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#art commisions

Heyo tumblr dot com! im open for commissions.

I draw OCs, transformers if y'all like, headshot, halfbody, fullbody, backgrounds, except NSFW


Headshot w/o color and render: $5

Headshot w/ color and render: $7

Halfbody w/o color and render: $8

Halfbody w/ color and render: $9

Fullbody w/o color and render: $10

Fullbody w/ color and render: $11

The backgrounds start from $15

Please y'all, im begging u im broke

Here’s my paypal #: 0999 791 8537 (PH)

Here’s a few samples:


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This is from a OC challenge I did ages ago. It was fun to do. Due to the bright colour she ended up being I call her my 7Up dragon.

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Check out my Hades-style portrait/fake screencap that I did! If you’d like one of your own DM me and we can talk 😊 Click for better quality!

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ok, it is the first time that I do this, but I do it to start having my savings and buy art supplies;;, if you want to help me but you cannot buy a commission, with sharing it I would be just as grateful! and if you have any questions you can write to me by DM💕

▪《How can you order?》▪

1. Send me a DM via Instagram or an email (it’s on my IG profile) specifying the type of order you would like based on the image of my commissions.

2. When the payment has been made I will start drawing and send you a sketch.

3. When the sketch is approved I will be showing some progress of the drawing until it is finalized.

If you want to check my drawings, on instagram you can see many more!

ok es la primera vez que hago esto, pero lo hago para empezar a tener mis ahorros y comprar materiales de arte ;u;. si queres ayudarme pero no puedes comprar una comisión, con difundirlo me ayudaría mucho!. Si tenes alguna duda puedes consultarme por MD💕

▪《¿Cómo ordenar?》▪
1. Envíame un MD vía Instagram o un correo electrónico (está en mi perfil de ig) especificando el tipo de pedido que te gustaría en base a las imágenes de mis comisiones.
2. Cuando se haya realizado el pago empezaré a dibujar y le enviaré un boceto.
3. Aprobado el boceto, mostraré algunos avances del dibujo hasta que esté finalizado.

si quieres checar mis dibujos, en instagram puedes ver muchos mas!

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I’ve been doing commissions for some time and it may be about time I had a proper commissions sheet done x)

Also commis open !

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Commission art for @theknightswhosay and her fanfic ♡

Thank you very much for your order! I really enjoyed working on this art 🤪🌸


Link to her fanfic: (all of you!!! read it)

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!!!COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!! (again and again, haha)

Hello, my nickname is “spusha” and I’m opening commissions!

Other examples of my work in my tumblr

DM my mail for commissions -

Thanks for your time and if you can`t commission me, please reblog so others can find this post. Thank you!  ♡(˘⌣˘ )

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Reblogs appreciated

Opening headshot commissions! 3 slots open at a time

I’ll be opening full body and half once I get more used to it 💛 feel free to dm questions

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If you are interested send me a DM.

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DND Character design commission I made for @fishbians
Cleric Vernon Lusara
“The sick will be healed with medicine, the disheartened, with music, and the sullen, with laughter.”

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Yup- I could do a ‘couple’ of things.


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🌸 BID TO ADOPT! 🌸Comes with extra art from me, extra COMIC from me,, and extra art from @mekii.mew @rm.cain @little_yandere1 @vermilionobsidian & @sano_0w ❤️💜 (instagram)

• Please bid under my comment “Bid here!” 💕

• SB: $5 💕

• AB1: $35 (extra art from artists tagged, not me) 💕

• AB2: $45 (extra art from artists tagged, and me including comic) 💕

• MIN $5 (minimum increment) 💕

• TOS: Please do not sell for higher than you bought her for! However, you may resell for as much as you bought if you want. Feel free to change some designs/just not too many where she’s unnoticeable from how I created her 😢

Payment is only through PayPal (or possibly cashapp as well) and there are no refunds since way too much was put into this adopt 🤣

And that’s all! This was actually an old adopt I tried selling and now I’m bringing her back! Let’s show this bb some love:) and thank you again to all the lovely artists who pitched in extra art, swipe to see examples of them!💘


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Bonjour !

Je viens tout juste de créer un Ko-fi :D Si vous souhaitez me supporter, je vous invite à cliquer ici :

L’argent récolté servira à améliorer mon matériel actuel (achat d’une tablette graphique, logiciel de montage, etc.) pour vous proposer du meilleur contenu ! De plus, je pourrais mener à bien mes projets d’écritures grâce à votre précieuse aide :)

Merci à vous 😘

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