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#art commissions

✌️💀zombie chick💀✌️

For this commission I was told to just draw… so I did💀🤪 I have spots for 2 more if anyone is interested in a commission :] orr… buy me a coffee? ❤️

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Commission for sweetestlittledarling on Instagram of their Dnd half orc monk, Orok.

Commission Info

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🌟commissions are open🌟

Email for pricing inquiries or comm requests ☺️

Examples above are as follows: bust sketch, bust inks, full color bust, flat color waist up, full color full body.

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I have opened up a Patreon! It would mean the world if you would come and support me.

Another post will follow outlining some details about the tiers, but please check it out and feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

My Patreon!


And if you want to support me but not on a monthly basis, my Ko-Fi is also always open. (:

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Re-blog this post with the caption “I request a commission”

  • •hashtag it “empathetic society”
  • •Send the post to me through direct messages
  • •And tag-dah! We can now officially start your commission


  • • I only do 3 slots a week. If the slots are full you will have to wait the next week
  • • even if the 3 slots for the week are full it’s still OK to ask me for a commission. What will usually happen is that I will sign you up for next week for slots. just please, DONT pay me until we officially start on your commission. i don’t like being payed before hand.
  • • i have a priority list. Basically a priority list determines whose commissions is getting done first and last. If you take days to respond, you will go at the very bottom at my priority list and a commission WILL take longer because of that. Just a warning. This isn’t out of Malicious behavior but because A lot of people are commissioning me at once, taking long forces me to move onto the next costumer. you’ll then have to wait until I’m done with their commission so I could get back to yours again which makes your process longer. Just putting this out there so there’s no confusion. Anyways guys, have a nice day, DM me and give me your wallet! My Cashapp: $AmiiAmi
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First commission of the first batch done ✔️💪😤

I did this for my sweetest angel and fellow moonie usangietsukino on insta 🌝💖✨🍓 I had so much fun drawing this dress and her super cute expression! 

I’ll be opening a few slots more soon so if you’re interested please don’t hesitate to DM me 😉✨

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Hi everybody im in desperate need of money so im opening my art commissions!


+ $10 to add another character

Paypal only

I WILL draw nsfw, furry, mecha, monsters, gore, and ocs

I WILL NOT draw underage nsfw or racist/transphobic content

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Hello! I have a few services that I can offer for you and your companions over at my shop to purchase the services. You can pay me through my Ko-Fi as well, but you will have to message me first about the service.

Payments are made through paypal.

Email me at for inquiries.

Brief Overview of Services:

Spirit Companion Portraits

Little background on this service: My friend was interested I draw two of her lovely companions for her so she commissioned. After, I posted a few of my works in a Spirit Keeping forum and some were interested I should start this service.

You can check the artworks I made of my companions.

About this Service:
I mainly offer this service. I work as a graphic designer in my day job. I have been doing freelancing since 2018. This includes commissioned illustrations. 

These are fully colored portraits with simple to minimal background.

What I need from you: Description of your companion and their appearance and personality a bit to help with poses and expressions. Anything you and your companion are comfortable sharing to me regarding the appearance. You may also send mood board or images that would really help with visualizing them.

Wait time: 3 days to 1 week depending on my work schedule.

Shipping: I will send the high resolution of the image through your email.

Important note: I will mostly draw them intuitively and I will not be channeling their energies to create the work because this is very energy consuming for me.

Bust - 25 USD

Here is a thread of reviews I received.
From CH

Shop Policies:

1. No refunds given the time and effort done for this.
2. No returns because there is no item shipped physically and it is still sent to you through email.
3. Payments are made through Paypal
4. These services are for entertainment purposes only.

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Art Commission - Fgo OC +a

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Hello! I’m gonna be taking Commissions/Art Requests! 

Right now, I will not be doing any color. I work a full time job and sadly don’t have the time Plus I am not experience enough (and feel weird to charge for color).

I put in a lot of time and effort in my finished product hence why the pricing is so high, I really do appreciate any support! I will be adding more examples with updated art to my ko-fi :) 

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Is it too late at night to post this? Yes. Do I care? Nah, not really.

Anyways, as always, coms are open! I’m reposting this coz I added cheaper iPad coms. They’re cheaper coz they’ll be a LOT sloppier.

Anyways here’s a buncha’ text.

How To: Choose a drawing style, then a size, then a render style, then a background style! You can do any mix of any combination of any of these.

Prices are in the little yellow stickers at the top corner of each image!

Will Do!

  • Humans
  • Trolls
  • Anthro Furries
  • Weaponry (like GUNS)
  • GORE
  • NSFW (DM for Details, 18+ only)

Will NOT!

  • Mecha
  • Anything I’m uncomfortable with.

Please Note!

  • Extra characters for just linework will be +$10 (iPad ones are $5). For more-in-depth rendering, they will be +$15 (iPad ones are $10)!
  • More complex images such as complicated designs/backgrounds/poses may cost more.
  • I reserve the right to deny the request for any reason.
  • DM me if you want something specific not listed here; I may be able to provide!

DM me here @its-4am-you-dumbassor @xenobicorn (my main). If you want to talk on Discord, I can give you that through DMs here!

I can provide more examples/full images upon request.

Paypal only, payment half upfront, half after completion.

I can do character designs and commission sheet designs. Prices negotiable.

I also offer writing commissions but they’re currently unofficial as I don’t have any samples or prices up for that.

More Info Under Read More!

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Hello Tumblr! I live! I’ve mostly switched to twitter @iseeriecastle

You wanna commission me? Here’s some easy steps to follow~!

How long will the commission take?

I usually have a bit of a waiting list, so expect a few weeks before I can start on your commission. Once I am available I will be working with you until your commission is finished.

I send previews for approval at different stages to make sure everything is correct and that I can continue, this can vary depending on which points you’d like to see them and how big the project is.

Payment/how to commission me:

- Send me a note or email ( You may send me questions about commissions at any time.

- A commission form will be sent to whichever email you have messaged me with. Fill in said form and return it.

- Wait for me to reply and discuss the commission and agree on any exceptions to my terms and conditions.

- Once we have agreed on a price and concept and I have the references that I need from you along with your stripe e-mail, I can send you an invoice for the payment.

- Once I have either half or full payment, I will book you into my waiting list and give you a start date and time estimate for your commission.

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My first ever commission from an old friend.

Its me punching Trump in the face lmao. Enjoy and message if you’d like a commission too! Of anything really.

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As mentioned in my blog description, I’m offering art commissions. Due to my work schedule (Sadly, I work in retail), it may take up to a week for me to complete individual requests, and my responses to messages may come from my main blog (geek-life-or-bust). But I promise to respond and complete requests as quickly as I can. I also offer tarot readings. Examples of my art, cashapp and paypal tags, and commission prices can be found below:

Cashapp: $fandomfantasies

Paypal: @ fandomfantasies

Fanart: $5

Original Art: $3

Tarot Readings: $2

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