stubborn and full of themselves as he is? Their big egos were bound to clash at first, but these similarities won each other over in the end.

It’s so easy to reduce feminine characters to dumb airheads and this is exactly why posts “defending womanhood and femininity” have been trending so much the last few years. It’s exactly why Tala herself pleaded with the fans in an interview to “please give this new Zari a chance” BEFORE any episode had even aired. Women are told that to be “strong” and successful in life they should act more like men, which is far from the truth. Zari Tarazi IS feminine, but also a successful, adored businesswoman who knows how to get what she wants. Viewers might hate her for it, but she subverts the “dumb feminine woman” trope in a way that’s incredibly important for fashion and makeup loving women today.

Before wining that the writers transformed Zari into a bunch of stereotypes, actually watch the show and rethink why you might feel the way you do about a certain character. It’s safe to say not every character clicks with every fan, but boiling hatred towards a confident, influential, feminine woman just … does not translate well.

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