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Happy Halloween, friends!! And happy last day of OC-tober, it’s been a lot of fun sharing my boys 🥺🥺

This lil comic takes place at the very end of their story and it made me so emo to draw 😭💗 Even though the OC prompt list is finished, I still plan on sharing more of these guys in the future! 💗💗

Hope you enjoy the day and stay safe if you’re celebrating!!

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Manipulations & Edit

Inspiration: Herri Susanto (ig: @nak_bali_), Hussam Eissa (ig: @hussameissaa)

Edited in: PicsArt App

Original images: Shutterstock, Unsplash, @flyingthroughthesun


^To be honest I struggle quite a lot with this manipulation. Although, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, it felt like the images had different plans and didn’t want to cooperate. Since the almost final edit was looking like collage rather than a cohesive scene, I decided to add filter even though the original plan was not to as I feel I tend to rely on filters way too much.


^Here I used lyrics from Colors by Halsey, due to the partial influence of Hussam Eissa* and my love for the song itself. I find that it triggers my urge to daydream quite a lot…

*I am actually not 100% sure if the “Everything is blue” quote, the artist used in their Lyrics series, is from Colors by Halsey but it immediately reminded me of the song


^This edit probably took me the least amount of time ( ~10 minutes) but I had so much fun doing it! I feel like it visualises really well the way neuronarrators can blur the lines between dreams and reality. Or how, in a daydream, completely unreal and magical elements can use the real world as their stage.

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Consigne : Commencer par “Je ne sais pas quoi écrire aujourd’hui mais…”

“Je ne sais pas quoi écrire aujourd’hui mais j’ai le cerveau qui dilate la pensée, qui dit qu’il faut y aller, je sais pas où mais je dois essorer la pensée de tout ce qu’il y meurt, et il y meurt vraiment beaucoup de choses dans la tête qui aère plus beaucoup, je peux dire que j’ai vraiment la sensation du chien qui aboie après la voiture des maitres, le matin quand ils partent bosser et que lui il les engueule d’aller bosser comme des cons qui bossent pas en télétravail et je me dis que si je suis ce chien qui aboie après ses maîtres c’est que les maitres ont pas le droit de travailler pendant que d’autres sont pas suffisamment nécessaire à travailler pour la société et si c’est pas nécessaire alors je préfère aboyer mais la vrai question est
sur qui

tu aboies

quand tu sais

que tu n’es pas un chien

non pas un chien canidé à poils

mais un travailleur non nécessaire. »

Photo : Gilles Chiroleu

Site :

Licence : CC BY-NC 2.0

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Sorry for being inactive a lot, I’ve kind of moved over to Instagram. I won’t abandon this blog though, I’ll try and post more often but I just feel like there’s more activity on insta than here.

If you have an insta account, you can follow me @nety__art for sketches and full artwork that I don’t post here.

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Who are you?

I know your name, but who are you?

Same question different day.

Crafted with greatness,

A flower ready to bloom, lurking in the shadows of the fading moon.

You reached for the light,

Rising by faith, readying to fight,

You stalk this prey called life.

Another night, turns to day

Goodnight moonlight, Hello Sunshine.

Arise.- Poem: by Chelecian G.

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