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#art journal

I’m doing this art journal challenge from Joyful Art Journaling, for the month of June. Today’s prompt (June 1) was “Joy” and I was feeling pretty good last night (or early morning) so I think I did a good job. What do you all think of it?


I used an old Sunset magazine, and gessoed over the page, then I journaled on that and doodled a bit. I used stencils for the letters and this cool white texture thing my mom bought me for Christmas (I mixed it with paint), and added glitter and a little tag in the top corner with the date and my signature. I honestly don’t know what the thing in the bottom corner is… It’s pink with a ton of googly eyes, it’s kinda weird but okay xd

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On 26.05.2020. I recorded the proces of me creating L’ Alba. It is a A5 format mixed-media painting, created from diferent types of paper, some chocholate wrapping paper and Decoupage Glue & Varnish (Rayher). L’ Alba is actually a model painting for a much larger one yet to come.

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Life is surprising. I haven’t been very well for a week, I was lonely and tired. I had the courage to speak about it yesterday. Thanks to this, I have found a wonderful star in my life. A person I have loved enormously for 12 years. I found myself getting better. Suddenly, Tigre is happy to show you her magic plants. Always maintain what you love is precious and essential. Tigre rests while waiting to go on an adventure with Jared.

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