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Commission Info

Hey! I opened commission again! I can draw your character, mom, dad, friend, fandom character etc

If you interested - send me email to

Only email, bc I notice tumblr messange very late (in pricelist I wrote abt twitter DM)

Also I will really gratefull if you reblog this post!

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New commission prices for the fall since I’m most likely not going to get a job on campus due to covid shutting a lot of stuff down.

  • I will not draw furries/scalies, anthros, rape, pedophilia, hate art, incest, abuse, or underage NSFW.
  • I do draw human(oid)s, Pokémon, self-inserts, OCs, LGBT+, BLM art, regular animals, D&D content, and canon characters.

I do payment via PayPal and request to be paid upfront. I will be in contact with you constantly when working on your artwork and will give you updates on the wip frequently for any changes that may need to be made.!

Support and signal boosting is greatly appreciated!!! ❤️

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Hello as you know I’m still open for commission so hmu anytime okies !! the rule is still the same (ʘᴗʘ✿)

1) DM me here or you guys can email me at : .

2) tell me character you want me to draw, and what pose ( if possible I hope there is a reference , but if not it is okay, I’ll need a day to sketch them first )

3) I’ll send you the rough sketch , the outline and the coloring first so after you’re satisfied with my work then we can proceed to payment which I use PayPal only.

4) Happy commish don’t worry I won’t bite (◕ᴗ◕✿)

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I’m opening a commission! Contact me here in Tumblr or via Gmail if you’re interested and for more info. It’ll be a great help for me to improve my skills and help my parents through this hard time. Have a nice day!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

This character is not mine, he belongs to

im a au potato. His name is Compass.

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Hello, my name is Angus and I draw things. Due to high cost of hormone therapy in my country I do not have funds to start. I’d appreciate if you’d consider commissioning.

More information:

  • I work well with description or pinterest boards to create/design a character for TTRPGs or other such projects,
  • For art with non-simple background (not a flat colour/texture) prices are determined individually,
  • I draw most things, but I’m not comfortable with fetish art or extreme gore,
  • I’d appreciate if you did not use my work for commercial projects unless previously agreed, 
  • Payment is done via paypal,
  • Payment is done after you approve of thumbnail of the commission.

How to contact:

  • I’m most comfortable with contact via private message either here or on twitter: @CursedAsparagus for other contact i use mail:,
  • You can also contact me via discord: Szaszo#1752.
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