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Requests are Open!

not that they were ever closed lmao but!

  • specifically reader-inserts, just so we’re clear here boys
  • i reblogged a prompt list tho if you need some inspo, send a character and a prompt—or just your own request!
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“You’re not a monster. You’re just human”

Quote by me

I did this edit of Slade Wilson from Arrow this morning I don’t know if I’m happy with it or not but well you can reblog if you want it means a lot I spent at least between one and two hours on it 🙈

Slade Wilson is definitely not a villain. He’s an antihero even Manu said that he doesn’t like that people call Slade a villain if you compare it to Adrian Chase and Ricardo Diaz. I find kinda sad that Arrow fans recognize Manu and Slade only as a villain and not for the tortured soul that deserved happiness. Shame that the writers made him dirty because Slade deserved to have a more important place in Arrow.

That’s all what I wanted to say you have the right to agree or not. And if you want to talk about Manu Bennett and his characters my DM are open I need more friends here 🙈

Have a nice day and hope you like this edit ❤

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If it’s true that the new Flash movie for the DCEU will be about Flashpoint, does this mean that the franchise will require an actor to portray Eobard Thawne?

If so, then … oooooh!  Warner Brothers will have to find an actor at the same caliber as Arrowverse’s Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher.  And that’s one hell of an double-team to live up to, let alone surpass if possible.

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Marvel Writing Clint’s MCU Arc

Writers: How can we make him interesting?

Writers: I dunno maybe we can watch a show to get the creative juices flowing

Arrow: Oliver Queen lost everything so now he kills people he deems bad and corrupt in a dark leather hoodie

Writers: Oh write that down

Endgame: ✍️kill✍️bad✍️guys✍️in✍️dark✍️hoodie✍️

Arrow: felicity inspires me to be better

Endgame: ✍️Natasha✍️shows✍️up✍️

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