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#art journal

finally transcribed all my random pieces of paper with my poetry on into my notebook with my new pen!

it’s not very good, but these are some recent poems I wrote. click to zoom and for better quality! let me know what you think! hope they’re legible, my handwriting isn’t great even when I’m trying

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July 2020 sketchbook dump because I’m really starting to miss summer

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… i will wait for you, right near this coffee shop, for when you shalt come and see me, lodge a floweth'r in me hair and I will read to thy, mine own most wondrous poetry.

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A5 white beads sketchbooks, May - August 2020, pages 51-52

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A5 white beads sketchbooks, May - August 2020, pages 49-50

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Have you ever heard of my good friend Kindness? Ever ran into her?


Find more of my poetry on IG: @kayaland_poetry

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Working on a junk journal to sell!! It’s very fun when you finally have the proper supplies for it haha

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I need to do more ambient atmospheric animation loops. Before doing animation I used to film little scenes of nature, a close up of a tree with flowers, rays of sun through leaves. I never posted those videos, I actually don’t know where the videos are or if they were deleted, but I do know I want to do work like that. There’s a story in that moment.

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E para encerrar bem o domingo, vim deitar na cadeira, de costas para a Mamis, em protesto porque ela brigou comigo, só porque fui comer meu pedaço de frango em cima do seu sofá-cama.

Tenho esse gosto. Se ganho comida, mesmo estando lá fora, entro e subo no sofá comer.

Só que hoje foi mal, era com molho e acabou sujando e engraxando o lençol branco. 😬

Então a Mamis me mandou sair para trocar, foi por bicarbonato e vinagre e deixar de molho no detergente de louça, para ver se sai melhor até amanhã.

Confesso que já estou ficando aborrecida só em casa. Hoje foi meu primeiro domingo com tempo bom que não saímos passear. Com a bandeira preta aqui, a Mamis não sai por nada e eu tenho que ficar só dentro do pátio.

Tomara que tenha logo vacina para todos. Desde 17 de março de 2020 nessa. E o pior é que o vírus está em mutação no mundo, com tantos humanos sem defesa.

#vacinajá #vacinajáparatodos

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Im not watching the golden globes but I thought that one pic of elle fanning was nice

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Art Journal Flip Through -FEB.2021, pt.4

Dream - recurring


“Stay afraid but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually, the confidence will follow.” -Carrie Fisher

After completing my first month’s art journal subscription box I feel really good about being able to show up for myself like this. Art is an important outlet of expression for me and I only wish I had started art journaling sooner. The subscription box helps me a lot in spurring on creativity and inspiration.

My goal for March 2021 will be to exclusively use the materials in the box and fill up every page (front and back) in this 10 page book. I also really enjoyed creating a playlist, and I think I will continue to do that for my art journals as time goes on.

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Art Journal Flip Through -FEB.2021, pt. 3

Week 4
More positive affirmations


Made of star-stuff
Living my life to the best of my ability

With this one, I didn’t want to take myself too seriously even though there’s a mix of semi-serious stuff and whimsical things. It was fun and silly but I also meant every word.

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Art Journal Flip Through -FEB.2021, pt. 2

Week 1
“I am planting the seed of joy in the world.”

Week 2
Positive affirmations: I am an artist; I am creative; I have unlimited creativity.

Week 3
“I trust where I am on my artistic journey.”

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